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May 2007

Background Information

31 May 07

CF Confirms Imagery Tech Killed in Chinook Crash - PM Condolence ThreadCanadian Press - National Post more - Latest ISAF Statement - More - more - Enemy Fire May Have Been to Blame - More- more - Initial ISAF Statement - Taliban Takes Credit - Google Map of Kajaki Dam Complex Area

Cpl McCully Laid to Rest in Orangeville - Photo

More on Gov't Looking at New Rules for Funeral Payments - More - more - more - more - more - Liberals Make Hay on Issue - Dinning Family:  Three Letters to Ottawa Unanswered - The Letters

Opinion:  Funeral expense increase no-brainer

Liberals Cry For Refocus of AFG Mission

CF Spec Ops Troops Recieve Medals, Mentions in Dispatches for AFG Work - More

CIDA Workers on the Ground Say They Are Making Progress - CAN Support for Feeding Hungry

AFG Group Publishing "K'Har 101" to Help Troops Understand Area Politics

Pentagon:  Taliban on the Defensive - Transcript of 30 May 07 Briefing

Whooping Cough Outbreak in Panjwai

Wanna Call or E-Mail the Taliban?

Karzai Rejects Taliban Call for Inquiry into Civvy Deaths

AFG Amnesty=Invite to More War Crimes?


30 May 07

CDS, Def Min: We'll "do what has to be done" for Funerals of Fallen - More - More 

More on Minister Defending CIDA's Work in AFG

One Family Not Buying Def Min's Statement on Funeral Coverage- Defence Minister's Statement - Minister's Answers in the House of Commons

Van Doo Killed in Accident During Next ROTO Workup in Wainwright

Injured Ex-soldier Finds Bureaucracy Frustrating

Soldier Saluted for AFG Svc

Radio "Thank You" Messages for Red Friday

NDP Disses Bloc for Supporting AFG Msn Past 2009

Fmr ISAF RC South Boss: Taliban Not Able to Hold Lotsa Ground - Washington Post Login if needed - Taliban Learning PR Tricks from AQ

DEU Says AFG, PAK Should Work Together to Beat Taliban

Opinion - Losing the ‘other war’ in Afghanistan? -Blogger Calls Taliban on Claim of Winning the Fight to DateKiwi Troops Return Artefacts - AUS SAS Good to Go

Allies Disagree Over Poppy Spraying

World Bank Provides US$133.8 Million in Grant Support to Afghanistan

EU Sees AFG Police Trainers Covering Hotspots

UN Keeping a Closer Eye on Civvy Deaths - More - more - Taliban Shows Huge Balls Asking for Inquiry into Civvy Deaths

Taliban, NATO Tied in AFG Fight?!?

Prince Harry Could Go to AFG


29 May 07

Cpl. McCully is Home - More Bridges Lined in Honour of Fallen along Hearse Route 

Def Min Says Funeral Expenses ARE Fully Covered - More - Opinion:  Fairness for the Fallen - We Owe it To Them

Senlis Think Tank Attacks CIDA Approach in AFG - More - more - more - Blogger Agrees - CIDA Minister Disagrees (Big Time)

Paper-"Canada in Afghanistan: Charting a New Course..." - News Release

Think Tank Survey Shows Most Think Taliban'll Win

Brit Political Scientist: It'll Take a Generation to Sort Things Out

How the Troops Stay Connected to Home (Electronically)

DEU Will Have to Push Taliban Outta Kunduz After All

USAF: We Double-Triple Check Potential Collateral Damage Before Bombing 

ANP, Coalition Forces Nail Bad Boys in Helmand - More - What Timmy Taliban is SayingDesperate Taliban Changes Strategy?K'har Hospital Needs Lotsa HelpAnother Royal Anglian from UK Killed in Helmand - More

DEU Drops Probe into Alleged Prisoner Abuse 

Time with 1/508, 82nd Abn in S. AFG

Opinion: PM needs to support Afghan self-sufficiency - Sun Tzu, Step Aside! Jack Layton, Master Of Strategy....AFG Army Wants NATO Std Eqpt

News Search "Afghanistan" 290738EDT May 07


28 May 07

Cpl. McCully's Colleagues Soldier On (But Not Easily) - Friends Learn to Cope - McCully 'Excited' to Fight Taliban

All About "Blood Road" in K'Har

Opinion:  Negotiating a Peace in Afghanistan - Soldiers fight while civilians fret - Injustice of Not Reimbursing Families for Funerals

Paving the Wat for AUS SAS in Uruzgan

UN. Urges ISAF, Taliban to Avoid Civvy Deaths - USAF Says They're Killing Taliban, Not Civvies

Taliban Still (Seems to) Own the Night

Six AFG Cops Die in Blast

More on UK Wanting UN to Take Larger Role - UNAMA Mandate Extended until March 2008


27 May 07

Latest on Cpl. McCully's Death

More on Ramp Ceremony - Statement from the Family - McCully 'Gung-Ho' for Msn - News Search "McCully" 27 May 07

Def Min:  Looking for Ways to Keep Injured Troops in Uniform

OP Hoover Snapshot, via Embed with India Coy

British Soldier Killed in Helmand - UK MoD Statement

PM to Push NATO for More Help - NDP Calls for New Approach (Again) - Opinion: AFG Will Shape PM's Image - Goals Unrealistic?

