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November 2007


30 Nov 07


CAN Officers to Panjwai Elders:  Which Side Are You On, Boys? - GoogFr:  AFG Chieftains obtenir un ultimatum



CAN DefMin:  Questions Whether 50%+ AFG Really Under Taliban, Says Mission Costs (Way?) Up - permalink (.pdf) - GoogFr:   Frais de mission brusquement, dit MacKay - permalink en francais (.pdf)


A Bit of What Manley Panel Saw


CAN Soldier Will Get to Witness Birth of His Kid While Overseas - News release - Une première au Canada : Accouchement à l'hôpital de Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts retransmis en Afghanistan au moyen de la vidéoconférence



"Husband-Wife-in-AFG" Story - Les époux servant en Afghanistan n'ont pas beaucoup de temps pour eux - "Troops-Get-Hockey-Equipment" Story - "Air-Force-Does-Its-Bit-Too" Story (Brit, this time)

One CF Nurse Practitioner's Story


Royal Marines At 'Er in Sangin

Musa Qala Residents Worry About (Another) New Push Coming - permalink (.pdf)



Two DNK Soldiers Killed in Helmand Firefight - Deux soldats danois tués en Afghanistan - NLD Cabinet to Announce Troops Stay Until 2010 (But Maybe Fewer?) - Soldat français tué dans un attentat à Kaboul - GoogEng:  FRA Soldier Killed in Kabul Homicide Bomb Attack - Sarkozy envisage l'envoi de renforts en AFG - GoogEng:  FRA (Maybe) Sending Mo' Troops?


Afghanistan Counterinsurgency Academy:  Too little, too late? - permalink (.pdf) - GoogFr:  Enseignement Counterinsurgency - trop peu, trop tard?

ISAF Statement on Alleged Civvy Cas in Fast Air Hit on Taliban Bad Boy

ISAF, ANA Sign Deal to Improve Security Co-operation in North



Osama to Europe:  You May Not Want to Stay in AFG - Voice of America - Reuters - AFP (.pdf) - Ben Laden demande aux Européens de cesser leur intervention en Afghanistan - plus

Dubya:  Oh Yeah, We'd Send Troops into PAK to Get Osama - permalink - PAK:  Ya Think So?



29 Nov 07

Three Wounded in Stable Condition - Radio Canada


CBC Online:  CAN Panel on Future of Mission Wraps Up Visit to AFG - Canadian Press - CanWest - more - Radio Canada:  Manley complète sa tournée - Presse Canadienne - plus


30 talibans tués dans le sud de l'Afghanistan


CF Combat Camera Sending Holiday Messages from the Troops


AFG, ISAF Forces Make Big Drug Haul in Helmand - How the Brits Helped


Brit Jr. For Min:  Taliban Not Threat to AFG Regime - More - more - Talibans ne posent plus de menace crédible au gouvernement afghan (ministre britannique)


PAK Int Agency to Allegations of Detainee Abuse:  Whatcha Talkin' About? - More - more


UN Report on AQ/Taliban Sanctions (44pg .pdf):  English or francais - Permalink English - Permalink francais


Inquest:  Brit VC Killed by Friendly Fire


Amnesty Program for Taliban Willing to Stop Fighting - GoogFr: Programmes Takhim e-Solh, ou PTS programme, séduisant à de nombreux mécontents talibans - Killing of afghan boy drives father into arms of Taliban

NATO Using YouTube More to Sell ISAF Message - More

Time for a New Surge, Shifting US Marines from IRQ to AFG?

Brit Gas, Bullet & Bean Haulers Help in the Fight


US:  No Aerial Spraying of Poppies (For Now) - More



FIN, NOR protestent contre la libération des auteurs d'un attentat contre les soldats de l'Isaf - PRT Meeting in Vilnuis, Lithuania This Week - Swiss Aid to Continue (After Withdrawal of BOTH Officers) - EST Keeping their (128) Troops in the Game - Intervention de l’armée française en Afghanistan - GoogEng:  Whining About FRA Role in AFG

Taliban Big Boy Nailed in E.AFG - Raid aérien sanglant visait des talibans, selon le Pentagone

Taliban Burning Food Aid in PAK



28 Nov 07

Trois soldats canadiens ont été blessés - Three CF Soldiers Injured in IED Strike West of K'Har - GoogFr CBC - Canadian Press - GoogFr PC - CanWest - GoogFr CanWest


German TV Report on CAN Troops in Panjwai, Masum Ghar (YouTube, in German, but good video)


How CAN UAV is Helping in the Taliban Hunt - More - L’Escadrille de TUAV voit ce qui est invisible


Retour difficile des blessés de guerre - GoogEng:  Tough for Wounded to Return to the Fight


En soutien aux troupes - GoogEng:  Hockey Team Helps Families of the Fallen


NATO Cranking Up Search for Mo' Choppers - Permalink (.pdf) - More - more



Opinion:  Derrière ce gros titre figure le rappel à Berne de nos... deux officiers prêtant main-forte aux 50000 militaires alliés - GoogEng:  Swiss GTFO'ing Means TWO Troops Leave the Fray - Gotta Do More for the Hungry


