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Archived News

November 2008

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

30 Nov 08

CAN Battle Group Wraps Up Operation Janubi Tapu 2 in Zharey - More - Still, More Work to be Done to Nail Taliban in District


More on CAN Sending Troops to Fly, Support Helicopters - Letter to the editor:  "After years of saying we did not have the resources to provide helicopters for medical evacution or armed escort for our troops, it turns out to be untrue. If the Griffons had been deployed earlier it would have taken the pressure off the politicians to agree to the purchase of Chinooks, the preferred choice of the Defence Department."


How Another Canadian is Trying to Help - Future Generations Canada


Zabul PRT Lights Up Bazaar


AFG Private Security Contractors Killed in IED Incident near Spin Boldak - AFG Cop Killed by ISAF Troops When Car Refuses to Stop @ Convoy


33 Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand


Latest Fallen Royal Marines Identified - Visiting UK For Min Promises Development.... - ....and "Hard Look" At Mo' Troops


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, 16-22 Nov 08 (.pdf) - Summary, 23-29 Nov 08 (.pdf) - "Other (C)anadian tanks destroyed on explosive device in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "10 British 6 puppet soldiers killed in Helmand" - "5 (A)ustralian soldiers killed in Uruzgan" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "4 Domestic and two British soldiers have been killed"


AFG Pres Accuses NATO, US of Running Parallel Gov't in Rural Areas


"Development Expert" Quoted Drop in Opium Cultivation May Not Last Long


NATO Sec Gen Sees Progress in PAK-AFG Border Security



29 Nov 08

Eight CAN Griffon Helicopters Headed to AFG - More - more - more - more - more - more


Another CAN-led Push in Zhari - Panjwai and Maywand Cleaned Up, Too - more - ISAF Statement (1) - ISAF Statement (2)


NATO Merging Public Affairs with Info Ops, Psy Ops in AFG?


UN Sec Gen Drops By - Apologizes for Civvy Cas, Says Taliban Using Human Shields - More


UN Security Council Team:  AFG Not in Crisis... - ...and Should Get Away from Blame Game


UN Drug Boss:  Opium Fuels Taliban - Report (.pdf)


UK Considering Mo' Troops?


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "In various explosions 8 Canadian soldiers killed in Kandahar" - "3 Canadian invaders killed in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - "7 puppet soldiers killed in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - "Another Tactic of Colonialism : Raking Up Lingual Controversy"


More AFG Pres Complaints About NATO Efforts - Maybe Toning Down a Bit?



26 Nov 08

Taliban Spokesperson:  "As far as Canadian forces are concerned, they are fighting against the Taliban only under American pressure. I wonder why any country should send their sons to any other country and get them killed for a cause which is not his. This kind of war which is fought for somebody else cannot be successful, neither it can be in the future." (.pdf permalink)


PAK Taliban Promises Cranked Up Attacks on US, NATO Forces


"President Karzai has warned that unless a timeline is established for the withdrawal of foreign troops, the Afghan government will begin peace talks with the Taliban." - AFG Pres Asks UN Team for Date for Troops to Leave - More - more - more - More on UN Team's Visit


"US "surge" could prop up allies in Afghan south"


ISAF Upgrading Spec Ops Comms/Info Systems - K'Har Airfield Seeking Manpack Direction Finding Systems


"Afghan teacher wants acid thrown on her attackers "


" 'Human Terrain' Murder Suspect Out on Bail "


Fallen Royal Marine Identified - UK Arty Officer Loses Leg in Incident that Killed Ghurka NCO - UK Marine Wrestles Would-Be Homicide Bomber to the Ground - Brit Patrol Finds Sangin "On Edge" - Photo Gallery of Ghurkas in Helmand - New Checkpoints=More Security


"Britain plans to pay tribal elders in Helmand province monthly cash "bribes" as part of a controversial "Afghan Awakening" scheme to raise the tribes against the Taliban." - Brit Foreign Sec Blogs on the Road


UN Considering New Shipping Routes into AFG


"Al Qaeda's Focus Is Pakistan, U.S. Senior Commander Says" - "Pakistan's military and intelligence are involved in a different power-play to that of their ostensible US and NATO allies, and the implications are grave"



25 Nov 08

"Winning trust of Afghan people a slow, painful process for Canadians"


CAN CDS Says USA Surge "Essential" for Upcoming AFG Election - More - NATO Commander Likes Surge Idea, Too - Tells Countries to Send More Combat Troops


Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.:  Court Martial Begins into Shooting Death - More


Gagetown Troops Help Build Ramp for One of the Injured - Another Injured Soldier Slowly Recovering (Courtesy of The Torch web log)


CAN's "Cost of Afghan military mission rises to $848M for 2008-09" - More


CAN Reportedly Expanding AFG Hospital?


CAN Soldier Wants to Bring Poochie Home


USA Envoy to CAN: "Canada is owed a "debt of gratitude" for undertaking "some of the heaviest lifting" in Afghanistan during the war on terrorism"


Ten Nabbed for Acid Attack - More


Brit Marine Killed in Kajaki Blast - ISAF Statement - UK DefMin Denies Brit Surge Coming - BBC Video of Foot Patrol in Sangin - DNK Military Video of Foot Patrol - "Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition forces killed 17 insurgents during an air assault operation in Shah Wali Kot district, Kandahar province, Nov. 22."


"Afghan President Sees 'Dim Ray Of Hope' For Peace"


UN Security Council Team Drops By


Talkin' to the Taliban:  UN Uber-Envoy Supports Idea (Within AFG Constitution)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Senior Leader Says Taliban Cannot Occupy Kandahar (.pdf permalink) - More - more - "2 (military) vehicles of the enemy destroyed in Kandahar" - "puppet police chief killed in Zabul"


PAK Int Agency's "Political Wing" Disbanded? - Maybe Not Quite Yet?



