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September 2008

30 Sept 08

K'Har Governor:  CAN Should Rethink This GTFO in 2011 Thing


Excerpt from Book on CAN Troops in AFG


CF Troops in K'Har Get Advance Screening of New WW1 Movie - News release


"Afghan mission raises only minor (Canadian election) campaign debate"


Petraeus warns "combat in Afghanistan could intensify in the coming months" - USA SecDef Says Mission Long Term, Not Short Term


UN Sec Gen Report Says Things Getting Worse, Taliban Killing LOTS of Civvies - Full report (.pdf)


Analysis:  Learning Lessons from IRQ for Helmand - Can Petraeus Save AFG? - "Continuing US losses will lead to military strikes on Pakistan"


Reuters:  "Afghan President Hamid Karzai has made a call for peace to Taliban leader Mullah Omar and has asked the king of Saudi Arabia to help in talks with the militant group responsible for a surge violence." - More


Almost 200,000 Kids in Helmand, Kandahar Don't Get Polio Vaccine, Thanks to Taliban - More - Schools Reopen in K'har (.pdf) - Entire 29 Sept 08 UNAMA News Conference Text (including polio and school quotes)


US Civil Affairs Troops Get Bravery Medals for Nov 2007 Action in Uruzgan Province


Yet Another Dude Who Wouldn't Stop when Told Killed in Sangin - More


Bodyguards Killed in K'Har Attack on Zabul Governor - More - more


Interpol Pissed at Killing of Top Female Cop in K'Har


Taliban Boss Nabbed in Uruzgan - More - Bad Weekend for Bad Guys in Zabul, Helmand and K'Har - Bad Boys Killed, Ammo Cache Found in K'har


Much of RC South Food Insecure - Map - Security & Humanitarian Overview, Week Ending 26 Sept 08


NATO Sec-Gen, UN Uber-Envoy Meet



Bumps Along the Road to Training AFG Police



More on How US Army Helped in Kajaki Turbine Caper


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Puppet Deputy governor of Zabul killed in Kandahar" - More - "Message of Ameer Al Mumeneen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid about the pleasure of Eid al-Fitr" (GoogEng) - Better translation/summary:  If USA Pulls Out, We'll Leave You Alone - More - more - Original in Arabic


Opinion:  "Afghan mission a stealth topic" - "Before the Oct. 14 federal election vote, (the NDP and Greens) should explain exactly how Canada can provide help to Afghanistan if the Taliban regains control of the country and returns to old habits such as killing female school teachers." - "Taliban strike down a symbol of justice for women" - "The Kandahar police commander has said he expects her death to discourage other women from joining the police. That would be a great loss, and a victory for the Taliban that must be denied." - "Why the US is losing in Afghanistan"


Nabbed AFG Ambassador to PAK Found, Now Recovering in Hospital - More


PAK says bad boys flowing in from AFG.... - ...while UN says refugees flowing into AFG from PAK - PAK Gov't Working with Tribes to Fight Taliban




29 Sept 08

More on Injured CF Troops: - - Canadian Press - Deux soldats canadiens sont blessés dans une attaque


Some Coming Home, Some Preparing to Head Out


Mourning Assassination of Top Female Cop in Kandahar - Son of Cop Injured, in Coma - NATO Condemns Killing


Homicide Bombers Kill 6, Injures 17 with Blast Near Police Cars in K'Har - More - ....or Maybe 3 and 17? - ISAF Condemns Attack


Blog:  US Accused of Hitting Red Crescent Vehicles, Staff in K'Har? (GoogEng) - Original in Italian


More on Proposed "Development Surge" - "The collapse of security in Helmand owes as much to government failings as to any military action"


Hekmatyar Takes Blame for FRA Ambush


Taliban Deny Talks with Saudis (see official statement below)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Statement Denying Any Talks with Saudis - Taliban Take Credit for Shooting Female AFG Cop and Son - "2 checkpoints of puppet police demolished in Uruzgan/Shabrghan" - Roundup of Taliban Allegations from Across AFG


Opinion:  Scott Taylor Disagrees with Lew-Mac's View of Figures on NATO Troop Commitment to AFG - "A successful strategy must attack the insurgency's true center of gravity: the protection, well-being, and state of mind of each Afghan. Secure these and you win; fail and you lose." - Comparing Colombia and Afghanistan



28 Sept 08


Two CF Troops Injured in Attack on Panjwai Outpost


More on CF Troops Handing Out Food to End Ramadan


One CF Soldier's Blog Impressions - "Saturday Bazaar" in K'Har - More Headed Downrange... - Some Settle Back Home


Embed Sees What NATO Firepower Can Do


Column:  "If the army were to announce tomorrow that in order to maintain the manpower commitment to Kandahar through 2011 it had become necessary for every able-bodied citizen of military age (17 to 57) to register for a lottery draft of obligatory service, you can bet that Afghanistan would be the number one item on every voter's agenda."


US General Says Taliban Can't Do a Winter Offensive - Analysis: "Prosecuting the war in Afghanistan from provincial capitals has been disastrous; we need to turn our military strategy inside out."


Senior Female AFG Cop Shot Dead in K'Har - More - more - more - more - more


UK MoD Reportedly Buying More Armoured Vehicles for Troops in AFG - AUS Fed Cops Fighting AFG Drug Lords


Saudis Talking to Taliban (With UK Support)? - "One problem with the Saudi-sponsored talks so far is that the go-between has been unable to speak directly to Mullah Omar." - No Confirmation from AFG Foreign Minister


Tailban Propaganda Watch:  Weekly Summary, 21-27 Sept 08 (.pdf) - "A helicopter of American occupation shot down in Kandahar" - "A vehicle of puppet army blew up in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "Killed 6 police officers in Kandahar sity" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "1 vehicle of Puppet police blew up in Kandahar" - "9 british soldiers killed, destroyed enemy tanks in Sangin, Helmend" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "12 supplying truck of British destroyed 14 booty in Helmand"


Opinion:  "What a Surge Can't Solve in Afghanistan"


UZB Envoy to UN:  More Economic, Social Help Needed for AFG


US Cranks Up Efforts in PAK to Avoid "October Surprise"



27 Sept 08

CAN Troops Help Distribute Food as Ramadan Ends - More - Some Photos - Help Still not Enough - More


PPCLI Soldier Happy to Be Home



Taliban Die Ambushing the Wrong Convoy Passing Through Kandahar - Helmand Governor's Office Denies Civvies Killed in Recent Coalition Action


NATO Aiming at Surge of Development Projects - More - Girls' School Inaugurated in Kandahar - Oruzgan Man Donates Land for New School?