UN Report:  3-7K Taliban in the Fight - Taliban Playing Nicer to Win Hearts, Minds? - GoogeFr:   Talibans ont évité les pires excès du passé - Taliban Running N.Helmand, Hope to Push South Soon - Musa Qala as Taliban Ghost Town

More on UK CDS Seeing Progress - More - RAF Air Control Team in Helmand



NOR Special Forces Help Free DEU Aid Worker Hostage - NOR condamne la libération des auteurs des attentats contre les troupes de l'ISAF - More on NOR Pissed at Release of Bombers - Paper on DEU Forces in AFG Recommends Mo' Troops (in the North) - Permalink (.pdf) - GoogEng:  Blogger's Assessment of AUS, NLD Staying - Blogger Pissed with Statements Made by Fmr DNK Red Cross Boss to Support Troops?


Brit PMC Bringing in Ex-Ghurkas to Help Guard USA Embassy

GoogEng:  Blog Review of New Book on Neo-Taliban - Listing

Kids Feeling the Heat of the Fight

Paper:  "For (refugees) in Afghanistan, as well as for the country as a whole, appear bleak at the moment"

From Poppies to Cannabis...


27 Nov 07

CF Mil Cop First Woman to Serve in Pashmul Station - Pas facile pour femme militaire en Afghanistan


Conservative CAN MP Says We're Winning - Opp'n MPs Want to Know More About CAN Contracts in AFG



CAN Rockets Making it Off UK Apache Rails in AFG - Permalink (.pdf) - Let's Not Forget Royal Marine, C1A1, as Apache Weapon System


Breakdown of CF Cas by Vehicle Type


Forces canadiennes : Beaucoup de roulement - GoogEng:  AFG Making it Harder for Re-enlistments?


Sport Chek Sending Jerseys, Hockey Gear to Troops

Opinion:  Lettre-La paix ne s'impose pas par la force... - GoogEng:  More Than Just Force Needed

UK CDS Drops By Helmand


DNK Leopards Arrive in Theatre (3:17 video) - NLD Chooses AUS Bushmaster for Patrols - Que font les Français en Afghanistan ? Demandez aux Américains... - GoogEng:  USA Asking What's FRA Up to in AFG - NOR Pissed that Bombers Freed from Jail - FIN Even MORE Pissed 


ISAF No Longer Has Anything to Say About Latest Senlis Report - Permalink (.pdf) - Update on ISAF Ops Coming Tomorrow

UK Looking Into Allegations of Fratricide Against DNK Troops - More - Meanwhile, Bulgarian Heads Home After "an incident involving firearms, which resulted in the wounding of a French serviceman"

Video of Brit Hit in Butt Hits YouTube


Homicide Car Bomber Blows Up near CAN Embassy in Kabul - Attentat suicide à Kaboul: deux morts et sept blessés

Témoignage d'une alitiligérienne - GoogEng:  One Aid Worker's Testimony

What's TUR Doing About Opium, and Would it Be Useful to AFG? - GoogFr:  Opium: des solutions juridiques



26 Nov 07

The Troops Watching the Grey Cup in Kandahar - permalink (.pdf)


CAN Def Min Warning Against Lack of Resolve - More - GoogFr:  MacKay dit troupes ont besoin de notre soutien - plus


Face aux «durs» Tchétchènes - GoogEng:  Vandoos Up Against Hard Chechens in K'Har


AQ Video of K'Har Ambush - Chinook Breaks Landing Gear on Landing in Helmand


US NSC Report Says AFG Targets Not Being Met - More - permalink (.pdf) - more - Conflit s’enlise, selon la Maison-Blanche


More on 82 Abn on Patrol in Ghazni

OPSEC while fighting a war in a digital age

Soldats tournent le dos à l’armée - GoogEng:  Troops Leaving CF, Leaving CF Short?


Opinion:  "Perhaps the most tragic Canadian death in that land of valleys, mountains and one who despaired and took his own life." - Afghans don’t have option of ignoring Iranian neighbours - "Why on Earth are the NATO and U.S. forces and their Afghan allies killing more civilians than the Taliban?"

Deux soldats danois tués par des tirs britanniques - DNK Troops Killed in Sept 2006 by Brit Fire


Fmr Brit Army Boss:  UK forces facing "operational" defeat in AFG because government underfunding

Blogger with the Scots Guards in Helmand - "Playstation Gen" in Helmand

Business (Way Too) Good in Herat Burn Unit



Complaints About NOR Medics Being Too Well Armed? - Prodi à nouveau en difficulté à cause de l’AFG - GoogEng:  ITA PM Under Pressure with Latest Cas - ITA Staying (But Looking at New Plan?) - Even SOCCER GAMES Had a Moment of Silence for Fallen ITA Sapper - Général Waldemar Skrzypczak refuse de croire à la culpabilité des soldats polonais - GoogEng:  POL CDS Refuses to Believe Troops are Guilty