24 Nov 08

CAN DefMin:  "What we've said is the current combat mission, the current configuration, will end in 2011."


CAN Confirms Fight to Continue Into the Winter


CAN Officers on Acid Attack on Female Students:  "In the face of such a challenge, we can avert our eyes so that we do not have to face the horror of what we see. Or we can face it squarely with the resolve that such evil must not triumph." - AFG Says Acid Attackers Will be Punished, Maybe with Public Execution (Video)


Academic Paper by CAN Colonel:  "Unity of Command in Afghanistan: A Forsaken Principle of War" (.pdf) - Award-Winning Writing



"Mullah Asad died as a result of a successful operation by ISAF forces" in South - Gotta LOVE This Blogger's Headline! - More


USA Air Assault Racks Up 11 Bad Guys in Shah Wali Kot


DNK Doubles Aid - ISAF Helps Kids in Sudden Winter in Oruzgan - More on UK Marines Nabbing Multiple IEDs in Recent Sangin Op - UK Video of Early November Firefight in Helmand


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Former Soviet General Says, "No matter what, you won't get away from the Taliban. You need to talk with the Taliban, come to terms. The Taliban should be engaged by the organs of power, they should take part in negotiations. You should find common points with them."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "5 British invaders soldiers were killed in Helmand" - "7 puppet army solders killed in Nemroz"


"Enlisting Tribes Against Militants In Afghanistan Carries Risks" - "Pak military turning tribesmen into war refugees against the Taliban"


USA Deploying Extra Brigade on AFG-PAK Border? - More





23 Nov 08

First Contract CAN Chopper Flights Bring Supplies


More on CAN Civvies in the War Zone


"Early start won't stop CFL fans in Afghanistan" - More - CAN CDS Thanks Football League for Troop Support


David Robert Greenslade, 1986-2007, R.I.P.:  How A Goalie Remembers


Christos Karigiannis, 1975-2007, R.I.P.:  Laval Liberty High School Remembers


"Afghanistan could oppose the presence of foreign troops on its soil if they do not co-operate with Afghan forces to defeat the Taliban-led insurgents across the country, the Afghan foreign minister said on Saturday."


More on USA's Alleged 20K Surge Coming


Bad Boy Boss Nailed in Helmand - More


"Terrorists might stay inside Afghanistan this winter" - More


AFG Cop Nabbed for Killing Civilian Thinking He Was Taliban


AUS Takes Over AFG Mil Training Duties in Uruzgan - NLD Brings Poochies to AFG to Sniff Out Explosives (.pdf permalink) - "Britain has paid out £700,000 (CAN$1.3 million) in "compensation" to civilians who have become casualties of the war being fought in southern Afghanistan."


SAU Offers Mullah Omar Asylum? - SAU:  "Uh, No We Didn't"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar" - "3 British invaders soldiers were killed in Helmand"



22 Nov 08


Eight CAN Troops Injured in IED Hit North of K'Har City - More - more


CAN Says (Again) They're Outta There by 2011 - CAN DefMin:  "Afghanistan remains NATO’s number one priority. This is not an operation of choice, it is one of necessity. We are in Afghanistan for the long term under a United Nations mandate for as long as we are needed and welcomed by the Afghan people." - "Other countries should be under no illusion. We're still asking for them to pick up the slack and share the burden"


CAN Development, Foreign Affairs Reps First Civvies Posted to Zhari, Panjwaii - More


CF Looking Into Allegations of Sexual Abuse by AFG Troops - More


"U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Friday urged NATO allies to shift their military strategy to combat the Taliban in southern Afghanistan but appeared to make little public headway."


USA to Start Surge in January.... - Help Smooth Out Elections - More - more - 20K More Headed Downrange?


UN Report:  Taliban Using 15, 16 year olds as Homicide Bombers - Report  (90.95 Kb .pdf, 18 pg) - Summary


More on UN Security Council Team Dropping By


"Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition forces Thursday killed 10 militants near Highway 1 in Nahr Surkh District, Helmand province." - Singapore Medic Team Arrives in Uruzgan


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "In 3 Explosions 16 puppet soldiers killed in Kandahar" - "Martyrdom operation kills 24 puppet police in Zabul"


Pomegranates instead of opium? 


"Pak-Afghan committees formed for talks with Taliban"


"Kazakhstan, U.S. military discuss Afghanistan cargo transit"



21 Nov 08

CAN Troops, Mentor Teams Helps in AFG Push in Zhari - More


Royal Marines Busy in Sangin


PAK Taliban Think CAN Freelance Journalist is a Spy


Briefing note: "The impending elections in Afghanistan risk being undermined by poor security and other problems that could make the votes a flashpoint for ethnic and tribal feuds"


CAN Cop Helping AFG Cops Stay Straight


NATO's Chiefs of Def Staff:  "The Chiefs of Defence recognised that 2009 will be a crucial election year, and that nations must make a major effort to staff Military Liaison Teams."


