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September 2007

Background Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

30 Sept 07

Preparing for Cpl. Hornburg's Final Farewell


Karzai Says Ready to Talk to Mullah Omar, Hekmatyar - More - more - Karzaï se dit prêt à rencontrer les dirigeants de l'opposition - plus - CF Def Min:  Taliban Has to Give Some if They want to Talk - More - MacKay: les talibans doivent cesser la violence pour pouvoir coopérer - Opinion:  Are They Bad Guys or Not? - Taliban:  We'll Talk When All Foreign Troops Gone - More - more - more - more - more - Sounds Like the Debate is Over


Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - News search Afghanistan (.pdf)


New CAN Dip in K'Har:  'It's the francophones' chance to show good service to Canada'


"Guts, paranoia, keen eye the best defence"

IED's Big Killer in AFG

Moving the Beans 'n Bullets Isn't Always Easy, Either

CIMIC Officer Trevor Greene, Attacked with Ax, Continuing to Improve - MCpl Franklin Wins Award


CAN Liberal Def Critic Trying Freelance Trip to AFG - More - Denis Coderre entend se rendre en Afghanistan

Emergency Chopper Landing at KAF


Bad Guys Nailed, Nabbed in Sangin

Big Push by UK Paras - DEU SF Officers Drunk on Duty? - NLD PM Tells World Not to Abandon AFG

UN Bashes Homicide Bomber Attack on AFG Army Bus


Red Cross Staff Freed - Membres du CICR libérés - plus - Meanwhile, Nabbed AFG Officials Swapped for Taliban

Burqua Babes Hit the Cat Walk - Women's Soccer Team as Barometer of Progress

29 Sept 07


CF Using Blackwater to Train VIP Protection, Counter-Terr Evasive Special Driving


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


L'OTAN craint de perdre du terrain à nouveau

AFG Envoy to CAN:  Be Patient, Canadians

Soldats québécois devront être prêts


Pte. Josh Klukie, fallen one year ago today


CSIS:  Rioting in AFG Could Mean Trouble in CAN

CAN For Min:  Big Need for Big UN Envoy in AFG

Bloc leaflet attacks government war stance - NDP:  AFG GTFO Top Caucus Priority - Priorité de NPD: mettre fin à la mission de combat en Afghanistan

Le coeur serré devant les dernières images de Mario...


80 More NLD Troops Headed to Oruzgan - More - How the Ghurkas are Helping - Gee, Wonder Why Some Countries are Pissed?

Taliban's Criminal "Justice" System in Helmand

Homicide Bomber Blows Up AFG Army Bus Full o' Troops:  AP - AFP - CNN - BBC - Reuters

Un attentat fait 31 morts à Kaboul: - Reuters -

ISAF Forces Accused of Shelling PAK - Or Maybe It Was More Like This?

28 Sept 07

Cpl. Hornburg Actually Returning Tonight - CF Media Advisory - Retard du vol de rapatriement


Two CAN Troops Injured Patrolling with AFG Cops - More - Deux soldats canadiens blessés - plus


CAN To Keep Building Links (Without Bribes?) - Canadiens ne comptent pas "acheter" la paix avec les Afghans - CAN Has to Defend Its "Rewarding Success" Policy? - Van Doos doing 'a lot of listening' following protests


NATO Boss in AFG:  Gains Could Be Lost - More - Specifically, AFG Troops "Likely" to Lose What Brits Won


More on CAN Helping Beef Up AFG Cops

Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - News search Afghanistan (.pdf)


Photo de groupe de l'escadron du 12e Régiment Blindé du Canada à Spin Boldak


ISAF Planning Boss:  Don't Expect AFG Army to Be Able to Pick Up Slack Soon

NOR Says "No, Thanks" To Sending Troops to South - Watching What NLD is Doing

AUS Troops Bring Fight to Taliban in Oruzgan

Royal Marines Good to Get Into Fight in Helmand


Red Cross Confirms Kidnapping - Working on Getting Them Back

More on Chances of Taliban Talking - Opinion:  Talking to Taliban Gives them More Time

Won't Be Cheap Fixing Kajaki Dam

US, UK Pushing for Harder Line Against Drugs - This Isn't EXACTLY What We Meant By "Alternative Crops"


27 Sept 07

Cpl. Hornburg Back in Canada Tonight - Caporal Hornburg arrivera jeudi à Trenton - MDN/FC Communiqué - Plus - Calgary Sun - Calgary Herald:  Cpl. Saw War as Chance to Help Afghans - Slide Show


CAN DM of Foreign Affairs:  GTFO=Unsafe for CAN Aid Workers to Stay


Villagers Appear Pissed over Deaths CAN Says They Didn't Cause - Des centaines d'Afghans manifestent - Globe & Mail More - - Gulf News Daily (Bahrain) - National Post - Canadian Press - Daily Times (PAK) - The Penninsula (Qatar)


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


NATO:  No plans to spray poppies - AFG Will Need CAN Support to Head Off Spraying


New mine clearing vehicle being tested - More - more - Canadiens ont une nouvelle arme contre les mines - "Chubby" the World's Route Clearer of Choice


Getting Ready for Next ROTO in Wainwright - Already Getting Ready for a Potentially Next ROTO After That?


Opinion: Can Senlis and CF Work Together on Opium? - "This is not a war from which one can withdraw on a date of one's own choosing."



UN Sec Gen's Latest Report:  Security "Urgent Priority" for AFG - Report (.pdf) - Alternate download site - Rapport du Secrétaire général:  La situation en Afghanistan et ses conséquences pour la paix et la sécurité internationales  (.pdf) - alternatif


More Kick Ass in South - More - Bush félicite Karzaï sur fond de violents combats dans le sud - AUS Troops in Big Fight in Oruzgan - Taliban Spokesperson Nabbed in Helmand - Taliban Says Different

DNK Troops Killed in Helmand - ISAF Statement - 2 soldats danois tués lors d'attaques des talibans en Afghanistan

NATO:  Taliban, Not Rescuers, Shot ITA Troops Un-Nabbed This Week

AFG Cops Killed in Homicide Bomber Attack near Spin Boldak


Red Cross Workers Nabbed - Ironically Enough... - Employés manquants du CICR tentaient de libérer des otages

PAK pissed at UN report saying suicide bombers are coming from PAK

More on Taliban Shooting Up Radio Station

No Rule of Law "Hindering Human Development"


