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CANinKHar-Jan 2009

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January 2009

Background Information & Research Information

31 Jan 09

Joshua Brian Roberts, 1978-2008, R.I.P.:  Parents Want New Investigation into Death


Robert Thomas James Mitchell, 1973-2006, R.I.P.:  Parents Receive Peace Tower Flag


Injured CAN Soldier Continues to Recover - More on Injured Sniper Marrying His Medic

CAN Trainer:  “It’s like watching a child grow .... But we’ve made some progress.”


CAN Pay Clerk Helps Smooth the Paperwork - CAN Embed Gets Chopper Ride


Coming ROTO Practice in USA Desert


Four Killed, Eight Nabbed in IED Cell "Disruption" in K'Har (See Taliban version third item below in "Taliban Propaganda Watch")


Most Students @ K'Har School Back At It After Acid Attacks


Brit Soldier Killed in Helmand Firefight - More - "Danish soldiers in Afghanistan are only able to rely on necessary air support in 75 percent of operations" - "British troops in Helmand get extra helicopters at last"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "5 Puppet army soldiers killed in Kandahar city 30/1/09" - "Attacked on supplying convoy of American invaders in Kandahar 30/1/09" - Official English-Google English translation of Arabic portion - "American invader army terrorists martyr 5 civilians in Kandahar 30/1/09" - "American invader terrorists martyred 3 civilians in Zabul 30/1/09" - More Pictures of Taliban Fighters (.pdf screen capture)


"A U.S. government oversight agency says Afghanistan's reconstruction program has no coherent spending strategy to implement its goals." - Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) January 30, 2009 Quarterly Report to Congress (Alternate report - 11Mb .pdf - download site)


AFG Pres Picks on West During Election Campaign


RUS Media says RUS, NATO Agree to Supply Routes



30 Jan 09

Joshua Brian Roberts, 1978-2008, R.I.P.:  Parents Receive Report Confirming Taliban, Not Security Consultant, Fire Killed Soldier (.pdf permalink)


More CAN Troops Heading Over


CAN's (Reportedly) Oldest Serviceman Working Overseas Since WW2


CAN Company Recruiting AFG Security for Major Dam Work


K'Har Governor Asks for More Tractors, Training - CAN Helping Fight AFG Illiteracy


NATO:  ISAF Commander Has NOT Issued Illegal Orders Re:  Nailing Drug Lords


AFG Interior Minister Says Cops Ready to Protect Voter Registration Work for August Ballot


"Karzai's Plan Would Give Afghan Military Greater Authority" - More on Calls for Better Co-ordination to Prevent Civvy Casualties


USA to Announce Proposed Troop Levels "In Coming Days" - USA's "Afghanistan Troop Buildup a ‘Delicate’ Endeavor" USA Commander in AFG Ready for Info War - Next USA Envoy to AFG to be Lt. Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry


IED Cell in Zabul "Disrupted"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "(F)oot patrol of Canadian invaders blew up, 6 soldiers killed in Kandahar 29/1/09" - English with Google English translation of Arabic - Pix of Taliban in the Winter - "Closing the cages of Guantanamo is not enough"


Opinion:  "Time to say 'no' to extending Afghan mission"



29 Jan 09

Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.:  Mother of Fallen Good with Fine Against Doc Releasing Son's Info


Government of Canada Helps Youth Take Photos of K'har


Journo-Blogger Asks "Why the CAN Command Change in AFG?"


NATO:  More than 9 out of 10 Civvy Cas Taliban's Fault - More - more - AFG Prez Presents 11 Point Plan to Control Civvy Cas to NATO - Says He'll Take it to the Voters if Progress Not Made on Issue


" 'Deliberate Slip' Reveals Afghan Superbombs (from IRN)" - Transcript, 13 Jan 09 Media Briefing


PMCs Growing as AFG Heats Up


More on USA Building Surge @ KAF


Election Delayed Until August 20 - More - more


Two USMC NCOs Killed in Helmand - More - CAN Cameraman Recognized for Saving Marine's Life in AFG - More One Brit Medic's Story - Brit Reservist's Story in Bastion - RAF Helping AFG Cops


AUS Government Settles with Entertainer Accused of Sex with Troops in AFG


Still Burnin' Schools in Helmand - Two Kidnapped NGO Workers Released in Helmand - Bad Boy Nabbed in Zabul


Worries About Killing Drug Lords?


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "In a ambushed 1 tank of Canadian invaders destroyed in Kandahar 28/1/09" (Official English followed by GoogEng) - Original in English & Arabic - "A tank of British invaders army blew up in Helmand 27/1/09" (Official English followed by GoogEng) – Original in English and Arabic


Opinion:  CAN Could Help Obama Shape a Plan for AFG to Win Over European Leaders? - "Will Afghanistan be Obama’s Vietnam?"


Think Tank Report:  "A counterinsurgency campaign should incorporate development, security and governance activities, yet .... the U.S. government lacks a truly integrated plan, one that is understood by civilians and soldiers alike"


AFG Foreign Minister: "The new and old [U.S.] administrations share a common understanding of these issues. There could be some differences and we hope we would sit and discuss them."


"Pakistan to U.S.: Stop the Drone Strikes (And More Weapons, Please)"




28 Jan 09

Robert Girouard, 1960-2006, R.I.P.:  Documentary to Profile Life, Family of Fallen CWO (CF Video)


Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.: B.C. Doctor Disciplined for Writing about Soldier's Death in AFG - College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC Letter (.pdf)


The Torch:  CAN Troops Moving into K'Har City Soon? - CEFCOM Interview, December 2008 (.pdf permalink):  "....We will continue to separate the insurgents from the people (in 2009), but our broader focus has to be on the population — stabilizing in Kandahar City and building a stronger sense of security in the populated approaches to the city...."