UK Not Committing More Troops to AFG - Royal Marine to Lose Foot After Helmand Firefight Injury - NLD Gov't Denies Troops in Uruzgan Poorly Equipped - More - AUS Chinooks Helping in the Fight - More - No Word on Whether Suspended NLD Troops Heading Home or to Court


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "(D)estruction supply convoy (5 trucks, 13 soldiers) in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "6 soldiers killed in ambush in Zabul" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic


Opinion: "Lack of coherence frustrates British operation in Helmand"


Kidnapped PAK Fuel Supplier to NATO Killed During Police Raid


USA Stops SF Raids into PAK - Warning Shots from USA Troops Got PAK Troops to Stop Shooting @ Choppers? - PAK Says It Didn't Happen, USA Says it Did


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs "Urges Calm" Dealing with PAK - Says PAK Not Targeting USA Troops - More - Connie Rice Sees Good PAK-AFG Vibes - PAK Reminds USA of Its Side of the "Clamp Down on the Terrorists" Deal

PAK Promises to Re-take Tribal Areas Before Christmas



26 Sept 08

CAN DefMin on AFG"By the time the Canadian military finishes their mission in 2011, MacKay says Afghanis will have a greater ability to protect their own people, promote their own civil rights, and defend their sovereignty. Contributions to development and reconstruction will still continue past 2011." (.pdf version of article)


CAN Embed Comments on "Urban sprawl behind the barricades"


NLD:  107mm Rockets Hit K'Har Airfield, Nobody Injured (GoogEng) - Original in Dutch


K'Har Docs, Medical Staff Can't Go to Work Because of Taliban Threats - Co-Ed School House Opens in K'Har (.pdf)


Just Another Day in AFG:  Spreading Aid in Oruzgan, Killing Bad Guys in Zabul


AFG Commandos Help Out in K'har - ANA "slowly pulls itself up by bootstraps"


UN Uber-Envoy Says More Cops Needed - More on Pentagon Review of AFG Strategy... - ...and the Guy Doing the Review


How USAF Helped in the Kajaki Dam Turbine Caper - US Army Had a Hand In It, Too


NLD Troops Suspended for Collectively Refusing to Follow Orders in Uruzgan (.pdf permalink) - Meanwhile, NLD Officers Complain to Union Gets Complaint About Not Enough AFVs in AFG (.pdf permalink) - NLD PRT in Uruzgan Gets New ROTO (GoogEng) - Original in Dutch - AUS Bridge Builders Kick Taliban Butt - UK OMLT Troop @ Work - Retired Brit Neurosurgeon Recognized for Service in Helmand


Summer 2008 Analysis"When implementing a fully integrated civil-military counterinsurgency strategy in the context of Helmand Province extensive resources must be identified and allocated in a fast pace. Together with this the rapid deployment of civilian advisors to theatre will be crucial for success in the complexities of counterinsurgency in Helmand Province"


Analysis: "The tide turned in Iraq when coalition forces got off the FOB, got outside the wire, lived in small outposts and started walking through villages and neighborhoods instead of driving around in humvees. That lesson has yet to make its way to Afghanistan"



Aid Groups Ask for UN Help to Keep Delivering Aid in AFG


PAK Terrs (Responsible for Hotel Bombing?) Threaten Anyone Helping USA in PAK


PAK Troops Fire on US Choppers Inside AFG - ISAF Statement - More - more - Pentagon:  Just a "Misunderstanding" - PAK Says It Was Only Flares - Honest! - Really They Were!


Talib from Herat Training in PAK:  All Taliban May be Bad Guys, but Not All Bad Guys Taliban


No Clues Yet Re:  Nabbed AFG Ambassador




25 Sept 08

CAN Senator Concerned AFG Not an Election Issue - CAN Parties on AFG Mission


Official Text of UN Resolution 1833 (2008) (.pdf)


NATO Trying to "Fast Track" Soviet-Bloc Chopper Upgrade Fund


No, Tim Horton's Did NOT Start the Petition....


AFG Pres Calls for Greater "Afghanization" of Army, Development Process - Calls for More Help Training Security Forces - Careful with the Civvies, Folks! - Tension with USA Noted? - UN Statement - Text of speech (.pdf)


NATO Mil Boss Concerned About Taliban Approach Killing More Civvies - Says ISAF Should Do More Counter Narcotic Work, Too


Bomb Blasts Kill AFG Cops, Civvies in Kandahar, Spin Boldak - More - Honkin' Dope Bust in Helmand - Marines Hold Shura near Sangin - Blogger STILL Not Happy


IED That Killed US Officer, AFG Interpreters in South Called Huge by Eyewitnesses, Injured (.pdf permalink) - More - Brit Commander Says He Needs 2x the Troops He's Got - More - "How we got a 200-tonne turbine past the Taleban" - AUS Public Out of Touch with AFG War? - Why AUS Troops are Busy - AUS Gunners Busy, Too - IED That Killed Civvies in Oruzgan Meant for AUS Troops - AUS Statement - Photos


UN Calls Peace Day a Success


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Local leader of goverment killed in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "1 vehicle of Puppet police blew up in Kandahar" - "A tank of Australian invaders blew up in Uruzgan" - Taliban's Roundup of Ops Around AFG


Opinion:  "Taliban whip up support for Canada's conservatives" - "Signs of progress have been hard to find in Afghanistan lately, but with a change in strategy our mission there need not end in failure" - "A US-NATO War In Pakistan?" - "The man Karzai blocked as UN envoy to Afghanistan warns that it's now or never" - "It's not spin -- the pain is real -- when our soldiers are killed, but so too is the pain real when the Afghans die, including the large numbers of non-combatants."


Released Journalist/Fixer Says CAN Ratted on Him - More - more - more - more - Fixer Seeking Compensation from CAN, USA Governments


PAK Wants USA Int to Fight Terrorists - PAK Governor Says USA Must Talk to Taliban's Mullah Omar - Americans Expected to be Underwhelmed by Idea




24 Sept 08

James Hayward Arnal, R.I.P.: Letters to children survive


How One Injured Soldier "Reclaimed" the Day His Life Changed Forever


Un commandant affirme que les Afghans ont progressé


Opinion:  "Reveal Afghan war cost" - CAN Historian's Questions for PM on Defence Issues


AFG Pres to UN: "The war in Afghanistan, the war against terrorism in Afghanistan is not the right place to fight, that the war against terrorism cannot be fought in Afghan villages but it has to have a regional approach that has to be concentrated on the sanctuaries"


USA Commanders Expecting Taliban Winter Offensive


USA Has Three Brigades Available for AFG.... - ....but Not Until Spring - More - Also, Let's Not Shift Too Many Too Quickly