26 Sept 07

Cpl. Nathan Hornburg, King's Own Calgary Regiment, RIP:  Message from Governor General - Message de gouverneure générale - Déclaration du Premier ministre - Statement by the Prime Minister - Statement by the Minister of National Defence - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale - Calgary Military Museum Missing Cpl. Hornburg - - CF Photo - AFP:  Bad Day Across the South - Slain soldier 'exemplifies courage, dedication' - Toronto Star - CanWest:  Another Ramp Ceremony - "A cattle rancher's son from Nanton has become the latest Canadian to die" - Fallen soldier made world 'a better place' - Soldier's death hits Calgary regiment hard - Presse Canadienne


Recherche d'actualités Hornburg - News search Hornburg (.pdf)


Another CAN Solider Injured in Ambush:  Canadian Press - CanWest - Soldat canadien grièvement blessé dans une embuscade au sud de l'Afghanistan


Locals Say Taliban Losing Ground - "What is the point of sending your army to Afghanistan if it isn't going to fight?"


AFG Mission "All About the Numbers" - Speaking of Which, Lotsa Taliban Nailed - More - Violents accrochages en Afghanistan: près de 130 talibans tués

Le soldat Bourassa se réadapte


NDP Whines About CAN Team Helping AFG President with Speech:  Transcript of the Speech in Question - NDP Statement - NPD: La Défense nationale a rédigé le discours de Karzaï au Parlement - Released Document (.pdf) - Alternate download site - Canadian Press - Presse Canadienne - Plus - CanWest - Reuters - - Radio-Canada - - How's This for an Alternative Explanation? - More - Globe & Mail - National Post: AFG Gov't Asked for Messages & Themes, not Completed Speech - Associated Press - Edmonton Sun - Latest Reuters - AFP en francais


CAN Liberals Suggest NATO "Experiment" of CAN Just GTFO'ing in 2009 - Permalink to article (.pdf) - Blogger Counterpoint:  ''I'd march up to Dion with three Afghan children in tow. I'd say, "Mr. Dion, with all due respect, can you please tell these children what you just told NATO?" ''


Opinion:  More on Political Piss Match over Mission - "While there obviously is still much work to do, it is now all-important that NATO countries stay the course in Afghanistan" - Senlis Did Its Homework in Afghanistan

Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - News search Afghanistan (.pdf)


AFG’s hope lies with army (if numbers grow)

NOR SF Helps Kick Taliban Butt - ESP Sends More (Teaching) Troops - More

Les talibans font taire une radio à coups de roquettes - Google English:  Taliban Attack Radio Station to Shut it Up

Karzai to UN:  Terrorism, Drugs Hurting Progress



25 Sept 07

Canadian Reservist Killed in AFGCF StatementMND/FC: Soldat canadien tué en AfghanistanSoldat canadien tué lors d'un attentat en Afghanistan - More on I.D. - Toronto Star - ISAF Statement - Updates - CanWest/National Post Wikinews


CAN PRT Boss:  Progress Slow, but Sure


La peur frappe de plein fouet


CAN Def Min:  We Have Until April 2008 to Say Whether We GTFO - More - Le Canada a jusqu'en avril pour dire s'il prolongera la mission, dit MacKay


More Medals for the Boys from GG - GG annonce l’octroi d’une Décoration de la vaillance militaire et de 24 Décorations pour service méritoire (division militaire)



Senlis Council:  CAN Should Back Talks with Taliban - "Peace in Afghanistan – Made in Canada" (.pdf) - Alternate report download site - Le Canada devrait soutenir le président afghan, selon un groupe de réflexion - UK Def Min:  We'll Have to Negotiate with the Taliban at Some Point - Karzai Trying to Bring Them Back Into the Fold - UN Media Briefing:  Too Early to Talk About UN's Role in Such Talks (.pdf)


Opinion:  CAN GTFO'ing Won't Make AFG Better - Worthington:  Vandoos DO Go Outside the Wire


NS College Starts Scholarship in Honour of Fallen Reservist

More on Major Ruckpaul's Death - Un soldat canadien mort à Kaboul s'est suicidé, selon la police militaire


Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - News search Afghanistan (.pdf)


US Army Shares Best Practices from PRT's - Manual (.pdf) - Alternate download site (.pdf)


NLD Considering Sending More Troops? - More

More on ITA Troops Being Rescued - UK SBS Helped Out - More - Were the Brits Leading? - More - more - ITA Media:  Nabbed Soldiers Belonged to ITA Mil Int - SISMI Page (English) - Raid Carried Out by ITA Para Unit - Discussion - Huit ravisseurs sont abattus - plus - plus - plus


Meanwhile, ITA Communists Say No Need to Change Caveats (Google English translation) - ITA Pres:  Mission Isn't Changing (both Google English translations)



UN Presses AFG to Strenthen Regional Links



24 Sept 07

CAN Troops Say Chechens Tough Fighters in AFG


CAN UN Rep in AFG Says He Doubts IRN Moving Wpns to Taliban


Investigation into Fallen CF Member Found in Kabul Barracks Completed - Conclusion de l'enquête sur la mort d'un officier 


Big UN Meeting on AFG:  Private Meeting Between CAN, AFG Officials? - Need for More Co-ord on Security, other issues Taliban Slammed - More on Karzai Willing to Talk to Taliban - Agreement on peace, reconstruction goals - UN seeks backing for Afghan peace - Afghan Government Gets Renewed International Support - "Participants .... would like the United Nations to do more in Afghanistan and increase its role. But ....  increased violence limits what the UN can do." - More - Diplomats do not expect specific results from meeting - High-level gathering urges sustained international support for Afghanistan


CAN program aims to bring positive change for AFG widows


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


Opinion:  When did NATO Get Feet of Clay?

Big Warlord Says He Can Live with Muslim Soldiers Replacing ISAF/NATO

Kidnapped ITA Troops Rescued - More - more - more

Two ESP Troops Killed in Farah

23 Sept 07

CAN Gen in AFG:: NATO not planning for a reduction in CAN forces in AFG


From Toronto Cabbie to Terp for CF


Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - News search Afghanistan (.pdf)


NATO Sees Hope for Talking to Taliban?