Two ISAF Troops Killed in South - Minibus Blast Kills At Least Four Civvies in K'Har - More


More on USA Setting "Modest" Goals in AFG - Meanwhile, USA Pledges to Add Lotsa Troops - More


AUS:  We May Send Mo' Troops When Other NATO Countries Do - More on AFG-UK Op Lion


Think Tank Annual Report NATO Tensions Damaging AFG Mission


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Few British invaders army terrorists killed in Helmand 27/1/09" - "A tank of British invaders army blew up in Helmand 27/1/09" - Taliban OK With Gitmo Closing, But Still Calls for USA to GTFO AFG, IRQ


RUS Rules Out Troops for AFG - Envoy:  RUS "ready to allow NATO transits to Afghanistan"



27 Jan 09

Globe & Mail:  "As the insurgents infiltrate the area west of Kandahar, Canadian troops concentrate on holding territory until U.S. forces arrive "


New CAN UAVs Get to Work - NLD to Get Same UAVs Too?


NATO TV Video of CAN Troops at Work:  CIMIC - QRF Responds to IED


CAN CDS Meets with PAK Counterpart


UN:  Voter registration for the 2009 elections in Afghanistan has started in the four southern provinces of Kandahar, Helmand, Nimroz and Uruzgan.


"President Barack Obama is likely to scale back U.S. ambitions for troubled Afghanistan, redefining victory in a war that his closest military and foreign affairs advisers say cannot be won on the battlefield." - More on USA Veep's Prediction of More Casualties (Due to Harder Push)




Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 26/1/09" - "A tank of NATO invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 26/1/09"


Opinion: "Is the West losing the Pashtuns?"


"NATO, Russia mend relations as Afghan war heats up" - More


NATO Boss Sees Role for IRN to Help in AFG - More - more



26 Jan 09

PM on AFG Mission:  “We went to the Parliament, we got our extension to 2011, and that’s what we will do. I will certainly not be making any commitments without the consent of the Parliament of Canada.”


Kabul-Based Security Counsultant:  Taliban Moving Towards More Face-to-face Fights, Fewer Bombs? (.pdf permalink)


Governor of K'Har Says CAN Should Focus on Development Happening, Not (Just?) Casualties


The Torch on Patrol, Part 2


USA Veep Warns to Expect More Cas in AFG - More


Royal Marines "Disrupt" Bomb-making Factory in South - AUS Spec Forces Call for More Helicopters - Next Brit ROTO Gets Ready to Head Downrange (BBC Video)

Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Weekly Summary, 18-24 Jan 09 (.pdf) - "1 tank of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 25/1/09" - "A tank of British invaders army blew up in Helmand 25/1/09" - "7 Puppet army soldiers killed in Helmand 25/1/09" - "5 Puppet army soldiers killed,1 vehicle destroyed in Uruzgan 25/1/09"


Opinion:  "Afghan mission is becoming more and more a U.S. affair" - Refreshes "JTF-2 on execution missions?" stories


Corruption, Taliban Big Cause Big Worries, Food Shipping Problems Out of the South


AFG Pres Promises to Go to Other Countries for Help if USA Doesn't Shape Up



UN Uber-envoy Seeks "Win-Win" Between AFG and the Other 'Stans



25 Jan 09

Female Owner of K'Har Construction Company, Granddaughter of former King, Gets Special Permit to Live in CAN - More


Another CAN Journalist Embed Heads Downrange


ISAF Soldier Killed in IED Blast in South - Guy Digging Hole, Running Away, Trying to Bury Something In It Shot


UN:  215K Kids Missed in RC-South Polio Vaccine Campaign Because of Security/Taliban


UK (May Be) Sending Choppers, Anti-IED Team into AFG - More - Brit Commander:  "We completely tied down the Taliban during the first day of voter registration keeping them very distracted."


Injured AUS Soldier Eager to Get Back Into Fight - More - UK Def Min Blames Europe Not Helping for Brit Casualties


Opinion:  "Canada Must Pursue a More Independent Foreign Policy" - Both Civvy AND Military Help Needed in AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "15 puppet army soldiers killed, check posts demolished in Kandahar 24/1/09" - "Top-English-Bottom-GoogEng Translation"


Former PAK President Admits AQ Has Safe Havens in PAK - Says USA Not Giving PAK Enough Money to Fight the Good Fight - Taliban Radio Spreads the Word in PAK Areas



24 Jan 09

CAN Soldier Relives How He Helped One of the Injured


RC-South Commander Happy to See Surge Coming - USMC Proposes 20K for AFG Surge - More


Analysis: "International troop contributors hope to reduce their military commitment to Afghanistan significantly in 2011 .... their .... withdrawal will allow the opium economy to re-establish itself as a more or less free market." - Meanwhile, "U.S. waiting for Afghanistan to take lead on narcotics"


More on Worries About Taliban During Voter Registration in South


K'Har Students Back in Class After Acid Attack


USA SecDef: "“One of the points where I suspect both administrations come to the same conclusion, is that the goals we did have for Afghanistan are too broad and too far into the future” - Full transcript of briefing


"U.S. 'Super Envoy' Appointment Sends Strong Signal" To AFG, PAK - Counterpoint:  Wrong Guy Chosen? - Paper: "Tell Me Why We’re There? Enduring Interests in Afghanistan (and Pakistan)"

NLD to GTFO (Most, but not All Troops) in 2010 - More - Haggis for the Laddies on Robbie Burns Day in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 tanks of Canadian invaders destroyed and 8 soldiers killed in Farah 23/1/09" - "1 vehicles of Canadian invaders blew up in Kandahar 23/1/09" - "4 (B)ritish invaders killed in Girishk, Helmend 23/1/09" - "First "achievements" of invaders in new year" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic


New "official web-site of the Political Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan":  English version - Arabic version, translated into GoogEng


"Statement of the Political Committee of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to mark the installation of (Obama) as the power" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic- Alternate in Arabic


NATO SecGen Drops By PAK - RUS Now Ready to Co-operate on Routes into AFG



23 Jan 09

New CAN UAV's Good to Go in AFG - More - more


The Torch on Patrol (Part 1) - The Torch on the K'Har Boardwalk - Embed Reporter On His Way Back


USA Def Sec:  No Final Decision on USA "Surge" Yet - Transcript - Analysis:  USA May Get "Rebuff" from Europe for Mo' Help - More - USA Names Holbrooke as AFG-PAK Envoy


