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Help the Wounded

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Anyone with information regarding programs for the Royal 22nd Regiment similar to those listed below for the RCR and PPCLI, please e-mail me here


Canadian Forces Hospital Comforts Program

This program ensures that all members of the CF who find themselves hospitalized for longer than 48 hours will have access to telephone, television and internet services for the duration of their stay. In addition the program will provide funds to ensure that hospitalized members are able to buy toiletries and canteen items such as books and movie rentals while they are recovering. Should you wish to donate to this program, cheques should be made payable to the "CFCF in trust for the Canadian Forces Hospital Comforts Program" and mailed to:


CF Hospital Comforts Program

Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency

4210 Labelle Street

Ottawa, ON K1A 0K2.


A receipt for tax purposes will be issued if requested. For more information, click here for the 27 Feb 07 news release announcing the program.


The Hospital Pack Program

The Royal Canadian Regiment Association is soliciting donations for hospital packs (shaving kit, t-shirts, toothbrush, etc.) for injured Cdn troops evacuated from AFG (they apparently have NOTHING with them when they get to Germany). If you're interested in donating, cheques made out to "The RCR Fund" can be forwarded to:


The RCR Fund,

c/o Chairman, The RCR Association,

750 Elizabeth St.,

London ON, N5Y 4T7.


Operation Small Pack

Operation Small Pack has been set up by the PPCLI Association for hospital packs for their wounded. If you're interested in helping, donations payable to the Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund Operation Small Pack can be forwarded to:


Regimental HQ,


PO Box 10500 Stn Forces,

Edmonton, AB T5J 4J5.


Sapper Mike Mc Teague Wounded Warrior Fund

This fund supports Canadian service persons wounded on operations while recovering in Germany, at the outset of the healing process. The fund aims to improve the general morale and welfare of the soldiers and their families by working through first-line caregivers, medical staff, chaplain's and Assisting Officers. More details (what they're looking for and how to donate) are available here. (Word document) You can also find out more here. Also, some recent media coverage here.


Soldier On

Soldier On is a recovery/rehabilitation effort that will provide injured personnel (especially amputees) with athletic equipment and training. Sergeant Andrew Mc Lean, a Winnipeg-based search-and-rescue technician and former infanteer, helped set up the program to help purchase items not covered by DND or Veterans Affairs. (More information is available here, here and here). To donate to Soldier On, go to the Canadian Paralympic Foundation page for more details. Donations, either online (in the instructions box) or through the mail, must be directed specifically to the Soldier On program. If you would like further information feel free to contact Sgt Mc Lean via e-mail, or via "Soldier On" FaceBook group here.


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