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May 2008

Current News

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

31 May 08

CF Pushing in OP Rolling Thunder in Zhari; Firefights but No Cas - OP Reportedly Wraps Up Successfully (.pdf version) Canadiens effectuent opération antitalibans en AFG


Rockets on K'Har Part of the Routine


Guy Laroche a vécu un été «chaud» en AFG - GoogEng:  Outgoing CF General Found it Hot


Reporter Blog:  Why the Troops Say They're There (.pdf version)


More Troops Taking Meds to Help Sleep - Nos soldats sont dépressifs - Plus


Zabul Governor, Bodyguards Nailed

Brit Medic Shoots Would-Be Bomber, then Saves His Life

Opinion:  Columnist - "If you want to survive you'll have to broaden the base of the regime, forget (liberalism), make a deal with the truly influential forces… You'll have to revive Islam, respect traditions and try to show the people some tangible benefits from the revolution." - Time to Talk to the Taliban - "Americans bring Afghans their new 60-year plan" (.pdf version)


More on USA Worries that PAK Safe Havens Can Help Keep AFG Insurgency Going - More - more - USA SecDef:  PAK Needs More Time to Get a Grip - Meanwhile, USA Democrat Questions Military Aid to PAK - Says Paramilitary USA is Helping Pay For Could be Helping Taliban - USA Senator Reassured PAK Will Do Its Part - AFG Pres Not So Worried?


More on the Push to Deal with Opium



30 May 08

AFG Elders Encourage CF to Focus on Terrorists, Not Taliban - More


More on CAN Being Pushed to Create Jobs in AFG


CAN PM's Office Backtracks on Report of ITA Removing Caveats - More (.pdf) - more - more - more (.pdf) - more - more


L'armée a dû rectifier le tir de Bernier - GoogEng:  CAN General Says Bernier Comments on K'Har Governor Caused Extra Work


CF Reservist Boned for Pension Time @ Civilian Job While on Tour


Liberal MP Back from "Secret" Visit Says Mission Going OK - Another MP Pipes Up, Too


New Causeway Opens in K'Har Province - Kidnapped Docs Released in K'Har - "ISAF Marines" Build Trust, Support in Helmand

Retired USMC to Look Into USA Reconstruction Spending in AFG - More - Calls for More Emphasis on Cop Training, Not Development, to Win Hearts & Minds (.pdf permalink) - UN SecGen Attending Paris Conference on Aid

Slovakia Sending Troops to Uruzgan - Brit Mil Cop Shares Good, Bad Stories from Helmand - NOR Troops Pulled Outta the Fray, Into Training AFG Troops? - AFG Official Quoted Saying They Don't Give a #$% if DEU Troops Leave


Opinion:  Why CF Needs HUMINT in AFG - "Anyone who travels through the country with Western troops soon realizes that NATO forces would have to be increased tenfold for peace to be even a remote possibility."


PAK Nat'l Secur Advisor Briefs NATO Delegation - NATO Optimistic PAK Will Get Back At 'Er in the Border Zones - USA General Not So Optimistic - Hopes So, Though - More - more


NATO Wants AFG to do More About Opium Trade - AFG Seeking to Revive Farm Sector - "Mr. Market" the Answer?

Taliban Says Osama's Not Dead Yet - Taliban Claim Shoot-down of Civvy Chopper in Khost (.pdf)



29 May 08

CAN Aiming to Get AFG Cops (At Least a Bit) Literate - Meanwhile, Europe Lagging on AFG Cop Training


CAN Troops Tell AUS Reporter Fighting Under ISAF Sucks, Diss Aussies Restricted in Night Ops? (.pdf permalink)


Study on Taliban Org (.pdf):  "the Taliban are becoming self-sustaining by producing effects that feed back into their resource base. Thus, the movement is capable of surviving and, in the absence of a U.S. and NATO presence, eventually ruling the Pashtu-dominated region of Afghanistan and spreading its sphere of influence into the FATA and other regions of Pakistan" - Alternate download site (.pdf)


Aid Convoy Headed to Part of RC-South Seized by Bad Guys - AFG Red Crescent Distributes Food in Helmand


12 May 08 Quarterly UN Progress Report on ISAF (.pdf)


Civvy Killed in Homicide Bombing Attack near Police Station in Lashkar Gah


ITA Tells CAN PM Change in Caveats Being Studied - UK DefMin Finds "Progress & Optimism" in Helmand During Visit - Latest Fallen Brit Identified - Brits to Get Mo' Armour Protection - RAF Building Schools, Bringing Power into Remote Areas - Culture Shock for Scots Training ANA - Brits Raise Money for Wounded via Helmand Half-Marathon


PAK Says Two Big Taliban Bad Boys Swapped for Nabbed Envoy, Army Officers - USA "Skeptical" of PAK-Taliban "Peace" Deal


Food Weather:  Warmer Than Usual, Expect "Extreme Heat" in SW - .pdf version w/maps




28 May 08


CAN Commons Defence Committee Kept Under Wraps during Secret AFG Visit - More - more - If You Want CF Imagery of the Visit... - Committee Chair:  AFGs Want Jobs, Not Handouts


Medals of Bravery to CAN Troops Hucking Ammo Outta Burning Vehicle Post-Suicide Attack - More - GG News Release


CF Soldier Says Progress is Being Made - More


CAN Access to Info Watchdog Defends Holding Back Info on Detainees - "Mad Max" Bernier's Prodigal Briefing Notes Left at Girlfriend's Had AFG Mission Info (.pdf permalink)


LOTSA Bombs, Death by Taliban in South - More - Elsewhere, Too - New Taliban Messaging:  Suicide Bombers Don't Die


Worries About a Support the Troops Event? - More - more - more - Discussion (including family of the fallen speaking out)


More on Rededication of Memorial Inukshuk


Opinion:  The "Israeli Approach" in AFG, PAK?Why Anti-War Movement Thinks CAN Should GTFO (.pdf permalink) - Discussion/Rebuttals



UK DefMin:  "The Taliban will never rule Afghanistan again but its influence threatens to become entrenched in the country's south" - AUS Army Journal Article:  "Coalition military forces in Afghanistan must remain responsive to the needs and directions of the fledgling national government while developing the infrastructure required for law and order." (.pdf) - USA Says AFG Cops Starting to Get Better - Worries About the Death of an Irish Soldier in Bagram?