Kids in Compound where Bad Guys Engaged ISAF Injured in Sangin Explosion - CNN:  PAK Int Allegedly Paid Perps to Spray Acid in K'Har Girls' Faces - More


Voter Registration in South Still Dicey


Important New Highway (Build by IND) Opens in Nimroz Province - More - more - Rough Map

Bad Boys "Disrupted" in Zabul - AUS Troops Continue to Press Taliban


Brits Pissed at Sharing Hospital Ward with Wounded Taliban - More - more - UK Military Defends Practice - More Nurses, Too

Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Australian invaders army destroyed in Uruzgan 22/1/09" - "1 vehicle of puppet army destroyed in Nemroz 22/1/09"


UN Uber-Envoy:  Not ALL of the USA's Strategy Needs to be Changed


ITAR-TASS:  RUS  Not Allowing MILITARY Supplies Through to AFG (.pdf permalink) - RUS Diplomat:  "Russia could help NATO re-supply its forces in Afghanistan if the alliance restores contacts with Moscow that were put on hold over the war with Georgia" - What CENTCOM Commander Said a Few Days Ago



22 Jan 09

Latest CAN Injured Doing a Bit Better


CAN Def Min:  USA'll Look For Mo' Troops Elsewhere - More - CAN Not Extending Mission - More - "Ousting Harper won't end Afghan mission early - NDP" - AFG Top of USA Prez's Agenda


CAN Air Boss in AFG:  Olympics to Stretch CF Chopper Resources


"Of all the challenges that beset Afghanistan, the most dramatic is the lack of an integrated counterinsurgency strategy."


USA Announces Next Units into the Fray in AFG


AFG Rights Group:  2/3 of Civvies Killed in 2008 Killed by Bad Guys - Still, UN Rejects Report as "superficial and deeply uninformed"


US SF Trooper Found Dead in Room in Uruzgan Fire Base - AUS Governor General Drops By - NLD Staff Briefs Media about Recent Op - UK's RAF Flying AFG Cops About the Country - Embed On Patrol with Ghurkas in Helmand


Taliban Boss Nailed in Maywand District - More - more - more


"The Taliban are everywhere the soldiers are not, the saying goes in the southern part of the country."


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Former Taliban Official:  They Just Want Foreign Troops Out; Only Way to Talk is Through SAU


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "9 puppet soldiers killed 2 vehicles destroyed in Kandahar 21/1/09" - "Battle in Helmend, enemies have a loss 21/1/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "1 tank of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 21/1/09" - "3 puppet soldiers killed 1 vehicles destroyed in Helmand 21/1/09" - "Head of shura of Keshrud district and 40 soldiers have joined Taliban in Nimroz 21/1/09" - Original in Arabic


BBC Documentary on Mirwais Hospital in K'Har



21 Jan 09

London, Ontario Soldier Identified as Seriously Injured in Panjwai Blast (.pdf permalink)


CF Engineer:  Two out of Three IEDs in K'Har Spotted by AFG Forces - Graph Showing WAY More Being Spotted than Blowing Up


"How far can the Canadian military be stretched, and what will be the effects of multiple deployments on soldiers over the long-term?"


Breaking Ground for Digs for USA Surge - More


Brit Def Sec Drops By Southern AFG - UK PRT Helps Train Local Medical Professionals in Helmand


New Poll Says Most Europeans Don't Want Mo' Troops in AFG - Brits, French, Germans and Italians, to be Specific - More


More on Bike Bomb Killing AFG Cops in K'Har City - More - Just as the Election Campaign Begins - UN Uber-Envoy Still Optimistic about Voter Registration - NATO Looking for Mo' Troops for Elections?!?


"Afghan insurgent tactics shift to dodge airstrikes"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "14 Puppet army soldiers killed in Helmand 20/1/09" - "9 puppet soldiers killed 1 vehicles destroyed in Kandahar 20/1/09" - "A vehicle Puppet army destroyed in Kandahar 20/1/09"


AFG Pres Calls on West to Change Military Approach - More - NLD Foreign Minister says AFG Gov't "Must Perform Better"


"How To Know The Taliban Runs The Show" in PAK


USA Strikes Deal with the Other 'Stans to Supply Troops in AFG - More



20 Jan 09

Brian Good, R.I.P.:  "Soldier's generosity remembered at packed funeral" - More - more - more - more


CAN Soldier Seriously Injured in Panjwaii IED Blast - More


CAN CDS:  ANY Extra Help in AFG Welcome


Gen. Dan McNeill:  "International soldiers will be needed in Afghanistan until at least 2012, but troop levels could start dropping by then" - "Canadians may love Barack Obama, but not enough to keep our troops in Kandahar longer than 2011, a new poll says."


RCMP on Mentoring AFG Cops


More on CAN's Helicopters in Theatre


CAN Blogger Makes it to K'Har - Another CAN Journalist Prepares to Embed


"Karzai Urges West To Review Afghan War Strategy"


Two AFG Cops Killed by Bike Bomber in K'Har City


Latest Brit Fallen Identified


U.N. Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict: "The Taliban and other armed groups must stop targeting and using children" - More


Where the Taliban Rest Up After They Fight CAN Troops (Thanks Dave!)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "7 Canadian invaders soldier killed in Kandahar 19/1/09" - "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 19/1/09" - "1 tank of Nato invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 19/1/09" - "A vehicle puppet army destroyed in Helmand 19/1/09" - "1 tank of American invader army destroyed in Helmand 19/1/09" - "2 vehicle of puppet army destroyed 13 soldiers killed in Uruzgan 19/1/09"


Opinion:  "Time for sun to set on our Afghan mission" - "It's time to re-evaluate American policy in the region." -"Afghan bazaar speculates regime change"


Next Steps Toward Election Discussed



19 Jan 09

CAN Ambassador on Possible Future CF Cas in AFG: "I think it’s surprising that anyone would ever make an estimate of a body count in a situation as complicated as Afghanistan. I wouldn’t have done it then and I won’t do it now."


