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December 2008

31 Dec 08

Michael Bruce Freeman, John Kruse, Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:   They're Home - More - more - more - more


CAN Envoy to AFG Doubtful of Latest Taliban Peace Gestures


Wanted:  IT/Telephone System Expert for K'Har


"Afghan soldier lays down arms, laces up runners for New Year's marathon"


Taliban Attacks Convoy in Nawa District, Helmand, and Lose 9 - ISAF Injures Possible Scout in Sangin, Treats Injuries - ANOTHER Car Fails to Stop When Ordered in Sangin, Passenger Injured


"Coalition tries to bridge gap in Afghanistan and joins villagers in three districts to the west of the Helmand with vital commerce centres to the east" - "30 schools constructed in Uruzgan" - New Bridge Opened in Uruzgan - "Justice system improving in Helmand" - Cleaner Water in Zabul - Former AFG Finance Minister Says New "Marshall Plan" Needed


AUS Soldier Wounded in Oruzgan Firefight - More - AUS Troops Kill Man Who Wouldn't Stop When Ordered - "Afghan National Police makes progress in Tarin Kowt"


More on "Engaging the Militias/Community Guard" Program - More


Taliban Claims Every District in Helmand Has Shadow Governor, Police Chief, with Taliban Court Held After Prayers Every Tuesday in Sangin


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "19 British invaders army terrorists killed and 18 wounded in Helmand 30/12/08"


Opinion:  "Canada’s ‘newspaper of record’ calls for Canada to wage Afghan war beyond 2011"


PAK Helping Protect Supply Lines into AFG - More - Some Closures Due to Security - USA Still Seeking Alternate Routes



30 Dec 08

Michael Bruce Freeman, John Kruse, Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:   They're Home - more


CAN General on Nine Dead Since Start of December:  "It's not a linear process. There things unfortunately come, and there are spikes and valleys"


Richard Steven Leary, 1975-2008, R.I.P.:  One of the Fallen Newsmaker of the Year


CAN Commander-in-Chief's New Year's Message to Troops:  "We know just what you are putting into the effort as you risk your lives every day and how, even in the face of terrible tragedy, you keep going."


AFG-Coalition Air Assault Leads to Cache Destruction in Ghorak District of K'Har


More Warnings of Election Boycott - Election Year Expected to be "Challenging"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar, 5 Canadian invaders army terrorists killed and 1 tank destroyed in Kandahar " (.pdf permalink)


COIN experts: "U.S. must focus on building stability into the lives of ordinary Afghans" - Opinion: "Out-'talibaning' the Taliban: can the US ‘win’ in Afghanistan?"


NATO Supplies Cut Off in PAK? - PAK Taliban Seeks Apology for Civvy Deaths from UAV Strikes



29 Dec 08

John Kruse, Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:  On Their Way Home - All Three of the Latest Fallen Expected Home Tomorrow - More - more - more - more - more - more - C-in-C Statement - PM Statement - DefMin Statement - Petawawa Mourns


Meanwhile, Number of CAN Wounded Reportedly Up to +360


North Bay Soldier Happy to be Back



Winter Push Under Way in South


RC-South Boss Joins Call for Mo' Troops - Meanwhile, Construction for USA Surge Under Way


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "Martyrdom Operation kills 7 Canadian and 9 puppet army terrorists in Kandahar 28/12/08" (.pdf permalink 1, .pdf permalink 2) - "9 puppet police terrorists killed and 1 vehicle destroyed in Kandahar 28/12/08" - "5 puppet army terrorists killed in Kandahar 28/12/08"



PAK Move of Troops Towards IND=Bad News for AFG Mission



28 Dec 08

John Kruse, Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:  Two More CAN Troops Killed, Four More Injured in Panjwai IED Incident  - ISAF statement - Canadian Press - - National Post - Agence France-Presse - Photo of John Kruse - Photo of Gaétan Roberge - Taliban Take the Credit (.pdf permalink)


Michael Bruce Freeman, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - DefMin, CDS in AFG for Visit - more - more - more - C-in-C Statement - PM Statement - DefMin Statement

USA Engineers Building Combat Outpost in Maywand - USA Infantry There, Too


Analysis:  "The Americans and Brits want to use superior firepower, mobility and cash reserves to flip as many tribes as possible, as quickly as possible, to hand the Taliban a very obvious, and well publicized "defeat." "


Five Killed in Homicide Bombing Attack near Kandahar City on K'Har-Herat Highway


Taliban Boss Nabbed in Zabul (.pdf permalink) - More on Zabul Ag Projects


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Weekly Summary, 21-27 Dec 08 (.pdf) - "5 enemies of Islam killed and 1 oil tanker burned in Kandahar 27/12/08" - "Martyrdom Operations kills 9 puppet army terrorists and destroyed 1 vehicle in Nemroz 27/12/08"



27 Dec 08

Michael Bruce Freeman, R.I.P.:  CF Identifies Latest Fallen - Link to official photo - ISAF statement - Canadian Press - CanWest/National Post - Globe & Mail - Associated Press - Reuters - Agence France-Presse


CAN Military Engineers Help Train AFG Sappers


Zabul Elders Warn They May Boycott Elections Unless "foreign forces halt irresponsible military operations"


11 Bad Guys Nailed in K'Har Province - Looking Into Some Dead "Guests" in Zabul


Farming Projects in Zabul



Latest Fallen Brit Marine Identified


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  " 2 tanks of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 25/12/08" - "British invaders army and its puppet army terrorists fled from battle field in Helmand 26/12/08" - "1 tank of Holland invaders army destroyed killing 4 terrorists in Helmand 26/12/08" - "7 puppet army terrorists killed and 1 vehicle destroyed in Kandahar 25/12/08" - "1 vehicle destroyed and 7 puppet army terrorists killed in Kandahar 26/12/08"


PAK Taliban Threaten to Attack PAK Forces for Not Stopping US Strikes - PAK Shifts Troops from AFG to IND Border


26 Dec 08

CAN Soldier Killed, Three Injured in IED Blast in Zharei:  CF Statement - Canadian Press - Globe & Mail - CanWest/National Post - - - Taliban Takes the Credit


Turkey Dinner for CAN Troops in K'Har - More - more - How Other Coalition Troops Spent Xmas


Leopard Tanks Give CAN Troops Edge


"Confiscated Drugs Go ‘Up in Smoke’ " in K'Har Province 


More on USA Preparing to Launch Pilot Militia Project in K'Har Area - Winning Over Warlords, One Blue Pill at a Time (.pdf permalink) - More - more 


More on Most USA Surge Troops Needed in South 


More on Guy Who Wouldn't Stop Car when Ordered


K'Har Province Ships More Pomegranates - New Schools for Zabul Province 


NLD DefMin Drops By - More - Blogger Shared YouTube Video of Brits Fighting in Helmand - BBC Slide Show of Brit Medics in Action


Opinion:  "The U.S. military is changing its tactics in Afghanistan, focusing more on counterinsurgency and arguing for more troops on the ground. Civilian U.S. agencies must reassess their tactics, too, and accept the reasonable risks that go along with more effective economic assistance." 