Blogger on Why Alternate Crops Ain't Working Yet Against Opium:  "Market incentives have operated on small, very poor, former subsistence farmers, who got so much more cash for poppy than foodstuffs that it wasn't a choice." - AFG Drug Minister Expecting Opium Drop


NATO Calls on PAK to Avoid Spillover into AFG - UK Def Min Supports PAK-Taliban Talks - Meanwhile, Taliban Keeps Saying They'll Keep Attacking AFG - So, THAT's Where Osama Is These Days! - More



27 May 08

CF Considering Something Between Tank and AFV for AFG


CF Commander Says HUMINT Has Been At Work for Some Time in AFG - Still, Critics Worry? (.pdf permalink) - Public Discussion of Issue


Friendly Fire Inukshuk Re-Dedicated at KAF


CAN Rejigging PMC Contracts to Adjust Rules of Engagement


Reporter:  KAF Pretty Cushy Compared to FOBs (.pdf permalink)


More on PAK's Taliban Continuing to Fight in AFG, But Willing to Talk - More


One CAN Diplomat's Story at K'Har PRT


Opinion:  "We can't just take them out" - "The fate of our soldiers and their families should not be the fodder of stump speeches used to divide our country."


USMC Working at "Clearing Space for Optimism" in South - New Hope for Helmand with New Governor? - Brit Worries About Armour on AFVs - EST Good to Go in Helmand - AUS Officers Say Troops "Ashamed" of Low Risk Missions? - Australian Army Journal articles (.pdf) - AUS Army Boss:  No Shame in Missions


More on ITA to Be More "Flexible" About Getting Troops Into the Fight - More - Translation:  ITA DefMin Says Caveats Changing in June, with Shorter "Ready to Move By" Time (GoogleEnglish translation) - While Cutting Size of AFG Contingent? - More


EU Council:  "Security and rule of law remain key challenges to progress in Afghanistan. A lack of security in parts of the country is compounded by weak judicial and law enforcement institutions. " (.pdf) - MSWord version - More on EU Doubling Police Trg Mission


UK Says Terrorism in the Area Needs Regional Solutions - More



26 May 08

More on CF Troops Injured in Homicide Bomber Blast - More - more - more - more (.pdf permalink) - 4 soldats CAN blessés dans attentat à la bombe  CF Setting Up New Int Unit for AFG?


CAN PM's Spokesperson Confident NATO Will Send Mo' Troops (.pdf permalink)


PAK Media:  Canadian National (Reportedly) Nabbed Entering AFG Illegally, Then Released (.pdf permalink) - More (.pdf permalink)


CF Women Helping AFG Women, One-on-One in Many Cases - Female Globe & Mail Reporter on (Not) Encountering Women


More Bravery Medals Being Awarded to CF Members


CF Gunner Victim of ID Theft While Overseas


ANP Getting Better in Helmand?


Taliban Says They'll Fight As Long as Foreign Troops are in AFG - More - more


Brit Killed in Explosion in Sangin - More on EST Soldier Killed in Accident in Helmand - POL Sending ~400 Mo' Troops - (Only A Bit) More on Taliban Changing Tactics


USA Official to NATO Parliamentarians:  "parliamentarians have an important role to play in educating the public and their colleagues on the NATO mission in Afghanistan and the need to give the Alliance the capabilities it needs to pursue the common security agenda" - PAK Media:  USA DefSec Admits Better Post-Soviet Ending in AFG May Have Prevented Current Fracas (.pdf permalink)


Opinion:  Afghans Not the ONLY Corrupt Ones in the Mix

How Governments, Media Communicate the War



25 May 08

Canadian Press:  CAN Troops Injured, One AFG Child Killed in Homicide Bomber Blast - Globe & Mail - - CanWest - More - Attentat suicide dirigé contre un convoi de l'Otan près d'une base à Kandahar a tué un civil afghan - Quatre soldats canadiens sont blessés - Plus - plus


How CF Troops Winning Loyalty through Base, Projects in Arghandab - Troops Head Out to Fix Stuff in K'har Province


More on PAK Taliban Boss Vowing to Continue Fight in AFG - More - Promises to Target USA Troops in AFG"A Jihad Between Neighbours" - AFG Calls in PAK to Get a Grip - USA SecOfState:  PAK Not Trying to Create Problems for AFG - NATO Saying It's Already Causing More Headaches in AFG - AFG Media:  Brits Support PAK Peace Deal? (.pdf permalink)


Un commando d'élite afghan va épauler les Canadiens à Kandahar - Plus

CF Officer Writes Home from Kabul - «On a accompli plus qu’on avait prévu» - Soldats québécois reviennent de loin


Afghanistan : Manley s'inquiète du suivi de ses recommandations


Opinion:  CAN Renting UAV's from ISR Maybe Not Such a Great Idea? (.pdf permalink)


Attentat suicide dirigé contre un convoi de l'Otan près d'une base à Kandahar a tué un civil afghan

Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand - More - more - more - more - Brits Chasing Even More