How Brit SBS, USA SIGINT Helped Nail Dadullah After Tailing His Brother - Bit More on TF Orange - Why You Gotta Be Careful with your Sat Phone

Taliban Claims New Push Against Gov't, Foreign Forces - Taliban Looking Over Its Shoulder for Spies

More on CAN Reporters' Trip to AFG with PM - USA Embed in Bagram

Irony in a Haircut in K'Har


26 May 07

Latest on Cpl. McCully's Death

Ramp Ceremony in K'Har - More - Sister: McCully a "Role Model" - The Photo

Mourning the Loss of "A Good Kid" - Killed While Mentoring AFG Army - More - Mom Remembers - CF News Online - Canadian Press - - Associated Press - Reuters (UK) - Agence France Presse - More - Timeline of CAN's Fallen - ISAF Statement - Liberal Party Statement - NDP Statement - News Search "McCully" 260700EDT May 07 (.pdf)

OP Hoover Continues - Another Taliban Boss Nabbed

Fmr CAN NATO Boss Says Progress is Being Made

Calgary Highlanders Getting Ready to Go Downrange

CDS:  Public Support of Military Vital to Mission - PM Backs the Troops at Calgary Fundraiser

How UAVs are Helping CF in AFG

Kunduz Wants DEU Troops - BAD!

More Condemnation of Attacks on Food Aid Convoys

K'Har Blast Leaves Four AFG Cops Dead - Four ANA Soldiers among Dozens of Taliban Nailed in South

AFGs Tell Brits to Smash Drug Trade - USA Planning to Destroy Poppies By Aerial Spraying - Still Some Talking to Do About Solutions with Kabul

Opinion:  UK Wasted Big Aid $ in AFG

BBC Monitoring Service:  Taliban's Back Broken; Gov't Popularity Dropping; MPs Blame IRN for Helping Taliban

News Search "Afghanistan" 260723EDT May 07


25 May 07

CF Soldier Killed by IED - More - CF Statement on Incident - CF Statement Identifying Soldier - Information Thread - Thoughts & Prayers Thread - Moremore

Governor General's Statement on Cpl. McCully's Death - Prime Minister's Statement - Def Min Statement

OP Hoover:  CAN, AFG Troops Start New Push - More - more

CDS:  PM Visit Good Boost for Troop Morale

New AQ Boss in AFG?

Blogger: NATO Execution of AFG Mission "Like Failed Team Building Exercise"

This Guy Gets It - CF Soldier in AFG Needs Cdns to Do Right Thing 

Medals for Returning CF Sappers, Tankers

Not Much Sympathy Among Bloggers for CAN Reporters Turfed from PM Trip - More

Afghans working with NATO face great personal risk

How NLD Approach is NOT Working in Oruzgan - More - DEU's Interpretation of Three Block War

UK Suggests UN Crank Up "Peace Building Plan"


Maybe the NDP Should Talk to THIS Kid! - More Proof of AQ's Kinder, Gentler Side - More

Alternative Explanation for Civvy Casualties - Along the Same Lines

Brits See More Afghans Standing Up to the Taliban

Gaguing the Impact of Taliban Homicide Bombings - Sitrep from the Bad Guy's Side, May 21-23, 2007 - More Taliban Disinformation - More on Taliban Not Doing So Well - Fighting Taliban @ The Grassroots - Talking to the "Father of the Taliban" 

Refugee Camp in PAK as Warlord Support Base

"Narcotecture" Slide Show from W. AFG

Opinion:  "Coalition of the Wilting" - More Whining - Too Early to Leave - Momentum Must Be Kept Up

A Tale of Two Afghanistans

USA Mil Bosses Say Local Leaders Critical to Success

News search "Afghanistan", 250653EDT May 07


24 May 07

PM Outside the Wire - More - CF Getting Ready if Needed Past 2009 - More - No Deadline - More

Highlights of CAN Contributions - Highlights of Progress in AFG - PRT Backgrounder

PMO Touchy About Media Coverage of PM Visit? - Media Sharing the Message - Some Critiquing the Message - More - Critique of Liberal Party Critique of Visit

Reminding Everyone That This ISN'T Peacekeeping

Injured Troops to Gather in Ottawa to Swap Best Practices

Oil Shipments to Foreign Forces Stalled?

