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April 2010


30 Apr 10

CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Detainees process off to good start, say parties" - "Top general OK with releasing Afghan papers" - "Troop security trumps release of detainee documents, military officer says"


Khadr Trial:  "Video depicts Canadian as bomb-maker's apprentice" - More - "Gitmo defendant's confession at issue" - "Canadian detainee Omar Khadr attended a pre-trial hearing in Guantanamo Bay Thursday afternoon, after he refused to appear in court all morning." - More - "Dispute over security goggles delays Khadr hearing"


NATO Parliamentarians:  AFG "at a critical juncture"


UK Coldstream Guards Prepare to Come Home - "Farmers, officials say production, revenues in Helmand rising again"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks alleged in Helmand, Urgzgan, Zabul


Blog Watch:  IRN May Be Helping AFG Bad Guys (But Not Quetta Shura Taliban?)


29 Apr 10

"Canadian troops rotate in advance of summer offensive"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claim: "Canadian tank blown up by roadside mine blast in Kandahar"


"Canadian Forces launch probe after Afghan family claims slain teen was unarmed" - More


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  " “He felt it was the humane thing to do” " - "Soldier in Afghan slaying was calm as he admitted firing shots: witness"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Afghan ambassador calls focus on detainees 'terrible waste of time' " - "Afghan records release has legal limits: PM" - "Harper open to suggestions over sharing detainee documents" - More - "MPs may never see key papers"


"Arguments open in Omar Khadr hearing " - "Prosecutors recommend up to 40 years in jail for Khadr" - "Khadr war-crimes case takes another credibility hit with late release of rules" - "Canada off hook over Khadr interrogation" - "Prosecutors recommend up to 40 years in jail for Khadr" - "Two pictures of Omar Khadr emerge in court" - More


"U.S. seeks to prop up Kandahar governor, sideline troublesome power brokers" - "Kandahar violence escalates despite Karzai vow " - "Afghan elder who spoke out shot dead near Kandahar" - "Nad 'Ali 'super-shura' attracts more than 1,100"


More AUS Police Headed Downrange


"The Pentagon is sending 800 more American soldiers to Afghanistan in the coming weeks to work as trainers for the Afghan security forces. The contingent is needed because other NATO countries still haven't fulfilled their pledges to send their own troops to train the Afghan army and police."


"A grim Pentagon report on Afghan war" - More - Link to Report (PDF)


28 Apr 10

More Troops Returning to Canada Today


"Slain journalist Michelle Lang to be honoured with Michener award"


Ottawa Grade 7 Student Wins A&E Essay Contest with Essay on Canadian Wounded Warrior "another haiku from our young soldier in KAF"


"Khadr's defence talking plea deal with prosecution: Lawyer" - More - more


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Accused Canadian captain pointed rifle at insurgent’s chest, court-martial hears" - More - Opinion: "Let’s face it. No “soldier” was killed here, and nor was he “murdered.” "


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Parliament given two weeks to resolve detainee document issue" - Hansard transcript of decision - "Key detainee documents still stashed in shipping containers in Afghanistan" - More- Opinion: "One of the reasons for the flagrant obstruction of justice by the current government in Ottawa might be that if the truth comes out in Canada, the truth will also come out about NATO, a lot of famous people might end up on trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague"


"U.S. troops take a pounding in Kandahar territory vacated by Canadians" - "Battle for Kandahar may be tougher than expected" - "Taliban says it's ready to face offensive as bombers attack base" - More - "Blast at fuel depot near Kandahar airfield" - More - "Afghan Tribal Leader Assassinated in Kandahar" - "UN Evacuates Some Staff From Embattled Kandahar: What About Those Left Behind?" - More - "Karzai's brother says UN should not pull out of southern Afghan city of Kandahar"


"Afghan Civilians, Government Join Forces to Defeat and Remove Taliban" in Daikondi Province - Loads o' IEDs Spotted Across RC-South


"Taliban protection payoffs denied by contractor" - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban allege 15 killed, 50 wounded in attack on logistics base near Kandahar, issue statement on 31st anniversary of coup


27 Apr 10

~25 hour Heron UAV mission over Afghanistan sets Canadian record


"Afghanistan opium harvest a dilemma for Canadian Forces" - Saskatoon Cop Helping Train AFG Police


"A looming U.S.-led offensive in the southern Afghanistan city of Kandahar led Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff to press the Conservative government Monday on what role Canadian troops might play." - 26 Apr 10 Exchange in House of Commons (1)


CFB Shilo Troops Return from AFG


"British military split over plan to move troops to Kandahar; Sceptics oppose Washington strategy to replace Canadian and Dutch forces"


"The United Nations said Monday it was pulling some foreign workers out of Kandahar, amid a wave of violence in the Afghan city" - More - "Taliban escalates violence with Kandahar blasts" - A Taliban Show of Force - "US starts with a quiet storm in the battle for Kandahar"


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Court martial sees video of soldier Canadian is accused of murdering" - More - "Canadian soldier thought Taliban fighter was already dead" - "Cpl. defends his reputation at superior's court marital"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "New Afghan Documents Released" - LOTS of documents - Reuters: "Canada Afghan dispute could trigger early election"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):   +20 casualties claimed in alleged attacks in Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul


26 Apr 10

"The RCMP has started looking at how to continue the police training mission in Afghanistan after the Canadian military pulls out next year"


February 2009 Survey Shows Gap Between Kandahar's Wants/Needs, Int'l Community Development


"Alberta trooper with multiple internal wounds stays upbeat" - "Soldier 'blown up' in Afghan blast eyes return to war front" - "Injured captain returns to duty: 'If I can do it, why wouldn't I?' "


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Soldier to testify at court martial was mentored by Semrau" - More


Two Civilians Killed in Kandahar Bombings - More


"Troops Prepare For Major New Drive In Afghanistan" - "Elite U.S. Units Step Up Effort in Afghan City Before Attack" - More Reports of Taliban Stepping Up Attacks on Contractors

"School Returns to Gereshk Valley"


Blog Watch: "How to Write About Afghanistan" - So, When & Where was Mullah Omar Born?