EU Expanding AFG Police Training Mission - More


EST Soldier Killed in Accident at UK Base in Helmand - Brits Having Trouble Being Compensated for Injuries Linked to Old Soviet Mines? - Actress May Sue AUS Gov't Over Leaked Allegation of Sex with SAS in AFG


FRA ForMin:  Need to Talk to Taliban (But Up to AFG Gov't When) - Réconciliation devra passer par les talibans, estime Kouchner - Brit MP Says Fight Could Last "A Generation"


Local Drought, Regional Shortages Drive Up Bread Costs - Returning Refugees Pressuring AFG Drug Addiction Treatment System



24 May 08

PAK Taliban Says They'll Keep Fighting in AFG - More - more - more - PAK Peace Deal Almost A Done Deal - More


CF Looking for Combat Vets to Become Counsellors


Rocket Attack Breaks Up Troops' Entertainment - More


CF PRT Officer Writes Home


Bad Boys Nail Selves in "Own Goal" in Helmand - More Killed the Old Fashioned Way, Too - More - Chasin' Bad Boys, Bringing Help in Zabul


AFG Air Force Still Five Years Off


Brits Preparing for Taliban Push in Helmand - Brit Coroner Trashes Nimrod ISTAR Planes Following Inquest into AFG Crash - Worries About Grounding Nimrods - UK MoD:  No Need to WorryNimrod MR2 - This Isn't His ONLY Military Death Inquest, Either - More on ITA (Maybe) Willing to Head Into Riskier Work


FRA ForMin Wants New Approach to Aid - "Afghanisation de l'aide internationale"


CHN Influence in AFG Growing



23 May 08

OC Charlie Coy, 2 PPCLI:  "We can't go around with the mindset of being terrorists killers" (.pdf permalink)


Former AFG Pres:  Taliban Ready to Talk Peace?!? (.pdf permalink) - Taliban seraient prêts à des négociations de paix?!? (version .pdf)


Manley Panel Head:  Recommendations Not Being Carried Out - More


It Ain't Easy, but Schools Are Opening in K'Har Province


Change in NATO Command ROTO's in RC-South Not a Done Deal Yet - More - more - Prolongation des périodes de commandement pas encore conclue



Locals in S.AFG Say US Troops Must Hit Hard Now To Prevent "Spring Offensive"

ISAF Veterinarian Team Visit K'Har Village

Globe & Mail Reporter on Berries & Graffiti Near K'Har - Not ALL the Bad Guys are Taliban

USA Trainer Boss:  AFG troops "ready for bulk of fight"


Analysts Skeptical About PAK Peace Deal with Taliban - PAK Official: "Taliban have accepted government’s writ in the region and will help the local administration in maintaining law and order in the district"


Still Worries About IRN Arms Sneaking In


Opinion:  "America needs to lean much harder on Afghanistan's President Karzai" (.pdf permalink)


ITA Shows Signs of Possible Flexibility in Caveats - SWE Sending (A Few) More Troops - AUS Releases Results of Inquiries into Three Deaths in AFG Last Year - ADF Apologizes to Entertainer Accused of "Entertaining" AUS SAS Troops in Oruzgan - Looking into How AUS Ministerial Paperwork is Handled 


Bringin' in the Marines (With Biometrics) - Brits Frying Up Jelly Doughnuts in Helmand - Brit Northern Ireland Minister Visits Royal Irish Regiment Troops in Helmand



22 May 08

NLD, UK Agree to Stay In Charge of RC-S a Year at a Time - Therefore, US Holding Off on Taking Stronger Role in South (For Now) - More - more - more - more - USA Pentagon Transcript:  NLD Will Take Over from CAN, Then Stay in Charge for 12 Months - Alliés de l'Otan vont allonger leur période de commandement dans le sud afghan


Journal Article:  How the Fight Has Been Unfolding in Kandahar (2003-2007)


PAK Agrees to Withdraw Military from Tribal Areas:  Text of Agreement - More - more - more - AFG Pissed - More USA Holding Back on Judgement - USA State Dep't Transcript:  "Does it produce a result where you have people who are previously unreconciled to a political process participating in that process and turning away from violence? We’ll see." - UN Says They'll Keep an Eye on Things - Taliban Says They'll Stay Quiet As Long as Sharia Law Enforced in Province


IRN Wants UN Doing More in AFG - NATO Spokesperson Says Ya Gotta Be Careful About How You Criticize AFG


AUS Entertainer REALLY "Entertaining" the Troops? - AUS Mil Looking Into It - ADF Statement - Entertainer Denies Entertaining THAT Way - Reader Comments - Discussion - NOR Book on SF in AFG Includes JTF-2 References


Paper:  How's the Disarmament/Demobilization Work Going?

Drugs Still Pumping Lotsa $ into Bad Guy Coffers - Journal article:  Are Drugs Helping or Hurting the Peace?

Calls for Support for $50B Aid Package - Aid Group:  Get More Aid Right Into Afghans' Hands

Highway of Heroes Rallies Planned for 31 May 08

Returning CF Troops Can Get Car Bargains



21 May 08

How Some Thunder Bay Families of the Deployed Are Coping (.pdf permalink)


Valcartier troops home safe and sound


Head of AFG Red Cross:  Keep CAN Troops In Country, But Let NGO's Do Aid (.pdf permalink)


Meanwhile, More Schools Going Up in K'Har Province


Academic Paper:  "Canadians must be clear in our own minds what we are able to offer in Afghanistan, before we start reacting to the inevitable pressures from the US military." (.pdf permalink)


Taliban Cranking Up the (Youth) Press Gang


NATO Worried About PAK Deal with Taliban - NATO Beefing Up Forces on Border - Deal Coming in Days? - AFG ForMin to PAK:  Don't Appease Taliban - More - US Presses PAK to Nab Taliban Bosses - This CERTAINLY Won't Help Matters!