No Plans to Declassify Coming US Int Estimate on AFG


AFG (Again) Denies IRN Helping the Bad Guys


Six Civvies Killed by IED in Uruzgan - ISAF Helps Injured Civvies After Clearing Taliban Outta Sangin - Air Strike Takes Out Taliban "Commander and Weapons Facilitator", Minions in Uruzgan - More - More Bad Boys Killed in Oruzgan with Direct, Indirect Fire - Drug Dealer Nabbed in Helmand - More (of the same) - Bad Boys Wearing Police Uniforms Nabbed in K'Har


USA Officer Dies of Wounds from IED Blast near K'har - DoD Statement - US Civil Affairs Troops Receiving Medals for Valor During Nov 2007 Firefight - Could it Be This Firefight? - Wounded AUS SF Soldier Returns Home - Brit Argylls Return as Borderers Prepare to Head Out Soon - UK Cas Describes Waiting for Help During Firefight - BBC Embed with the Troops - ITA Sending 4 x Tornadoes - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "The occupation forces & International Day of Peace!!" (.pdf permalink)


"This is the chaos that is foreign aid in Afghanistan, a place where every mistake ever made in every underdeveloped economy is now being repeated."


Polio Bad in South, Southwest


USA DefSec Says PAK Faces "Existential" Threat from Bad Guys - Defends Ops in PAK - Looking For Other Ways to Send Bullets 'n Beans


AFG Sends Envoys to PAK to Sort Out Nabbed Ambassador


PAK Governor Says Their Suicide Bombers are Coming from IND - PAK Military Says Lotsa Foreigners Streaming in from AFG to Fight



23 Sept 08

ISAF's UN Mandate Extended for Another Year Starting 13 Oct - UN News release (including wording of resolution) - More


Still Looking into CF Detainee Allegations


More on Foot Patrol Shooting Possible Suicide Bomber in Helmand


More on Journalist/Handler Released by US Forces - More - more


Registan District Governor, Police Chief Killed in Kandahar by Roadside Bomb - More - more - more - more - Taliban Claims Responsibility


Zabul Ag Staff Get Extra Training


FRA Votes to Stay in AFG - Beefing Up Mission, Too - More - more - more - CAN Media Stands By Report that FRA Outgunned in Ambush - AUS Chinook Pilots Busy in Uruzgan - IND Boosting Security Presence


August 2008 Summary of Security Issues


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Puppet district governor  killed in Kandahar" - "Capture convoy with foodstuffs for the British invaders in Helmend" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "9 puppet police killed in Uruzgan" - "21 puppet police killed in Nemroz"


Opinion:  "Our soldiers demonstrate over and over that they are the finest this country has to offer." - "Losing the Afghan war?" - "Canadians greatly undervalue Afghan lives"


Ration Pack Postcards from Marines in AFG


AQ Imploding?


AFG DefMin Calls for "Border Region Task Force" - More - Who's Who of PAK Insurgents


More on AFG Ambassador Nabbed in PAK - More - more - more



22 Sept 08

More on New CAN Battle Group Into the Breach - More - more - more - more - more - Outgoing Commander Sees Progress


Derniers soldats de Valcartier commencent à rentrer


US Troops Under CAN Command @ FOB RAMROD - More - Permalink to both articles (.pdf)


Racing to Remember the Injured - More - more - more


Kite Flying, Release of Doves, and Declaration of "Peace Avenue" Some Highlights of Peace Day in RC-South - More - more - Shame the Tailban Didn't Keep Their Promise - More - more - more - more - more


More Proof of Taliban Using Child Suicide Bombers - "Attacks deprive 300,000 students of education" - How Hunger Helps the Taliban


Refugees Driven from Fighting in South


CAN Reporter/Fixer Released from USA Custody


Coalition Soldier Killed in IED Blast in Southern AFG


AFG ForMin: "We need enough competent foreign troops in Afghanistan to decrease the number of civilian deaths caused by air-strikes and an active military force that could efficiently fight against terrorism. We need such forces alongside ANA forces"


Delay in Extension of UN Mandate for ISAF - NATO Says FRA Not Outgunned in August Ambush - More - FRA Denies It, Too - More - more - FRA Parliament to Vote on AFG Mission - More


Humanitarian, Security Round Up as of 19 Sept 08


Opinion:  "For parliamentarians, Afghanistan is the occasional topic of House of Commons debate, a government policy decision here and there, and then on to other business. For soldiers and their families, it's a commitment that could end up lasting a lifetime." - "U.S. combat power can defeat the neo-Taliban, though a military solution alone won't solve the political impasse that provides Pashtun insurgents traction in the south."


AFG Envoy to PAK Nabbed


Analysis:  "With recent cross-border attacks by U.S. forces inside Pakistan's tribal areas, the focus of the war on terror is shifting to the Pashtun regions of Pakistan and is likely to intensify. But the Pashtun intelligentsia -- on both sides of the border -- say they want peace and are asking for a better understanding of the dynamics of their homeland." - "Attacks in Pakistan 'stupid, futile' "


US Advisors to Train PAK Frontier Corps Militia



21 Sept 08

New CAN Battle Group Takes the Reins


NATO SecGen (Carefully) Says CAN Should Expect Pressure to Stay Longer in AFG


Another Truck that Didn't Stop, Another Shooting - More - ISAF Foot Patrol Shoots Man Who Wouldn't Stop in Sangin - More - ISAF Statement - Would Be Suicide Bomber Shot in Pajwahi District of K'Har - Arms, Drugs Seized in Nimruz


More on Suspension of Offensive Ops for Peace Day - UNAMA Statement (.pdf) - UN Uber-Envoy Statement (.pdf) - More - more - AFG President's Statement (.pdf permalink) - Taliban Says It'll Play Nice - More - more - more - Official Taliban statement below - One Suicide Bomber Apparently Tried, Though, in Nimruz


Widows in Zabul Get Wheat from Red Cross - Unidentified US Aid Official Says Progress Seen in Uruzgan


Former Head of CAN's Aid Program in AFG (.pdf):  “The international community, with the best of intentions may lack the capacity to help in terms of program delivery and institution-building.”


Analysis: "Efficient (Taliban) tactical action has resulted in higher levels of casualties for western forces" - More


FRA Troops Caught Off Guard, Unprepared in Ambush? - More - Brit Old Timer Offers Warning About Waziristan - Brit Medic Helps AFG Girl Hit by Taliban - UK MoD Accused of "Covering Up" Severity of Injuries - More - Demonstrators Call for End fo DEU Mission


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, 9-20 Sept 08 (.pdf) - Taliban's Peace Day Statement - Original (Arabic at bottom of page) Washington Post:  "The old Taliban wanted to bring sharia, security and unity to Afghanistan. The new Taliban has much broader goals -- to drive foreign forces out of the country and the Muslim world." - More


AQ Video Promises More AFG Attacks - More - Link to video


Opinion:  "Facing up to that old 'ally' Islamabad"



20 Sept 08

ISAF, ANA Forces Promise No Offensive Action on UN Peace Day (But They WILL Protect Themselves if Attacked) - More on UNAMA Peace Day - How Good an Idea is This?