«Rocky», l'ami afghan n'est plus - "Rocky" is Gone


ITA Troops Nabbed?:  Reuters - Associated Press


Letters:  RAF Vet Suggests Low, Slow Air Support

YouTube Video of Less Glamourous Part of CAN Ops


Opinion:  CAN Must Stay the Course - Still seeking clarity on Afghanistan - L'intervention canadienne, un exemple à suivre - Google English:  CAN's Example to be Followed - Folly to continue Afghan mission - Should we negotiate with the Taliban?

More on "Missing" Detainees


Ghurkas Helping Continue the Push

How U-2's are (Still) Helping in the Fight

US Judge Rules Against 2002 USA Friendly Fire Pilot

22 Sept 07

Four CF Troops Injured, One Seriously, from Roadside Bomb - Canadian Press Reporter's Account (She was in the Vehicle) - Le soldat canadien a sérieusement blessé


UN Boss in AFG:  "While the hard-core Taliban (won't) negotiate with the Government, there (are) enough tribal leaders in all parts of the country to make promising the prospect of negotiating peace on the basis of the (Afghan) constitution ...." - More - UN Ready to Mediate Between AFG, Taliban? - L'ONU favorable à des pourparlers de paix entre le gouvernement afghan et les talibans


40 Taliban Nailed, Some Nabbed in Helmand, Ghazni - More - more - more - Two Bosses Nailed - Having to Dig Them Out - More Accusations of IRN Arming Taliban


La situation en Afghanistan


NLD Soldier Killed in Oruzgan - NATO Boss:  NLD's Gotta Stay - FRA Soldier Killed in Kabul


Where'd Those Prisoners Go?


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


Polio Vaccination in South:  Safe Passage by Elders? - Or Taliban Lets It Happen?


CAN Political Scientist:  CAN Military "much more offensive and .... less community-based than it once was." - CAN Liberal Party Accuses Def Min of Spreading "false partisan propaganda"

Bloc set to reject throne speech - Duceppe met la table et se prépare à voter contre le discours du Trône - plus

Maxime Bernier:  "Les défis afghans" - "Afghan challenges" (Google English)

Opinion:  Time for New Tack on AFG for PM?


Returning CF Soldier Thanks Grade 3 Students for E-mails - CTV Photographer Returns Home to USA


More Than Just HUMAN Warriors Fighting with Brits in Helmand

ANA Short of Everything But Spirit

Les belges arriventCZE Cops Head to AFG


More of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Tour of AFG:  Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5


Where People are Running Away To From the Fighting (UNHCR Needs Better Spell Check)

People Rally for Peace Across AFG (.pdf)

Report:  PAK Providing 80% of AFG's Wheat; AFG Needs to Cut Wheat Harvest Loss (.pdf)

21 Sept 07

Kandahar Governor Says Fight Still On, But Province is Safer


More CAN Calls for NATO Help in AFG - More - more - Rags on Europeans - MacKay affirme tous doivent partager le fardeau de l'Afghanistan - MacKay réclame de l'aide - plus


CAN Diplomats say GTFO'ing AFG "Moral Betrayal" - AFG Envoy to CAN:  Fight is Making a Difference -Ambassadeur afghan estime que les Canadiens comprennent mieux la mission - CAN For Min:  CAN Cred At Stake - More on Pressure to GTFO


UN Security Council Resolution 1776 (2007) (.pdf) - JPN Media:  UN SC Res'n Praises OEF - RUS Abstains, But Opposes Talks with Taliban


CAN Opinion Polls:  "Change the Question, Change the Numbers" (.pdf)


Dion Plays Politics with AFG Mission - More


Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - plus - News search Afghanistan (.pdf)


Radio Free Europe Tours Kabul, S. AFG:  Part 1 - Part 2


Le siège de Ghundy Ghar raconté - Google English:  Siege (Not Head Office) of Ghundy Ghar Recalled

Accusations de favoritisme: Bernard Derome se défend - Radio Canada Defends Self Against Charges of PRO-MILITARY Bias????

More Senlis Council Ragging on CIDA

More on Doc Not Being Charged for Describing Cpl. Megeney's Death - Still Looking for Ethical Lapses, Though


Opinion:  Afghanistan’s uneven load - CAN Needs NATO & NATO Needs CAN - "Russia’s skeptical and apathetic reaction to the deadlock over the U.S. and NATO mission in Afghanistan is easy to explain. We remember our country’s experience too vividly and see Americans make the same mistakes."


AFG General:  Talks with Bad Guys Tough, Still Wouldn't Convince Hardliners - Still, Some Tribal Leaders Still Like the Idea (As Long as Taliban is Sincere?)

More on Taliban Using Kids as Human Shields

PAK Clamping Down on Fuel, POL Shipments to AFG, ISAF

Kites for Peace - More


20 Sept 07

UN Extends AFG Mission Mandate to Mid-October 2008 - ONU Conseil De Sécurité Proroge L’autorisation De La Force Internationale En Afghanistan - Why Russia Abstained (Google English translation of French UN news release):  "Mr. VITALY CHURKIN (Federation of Russia) .... considered it regrettable that, during the discussions of the draft Resolution, no clearness was brought concerning the maritime component of interception. This one, has it says, must be used exclusively within the framework of the antiterrorist fight and not at other ends." - Reuters - Agence France Presse - More - Conseil de sécurité proroge mandat de l'ISAF


CAN, NLD Ask NATO Countries for More Troops:  Reuters - Voice of America - Agence France Presse - - Expatica (NLD) - ANP (NLD):  Send Troops South


DEU Cabinet Urges Parliament to Extend Mission One Year:  Deutsche Welle - DPA (DEU) - MoreReuters - Associated Press - Xinhua - L'Allemagne pourrait maintenir ses troupes en Afghanistan encore un an - German Army Backgrounder on AFG Mission (Google English)


One Civilian Killed, Three Injured in CAN Convoy Traffic Accident - More - ISAF Statement


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


More on Karzai's Plea to CAN - PAK Media Spin - Fathers of Fallen Say Karzai is Bang On - Opinion:  "Opposition must answer Karzai"


Quebecers heckle foreign minister over AFG mission - Le ministre Maxime Bernier est interrompu par des manifestants plus - Part of AFG Mission Conference in Montreal:  francais - Google English


CAN Lending GBR Wounded Pajamas for Trip Home (Special thanks to daftandbarmy at for this one) - More Ways Brits Treated Like Crap


Opinon:  CAN Considering AFG "Quagmire"? - Mideast tension requires Canada to rethink plans - Time to Rethink NATO Strategy? - How Much Clout, Exactly, Does "Moderate" Taliban Have in Overall Taliban War Effort?