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "On tipping points and Taliban talks"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  "American cowards (allegedly) take deadly losses in Marjah"; UAV shoot-down claimed in Helmand


25 Apr 10

"The RCMP has started looking at how to continue the police training mission in Afghanistan after the Canadian military pulls out next year" - More -  FINALLY Someone's Thinking About It!


"A tale of two villages: Stark differences between neighbouring Afghan towns"


Robert Mitchell, 1973-2006, R.I.P.:  "Tree commemorates fallen soldier"


"Brain injuries emerging as concern due to roadside bombings in Afghanistan" - "Injuries begin a Forces member's journey from the battlefield, to army surgical bays and finally home to a civilian hospital"


One JTF-2 Patrol's Story - Not Much Int Sharing, Co-Ord Early On Between JTF-2, Other Cdn Troops


Zabul Suicide Bomber Kills Four - More


AUS Special Forces hold ANZAC Day Service in Uruzgan


"The Taliban, an enigma wrapped in a riddle?"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban allege killing NDS agent in K'Har City, shooting down UAV in Helmand


"12 tankers supplying oil to NATO troops attacked in Pakistan"


24 Apr 10

Saskatoon Cop Helping Train AFG Cops - NF Soldier Prepares to Head Downrange


"Hundreds of Canadian soldiers have been wounded in the Afghanistan war, some horrifically so. Yet they return home to little fanfare or recognition"


Liberal Party Leader: "If we’re going to deliver help, we have to be tough with the Afghan government.”


NATO Foreign Ministers:  Buying More Locally will Help AFG - "NATO Afghan First Policy" - Also Coaxing AFG to Take the Lead More - More - more - Handover to Start in November


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Afghans never took up Canadian offer of joint-detainee monitoring: Cannon"


"Senior British military figures have held talks with top US commanders about moving UK troops from the country's Helmand province to the Kandahar region." - Electricity in Kandahar:  Diesel Now, or Power Grid Later? - District Governor Attends Sangin Shura - Helmand Taliban Busy Harvesting Poppies - More


AUS Sending More Civvies, Cops to AFG - AUS Military Shares Poochie Story


Think Tank Reports:  Norwegian Military Analyst says Taliban Could be Co-opted from Bottom Up (PDF) - Rnnd on How Insurgencies End - Suggests Taliban Could Win?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  NDS Agent Allegedly Assassinated in Kandahar City; Rockets Alleged on KAF


"Delay of jirga: a matter of concern?"


23 Apr 10

Embed on CAN Troop Experience: "Bombs vs. boredom: in Kandahar, that's life" "There Is An End"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Afghan detainee monitoring not undermined by offer of advance notice, Ottawa insists" - Blog:  Afghanistan Never Wanted Canadian-run Prisons in AFG


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Mercy or murder? Or neither?"


Petraeus: "Assassination (in Kandahar Mosque) Shows Taliban’s Values" - "Taliban and the mafia: a terrifying combination" - "U.S. military, diplomats at odds over how to resolve Kandahar's electricity woes"


Taliban Loses Gizab District, Uruzgan to AFG, NATO Forces - AUS Military Calls it Local Uprising Against Taliban


AUS GG Drops By - More - NLD Media: "Dutch military will retreat from Afghanistan this summer. Soldiers are rehearsing the withdrawal already." - NATO Partners to UK: "UK cannot deliver on pledged withdrawal from Afghanistan"


Blog Watch:  "One of the problems in Afghanistan is we haven't had a consistent strategy. We've had eight one-year strategies."


"Taleban rift ignites power struggle over who controls the insurgency" in Southern AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban alleges capturing Coalition vehicle, ammo in Zhari, Kandahar


22 Apr 10

"Ottawa police officers find progress slow, but rewarding, during Afghan mission"


"Calgary Herald journalist killed in Afghanistan remembered in Ottawa, Washington"


Angus Reid Poll:  ~4 out of 10 Support CAN Military Mission, ~6 out of 10 Oppose (PDF) - Ekos:  36:49 Support:Oppose Ratio


Think Tank Report "discusses the historical context of governance structures in Kandahar, the declining influence of tribes, Kandahar’s current powerbrokers, and the rise of the Karzai family"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  Former OMLT-eer on Dopiness of Accusation that CAN Troops "Outsourced" Interrogations through NDS - More on NDS Intelligence (Non) Sharing - "Senior officials called onto carpet over tardy Afghan detainee documents" - More - "Lacking records from Ottawa, detainee probe is losing steam"  - "Detainee case lawyer denies breaking conduct rules"


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Canadian soldier thought Taliban fighter was already dead, court hears" - " 'Tactical realities' trump battlefield aid"


"Afghanistan surge planned as shift to Kandahar proposed for UK soldiers" - "No friendly waves only hatred for British troops" in Sangin