Getting Harder for Reporters to Get Work Done with CF in AFG - Other Work Slowing Down, Too


More on Shooting of Vehicle That Wouldn't Stop


USMC Surge Marines to be Replaced by (Fewer) Leathernecks - USA Calls on Countries to Chip In to Help Grow ANA


DNK Soldier Injured in Helmand Mine Incident (GoogEng) - Original in Danish - AUS Troops "Acted in Self-Defense" in Firefight that Killed District Governor - NLD Minister Pushes for Investment in Uruzgan


More on WHO Pushing On with Polio Vaccine Campaign


More on Calls for Help to Keep Daykondi Out of Humanitatian Crisis over Winter - Latest UN Map Shows Disarmament Team Busy in Daykondi, Mine Team a Bit Busy in K'Har (.pdf) - USAID Helps Make Bureaucrats Better in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 tanks of Canadian invaders destroyed in Kandahar" - "1 tank of Australian invaders destroyed in Uruzgan" - "1 vehicle of puppet army blew up in Kandahar"


Opinion:  "Complete the Afghan Mission" - "Why isn’t the Afghan mission higher on our election radar?" - "Afghan war success demands action in Pakistan" - "A fight we must take seriously" - "Spinning civilian deaths in Afghanistan"

USA Chair of Joint Chiefs Says Drug Trade Fuels Bad Guys


Interpol Asks AFG to Keep Better Track of All the Terrs Escaping from Jail


"US strikes in Pakistan aimed at stopping the next Sept.11 attack"



19 Sept 08

Prescott (Scott) Shipway, R.I.P.:  Laid to Rest - More


CAN DefMin Asks Committee to Review Rules for Sacrifice Medal - More


Opinion:  "Campaign with a low-key military message" - "In small but sure ways the military forces believe that they can create a zone of security and help in reconstruction and development." - "Afghan war doesn't sit well with us"


ANOTHER Vehicle Doesn't Stop When Ordered by CF in K'Har, One Civvy Dead - More - more


USA DefSec Calls AFG Situation "Complicated, Dynamic" - USA General Stresses Partnerships - More on USA Considering New Approach - Including Using More UAVs


USA Says UK Sending More Troops - UK DefMin:  Uh, Not So Fast.... - More


RUS Warns NATO About Air Link to AFG


District Governor Killed Accidentally by AUS Troops - A "Misunderstanding" - May Have Been AUS SF Involved - More - more - more - more - more - more - AFG, ISAF Looking Into Incident - AUS Looking Into It, Too - AUS Statement - AUS Gunners Busy in Helmand - "Security, surveillance and 'Super Sangars'"


Six AFG Cops Injured in Zabul Attack


US SF NCO Charged with Murder, Desecration of Body


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Denies Responsibility for Killing of K'Har Infrastructure Deputy (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "killed local commander and 5 soldiers in Uruzgan" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic


"UN agencies urge respect for Afghan children’s rights to life and education"


Analysis:  "It will take more than American missiles to bring order to Pakistan’s north-western border region"



18 Sept 08


CF Working on Compensating Father of Two Kids Killed in Taxi-Not-Stopping Incident


UN's First Quarter Report for 2008(.pdf):  "The majority of overall attacks have occurred in (Regional Command South). Leadership problems within the opposing militant forces have affected their tactics and procedures. Nevertheless, cohesiveness among the opposing militant forces, and especially the Taliban, is still highest in the southern provinces, compared to the rest of the theatre. This is seen as a contributor to an increased willingness of the opposing militant forces to accept larger numbers of civilian casualties in terrorist-style attacks against public targets..."


Concerns About New CAN Sacrifice Medal



CAN PM OK's Release of Report Showing Cost of AFG Mission - More - more - May Be Out There Before Election Day - More - Parliamentary Budget Officer statement - Early Guesses? - More - Comment:  "I don’t see how this particular issue would be advantageous for either the NDP or the Liberals" - Débat sur le coût de la guerre en Afghanistan

AFG ForMin Wants Taliban to Talk to Gov't


Polio Vaccination Program to Continue In South (Even if Taliban Doesn't Want It) - 1.8 Million to be Vaccinated 21-23 Sept 08 - Worries About Attacks on Aid Delivery


USA Wants Sole Command (And Some Allies Worry?)


Do Better Roads ALWAYS Mean Better Security? - More


"Musa Qala: Adapting to the Realities of Modern Counterinsurgency" - Let's Not Forget ANA Casualties - Two Taliban Nabbed in Kandahar - 12 Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand - "Insurgents in Afghanistan show strength, sophistication"

New Police Chief in Nimruz


"British Operations in Helmand Afghanistan" - UK Bringing Out the Jackal - UK DefMin:  NATO Must Transform to Win - DNK PM Visits Helmand Governor - DNK Says Their Counter-IED Electronics Do NOT Suck - FRA DefMin Wants to Tour AFG With DEU, AUS DefMin's - More - Blogger Says DNK Troops Really Crack Up the Brits


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Two explosions in Kandahar have led to victims among enemies" (GoogEng) - Original Arabic "1 intelligence officer killed in Kandahar" - "10 supplying truck of American destroyed in Kandahar" - "1 tank of British invaders blew up in Helmand" - "17 puppet police killed in Helmand" - "2 tanks of Australian invaders destroyed in Uruzgan" - "Battle with puppet army in Zabul" (GoogEng) - Original Arabic - Embed With the Taliban (video)


Opinion:  "Cutting and running: One year ago Stephen Harper was dead against it. What changed?" - "How Canada could take the high road in Afghanistan" - "How the press swallows (UK) MoD propaganda" - "More of the same is not going to help. We must at long last develop a cohesive, unified approach to tackling Afghanistan’s problems." - Letter to editor:  "Time to leave Afghanistan"


USA Hits Waziristan Taliban Camp - TUR to Mediate Between AFG, PAK - US Officials in AFG, PAK to Discuss Strategy - More - What AFG-PAK War? - AFG Pres:  C'Mon, Guys, What Are You Waiting For? - PAK Army Says They'll Shoot Back - More - Not That That's a NEW Thing... - PAK PM:  Stop It, Guys! (.pdf if link doesn't work)



17 Sept 08

CF Probe Clears Clears Soldier of July Shooting of Car Not Stopping on Orders, Killing Two Kids - More - more - Discussion of Merits of Compensation, Statements Made by Father


New UAV's Not Available Until After 2011?