More on Latest Push


Patrice Roy: «C'était une scène d'apocalypse» - Google English:  Injured Quebec Journalist says, "“It was like if a white and extremely noisy flash struck us .... there remained nothing any more but my caméraman and me in the vehicle. The others had been projected outside by the force of the explosion.”


TV Story on Pretty Damned Good CF Sniper, Part 1 - Part 2


Taliban Using Kids as Human Shields - Taliban Still Blocking Redevelopment of Kajaki Dam

AFG Pres Speaking to UN Next Week - UNAMA Denies Wanting to Become "Body Counting Agency"

Two DNK Troops Injured in Firefight in Helmand


More on How Tough Training AFG Cops Is - And How Tough Training AFG Army Is, Too

DEU Tornados Complete 500 Flights - NATO Report:  "German Tornado reconnaissance planes (do) not provide intelligence in real time, in order to abide by a national caveat preventing their direct support of combat operations...."

Campagne contre la polio lancée sur fond d'appel à la cessation des violences - UN-backed immunization drive starts amid calls for end to violence - Taliban Says They'll Co-operate?


19 Sept 07

Karzai Tells CAN "Please Don't Go":  Reuters - Agence France Presse - Globe & Mail - more - CanWest News - more - - Toronto Star - more - - Canadian Press (1) - Canadian Press (2) - Karzai stories (.pdf)


Karzai exhorte le Canada à rester en Afghanistan:  Agence France Presse - Radio Canada - Presse Canadienne - plus - Actualités de Karzai (.pdf)


New NATO Push in Helmand - More - more - ISAF Statement on OP Palk Wahel


UN Secur Council Expected to Extend Mandate of AFG Mission One More Year - Meanwhile, UN Mission in AFG Calls for Peace (Damn it!) Starting Today


CAN, NLD to "Co-ordinate" Decisions on AFG Mission Extension


CAN Opposition:  No to Combat (But What Next?)

Tourists Visit Kabul, Think They Can Come to Conclusions about AFG


Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - News search Afghanistan (.pdf) Exclusive:  Highlights of NATO Parliamentary Assembly Report on Visit to AFG


Bernard Derome se défend bec et ongles - plus - Patrice Roy: Ils ont frolé la mort en Afghanistan

Opinion:  CAN Gov't Seeking Consensus on AFG


AFG govt rejects Taliban preconditions for talks - More - more - Former Taliban Boss:  Talking's the Answer

Brit Death from Fratricide? - More - more - more

More Fighting in the South


More on NATO Tension Over AFG Fight


Why (At Least) One USA State Dep't Official Says It's Important to Help AFG 


How CF is Helping Train Cops - EU Names New Cop Training Mission Boss - Recent NATO Report:  "21.  The EU Policing (EUPOL) mission repeatedly came under criticism.  While its concept had been appreciated, the small number of trainers deployed, and their strict Rules of Engagement (which some told the delegation amounted to national caveats) deprived EUPOL of the necessary flexibility to move around (especially out of Kabul) where they were needed  ....  The EU effort was notably dwarfed by the comparatively massive effort provided by the US in this area." - June 2007 Statement by PM:  "Canada will contribute personnel to the EUPOL mission, and Canada’s police contingent at the Canadian Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar province will be part of the EUPOL mission." - EUPOL web page - Francais


U.S. Praises Afghan Poppy Progress, Urges More Effort

WFP Able to Buy AFG Wheat for Aid to Other Parts of AFG - More


18 Sept 07

Top CF Int O in AFG:  NATO 'on top of our game'


YouTube Video of CF CLOSE Combat in Helmand 


US Def Sec:  AFG a Litmus Test for NATO - More


Moving Toward More Trg for AFG Cops - A Bit of What It's Like Training AFG Cops


Enfin de retour de Kandahar - "You never hear the good, you hear about the Canadians dying."


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


Opinion:  De la manipulation ! - Google English:  "The death of only one soldier is of nothing a reason to prevent a mission of crowned importance"  - NLD Leaving=AUS with Heavier Load


Nine Suspected Bad Guys Nabbed in K'Har

AUS Troops Re-Build Hospital, Build Clinic in Tarin Kowt

Brit Sapper Killed in Helmand - More - Un soldat britannique tué dans le sud - Brit Coroner Calls Ambush, IED's "Murder"


Brits Accused of Not Enough Medics in Helmand - UK MoD Responds to Accusation

More Taliban Boss Behind KOR Kidnapping Getting Nailed - Cerveau présumé de l'enlèvement de 23 Sud-Coréens en juillet a été tué

Language Problems Not Making It Easier to Train AFG Army - Then Again, It May Be More Than That....

US SF Troops on Trial for Killing



17 Sept 07

Lettres d'Afghanistan: Nos amis afghans - Google translation:  Our Afghan Friends


Canada demeurera à Zhari aussi longtemps qu'il le faudra


Former CIA Analyst:  AFG Loss=Terr Win - Mullah:  Taliban Will "Run Rampant" if CAN GTFOs


Will FRA Jets Heading to AFG Help CAN PM? - DEU Still Wrestling with AFG Mission - Karzai to Meet with Reporters to Boost CAN Presence


Reformed Taliban Who Met CAN PM Now in Taliban's Sights


 Content d'y être allé, mais heureux d'y revenir


Un puits à sec... un hôpital aussi


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


Opinion:  This Isn't First Time CF Under Fire, You Know - Quebec By-Election Results Could Shape Mission

Video:  Mission en Afghanistan : couper les cheveux en bataille (Video of Volunteer Barber, with French Narration)


Homicide Bomber Kills Eight in Attack on Helmand Cop Shop - More - more - Au moins sept morts dans un attentat suicide

Significant Ass Kicking in the South - More - more - Affrontements en Afghanistan: une dizaine de talibans ont été tués

Need to be Paying AFG Cops More

AUS Troops Injured in IED in Oruzgan


Need to Rethink Rebuilding of AFG Agriculture


16 Sept 07

Vandoos Hanging Around Zhari Until AFG's Can Defend Area


More "Head's Up for Ramadan" Coverage


CF Training Up AFG Cops - Meanwhile, EU Police Training Mission in Trouble


CAN Red Cross Rep Suggests CAN Open Own Detention Ctr in AFG - Amnesty Int'l Pipes Up Too


