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Fashion Advice 30-06-07

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Conflict isn't pretty. But you can be

Jenn Geary, Globe & Mail, 30 Jun 07


I've ventured through the intifadas , roamed the tents in Darfur, trekked into bin Laden land and circled Saddam's palace. It's all very sobering and takes sacrifice from a journalist.


Sometimes the sacrifice comes in the form of not being able to tuck your kids in at night; other times, it's roughing it on a cot in a sweltering tent. But one thing I've found, on my journeys is that taking care of myself renews me and makes me stronger.


It may sound vain, but when you're surrounded by the sounds of mortars, fluttering helicopters on their way to combat, and paranoia of suicide bombers with every stalled truck, you need a refuge.


Which is why, when the women of Sarajevo were under siege in the nineties, some women in London got a truckload of cosmetics sent in.


My idea of grooming doesn't include press-on nails or hairspray - opening a truck door or putting on a helmet render those useless. But taking care of yourself when you couldn't care less can remind you that you're alive when everything else doesn't seem to be.


So here it goes.


Most wars today are in the land of cacti; it's dry, so don't forget the moisturizer with SPF. Your body will be parched so your skin will soak it up with appreciation. But beware, greasy moisturizers will just sit on top of your skin and act like a magnet for dust and dirt.


Wear foundation because it's kinder to your skin than the air. Between sand, bomb ash and diesel fumes, it's a no-brainer.


It's extra weight, but bring an exfoliant - after a scrub you'll feel like you've done a desert detox. You'll also need a mud mask to cleanse your pores.


When you wake up in the desert your eyes may not open because they're so dehydrated. Keep a bottle of Visine within reach and bring a pair of goggle-style shades to shield your eyes during sand storms.


Women are always advised to stay hydrated and in this case, triple that. As for your 40-pound bulletproof vest, you can have one tailor-made for your womanly body - which includes an inset space for your bosom.


A pair of stud earrings will make you feel feminine even when you're filthy. Your hair will be filthy too, so make sure you have some nice elastics for your perma-ponytail or a bandana for short hair.


Wear flip-flops in the shower - and paint your toenails; that way you won't see all the dirt underneath.


Keep your fingernails short because no matter how hard you try, dirt will find its way underneath and hands make an important impression.


Don't bring fruity deodorants or perfumes. You'll attract bugs.


Wear mascara, because batting your long lashes will get you across many checkpoints.


Shave? Up to you. War zones have army men, who are fit and will look at you like a goddess (which you are).


Sports bras are de rigeur: You need to be able to run without having to adjust your straps. In some cities, showing bare arms could get you stoned, so wear long-sleeved cotton blouses with a camisole underneath for extra modesty. Nylon workout pants in earth tones don't show the dirt and do wash easily. Buy them big,


Don't write off wearing a head scarf or burka . They shield you from the sand in the air.


Loafers with rubber soles (Geox makes breathable ones) are better than hiking boots, which suffocate your feet. And pack some peppermint foot lotion to reduce swelling at the end of the day.


And don't forget a bag of lollipops. Give them to local children who ask for money. The money will often go back to their parents, but the candy they'll keep for themselves.


Products picks for the backpack


  • Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets
  • Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisture Gel for face
  • Avene Thermal Spring Water for face
  • Marcelle Clay Mask
  • Olay Quench Therapy Body Lotion
  • Natural FX Water Based Liquid Foundation SPF 15
  • Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
  • Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara
  • MAC Tinted lip conditioner SPF 15
  • Pantene 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Lush Pied de Pepper Foot Cream

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