Cdr US Forces in AFG Lays Out Future Course of the Fight - Says WAY More Troops Needed - Like, About 15K More


UN Report:  Taliban Still Killing More Civvies than ISAF - Report (.pdf) - Alternate download site - More - more - UN Rights Boss Wants Everyone to Work Harder to Avoid Civvy Casualties - Meanwhile, "Afghan Directive Aimed at Eliminating Civilian Casualties"


Aid, Redevelopment in Uruzgan - Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand


US Researchers Looking into How Troops Perform at High Altitudes


UK Inquest Hears Troops Need More Electronic IED Detecting, Jamming Equipment - UK Funding Army of New AFG Flacks to Help Win Propaganda War - Brit Journalist Blogs About Son in AFG - UK Royal Navy Prepares to Run Hospital - FRA (Now) Wants Other Countries to Lift Caveats if Help is Needed


Taliban Alleges IRN Supplying "Dragon" EFP's - "Money and a hatred of foreigners are motivating a new generation of Afghan fighters"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "The frightened battalions in Iraq, what will be brought to Afghanistan?"


Opinion:  "Picking and Choosing from the Afghan Motion" (.pdf version) - Text of 13 Mar 08 CAN Gov't Resolution on AFG - "No government with troops in Afghanistan has explained to its voters that the troops' achievements are so fragile, that safety established in one valley does not imply safety in the next, and that the task of "reconstruction" is so integrally linked to military work." - "This is not the time to 'turn tail' in Afghanistan" - "Why we can't win in Afghanistan"


More on PAK Troops Opening Fire on US Forces - PAK Tribes Threaten to Join Taliban - PAK Looking for Brit Help to Play Nice with USA - Meanwhile, "Defense Spokesman Reaffirms Good U.S.-Pakistan Relationship" - USA Chair of Joint Chiefs Drops By to Try to Calm the Waters - "Covert operations only succeed when they have strong local allies who want outside support"



16 Sept 08


Chadwick James Horn, R.I.P.:  Laid to Rest in Calgary - More - more - more - "Photos fail to capture the full picture of what a young man's life could have been"


Joshua Brian Roberts, R.I.P.:  Soldier Killed in August Killed by Bad Guys, Not PMCs - More


Taliban Squeezes Father of Child Killed by CF Troops For Seeking Compensation


More CAN Reservists Preparing to Head Over


Cost of War Could be CAN Election Issue - Bean Counter Says All Parties Would Have to Agree to Allow Cost of War to be Released During Election Campaign - CAN Academic Calls 2011 Change in Mission "Bad Military Planning"


Analysis:  "The Taliban may think they can persuade Canada to bring its troops home from Afghanistan sooner than planned. But with this foray into Canadian election campaign politics, the insurgents may well have shot themselves in the foot."


Opinion:  "Whoever wins the U. S. presidential election, Canadian troops there are about to be subsumed by a surge in U. S. forces far larger than anything the Bush White House has announced so far."


CAN Pashtuns Call for UN, US, Others to Make for Peace in PAK, AFG


CAN Embed Considers K'Har "Under Seige"? - Blogger Counterpoint


"2008 is on pace to become the deadliest year in Afghanistan for allied forces since the Taliban was toppled in 2001"


Helmand Governor:  Kajaki Won't Be Enough for Power Needs - Folks in Helmand Have Taliban Worries - Bad Boys "Disrupted" in Helmand - Bad Guys Cutting Off Teachers' Ears in Zabul


2 Para Soldier Latest UK Fallen - UN Rep:  Brit Presence in AFG Stoking AQ - ATVs for the Brits - DNK PM Visits Troops in Helmand


Taliban Reportedly Using Skype to Duck Detection - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch "It's a step that will help save Canadian civilians and soldiers .... We want foreign troops out of our country, and those that insist on staying, we will carry on fighting." -  - More - "3 oil tankers of American invaders destroyed in Helmand" - "4 supplying truck of American destroyed in Kandahar" - "1 tank of Australian invaders blew up in Uruzgan"


PAK Taliban Denies Any REAL Talks with UK, Americans


Analyst:  "We've Underestimated The Threat, We've Reacted Far Too Slowly"


Dubya Gives OK for Raids into PAK? - More - A Bit of History - White House Not Saying Much About Rules of Engagement - "Implications of US new strategy on FATA" - Analysis: "In authorizing this month's recent raid into south Waziristan, one of seven tribal agencies on the Afghan border, President Bush was testing the boundaries of the new government - and the authority of Mr. Zardari over the army." - PAK Troops Fire @ US Choppers Over Waziristan - More




15 Sept 08

CAN DefMin During Election Campaign:  CAN Ending Combat Role in 2011 Not "Cutting and Running"


UN Convoy Bringing Polio Vaccine Attacked near Spin Boldak - ISAF Pissed


UN Uber-Envoy Says More AFG Troops Needed to Improve Security


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "11 puppet police killed in Kandahar" - "Martyrdom Operation 8 foreigner invaders in Kandahar"



13 Sept 08

Andrew Paul  Grenon, R.I.P.:  Laid to Rest 



"Dead soldier's father seeks mission debate"


Opinion:  "Stephen Harper's Afghan retreat" - "Harper has done our soldiers - and their sacrifices - a disservice""Welcome move on Afghan exit"


Brit EOD NCO Killed in Helmand IED Incident - Brit Para Killed on Patrol near FOB GibraltarBrit Troops Back @ Base Following Kajaki Op


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian destroyed in Kandahar" - "31 puppet soldiers killed in Helmand"


Analysis: "Political Tea Leaves in AFG"


USA Pres Gives Order for Troops to Push Into PAK



12 Sept 08

CAN, AFG Troops Fight Off Attack on Roadbuilding Project


CAN Def Min Says CAN Will Still Have a Role in AFG After 2011- More


CAN PM Suspends Aide for Dissing Father of the Fallen


Manley: STILL Not Enought Help Forthcoming for AFG - More


CAN Commander in Chief Handing Out Bravery Awards Next Week


Young CAN Diplomats Fighting Their Fight


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Does Karzai really have the sovereignty of the country?" - "5 puppet soldiers killed in Kandahar" - "Martyrdom Operation destroyed 2 vehicles of foreigner invaders in Kandahar "



11 Sept 08

Prescott (Scott) Shipway, R.I.P.:  He's Home


CAN PM: Troops Home by 2011 - Rules Out Extension? - Moremore


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "6 Canadian invaders soldiers Killed in Kandahar""20 puppet soldiers killed in Kandahar" - "18 puppet police killed in Helmand" - "Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan military operations 09-09-2008"


US Keeping a Closer Eye on PAK Border



10 Sept 08

Prescott (Scott) Shipway, R.I.P.:  Expected Home Today - More



US Soldier in BN Helping CAN Troops Killed in IED in Helmand - Official DoD statement



Taliban Watching CAN Election, Say Next PM Should Pull Troops Out (.pdf permalink) - Discussion - Taliban Planning 20 Year War



CAN Anti-IED Team Busy and Keen (But Stuff Still Blowing Up)



USA Cranking Up Number of Troops in AFG - While Cutting Troops in IRQ - Still, Fewer Headed to AFG than Commanders are Asking For - More



BBC's "Who's Fighting Where" Map



Video:  USMC Finds Weapon Cache in Helmand



Opinion:  CAN PM Should Attend All Repatriations - "The North American media, including the CBC, has strongly supported the U.S./NATO strategy and the administration of President Hamid Karzai. Contrary to the mainstream message, things are not going well."