US SecDef:  "Additional U.S. forces planned for the war must be shared across the region taking the brunt of the fighting" - "Pentagon wants British Iraq forces redeployed in Afghanistan 'surge' " - More


"U.S. officials examine document on Afghan strategy"


More on Murder Charges Against Killer of AFG Nat'l Implicated in Scientist Burning - More


Zabul Girl Torches Herself After Family Harrassment - "Although millions of Afghan children have gone back to school since the fall of the Taleban, full time education remains a distant dream for many." - "Five years after his last visit, our correspondent finds the Taliban back in charge of their spiritual home – and girls attacked with acid simply for attending school"


Wall Street Journal Discovers Taliban Trying to Set Up Parallel Gov't Infrastructure in South


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Editorial - "Whatever Omar may claim, endless insurgency is not the only option."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar" - "7 puppet army solders killed in Kandahar"


RUS Allowing NATO (ESP & DEU) Cargo into AFG by Land - More - more - more



20 Nov 08

CAN DefMin Hopes New USA Pres Can Get More Countries to Send Troops


How Care Packages Help


Book on the Troops in AFG Wins Literary Award - "Fifteen Days"


AFG Cops Winning Trust Via Bank Cards?


USA Security Contractor Who Shot AFG in Flame Attack on Social Scientist Faces Murder Charges - Original Story About Attack


USA General in AFG:  "Afghanistan’s culture of violence, exacerbated by more than three decades of warfare, combines with the opium poppy trade to produce a toxic brew in the nation."


AFG, ISAF Troops Bring Aid to Zabul Village - Brit Dev Aid Worker Gives Her View of Ramp Ceremonies


Talkin' to the Tailban:  "Mullah Biradar has told in interview for press - hearings about negotiations are false" - "Has Karzai the muscle to take up negotiation and the habit to tell the truth?"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary 9-15 Nov 08 (.pdf) - "6 oil tankers of Candaian invaders were destroyed in Kandahar" - "2 puppet army soldiers killed in Kandahar"


UN Security Council Team to Drop By


Opinion:  "Wouldn’t it be better simply to regard the 9/11 attackers and those behind them as criminals and to mount a serious attempt to bring those criminals to justice?"


USA Looking for New Supply Routes into AFG - Blogger Reminder:  "Amateurs Study Tactics, Professionals Study Logistics"



19 Nov 08

More on More New Vehicles for CAN


AFG Homicide Bomber Dressed as Cop Blew Up Building Where CAN Troops Were Meeting with Locals (.pdf permalink)


Keeping AFG's Working=Keeping Them Out of the Taliban


CAN Troops Working Hard to Boost AFG Cop Capability


Another Poochie Story with Canadian Troops - More


Survey Says "53 per cent of respondents want the bulk of Canadian troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan before 2011"


AFG Pres Considering Public Executions for Those Involved in Acid Attack on Female Students


K'Har Getting New Girls' High School, Madrassa


Building an Orphanage in Helmand - How NLD is Helping Rebuild Uruzgan - Singapore Sending Medics to Uruzgan - "Kandahar farmers struggle to sell produce"


AFG MP's Reject Karzai Plan to Arm Tribal Militias


"Taliban's Spiritual Fathers Denounce Terror. Could Taliban Be Next?"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "The top commander of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan has recommended a plan to stem growing violence by empowering local Afghan leaders, including former Taliban members." - More - "The effort to pull in the rank and file of the Taliban really is nothing new. So what changed? The media has finally started to pay attention to Afghanistan after years of dwelling on Iraq. And so has the U.S. military." - "Can Karzai and the Taliban Make Peace?"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "District headquarter attacked kills 8 puppet police in Zabul""Attacked convoy of puppet army in Nemroz "


Opinion:  "As unfortunate and imperfect as the current situation is, it would be much worse if the Taliban could ever regain power and begin shooting and stoning women in soccer stadiums once again." - Former Hostage in IRQ Describes AFG as "a global capitalist conspiracy to control oil resources in the region by violence"


NATO Sec Gen (One More Time) Calls for More Non-USA Troops in AFG - Speech text:  "...."I welcome President–elect Obama’s commitment to review troop levels. But increased US troop levels are not enough. All of us – international organisations as well as the Afghan Government – need to make greater efforts in areas such as political, military, civilian, and economic development. And we all need to keep our nerves...."


"Terror Groups Along Afghan-Pakistan Border Feel Pressure" - "Pak Taliban threats make Peshawar too an off-limit area for foreign scribes"



18 Nov 08

CF Getting Buffaloes, Cougars for AFG - More


Civilian Mi-8 Helicopters in Theatre to Shuttle CAN Troops - More - more


Al Jazzera Talks to CF, Claims Taliban in Control Outside Kandahar (YouTube video)


ISAF Regional Command (South) Defence Ministers' Meetings in Nova Scotia 21 Nov 08


"Canada's top military commander says the next time someone is kidnapped in Afghanistan, he hopes the media shows the same kind of restraint it did in the case of captured CBC journalist Mellissa Fung."


AFG Girls Returning to School After Acid Attack


One Civvy, Two Cops Killed in Homicide Bombing in Dand - More - Bomber Dressed as AFG Cop - Some Photos

Big Drug Facility Busted near Spin Boldak - Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand


Latest Ghurka Killed in Helmand Identified - Female UK Arty Officer Injured, Too - UK Development Agency Blogger: "You probably think I’ve got a screw loose to be here, given the bad news you constantly receive about southern Afghanistan. But I think I’ve got the best job in DFID." - Zabul PRT Gets New Boss


Talkin' to the Taliban:  USA Says Omar Hasn't Rejected Violence, Won't Talk - More - more - Taliban Rejects AFG Offer of Safe Passage for Boss - More - Meanwhile, AFG Politicos Want Mullah Omar to Stand Trial - AFG Planning More Talks Soon with Ex-Taliban


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Attack to police administration, killed chief and assistant of police in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "Martyrdom operation kills 7 puppet police in Kandahar" - "5 puppet army solders killed in Kandahar" - "4 British invaders soldiers were killed in Helmand" - "Some (B)ritish soldiers killed in separate incidents in Helmand" - GoogEng translation of Arabic


"Afghanistan’s Counter Narcotics Minister has urged the United States to put pressure on NATO-member countries to begin poppy eradication."