Opinion:  Beef Up CAN Air, PRT Assets to Cut Total Number of Troops


"Russia has accepted a request from President Hamid Karzai to provide military aid to Afghanistan, the Afghan government said on Monday." - More


Afghan Deminers Pretty Popular - AFG Cops Help Vaccinate Livestock in Uruzgan


NLD For Min:  We'll be There for a While


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "3 British invaders 5 puppet army terrorists killed in Helmand 18/1/09"


PAK Supply Routes Disrupted (Again) - More


PAK Taliban: "Suicide bombers are the atomic weapons of Muslims"

18 Jan 09

Analysis: "(CAN) PM may have to put vow to end mission in 2011 on hold until new U.S. policy becomes clear"?


NATO Sec-Gen:  "The basic problem in Afghanistan is not too much Taliban; it's too little good governance." - More - "Many Afghans losing faith in Karzai government's ability to secure districts deep in the countryside" - AFG Pres Candidate Focuses on Corruption


Two Words from CAN Doctor Paints Picture for Blogger


Combat Outpost Terminator Good to Go in Mayand, Kandahar

Brit Soldier Killed in Sangin Firefight - Another Poochie Story (from the Brits This Time)


Men Threatening Schoolgirls Nabbed in Nimroz


Taliban Claim to have Formed Shadow Gov't in 70% of AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Weekly Summary, 11-17 Jan 09 (.pdf) - "1 tank of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 17/1/09" - "4 British invaders army terrorists killed in Helmand 17/1/09" - "4 British invaders army terrorists killed and 1 tank destroyed in Helmand 17/1/09" - "The American announcement to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan is possibly a war gimmick because other NATO member countries have not pledged to send even ten soldiers to Afghanistan in 2009."


AFG Foreign Minister Underwhelmed at Incoming USA Sec of State Calling AFG "Narco-state"



17 Jan 09

CF Technical Assistance Visits-Tourism/Annoyance Visits Being Limited by Central Agencies?


USA Journalist:  Branding AFG - Is it at war, or not?


More on CAN Bomb/IED Stats


What CAN Artillery is Up To - CAN Helping Train AFG Cops in the South


NATO Treating Kids Injured in Taliban Attacks


One (Soon to be) CAN Embed Journalist's Blog - More About the Base That Dare Not Speak Its Location


AFG Cops Head Off SUV Fulla Explosives in K'Har City


Latest Fallen Royal Marines Identified - Brits Looking into Possibility of Friendly Fire


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Analyst Asks ""If it was acceptable for the Bush administration to negotiate directly with the Sunni sheiks of Iraq, why not negotiate with the Taliban?" - Analyst's report


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "40 British invader army terrorists and 123 puppet army terrorists killed during one week of fighting in Helmand 16/1/09" - More Claims of Attacks in Helmand


UN Uber Envoy Urges USA to Stay the Courts in AFG - Hoping for New Energy from New USA Administration - NY Times Editorial: "We agree with President-elect Barack Obama that Afghanistan is the real front in the war against Al Qaeda. That is one reason why he and his advisers must move quickly to come up with a sound military and development strategy for halting Afghanistan’s downward spiral."


USA Says Progress Being Made in Poppies - Some USA Politicians Calling for "Colombia Approach" to Drugs in AFG



16 Jan 09

CF:  Taliban Planting More IEDs, and More Getting Neutralized - More - more - more


Journalist/Blogger:  USA Pumping $ into Facilities for Anti-IED Force - More About TF ODIN - Different Ways to Drop Beans 'n Bullets Off to Remote Sites


CAN's New RoCK At Work


Brits Bash NATO Allies over Troop Offers - More - more - Opinion:  "It is time the rest of the EU played their part in Afghanistan"


AUS Spec Ops Trooper Awarded Victoria Cross - More - more


NLD Troops in New Push in Baluchi Valley in Oruzgan


Two Brit Troops Killed NE of Gereshk in Central Helmand (see Taliban claim below)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 British invaders and 5 puppet soldiers killed in battle in Girishk, Helmend 14/1/09" - "(P)uppet army commander and 3 terrorists killed in Helmand 15/1/09" - "5 Puppet army soldiers killed in Helmand 15/1/09"


Opinion:  "Canadian soldiers are being used as cannon fodder to maintain an already declining American empire."


Incoming USA Sec of State: USA will “tie aid to better performance by the Afghan national government, including anti-corruption initiatives and efforts to extend the rule of law across the country” - Resistance to USA Plans?


IRN Reportedly About to Kick Out More AFG Refugees


"UN to Obama: Don't change Afghan strategy" - USA President Elect:  Kill or Capture Osama - More - CIA Boss Says AQ Doesn't Feel Safe near PAK Border - "U.S. strikes more precise on al Qaeda; Fewer Pakistani civilians hit"



15 Jan 09

More on AFG-CAN-UK Raid of IED Depot


NATO-TV Video Story on CAN Dahla Dam Work (7.5 mB .wmv)


Changes in Leadership Coming with USA's AFG Surge - CEFCOM Boss:  It Could Get Hotter in AFG - USA Veep-Elect Agrees - CAN Officer Says CAN is Making a Difference


Latest on New CAN Air Wing in AFG


New NATO "Tactical Directive" to Reduce Civvy Cas - "NATO to let Afghan troops to take lead on searches" - More - more


AFG Troops in South Getting, Training on USA Weapons


AFG Def Ministry Says Four Districts in Helmand, Daikundi Provinces where "the government does not exist"


New Female Mayor in Daikundi Province Says Women's Rights Worse


New USA Sec of State: "In Afghanistan, the new administration plans to conduct a comprehensive review of both the military and civilian policy .... noting that Obama believes that if the United States commits more troops and resources, NATO also needs to provide more support."