Brit Killed in South with SAS - Latest USA Casualty in AFG Identified - Brit Reserve Medics Prepare to Head to Helmand - More on AUS Push - AUS Int Indicates "Lull" in Taliban Activity - Brit ForMin to Tell USA There's No Military Solution to Taliban


Attacks in PAK Affecting USA Supply Lines


CAN ForMin After Zagreb Meeting:  “Croatia’s expected NATO membership and ongoing participation in the mission in Afghanistan are two issues that make Canada and Croatia partners.” - Bernier:  << L’adhésion prévue de la Croatie à l’OTAN et sa participation à la mission en Afghanistan sont deux facteurs qui en font un partenaire du Canada. >> - CAN Liberal Party Foreign Affairs Critic:  ""We can't actually leave .... It's not simply open for us to say . . . that we're going simply to cut and run,"


Opinion:  On Strategic Incoherence:  "The catch-22 in today's Afghanistan is that insecurity in the heartland of the insurgency means that reconstruction is haphazard and inconsistent. Outside the conflict zones, where reconstruction would be easier and help to prevent the spread of the insurgency, there has not been a comprehensive nationwide strategy for reconstruction."


AFG to IRN:  We'll Decide When Foreign Troops Leave, Thank You



20 May 08

CAN Beefs Up Anti-IED Work - More - more - Meanwhile, As Mines Get Dealt With, AFG Deminers Need to Retrain


CF Troops Sickened by Teenage Boy Used as Homicide Bomber - More


CAN Troops Trying to Build Cultural Bridges


US General:  Making Progress (Even if Under-resourced)


UNAMA 19 May 08 News Conference:  UN Helping Refugees in Helmand; WFP Aid Convoy Attacked - More on Aid Convoy Attack - More


CIDA Helping Train AFG Women to Sew

Opinion:  CAN's Goals in AFG


Bad Boys Hiding Guerillas in Refugee Families Returning from PAK

Helmand Opium Farmers Protecting their Crops

Back-and-forth in the Fight Straining Allied Relations? - Allies Experiencing "Battle Fatigue"? (.pdf permalink)


Brit Killed in Musa Qaleh Blast - More - more - more - Seems Another NATO Trooper Killed in Firefight Elsewhere in the South


USMC Focusing on "Character Building" with AFG Cops - More on Helmand Arms Cache Nabbed - More on AUS Push in South - More - USA, UK Helping Refugees from HelmandBrit Media Says CAN Troops Respected on the Streets (Unlike Brit Troops @ Home) - Brit Mil Writer's Son Serving in AFG, Advancing to Contact Across Helmand - Brit Soldier Takes Place of Buddy About to Get Married - More on DEU SF Missing a Chance to Nail Bad Guy


DEU Caveats=SF Not Able to Nail Taliban Boss (.pdf permalink)

PAK PM Quoted Saying He Won't Talk with Taliban - IRN Pres Calls for Timetable for Foreign Troop Wd from AFG




19 May 08

CAN ForMin Visiting Italy to Discuss (Among Other Things) AFG - He's Going to Talk to HRV About the Fight in AFG, Too - More


CF Air Traffic Controller Prepares to Head Back Soon


This Year's Prediction on Taliban Spring Offensive (.pdf permalink) - On the Other Hand, Taliban Giving Up?


Ambassadeur RUS à Kaboul: OTAN commet les mêmes erreurs que l’URSS


Columnist on CF Tanks in AFG:  "There's no reason to suppose they can't, or won't, do to our precious tanks what they did to Soviet tanks." (.pdf permalink)


Kash in K'Har


NATO Rejects Report by UN Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings - More - more - ISAF Spokesperson Statement (MS Word)


AFG Cop Shop Targeted by Homicide Bombing Attack in Helmand - Attentat en AFG: quatre civils tués - Plus - Offensive des troupes australiennes contre les talibans


Peaceniks Protest AFG Fight at Victoria Day Rally

Slide Show:  US Marine Cheats Death in South

Still Prying Up LOTSA Mines in AFG

UN Uber-Envoy Meets with IRN Reps (.pdf)



18 May 08

More on 11-Year-Old Homicide Bomber Injuring CF Troops - Deux soldats canadiens blessés - Plus


More on Anthropologist's Assessment of 2006 CF ROTO Decompression Period


Canadiens, Americains feront guerre à part


CAN PRT Padre Seeking School Supplies for K'Har School - Padre Jim Short's Blog from K'Har - Snail Mail Address:  Major Jim Short, KPRT, P.O. Box 5005, Stn. Forces, Belleville, ON, K8N 5W6 - Moose Jaw Students Also Collect School Supplies for AFG


Bike Bomb in K'Har Kills Civvy - Un civil tué par une bombe


Ring Road Thru K'Har Part of HUGE AFG Road Project


Reports of Attack on NATO Chopper in South, Forcing Forced Landing - Maybe Rocket Attack? - More - more - more - more - more - Gouverneur visé par un attentatOSINT Bibliography:  Taliban/MANPADS


Academic:  At Some Point, West'll Have to Talk to the Bad Guys


Opinion:  La leçon afghane

Baxters: Des mets envoyés en AFG

A Poochie Story (With a Difference)



17 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  The Funeral - Canadian Press - Calgary Herald - More - Edmonton Sun - Radio Canada (francais) - Presse Canadienne - Today's media clippings (.pdf)


Latest CF Injuries Caused by Ten-Year-Old Suicide Bomber - More - more - Un garçon aurait pris part à l'attentat-suicide qui a blessé deux Canadiens - CF Spokesperson Calls Attack "Sign of Desparation"