CHN Rejects Sending Troops to AFG


"Drop in fuel, food prices raises hope for food insecure"


"Pakistan sent troops armed with rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns to escort trucks Monday along a major supply route for U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan" - More



17 Nov 08

CAN OMLT Troops OK After IED Blast - More


CAN NCO Back in the Fight Quickly



CAN Mil to Seek Mo' Money to Replace Armoured Vehicles Worn Out in AFG


CF Not Tracking Brain Injuries, Hearing Loss - More - "Medical experts debate the ethics of distorting or erasing traumatic memories"


Kids' Reaction to Troops a Good Indicator


AFG Young People Getting Keener to Get Into Uniform


RC-South Governors Meet in Uruzgan


Two AFG Cops Killed in K'Har Homicide Bombing Attack - More


Seed Wheat Being Distributed in Helmand - Meanwhile, Lots of Poppy Seeds Taken Out of Circulation


Equipment Worries as Another Ghurka Killed by IED


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Some (B)ritish soldiers killed in separate incidents in Helmand"



Analysis: "For seven years, the Bush administration has pursued Al Qaeda but done almost nothing to hunt down the Afghan Taliban leadership in its sanctuaries in Pakistan, and that has left Mullah Mohammad Omar and his deputies free to direct an escalating war against the U.S.-backed Afghan government."


More on Convoys from PAK Blocked



16 Nov 08

One CAN Tanker's Diary Exercise (.pdf permalink)


CAN Photographer Chronicling Graffiti


"Afghan Girl Says Acid Attack Won't Stop Her Lessons" - Muslim Scholars Pissed at Taliban Over Acid Attack - Fear, Anxiety Among Parents


Zabul Bad Boy Boss Killed - More


Ghurka Killed in IED Blast - Brit Sappers Help Build Helmand Checkpoints - NLD OMLT trains ANA - Brits Want Mo' Helicopters in Helmand NOW


Hekmatyar Calls for End to AFG Violence, Timetable for Foreign Troop Withdrawal


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Karzai Guaranteeing Security of Any Taliban Willing to Talk - Even Mulla Omar - UK PM's Spokesperson says "that came under the category of reconciliation, which was an Afghan led programme. If former members of the Taliban were truly committed to renouncing violence and to playing a constructive part in Afghanistan s future, then there was a place for them."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian and a vehicle of puppet army destroyed in Kandahar" - "1 tank of NATO invaders blew up in Zabul"


Analysis:  "How Should the U.S. Execute a Surge in Afghanistan?" - "Getting the Basics Right: A Discussion on Tactical Actions for Strategic Impact in Afghanistan" - "New Potentials for Provincial Reconstruction Teams"


Opinion:  "With Canada's commitment to depart in 2011, actors in the region will look elsewhere for leadership, to those countries that are in it for the long run." - "If our commitment is to amount to anything, it should be generational." - "Our evidence suggests that during 2007 Canada built a worthwhile model in Kandahar, centred on agricultural reform and water management. Perhaps our government can leverage the political capital bought with national blood and treasure in Kandahar to get all NATO and UN donor nations to start pulling in the same direction in Afghanistan."


"US supply line threatened by Pakistan truck halt"



15 Nov 08


CAN Stops "Goodwill Handouts" Because of Security Worries


One CAN Barber's Story


CAN Freelance Journalist Nabbed in PAK - More - more - She Was Asking for Money to GTFO Only Short a While Ago


USA First Lady Pissed Over Acid Attack on K'Har Female Students - Her Statement - Pentagon:  “It was obviously a despicable attack” - UNICEF Pissed - Editorial:  "Some critics have suggested that Canada should be allocating fewer resources to security, while increasing our development aid. Sadly, the latest attacks are a reminder that even the best development programs – like schooling – cannot succeed without security."


Governor Torches Drugs Seized in K'Har Province


AFG Forces Push "Disrupts" Bad Guy Cell in Zabul



Analysis:  "Bottom line is that you are not just fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, you are up against some of the wealthiest drug organizations on the planet, and a tribal culture that has long been very hostile to outsiders." - COIN Expert Says "we need to think fast, and our actions need to involve a major change of direction, focussing on securing the population rather than chasing the enemy, and delivering effective legitimate governance to the people, bottom-up, at the local level"




UK PM to Karzai:  We're With You - Obama to Ask UK for 2K Mo' Troops? - UK MoD:  No Such Plan in Place

CHN Forces Could Soon Join Coalition - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "4 Canadian invaders ,9 puppet soldiers killed in Kandahar" - "1 tank of Canadian invaders blew up in Kandahar" - "11 British invaders soldiers were killed in Helmand" - "2 military vehicle of puppet army blew up in Helmand" - "Destroyed enemy military vehicles in Musa Qala, Helmend" - "Attacked checkpoint of puppet army in Nemroz"


Opinion:  "A minisurge is not enough. We need more Afghan security forces." - "A decisive military victory in Afghanistan is not going to happen under the current International Security Assistance Force led by NATO."

"UN: High food prices help Afghans drop opium crop"


Joint USA-PAK Ops in AFG Border Areas - "General David McKiernan, the Commander of International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in Afghanistan, has distanced himself from drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas and vowed to maintain pressure on militants during winter."