AFG Envoy to USA Calls Proposed Tribal Plan "Risky"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "(F)ound warehouse of weapon of puppet army in Ghorak, Kandahar 14/1/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "1 tank of NATO invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 14/1/09" - "2 vehicles of puppet army booty in Kandahar 14/1/09" - "1 vehicle Puppet army destroyed in Kandahar 14/1/09" - "9 Puppet army soldiers killed in Helmand 14/1/09" - "Destroyed 2 tanks of invaders in Helmend 13/1/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "1 tank of invaders blew up in Girishk, Helmend 13/1/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "1 tank of Australian invaders army destroyed in Uruzgan" (last item)


SAU Int Boss Meets AFG Officials


"Nato depot in Pakistan attacked" - "Tribes end Afghan border blockade" - "U.S. Seeking Afghan Supply Route Via Kazakhstan"



14 Jan 09

CAN Aid Minister Wraps Up Visit to AFG - UN Uber-Envoy Thanks CAN for Latest Help


CAN Ambassador to AFG: "Canada is encouraged by and supported by the Afghan government's intent to roll out a lower level political reconciliation program on a pilot basis in parts of the country with a strong involvement at local levels with regional offices." (.pdf permalink)


Analysis: "The creation last year of a senior diplomatic post in Kandahar to provide increased civilian leadership to Canadian efforts in the province has had a positive impact on the mission as a whole" (.pdf permalink)


Canadian Press Jumped Gun re:  Dam Contract? (second item - .pdf permalink)


More (Brit Coverage) of IED Factory Raid - More - The Torch:  Why Not More CAN Coverage?


WFP Distributing Food to Helmand Students, Teachers - "Today, nearly all of the wounded girls are back at the Mirwais School for Girls, including even Shamsia, whose face was so badly burned that she had to be sent abroad for treatment."


US Veep-Elect Promises More Help for AFG Cops


UK Minister for Defence Equipment and Support Drops By, Says Troops Tell Him They Love Their Kit


"Ethnic tension, insecurity cast doubt on Afghan vote" - More - No More Voter Registration @ AFG Clinics - Zabul Election Worker Killed


More on Pomegranates Helping Push Out Opium - Help Offered to Stem Opium Trade


PAK Reopens AFG Supply Route (Again)



13 Jan 09

Big IED-Making Stuff Cache Seized in AFG-CAN-UK Op - More - ISAF Statement - more


CAN announces "humanitarian and economic assistance to address winter food shortages and create opportunities for economic growth in Afghanistan, especially in the agriculture sector"


Monument to Fallen CAN Civilians Unveiled in Kabul - More - CAN Aid Minister Says Attacks on Aid Workers Up - UN Staff Union Agrees


Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.:  Radical Defence for Soldier Charged with Shooting - more


Washington Post:  "President-elect Barack Obama intends to sign off on Pentagon plans to send up to 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, but the incoming administration does not anticipate that the Iraq-like "surge" of forces will significantly change the direction of a conflict...." - More


How USA Forces are Preventing Civvy Cas


UN Official Says Mo' Money Needed for UN Mineclearing in AFG - More - more


Local Government Officials in Helmand Improving Their Skills


Latest Brit Fallen Identified


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Puppet police check post demolished and 5 puppet terrorists killed in Kandahar 12/1/09"


"Afghanistan's long years of unrest have produced a new generation of Islamic militants, many of them bent on holy war, who are reinforcing the "old Taliban" in their deadly insurgency, analysts say."


Center for Defense Information December 2008 Highlights


"Intel Sharing Falls Short on Afghan-Pakistan Border" - "Western military supplies passing through Pakistan to Afghanistan are facing more disruption after protesters blocked one route and militants launched the first attack in two weeks on another."



12 Jan 09

Official Announcement of CAN $50M into Dahla Dam:  Government news release (.pdf permalink) - CanWest - -


More on Swearing In of New CAN Rep in Kandahar


Journalist/Blogger:  Why No CF Announcement of Big $ Vehicle Contract? - Company's 17 Nov 08 Ann't


UK Royal Marine Killed on Patrol Near Kajaki - More - ISAF statement


Bad Guy Money Man Nabbed in K'har City - More on AUS Spec Ops Kill of Taliban Boss in Uruzgan - ISAF Statement - AUS media briefing transcript


MSNBC Video of Embed with Marines in K'Har


Some UK Worries About USA Taking Over Command of South??? - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, 4-11 Jan 09 (.pdf) - "Canadian invaders army base attacked in Kandahar" (first item; .pdf permalink)


Opinion: "Early fears for Afghanistan's elections"


USA Veep Elect:  Osama Not REALLY the Boss Anymore - More - US Academic:  USA Should Think Twice About Expanding AFG Mission


AFG Bad Boys Swarm into PAK to Attack Mil Outpost



11 Jan 09

Brian Richard Good, R.I.P.:  He's Home - More - more - more - more - Down the Highway of Heroes


Looking at the Stats


CAN Choppers Limbering Up for the Fight


New Senior CAN Rep in K'Har Takes Over - More - more - more


Bad Day for USA Troops - New USA Commander of Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command — Afghanistan


Spotting Suspicious Cash, Cell Phones and Inner Tubes in Kandahar


AUS Has Plan to End of 2012 - AUS Forces Nail Bad Guy Responsible for Latest Fallen - More


Brit Troops:  Don't Count on 'Em (MSM columnist) vs. They Have Their Act Together (US military writer) - permalink to both pieces (.pdf)


USA Veep-Elect Meets with UN Reps - Also Visits AFG, Military Leaders - ISAF HQ Visit - Told More Choppers Needed - Visits Southern AFG Too


USAF Teaching AFG Journalists About How the Job is Done


AFG MPs Propose Ways to Cut Drug Production, Say Stopping "Mafia network and involvement of foreigners" Only Way to Go



10 Jan 09

Brian Richard Good, R.I.P.:  More on Return Home This Afternoon - ISAF Feature on Ramp Ceremony


Questions About How IEDs are Being Dealt With in South?


CAN DefMin on USA Surge: "It's my hope that it will make a difference and that we'll see, as we have in the past, the trend start to track downward when it comes to casualties."


