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"The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012"

LCOL Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., Parameters, Winter 1992-93


An essay by an American Army officer dealing with a fictitious coup, caused by changes in the military and society. The essay is written from the point of view of a prisoner of the military coup. Interesting at the best of times, but worth revisiting in light of the massive military effort with Katrina and Canada's experience with "unification".


"A senior retired officer of the Unified Armed Forces, known here simply as Prisoner 222305759, is one of those arrested, having been convicted by court-martial for opposing the coup. Prior to his execution, he is able to smuggle out of prison a letter to an old War College classmate discussing the "Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012." In it, he argues that the coup was the outgrowth of trends visible as far back as 1992. These trends were the massive diversion of military forces to civilian uses, the monolithic unification of the armed forces, and the insularity of the military community." Article - Link to Journal


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