Blog Watch:  German Troops Want Clarity on AFG Mission, Too - More - Analysts Hears VERY Pessimistic Kandahar Residents About Latest Push


Reintegration of Taliban fighters critical, but "more complex and difficult to accomplish than is commonly appreciated" - More


PAK Media:  "US directly interrogating Mullah Baradar"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Cop Killed in K'Har City, More Alleged Attacks on Americans in Zabul


Holbrooke: Taliban Attacking US Troops from PAK Tribal Areas


21 Apr 10

Wounded Warrior Who Lost Both Legs, One Arm Receives Sacrifice Medal


CAN TF Commander Orders Investigation of Own Possible Negligent Discharge:  More on Charge Laid - National Defence Act Section 129


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Federal lawyers trying to block release of Afghan detainee documents" - More - more - more - more - "Former military police head warned of problems"


CAN Pays for New Press Centre in Kandahar City


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Victim may have been already dead" - More

USA Officials: "Interrogations of the Afghan Taliban's No. 2 leader have started producing useful intelligence on the group and its operations against U.S. forces across the Pakistani border"


UK 40 Commando Takes Command of Sangin Ops


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Taliban "leadership council" calls talk of talks "farcical rumors .... a fatuous propaganda stunt" (


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages): More attacks alleged in Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul


20 Apr 10

Tyler William Todd, R.I.P.:  Laid to Rest in Kitchener - More - more


"(Canadian) Afghan teacher training carries $10M price tag, 10-year commitment " -  Why Aren't Canada's Politicians Saying More About This? - Opinion:  "Canada has more choices than all or nothing in Afghanistan"


CAN TF Commander Orders Investigation of Own Possible Negligent Discharge:  Charges Laid - How Menard May Be Different from Journalists or Politicians


"Afghan National Army Holds Third Graduation Of Canadian-Sponsored Junior Officer Staff Course"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Translator stands by testimony on Afghan teen's death" - More - Posting Transcripts from Hearing as They Become Available - Same Type of Fracas in UK


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Canadian soldiers embedded with Afghan National Army forces encouraged them to take possession of their own detainees rather than put them in Canadian control"


"Khadr can be convicted even in civilian court: Prosecutors"


Opinion:  "The taboo topic our mission in Afghanistan ignores"


Deputy Mayor of Kandahar City Assassinated in Mosque - More - "Donkey bomb kills 3 children in Afghanistan's Kandahar" - AFG Border Patrol Inspects Kandahar Outpost - "Afghan-ISAF Forces Find Drugs, Weapons in Helmand Province" - "Australian soldiers help two Afghan civilians injured by unexploded ordnance"


Blog Watch: "Mullah Omar captured?"


NATO Sec-Gen Media Briefing:  Still Short ~450 Trainers


Talkin' to the Taliban:  CAN Envoy to AFG: "Any possible peace deal with insurgents will be almost impossible to achieve in Afghanistan until the country comes to grips with the war crimes that have bloodied its recent past" - "Comprehensive strategic planning cannot rule out talks through the back door. It can easily be done while maintaining their resistance. Is this what is happening in Afghanistan at present? Does Omar realise that the time to turn the strategic advantage in the favour of the insurgents has come?" - "The US will have to negotiate directly with Taliban leader Mullah Omar or there will never be a peace settlement, according to a chief Afghan negotiator"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  "Dozens" of NATO Troops Claimed Dead in Alleged Attacks in Helmand, Zabul - Latest Taliban Statement Projects US's Motives for AFG Mission (PDF at


19 Apr 10

"Fast troop removal out of character for Canada; Withdrawal makes little sense, defence experts say"


CAN Civil Servants Also Ready for New Challenges After AFG Training, Deployment


Virtual Reality to Help Wounded Warriors Recover in Canada - Hospital Statement - "Bureaucracy watchdog blames Justice department for delay on Tory promise to spouses of slain military, reservists and RCMP"


More on Polling Out of Kandahar:  "Ninety-Four Percent of Kandaharis Want Peace Talks, Not War" - Taliban Claims to be Getting Ready for Kandahar Push - "The top American aid official in Afghanistan traveled to this embattled southern city to reassure Afghan officials here that assistance programs would continue uninterrupted after a series of attacks on United States contractors"


CAN TF Commander Orders Investigation of Own Possible Negligent Discharge:  UK Media


CAN Detainee Fracas:  AFG Human Rights Group: "Canada's 2009 tally of Afghan prisoners runs nearly double allies" - More - AFG Group's Annual Report (PDF) - Analysis by CF Officer Who Was There


Opinion:  "NATO has been approaching this fight with the intent of not losing rather than attempting to actually defeat the insurgency"


NLD Marines Killed in Uruzgan - More - more - Brit Marine NCO and Officer Canned for Hitting Prisoner with Rubber Boot - Booted Marines Get Facebook Support - More - Justice for Royal Marine Commando Mark Leader Facebook Page - "Afghanistan Frees 3 Italian Aid Workers" Nabbed in Helmand - More


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Taliban’s Mullah Omar Ready to Retire? Not So Fast! - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks alleged in Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul


18 Apr 10

CAN TF Commander Orders Investigation of Own Possible Negligent Discharge: - Canadian Press - More


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Lawyer slams top soldier's version of Afghanistan shooting" - More - more


Embed Features Five-Foot-Tall CAN Medic


"Tension rises in Kandahar ahead of Nato summer offensive" - "Troops continue Kandahar preparations with wary locals"