CHN Got More than JUST Copper Mine Deal


25 Nov 07

CAN Def Min Calls for Cdns to Stay the Course, Support the Troops


How the CF Herc Pilots Help in the Fight - GoogFracais:  CAN cargaison pilotes rencontrent genre différent de l'ennemi au cours de la mission AFG


More on Suicide Vandoo Laid to Rest - More - Funérailles de Frédéric Couture - plus


Opinion:  Et si le Canada perdait la guerre d'AFG? - GoogEng:  What if CAN Loses? - "Fatal Military Quagmire" Screed



« Si les talibans envoient leurs troupes de choc dans la région de Kandahar, c'est une preuve qu'elle revêt une certaine importance pour eux » - GoogEng:  Ret'd Gen Says if Taliban's in Town, They Want the Ground Bad

RMC Alum Help the Wounded

Eglises du Canada et le débat sur la présence militaire en Afghanistan - GoogEng:  CAN Churches & AFG Debate

Kandahar, où opèrent les Mirage français - GoogEng:  K'Har, Home of FRA's Mirage Jets


Taliban Claim Reclaiming a Bit of Farah - More - Spreading North, Too - More

Bad Boys Nabbed in Raid Against Taliban Wpn Smuggling Op in Zabul

Taliban Using Human Shields in Oruzgan Raid that Killed AUS SF Trooper

NY Times Slide Show of USA 82 Abn Ptl

ISAF Statement on Attack that Killed ITA Sapper



24 Nov 07

Hillier rejects idea of taking fight to PAK - Likes the "Mo' Troops" Idea from Senlis, Though


New CF Boss of AFG Military Mentoring Pgm: CF Troops will soon find "rapidly changing military landscape"


L'armée peint un portrait trop rose de AFG


More on Taliban Attack on AFG Cop Checkpoint in Arghandab


Opposition CAN MPs Accuse CF of Secrecy Re:  Taliban in AFG - Still No Report Posted to Committee Page


FRA For Min Defends CAN Treatment of Detainees

Big foreign firms still receive lion's share of reconstruction work

Opinion:  Forces limit contract information to protect AFG lives - Ottawa's line contradicted by latest Senlis report - How We Might Just Defeat the Taliban - OTAN sur la sellette - GoogEng:  NATO Under Fire

Lotsa Bottled Water on Base


Funérailles du soldat Frédéric Couture célébrées à Roxton Pond - GoogEng:  Funeral for Injured Vandoo Suspected of Killing Himself


Three Civvies Allegedly Killed in Oruzgan Bomb Factory Raid - AUS Looking Into It - Statement from Family of Fallen AUS SF Trooper

ITA Sapper Killed by Homicide Bomb Attack West of Kabul - More - GoogEng from Italian - Militaire ITA succombé à ses blessures

Royal Anglians Back into the Breach Soon? - NLD Reportedly Extending Mission Two Years to 2010 - Bavure polonaise en AFG - GoogEng:  More Questions About POL ROEs

UK Gunner Twins Get AFG Campaign Medal

Corruption, bribes and trafficking: a cancer engulfing AFG



23 Nov 07

Remembering in Valcartier - Soldat de Rivière-Rouge meurt en AFG


Intervention de l’OTAN au Pakistan: la proposition tombe à plat à Ottawa - GoogleEnglish:  Bloc, Liberals Don't Like Troops-Into-PAK Idea - CF Painting Not-Quite-As-Pessimistic View Than Latest Senlis Report - L'armée canadienne peint un portrait trop rose du conflit - Leaders reject Senlis report of Afghan 'crisis' - Président Karzaï, OTAN réfutent un rapport d'experts


Sec Gen to Bring Optimistic Message to Manley Panel in Kabul Today


NATO Sec Gen:  ISAF Forces "doing all they can to avoid Afghan civilian casualties" - Sees Progress - OTAN Sec Gen en visite en AFG


L'armée AFG désormais prête à déployer 24000 soldats - GoogleEnglish:  More AFG Troops Ready for the Fight


Seven AFG Cops Killed in Arghandab District, K'Har Province - Sept policiers tués dans le sud

CF Training AFG Cops in First Aid - CAN Aid Also Funding Civvy Community Health Workers

CF Support Agency Civvy Wants to Head Back

Polyglot (USA) Thanksgiving @ FOB Airborne in AFG

Karzai:  Taliban Want a Solution, Too - More on Taliban "Reaching Out" to Central Gov't - Contacts taliban-gouvernement - Karzaï démenti rumeurs portant sur la coopération entre IRN, Taliban - GoogleEnglish:  AFG Denies (Again) IRN Linked to Taliban

Chef d'état-major de la Défense italienne: situation en Afghanistan exige plus une stratégie politique qu'une stratégie militaire - GoogEng - New NATO Mil Chair:  More Political than Military Strategy Needed