Reining In PAK Int



25 Dec 08

Troops Enjoy Xmas "Under AFG Skies - CAN Troops Play Santa - More - CAN FOB in Zharei Gets Steak 'n Seafood for Xmas - How One CF Member's Spending Xmas


CAN Piper Creates New Piece "Task Force Kandahar" - CAN Musician Creates Song for the Troops - Link to "I won’t be Home for the Holidays" (MySpace page)


USA C-17 "departed the hard surface of the runway" in K'Har; no injuries


CAN PM's Xmas Greeting:  "As we count our blessings with friends and family this Christmas, I’d ask you to spare a thought and a prayer for the brave men and women serving Canada abroad who can’t be at home this season. Their courage and sacrifice is a credit to all of us."


USMC May Ask for Two Battalions, Combat Aviation Unit for South - Lotsa USA Contracts=Lotsa Commitment - One Big Job - Another One - Yet Another One - Needing Lotsa Cement, Too


AFG Cops Help Fix Up K'Har School


Another Civvy Driver Fails to Stop in Helmand, Stops Bullet Instead


UK Royal Marine Killed Xmas Eve - UK Marines Send Taliban High-Trajectory Gift While Wearing Santa Hats


AFG Interior Ministry Spokesperson Cool to "Arming Tribal Militias" Idea


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "17 British army and puppet army terrorists killed in Helmand "

IRN Claims USA, Other Countries in Region Backnig AQ in AFG?


"NATO commanders in Afghanistan wary of antidrug effort; The opium trade helps fund the insurgency but also provides farmers livelihood."


IRN Claims USA, Other Countries in Region Backing AQ in AFG?


"Amid wide Taliban rule, a NATO supply line in Pakistan is choked"



24 Dec 08

"Christmas A Tough Time For Canadian Soldier" - More - Keeping Holiday Traditions Alive


CAN General:  AFG =/= IRQ


AFG Human Rights Group Reports:  Civvy Casualties=Pissed Afghans (.pdf) - Taliban Waging "Campaign of Intimidation and Murder....contrary to Islamic law, domestic law, and international law." (.pdf) - Canadian Press - Ottawa Citizen - - - Globe & Mail - - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - Voice of America - Reuters


Same Group Points to Economic Problems, Too - "Economic and Social Rights Report in Afghanistan-III" (.pdf)


"Evidence of fraud and poor security conditions are raising concerns that next fall's presidential elections could be compromised."


More on Recruiting Militias


Bad Boys Nailed in Nad Ali, Murja Districts of Helmand

Taliban Propaganda Watch:   "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar" (second item) - Mullah Omar Says "The enemy, or the media affiliated to it, directly spread rumours about talks between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the opposition forces. However, the fact is that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has neither held talks in Saudi Arabia nor in the United Arab Emirates nor in any other place...." - More


IRN Blames Presence of Foreign Forces in AFG for Troubles


Think Tank Report:  Time for "a political and security plan that will provide the basis of a unified vision for the country’s future" - “A New Vision for Afghanistan: By Afghans, with Afghans, for Afghans and Afghanistan”


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs Quoted Saying Fewer Incursions from PAK into AFG - If IND Attacks PAK, Taliban Will Help PAK



23 Dec 08

AFG Troops Learning Logistics from CAN


K'Har PRT Team Blow Up Seized Explosives, Munitions


ISAF Sharing the News of CAN's Helicopters Arriving in AFG


AFG Media:  Election Commission Says Elections Can't Be Held Next Spring?!? (.pdf permalink)


CAN Company Snags USA Contract for Chopper Lift in AFG - Company news release (.pdf) - More


"Revolutionary Theatre" in Rimouski Has People "Dying" at Tim Horton's to Protest AFG Mission


New Boss in Charge of Training AFG Security Forces



ISAF Deputy COS Ops:  Most of US Surge Will Be into RC-South - 82nd Combat Aviation Bde Part of Surge - Surge of Spec Ops Likely Coming, Too - Meanwhile, AFG Pres Presses USA on Strategy


Drugs & Firefights in K'Har Province - "Uruzgan officials demand more Development projects"


Brit Killed in Helmand Blast - Identified by MoD - US Compound in Helmand Named for One of the Fallen


NATO to Work on "Engaging" Tribal Leaders in the Fight - More - Meanwhile, AFG Pres Pissed at Support of "Thugs" - More


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Afghan Taliban, U.S. establish informal contact"? - "U.S. Ambassador to the UN Zalmay Khalilzad has given his endorsement to reaching out to "elements of the Taliban who are reconcilable." But to do so, he told CNN on December 21, the Afghan government and the U.S.-led coalition must be in a 'much stronger position than they are.' " - "Saudi peace initiative for a Taliban-Karzai truce fruitless so far" - Mullah Omar Denies Such Contact - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "3 tanks of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand; 3 British invader terrorists killed in an ambush in Helmand" (.pdf permalink) - "When we see any issue that can provide propaganda to the Taliban, we raise it and create awareness among the people: like the occupation and how they terrorise the people, the government's corruption."



Opinion:  "Whatever tactical tinkering Washington adopts, the U.S. and its allies must take care not to lose sight of the bigger picture: building up the Afghan government and army, pressing Pakistan to deny the Taliban sanctuary, and disrupting insurgents along the Pakistan-Afghan border."