AFG, PAK to Talk Next Week @ G8 Meeting

Brit Royal Anglian in Sangin Dies Cleaning Wpn

Opinion:  Why CAN Should Stick Around - Taliban Offensive Stall=NATO Turning the Corner? - More

No POL Tanks Expected in Theatre - DEU Def Min Offers Advice to USA Forces???

New Taliban Bosses Say Holy War, Suicide Bombings to Continue - At Least When They're Not Ducking Fast Air, Anyway - ISAF Statement - I Can See Why Nobody Wants to Clearly Step Forward

Now PAK Pres Suggests Talks with Taliban - More

AFG Opium Crop Up - More Calls for West to Buy Opium Crop

News Search "Afghanistan", 24 May 07


23 May 07

CAN  Mil Boss Doesn't See Taliban Spring Offensive - USA Expert Says AFG's Going Well - Report:  "Uncertain Metrics for Afghanistan (and Iraq)" - On the Other Hand....

CAN PM Defends Mission - More - more - more - Speech to the Troops (MS Word) - PM Visits FOB - AFG PM:  No Prisoner Abuse Here - Karzai Says Don't Abandon AFG - Visit Also to Stiffen AFG Pres Pos'n - View from the Media Pool - More - Leftie Blog Rags on CAN Officer's Comment - More - Some Bloggers Unhappy with Media Coverage

Playing Politics:  Liberals Accuse PM of Hiding in K'Har - Liberal Party of Canada Statement - More - more

Elementary School Teachers Look for Family Help Solutions in Petawawa

AQ 2 i/c Eulogizes Nailed Peg Leg Taliban Boss - Taliban 'Lacking Commanders' - USAWants More Taliban on UN List 

FIN Soldier Killed in IED Blast - NOR Troops Injured

ITA Shies Away from Combat Role

More on Other European Nations Having to Pull Harder

"Pushing Anti-AFG Campaign" 101

Opinion:  Refocus CAN Mission - DEU as NATO's Weak Link in AFG

Brit Marine Uploads Helmet Cam Footage from AFG - Taliban Training Video Highlights

Pentagon, State Dept Wrestling Over Nation Building

New USA Law Helps Translators in AFG GTFO If Needed


22 May 07

CAN PM Makes Surprise Visit to AFG - More - more - more - Focus on Development, Not Military

PRT Able to Do More Development Work - USA Troops Donate Tractor to K'Har Farmers

More on "Survey Says Talk to the Taliban" - Talking to Taliban "Begging to Get Suckered Again" - How Negotiations Between Taliban, Trudeau Boys Might Go - More

Inside the Taliban’s heart of darkness - More on Talibanization of PAK - DEU:  Taliban Not Winning

AQ Nailing Anti-Taliban Spies? - Taliban Using IRN Missiles on UK Tps

Bush Calls (Again) for Mo'  NATO Troops in Afghanistan - More - Transcript of Media Availability - More on NATO, USA on Taliban Human Shields

AFG Ambassador to USA on Development, Drugs, Pakistan & Future

Gotta Get the Drug Profit to Keep It Away from Taliban - More

UN Calls for Stop to Attacks on Food Aid Convoys

Foundation Laid for Helmand Seminary


21 May 07

CAN Talking to AFG About Handing Over Leopards

Taliban Talking Up CAN Guns as Dragons

CF Winning Hearts & Minds "One step at a time, one village at a time" - Stability in At Least One Area

Polio Vaccination Campaign in K'Har 

Winnipeg Cameron Injured in Shilo Shooting Accident

CTV/Globe & Mail Poll Shows 2/3 Cdns Surveyed Want Talks with Taliban? - Discussion - More on Decisions by Poll

Opinion: Prisoner Fracas More About CAN Politics than Human Rights

Dubya:  NATO 'must share Afghan burden'

Embedded with the FOOs - Reporter's View of Shura Duty

Taliban Nailed with Fast Air in South - More - ISAF Statement

NATO, USA Reconsidering Harder Push Against Drugs in AFG - Trade, Wages Good in South AFG - CAN, GBR Have to Squeeze PAK Harder on Terrs

USA Blames Civvy Deaths on Taliban - NATO Boss Still Discussing AFG with Dubya in TX

USA Paying PAK to Fight Terr (But No Patrols?) - More

UK Anglian Regiment Troop Killed in Accident - More - ISAF Statement

POL Troops Good to Go Soon - More - Latest DEU Deaths, Injuries Could Affect Domestic Support for Mission - DEU Aid Group GTFO'ing - German party calls for Afghan pullout