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


Opinion:  CAN Gaining Cred - Harper's mixed messages on troop withdrawal help no one


More on the "Disappearing Ribbons" Story

Retour à Sainte-Anne-des-Monts après l'Afghanistan

Brits Jealous of CAN Post-AFG Decompression in CYP - Discussion


Not All Suicide Bombers Get Big Family Payoffs


More IRN Arms Being Intercepted in Helmand

Some Taliban Looking for End to Fight? - Kidnappers of KOR Missionaries Nailed

UK Telegraph:  Not Enough Choppers, Medics in Helmand - GBR Cutting Anti-Drug Funds, Too

DEU Greens Can't Decide on AFG? - More - Les Verts allemands se divisent sur l'engagement en Afghanistan - Seem to Be Decided Here - DEU Appeasers Hit the Streets - More

Les femmes continuent d'être les victimes


15 Sept 07

NY Times:  CAN Regains Ground from Taliban


CF Trust Fund for K'Har PRT Still Goin' Strong


Un coffre à outils comme arme


Doc Won't Face Court Martial for Article Mentioning CF Death in K'Har


CAN Surgeon, Back from AFG, Says We Can't Go


More Edmonton Troops Return Home


Globe & Mail Visits Kandahar's Morgue


Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - News search Afghanistan (.pdf)


Monument to Latest Two Fallen Vandoos in AFG


Opinion:  The Taliban grow desperate - Afghanistan: nation or political prop?Pacifistes ou moumounes? - Clunky English Translation - Des progrès en Afghanistan


L'Afghanistan, un enjeu surtout dans Outremont


NATO Delegation:  Not Enough Troops to Do the Job - Reuters - Deutsche Welle


DEU Chancellor Wants Troops to Stay in AFG - Statement:  "Until such time as the Afghan people can ensure their own safety, the Federal Armed Forces must not leave the country" - Meanwhile, DEU Troops Catch Rocket in North

Bad Guys Nailed in Helmand - Key Taleban man escapes raid on den - Des tués dans un raid contre les ravisseurs des Sud-Coréens


Un chef taliban, dont Kaboul avait annoncé la mort, est en vie

US Worries About IRN Sending CHN Wpns to Taliban

More on How Security Affects Aid Getting Through

New AFG Cdos Nab Taliban Bad Boy in Nangahar Province - More

POL to Compensate Civvy Cas During Hot Pursuit in Paktika - La Pologne va indemniser les pertes civiles en Afghanistan


14 Sept 07

CF in Head's Up Mode Going into Ramadan


AUS Vice Chief of Staff:  AUS, CAN SF Working Together in AFG


Au coeur de l'embuscade - In the midst of the ambush (Google translation)


Public Opinion Polls Don't Speak for EVERYONE in Quebec


Drivin' Into K'Har


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


Opinion:  Keep Your Eye On the Big Picture, Not Just the Casualties - New Anti-War Group Doesn't Speak for a LOT of People - Test Taliban `peace' bid - "Harper so lusts for a majority government that he seems willing to trim our mandate in Afghanistan in hopes of winning Quebec votes." - PM's Afghan mood swings - Prepare for a lot of hot air and a lack of clarity on Afghanistan


European Parliament Team Sees Progress

Taliban Courts in Helmand Pursue Rough Justice - So Much for "Kinder 'n Gentler" - Taliban Boss: I'm Not Dead Yet


Cracks Showing in NATO Alliance as ISAF Asks for Help in South


NATO Boss:  What Pressure to Move DEU Troops South? - Speaking to PAK Media Earlier:  ".... the fewer restrictions and exceptions the better. But I’m a realist. I’m familiar with the debate in the German parliament and I don’t think that things are going to change any time soon." - Bloomberg - Well, He Was (Allegedly) SUPPOSED to Ask - Meanwhile, USA Reminds DEU of Op Enduring Freedom Work - DEU For Min Says Mandate Not Changing - Keeping Troops in Stable Areas - Pas de changements au mandat du contingent allemand en Afghanistan - More on Prospects of AFG, Taliban Talking


CICR: La situation humanitaire s'est sérieusement détériorée en Afghanistan - Red Cross says Afghans suffering more as conflict widens - More - World Food Program:  "Half the country is now considered a “High Abduction Risk Area” and thus subject to additional mitigating measures." - More Calls for Longer Term Aid

You Know Your Quarters Suck When.....



13 Sept 07

CF Troops Ready for Ramadan - Ramadan - Taliban Promising Push During Ramadan - Les talibans promettent une campagne de terreur pour le Ramadan


CAN For Min Didn't Mention Wpns in AFG to CHN?


45 talibans tués dans le sud de l'Afghanistan - More Taliban Nailed in Oruzgan - USA Statement


Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan - News search Afghanistan (.pdf)


Les Forces canadiennes répliquent - Dion accuse Harper de fausse représentationDion accuse Harper d'avoir induit le Parlement en erreur sur l'Afghanistan


I Guess It's the Thought That Counts, Right?

Ottawa city council endorses 'Support Our Troops' decals - La Ville appuie les militaires

US troops push Afghan elders to resist rebels

Now, Taliban Says No Talks with Foreign Troops in Country - Taliban offer for talks doubtful, early peace unlikely - Some See It as Good News - NATO Sec Gen:  "NATO doesn’t negotiate. If one day there’s a reconciliation process in Afghanistan, the Afghan government will have to talk with their current adversaries." - USA Already Whispering to Taliban?


NATO Mil Boss in AFG:  ISAF's Gotta Fight Drugs, but Not By Eradication - More - Need Another Year or So to Build Up AFG Army - Need to Perk Up the AFG Cops, Too - Top NATO Civvy in AFG:  EU's Gotta Do More - If You Want to Hear/Watch the News Conference


FRA Def Min:  Afghans Have to Step Up to the Plate - Six FRA Mirage Jets On the Way to K'Har - L'intervention française renforcée

DEU General in AFG:  More Troops, Patience Needed - DEU Chancellor Supports AFG Mission Extension - Berlin réaffirme son engagement en Afghanistan


Opinion:  Barons de l’héroïne par la grâce des États-Unis?