AFG Envoy to CAN:  No Short, Easy Answer


More Water for More People @ Spin Boldak


PAK Official on How PAK Should Clamp Down on Taliban:  "Pakistan will take care of its own problems, you take care of Afghanistan on your side .... NATO is in Afghanistan; it’s time they did some soldiering.” - Alternate story link - .pdf permalink - Yet, They Complain When NATO Does Soldier... - PAK DefMin Says Peace Deal With Taliban Will Cut Down Cross-Border Attacks? - Even Optimistic About Talks



Detailed Open Source Analysis of Developments in AFG (.pdf)


Nabbed PAK Envoy Released - More


The Fight is On in K'Har - Arms Cache Spotted in Helmand


An AFG Aid Program That Seems to be Working - Still, Worries on the Part of a Former AFG Finance Minister - Hard to Do Census When It Ain't Safe



16 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  Public Invited to Today's Funeral - More - more - "Police prepare a route of valour for a fallen hero" - Calgary Herald Editorial:  "Let's Remember the Fallen, Today" - Ottawa Citizen:  "Cpl. Starker did not come back alive, and it is our duty to remember him. We also have a duty to those of his comrades who come back physically whole, but still, sadly, not completely intact."


Two Canadians, Two Afghans Injured in Blast During Patrol in Zhari


New Report:  Tough Transition from CF Fighter to Combat Vet - Report (.pdf) - Alternate download site (.pdf) - More


Def Journalist-Blogger:  No Predator UAV's for CF in K'Har


More on ANA Artillery Liver Fire

NATO (Quietly?) Disbands AFG "Auxiliary Police"

PAK Taliban Vows Revenge for Alleged US Missile Strike Killing Bad Boy

Brit Part-timer Gunner On His Way Over


UN Envoy on Extrajudicial Killings:  Too Many Illegal Killings, But "The Taliban has also engaged in a high level of unlawful killing of non-civilians. For example, while it is lawful to target a soldier in the midst of combat, it violates international humanitarian law to abduct and then execute him." - Official statement (MS Word) - Alternate download site (.pdf) - News conference transcript (.pdf permalink) - More - more


Opinion:  Is NATO Repeating Mistakes of USSR?

RUS, CHN, IND seek AFG anti-drug "belt" - More

Hunger, Food Prices Push AFG to Brink



15 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  Calgary EMS Boss Suggests "Route of Valour" in Honour - More


CAN Officer Says K'Har Getting Safer (.pdf permalink) - Still, Calling for Mo' ANA in K'Har Area - Says ANA Ready for Bigger Role  - More - Can ANA Afford What It Needs, Though?


Fin de mission pour Guy Laroche - Plus


Paving the Roads=Saving CAN Lives (.pdf permalink) - Big Issue Elsewhere in AFG, Too


Now NATO Thinking About Non-Rotating Command in RC-South


NATO:  PAK Safe Havens=More Taliban Attacks in AFG - More - more - more - Most Taliban are Paikistani These Days - OTAN dit Islamabad doit mieux contrôler sa frontière


UN Rights Envoy on Summary Executions Accuses Foreign Int Agents (Some Based in K'Har) of Killing Civvies - May 2008 News Release Announcing Visit to AFG -  Oct 2007 UN News Service Story on Envoy's Mission (Cached)


Globe & Mail's Reporter Blog - ANA Commander Learns Why It's Important to Know Map/Grids


Entertainment Headed to the Troops - Une tournée de spectacles offre du divertissement canadien en AFG


Academic:  Taliban NOT "National Liberation Movement"

Toronto Star Columnist Chats Up US Marine - US Marines Hangin' Around a Bit - Still Fighting to be Done - More on Lucky Brit Officer "Dodging" RPG Bullet - Thirteen Bad Boys, Two ANP Killed in South

AFG Envoy to CAN:  Not a Quick Job Fixing Things Up

UN Says AFG Refugees Can Start Returning (Again) from PAK

Gotta Beat the Taliban Before Opium Can Be Completely Beaten



14 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  Family Supports Public Funeral, CAN Mission (.pdf permalink) - More - more - more


New CF Task Force Boss - Nouveau commandant pour la force opérationnelle en AFGNew ROTO - Roto 5 de l'Opération ATHÉNA


Canadian Army Journal articles on AFG (all .pdf)"Learning On The Run: Company Level Counter-Insurgency In Afghanistan" - "Canadian Armour In Afghanistan" - "A Comprehensive Approach To Stability The Strategic Advisory Team In Afghanistan" - "Learning From The Seven Soviet Wars: Lessons For Canada In Afghanistan"


ANA Boss in K'Har Asks Kabul for Mo' Troops (.pdf permalink) - Meanwhile, K'Har Getting Generators (.pdf permalink)


AFG Envoy to CAN:  Drugs, Corruption Still Big Issues - Incentives Needed to Keep AFG Poppy-Free - Lotsa Health Care Affected by Taliban Killings, Too


Calls for More Help for Helmand - School Attendance Dropping - Promises of Big Military Base in Helmand (.pdf permalink) - More on Folks GTFO'ing Helmand - More - Taliban Slowing Down This Year?