Opinion:   "the yawning gap between what the NATO capitals regard as success, and the reality on the ground is in danger of becoming an exercise in political and bureaucratic self-delusion" - "Senlis report gives a harsh assessment of Nato prospects in Afghanistan, but it still reflects the fantasy that there is a military solution"


Blandine Couillard récupère son passeport - GoogleEnglish:  Arrested U of Sherbrooke Reporter Gets FRA Passport Back


Nailing Taliban in Oruzgan

AUS Spec Ops Trooper Killed in Raid on Oruzgan Bomb Making Factory - More - Father of Fallen Proud

Brit VC Nominee:  "The injured guys just aren't appreciated enough." - How Some are Being Treated in UK

ISAF nails "foreign fighter facilitators" in Ghazni - Coalition mène une opération contre des militants étrangers

PM polonais prêt à s'excuser auprès de la nation afghane - GoogEng:  POL PM Seeks Forgiveness if Mistakes Made in Incident Under Investigation



Supporting vulnerable Afghans in Balochistan's refugee villages


La Chine a devancé les Etats-Unis, la Russie et le Canada pour un deal pour une mine de cuivre - GoogleEnglish:  More on CHN Beating Out CAN, RUS, USA for Copper Mine Deal


22 Nov 07

Think Tank Recommendations:  Double NATO Troops in AFG, Have 'em Hunt Taliban in PAK, and Have 'Em Deliver Aid in AFGFull report (.pdf, 111pg, 3.3MB)Executive Summary - Security Recommendations - Development Recommendations - News Release - News Coverage:  Focus on "Half of AFG is Under Taliban Thumb" Story Line - L'OTAN est incitée à attaquer les bases talibanes au Pakistan - News search "Senlis" results (.pdf) - Résultats de nouvelles recherche "Senlis" (.pdf)


Meanwhile, Senlis Also Lays Out Business Case for Lotsa Little Labs Making Medicine Outta Opium Across AFG - Report Summary


Taliban Claim Nabbing, Beheading Cops in Sangin

More on CAN Private Security for Kabul Embassy - Lotsa Work for Private Sector Security These Days

Karzai:  Yeah, We've Been Talking to the Taliban

Opinion:  CAN Senator Says CF Just Lucky Not Seeing More Cas (.pdf)

AFG Not Exactly Supporting CAN in UN


Macleans Magazine Shares Some CF Fallen's Last Letters Home (.pdf) - Returning CF Nurse Shares Story

CAN Def Min Calls Opposition "Un-Canadian" for Allegations of Youth Detainees


POL Troops Under Fire for ROEs? - More on Swiss GTFO'ing - L'armée suisse retire son personnel d'AFG - AFG Passes on CZE Submachine Guns, Accepts Gunship, Transport Choppers (.pdf)

Arbour:  Time to Press Harder to Clean Up AFG Justice System

PAK:  No, We're NOT Going to Kick Out AFG Refugees (Suddenly)


Helmand Farmers Chopping Down Pomegranate Trees, Planting Opium - One Aid Group's Explanation (.pdf):  "If I grow onions I have to take them to the market and in doing so I may have to go through a of checkpoints. In doing so I will have to pay backsheesh to the ANP, militia or whoever it might be. By the time I get to the market I am uncompetitive at best; at worst I can suffer physical injury. It is far better to grow a crop where the trade comes to you; it arrives at your farm gate and buys from you. They inherit the transaction and transportation costs. If there is a degree of insecurity and you have to leave the house you can take with you a few kilograms of opium; you cannot carry a bag of onions."


OXFAM Report to UK House of Commons Committee (.pdf)

Journalism Trainer's Day: "A suicide bomber in a white Toyota Corolla is reportedly looking for us in the streets of Lashkar Gah, one of our reporters is in jail, three out of four of our team are down with some form of dysentery, and the only plane out has just nicked a propeller trying to land on the rock-strewn dirt strip that passes for a runway."



21 Nov 07

They're Home - more - Dépouilles des deux militaires tués en Afghanistan rentrent eau pays - plus - plus


Fmr CAN Btl Gp Cdr Says Situation Improving


Civvy Contractors Free Up Bayonets - More on Contracting in AFG - What a Surprise!!!:  CF Has to Buy Rifles, Bullets

CF Looking for Civvy Help in Investigating IEDs - MERX Request for Proposalspermalink to RFP (.pdf) - Canada d'investir $210 million dans la recherche et développement pour combattre les redoutables engins explosifs improvisés - GoogleEnglish:  $210M into CAN Anti-IED Research


USA Ambassador to CAN:  "We can't give people hope and then walk away and leave them at the hands of their oppressors..." - Albright plaide pour la poursuite de la mission en AFG - GoogleEnglish:  Fmr USA For Min Wants AFG Mission to Continue - CAN Think Tank Academic:  "You just can't walk away from it, even if we got in there not knowing what we were doing. We're there."