NATO Helping AFG Opium "Eradicators" with "intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities" - Some NATO Countries Imposing Caveats Against Such Ops, Though


USA SecDef Thanks PAK for Anti-Terr Work - Still, More on Worries About Attacks in PAK on Convoys - "Convoy attacks retaliation for US missile strikes"


22 Dec 08

CAN DefMin:  CAN "Not On Board" with Plan to Arm Militias


CAN Chief of Land Staff Xmas Message:  "While we have faced many challenges, here and abroad, the Army´s accomplishments over the last year make it clear to me that each and every one of you have been working above and beyond the call of duty."


RCR, RCDs Remembers Ortona in AFG


Kids' Letters, Cards Helping Cheer Up CAN Troops - More Letters to Santa Asking for Dad, Mom to Come Home Safely - More - CAN Liberal Leader Sends Holiday Message to Troops Overseas, Families


USA Calls for NATO Allies to Join the AFG Surge - Kabul Says Thanks, Taliban Says "You'll Get Beat Like the Soviets" - Debate on Proposed USA Surge of Spec Ops Troops to AFG?


Former Brit Cabinet Minister:  "Britain has lost the stomach for a fight" - Brit Def Bosses Planning 3K Surge? - Brit Chaplain: "In this, our stripped-down Afghan Christmas, it is humbling to see how our guys draw strength and determination from their fallen comrades."


"Life in Helmand, Where Rich Rewards Are Reaped By Poppy Farmers, Police and the Taliban"


AFG Envoy to UN: "I think we need to reach out to elements of the Taliban who are reconcilable .... But to achieve success with regard to that, work in other cases would show that the government and the coalition need to be in a much stronger position than they are."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, 14-20 Dec 08 (.pdf)



21 Dec 08

Justin Peter Jones, R.I.P.:  Funeral Set for Tuesday - More - more


First of Eight Armed CAN Helicopters Arrive


ISAF (Re)Announces New CAN UAVs


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs: "Security Will Enable Afghanistan to Move Forward" - 30K New Troops in Country by Summer? - More - more


Bad Boys Nailed in Zharei, Panjwaii - Taliban (Still) Destroying Schools in Helmand - Lotsa Pot Found in Abandoned School in Southern AFG


"First Afghan National Police instructors graduate in Uruzgan Province"


Uruzgan Vigil for Latest NLD Fallen


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Destruction of a tank belonging to British forces in Sinjin (Sangin) (GoogEng) 19/12/2008" - Original in Arabic- "3 tanks of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand, 3 Nato invader terrorists killed and 4 wounded in Uruzgan, 3 puppet police terrorists killed and 4 wounded in Nemroz"


What One CAN Sailor Does in His Spare Time


"Peace group calls for end to war"



20 Dec 08

John Michael Roy Curwin, R.I.P.:  Funeral Set for Monday


Joshua Brian Roberts, 1978-2008, R.I.P.:  A Colleague Remembers


CAN PM Calls AFG Mission Extension "Hypothetical":  "We took a resolution to Parliament; we got agreement of ourselves and the Liberal party on the extension of the mission to 2011. We have very definite goals we want to achieve by 2011, including being in a situation where our military mission can end.  We're aiming for that."


New K'Har Governor Faces Uphill Push - Sworn In Today


Taliban's Mullah Omar Proposes Replacing NATO Troops with Muslim Troops to "End Crisis"

USA Sending Aviation Brigade to AFG - More - more


Three DNK Soldiers Killed, One Wounded in Helmand IED Incident - More - DNK Military Statement (translated via Google English)


UK Compares Taliban to Nazis - Turkeys are Flying (Into Helmand for Brit Holiday Meals)


Opinion:  "It is the people's objection to their treatment at the hands of government officials that explains the headway the Taliban "invasion" has made."


Former KGB General Says Covert, not Military Action the Way to Go


USA DefSec:  "Pakistan’s Anti-terror Offensive Assists Afghan War Aims" - Meanwhile, PAK Taliban Kill Three Truckers Supplying ISAF



19 Dec 08

Laser "Dazzlers" Coming to CAN Troops in AFG - More on New CAN UAV


AFG-CAN Academic New Governor of Kandahar:  Canadian Press - More - Toronto Star - Globe & Mail - - Associated Press - Agence France-Presse - UBC Alumnus, With Info About Research - The Torch blog on "Their (Our?) Man in Kandahar"


CAN Fed Court of Appeal:  Charter of Rights and Freedoms Doesn't Protect AFG Detainees - More


Helmand Farmers Backing Anti-Unexploded Munitions Work

NOT a Good Poochie Story....

International Crisis Group Report: "Policing in Afghanistan: Still Searching for a Strategy"

Karzai to USA:  Don't Enter Houses or Detain People Without Us


UN Cranking Up Assistance Mission in AFG - UN Uber-Envoy: “Every Afghan citizen and every international stakeholder must commit to fighting corruption” - Envoy Statement (.pdf)


Latest UK Fallen Identified - NLD Would Consider USA Request for Mo' Troops if Asked


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 18-12-2008" -

"16/12/2008 - Destroyed a tank of Canadian troops in Meond" (GoogEng, eighth item) - Original in Arabic

Analysis:  More Comparisons to Soviets Getting Beat


NATO Sec-Gen New Year's Message:  "The going is tough. But slowly, we are helping the Afghan people build a country where they are free and safe – and from which terrorism can no longer threaten the entire world."


Opinion:  "The next year in Afghanistan will not be the same as the last few. America, under President Obama, will massively strengthen its forces and many of those will go to Helmand, where the war is most acute. Britain must sustain its commitment until that happens - and perhaps marginally increase it. But alongside that should come a much tighter focus on what can be achieved - the extension of security along the Helmand river valley."