PAK Looting=Stop to Food Aid Convoys to AFG





14 Nov 08

"Seventh anniversary of the fall of Taliban reason for only cautious optimism"


ISAF Pissed Over Acid Attack on K'Har Female Students - Karzai Pissed, Too - More - 1500 Female Students Stay Home from School Because of Attacks


Meanwhile, Taliban (Junior) Spokesperson Chats Up CBC Radio's "As It Happens" - Another Taliban (Senior) Spokesperson Chats Up BBC Call-In Show - Discussion


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "15 puppet army soldiers killed in Kandahar" - "5 puppet army soldiers killed in Kandahar"


They're Kidding, Right? - More - more


Center for Defense Information October 2008 Summary


"Helmand blast kills policemen and civilians"


Two UK Marines Killed in Garmsir District Blast - More - more - AUS Chinooks, Crews Rotating Home for a Break - "The problems and frustrations facing British soldiers in their war against a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan have been graphically described in a diary kept by a Parachute Regiment officer."


PAK Taliban Captures AFG-Bound Convoy





13 Nov 08

"RCMP investigating online ad involving soldier killed in Afghanistan"


CAN Mental Health Nurse Shares Her Story


AFG ForMin Says Mo' Foreign Troops Needed in South, Southeast - More - Even ITA ForMin Says Europe Needs to Send Mo' Troops - DEU:  We're Not Sending Mo' Troops, Thanks


First Interview of Nabbed CAN Reporter Nobody Said was Nabbed - More - Criminals, Not Taliban, Nabbed Her - Still Some Questions (.pdf permalink)


"A girl was blinded Wednesday morning when six teenagers were doused with acid on their way to school."


"Karzai's brother escapes (Kandahar) suicide blast unhurt" - Total of Six Dead So Far - UN Pissed


Acid Attack Blinds K'Har School Girls - Attack Called "Desparate Act" - Female AFG MPs:  "Acid attack will erode education"


Homicide Bomber Kills Seven on Kabul-K'Har Highway in Helmand


"Rough justice for Afghan women inmates" in Helmand


UN Uber-Envoy: "We have a mandate that includes supporting reconciliation. But reconciliation can not be achieved without an international military and civilian presence."


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Why the west can't give in to terror's scrawny little offshoot"



Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "(M)artyrdom attack in Kandahar, Karzai's brother injured" - "6 American Marines killed in Garmser"


Opinion:  "The harsh lesson of Afghanistan: little has changed in 200 years"


AFG MPs: "Afghan-Pak peace jirga was illegal"



12 Nov 08

Families Visit AFG to Remember the Fallen - More - more - Sudbury Remembers One of the Injured as Well as the Fallen


CAN's AFG Planning Team Needs More Civvies (.pdf permalink)


"Canadians say providing bridges, roads and other forms of concrete foreign assistance is more important than spreading such Canadian values as democracy, freedom of speech and gender equality, says a new Environics survey."


Tanker Truck Homicide Bomber Kills At Least Three in Blast Near K'Har Gov't Building - More - more - CAN Soldiers Reportedly Helped Out


"Bikers use water pistols to spray acid on (Kandahar) schoolgirls" - More


Helmand Refugees Get Help


USA, UK (Again) Urge NATO Members to Help More


"Fighting the Taleban with literacy" - More - BBC "Radio Education For Afghan Children" Page


Talkin' to the Taliban: "Afghan Security Conference Focusing On Whether To Talk To Taliban" - "Given the fatigue of years of fighting, the chances are that if the U.S. and other major powers launch a peace offensive, there is no reason why will they not be able to find a compromise formula"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "BM's Mortars shells fired at Kandahar airport" - "Martyrdom Operation destroyed 2 tanks of American in Helmand" - "1 tank of British invaders blew up in Helmand" - "4 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand" - "7 puppet police were killed in Helmand" - "2 military vehicle of puppet army blew up in Helmand" - "(M)artyrdom operation kills many in Nemroz"





11 Nov 08

Prescott Shipway, 1972-2008, R.I.P.:  "Phoney online ad uses dead soldier's name and photo to lure buyers" - More - more


Ainsworth Dyer, 1977-2002, R.I.P.:  Family of the fallen remember by planting crosses


CAN Sappers Teach AFG Troops How to Blow Stuff Up


"Afghan girl sends letter to thank Canadian soldiers for fighting to 'bring peace' to her homeland"


CAN Military Setting Up Centres to Help the Injured


More on CAN Social Scientists in the Field


Some of CAN's Tanks At Work


CAN PM:  "There has been no release or exchange of political prisoners" to Release Nabbed CBC Reporter CAN Envoy to AFG:  "I am more than reasonably confident that there was no exchange of Taliban prisoners" - More - more - CAN Embed:  "I'm no mathematician. But statistically, it's only a matter of time before something like this happens again."


CAN Embed Finds A-A Meeting in K'har


Blogger's Counterpoint to Kajaki Work:  "Is it smart to build an expensive, borderline indefensible power station when you cannot provide basic security and services to the nearby villagers? This turbine camp represents, along with all the hope and sunshine, an enormous, juicy target for militants or drug lords seeking a way to poison the entire southern effort." - BBC Reporter in Sangin:  "The pattern of a "morning shoot", followed by a second eruption of violence in the mellow hours of late afternoon, just before the desert sunset, was considered routine. So, in those circumstances, how can anyone deliver development?"


UK Reportedly "prepared to send extra combat troops to Afghanistan to back a massive US surge" - NLD Sappers Help Build FOB in Uruzgan


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Weekly Summary, 1-8 Nov 08 (.pdf) - "7 puppet soldiers were killed in Kandahar" - "4 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand" - "(M)artyrdom operation kills many in Nemroz" - "A direct & telling response: Some History" - "A Matter to Ponder for Obama"



10 Nov 08

A Hamilton Family Waits During Remembrance Day


One of CAN's Injured:  "meeting federal government regulations, which require all public servants, including wounded soldiers, to seek multiple vendor bids for items such as stair lifts for wheelchairs, is time-consuming and frustrating."