CF General/NATO Mil Chair:  Development, Governance Work Underfuded - NGO to Lay Out What CAN's Success Measures Should Be in AFG


UN Human Rights Boss:  "I am reassured that there has been a sober realisation by ISAF commanders of this concern and a willingness to address (civilian casualties)  in a constructive way." - Alternate site for statement (.pdf) - More - more - more - GoogleFrancais:  Arbour dit "le nombre de victimes civiles résultant de la FIAS et d'autres opérations militaires internationales atteint des niveaux alarmants dans le courant de cette année" - plus - plus - plus


CAN PM Says Only Single "Credible" Case of Torture in AFG - Meanwhile, USA Routinely Transferring Prisoners to AFG Authorities

Opinion:  "Afghanistan has a long way to go before it can be described as a country that is not only stable, but adheres to the rule of law." - "I dare anyone to read (Christie Blatchford's new book) Fifteen Days, then stand before Canadian warriors ....  and tell them that Canada is wrong-headed in its involvement with Afghanistan." - more - Comparing Soviet, Western "Propaganda" on War in AFG


Une journaliste risque l’expulsion du Canada - La FPJQ proteste contre une arrestation a Sherbrooke - plus - Communiqué de la Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec - GoogleEnglish:  Reporter from France, Writing for U of Sherbrooke Paper, Arrested at Anti-War Rally in Sherbrooke, Risks Explusion from CAN - More GoogleEnglish - Blogger's View of Original Protest - GoogleEnglish version of QC Journalists Federation statement


USA, AFG Troops Bring Medics to Kandahar City, Tag Ab Valley - AFG Troops Nailing Taliban in Oruzgan

L'armée suisse se retire d'AFG - GoogleEnglish:  Swiss Troops GTFO

Brit MPs Worried about Taliban - Report - Itinerary During AFG Visit - More

AFG Red Crescent Worried About Internal Refugees, Too - Security Situation Limiting Returns

CHN Wins Copper Mine Deal in AFG


20 Nov 07 

Zhari:  CF Maintains Presence, but Taliban Pushing

Quebec soldier to march behind her partner's coffin

Analyst:  Can't Protect 100% Against IEDsRate of CF Wounded Up? (.pdf)


Son fils militaire s’est enlevé la vie - GoogleEnglish:  More Troops Committing Suicide?

CF paying K'Har warlord for services in AFG? - Tim Hortons à Kandahar : sa présence soulève des questions - How Tim's Got to AFG

CAN Def Min:  Kids Kept Separate in AFG Jails - More - CAN Opposition Pile on Gov't Over AFG Prison Conditions, Abuse - Des mineurs remis aux autorités afghanes


Débats intenses sur l'achat de chars de combat

L'Afghanistan veut plus que des puits - GoogleEnglish: AFG wants more than just wells dug by CAN


Opinion: AFG Not Lost (But Way More Development Needed) - Jihadists aren't in AFG because 'we' are - GoogleFrancais: Jihadistes ne sont pas en AFG parce que "nous" sommes la

Chretien: "si les Américains ne s'étaient pas engagés en Irak .... ces ressources auraient pu être consacrées à l'Afghanistan" - GoogleEnglish: Chretien Says USA Shoulda Put Troops into AFG, Not IRQ

Blood Donation Campaign @ K'Har Hospital

Taste of home for troops

Taliban Nailed in Oruzgan


19 Nov 07


CAN, AFG Troops Keep Pushing Taliban - Une centaine talibans de tués ou blessés au sud - CAN Troops Retake Taliban Birthplace (In Spite of Human Shields)


Latest CF Fallen Continue Their Trip Home - More - Des mois plus calmes à prévoir - Hommage aux militaires canadiens - Cérémonie en l'honneur de deux soldats canadiens tués - Michel Lévesque : fier et courageux - Plus - Déclaration de la famille du Soldat Michel Jr. Lévesque - GoogleEnglish:  Levesque family statement - Nicolas Beauchamp : “Il s'en allait en mission pour aider” - Plus - Young Quebecers felt called to duty - Small-town Quebec man was 'confident in our army' - A spouse loses her comrade, a bride-to-be loses her groom


Latest CAN Leopard Lease from DEU Tangled with Bureaucracy


Drug Poochies Busy @ KAF


How the Private Sector is Helping Keep CF Troops Fighting - Tim Horton's in AFG Pretty Pricey


Opinion:  Mort de deux soldats de Valcartier: «signaux inquiétants» - Là où la mort peut frapper à tout moment - Western countries don’t treat detainees well either - Le retrait d’Afghanistan est-il en train de devenir une option?