"Pakistanis protest US supply line into Afghanistan" - "Afghan Supply Line Still Viable Despite Breaches, Pentagon Official Says" - Meanwhile, Turkeys for Brit Troops Blown Up


18 Dec 08

More on CAN Getting "Bigger, Better" UAVs in AFG - More


Analysis: "If (CAN) really leaving in 2011, fine. But if we're not, consider these four options" (.pdf permalink)


Next K'Har Governor AFG-Canadian? - More


"Too many stressed soldiers slip through cracks: report" - More - CF Ombudsman's Report - Discussion of What's Not in the Stories


K'Har PRT Seeking Mix Tapes


ISAF, AFG Sappers to Clear Unexploded Munitions in Helmand


Think Tank: "Systemic corruption among the Afghan police force, too used to fighting the Taliban instead of fighting crime, is fueling a perception of lawlessness and public discontent" - One Example in K'Har of Police Issues


Opinion:  "I watched the (repatriation) ceremony at Trenton on my laptop, because neither of the country's two major all-news networks (including the CBC, the alleged national broadcaster) could be bothered to carry the ceremony live. This, by the by, enrages me." - "We cannot just "do our part" and then bolt, with nothing resolved, the threat far from neutralized, or perhaps accepting a less risky assignment farther from harm's way. I can tell you that no Canadian soldier would take any pride in that."


UN Uber-Envoy Sees Need for "greater integration, better cooperation and better operational cohesion between the international forces and the Afghan national forces" - Gotta Do More to Protect Civvies, Too - Transcript of news conference


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs "Takes Pulse of U.S., NATO Commands in Afghanistan" - Outgoing Boss of Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan: "The best people to defend Afghanistan are the Afghans"


USA Seeks Contractor to Oversee Private Security Contractors in AFG - Solicitation


Fallen UK Officer Identified - Dual UK-AUS National Serving in UK Military Killed - More - more - AUS PM Drops By - UK's "19 Light Brigade to replace 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines, in Afghanistan" - TF Uruzgan, AFG Forces Make Contact with Locals in OP Bakhud Ghar


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 tanks of British invaders army destroyed and 9 terrorists killed in Helmand, 1 vehicle of puppet police destroyed in Kandahar"


More Attacks on PAK Supply Routes into AFG - More




17 Dec 08

Thomas James Hamilton, John Michael Roy Curwin, Justin Peter Jones, R.I.P.:  They're Home - More - Injured Colleague in Germany Recovering


NLD Leopards Now in Canada (With Some to DEU "as replacements for the vehicles being banged up in Afghanistan") - More


More on CEFCOM Commander's Predictions (.pdf permalink) - .pdf of previous Globe & Mail article - Latest in Globe & Mail - More


More on CAN Handing Over Command of Kandahar to USA


Donated Crutches, Walkers Headed to AFG - Poochie who Helped NATO Troops Now Has Safe Home in Ontario


Letters to the Editor:  "Army mustn't close its eyes to child rapes"


Amnesty Int'l Appealing Latest CAN Court Decision on AFG Detainee Rights (.pdf permalink)


AFG Trying to Split AQ & Taliban (Again) - More


USA Launching "Hire a Militia" Program - More - USAID Seeking Chief of Party for "Social Outreach Program", Deadline Feb 2009 (.pdf permalink)


US Army Task Force "that used unmanned aerial vehicles and unconventional aircraft to find and kill thousands of roadside-bomb emplacers in Iraq is being set up in Afghanistan" - USAF Teams Already Doing the Job in RC-S


Helmand Bad Boy Nailed in AFG-UK Operation


UK's Light Dragoons, Black Watch Prepare to Head Back to Helmand in 2009


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, CAN References, November 2008 (.pdf) -"A tank of Canadian occupation blew up in Kandahar 16/12/08" - "Attack on convoy of U.S. invaders in Kandahar 16/12/08""8 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand 16/12/08" - "5 British soldiers killed in Helmand 16/12/08" - "(V)ehicle of puppet police blew up in Uruzgan 16/12/08" - "About the visits of Bush and Brown to Afghanistan and the Paris Conference":  "....It is better for the leaders of the invader countries to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan to save themselves from more troubles instead of making these dispirited visits and holding disorganized conferences. It will be good for them to do this now instead of continuing to suffer more casualties and disgrace, they should confess to this bitter reality. If they do not do this, they will always face disgrace as a result of the Mujahideen's decisive attacks...."


Analysis:  Lessons to be Learned from the Hindu Kush?


Opinion:  "The longer the Canadians remain the go-to guys, the longer the slackers stay off the hook. It’s time to put the pressure where it belongs – not on Ottawa, but on those who have yet to take their turn." - "There is hope among our forces in Afghanistan that incoming U. S. president Barack Obama makes good on his promise to increase his country's troop levels there. If he does, Afghanistan may see the benefits of a "surge" that have been witnessed these past two years in Iraq. If that additional help comes, maybe we can achieve our humble goal of making life tolerable for ordinary Afghans -- and our fallen soldiers will not have died in vain." - "The overwhelming message from Afghans to the West: Please stay"


"NATO Supply Route Imperiled As Pakistani Truckers Refuse To Carry Goods" - USA Says Supply Lines All Good to Go




16 Dec 08

Thomas James Hamilton, John Michael Roy Curwin, Justin Peter Jones, R.I.P.:  Fallen Return Today - More - Memorial @ Base Delayed Until After Holidays - News Hits Base as Many Grieve Last Week's Fallen


CAN CEFCOM Boss:  Expect Things to Peak in 2009, Calm Down a Bit by 2010 - More


CAN Commander:  Tribal Militias Won't Help in South


PAK Truckers, Worried about Security, Refuse to Drive ISAF Supplies - More - Won't Affect CAN Beans & Bullets


Kids as Barometers in the Field


Sr. CAN Officer Returned from Kabul:  Training AFG Army the Way to Go


ISR Press Says CAN Getting ISR UAVs for AFG


Scott Taylor on Response to Latest ICOS/Senlis Report:  "It is still irksome to see individuals arrogantly dismiss these results that were collected at great personal risk, especially when those same diplomats dare not venture out of their protected confines even to attempt to collect their own statistics"


The Torch web log:  "If (sexual abuse of boys) is happening on Canadian FOB's, with Canadian troops turning a blind eye, then it needs to stop. I'm told that the OMLT's and POMLT's are already advising the ANSF that they mentor that regardless of cultural traditions, it's unprofessional conduct from a force whose raison d'etre is the protection of Afghan citizens .... But if you're looking to condemn the entire Afghan mission because of these accusations, remember there's still a big baby in that bathwater you're about to toss down the drain. Don't stop fixing anything just because you can't fix everything at once." - Meanwhile, UN Officials Urge More Attention to Kids' Rights


Another Brit Fallen in Helmand - Sandy, Not White Xmas for Brits in Helmand - USA Officials Accusing Brits of Being "snide, underequipped, often need(ing) rescuing"? - Will UK Say "No, Thank You" to USA Request for Lots Mo' Troops?