"Heavy-weapons facilitator" Nabbed in Oruzgan - 16 Taliban killed in S. AFG



Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "A vehicle of puppet police blew up in Helmand"




New PAK Pres Aiming at Fresh Start with AFG





9 Sept 08

Prescott (Scott) Shipway, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - More - more


Andrew Paul  Grenon, R.I.P.:  Funeral Set for Friday in Windsor, Ontario


No Word on CAN Cost of War with Election Campaign Under Way - More on CAN Def Issues in the Campaign


Former CAN Envoy to AFG:  Surge Needed to Ensure Development Work Continues


Wanted: Fuel Operations Supervisor @ K'Har Air Field


USMC Hands Over Garmsir in Helmand to AFG Troops & UK Mentors - More - more


NATO Tightens Rules (Further) to Prevent Civvy Casualties


Commander, Combined Joint Task Force 101 Sees "Slow Win" in AFG - Transcript of news conference


Marines Wearing Lighter Body Armour in AFG


K'Har Residents Talk to BBC Seven Years Into Western Intervention


AUS Def Min Says Infantry Could Help SAS in AFG - Call for Mo' Troops, Including from AUS


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Weekly Digest 1-8 Sept 08 - "9 Canadian invaders soldiers Killed in Kandahar" - "In Martyrdom Operations 10 intelligence officers killed in Zabul" - "4 vehicle of puppet army in Zabul" - "2 vehicle of puppet army blew up in Kandahar"


Former EU Envoy:  No Plan Apparent for AFG, No Progress Until President Bush Gone





8 Sept 08

Prescott (Scott) Shipway, R.I.P.:  CF Statement - Link to Photo - Commander in Chief's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - DefMin's Statement - Canadian Press - CanWest/National Post - NewsTalk 650 (Saskatoon) - Agence France Presse - Reuters - Father of Two from Saskatchewan - On Second Tour - Columnist Remembers NCO Saving Officer's Life


Opinion:  "The Taliban attack in Kandahar last Wednesday that killed three Canadian soldiers and wounded another five is a shocking example of how brazen the insurgents have become in southern Afghanistan." (.pdf permalink) - "They understand they don't have to defeat us, they just have to defeat the will of the people back home." (.pdf permalink)


PAK-AFG Border Reopened to NATO Traffic - Cut Off Only During Attacks - Like This One - More


Human Rights Watch report:  "This chapter examines cases of alleged “shielding” by Taliban forces. In several instances, Human Rights Watch obtained eyewitness testimonies confirming that such shielding was occurring." - "Troops in Contact: Airstrikes and Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan" - .pdf version of report - News release


"Some Taliban commanders in Afghanistan are resorting to attacks against villages they feel are not supporting the Islamic radicals sufficiently."


Story of One of the Civvies Serving Up Tim's Coffee


Boss Cop Survives Double-Homicide-Bomber Attack on Kandahar HQ - More - more (.pdf version) - Taliban's Version of Double Suicide Bomber Attack on K"har Cop Shop - Another Homicide Bomber Tried Same in Zabul Int Office


Taliban, AFG Cops Killed in Attacks on Police Posts in Nimruz - Civvies Killed Hitting IED in Zabul


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 vehicle of puppet army blew up in Kandahar" - "9 puppet police were killed in Helmand" - "A tank of Australian invaders blew up in Uruzgan" - Analysis:  "On the ground in Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan, the Taliban and their allies are winning analysts' plaudits for the efficiency and effectiveness of a propaganda machine that increasingly keeps locals sitting on the fence in conflict-prone areas of the country."


NLD Soldier Killed in Uruzgan IED Blast - More - How NLD Troops are Adjusting Logistics, Ops in Uruzgan During Ramadan (Original in Dutch) - GoogleEng:  FRA Military Academy Alumni Underwhelmed by Pix of Taliban Wearing Dead Guys' Uniforms (Original in French) - FRA Troops "Assassinated" - AUS Gov't Travel Advisory:  "Credible reports suggest terrorists may be targeting journalists, including Australians, in Afghanistan." (.pdf version) - More


Opinion:  "Invasion: A Comparison of Soviet and Western Media Performance" - "En Afghanistan, le Canada consacre 10 $ au combat, 1 $ à la reconstruction." (GoogleEng:  Comparing CAN, FRA in Their AFG Work)


"Rumors that Afghan president Karzai is on the drug gangs payroll has become more obvious, as he pushes for getting veto power over U.S. and NATO military operations."


"The Guests at Kabul's Garden Parties": "Summer in Afghanistan is the fighting season, and the time for Kabul garden parties. At diplomatic, military, and donor agency receptions it is always interesting to count the number of known and rumored drug lords and human rights abusers in attendance."


Predator Nails Bad Boys in Waziristan




7 Sept 08

Scott Shipway, R.I.P.: Killed in roadside bomb attack - More - more - more


Andrew Paul Grenon, Chadwick James Horn and Michael James Alexander Seggie, R.I.P.:  They're Home - More - moremore - more - One of the Injured Looks On at K'Har Ramp Ceremony - Seggie Missed by Colleagues


Bittersweet Return for Shilo-Based Troops - More - Others On Their Way Downrange


CAN PRT Troops Expect Shura, Get Haul o' Bad Guy Weapons - More


Two Homicide Bombers Hit K'har Police HQ:  CanWest/National Post - BBC - Associated Press - Reuters - Agence France Presse - DPA (DEU) - Voice of America - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty


Homicide Bomber Dressed as Beggar Kills 3 in Nimruz Government Office


More on PAK Blocking NATO Fuel Shipments into AFG - Some Confusion Among PAK Ministries Re:  What's Allowed, What's Not


CAN Dev Agency Rules Could Make Development Workers Reluctant to Help Out


How 3D Evolved in CAN Military via AFG


Video:  CAN Embed in K'har


Worries About Poisoned Tobacco in Eastern AFG?