Taliban Hangs AFG Cops in Oruzgan


UK Royal Marines Headed Back Next Year - NZL Troops Extend Tour - Nouvelle-Zélande poursuit son déploiement militaire en AFG - DEU Says They're Not Letting Allies Down


UN Agency Calls for Harder Push Against Opium - More - UN Office on Drugs & Crime news release on latest study - report (.pdf) - Alternate download site


AFG fifth last on global index of human development - More - 2007 Afghanistan Human Development Report - report (.pdf) - Alternate download site



18 Nov 07


R.I.P. Michel Lévesque & Nicholas Raymond Beauchamp:  Rivière-Rouge secouée par la disparition du Lévesque - Reuters en français -

QC soldier's death shakes small Laurentian village  - Ramp ceremony - Cérémonie solennelle avant le rapatriement des deux soldats tués - Globe & Mail - Toronto Star - Coup dur pour Valcartier


AFG, CAN Troops Still Nailing Taliban - More - Douzaine de taliban tués dans le sud


Taliban Torture, Kill AFG Cops in South - Cinq policiers exécutés par des insurgés talibans dans le sud


FRA Troops (Still) Not Headed South


CAN DefMin Says All AFG Detainee Treatment Info On the Table - Meanwhile, Opposition CAN Politicos Want Detainee Transfers Stopped - Torture en Afghanistan : MacKay se défend


Brits Pressing Into Musah Qaleh - Heading Off Homicide Bomber in Gereshk - More - Royal Highland Fusilier Officer Killed - Royal Anglians Rack Up Taliban Body Count - Posthumous VC Coming to Brit Officer for Counterattack Against Taliban


Associated Press Says UN Report Blames Bodyguards for Civvy Cas in Baghlan Incident - More - UN:  What Report?



17 Nov 07

10 Nov 07
CAN Troops Hand Ghundy Ghar FOB to AFG Control - More - GoogleFrench:  Ghundy Ghar pour les forces afghanes

Retrait des troupes canadiennes: «La décision viendra des Afghans» - GoogleEnglish:  CF Officer Says AFG Will Decide When They're Ready to Do the Job Alone

Remembrance Day Inside & Outside the Wire - Soldats canadiens seront des acteurs, et non des observateurs, du 11 nov.

Brain Injured Officer Writes of AFG, Recovery - ON Honours One of the Fallen - MB Names Lakes after Fallen - Map

Les défections afghanes inquiètent l'armée - GoogleEnglish:  AFG Army Concerned About Officers who Don't Want to Come Home from English Training in CAN

Fonds pour les soldats blessés annonce que des couvertures à rayures Hbc seront expédiées aux soldats blessés - Hudson Bay Blankets to the Wounded through Sapper McTeague Fund

USA Officer:  We Need Mo' Trainers for AFG Army - More - Besoin de 3400 instructeurs de plus pour entraîner les forces afghanes

AFG, Coalition Forces Nail Bad Guys in Nahr Suhrk, Helmand Province

Youth Choices in Helmand:  Drugs, crime or the Taliban

Cops Free Journalist who Visited Taliban Country

Air Strike in AFG, Directed from Nevada

New UK Plan:  Pay Farmers to Ditch Opium, Troops Target Drug Factories - USA Still Considering Aerial Spraying - Photo Essay of Harvest in Helmand


9 Nov 07
Frères de sang en Afghanistan - GoogleEnglish:  Blood Brothers in AFG

AFG Army Wants NATO Weapons, Not AK-47s

Academic Says Combat, Training Roles of NATO Acting Against Development Role

CAN Civvy Surgeon Returns from K'Har

UN Sec Council Pissed at Homicide Bombing in North - UNSC Statement - Déclaration À La Presse Du Président Du Conseil De Sécurité Sur L’afghanistan - Ball bearings used in Afghan bomb - Lotsa School Kids Killed in This One - 59 enfants tués dans l'attentat suicide - Deux suspects arrêtés - GoogleEnglish:  Two Suspects Nabbed

Taliban Boss in Zabul Nailed - Journalists Hassled After Visiting Taliban Country in Helmand

NOR Soldier Killed by IED  in N.AFG - Soldat norvégien tué

NLD Parliament Extends AFG Mission - More - FRA Fighters Backfill for USA F-15s No Longer Flying - Sarkozy envisage l’envoi de renforts en Afghanistan - More on FRA (Maybe) Sending Mo' Troops - ITA Says Troops Should Stay in AFG

USA Still Considering Aerial Spraying of Poppies

Worries About Aid Shipments before Winter Settles In - Les ONG de plus en plus menacées par l’insécurité - GoogleEnglish:  NGO's Worried about Security Situation


8 Nov 07
Wanna Hear Audio of the Rocket Attack During CAN Def Min's Visit to FOB? - Direct link to .mp3 - Strike Called a Fluke - More - MacKay se tire indemne d'une attaque à la roquette

CAN Def Min says Karzai 'optimistic' in face of attacks - Talks to AFG Pres of Close Call - MacKay transmet les condoléances des Canadiens au président Karzaï - MacKay extends condolences - More

Quatre Lavallois en Afghanistan - GoogleEnglish:  Four Laval Reservists from 4Bn R22e

Soldat canadien en Afghanistan - GoogleEnglish:  "You complain about a little headache and call in sick at work.  He's shooting downrange, with others injured, and keeps working."