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, 7-13 Dec 08 (.pdf) - 13 puppet soldiers killed in Panjwai, Kandahar 15/12/08 (GoogEng)" - "Attack on a convoy of US troops in Zhari District in Kandahar 16/12/2008" (GoogEng)  - "Killing 16 puppet soldiers in Helmand 15/12/2008" (GoogEng) - "14 puppet soldiers killed in Helmend 15/12/08" (GoogEng)


"Counter-Narcotics In Afghanistan: The Failure Of Success?", Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU), 1 December 2008 (.pdf) - More




15 Dec 08

Thomas James Hamilton, John Michael Roy Curwin, Justin Peter Jones, R.I.P.:  GG/Commander in Chief's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Minister of National Defence's Statement - ISAF Statement - Statement from Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador - Families Mourn... - ...As Fallen Make Their Way Back Home - Taliban Rockets Delay Return - More - Same Highway as Last Week's Fallen - More - Opinion:  "Media show lack of empathy for families of the dead"


Calls for Int'l Look into Allegations of AFG Sexual Assault of Boys?


Climbing Wall as Sanctuary in AFG


More on UN Uber-Envoy Being Pissed at Taliban Using 12-year-olds as Homicide Bombers - UK PM Pissed, Too - More Kids in the Homicide Bomber Pipeline?


Taliban Boss Nailed in Zabul - Zabul PRT Brings Medical Help to Nearby Village


USA Pres Drops By - More - more - UK PM Drops By, Calls for More Help from Allies


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Killing 11 from the occupation Forces of the Canadian troops 13/12/2008" (GoogEng) - "7 puppet policeman killed in Kandahar city 14/12/08" (GoogEng) - "7 (B)ritish invaders killed in Girishk, Helmend 14/12/08" (GoogEng) - "(C)ar of puppet police blew up in Kandahar 14/12/08" (GoogEng) - "5 puppet soldiers killed in Uruzgan 13/12/08" (GoogEng)


Opinion:  "Clean up the Afghan government, and the Taliban will fade away." - "A global coalition must emerge" - "Could a federal government reach another decision a year or two down the road, if Afghanistan was progressing along the road to becoming a stable democracy but still needed help? Could Ottawa change its mind if victory was in sight but Canada's allies needed just a little more assistance? Perhaps. But it is impossible to see how that decision could be made by any Harper government."


PAK Seeks Better Equipment to Fight Taliban



14 Dec 08

Thomas James Hamilton, John Michael Roy Curwin, Justin Peter Jones, R.I.P.:  Initial CF Statement - CF Identifies Latest Fallen - Canadian Press - more - National Post/CanWest - more - Globe & Mail - more - - - Sun Media - (AFG) - Deutsche Welle - Reuters - Agence France-Presse


Mark McLaren, R.I.P.:  Funeral in Peterborough - More - more - more


Joshua Roberts, 1978-2008, R.I.P.:  Parents Still Seeking Investigation Report on Death


"Chaplain says senior (CAN) officer aware of rapes by Afghans"


CF Medic in AFG Trained in Busy Part of Vancouver


"Contact Charlie"  author: "Praises Canadian troops in Afghanistan, but criticizes reporters and federal government"


"A family of seven was injured by a Taliban attack on an ISAF base in the Sangin District of Helmand Province" - Girl Injured by Taliban Attack in Panjwaii, Helped by ISAF - Patrol Hit from Four Compounds near Garmsir, Withdraws, and Locals Report for Aid with Burns - More


Three AFG Cops Killed in Homicide Bombing in K'Har City - More - more - more


AFG Uber-Envoy to Taliban: "I strongly condemn the attack where a young boy was allegedly used as a suicide bomber against British forces in Sangin, Helmand. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those killed and wounded." - Latest Brit Fallen Identified - More

"Senior British Army officers fear the deployment of troops in Afghanistan's Helmand province will turn into an operation lasting as long as that in Northern Ireland."


Opinion:  "The cavalry's on the way but Canada's getting out of Dodge. And not a soul in Ottawa -- not one of the politicians who so eloquently defended Canada's mission in Afghanistan, not so long ago -- is uttering so much as a peep of objection. Shame."


AGAIN with the Depot Attacks on ISAF Supplies in PAK



13 Dec 08


Demetrios Diplaros, R.I.P.: Funeral in Toronto Draws +400 - More


Doctor's Side of Continuing Recovery of Seriously Injured Reservist


Google English:  CDS Quoted Saying Quebec Troops in Next ROTO May Have to Stay Longer Because of AFG Election - Original in French


CAN Foreign Minister Tells USA (Again) "Our combat mission in Afghanistan will end in 2011 as was previously indicated and there is no change in that position" - However, CAN Think Tank Says Keeping CAN Troops in AFG Could Help Get New President's Ear - "Conference Papers: Blueprint for Canada-US Engagement under a New Administration"


Defence Construction Canada Employee Starts Blog before Heading Downrange


CAN Looking at Donkeys as Load Bearers for Next Summer - US Army Special Forces Manual on Pack Animals (Courtesy of FAS Secrecy Blog)


"Kandahar Schools Empty After Acid Attack on Girls; Arrest of alleged Taleban militants for attack on schoolgirls fails to reassure nervous and angry population"


Four Royal Marines Killed In Two Incidents Less Than an Hour Apart in Helmand - More - UK MoD StatementTaliban:  "Eight British soldiers killed in a martyrdom operation in (Sangin?), Helamnd" (GoogEng)


UK PM Drops By - Pissed About Child Soldier Homicide Bomber


"(UK) SAS to take on Taleban 'decapitation' mission after leaving Iraq"


NLD Says Mission Showing Progress


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "Destruction of a military vehicle in Kandahar 12/12/2008" (GoogEng) - "And when they see just one of our Mujahideen, You start to see a darkness foaming up in their pants."


AFG Interior Minister Says Cops Getting Better



UN Uber-envoy: "In the end the Afghans themselves have to win the hearts and minds of their population, we can contribute, but I am afraid that we will be less welcome in the Afghan public if we do not correct our behaviour."