Scots of GBR 52 Inf Bde, Prepare to Move.... - General Says Brits Could Be There for a While - Headed to Helmand - MoD's "Who's There from UK?"

More on the RAF Regiment's "Bearded Ones" in AFG

USA vs. GBR Approach in AFG



12 Sept 07

CF Troops Do 9-11 on Ops - Vandoos trop occupés pour souligner le 11 septembre


Les talibans gagnent du terrain en Afghanistan - Google English: "The goal of the war is the victory. This one is illusory in Afghanistan, according to one of the best specialists in this country."


CAN Hoping AUS Can Pick Up Some Slack? - NLD Asks NOR for Help in Oruzgan - DEU Mil Boss in AFG Says Mo' Troops Needed - More - DEU Pres:  AFG Can Count on Us - Meanwhile, UNAMA Boss Disses DEU Military Not Supporting Drug Fight in AFG


CF Sigs Good to Go to AFG


News search Afghanistan - Recherche d'actualités Afghanistan (.pdf)


UN AFG Boss OK With Talks with Taliban - More - AFG Looking Into Taliban Offer to Talk - AFG invite les talibans à négocier  - Sign of Taliban Getting Tired? - Asia Times Online: "The Taliban are aware ... that the tribals are not ideologically motivated to fight an indefinite battle. This is one of the factors in their willingness for talks with Kabul." - Globe & Mail: "The Taliban's demands include an immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops and a rewrite of the Afghan constitution." - More Globe Coverage (.pdf)


More CF Troops Returning from AFG


CAN PM:  Let's Talk "How", Not "How Long" - Peter MacKay souligne l'importance de restaurer la paix


Un oasis pour les familles de militaires - L'armée se défend d'abandonner les épouses des militaires


Opinion:  AFG Debate Needs More Input - Que voulez-vous vraiment savoir sur l'Afghanistan ?


Two AFG Convoy Drivers Killed by Homicide Bomber on K'Har-Helmand Hwy - More - Nouvelle attaque-suicide dans le sud de l'Afghanistan: cinq tués

AFG Troops Head Off Taliban Ambush in Zabul - Fast Air Helps Out in Zabul

l'ONU appelle à l'arrêt des violences pour mener une campagne humanitaire

UNAMA Boss:  “Stop the killing; start the chilling” - Jude Law Tries to Help

11 Sept 07

The Push ContinuesL'offensive a continué - Troops Back At 'Er Following Weekend Injuries


UN is Calling for Stop to All Hostilities for Peace Day on 22 September (.pdf) - Alternate News Release Site (.pdf) - News Conference Notes


The "9-11 Link" Message from CAN Def Min - PM praises Afghan role as `noble, necessary' - Canada défend sa présence - Selon MacKay, un échec en Afghanistan pourrait mener à un autre 11 septembre - More on PM Saying the Job Has to Get Done - UK CDS:  CAN Would Be Missed in AFG - CAN PM's Speech in AUS - PM Harper s'adresse au parlement australien


NATO Generals Wrap Up CAN Conference - DEU to be Pushed to do More (Training) in South? - DEU Peaceniks Crank Up Before Big Parliamentary Vote on AFG Mission - Analysis:  CAN, NLD Wd Would Hurt NATO BAD! - CAN Not Taking Over NLD's Job if NLD GTFO's


USA Envoy:  AFG War Not Forgotten - Soldats américains en Afghanistan observent une minute de silence


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


Meanwhile, Next ROTO Practices in Faux-Kandahar - Returning Gunners Talk About Their Time Downrange


Afghanistan, grand perdant de la guerre en Irak - Dion exige l'annonce de la fin de la mission en Afghanistan


Canadiens et Kandaharis – les opinions divergent en matière de sécurité et de développement


Opinion:  Why Canada has to finish the job in Afghanistan - "It’s not the military’s primary role to rebuild failed states — that’s a job for the Birkenstock-wearing hippies over at the Canadian International Development Agency...." - A bit more of the REST of the story - Harper Conservative minority government supports militarism over democracy - Propagande de guerre ou désinformation médiatique sur la guerre en Afghanistan? - Google English:  "Propaganda of war or media misinformation on the war in Afghanistan?"


Again with the CF Drug Test Stories!

Motorcycle Homicide Bomber Kills Lots in K'Har - ISAF Statement - Au moins 27 morts, en majorité des civils, dans un attentat suicide - plus - plus - plus

Food Aid Convoys Suspended in SW AFG Because of Bad Guys


Taliban Bad Boy Nabbed in Ghazni

Still More on Taliban Ready to Talk

Analyst:  Don't Expect PAK to Keep Thumping Taliban in Frontier Areas Forever

Europress Asks if USA Has Done the Job in AFG



10 Sept 07

Troops Injured, CP Reporter Shaken by IED During OP Keeping Goodwill - More - more - Deux soldats canadiens sont blessés - OP Called Successful


Vandoos Pushing Through to Zhari - More - La guerre made in Québec


Worries About CF UAV's in Theatre


Nourrir la paix sous les roquettes


NATO: CAN Troops will be 'missed sorely' if they're withdrawn in 2009


More on no vote in Parliament unless CAN PM can find enough support to "finish the job" - Willingness to Wait for Consesus to Emerge - Harper ne tiendra pas de vote rapide - More - more - And the Protesters Just Keep Protesting...


CAN, K'Har Officials Differ on How Secure the Area Is


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


Opinion:  "Resisting the Opposition's to Abandon the Afghan People" - "Cold Feet in a Hot Spot" - "We all seem to agree that Afghanistan is a critical issue for Canada .... Therefore we need a genuine informed debate."


Brits Holding Kajaki Dam Area - Brit NCO Killed Leading Platoon to Recover Body of Fallen Back - MoD Statement

More on Karzai Willing to Talk to the Taliban - Taliban Ready to Talk? - Les talibans acceptent la main tendue de Karzai plus


Rumsfeld Calls AFG A Success


9 Sept 07

Latest on New Push into Zhari: - - CanWest - Regaining Lost Ground - Two CF Troops Injured in Op


CAN PM:  No Vote on AFG Mission Extension Unless Another Party On Side - More - Only Wants Vote if the Job Can Be Finished Right


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


UN Study:  More than Eight out of Ten Suicide Bombers Recruited, Trained in PAK - More - UN News Release (.pdf) - Alternate site (.pdf) - "Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan (2001-2007)" (.pdf) - Alternate Site (.pdf)


Henault:  AFG is "Job One for NATO" - Still, Not a "Make or Break" for Alliance?