Opinion:  Pros, Cons of New Panel on CAN's Future in AFG - "Karzai Administration Needs To Remember That All Politics Is Local" - Nuke Taliban Too Damned Close? - Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

NATO Deputy Dog Says EVERYONE Needs to Sell the Mission Harder

North-South Institute Says CAN Should Do AFG More Like HTI

UN Human Rights Boss Pissed About Latest Suicide Bombing - More - Louise Arbour «écoeurée» des attentats en Afghanistan - UN Security Council Pissed - Who Done It? - Big Blast Big Blow to NATO - Nord-est afghan ensanglanté - AFG in Mourning

Dubya Says He's OK With Other Countries Not Helping in S. AFG - Sarkozy envisage l'envoi de renforts en AFG - GoogleEnglish:  FRA Considering Mo' Troops to AFG - NOR Envoy to CAN:  We Understand Each Other - NOR Poll:  People Want NOR in AFG... - ...But Not Mo' NOR Troops - UK Says They're Hanging Around Until 2010

NGOs vulnerable to criminal violence, insurgency

IRN expels 8K Afghan Refugees

7 Nov 07

CAN Def Min @ FOB During Rocket Hit - More - more - more - more - more - Taliban Doing Better Int Work? - .pdf version - MacKay échappe à une attaque à la roquette - plus

Guess Who's In Charge of the CAN Team Advising the AFG Gov't?

Taliban Staging "Coup" in Baluchistan, Pashtun Areas?

Homicide Bomber Nails AFG Politicos, LOTSA Other Civvies in North - More - Attentat homicide fait une centaine de morts et de blessés dans le nord - ISAF Pissed - NATO SecGen Pissed - UN SecGen Pissed - Ban Ki-moon condamne - plusMore - DEU Pissed - USA Vows to Push On (Pissed, Too)

More on CAN Court Decision to Move Ahead with Prisoner Handling Case - More

Gouvernement Du Québec Souligne Le Courage Des Anciens Combattants - Plus - Highway 20 out of Montreal Renamed Autoroute du Souvenir, or Remembrance Highway

NF Reservist Helps Teach About AFG Mission

Action directe et pacifique contre la propagande militaire - Les Bleuets pour la paix appuient et participent! - GoogleEnglish:  Blueberries for Peace to Demonstrate at University in Chicoutimi

Two DNK Troops Killed in September Killed by UK Fire

Training Cops Near K'Har Not EXACTLY What Some US Troops Expected

Taliban Torches District Gov't HQ in RC-W

AFG Official Figures Osama in PAK

US Geological Survey to Show Off What ELSE Can be Mined in AFG


6 Nov 07  
UN Calls on All Countries to Keep Fighting Terror in AFG - More - Sec Gen Statement - .pdf version - Ban Ki-moon soutient les opérations anti-terroristes - L’assemblée demande à l’afghanistan de renforcer sa lutte contre le terrorisme, l’impunité, la corruption et le trafic des drogues - Plus - General Assembly Calls For Continued Effort To Address Afghanistan’s Challenges; Says ‘Strong Nexus’ Between Drug Trade, Extremists Undermines Stability - More

CAN Def Min:  Too Many Refugees Too Quickly=More Taliban- Blogger Links Opium Success, Food Security into Equation

Des failles dans le contrôle des projets canadiens - GoogleEnglish:  CIDA Project Checkers in AFG Swamped

Opinion:  Les inquiétudes de MacKay - NATO's Existential Challenge - Depleted Uranium as Hidden Killer?

Remember This Guy?  He's Home - More - more - Sohail Qureshi libéré par les autorités afghanes - Clipping archive since 1 Jan 07 (.pdf)

Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan Web Page Up - Groupe consultatif indépendant sur la mission en Afghanistan web page - Looking for Public Input

Federal Court of Canada Allows Lawsuit over CAN Handling of AFG Prisoners to Proceed - More

Interprète en Afghanistan: une vie de paria - GoogleEnglish:  Interpreters as paraiahs in AFG

Taliban Bikers Helping Take Control in Parts of RC-W - Talibans s’emparent d’un troisième district

More on More NOR Troops to the North.... - ... in March ... - ....Reluctantly

CZE Donating Mi-17's, Mi-24's to AFG - USA F-15's Grounded in AFG After Crash in Missouri

UN News Conference:  Aid Still Getting Through the "Lines" in Uruzgan, Refugees Coming Home - .pdf version

USA Taking Second Look at Mil Support of PAK

5 Nov 07

Reuters Reporter Still Tagging Along with CAN, AFG Troops

Some Hot Spots Have to Wait for Help?

Still Working on Taliban in South - Latest Taliban Push to Settle an Old Score? - Or Push to Grab Weapons?

Just North of RC-South, Taliban Seem to be Doing Better in RC-West - More - Meanwhile, Warlords, Militias Problem in North

Opinion:  Le dilemme afghan

Latest Poll:  6/10 of Cdns Surveyed Don't Like Idea of CAN in AFG - PC progresse sur l'environnement, mais pas sur l'Afghanistan - Suspended AFG MP Says Pull 'Em Out

"Bravo Company:  Kandahar" on History TV Tonight - BBC Looks at Brit Fighters in the South - Another Review of Blatchford's Book

Canadian Peace Alliance Questions Polling Showing AFGs Want Foreign Troops - Blogger:  Protesters vs. Criminals

NLD Def Min:  If We GTFO, It'll Be Tougher for CAN to Stay - More NOR Troops Headed to North?