Reporter, Revisiting K'Har, Finds it Hot - "Kabul's Big Bad Warlord"


AFG Now AUS's Priority War - LOTSA ROTOs for Some UK Regiments - UK Part-timers Protecting Camp Bastion


Report:  "Afghanistan's Opium Crisis Undermines Its Long-Term Stability"  (.pdf permalink) - More - Still, a Bit of Hope as Some AFGs Start Growing Wheat as Prices Rise - IMF's Plan to Reduce Poverty in AFG - .pdf version


PAK Taliban Wants Everyone to Get Together to Fight USA


AFG ForMin Speaking in USA:  "We are committed to make Afghanistan’s young democracy stronger to bring this country to the family of democracy of the world." - More - AFG to Ask World for $50B in Aid



13 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  Moment of Silence at Calgary City Council - Funeral Scheduled for End of Week


Survey Says Cdns Still Don't Seem to Like Mission Extension (.pdf permalink) Spin Boldak OSINT Page Updated (with latest media clippings)


K'Har Jailbirds End Hunger Strike - More - more



Civvies Running Away from Helmand in Anticipation of Fight - Lotsa Bad Boys Nailed There - More - Dizaine de talibans tués dans des combats - Taking Time Off to Harvest Poppies (.pdf permalink)


Dead Taliban Hauled Back to PAK

More on AUS Troops Cleared of Prisoner Mistreatment - RPG Bounces Off Brit Officer's Body Armour

AFG Generals Canned After Kabul Attack on Karzai

What US Marines (Seem to be) Aching For in Care Packages (.pdf permalink)

Radicals Ready to Win "Cultural War"?



12 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  Links to Windsor - Driven by Duty


Columnist Impressed with CAN Counterinsurgency Training Pre-ROTO (.pdf permalink)


PPCLI Clerk's Family & How They're Doing With Her in K'Har


Gouverneure générale: «En Afghanistan, nos soldats essaient de rétablir la sécurité»


CF Sappers Fixing Up Old Soviet Army Barracks for ANA - More - more - ANA #'s Up to 76K


Red Cross Helping Hunger Strikers @ K'Har Jail - More


Busy Opium Harvesting Time in Helmand - Hiding in Plain Sight in K'Har, Too - More


Aussies Cleared of Prisoner Mistreatment Allegations - More - more - AUS Accuses Taliban Detainees of Lying - More - More "Night Letters" from Taliban Lately - Brits Guide US Marines in the Fight - More - PAK Eyeing UAV Buy from AUS


UN High-Security Jail Wing Destined for Drug Lords Only Holds Dead Men Walking

Drug Fight:  More Provinces Poppy-Free, but Overall Opium Production Still High

New Pay Rules:  You Can Pay High-Fliers Up to ~$700/month, but Only ~$100/month to Front Liners



11 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  Calgary Paramedics Offer Condolences, Share Memories - Ambulanciers paramédicaux rendent hommage


IED Attacks Headed Off in Kandahar - More


US Marines Keep on Pushing - More - Brits Helping Out


Taliban Leaning More Towards Bombings, Suicide Attacks These Days


Scots Hammer Away @ Taliban


Opinion:  La stratégie de la dernière chance - "Let's hope we're already 'talking to terrorists' "

Fmr PAK Interior Min:  "No peace if Afghanistan seeks military solutions"

Like AFG Needs ANOTHER Form of Misery!



10 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  He's Home - More - more - more - Artist Hangs Tie-Dyed Poppy Along Route - Caporal Michael Starke est rapatrié - Plus


Pens & Paper for Kids as Weapons - Food Becoming Bigger Worry than Security? - Pushing AFG to Starvation


K'Har Leadership Says Creating Jobs'll Keep the Bad Guys Away


AFG Attorney General:  Lotsa Guys Charged with Corruption (But None in Jail)


USA Boss of European Command:  More NATO, Int'l Support Needed for the Fight


AUS Denies Detainees Abused - NLD Pitches in Cop, Prison Money


Opinion:  "Time to Talk to Taliban"


PAK DefMin:  Osama's Not Hiding Here



9 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  Clipping search results (.pdf, 73 pgs) - Arriving Home Today - Rapatriement d’un militaire tombé au combat - More - La dépouille attendue à Trenton - Calgary Paramedics Plan Public Ceremony - Ontario Paramedics Pay Their Respects - More - Fatal firefight Within Sight of FOB (And Buddies) - Yet Another Flag Fracas, This Time in Calgary - More


CAN's Top Civvy in K'Har Speaks to Media - Mme Elissa Golberg, la principale re/présentante civile du gouvernement du Canada à Kandahar, fera un exposé officiel


CSIS Watchdog:  Spies Doing Great Job (In Spite of Not Enough Rules?) (.pdf permalink)


Southwestern Ontario Woman On Her Way to Serve @ Mirage


CAN VetAff Min:  We Haven't Done Enough for Troops with Mental Health Issues - More Work Left to Do


AFG Envoy to CAN:  CAN Presence Not in Vain


More on Changing CAN Mission


USA SecDef Confirms Marine Surge in RC-South Outta There Before Year's End - More on US Preferring One Country in Charge of Fight South - More - USA envisagent d’envoyer 7,000 effectifs ‎supplémentaires


USA Officer:  What Taliban Spring Offensive? - Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand


AUS Troops Accused of Mistreating Prisoners - AUS Looking Into It - AUS CDS Says Abuse Accusations Crap - Brit Part-Timers in HelmandNLD ForMin Drops By with Slovak Colleagues


Opinion:  "Les médias trop promilitaires ?"


UN Report:  AFG "virtually the world's sole producer of opium, yielding at least 93 per cent of the global annual output" - full report (.pdf)


Food, Fuel Prices Still Skyrocketing - More


Agreement to strengthen border cooperation between AFG, IRN and PAK - Working on the Drug Thing, Too - AFG Denies IRN Smuggling Arms to Bad Guys



8 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  Clipping Search Results (.pdf, 110 pgs.) He's On His Way Home - Rapatriement de Dépouille - Was On His Second Tour - Family Trying to Cope - Family Statement - More - more - Calgary City Flags to Go Half Staff Once He's Home (.pdf permalink) - Meanwhile, Next ROTO Gearing Up


New CAN General, New "Touch"? (.pdf permalink) - More Toward Development? - More - more - Nouveau Commandant pour les Troupes en AFG


AFG Envoy to CAN Wants BIG Clampdown on Taliban Attacks on Schools - L'ambassadeur AFG au CAN souhaite que cessent les attaques contre les écoles - Says CAN Aid $ Not Ending Up in Corrupt Officials' Pockets