More ISAF-bound Trucks Torched in PAK - More



12 Dec 08

CAN TF Commander: "We’re going to deepen the level of security in key areas in Kandahar Province, where the majority of the population resides – Kandahar City, the districts of Dand, Daman and Arghandab, and portions of Zharey and Panjwayi (and) we’re going to take the fight to the insurgents in areas they consider to be “safe havens” " (.pdf permalink)


USA SecDef Happy to See CAN Stay Past 2011 - More - Transcript:  "Well, the countries that have partnered with the United States and Afghanistan, here in RC South, have made an extraordinary commitment. And proportionately none have worked harder or sacrificed more than the Canadians. They have been outstanding partners for us. And all I can tell you is, as has been the case for a very long time, the longer we can have Canadian soldiers as our partners, the better it is." - CAN DefMin & ForAffairsMin:  Thanks, but No Thanks - More - more - Editorial:  "Gates sees a need for "a sustained commitment "for a "protracted" period. Canada will be there for three more of the most dangerous years. No longer."


USA SecDef Promises More for the Coming Fight


CAN Preparing to Hand Over Command of K'Har Troops to USA


More on Recovery of Seriously Injured Reservist


More on CAN Wanting More, Better UAVs


AFG-Led Op Uncovers Drugs, Weapons in Helmand - Kids Help Spot IEDs in Zabul - "Zabul Governor meets with district elders"


AUS Special Forces Nail Taliban Leader in Oruzgan - More - AUS Statement (MS Word version) - AUS Forces Have Handed Over 180 Prisoners to AFG Authorities - Prince Harry Back Into the Fight as a Chopper Pilot - Brits Starting to Talk to Taliban on the Ground?


Number of IED's Spike - More - IRA Historian:  AFG IED'ers May Be Getting (A Bit) Better?


Analysis:  "The success of a reinvigorated Afghan insurgency – albeit qualified by overstretch and internal tensions – guarantees that 2009 will be another tough year of combat"


Taliban "Revenue Generation" from Coalition (Private Contractor) Convoys


USA Dropping More Beans, Bullets from the Sky



11 Dec 08

CAN Soldier Awarded the Medal of Bravery for November 2007 Rescue Following IED Strike


More on Reservist Recovering from Axe Attack - More


Top CAN Civvy in K'Har:  Aid Delivery Has Been Improving


CAN Looking Outside AFG for Micro-Bases to Prep for Next Conflict


AFG Draws CAN Recruits


K'Har Airfield Hospital Filled with Kids


Polio Spreading Where Taliban Won't Allow Vaccinations - Let's Not Forget Taliban Killing Docs, Too


USA Sec Def Drops By, Promises 7K Mo' Troops by Next Summer - More - more - more


USA SACEUR Drops By Zabul


Coalition Medics Visit Qalat in Kandahar Province


ISAF Preparing to Push Taliban Before AFG Elections (.pdf permalink) - Chair of US Joint Chiefs:  Don't Expect Big Changes in AFG Strategy


More on Alleged Zabul Friendly Fire Incident - More - more - more - CENTCOM statement (.pdf permalink)


Brits Reportedly "Swamped, but now hopeful" with Mo' Troops on the Way - AUS Troops Continue Press - World Socialists:  AUS SAS="Death Squads"???? - AUS Report:  "Impossible to definitively attribute responsibility" (.pdf)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Attack on puppet army in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - "17 American and puppet police were killed in Zabul"


EU Pressed to Speed Up AFG Cop Mission - EU Police Mission in AFG web page


More on NATO Looking for Alternate Supply Routes - More


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs "Relieved, Disturbed" by Trip to PAK, IND




10 Dec 08

CAN Expanding Base @ Zharei


BIG Construction Tender Called by US to Build "CAS Apron" to Handle up to 24 Fighters, 50 Choppers @ Kandahar (.pdf permalink) - More


Looking for Help Doing the Washing and Cleaning @ FOBs? (.pdf permalink)


NATO Bracing for Backlash from Coming USA Surge - How AFG Surge'll be Different from IRQ's


AFG Rejects ICOS/Senlis Assessment that Taliban Have Permanent Presence in 72% of Country


New Yorker on Policing (With Hazaras) in Pashmul


Two Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand - More - Friendly Fire in Zabul? - More


Drug Producers, Smugglers Under Pressure?


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "12 puppet policeman killed in Helmend" (GoogEng)


How the Warlords Could Make ISAF's Job Tougher - Meanwhile, Dostum Says He's Not in Exile in TUR


Opinion:  "Every war has its dark times. It would be fair to say that in Afghanistan, things are dark indeed. Yet our military and our allies remain committed to the fight, and sincerely believe that, if given time and the proper support, they can beat the Taliban and bring Afghanistan into a new era." - "Our soldiers fight in Afghanistan today to protect us from a similar act of terrorism at home tomorrow.  They fight to prevent the return of a dictatorship in Afghanistan antithetical to everything Canadians stand for - democracy, the rule of law, the equality of women and the protection of children.


NATO:  Getting Supplies Through RUS a Priority - One Way Taliban Wants to "Choke" NATO Mission




9 Dec 08

Demetrios Diplaros, Mark Robert McLaren, Robert John Wilson, R.I.P.:  They're Home - More - more - more - more


Analysis:  "The hundredth Canadian soldier was killed in Afghanistan. Adjusting for the size of the population (ten times more people in the United States), Canada has suffered 58 percent more fatalities in Afghanistan. The higher losses are largely because Canadian troops have been operating in the heart of Heroin Country...."


CAN, AFG Officials Disagree with Report Alleging 72% of AFG Has "Permanent Presence" of Taliban - Report Dismissed as "Propaganda" - Report:  "Struggle For Kabul: The Taliban Advance" - Blogger:  One Attack/Week =/= "Permanent Presence"


Journalist/Blogger says CAN Air Force Pumped at New Jobs in AFG - Opinion: "the addition of air lift capacity is a welcome boost for our forces"


KAF Building, Bracing for USA Surge - No Winter Lull in Fighting for ISAF


US Army Hiring Private Security Guards for RC-South FOBs - Solicitation Notice - More - Full solitication document (.pdf)


AUS-Hosted Web Page/blog Says Acid Attack on Girls Carried Out by "no one but the mafia and drug lords who have a lot in stakes and common with Karzai than with Taliban" - WhoIs for (.pdf permalink)


US General Tells USA Today It's Going to be a Tough Fight - "British military chiefs are saying that no more British troops should be sent to Afghanistan unless other countries make greater efforts to promote the economic and political development of the country."