Company Chosen for CAN Signature Project @ Dahla Dam - Original Request for Proposal Abstract


Outgoing Top CAN Diplomat in K'Har Proud of Work Done - Most Proud of Police, Security Work


More on CAN's New UAVs


K'Har Resident in IND for Surgery:  Biggest Problem Not Taliban or Foreign Troops, but Local Government


Three ISAF Troops Killed in South - Five USA Troops Killed in Blasts in Zabul, Nimroz & K'Har


NATO Mil Commander:  Worldwide $ Crunch Could Affect AFG Ops - More - Worries About European Pull-Back - US Generals Predict LOOOONG Time Before Dust Truly Settles

Petraeus:  "Peace and stability in Afghanistan are incomplete without improving relations among the country and its neighbors" - More


US Veep-Elect Drops By - More - more


AFG Op Mentored by AUS Troops in Uruzgan


Afghans Wary of Militia Plan


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Violent clashes with U.S. naval forces in Sangen, Helmend 9/1/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "9 British invader army terrorists killed in Helmand, 5 British invader army terrorists killed in Helmand, (2 tanks) of Australian invader army destroyed in Uruzgan, Martyrdom Operation kills puppet police commander and 8 puppet terrorists in Nemroz"


Think Tank Report (.pdf):  "Only decisive improvements in capability by the ANA and ANP can create the security environment necessary for future development. There are many countries that can and should provide crucial assistance, including the Afghan government. Only the US, however, has the resources to change this situation." - Report synposis


Author of "The Great Gamble":  "We have to do, essentially, the opposite of what the Soviets did .... We have to be incredibly sensitive to the needs of the local population. And our mission is to rebuild the society so that the government can be sustainable."


Remember the CAN "Web Publisher" Nabbed in PAK?



9 Jan 09

Brian Richard Good, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - More - Arriving Home Saturday - Remembered by Family and Fellow Colleagues


B.C. Family Proud of "Mentioned in Dispatches" Soldier

Report:  CAN PRT Had Teething Pains Setting Up Shop


Two ISAF Troops Killed in Maiwand Bazaar Suicide Attack - ISAF Condemns Attack - Dead Confirmed as USA Troops - AFG Police:  CAN Soldiers Injured in Bazaar in Maiwand District??? - More - Taliban takes credit, claiming "Martyrdom Operation kills 15 Canadian invader army terrorists and destroys 2 tanks in Kandahar"


Social Scientist Torched by Afghan in Helmand Dies from Burns - More - more - more - A Niece Remembers


Helmand "IED Facilitator" Nailed


More on OP Red Dagger in Helmand


Petraeus:  Big Push Needed - Says USA, IRN Share Interests in AFG - AFG Foreign Minister: "One cannot simply build bridges, but must also protect them"


Brit Dragoons Get AFV Upgrade Before Headed to AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "We have focused on mines these days because that is very helpful to us. We killed so many Canadians, this is not our good luck - we deliberately want to kill Canadians" - "1 vehicle of Nato invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 8/1/09" - "2 tanks of British invader army destroyed in Helmand 8/1/09" - "British invader army helicopter shot down in Helmand 8/1/09" - Statement:  "The Islamic Emirate believes that the invaders’ apparent change of direction to accept a diplomatic solutions is the result of the huge losses caused to them at the hand of Mujahideen through decisive attacks."


2 Million Afghans Unemployed


"Officials: new NATO routes to Afghanistan likely"



8 Jan 09

Brian Richard Good, R.I.P.:  G-G/Commander-in-Chief Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Defence Minister's Statement - CEFCOM Statement - ISAF Statement - Reportedly Returning Home Saturday - Canadian Press - Globe & Mail - More - Sun Media - - Reuters - One of the Injured from Windsor, Ontario


Taliban Learning Fast, Adapting Tactics


Michael Freeman, R.I.P.: Ontario's Coroner Says His Team Did Autopsy as Soon as Possible


Officer Accused of Murder Free on Bail, Conditions:  Canadian Press - Ottawa Citizen/National Post - Toronto Star - Sun Media - Globe & Mail


Getting Ready for Future Tour in Moose Jaw - Another Tour Prepping in Wainwright - Returning Reservists Get Belated Official Welcome Home


Analysis:  "What happens when the world's best counterinsurgency force meets a witch's brew of terrorists, multiple insurgencies and hardened narco-traffickers deep in the interior of Eurasia? In Afghanistan in 2009, we are about to find out"


USA General Quoted by PAK Media Saying More Close Air Support to Come - Paper:  "even as mounting civilian casualties are alienating the Afghan populace, excessive restraint in the use of airstrikes may be handicapping U.S. counterinsurgency (COIN) efforts"


AUS Looking into Firefight in Baluchi Valley - More - Latest AUS Fallen On His Way Home - Family's Statement - Brit Troops Help Distribute Seed Wheat in Helmand - EST Mil Commander Drops By Troops in Helmand

Taliban Propaganda Watch: "American and British invaders forces martyr 34 civilians 7/1/09" - "5 British invader army terrorists killed in Helmand 7/1/09" - "1 tank of Nato invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 7/1/09" - "4 American invader army supplies vehicles torched in Helmand 7/1/09" - "Puppet army commander vehicle ambushed in Kandahar 7/1/09"


Worries About Graphic TV Programs Aimed at Keeping Folks from Joining Taliban


Is PAK-AFG Nice-Nice Talk Just Rhetoric? - Still, USA Pleased PAK and AFG Talking Nice



7 Jan 09

Brian Richard Good, R.I.P.:  RCD Trooper Killed, Three Troops Injured, in Shah Wali Kowt IED Blast (CF Statement) - Globe & Mail - National Post


3 RCR Battle Group Keeping Up the Pressure Over Winter - How CAN Artillery Is Helping in the Fight


CBC Helmet Video Feature of One CAN Soldier's Fight in AFG


John Michael Roy Curwin, Thomas James Hamilton, Justin Peter Jones, R.I.P. Memorial Service Set for Friday at CFB Gagetown


Military Judges to Rule Whether Officer Charged with Second Degree Murder Remains in Jail Today:  Canadian Press - More - National Post - More - Globe & Mail - More - Toronto Star - More - Sun Media - - - Agence France-Presse - Xinhua (CHN) - Daily Times (PAK)  - UPDATE:  Released from Custody with Conditions


Public Hearings Coming on CAN Detainee Handling in February


K'Har Kops Seize Lotsa Opium in K'har City - Next Phase of Poppy Eradication Under Way in Helmand


Muslim Cleric Gunned Down in K'Har - CAN's Rep in K'Har:  Too Many Cases, Not Enough Judges


Civvies Finger Arms Cache in Panjwaii - Zabul Bomb-Makers Nabbed - Analysis:  "The Business Of Bombs In Afghanistan"


Taliban "Rediscovering" Low-tech Weapons?