Report:  Calls for More Troops, On Ground Face-to-Face, Doing More to Minimize Civvy Cas (.pdf) - Alternate download site (.pdf)


New Figures:  One Outta 13 CF Troops Who've Been to AFG Suffer "Stress Conditions"


Un article sur 10 arrive à temps à Kandahar - Plus - Le soutien aux déploiements outre-mer — Défense nationale


ANA Still Needs Work


Ex-Prince Wants Taliban Brought Into AFG Gov't - Hekmatyar Flack:  No Talks Planned with AFG Gov't


NATO Helps AFG Improve Ammo Dump Safety


European Union Lays Out AFG Commitment to 2013 - More on UK One-Legged Gunner Returning to the Fight - ITA Dude New Head NATO Civvy Rep



7 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.: public condolence forum - ISAF Statement - GovGen Statement - Message de gouverneure générale - PM Statement - Déclaration du Premier ministre - DefMin Statement - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense Nationale - Liberal Party of Canada Statement - Déclaration de Parti libéral du Canada - NDP Statement - Déclaration du NPD - Clippings in today's papers (129 pg. .pdf) - Canadian Press - Latest Fallen Calgary Paramedic - More - more - - CanWest/National Post - More - more - Calgary Sun - More - Globe & Mail (.pdf permalink) - More (.pdf) - Associated Press - Reuters - Presse Canadienne - Radio Canada - Plus - AFP en français


New CAN General to Take Over Soon (.pdf permalink) - BGen Thompson Bio


Eight More "Family Peer Support Co-ordinators" Hired for Families of CF Overseas - Canada élargit son soutien aux familles des militaires - Du renfort pour les familles des militaires - Still, More Calls for Help for Troops


Auditor General:  AFG mission testing CF logistics, BIG time! - Chapter 2 of May 2008 Report - Main Points - Mission en AFG "met à l’épreuve la capacité de la Défense nationale de soutenir des opérations d’envergure" - Mainstream Media Coverage:  Canadian Press - Presse Canadienne - CanWest/National Post - More - Bloomberg (USA) - Reuters (UK) - (en français) - Radio Canada


K'Har Jailbirds Stage Hunger Strike


Hekmatyar Speaks!

Karzai:  OK to Talk to Taliban (Only if AFG Gov't Does It)


Detecting IED's from the Air

AFG Governors Say NATO Must Co-ordinate Aid, Security Better


US Marines Bypass Poppies to Avoid Pissing Off the Locals - Brits Blame PAK for Taliban Woes in AFG - Argylls Patrolling (with a Poochie) in Lashkar Gah - POL Troops, Pilots Not All That Keen to Head to AFG - US Counter Terror Boss:  PAK Safe Havens Still a Concern - US State Dep't:  IRN Trying to Keep AFG Unstable


PAK Sending Wheat to AFG to Head Off Worst of Food Crisis... - ...In Spite of Grain Worries of Their Own

UNHCR Quelling Rumours of Stopping Repat Assistance to AFG Refugees in PAK - Still a BIIIIIG Issue



6 May 08

Michael Starker, R.I.P.:  CF Announcement- FC CommuniquéCanadian PressCanWest/National PostAssociated PressCTV.caCBC.caReutersAgence France Presse - Public forum for condolences


CAN Auditor General:  AFG Mission "tests National Defence’s ability to support a major operation"


CF Drawing Line on Where Compensation for Battle Damage is Paid:  At Poppy Fields


PRT PAffO Writes About Encounter with Kids on Patrol (.pdf permalink) - Loadsa Kids Still Outta School in K'Har Province, Though


USA SpecOps Boss:  AFG, IRQ Taking Their Toll - Can't Send Mo' USA Troops to AFG Until Mo' GTFO IRQ (.pdf permalink)


CF Looking for "Superman Suits" to Help Troops Carry Heavier Loads - Eyeing LAV-3 Replacements, Too - Investissements prévus en déminage


CAN VetAff Min to Announce More Help for Families Today


Getting AFG Army on Wheels - Getting Back Into the Air, Too


Prince Harry Gets AFG Gong - UK Sending One-Legged Gunner Back into the Fray - More - IED Plant in Oruzgan Nailed (As Well as Two Bad Boys) - ISAF tuent deux rebelles et en capturent quatre autres en Oruzgan - AUS SAS Trooper Paints Picture of Fight in Oruzgan - Cleaning Up Garmsir - Argylls Helping in the Push - US Trooper "Calls" Home, Leaves Three Minute Firefight Voice Mail


Taliban Tactics Shifting - Attacks Moving North - Not to Mention Lotsa Jokes About Them Circulating on Internet


Opinion:  USA "Surge" in AFG Just Filling in the Cracks


Quick Study Coming on Who's Hungry in AFG



5 May 08

CEFCOM Looking for More IED/Mine Detection Vehicles for AFG - More - more - FC souhaitent acheter des véhicules de déminage - plus


Catch-22 in CAN Compensating Poppy Growers in Panjwayi - Globe & Mail with Brits: "if a spiral of violence and misery is to be avoided, it's better to trust the economics: Get the warlords out of power and open the roads, and poppy fields will disappear on their own" (.pdf permalink)


ISAF Mil Boss:  Troops Could Start Going Home in Three Years


Latest JTF-2 Book:  Why Would CAN Spy in AFG in Late 1990's? - More


Taliban Killing More Civvies - More


US Marines, Brits Find Weapon Caches in Helmand - AUS PM Attends Funeral of Fallen Commando


Opinion:  "Unless NATO is willing to accept no return on all the men, money and equipment it has poured into Afghanistan, member nations will have to assume a large share of the burden of feeding Afghans."