Uruzgan Governor Says Warlords a Big Problem (Esp. When They Work with the Taliban)


Kidnapping a Big Taliban Money Maker - Analysis: "With anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles the mujahedeen drove out the mighty Soviet army. Why don't the Taliban have them in real numbers now? And what will happen if they get them?"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Ramadan:  Month of Jihad" - "Weekly Comment: This is the holy month of Ramadan" (GoogleEnglish)  (Arabic version)


AFG Pres Blames Brits for Taliban Resurgence? - Brit Amputee Wants to Fight Again


Opinion:  "Election must focus on Afghanistan" (.pdf version) - "Wars based on ideas can be more costly than wars based on geography. Afghanistan is such a war, and Canadians, it seems, need to make up their minds about what price today they will put on freedom." - "How a Canuck colonel took the Taliban fight too far" - The Letter - "Charge of the Helmand Brigade"


Kabul Parliament Appeasing the Hardliners?



6 Sept 08

Andrew Paul Grenon, Chadwick James Horn and Michael James Alexander Seggie, R.I.P.:  They're Expected Home Tonight - More - Families Wait - "Family says Horn died protecting others" - "From what we know of the Canadians on the front line of this conflict, people like Cpl. Grenon, Cpl. Seggie and Pte. Horn, they are there to ensure Septembers in Canada remain as tranquil and mellow as this one."


More Troops Getting Ready to Head Over - Some Finally Getting Home


CAN Shows Yardstick for Success in AFG:  News release - Backgrounder - More - more - more


CAN DefMin Says He Hopes Taliban Won't Crank Up Attacks During Election Campaign - Political Worries


CAN CDS Says Taliban Not Getting Outside Help? - Récents succès des talibans attribués à de la chance


New CAN Envoy:  Taliban Stronger, Coalition Adjusting - "L'ambassadeur canadien reconnaît une force revigorée aux talibans" Quoted Saying "The Taliban statement about targeting Canadians was a very opportunistic piece of propaganda that we are not taking seriously" - Here's the Statement He's (Allegedly) Not Taking Seriously


PAK Stops NATO Shipments into AFG - More - Fuel Supplies Only? -  Time to Consider Plan B? - Meanwhile, USA Airstrike Nails AQ Folks in PAK - Opinion:  PAK New AFG Battlefield?


AFG AQ Boss Warns of Attacks on West


"School Cornerstone Laid Down in Diakondi "


CAN Embed Learns About Different Timeframes, Approaches in AFG


More on Polling Showing Shrinking Public Support for Mission in CAN


Still More Calls for More Troops


Ten Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand (But Some Say Different) (.pdf permalink) - Homicide Bombing on AFG Int Agency in Nimruz


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Invasion of Pakistan Has Begun, 20 Civilians Murdered "


UK IDs Latest Fallen - UK Apache Crashes in Helmand - Brit Part-Timers Ready to Head Downrange - More - More Controversy Over FRA Pix of Taliban Wearing Uniforms, Carrying Weapons of Dead Troops



5 Sept 08

Andrew Paul Grenon, Chadwick James Horn and Michael James Alexander Seggie, R.I.P.:  ISAF Statement - On Their Way Home - More - more - more - Remembered as Doing What They Loved - More - Grenon Family Statement (Includes Poem by Fallen) - Could This Poem Be His, Too? - Worries About New Tactics?Or Have Taliban Been Lucky? - How it MAY Have Happened According To "a well-informed Afghan government official in Kandahar with strong Taliban contacts" - (.pdf permalink) - Taliban's Version of Events (in not great English)


One Anniversary Remembered - Another One Remembered


More Troops Return from Their ROTO


"Opération militaire ALTAIR : Imposante et inconnue" - COMFEC Fiche d'information: Opération Altair


"Sending love from Kugluktuk to Afghanistan"


New CAN Envoy to AFG Named - CAN ForMin news release - "Nomination d’un nouvel ambassadeur en Afghanistan"


CAN's "AFG Czar" to Brief Media on Benchmarks to Measure Progress into 2011


"Almost two-thirds of Canadians say Afghan mission too costly, poll suggests"


"NATO, Kabul Agree On Improving Military Coordination" - Especially to Avoid Civvy Deaths


UN Presses NATO to Expand Anti-Narcotic Work in AFG - Meanwhile, AFG Drug Judge Killed in Kabul


ANOTHER Civilian Who Didn't Stop When Ordered in Helmand


Petraeus: Move a 10 Mtn Div Brigade Outta IRQ, Let 'Em Get Ready for AFG


Brit Royal Irish Regiment Soldier Killed on Foot Patrol in Sangin - Brit Officer Faced "Daisy chain of bombs hidden in sleepy village" - Mass Attack on FRA Paras Sign of New Taliban Approach? - Video:  FRA Pissed at Pix of Taliban in French Uniforms Following Attack - The Picture - The Article (French) - GoogleEng Translation:  "By this attack, we wanted to show the French soldiers need to stop helping the Americans." - USMC in Helmand Need to Lighten Up, Literally - RUS Could Dump NATO in AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "21 Canadian invaders soldiers Killed in Kandahar" -  "1 tank of American occupation blew up in Helmand" - "1 checkpoint of puppet army demolished in Helmand" - GoogEng:  "Attak on military convoy, killed eight Australian soldiers in Tarin Kot" (original in Arabic) - GoogEng:  "Destroying two vehicles of the enemy in Kandahar" (original in Arabic) - "An interview to the spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Qari Yusuf Ahmadi" (.pdf permalink) - Some Highlights from the Interview - "Why are independent media and human rights silent over the massacre of civilians?"


Opinion:  "There are positive things happening in the country and the Taliban is waging a public relations war that we must beat them at to win this long-term battle" - "Development work in Afghanistan cannot wait for complete security" - "Britain scores a military success (with Kajaki dam operation). But it will take much more to beat the Taliban" - "The threat of an endless war and the paralysis of humanitarian aid" - "Price too high in Afghanistan" - Letters Question AFG Mission

WFP Stocking Up on Winter Food Aid for AFG


PAK Media Analysis: "The Americans are now talking of making the Afghan army 120,000-strong over the next few years. What will this mean for Pakistan or for the correlation of forces in the region"



4 Sept 08

Andrew Paul Grenon, Chadwick James Horn and Michael James Alexander Seggie, R.I.P.:  CF Statement - Governor General's Statement - PM's Statement - DefMin's Statement - Task Force Kandahar Commander's Statement - CF Army News - Condolences Thread - Canadian Press - More - CanWest/National Post - More - Globe & Mail - More - more - Toronto Star - More - Toronto Sun/ - Calgary Sun - Winnipeg Sun - Windsor Star - - - Associated Press, via MSNBC - Reuters - Agence France Presse - More - (AFG)


Dustin Wasden, R.I.P.:  Laid to Rest - More


CAN Troops Helped in the Big Push of Equipment to Kajaki Dam - More - Always Easy to Find a Critic - More


More On the Way Over - More


Outgoing CAN Envoy to AFG Warns of More Taliban Attacks to Take Advantage of Elections - "U.S. troops in Afghanistan will step up offensive this winter" - "The same (US) Marines who won Anbar province in Iraq are now repeating the process in Helmand province"


Journalist-Blogger:  Is CAN Downplaying Military Part of Mission?