Some Gitmo Guests Head Home to AFG

PAK Envoy to USA Admits PAK in Bed with Taliban during Taliban Rule

Farmers Getting Rid of Poppies, Shift to Growing Pot - More

4 Nov 07
3 Nov 07
CAN Tanker Injured by IED - More - more - more - more - more - Soldat canadien blessé


Correspondance du capitaine Patrick Vachon - GoogleEnglish:  Captain Patrick Vachon's Fight at Ma'sum Ghar


Coalition, AFG Soldiers Killed in Fighting in Uruzgan - ISAF Statement - NLD Trooper Fallen - more - Radio NLD Story(.pdf) - Soldat néerlandais tué - Fight Continues Elsewhere in the South



DEU Chancellor Drops By - More - more - Commits to More Help Training AFG Cops - Visite surprise de Angela Merkel - Merkel réaffirme que soldats allemands resteront dans le nord - DEU Troops Not Venturing South


PAK Tells CENTCOM, "Thanks, But No Thanks" to Foreign Troops in PAK


Opinion:  "Despairing troops in Afghanistan, fighting the war they can never win"


Injured CAN Sapper Encourages Others to Give Blood

CAN's Ambassador in AFG Only Western Muslim Diplomat



Training AFG Cops Not To Be Robbers

PAK Envoy to USA:  Pakistan has become a fall guy for all the bad things happening in the neighbourhood


2 Nov 07

Les talibans quitteraient Arghandab:  Presse Canadienne - Xinhuanet - Reuters (en Le Devoir)


CAN's Arghandab Fight Declared a Success:  CBC Online - Reuters - - CanWest News - Canadian Press - Globe & Mail - CanWest:  Why It Was Bad Taliban Was Back in the First Place

Fmr ISAF Cdr:  Infighting Between Countries Dragging NATO Mission Down - More

Opinion:  Environics Poll Good News (but Use it to do a Better Job)

Legion Magazine's Battle for Panjwai, Part 2 - Part 1 - Permalink Parts 1 and 2 (.pdf)

Brit Reservists On Their Way Into the Breach - One Brit Reservist's Story - Brit Airmen Pedalling Their Asses for AFG Charity

Taliban Bad Boy Nailed in Khost - More - more - More Taliban Getting Nailed in General

Taliban Getting Frisky All Over - Locals Pissed at "Foreign" Taliban in Helmand - Permalink (.pdf) - More on Newer, Harsher, Foreign Taliban

PMC's Worried About Crackdown in AFG

Manif: Compte-rendu de l’action surprise contre la guerre en Afghanistan - GoogleEnglish: One of the anti-war protests last weekend - Blog Entry: Who's Being Oppressed Here?

1 Nov 07
Vandoos Hard At It Just Outside K'Har - Reuters Reporter Right Up Close with Cdns - More - more - Canadiens livrent un important combat aux talibans près de Kandahar - Centaines de talibans encerclés près de Kandahar - NY Times - Voice of America - The Guardian (UK) - Taliban Tells Al Jazeera They're Winning Around K'Har

Pas d'accommodement pour nos militaires tombés au combat - GoogleEnglish:  Memorial to MWO Mercier, MCPL Duchesne Moved to Avoid Offending AFG's -   Une bonne décision - GoogleEnglish:  WA Good Idea? - Commentary

En lien direct avec leur fils en Afghanistan - GoogleEnglish:  Staying Connected While 10,250 km Apart

Harper rejette les allégations de torture - GoogleEnglish:  CAN PM Rejects Latest Torture Allegations

Opinion:  Expect Winter Lull, Spring Heat-Up - Winter War to Spread North? - Si tous les tanks étaient roses - GoogleEnglish:  Get Rid of AFV From In Front of Sherbrooke Armouries? - Blog View of Defacing War Monument - Facing Defeat? - Afghanistan meltdown: is it a lost cause?

Afghan Taliban commander denies Iran links - Un chef taliban afghan nie tout lien entre les insurgés et l'Iran - Good Relations with AQ in AFG, IRQ, Though

Nailin' 'Em in Oruzgan - More

Jump Starting AFG Air Force

It's Official:  JPN Out of ItMission afghane: le Japon ordonne à ses navires de quitter l'Océan Indien - Academic Calls for "Recalibration" of NATO Mission in AFG - POL Opposition to AFG Fight in Polls Growing - Premiers retours des troupes polonaises d’Afghanistan - GoogleEnglish:  First POL Troops Return Home from AFG

More on "Opium Tsunami" in AFG - Production d'opium en croissance de 34% - Ouverture d'une réunion internationale d'experts à Kaboul - AFG Neighbours at Risk

UN Fighting Polio During the Fighting

Commies Workers Pipe Up about Anti-War Protests




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