4 May 08

CF CIMIC Boss in AFG:  We're Not Talking to Taliban, We're Talking to Pissed off Youth, Elders! - More on CAN DefMin's Position - More - Dialoguer avec les talibans créé la controverse - MacKay met ses militaires au pas


Meanwhile, AFG OK With PAK Talking to Their Own Taliban, But... - More - Taliban Walks Away - Says It's PAK's Fault


Is Taliban Spring Offensive Coming?


Fijian Latest Brit Killed in Helmand - More - Brit Warrior AFV's Called "Desert Devils" by Bad Guys - Brother Recalls Sibling's Death - Video Blog from Brit Section Commander from AFG - Fmr DEU ForMin:  We've Gotta Fight in South (.pdf permalink)


Proposed AFG Bill Could Ban Video Games, Billiards, even Women Wearing Makeup in Public



3 May 08

CAN DefMin:  CF Follows GOVERNMENT Policy (Therefore, We Don't Talk to Terrorists) (.pdf permalink) - More (.pdf permalink) - MacKay: les militaires n'ont pas le mandat de négocier - Plus - Perche tendue aux talibans - Editorial:  " "There would be so many Taliban willing to come home," Ahmed Wali Karzai, head of the Kandahar provincial council, told the Canadian Press this past week. "Nobody supports this madness." If that is so, Canada would be remiss not to reach out."


World Food Program Distributing Loads'a Wheat in K'Har (.pdf permalink) - But What Happens After July?


Governance, Corruption Still Big Issues to Tackle


Red Fridays set to roll along Highway of Heroes - Red Fridays Foundation web page


USA Adm Officials:  We're Sending 7K Mo' Troops to Pick Up the Slack (.pdf permalink) - More - More on USA Eyeing Command of RC-South - Gates réfléchit à l'envoi de troupes dans le sud afghan


L’opération militaire américaine fait des milliers de déplacés

First You Build a School (Then They Piss in Your Cornflakes)


Brit Soldier Killed in Mine Strike in Helmand - More - Coroner:  Brit Killed in 2006 Could Have Lived in Different Vehicle - AUS Promises Stand Its Ground in AFG - No AUS Timeline - UK Gov't Response to Parliamentary Committee Report (.pdf) - 14 Feb 08 Report (.pdf) 


Pollsters:  West Getting Impatient?



2 May 08

More on CAN "Reaching Out" to Taliban - More - more - CAN à Kandahar prêts à des contacts avec les talibans - Plus - Let's Not Forget What They're Like, Though


Mission en AFG: un demi-milliard de plus d’ici 2011


(A Bit) Closer to Chinooks for AFG?


One CF Officer's Story in Kabul


Gettin' Outta the Way of Latest Push in South - Fast Air Coming Through - ID of Bad Boy Nabbed in South Released


AFG Int Boss Steps Aside After Taliban Attack on Parade in Kabul (.pdf permalink)

New Evidence of IRN Support of Taliban? - IRN:  AFG Terrorism Must Stop

More on the Need for Good, Honest AFG Cops - ANA Training Not Going as Well as Planned, Either?


Fallen AUS Commando On His Way Home - More - AUS Troops Help AFGs Celebrate "We Beat the Soviets" Day - RAF in K'Har, Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - DSO, MCs Handed Out for Previous Brit ROTO - More - Séoul enverra des officiers de police - Les Super-Etendart en Afghanistan: une "escroquerie" ?


World Food Program (after visiting CAN PRT):  "right now meeting basic food needs is extremely problematic for millions of Afghans" - More - People Buying Leftover Crusts of Bread in Light of Food Prices


USA ForMin:  Need for More Co-ordination Between Int'l Players in AFG (.pdf permalink)

UK Foreign Office Official:  Legalizing Production of Opium in AFG Unworkable


"Islamic Pashtunistan" Coming Between AFG & PAK? (.pdf version)





1 May 08

CAN Rethinking Talking to Insurgents? (.pdf permalink)


What 2 PPCLI, B Coy Has Been Up To (.pdf permalink)


What's Up in Kabul Affects CAN Troops in K'Har


CAN, DEU Help Rebuild Tech School in K'Har


AFG Civvies Killed in Double Blast @ Spin Boldak:  Voice of America - Reuters - Associated Press - Agence France Presse - Huit personnes tuées par deux bombes sur une route


Goodies Being Collected for CF Troops


Update on USA Marine, UK Push in South - More - AUS Gunners in the Fight - USA Considering Bigger Role in South?

USA Training Boss:  AFG Cops Need WAY More Trainers


USA State Dep't Report:  AQ Regrouping in PAK; AFG Attacks Up - More - "Country Reports on Terrorism 2007" - "Country Reports: South and Central Asia Overview"


Commentary:  "Chaotic, violent, and lacking in conviction and popular support, Afghan suicide bombing mirrors the current military occupation of the country. It is not surprising, then, that the Taliban call suicide missions "equalisers". Sadly, the irony of this label is lost on them." - Opinion:  "Facing truth in warfare and politics"


BBC Reporters Share Online Series on Brits in Helmand - One in Four Brit Fallen Killed with Explosive Devices - CZE Sending Spec Ops Troops - Coming Just as CZE Trooper Killed - ISAF Statement - CZE 601st SF Site (Thanks to hspacek for these items!) - Prague vote l'envoi de renfort - DEU Sends $, Not Mo' Troops - GoogleEng:  Foreign Legion Sappers Home in Time for Camerone Day (Original in French)


Soon-to-be-released Book Tells of JTF-2 in AFG (Author Arrested, though) - More


Latest Weather Forecast Linked to Food Situation (.pdf version) - "Below-average wet season, high prices increase food insecurity" (.pdf)



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