CAN Foreign Minister: "President-elect Barack Obama's pledge to boost U.S. military operations in Afghanistan "will not change Canada's position" on a troop pullout in 2011" - More


More on CAN's War Poet


Nabbed-and-Released-Without-Media-Coverage CBC Reporter Tells Her Story - Video - More - Two Bad Guys Swapped for Reporter's Release?



US Social Scientist Torched by Taliban in K'har Continues Recovering


Wedding Bombing in K'har: "Elders acknowledged that insurgents fired at Afghan and coalition forces from some of the villagers' homes while using the homes for cover. The villagers also said that insurgents prevented families from leaving the village, which officials said indicates a deliberate attempt to cause civilian casualties."


More on Latest NLD Offensive in Uruzgan


Taliban's "BM Mortars"=107mm MRL Rockets (From BM-21) Launched with Batteries


"WFP contributed 490 tons of food items to Zabul province"


Former Brit Para Coy Commander: "British operations in (Helmand) lacked focus, were starved of resources and had suffered a "ridiculous" shortage of manpower."


Opinion:  "No one wants another life or dollar wasted in a lost cause and no one can say this country hasn't shouldered more than its share of the burden. But the blood was spilled and money spent for a purpose. That purpose can best be achieved now by unequivocally signalling the Taliban – and the new U.S. administration – that Canada will stay to reach the imperfect peace that in Afghanistan is all that's possible."


New USA Presidential Adviser: "Everything Up For Reassessment in Afghanistan" - More




9 Nov 08

James Hayward Arnal, 1983-2008, R.I.P.: Diary Tells of Battle (.pdf version)


Darryl James Caswell, 1981-2007, R.I.P.:  "Loved son a family's loss, a nation's hero"


Remembrance Day in Kandahar


CAN Launches "White Situational Awareness Team" to Decode AFG Civilian Culture


"New studies suggest soldiers deployed to Afghanistan are more likely to suffer from mental illness because of the high degree of uncertainty that characterizes the NATO-led mission" - Discussion


Operation ARTASH Wrapped Up in Zhari District - Mentoring AFG Cops in Zhari


"Canada is providing $1.2 million to buy wheat seeds and fertilizer for thousands of Afghan farmers, but the Taliban warn they may attack any foreigners who attempt to distribute the seeds."


"(Farmers) in Uruzgan have warned that the province will be unable to grow crops next year unless the government sends immediate assistance." - Turfed Jobless Refugees from IRN=New Criminal Recruits in Nimroz Province


Work Continues on Kajaki Dam - More - RC-South Troops Meet Students Families at Home Sent Supplies For


Nabbed CBC Reporter Free (Four Weeks Later, Without Media Coverage)- CAN Commandos were Good to Go (.pdf permalink) - More - more - more - more - Reportedly Ignored Advice to Avoid Second Visit to Refugee Camp - Discussion


Bad Boy Bosses Nabbed in Uruzgan


USA Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force – Afghanistan On the Ground - Brit Troops Allowed to Use Vehicles in AFG Which Civil Servants Can't Ride? - UK's Royal Welsh Prepare for AFG Training in CAN


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "6 Canadian invaders soldiers killed in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "BM's Mortars shells fired at Kandahar airport" - "11 puppet soldiers were killed in Kandahar" - "7 Puppet Army terrorists Killed in Kandahar" - "6 Puppet Army terrorists Killed in a blast in Kandahar""6 puppet army soldiers killed in Kandahar" - "4 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand"



8 Nov 08

Shane Hank Stachnik, 1975-2006, R.I.P.:  Mother of Fallen This Year's National Silver Cross Mother


Injured Soldier from Windsor Continues to Recover


CAN Conference on Building Up AFG Security Forces Wraps Up Today


Media:  New USA Approach Will Be Grow AFG Army WAY More, Then GTFO


"Taliban fighters held a wedding party captive and fired on U.S. forces in an attack designed to draw U.S. airstrikes on civilians and stoke anti-American sentiment" - More - Blog Commentary


More Clean Water for Kandahar Province - Seed Stock Being Distributed in Garmsir District, Helmand



Brit Troops Fear Anti-Drug War Only Creates MORE (and New) Bad Guys - More - AUS:  No Plans to Add Mo' Troops - EST DefMin Visits Troops in Helmand


More on Taliban Using More Fertilizer Explosive These Days


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "(I)n several explosions, enemy suffered heavy losses in Maiwand, Kandahar" (Google English)


Opinion:  "The new chief executive in the White House must consider not only stepping up development aid, but equally importantly, taking additional steps to ensure it is used effectively." - "The truth is that in Britain and America we treat the men and women we expect to die for us appallingly. We give them terrible wages, and often terrible homes, and terrible food, and when they return, wounded or traumatised, we pretty much forget them."





7 Nov 08

Remembering CAN's Fallen in Theatre


Not ALL Vets These Days are Old


Returning CAN CIMIC Officer Encourages University of BC to Help Kandahar University


CAN's "Accidental War Artist" - Karen Bailey's Current AFG Work


Staying Connected (Electronically) with Home, Family


CAN Embed Learns Magic Ingredient Keeping the Troops Going in AFG


CENTCOM Boss Says Tribes Could Help in the Fight - AFG Gov't Already "Reaching Out"


US Social Scientist Suffers 2nd, 3rd Degree Burns from Gasoline Attack in S.AFG - More - more


Use of US Air Support Growing in AFG Since 2006


US, AFG Looking Into Alleged Wedding Bombing in Shah Wali Kot - More - US Officials:  Taliban Kept Civvies from Leaving Area - EU Expressed Grief? - Analysis:  More Bureaucracy=Fewer Civvy Casualties?