Peaceniks Promise Vigil at NATO General Meeting Site - More - more - more - more - "NATO as Puppet" Messaging - Peaceniks Accuse NATO of "War Crimes"


MAJ Ruckpaul Laid to Rest


More on Op Medusa Second Guessing, One Year Later: Discussion - The Torch blog entry with Gen Fraser's Take


Opinion:  "We negotiate with terrorists all the time, and we should again" - Talking peace with the Taliban: In the shifting sands of Afghanistan, it can be hard to see the lay of the political land«La majorité des membres du gouvernement et du Parlement ont violé les droits fondamentaux» - Préparer l'après-Afghanistan... et l'après-Bush - Afghan debate needs more input - Afghan mission hurt by misleading spin campaign - USA Should GTFO KOR Because of Hostage Deal


No Medals for Royal Marines in "Strapped to Apache" Rescue Mission - Letter on Page 26 of Sept 07 Royal Navy News - Letter & MoD Response - UK Army Rumour Service discussion


School STILL Out in South Because of Taliban


JPN Toying with Sending Hercs to AFG

Afghans losing hope: former FM and Massoud aide - Nuristan as Bad News Bellweather?


8 Sept 07

OP Keeping Good Will Under Way, with Vandoos Engaged


Eyes Wide Open on Patrol with Vandoos


Une rivalité Québec-Montréal à l’afghane - K'Har vs. Kabul = Montreal vs. Quebec City (Google English)


 Le capitaine Jocelyn Lemay poursuit sa correspondance avec le Journal de Rosemont–Petite-Patrie - Captain Jocelyn Lemay continues his correspondence (Gogle English) - Life at the K'Har PRT


"Afghan police lose ground previously won by Canadians"


Start of the "We'll Do Something Else Instead" Story Line?


DEU Asking ("Begging") CAN to Stay Longer?!?L'Allemagne supplie le Canada de ne pas quitter en février 2009 - Aussies Will Have Some Questions When CAN PM Visits AUS, Too


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


More on Peaceniks Protesters Picketing NATO Generals - More - NATO Boss:  Need Int'l Co-ordinator in AFG; How About Loosening Up Those Caveats, Too?

More on the "Not Enough Int" Storyline

Opinion:  What Christie Blatchford Says She's Gonna Miss - "In studying military history - Canada always gets to do the dirty work" - "Highway of Heroes dilutes the good name of heroism" - More rigorous controls needed for Canada's aid to Afghanistan

Major Ruckpaul's Obit

Rick Mercer Show in Edmonton to Help Out Amputee Program



FRA Sending More Troops - Camarades du soldat mort à Kaboul émus par l'hommage des Bleus - Comrades of the soldier died in Kabul moved by the homage by the Blue ones - JPN PM:  GTFO AFG=Me Gone

USA:  230+ Taliban Nailed in K'Har since 27 Aug - More - more

Brits Fight Off Taliban at FOB Arnhem

UK's General Sir Mike:  AFG Still Winnable

Le fragile espoir de Gulab et de Sued


7 Sept 07

CF General Says Things Are Better Since Last Year - More Optimistic than a Week Ago, It Might Seem


Some NATO Nations Letting CAN Down - NATO Generals Map AFG Approach in CAN - More - NATO Mil Chair:  It's About What Needs Doing, Not How Long It'll Take - More - It Would Be Nice to Have Mo' Boots on the Ground - More - more - more - And Let's Not Forget Those Pesky Caveats - Général Henault veut que le Canada reste - plus - NATO Wants CAN to Stick Around - "But We Won't Meddle, Ya Know"And It Wouldn't Be a Meeting of Officials from All Over Without a Protest, Would It?


Latest Fallen Funeral This Weekend - More


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


Ontario Signs "Highway of Heroes" - Des panneaux routiers affichant "autoroute des héros" sont dévoilés le long de l'autoroute 401


Two More Brits Fallen in Helmand

Anthropologist Team, UP!

USA Spec Op Marines Back in AFG, in Helmand - With the Brits in the Upper Gareshk Valley - Taliban Attack (Unsuccessfully) During Shura

What the Taliban is Saying is Happening in Oruzgan

Still Lotsa Schools Closed in South


PAK Bombers Nabbed in K'Har

AFG Denies CHN is Supplying Wpns to Taliban - Part of Trying to Play Nice-Nice with CHN? - AFG dément la rumeur selon laquelle la Chine aurait fourni des armes aux talibans

GBR-USA Rift Brewing Over AFG?



6 Sept 07

NATO Boss "Disappointed" More Countries Aren't Helping in the South - DEU Cabinet Agrees to Stick Around (But Not in the South) - More


More on CAN Cops Headed to Kabul


CF Commanders Second Guessed On Year After OP Medusa


Report:  CF Having Trouble Keeping Up with Int Needs for AFG? - More



Radio-Canada rejette les accusations de partialité et de propagande - Radio-Canada Defends Against Accusations of Supporting War, Broadcasting "Propaganda" - Libre-Opinion - Radio-Canada et l'Afghanistan - Radio-Canada Boss:  "We cover the army because complete information must also be interested in this aspect of Canadian engagement. The presence of the journalists in Afghanistan and, more still, in the south, where are the Canadian troops, is essential."


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


More on AFG Cop Accusations that CAN Troops Left Them in Lurch

Dion Keen on Going to AFG


Opinion:  "If there is cynicism around this complex mission, it can be found at the top, among politicians and their emissaries." - Dion's war policy is hare-brained - Ottawa must find out why Taliban is using CHN weapons - Afghanistan : nos délicieuses valeurs - Translation:  "Our Delicious Values" - Ceci n'est pas une guerre... - Transl:  This Isn't a War?!?!


Amnesty Int'l STILL Not Happy with CAN Tmt of Prisoners - More

Afghan 'gun culture' is fuelled by fear

Two Brits Killed North of Lashkar Gah

CICR renforce son soutien à l’hôpital Mirwais de Kandahar

NATO Promises to Press Harder on Drugs in AFG - UN Wants Even Harder Push

AFG Official:  It's Those PMC's That Are Behind Kidnappings?!?