"(UK) SAS is at the centre of a furious row following allegations that private money was used to equip the regiment's soldiers with body armour for Afghanistan"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Taliban’s supreme leader signals willingness to talk peace" (through envoys)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claim IED strike on Canadian "tank"


"Getting ready for the next election: the IEC pushes ahead" - "United Nations recommends to international community to release funds for parliamentary elections" - "International Security Assistance Force Supports Afghan Elections"


17 Apr 10

Tyler William Todd, R.I.P.:  Funeral Monday


More on PAK Being Part of CAN's Withdrawal Route - "Quick Afghanistan withdrawal out of character for Canada: Experts" - "What's the difference between the Balkans and Afstan? It's all about a lack of, er, stomach." - On NLD Withdrawal:  "One person in the know doubts whether the Netherlands will get any air-cover if it decides to move equipment by road to Kandahar during the pullout." - DEU General:  AFG Won't be Ready for ISAF Withdrawal by 2011 (German - Google English)


Opinion:  Point:  CAN's Mission in AFG=Somalia Mission - Counterpoint:  WTF?!?!


More on ISAF Cdr Wanting KAF Fast Food Outlets Closed


"In Afganistan the final battle begins; This time the tactics are different and backup has arrived" - "Preparations for Kandahar offensive continue with wary locals" - "McChrystal Backtracks on Troop Veto for Kandahar Shuras"? - "Army Researchers: Why the Kandahar Offensive Could Backfire" - "Afghans blame both US, Taliban for insecurity"


"Two powerful bombs rocked the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, killing three foreigners and three Afghan soldiers" - "British military officials are investigating reports that security contractors from Britain were among the victims of a suicide car bombing in southern Afghanistan." - CAN Commander in K'Har: "Horrific" Kandahar City Attacks "could go a long away to galvanizing the population against the hard-line Islamist insurgency"


"NATO commander in Afghanistan wants fewer contractors" - "Taliban targets U.S. contractors working on projects in Afghanistan" - More - "Report: Contractor deaths up in Afghanistan"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Soldiers did not unlawfully shoot unarmed Afghan: Natynczyk" - Man Shot Was a Combatant - CDS Letter to Committee (PDF) - "Detainee abuse? Afghans don't seem to care" - The REST of the Story About Detainees Being Handed Over by Canadians


Blog Watch:  "Some commanders call it a "tactical pause" to give time for additional U.S. and allied troops to surge into the country. Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez, the operational commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, calls it "repositioning." "


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claim responsibility for K'Har City bombings, and alleged attacks in Helmand, Zabul, Uruzgan - Taliban on Civvy Cas: "We fully assure that civilians are our brothers and countrymen .... We take full care to protect their lives and repeatedly asked our Mujahideen to protect the lives of Afghan civilians."


16 Apr 10

PAK Considering Allowing CAN to Use Bases During Withdrawal


Multiple Blasts in Kandahar City Leave Lots of Dead:  Globe & Mail - Reuters - Associated Press - UPI - Xinhua - BBC - Canadian Press - CNN


"Three Significant Weapons Caches Found in Southern Afghanistan" - Weapons, Bad Guys Nabbed in Kandahar, Helmand and Uruzgan Raids - Last Attempted Suicide Bombing Attack in K'Har was Against Girls' School


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Military cops kept in dark on Afghan torture" - More - more - "Afghan shooting claims 'drive-by smears': MacKay" - "Preventing Afghan torture not our job, military policeman says" - More - "Military vows to probe ‘grave’ detainee accusations" - More Calls for Inquiry - More


Blog Watch:  "Terry Glavin on his effort to chronicle a war-wracked nation's rebuilders" - "Will we continue to support a fellow democracy and be consistent with efforts to sustain our long term foreign policy goals?" - "President Karzai should be removed from the line of fire by going into exile in Europe." - Too Many Layers of Bosses?


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Former rebel fighter believes there’s no point in talks because neither side is prepared to compromise" - "Grenadier Guards support a Taliban reintegration shura"

NGOs call on Taliban to respect aid volunteers - "Taliban IEDs take toll on civilians"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Short bursts of attack allegations flying out of Zabul


Comparing/Contrasting Soviet and U.S. Nation-Building Models in AFG


15 Apr 10

Tyler William Todd, R.I.P.:  He's Home - More - more - more - more


Pashtu-speaking Canadian Soldier "disarms Afghans one at a time" - CAN Counter-IED Classes Re-scheduled to Deal with IEDs


CAN Pissed at Taliban Killing Demining Team Members in IED Blast - More on incident - more


"Support For Planned Kandahar Operation Questioned" - USAF Starts Int Flights with Converted Beech King Air - Canada's Own to be Ready Summer 2011?


CAN Detainee Fracas:  CF Chief of Defence Staff:  "Whenever there have been specific allegations of ill treatment, the Canadian Forces have not hesitated to act." - AFG Translator Offers Second-hand Testimony that CAN Troops Covered Up Killing - More - more


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Officer spoke of "soldier's pact," court martial hears before adjournment" - "Court martial pauses so accused officer can attend birth" - "Two Afghan soldiers reported Canadian killing of wounded Taliban "


Calgarian w/CIDA makes a difference in Afghanistan education, gender issues


Blog Watch:  Elders May Not be the Way to Fight Population-Centric COIN Fight?