Bad Boys Nailed in Sangin


Helmand Governor says Cops Getting Better - Zabul PRT Helping Keep Governor Safer


Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines Moving Beans, Bullets and More in Helmand - Yet Another Brit Poochie Story


Medical Diplomacy in AFG? - “The Role of Medical Diplomacy in Stabilizing Afghanistan” (.pdf)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Army commander killed in Nemroz" (GoogEng) - Taliban Taking Credit for Attack in PAK? (GoogEng)


Opinion:  "Afghans are looking to the West for a signal that we won't abandon them again. Staying the course in Afghanistan doesn't mean sticking to outdated tactics or a discredited strategy. There is every reason for Canada and its allies to reassess where we have gone wrong, where the Taliban have succeeded, and what the Afghans themselves must to do set things right."


More on UN Security Council Team's "Cautious Optimism" for AFG


More Attacks on ISAF-Bound Supply Trucks in PAK - Good Guys Racing to Find Alternate Supply Lines



8 Dec 08

Demetrios Diplaros, Mark Robert McLaren, Robert John Wilson, R.I.P.:  Expected to Arrive Home This Afternoon - More Crowds than Usual Expected Along Highway of Heroes - More - more


More on New CAN Air Wing in AFG


Things Slowly Returning to Normal @ K'Har School Following Acid Attack


Five Killed in Helmand IED Strike


More on Possible Civvy Deaths in Helmand - More - Brit Sun Girls Visit the Troops in Helmand (Includes Video) - Helmand Shopkeepers Returning to "Business as Usual"?


First New USA Troops Deploying to Help Protect Kabul - More - more


Gov't of USA Editorial:  "Afghan security forces are expanding rapidly while simultaneously fighting insurgents and their terrorist allies"


Think Tank Says Almost 3/4 of AFG Has Taliban "Permanent Presence"; NATO Disagrees


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, 30 Nov-6 Dec 08 (.pdf) - Mullah Omar's Latest Message Calls on Anti-Soviet Fighters to Join Taliban, Warns West About More Troops Meaning More Fightnig & Casualties, Says "Don't Vote" (.pdf version in English, Pashto, Farsi, Arabic & Urdu) - More - more


UN Uber-Envoy:  West Has to Accelerate Development, Reduce Civvy Cas to Succeed - USA Pres-Elect Promises New Approach?


More on Attacks on ISAF-Bound Supplies in PAK - More - more - more - more - more - more - more


Ex-PAK Int Boss Linked to Taliban, AQ?



7 Dec 08

Demetrios Diplaros, Mark Robert McLaren, Robert John Wilson, R.I.P.:  Colleagues Say Goodbye - More - more - more - more - "The 100th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan is important enough to be remembered in a significant and honourable way.  Just as the first was. And second. And every man and woman in between." - ISAF Statement


One of the Injured Continues to Recover


New CAN Air Wing Good to Go in AFG


Taliban (and Some Civvies) Allegedly Hit in Helmand Airstrike - ISAF's Side of the Story


Zabul PRT Modernizing Area Medical Facilities


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "(A)rmy military vehicle blew up, 6 enemies killed in Kandahar (C)ity" (GoogEng) - "Seven British invader terrorists killed in Helmand Province" - "Destroyed a tank of British forces in Musa Qala" (GoogEng)


Bad Guys Torch ISAF Supply Depot in PAK - More - more - more





6 Dec 08

Demetrios Diplaros, Mark Robert McLaren, Robert John Wilson, R.I.P.: On Their Way Home Commander-in-Chief's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Minister of National Defence's Statement - Canadian Army News - "For families, pride and sadness" - Home Base Bids Farewell - Mark McLaren's Father says "son 'believed' in mission" -  "Anargyos Diplaros thought it was strange when he got a phone call at the Scarborough Cineplex where he works telling him to go to the front door." - Pembroke Daily Observer - National Post - Toronto Sun - More - BBC - Associated Press - Canada's War Poet's TributeTaliban's Version of Events


Opinion:  "Mourn, but Keep Moving Forward" - "Mourn these soldiers. Admire them. But don't dare pity them" - "The deaths of the three soldiers yesterday will shake the commitment of some Canadians to the war, and the complacency of many others. But it should cause us to reflect also on the fact that Canada, through the bravery of its soldiers, 100 of them now dead, together with one diplomat, is making a difference in the world."


One of the Injured Remembers with Reports of Latest Fallen (.pdf permalink)


"Afghan officials thank Canadian PRT" - "Kandahar PRT on track with integration approach"


USA Picks AFG Ammo Supplier (Without Choosing a Masseur Again)


K'Har Governor Confirms Departure - Uh, Firing - More


ISAF Troops Shoot Vehicle That Wouldn't Stop at IED Site in Zabul


USA Prepping Marines as Part of 20K Troop Surge:  Transcript - Associated Press - Agence France-Presse


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  7 Canadians, Lots of Brits Alleged Killed


Warlord Seeking Asylum in Turkey? - Or Exiled? - Wikipedia Bio of Abdul Rashid Dostum


AFG, PAK Vow to Fight AQ Together - More - Text of Joint Statement



5 Dec 08


Three CAN Soldiers Killed in Arghandab IED Blast:  Initial CF statement - CF Identifies Third Fallen - Canadian Press - - CanWest/National Post - Globe & Mail - Agence France-Presse


CAN CDS Says Boots, Load Vest and Tour Length Bugging CF Troops the Most in AFG


RCMP Doubling Cop Trainers in AFG


Gov't Reports:  CAN Death Rate in AFG Higher than UK, USA


Families of CAN Fallen Get First Dibs @ Government Jobs


CAN Mil Police Boss Retains Civilian Counsel to Represent Him in Inquiry into Treatment of AFG Detainees - "Commission chairman cites 'serious challenges' regarding access to witnesses and the provision of documents"