Letter to Editor:  "I think the Canadian government should avoid turning away Afghan asylum seekers"


TUR Money Going to K'Har School


Opinion:  "The soldiers are doing their part; what of the international players?" - "It is only a matter of time before Canadian voters begin hearing, as their American counterparts have already heard, of the depravity and senseless destruction occupation necessitates." - "I care. I care probably more than you. Please stop trying to make me guilty for not raging or crying publicly."


Three Dozen Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand


Nine AUS SF'ers Injured in Oruzgan Firefight - One Headed to Landshtuhl - DEU DefMin:  Calls for Leaving=More Danger for Troops - CZE Commandos (Back) In AFG - RAF "Jedi" Squadron Returns to AFG - More UK (Opposition) Calls for More Choppers in AFG - Embed with UK Scots JUST Missed by Bad Boy Sniper


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "12 Canadian invaders soldiers Killed in Kandahar" - "1 tank of Canadian destroyed in Kandahar" - "Heavy firefight continued in Helmand" - "3 tanks of Enemy destroyed 12 American killed in Helmand" - "11 Australian special forces troops killed in Uruzgan" - Taliban Claims Responsibility for Attack on PAK PM"Taliban factions in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and tribal areas have been outlawed and their accounts frozen by the Pakistan government. But that has not in the least bit altered their presence in the media."


CAN Diplomats Investigating Report of Canadians Killed in Predator Missile Attack in PAK - More


NATO Ground Troops Push into PAK? - They (Allegedly) Came in Choppers - More - PAK Pissed



3 Sept 08

Andrew Grenon, Chad Horn, Mike Seggie, R.I.P.:  Three Killed, Five Wounded in Zhari - More -Reports Windsor soldier killed days after receiving CEFCOM Commendation - More


Outgoing CAN Ambassador:  AFG'll Be "Viable State" by 2011 - Says Taliban Will Hit Canadians During CAN Elections - More


CF Getting Rid of Older UAVs in AFG


More Reservists Ready to Head Overseas - SG&D Highlanders - More  - More Regs Enroute, Too


One of the Injured on Speaking Tour, Sharing His Story & Helping Others


Author Sends Books Overseas to the Troops Embed Reporter Explores the Amenities of K'Har Air Field


Major Dam in Helmand Gets Power Turbine - UK Troops Cause Grief to Taliban During Turbine Move - More - more - more - more - more - more - more - more - more


The Tough Job of the Interpreters


Flood Control Not So Good in Daykondi Province


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "ISAF, coalition reject claims of 500 civilians killed" - "The Method of Establishing (A Caliphate)" - "The Aims of Al Queda"


AFG Foreign Minister:  What Russian Troops to Help Train Police? - "Mass Attack on French Paratroopers Heralds New Taliban Tactics" - Brit Tory Leader Visits Troops in AFG, Promises Troops More Family Time - More - Brit Commander in Sangin Shares Beefs with Tory Leader about Rehab Hospital in UK


CAN Looking into Death of Canadians During Missile Strike in PAK



2 Sept 08

CAN Troops Providing Back-to-School Gear to K'har Kids


Pix of CAN Troops on Patrol, Meeting the Public - The Story Behind the Foot Patrols


ISAF Helps People Attacked by Taliban in Helmand - US Marines Help Child in Garmsir


Interpreter, Amputee from Attack in AFG, Wants to Head Back


ISAF Troops Injure Civvy with Warning Shot in Helmand


Former King's Granddaughter Running a Construction Business in K'har - Female Doctor Shot Dead in K'Har


AUS SF Bring Paramedics on Patrol for Medical Support


Taliban Propaganda Watch (TPW):  TPW Summary, 26-31 Aug 08 (.pdf) - More on ISAF Warning of Taliban Accusations of Civvy Deaths - "Attacked on base of Canadian occupation in Kandahra" - "1 tanks of American invaders destroyed in Zabul" - "Nato Murders an Afghan Family of Four" - "ISAF not involved in Kabul incident September 1" - "Civilians are killed in most operations conducted by US forces" - "To combat the Taliban, international forces .... need to be much more responsive and proactive in getting their messages out. Highlighting the Taliban's brutality will undercut its claims to legitimacy."


Opinion:  "Afghanistan: Defeat or victory?"


Jude Law Calls for "Peace Day" on 21 Sept in AFG - More


End of Week Summary, Humanitatian/Security News, 29 Aug 08


PAK Banks Freeze Taliban Accounts



1 Sept 08

CAN DefMin:  800 New Marines in South "Just a Start" - "L'aide du voisin du Sud"


CAN Agency Seeking Expertise in Drafting Laws, Elections, and Local Governance for Governance Support Office in AFG


Civilian Support Worker Shares Her Story


Canadian Press Finally Writes About CAN-AFG Medical Ingenuity - Original ISAF Story Two Weeks Earlier - American Medical Experts Help Out @ Qalat PRT


Unemployed Factory Workers in K'Har Becoming Bad Boys


U.S. Military:  +200 Bad Boys Sent to Paradise in Helmand So Far


AFG Air Force Back in the Air


ROM Soldier Killed by IED Near Qalat - More - more - ISAF Statement - Remember the Royal Marines Strapped to an Apache Helicopter to Rescue Fallen Comrade? - Board of Inquiry Report (3MB .pdf) - Meanwhile, RAF Regiment Troops Return Home - More Brit Poochie Stories - More - Belgian F-16's Flying Outta K'har Starting Today - RUS Pledges to Help Train AFG Police - EST Provides $ to Helmand Hospital


NATO Warns Allegations of Civvy Killings Coming Soon from Taliban - In Other News....


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban's Account of Sarposa Prison Break (.pdf permalink) - "A vehicle of puppet police blew up in Kandahar" - 1 tanks of American invaders destroyed in Zabul - "British invaders  martyrs 70 civilians in Helmand"


Opinion:  "A giant failure called Afghanistan" - "Many more intrusions by outsiders over the centuries have all ended in disaster. Afghanistan is certainly unforgiving; do not for a minute think otherwise."


Reports of Canadians (Bad Guys?) Killed in PAK by Missile Strike - More - more - Discussion


No Ramadan Break for PAK Taliban - More - Then Again, Maybe Not Everyone? - PAK, On the Other Hand, Gives Terrs a Break







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