Red Cross:  Civilian Injuries Due to Taliban Bombs Up 30-40% in South - More - Meanwhile, UN Uber Envoy Wants ISAF to Get a Grip on Civvy Cas


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks claimed in Kandahar, Helmand; More comparisons between US, Soviet Union in AFG - "Taliban lies update: US troops as drug runners"


Karzai's Brother in Kandahar Tries Playing Nicer with USA - "After a few days of crisis and strained relations the US administration has publicly smoothed over the unease and the anger and has welcomed Karzai back into the ranks of ‘reliable partners’" - Maybe One of the ITA NGO Workers Nabbed in Lashkar Gah Hospital to be Freed?



14 Apr 10

Tyler William Todd, R.I.P.:  Home Today - "Slain soldier inspired by grandfather" - More - Meanwhile, Soldier Wounded in Blast Recovering


CAN Detainee Fracas"Afghan detainee monitoring program broke down: Diplomat" - "Ambassador limited information sharing: Colvin" - "Deaf ears greeted warning of detainee abuse: Colvin" - "Torture is what Afghan NDS does: Colvin" - More - more


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  Testimony: "Capt. Robert Semrau refused to offer first aid to a severely wounded Taliban fighter because he didn't want to waste his limited medical supplies on a dying man"


"ANA bulldozing its way into a new capability"


"US Commander Says Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Undermine Military Mission"

Taliban Gender Relations:  18-yead-old NGO Worker Gunned Down in Kandahar City - More - more - "Afghan teacher (in Zabul) ignores death threats to educate young girls and women"


DNK to Reduce Troops in AFG? - Italian NGO Says No Word on Charges, Status of Staff Arrested in Lashkar Gah Hospital (Italian - Google English)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban accuses US forces of killing 2 children in Nad Ali, Helmand


Opinion: "The fundamental problem of course is that the Afghan government is not a reliable partner. It is dysfunctional and largely focused on extraction and survival, although at the central level and during coordination meetings there may be a spreading veneer of efficiency."


13 Apr 10

Tyler William Todd, R.I.P.:  Arrives Home Tomorrow - More - Died Weeks Before End of Tour


"Operation SHER II: Canadians step back as Afghans move forward"


Andrew Paul Grenon, 1985-2008, R.I.P.: "Grieving mother wants Afghan mission extended"


Jordan James Anderson, 1981-2007, R.I.P.: "Not all families want troops to stay" vs. "Focus on the mission, not the casualties"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Claims Canadian, American Casualties in Kandahar; Taliban's Five Victory Conditions - Taliban Takes Credit for Canada’s Withdrawal


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Not enough information to investigate detainees: Top military investigator" - More - "Investigator says he never saw reports from Foreign Affairs" - "Military investigator had no reason to suspect torture, detainee probe told" - "Whistleblower Colvin to testify at detainee abuse hearing"


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:   "No radio record of Canadian captain's instructions prior to Afghan soldier's death"


"CBC News has obtained top-level government documents that reveal Canadian authorities were aware as early as spring 2007 that a governor of Kandahar praised by senior Canadian officials was also notorious for human rights abuses."


ISAF/AFG Team Looking into Zhari Bus Shooting Incident - "Nato Taleban blitz in jeopardy after troops shoot woman and child on bus" - "Rioters vent fury at US after Nato troops kill Afghan civilians on bus" - More - "With so much unfinished business in Helmand why should the UK's main effort now shift to Kandahar?"


Hunt for Taliban Sniper in Helmand


"Kazakhstan To Open Its Airspace For US Military Planes"



12 Apr 10

Tyler William Todd, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - More - more - more - more - more - Commander-in-Chief's Message - Prime Minister's Message - Minister of National Defence's Message


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  Fate of PRT in Kandahar?  RoCK Says "We're awaiting direction from our ministers in Ottawa" - The Torch:  "Afstan and the government: Politically craven and immorally audacious" -  Sharing the Mission with Taxpayers, One Drop at a Time - Editorial: "Despite some evidence of doubt, Harper needs to be more vigorous in laying out his vision of Afghanistan's future, and the part that Canada will be playing in it." - Column: "Looking closely, it’s a mission we should run from"


"General Walt Natynczyk says he is "shocked" by recent anti-Western rhetoric from Afghan President Hamid Karzai -- including a threat to join the Taliban -- but maintains Canadian soldiers are more concerned with improving the lives of Afghan civilians."


Suicide Bombers Hit Afghan Security Building In Kandahar - More - more


NATO Troops Fire on Bus in Kandahar - More - more - more - more - Protests from Civilian Casualties


"Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson says the work to secure Marja, site of a massive February offensive against the Taliban, is far from over."


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Afghan president urges Taliban to air grievances"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks Alleged in Zabul - Taliban "Commander" in Kandahar Interviewed by Pro-Taliban Web Site (



11 Apr 10

Tyler William Todd, R.I.P.:  1 PPCLI Soldier Killed in IED Blast - CF Statement


"Cops OK, soldiers no way; Post-2011 Afghan training focus on police: MacKay" - More - more - more -  "Canadians want clarity on the mission they're being asked to support, and answers to fundamental questions surrounding the proposed new plan."


Reorg at KPRT:  Civilian Lead, US Co-partners - Change of Command for Brits in South


CAN Detainee Fracas:  Editorial: "Detainee issue a slippery slope for forces" - Jihadi Forums Starting to Mention Detainees/Prisoners?