Zabul Gov't Workers Get Training, Professional Development


Fallen Ghurka Identified - Brit Amputee Returns to the Fight in AFG - DNK Soldier Injured in Helmand - New USA Pres to Ask AUS for More Troops - US Marines "Applying Iraq’s Lessons" in Helmand


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Some Still Say "Don't" (video)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 puppet police were killed and their commander was injured" - "7 British and 13 puppet soldiers were killed in Helmand" - "9 NATO invader soldier killed in Helmand province"


"NATO is set to end its hands off policy on the heroin trade" - More - "A glut of opium on the world market fuelled by a record Afghan harvest threatens a new heroin crisis in Britain" - "EMCDDA releases Annual report 2008"



6 Nov 08

Injured Sudbury Reservist Getting Married Next Year


DND Researching IED Injuries


CAN Sacrifice Medal Presentations on Hold - More


BC Transit Cop Prepares to Head Downrange - Parents Proud of Navy Medic in AFG


CO of CAN Element of K'Har Airfield:  "KAF is more than an oasis of brewed coffee and hot pizza, however. Both as an airfield and a logistics hub, it is essential to mission success." (.pdf version)


CAN Foreign Affairs Minister:  New USA Pres =/= CAN Changing Mind About 2011 Withdrawal - More - Taliban Warns Obama - New USA Pres May Ask UK for More Troops - More


More on Civvy Cas in South, Reportedly at Wedding - Afghans Pissed - Taliban's Role in Attracting Airstrike?(.pdf permalink)


More on American Civvy Set on Fire by Taliban


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "The foreign troops are stationed in Afghanistan to protect their interests" - "Battle in Helmend continue" (.pdf) - "9 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand" - "7 puppet army soldiers killed in Helmand" - "11 NATO invader soldier killed in Uruzgan province" - "1 tank of NATO invaders blew up in Zabul"


Opinion:  "It is high time to admit that we cannot impose our ideas of democracy upon a race that reasons differently, nor do we have the right .... let's deploy our soldiers somewhere where their lives are not threatened on a daily basis."


NATO Considering Alternatives to Elections? - NATO Denies Election Delays Due to Security Worries


"For the international community and the next US president, regional and not boxed-off solutions, are needed to tackle the Taliban in particular, and extremism in general in Afghanistan and Pakistan...."



5 Nov 08

CAN Trainers Tell Story of ANA Fighting the Battle for Lashkar Gah - More


IND Web Page "Armchair Quarterbacks" Critique CAN Tactics Seen in Washington Post Article (.pdf of IND web page critique) - The REST of the Story of Canada's Work on the Operation (.pdf)


Interpreters as Lifeline for CAN Troops


Kenora Gunner Welcomed Home - Civvy Workers Receive General Service Medal


CAN Embed Returns to K'Har


Civvies Allegedly Injured in Mysterious Incident in Shah Wali Kot District - Reports of Civvy Dead, Too - Another Wedding? - More - more - more - USA Looking Into It - More


Bad Guys Nailed, Arms Cache Spotted in Helmand


US Civvy Kills AFG National Trying to Torch Another American in Maywand - More - Taliban: "NATO Woman terrorist burn by Afghan Kids in Kandahar" (first item, .pdf) - ISAF Looking Into Incident


CENTCOM Boss Visits AFG - UN Security Council Team to Visit Later This Month


US Surge Marines Returning Home - Meanwhile, Green Berets Prepare to Head Downrange


Ghurka Killed in Helmand Ambush - More - ISAF Statement UK Gov't Considering Closing Rehab Clinic Near 16 Air Aslt Bde HQ? - More - NLD Dev Min Opens Oruzgan School


Talkin' to the Taliban: Historian Says "Talk When It’s Time"


Big Time Warlord in Key Position if US Wants to Bring in the Tribes? (.pdf version) - Wikipedia Bio


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Puppet Deputy intelligence chief killed in Kandahar" - "Another intelligence chief killed in Kandahar" - "7 puppet army soldiers killed in Kandahar"


Opinion:  "Plan to divide Taliban, al-Qaeda likely to fail"



4 Nov 08

CAN Chief of Def Staff:  "We have three years to get on with enabling the Afghan government, the Afghan security, the police and the military to actually secure their country. So we’ll focus on that."


Brit Marines (Under CAN Command) At Work Southwest of K'Har City


Handing Out Condoms in K'Har Could be Fatal


Big Drug & Drug Factory Bust in South - More


Yet Another Driver in Sangin Doesn't Stop When Told, Catches Round in Engine Block (With Bits to the Head)


Blogger Dissects Public Statements, Positions on Working with the Warlords, Tribal Militias - Lesson from Flashman: "In order to avoid a “big rising” that could destroy much of our progress to date, we need to get beyond our “little forts”, destroy or subdue the “robber chiefs”, and play the game of tribal politics seriously and well."


Taliban Commander Killed in Helmand Province - More - Meanwhile, Gunmen Kill K'Har Int Deputy - More


ISAF Helps Civvies Injured by Maywand IED  - New Irrigation Canal Opened in Zharey  - "Afghans, ISAF turn tide on river flooding in Uruzgan" - AFG Approves 18 Projects in Uruzgan - School for Hindus Opening in Helmand


More on USA Watchdog's Report on AFG Reconstruction Spending, Progress


A&SH CO Talks About Getting Shot in Leg in Helmand - AUS Troops Teach Carpentry in Uruzgan


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Brit PM Says It Would Be Tough to Talk to Taliban While Coalition Troops Still Dying


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "BM's Mortars shells fired at American invaders Base in Kandahar airport" (7th paragraph - .pdf permalink - alternate link) - "1 tank, 2 supplies trucks of American invaders and 2 puppet security vehicles destroyed in Zabul" - "1 tank of NATO invaders blew up in Zabul" - "7 puppet army soldiers killed in Uruzgan"


"Petraeus Visits Pakistan To Review Counterinsurgency Cooperation"



3 Nov 08

CF Blows Up Taliban IED Cache - More - More Fertilizer Being Used by Bad Boys as Explosive


Returning Sudbury Police Trainers Share "Mixed Emotions"


CAN Project to Help Pregnant Women Under Way - Meanwhile, "In the southern province of Kandahar .... there is no health facility at all in five out of its 13 districts, the provincial health department said on 2 November."