Worries About NATO Air Strikes in Helmand


AUS Names Latest Fallen


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Claims AFG Calls for Peace Talks Driven by NATO, Coaltion Casualties - "7 British invader terrorists killed also heavy fighting continues in Helmand 6/1/09" - "1 tank of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 6/1/09" - "(P)uppet army commander and 5 terrorists killed and 1 vehicle destroyed in Kandahar 6/1/09" - "1 vehicle of puppet army destroyed in Helmand 6/1/09" - "1 tank of American invaders army destroyed in Nemroz 6/1/09" 


Analysis: "Two years ago, a controversial military manual rewrote U.S. strategy in Iraq. Now, the doctrine’s simple, powerful—even radical—tenets must be applied to the far different and neglected conflict in Afghanistan."


Opinion:  "Although the US strategy of using tribal militias to improve security has been credited with great success in Iraq, expanding it to Afghanistan could be disastrous" - "Biofuels could generate permanent jobs in Afghanistan (an alternative to the traditional seasonal occupation of mercenary fighting) and provide a legal source of income and exports for farmers who are now deemed to be criminals: a collaborative product in the war on both narcodollars and petrodollars that could help arrest that country's descent into narco-state darkness."


PAK Opens Daylight Access to NATO Supply Road - More


PAK Pres Visiting AFG, Trying to Improve Links - More



6 Jan 09

Gregory John Kruse, R.I.P.:  "Slain sergeant cared for his troops 'above all else' " - More


Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:  "Final farewell for Northern soldier" - More


Michael Bruce Freeman, R.I.P.: Funeral Tomorrow in Peterborough

CAN Officer Charged with Second-Degree Murder Faces Custody Hearing - More - Opinion:  "With so many concerned parties and the legitimacy of the Canadian military on the line, there is ample reason for attention (to the Semrau trial). Of course, to pay attention, we need information."


CAN Member of Parliament:  Leaving Before 2011 "would be irresponsible .... We'd be generations recouping our reputations"


"Kandahar's new governor gets an earful; Afghan-Canadian goes on tour to meet constituents, urging them to solve their own problems"


NATO Soldier, Three AFG Cops Killed in South - UK Looking Into Possible Civilian Casualties in Helmand


Southerners Could be Shut Out in Election if Security Doesn't Improve


Brit Photos of OP Red Dagger - (A Few) Belgian Troops Headed to Southern AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 tanks of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 5/1/09" - "Destroyed 3 vehicles of puppet army, killed 9 soldiers in Kandahar 4/1/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "(P)uppet army post demolished, 2 vehicles destroyed, 1 puppet commander and 5 terrorists killed in Kandahar 5/1/09" - "The Taliban have long exaggerated its military successes, but its year-end numbers – posted last week on its website – may be the militia’s most startling claim yet in the war of information."



5 Jan 09

Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:  One of the Injured Pays Tribute to Fallen Comrade (.pdf permalink) - More


Journalist/Blogger:  "Semrau case no Somalia" - Columnist: "There are no similarities between the Airborne of the 90s .... and any Canadian regiment that has rotated through Afghanistan since 2003."


AFG Def Ministry Predicts Bloody 2009 - Hopes that AFG Army Will Grow to +100K by end of 2009


"Locals live in fear of Taliban 'shadow government' gripping parts of Kandahar" - Anti-ISR Protesters in K'Har City Call for ISAF Forces to Go Home


+650 Schools Closed in K'Har Province - Taliban Destroys Clinic in Arghandab District - Taliban Kidnaps Five Development Aid Workers in Nimroz Province


Two Taliban Leaders Killed in Helmand - More - Helmand Governor Calls on Residents, Elders to Register for Coming Election


Analysis:  UK Should be Ready for 15 Year Job in AFG


AUS Soldier Killed in Oruzgan Rocket Attack - ROM Soldier Wounded in Zabul IED Blast - Mines Found, Cleared in Nahri Saraj district of Helmand - US Engineers Busy in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Weekly Compilation, 28 Dec-3 Jan (.pdf) - "7 British invader terrorists killed in Helmand 4/1/09" - "1 tank of Nato invaders army destroyed in Zabul 4/1/09" - Taliban Exaggerate Death Tallies - More


Female AFG Cops Still Having Tough Time



4 Jan 09

Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:  "Soldier given a hero's welcome" - "Warrant Roberge remembered as 'a soldier's soldier' "


New Facebook Page for CAN Officer Charged with Second-Degree Murder - Troops Not Saying Much - Family "Shocked" - More - Blogger Says There Has to be More to This


Survey Says "53 per cent of respondents believe the bulk of Canadian troops in Afghanistan should be withdrawn before 2011"


CAN Mechanic in K'Har Gets to Watch Kids Open Gifts in Sault Ste. Marie


Late December Push in K'har Led by AFG Forces


Christmas Push in Helmand (OP Red Dagger) - More - more - more - Trench Fighting, Too - More - more


"Soldiers patrolling an Afghan village seek trust, and trust suspicions"


Petraeus: "It will take humanity as well as guns to beat the Taliban"


Zabul PRT Takes Reconstruction Team on the Road

Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 vehicle of puppet army destroyed 6 terrorists killed in Kandahar" (third item) - "6 policemen killed in Kandahar 3/1/09"


Mullah Omar’s Spokesman Arrested in PAK


"Afghan-NATO-Pakistan meeting at hand"



3 Jan 09

Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:   Sudbury Funeral Set for Monday