Italians Among Those Held after Suicide Vests Found in Helmand Hospital - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban accuse American troops of desecrating Koran in Marjeh


Taliban 2i/c Nabbed:  "Afghan officials say Pakistan's arrest of Taliban leader threatens peace talks"


10 Apr 10

Cdn DefMin Drops By


Mark Robert McLaren, 1985-2008, R.I.P.:  Father of Fallen Visits Kandahar


Canadian Historian on Mission in AFG: “We’ve spent so much money, so much blood and I think done substantial good and now we just appear to be tossing it away”


Bad Boys Nabbed in Kandahar, Helmand


One Type of Canadian Digital War Art - Civilian "Combat Barber" Back from AFG


CAN Detainee Fracas:  Links Between CAN Troops, K'Har Guard Force?


Latest UK Fallen Identified


Blog Watch:  Taliban Video of Kidnapped American Soldier = Geneva Convention Violation


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  ISAF Says Osprey Crashed in Zabul, Taliban Says Chinook Crashed


9 Apr 10

Official Announcement on Extra CAN Training Troops - More - Reading Between the Lines:  DefMin May Be Hinting at Post-2011 Training Mission? - Blogger:  "Why are these new trainers going to stick to what pretty well everyone agrees was a limited and fairly arbitrary deadline at the end of 2011?" (h/t to Mark at The Torch) -  More Reading of Tea Leaves about Future Mission - Or Is This a Trial Balloon?


CAN DefMin Mackay "dismayed" by Karzai's Taliban remarks - "Citing Karzai outbursts, US lawmakers seek Afghan pull-out" - More - Editorial:  "The West and Hamid Karzai may be disappointed in each other but they must co-operate - and that will be impossible if the Afghan President speaks and acts and speaks recklessly" - Opinion: "NATO’s battle might be tilting more favourably if it weren’t for Afghan corruption, fraud and incompetence" - "Behind Karzai’s war of words"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Detainees were ‘delighted’ to be transferred from Canadian to Afghan prisons: testimony" - "Afghan detainees were happy in Canadian custody, didn't want to leave: officer" - "Complaints commission told military police heard rumours of torture" - "Military investigators say they didn't see 'torture reports' from Afghan detainees" - Former OMLT-eer:  No Big Surprise Seeing AFG Prison "Catch and Release"


"Afghan, NATO Troops Remove Taliban Leaders From Fight" in Kandahar - JIEDDO "IEDs in Afghanistan double in past year" - More - "Infographics Shed Light on IED Strategy in Afghanistan"


Osprey Crashes in Zabul, Killing Three US Troops, One Civilian Staffer - More - more


UK Soldier from Royal Welsh killed in Helmand Firefight - US Shifting Focus from Drugs to Taliban in Marjah?


Blog Watch:  Taliban Moves Not Always What They Seem in Some Places


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claims 20+ ISAF/AFG troops killed, 2 vehicles destroyed in Kandahar, Helmand


8 Apr 10

CAN DefMin (in Kabul) Says 90 Troops to be Sent to AFG to Train Cops, Troops (But Only Until 2011) - More -  OK, Anything ELSE to Announce? - More


Senator Hugh Segal: "Canada is too valuable a partner to leave the NATO coalition before the job there is finished" - Norway joins US in calling for Canadian extension to Afghan mission - Meanwhile, EKOS Poll for CBC Shows 6/10 Surveyed Don't Want Mission Extension - Full Poll Report (PDF) - Tables (PDF)


Scott Francis Vernelli, 1980-2009, R.I.P.:  Parents Visit AFG for Closure


CAN Officer in South:  "There's been a gradual rise of local nationals who work for ISAF who have been murdered" -  Is Anything Being Done to Speed Up Letting Such Interpreters into Canada?


Head of Canada's Army Drops By (Keeps Mum on Future Command Assignments)


CAN PM: Remarks about joining Taliban 'unacceptable' - More - more - "Harper-Karzai rift reveals PM's deep doubts about Afghanistan" - "Nato warns Karzai not to undermine its efforts" - "For the record: Karzai is not about to join the Taliban. He is an angry and frustrated politician and he is sending signals." - Taliban Spox: "It’s just a game he is playing. He is trying to show people he is not under the control of the Americans but it’s completely false."


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Detainees were ‘delighted’ to be transferred from Canadian to Afghan prisons: testimony" - "Complaints commission told military police heard rumours of torture" - More - "Shuttering of detainee inquiry appears related to concealing soldiers’ identity" - "Military police didn't follow up with Afghan prisoners" - Blogger:  "I think there needs to be a good Parliamentary debate. For that to happen, the detainee issue needs to be dealt with, preferably in the form of a public inquiry, but a swift one – it at least needs to be underway."


"A Taliban commander Mullah Burhan and two of his bodyguards were killed in the militants'former bastion Marja district in the southern Afghan province Helmand" - "Afghanistan to send 500 more troops to Sangin-UK PM" - Compensation Payments in Helmand:  Damned if you do, Damned if you don't - ISAF Medics Treat Severely Injured Afghan Man in Zabul


UK Foreign Minister: 'Just peace' possible in Afghanistan


Talkin' to the Taliban:   "Plans to reconcile Afghan fighters show progress"


"Taliban bomb NATO tanker in Pakistan" - Afghan supply flights suspended from Kyrgyz base because of unrest in country


7 Apr 10

How CAN is Working with Panjwaii's Governor


 "Support for Taliban hit 'all time high' last spring: poll" -  What a Difference a Headline Makes


US fight Taliban with heavy metal, rock music - Is This the BEST Way to Win Hearts & Minds?