Polio drives misses 120,000 children in Helmand, Kandahar and Uruzgan


Legion Magazine Embed Highlights April 2008 Time in CAN Outpost


"Three bloody summers in Afghanistan" for UK - More - What the Brits "Left Behind" in Helmand Capital are Doing to Win Hearts, Minds - UK 2nd Battalion, The Royal Welsh Get Ready to Head Downrange in February - US Trainers Walking the Beat with AFG Cops in South


US Predator Crashes in South AFG


Talkin' to the Taliban:  IND Envoy in AFG: 'To Talk To Terrorists Is Like Frying Snowballs' - One Resident Says "If talks with the Taliban can bring peace, I'll support it" - "British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says negotiations between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Taliban are unlikely while NATO and American troops remain under attack"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "A commander and 11 puppet soldiers killed in Helmand"


Opinion:  Does CF Need More Training in Pashto? - How Easy Will it Be for CAN to Say "No" to Obama Request for Mo' Troops?


"With large parts of the south and east essentially under Taliban control, and many other areas racked by insecurity, it may be impossible to hold (an election) in which all Afghans can vote."


2 Nov 08

CAN Battle Group Commander to Washington Post:  "It's a game of inches, but we're winning it."


Outgoing CAN Commander of RC-South:  We COULD Get Along Better with the Tribes - More - more - Says "An expected increase in the number of American troops assigned to the conflict next year is sure to make a significant difference in the conflict" - NLD General Takes Over RC-South - ISAF Statement


Wounded Calgary Reservist "continues to provide tremendous leadership and inspiration to all of us in uniform" - Returning Reservists Welcomed Home - More


"DND: Write to Troops But No Packages (without specific names of recipients) Please"


More on Dahla Dam Project - Zabul PRT Distributes School Supplies Donated by US Students - NLD Development Minister in Uruzgan to Open New School - US Watchdog on AFG Reconstruction Says Assessing the Effort will need More Staff, Resources


"U.S. Defense Secretary Says 'It's An Afghan War, Not Our War' " - Senior NATO Source: "What will eventually win this war is American military power .... There is no question of America withdrawing from Afghanistan. They are simply not prepared to let the people responsible for September 11th move back in .... If the Europeans decided to go they wouldn't that much missed, frankly. Some of them are in the way."


Bad Boys Nailed & Nabbed in Zabul - More


Brit Medic Remembered as "Angel of Helmand" - UK Def Min "Horrified" By Claims of Allegedly Resigning SAS Boss in AFG - Lawyers Say Families of UK Fallen Could Sue - FRA Colonel Says One Needs to be Unpredictable to Fight the Taliban - USMC Considers Buying Flame-resistant Cold Weather Shirt


Police Trainer Killed in K'Har


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Everyone's talking about talking to the Taliban. But before we jaw-jaw, there will be more war-war." - "Peace negotiations in Afghanistan will work only if the insurgents find themselves in stalemate"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Weekly Summary 27-31 Oct 08 (.pdf) - "4 Canadian invaders soldiers Killed in Kandahar" - "Peace Jirga or a New Formula to Compensate for the US Fiasco in Afghanistan" (Alternative link) - "5 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand" - "11 puppet soldiers killed in Helmand" - "1 military vehicle of puppet army blew up in Nemroz"


Opinion:  "Afghanistan should be seen as South Asia’s Switzerland, promising it characteristics of neutrality, non-belligerence and sovereignty."


PAK Taliban Announce Ceasefire in Part of Bajaur Agency



1 Nov 08

New CAN Approach:  We Take, AFGs Hold - No Rest for the Wicked - More - more


Some CAN Successes Seen - "Canada's top general in Afghanistan says NATO troops in the country could learn to work better with Afghan tribal leadership."


One Last Letter from K'Har PRT From Returning CF Soldier


Analysis:  "At the root of this failure are several mistakes of analysis, mostly but not limited to American origin. The European allies are not absolved from the same mistakes."


More on Helping the Starving in Zabul - More - Animal Doctors Drop By, Too - "Helmand gets provincial council building" - "Third Kajaki turbine to boost power" (Video in Dari, Pashtu)


K'Har Has Own Cartoon Scandal


Phone Companies Reconnect Cell Phone Networks.... - ....In Spite of Taliban Warning  - Anti-Taliban Bus Massacre Protests Growing? (.pdf permalink) - Time to Take Advantage of Bus Massacre Protests to Talk?


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Taliban Spokesperson Says "Not Until All Foreign Troops are Gone, Thanks" - "To Further Afghan Reconciliation: Fight Harder"


Reports of Taliban Infiltration of AFG Security Forces - Bigger Bombs=Bigger Risks for Coalition


The head of Britain's special forces in Afghanistan has resigned, reportedly in disgust at equipment failures that he believes led to the death of four of his men." - More - more - more - more - more - No Charges Laid in Brit Friendly Fire Incident - How AUS, NLD is Doing in Oruzgan


Opinion:  "Are there lessons from Iraq that might be applied to Afghanistan?"








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