Michael Bruce Freeman, R.I.P.:  Delay in Funeral


John Kruse, R.I.P.:  Family of Fallen Returning to New Brunswick


CAN Officer Faces Second-Degree Murder Charges in Connection with Death of  Presumed Helmand Insurgent in October - CF Statement - Canadian Press - More - Globe & Mail - National Post - Toronto Star - - NY Times - BBC - Reuters - Agence France-Presse - ISAF Feature (October 2008) Featuring Quote from Accused - Columnist Awaits Court Hearing for Taliban who Killed Canadians - Globe & Mail:  This =/= Somalia (.pdf permalink)


More on CAN Troops Stopping Suicide Car Bombing Attack - More - more


Briefing Notes Say CF Members May Be Exposed to Drugs in AFG - Discussion


NATO General:  Security Not So Bad in AFG - Another "NATO Making Same Mistakes as Soviets" Piece


Construction Begins on Two Schools in Helmand - New Highway One Bridge in Zabul - More - World Food Program Workers Kidnapped in Nimroz


More on Bad Boy Suspected of Zabul Attacks Being Killed


ID of Brit NCO Killed in Garmsir District IED Released


Taliban Using More Marksmen in South? - Brit Muslims Suspected Fighting with Taliban


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 tanks of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 2/1/09" - "1 tank of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 2/1/09" - "2 British invader terrorists killed and 3 wounded in Helmand 2/1/09" - "Puppet army commander killed in Uruzgan 2/1/09" - "5 American invader terrorists killed and 1 tank destroyed in Zabul 2/1/09" - "American invader terrorists martyred 4 civilians in Zabul 2/1/09" - "THE EXACT REPORT ON LOSSES OF THE ENEMY FOR 2008" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic


Corruption Still a Big Issue


More on PAK Reopening Khyber Pass - More - more



2 Jan 09

Year-End Interviews with CAN Officials:  CAN Envoy to AFG - Representative of CAN in Kandahar - Deputy Minister, Afghanistan Task Force - Commander CEFCOM (.pdf permalink of all four interviews)


CAN Troops Shoot Up SUV, Prevent Suicide Car Bombing - More - more


AFG General:  "I don't know of any inappropriate way that Taliban were killed"


No CAN Auroras to Patrol Over AFG


USA Preparing to Pour Troops into South - USMC Commandant:  Troops Ready Leave IRQ, Fight in AFG - USAF B-1 Lancer Supports Troops in Sangin


Uzbeks Held After AFG Cops Killed in Sharaz in Helmand - Drugs, Arms Seized in Sangin Raids

31 Dec 08 Fallen UK Marine ID'ed - Another Brit Soldier Killed 1 Jan 09


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 tanks plus a patrolling unit of British invaders army blown up in Helmand 1/1/09" - "1 tank of British invaders army destroyed in Helmand 1/1/09" - "Puppet army commander gun down in Kandahar 1/1/09 "


PAK Reopens Khyber Pass



1 Jan 09

Michael Bruce Freeman, R.I.P.:  A Friend Waits to Bring Him Home (.pdf permalink)


Opinion:  Demographics of the Fallen Reflect Canada (Outside Major Centres) (.pdf permalink)


CF Investigators Looking Into Death of Taliban Insurgent in Helmand - CF National Investigative Service statement (.pdf permalink) - More - more - more - more - more - more


AFG Troops (With CAN Mentoring) Track Down Bomb-making Compounds


Mystery Gifts for CAN Soldier Injured in AFG


NATO Awaits USA Strategy - AFG Facing Issues Going into Election Year


Brit Marine Killed in on Patrol in Sangin


Kandahar Drug Stores Not Staying Open?


Suicide Bomber Kills Two Civilians @ Spin Boldak - CNN Video:  Teens Recruited as Bombers - Arrests After Bombing near Cassette Shop in Uruzgan - Taliban Ambush Kills 20 AFG Cops in Helmand - More - "3 Terrorists Arrested in Helmand" - Zabul Bomber Killed - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 31/12/08" - "5 British invader army terrorists killed and 4 wounded in Helmand 31/12/08" - "4 British invader army terrorists killed in Helmand 31/12/08" - "2 tanks of NATO invaders army destroyed in Zabul 31/12/08" - "4 puppet army commanders and 32 terrorists killed, check post captured in Helmand 31/12/08"


"NATO, Russia discuss equipment move to Afghanistan" - More



31 Dec 08

Michael Bruce Freeman, John Kruse, Gaétan Roberge, R.I.P.:   They're Home - More - more - more - more


CAN Envoy to AFG Doubtful of Latest Taliban Peace Gestures


Wanted:  IT/Telephone System Expert for K'Har


"Afghan soldier lays down arms, laces up runners for New Year's marathon"


Taliban Attacks Convoy in Nawa District, Helmand, and Lose 9 - ISAF Injures Possible Scout in Sangin, Treats Injuries - ANOTHER Car Fails to Stop When Ordered in Sangin, Passenger Injured


"Coalition tries to bridge gap in Afghanistan and joins villagers in three districts to the west of the Helmand with vital commerce centres to the east" - "30 schools constructed in Uruzgan" - New Bridge Opened in Uruzgan - "Justice system improving in Helmand" - Cleaner Water in Zabul - Former AFG Finance Minister Says New "Marshall Plan" Needed


AUS Soldier Wounded in Oruzgan Firefight - More - AUS Troops Kill Man Who Wouldn't Stop When Ordered - "Afghan National Police makes progress in Tarin Kowt"


More on "Engaging the Militias/Community Guard" Program - More


Taliban Claims Every District in Helmand Has Shadow Governor, Police Chief, with Taliban Court Held After Prayers Every Tuesday in Sangin


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "19 British invaders army terrorists killed and 18 wounded in Helmand 30/12/08"


Opinion:  "Canada’s ‘newspaper of record’ calls for Canada to wage Afghan war beyond 2011"


PAK Helping Protect Supply Lines into AFG - More - Some Closures Due to Security - USA Still Seeking Alternate Routes


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