"Has Karzai gone Krazy? Afghan president's erratic behaviour a cause for concern" - "U.S. suggests Karzai meeting with Obama in jeopardy"


6 Apr 10

Coming Push on Kandahar: "NATO forces prep for Kandahar battle with tested security, outreach tactics"


Two Afghans Killed in Marjah IED Blast - Three AFG Cops Killed in Helmand Ambush


Bad Boys, Ammo Nabbed in Helmand, Uruzgan Raids


Latest Fallen UK Soldier Identified


Blog Watch:  Point - Is Enough Being Done to Improve AFG Cop Training? - Counterpoint from NATO - "We will develop leadership this year as a priority"


Opinion:  "We can still contribute in Afghanistan" - "Afghanistan: Fallen Soldier's Mother Asks the Right Question" - Former OMLT-eer Points Out Hypocrisy of Academics' Anti-scholarship Stance


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Claims of 40+ ISAF/AFG Troops, 13 "Tanks" Allegedly Destroyed


"AP Analysis: Karzai remarks risk US-Afghan rift"


5 Apr 10

Coming Push on Kandahar:  "NATO offensive may not go ahead: Karzai" - Kandahar Elders Underwhelmed with Karzai on Corruption, Security - More - "The largest and most important U.S. offensive of the Afghan war is under way in this country's second largest city, but its success will depend more on politics than guns." - "Fears over US Kandahar offensive" - "Afghanistan's future, and U.S. hopes for success, probably hinge on a coming offensive in the Taliban stronghold."


Women in Kandahar, Zabul Defy Taliban Learning to Read


UK Soldier from 3 Rifles killed in Kajaki-area Blast


Opinion:  "It's clear that the expertise, tenacity, and effectiveness of the Canadian Forces has had a positive impact on our NATO allies; Their request for our continuance in Afghanistan demonstrates their belief in Canada's importance to the ultimate success of the mission." - on Marjah: "No one did their homework. It’s depressing." - "Corrupt Karzai government won’t survive withdrawal"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Summary of Taliban's Lies o' the Month for March - Taliban claims responsibility for almost 30 NATO, AFG cas in alleged Helmand attacks



4 Apr 10

"Army families question if 2011 Afghan withdrawal means sacrifices were in vain" - More - more - Meanwhile, US Sec of State Shifts Message, Saying She Looks Forward to CAN Continuing to "Support"


Hamilton Reservists Heading Downrange - Vancouver Reservists, Too


NOTE:  MILNEWSca Twitter Feed Now Moved to milnews_ca


US Putting $ into ISAF Partner Militaries (as Incentive to Stay?)


Coming Push on Kandahar:  "Taliban Gag Kandahar's Clerics to Keep Grip on City" - "Karzai pays unannounced visit to Kandahar" - "Tribal leaders to be consulted before Kandahar push: Karzai" - "Karzai, US general meet with Afghan tribal leaders"


Helmand Police Chief Patted on Back for Nabbing Suspected Bomb Makers - "Since their offensive here in February, the Marines have flooded Marja with hundreds of thousands of dollars a week .... But in Marja, where the Taliban seem to know everything .... they have already found ways to thwart the strategy in many places, including killing or beating some who take the Marines’ money, or pocketing it themselves." - Special Forces Troops Dismantle Five IEDs in Helmand After One Hits Vehicle


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "U.S. sees Afghan reconciliation drive lasting years"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks Alleged in Helmand, Zabul


3 Apr 10

Survey Says:  Stop Combat Mission (But Keep Troops in AFG Training) - More - More Details of Latest Angus Reid Poll (PDF) - "Canadians Want To Help Afghanistan. And They Don’t"


Mark Wilson, 1966-2006, R.I.P.:  Brother Works as Civilian, Remembering


Coming Push on Kandahar:  "Military planners have been working to weaken the insurgents’ hold ahead of NATO’s largest-ever Afghan offensive" - "Fearful Afghan villagers flock to Kandahar ahead of operation"


"To the inhabitants of Kandahar City, Ahmed Wali Karzai is a symbol of everything wrong with their home"


UK Guardsman Michael Sweeney Killed in Helmand Blast - Photos:  AUS Troops Prepare for Uruzgan Patrol


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "U.S. sees Afghan reconciliation drive lasting years"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  14 US Tanks, +20 ISAF/AFG Troops Claimed Killed in Alleged Attacks in K'Har, Helmand



2 Apr 10

Embed Flies with CAN Chopper Crews - New Posters about Canada's Mission in Afghanistan


WHAT’S CANADA BUYING?: How Are Troops Doing After Coming Home?


Opinion:  "Kandahar is what the Canada-U.S. alliance is all about"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Tories table Afghan prisoner documents, opposition says it's old material" - More - more - "Feds tried to keep Afghan detainee deal secret: documents"


"Stabilization or crisis in Kandahar?"


UK Soldier from Coldstream Guards killed in Afghanistan - New Brit Units to Provide Cultural Advice in Helmand and Poochie Support - UK 1 SCOTS soldiers arrive in Afghanistan - ISAF Offers Condolences to Families of Victims of Taliban Suicide Bombing in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  40+ ISAF, AFG Troops Claimed Killed, +5 Vehicles Destroyed in Alleged Attacks Across Helmand

1 Apr 10




CAN Detainee Fracas:  CAN Justice Minister: Parliament not entitled to see all Afghan documents - He Says, She Says on AFG Int Service - More - "Minister told of detainee concerns as possible "mission killer":  diplomat" - "The government continues to zigzag" - Michael Yon Compares Apples to Oranges in Canadian Detainee Issue


AUS Troops Finding IEDs Harder to Detect


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Taliban reading the papers, offering wish list?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks alleged in Helmand, Uruzgan; "Why such a short visit, President Obama?" - Short and sharp from the Taliban on Obama's visit


31 Mar 10

"Canadian Forces completed Monday their biggest-ever operation led by the Afghan army" - Canadian Press Embed: "It was more like chasing ghosts"

Blog Watch:  How's the Taliban Rate Canadian Troops?