Ontario Legion Branch "Adopts" CAN Military Cop in AFG


CAN Civvy Charter Planes Delivering Aid in AFG


K'Har's Ammo Slingers


Going Solar in Zabul - More


Two DNK Soldiers Killed in Helmand - UK Marines in Operation Janubi Tapu


UN Security Council Trip Report: "Afghanistan faces difficult security situation, but not security crisis; points of progress invite 'cautious optimism' " - Visit Team's Terms of Reference


"Plan to enlist local militias threatens to backfire"


"U.S. intelligence officers believe that day-to-day leadership of the (Taliban) is now actually in the hands of the politically savvy Mullah Brehadar, while Mullah Omar retains a largely figurehead position. Brehadar may be behind the push to moderate the movement's message in order to win greater support. Even at the local level, some provincial Taliban officials are tempering older-style Taliban policies in order to win local hearts and minds." - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:   Taliban says AFG proposal to compensate victims of NATO fire "is indirectly, providing outlet of justification for the invaders to shed further blood of the Afghans at free hands, because the existence of relief fund will compensate for their crimes." "Destroyed a tank of British forces in Sangin" (GoogEng) - "4 British soldiers killed in Sangin" (GoogEng) - "(A)ttack on British forces in Sangin" (GoogEng) - "1 British tank blew up in Musa Qala" (GoogEng)


USA Voice of America Reporter Describes Being Taliban Hostage


Bin Laden Better Dead or Alive?




4 Dec 08

ISAF CAN Spokesperson:  AFG Troops to be Involved in All Coalition Ops - Says Mo' Troops=Mo' Fighting - More - AFG Officials Say Surge Needed for Election


CAN Making Progress on Mines in AFG (and Elsewhere)


CAN New Democrats Won't Oppose AFG Mission if in Coalition Gov't


K'Har Governor Says He was Canned by AFG Gov't - More


AFG, Coalition Forces Celebrate New "Commando Bridge" Near K'Har City - More


Online Photo Gallery of Helmand's Camp Bastion Hospital - NATO 8 Minute Video of Ghurkas in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Alleged Taliban Attacks Kill "Musa Qalla puppet commander in Kandahar," 8 British Troops


NATO Foreign Ministers: "The Ministers affirmed that the UN-mandated, NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is the key priority for NATO, and they remain determined to provide ISAF with the forces, resources, and flexibility to ensure the Mission’s success." - Mo' Troops Coming, Then? - More


"An analysis of the impact of the global financial crisis on NATO’s operations in Afghanistan shows that the economy is inextricably linked to security, with social conflict remaining a key issue for Alliance countries."


Pro-Taliban Web Page Asks, "Is it permissible to fight alongside the Paki Regime against India?"



3 Dec 08

"Taliban scatter bombs along route to (CAN-organized) women’s conference" - More - more


CAN Sailor Working in Counter-IED Team


Analysis:  "Afghanistan is all about defending ancient traditions, and buggery and pederasty are two of them."


More on CAN Increasing Air Assets in AFG - Opinion:  "It would appear the federal government hit a home run with this decision and it's particularly satisfying that it actually listened for once. The deployment of the Griffon helicopters directly supports Canada's commitment to meet the conditions set forth by the Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan." - Meanwhile, AFG Gets First Three Mi-17's from CZE


"Longtime (CAN) diplomat praises military-civilian co-operation in Afghanistan"


Windsor's Flag Flies Over CAN Camp


Homicide Bomber Kills Civvies in Helmand - More - more


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "British and Saudi vested interests behind possible deal"


Fallen AUS Soldier Returns Home - NLD Troops Deploy to Oruzgan - DNK Crown Prince Drops By Helmand - AUS Def Min Confident Europe Will Step Up with Mo' Troops


PAK Taliban Bombs AFG Supply Convoy - More - "NATO wants transit agreement for moving cargo to Afghanistan"


"Gates Urges Partnership With Afghanistan, Pakistan to Combat Terror Threat"



2 Dec 08


CAN Gov't Quarterly Report on AFG Benchmarks:  "we are on track to achieve our long-term policy objectives in Afghanistan and build a strong foundation that will make Afghanistan better governed, more secure and more prosperous for its people" - Report (.pdf) - Report (HTML)


CAN Journalist-Blogger Says Issue of Recognizing Multiple AFG Tours Approaching Resolution


How Poochies are Helping Protect KAF


Eight Civvies, Two Cops Killed in Homicide Bombing in K'Har Market


USA Seeking More AUS Troops - USAF Help Train AFG Medical Staff @ Kandahar Mil Hospital - Brit Ag Specialist Blogs from Helmand - Brit Sappers Help Build Orphanage, Nursery and Women's Centre in Helmand


AFG Envoy to USA: No Powersharing with Taliban


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Eight British soldiers killed in Helmand province"


Opinion:  Tribal Militias "would offer security in the very short-term, but all our aspirations to be builders of nations would have to be abandoned as the militiamen would pillage the country following the departure of foreign forces."


AFG, PAK Leaders to Meet in TUR




1 Dec 08

More on CAN Chopper Sqn Headed to AFG


More on CAN Sending Civvies Further Afield


CAN Father, Daughter Team Serving in AFG


Female Health Worker in K'Har Faces Taliban Threats to Quit Working


Civvies Killed in Musa Qala Homicide Bombing Attack


AUS Troop, Civvy Wounded in IED Blast in Uruzgan


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Columnist Says "Taleban with their power-oriented regional aims can be negotiated with and even convinced to some extent. Al Qaeda’s position is unclear. One thing however is certain: this is not the beginning of an end."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Canadian foot patrol blown up in Maiwand, Kandahar" - "Mine Explosion in a Convoy of the Invading Troops"


Opinion:  " The problem for Canada and Western allies in Afghanistan is that we supposedly are trying to help restore .... peace and security, without taking over. We are aiding the existing elected government, not giving orders." (.pdf permalink) - "Karzai is struggling to rebrand himself as a tough pragmatist who can stand up to the Americans, protect civilians and end the fighting .... Canadians, who may spend $18 billion defending Afghanistan before we pull out our troops in 2011, don't need these lectures."


PAK May Pull Troops Back from AFG Border


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