5 Sept 07

Two NATO Troops Killed in South


Hunting at Night - Opération risquée dans un village afghan - Coalition Forces Nailing Taliban - More


Christie Blatchford Smells Failure of Nerve - Permalink


Ottawa envoie 22 policiers de plus en Afghanistan


Injured Medic: "This is not a Liberal mission, it's not a Conservative mission, it's not even a Canadian mission. It is a UN-mandated, NATO-led mission ... and it is a just fight."


Bernard Derome traité aux petits oignons par l'armée canadienne - La guerre des mots


Technical Briefing on CAN Progress in AFG (.ppt) - Alternate Download Site - "Contribution du Canada à la mission internationale en Afghanistan" (.ppt) - Globe & Mail - Presse Canadienne - Canadian Press - Can West


More on Provost General Exonerated of Issues with AFG Prisoners


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


A-10 Friendly Fire, a Year Later

Opinion:  Deaths Cause Media to Support War More??? - Ottawa fera le point régulièrement - Bienvenue au Confusghistan

Canadian Bases See "Mini Baby Booms" Before, After Deployments

The Wartime Sacrifice of the Arts Community in Edmonton

UK Says Taliban Getting CHN Weapons - More

Weapon Cache Nailed in Oruzgan

KOR Hostages Face Tough Questions @ Home - Meanwhile, Kidnap Ringleader Nailed - More

Opium Explosion in Helmand

UN Report:  Returning AFG Refugees Face Tough Time - Report Page


4 Sept 07

Stats, New Info on How CAN Mission is Proceeding:  Canadian PressCan West News


CF Investigation: No Problems with CF MPs Transferring Prisoners to AFG Custody - L'enquête sur les allégations contre le Grand Prévôt des Forces canadiennes est terminée


CF Troops Chasing IED Makers


A-10 Friendly Fire, a Year Later - Legion Magazine Highlights OP Medusa (Part 1 of 3) 


La mission en Afghanistan deviendra plus rude - CEFCOM Boss:  It's Only Going to Get Tougher


NDP Calls for CAN to GTFO Right Now - Layton redemande le retrait des troupes canadiennes maintenant


AFG Asks NATO Troops to Clear Bad Guys Before Opium Crop Destroyed


Des pacifistes portent plainte contre la couverture de la SRC en Afghanistan - plus - English:  Peaceniks Don't Like Radio Canada Coverage of AFG - Meanwhile, If the Media Can't SAY Someone Committed Suicide....


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


3 Sept 07


AFG Fight Leaves Gaps in CAN Command?


Opinion:  How Can Embeds Be Objective when Reporting on their Guardians? - Original French - "Would the Quebec Block be afraid to make fall the government Stephen Harper by frankly representing the Quebec opinion?" - En français - Victory is ours ... soon ... maybe

L’Afghanistan, en quelques vidéos

Coalition Nails Taliban HQ near K'Har - More - more

DEU: GTFO AFG=Human Rights Defeat


AUS Prepares to Send Mortar Team to Oruzgan

Terrain Slows Construction in AFG

Jihad Within Jihad?


2 Sept 07

MAJ Ruckpaul Home - Retour de la dépouille du major Ruckpaul


CAN Def Min Wants Cdns to Understand Mission Better - Says CAN is Outta AFG By 2009? - Promesse de débat, mais confusion sur les intentions - Promises Debate, but Confusion on Intent? (translation)


De Saint-Jérôme à Kandahar - Tranche de vie d'un soldat en Afghanistan


AFG Cops Say 120 Taliban Near K'Har Now with Allah - USA Says Closer to 25 Killed - More - Taliban Claim NATO Chopper Shootdown; NATO Denies


CF CIMIC Op Covers Up While Meeting with AFGs

Opinion:  All Eyes on K'Har - Lives Saved, Country Lost?

News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)

A Bit of CAN in AFG - Maple Leaf Inn


Taliban Promises to Kidnap More Foreigners - And In Case KOR Reneges.... - KOR Asks Hostages to Pay Up (Some) for Rescue - KOR Paid $20M Ransom?

More on Losing Ground to Taliban

Brit Cas Evac from Helmand, Photo by Photo - More

US Chair of Joint Chiefs Sees Progress

Former AFG Pres:  Taliban's Gotta Be in the Show

One AFG Official Calls for Aerial Spraying of Poppies


2 Sept 07


CAN Fighting to Retake Ground for Forth Time - Taliban Adapt, AFG Forces Fall Behind in South? - One Year After OP Medusa - More on Losing Ground - NY Times Interactive Map Showing Rougher Parts of South AFG


CF IED Fighters Work in the Shadows - More


One Mom Remembers by Raising Funds to be Used on the Ground in AFG


Plus d'une vingtaine de Taliban tués dans le Sud - Kicking Ass, Taking Names


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


CAN Def Min:  Gov't Needs to Explain Mission Better - «Ottawa doit mieux expliquer la mission en Afghanistan»

Another CAN Journalist Talks About Special Treatment for Some Reporters (.pdf)

The War, Via Pencil & Pad - Gallery of Sketches - Comments

Opinion:  Talking to Taliban Not Out of Question?


Two Brits Reportedly Nominated for VC from AFG - More - more - LCPL Rueker's Story - CAPT Hicks' Story - And the Officer's Killer is Nabbed



1 Sept 07

Big Goodbye to Fallen - More - more - 'Bravo, papa, we love you' - Sa famille et ses frères d’armes lui rendent hommage - Un dernier hommage a été rendu


Injured CF Sapper Continuing to Do Better - Returned RCR Soldier Recounts a Bit of His Tale


"One Long Weekend":  Hamilton Spectator Dissects Sept 2006 A-10 Fratricide


CAN Hires High-End Counsel to Defend AFG Prisoner Policy


One Reason CAN Aid Money Hard to Trace in AFG - Liberals Call for Investigation


Special Treatment for French Media? - la Français-langue TV obtient des avantages : journalistes


News search Afghanistan:  français - English (both .pdf)


Taliban Ass Kicked in Helmand

NATO Countries to Wrestle with Troop Numbers - NATO Pressing NLD to Extend AFG Mission - Meanwhile, FRA Jets Headed to AFG

UN Says Taliban Should be Ashamed of Kidnapping Civvies


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