US Sec of State Would Love Canada to Stay and Fight Longer - More - UK Foreign Minister, Too - How Many Ways to Say No? Globe & Mail - - Azerbaijan media - Bloomberg - The Examiner - The Message Dance - PM in House of Commons: "We have been very clear that Canada's military mission in Afghanistan will end in 2011, but we will continue with a mission on governance, on development and on humanitarian assistance." - Conservative Senator:  "It’s wrong for us to only have a civilian presence, because who’s going to provide security for them" - More - Editorial: "We have an ongoing stake in Afghanistan's future - and accepting a low-risk training role after 2011 would help us assert as much" - "Finish the Afghan mission"


Wounded Canadian Warrior Helping in Haiti - Transcript


Canadian Officer Murder Court Martial:  "Afghan who launched murder probe against Canadian captain 'erratic,' court martial hears" - Statements from Drugged AFG Troops?


Pentagon Spox: "Kandahar 'Shaping' Operations Under Way" - "Kandahar Offensive to Focus on Good Governance" - "Displacement fears ahead of Kandahar operation" - "U.S. efforts to sideline Afghan President Hamid Karzai's half-brother met resistance on Tuesday from (Kandahar) officials who warned of chaos in the Taliban's birthplace if he is pushed out."


Bomb Blast Kills Helmand Villagers Getting Seeds from ISAF Troops


"US ex-general apologizes for Dutch gay comments"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Afghan president wraps up talks with (Hizb-i-Islami) insurgents"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  "Does America Want Peace in Afghanistan?" - Taliban Ask Why President Obama's Visit was So Short (


G8 Foreign Ministers’ Statement on Afghanistan


"Russia: U.S. Aiding Afghan Drug Trade" - "Russia wants better NATO anti-drug war"



30 Mar 10

"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday the U.S. would like Canada to remain in Afghanistan past 2011 and suggested the military could switch to a training role." - More - more - more - more - more - more - CAN Foreigm Minister:  We're Outta There in 2011 - More


Tell HER Tuition for Kids of the Fallen Glorify War! - More - "Odious protest makes orphans the pawns"


CAN Foreign Minister Announces AFG-PAK Border Project - News Release - Backgrounder - More - Minister's Talking Points


"Taliban ejected from Kandahar villages ahead of latest NATO sweep" - "Afghan offensive in Kandahar due in June, officials say" - More - Long Push Expected? - "Nato commanders to put Afghan troops in front line for new southern push" - "Kandahar Ops Reflect Complexity, Subtlety"


"The United Nations-supported mine action centre in Afghanistan destroyed nearly 112,000 different types of explosives in the first two months of this year"


AUS Army Chinooks Start Summer Ops - AUS Soldier, AFG Interpreter Wounded in Mirabad IED Attack  - "Three IEDS disarmed by MTF-1 protecting Mirabad villagers"


Weapons, Bad Guys Nabbed in Kandahar City, Zabul Raids - U.S. Special Forces Help Move Uruzgan Patients


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Warlord and Taliban muddy the mix"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Claims Attacks in Kandahar, Helmand and Chopper Shoot-down in Zabul


"European Nato governments should emphasise the suffering of women under Taliban rule to counter domestic calls for troop withdrawal a leaked CIA analysis suggests."



29 Mar 10

"Tim Hortons staff eligible for Afghan war medals"


National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman Pierre Daigle will conduct a follow-up review of a 2008 investigation into military mental health services that found that too many soldiers with operational stress injuries (OSI) were slipping through cracks in the system.”


"Nato commanders to put Afghan troops in front line for new southern push"


President Obama Drops ByMoremore - Official Remarks


Chopper Crash in Zabul; “no indications that it was caused by insurgent action”


Latest UK 3 RIFLES Cas Identified - UK MPs:  "MoD planning for surge in casualties 'falls short' "


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist sites):  More Casualties Alleged in Marjah, Helmand


Opinion:  “How serious is the Peace Jirga?”


28 Mar 10

Darren James Fitzpatrick, R.I.P.:  Remembered at Public Funeral in Edmonton - More


CAN + NLD Leaving = Brits Moving to Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul? - Former UK CDS's Take on Move


CAN Rep in Kandahar: “What we need to do is to connect the government to the population, and that requires working development projects to address some of the economic and social issues”


"Afghans in Kandahar don't trust Americans, other foreign military forces"


"ANSF-ISAF Target Taliban Compound in Kajaki" - Bad Boys Nabbed in Helmand Raids


Latest UK Household Cav Fallen Identified - UK 3 RIFLES Soldier Killed in Sangin Blast - More


"Prince Charles' frustration over Afghanistan trip revealed in leaked Whitehall memo"


DNK Chief of Defence Staff Faces IED Close Call in Helmand (Original in Danish - Google English)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  +60 ISAF, AFG troops alleged killed in attacks in Helmand, Uruzgan and Zabul - Latest Statement Haiku:  Karzai, the puppet,/talks jirga, lets U.S.A./be colonial

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