Taliban Worried About Spies - Taliban Extortion Phone Calls

Opinion:  Who's Winning? - Legalizing Production Would Make AFG "a narco-welfare state" - The Case for Legalizing Production

Slide Show - USA SF Helping Push Taliban Outta Helmand

Clippings, Afghanistan, 21 May 07


20 May 07

CF Soldier Shot in Shilo Prepping for Next ROTO - More

Here's Why CAN is in AFG 

Silence On Fate of CAN Detainee AFG 

New push for talks with Taliban 

One Taliban Boss in PAK Nabbed... - ...and Another Turned - Warlord Who Came in From the Cold

Opinion: Taliban's in Trouble with Recent Nailings - More on Dadullah's Death

100 Taliban Nailed in Recent AFG Clashes

NLD Asks DEU for Development Help in Uruzgan - DEU Forces Will Stay in AFG

Bush, NATO Chief Looking for Boost to AFG Mission

Prince Harry Headed to AFG?

Opinion: Afghanistan in black and white

Fmr Soviet Soldier in CAN Talks About AFG

ISAF, UNAMA Officials Discuss Counter-insurgency Push


19 May 07

Ambush on CF in Sangin

CAN CDS Chats Up PAK CDS in Ottawa

Family of Cpl. Poland Start Fund for Education of Kids of Fallen, Seriously Injured

CENTCOM Says They Weren't in K'Har When Civvies Allegedly Shot - What MSM is Reporting - More

NATO Reviewing Tactics - More

USA Envoy Thanks Gagetown Crowd for CAN's Work in AFG

CAN UN Rep Learning from USA 10 Mtn Div TF Spartan - 82nd "All Americans" Hold Shura in Helmand

More on CF Training Up AFG Army - Scott Taylor Talks to Some Who Rate Taliban Pretty Highly

Quebec Peaceniks Piping Up Early About Vandoos Going Over

CBC Feature by AFG Exile at Arms Show, Selling the "Less Arms, More Love" Approach - Transcript

Opinion:  How CAN Gov't is Dropping the Messaging Ball

Blog:  "Losing the war in the media battle space"

Portuguese Troops Form QRT At K'Har

Taliban Takes Credit for VBIED in K'Har

Elders Help Finger Taliban for Arrest

More on Taliban Stumpy Getting Nailed - Dadullah's Deadly Legacy - Dead Taleban Chieftain Had “Heart of Stone”  - Panic in Taliban Ranks? - Taliban claim killing two 'spies'

Four Civvies Nicked by ISAF Arty - Karzai:  AFG Working to End Civvy Cas

K'Har Prison Blues

USA Envoy: World Success Linked to AFG Success

DNK Says They're Staying in AFG

AFG Attack Kills USA SF'er in Southeast - USA DOD Statement - Bomb Kills 3 Germans in North - More


18 May 07

Guy Who (Allegedly) Ratted Out Dadullah Hid His Artificial Leg During Attack Moremore 

Karzai Invites Mullah Omar to Talks

Cost of New CF Leopards Could be Higher than Planned - More

AFG "Journalist" Living in CAN Says CF Doesn't Need New Eqpt? - Discussion

Vandoos Prep for Next ROTO in Wainwright - Reservists Vying for Following ROTO Headed to Shilo

Note to Taliban: Be Careful About Media Appearances of Possible Future Leaders....

Road to Kandahar Just Too Dangerous - Sperwan Gar Bug Fights for Distraction

"Picking the Killers from the Kids" in AFG

Brits Ready with Honkin' QRT at KAF - What the Aussies are Up To - And What More They're Sending

How We Can Lose the Info Battle (Thanks to The Torch for this one!)

More on Needed Development Surge

AFG Cabinet Minister Nicked in K'Har Car Bombing - More

Some Taliban Changing Sides - Taliban Diversion in North - Taliban Says They're Growing - Focusing on Urban Attacks

USMC Commandant Pissed with US Army Apology for Civvy Deaths

Opinion: Do Amherst residents care about Afghanistan? - On Negotiating with War Criminals - On Peace Talks and Civvy Casualties

Ottawa Shanigans:  What Happened with the Report?


17 May 07

IEDs in South Kill Up to 10, Including AFG Cops - More - more - Taliban Claims Responsibility

K'Har Police Chief Says NATO Troops Shot, Wounded Five Civvies?

Opinion:  Time for a 'Development Surge' - Karzai could do PM a favour and boot us out - Why Didn't CAN Do Same for Detainees Headed to USA Hands?

How Big is Taliban Setback? - Lotsa Succession Issues This Week in Taliban Country - "One Butcher's Death Will Not Break the Taliban"

USA Defends Fast Air Strike in Shindand - More

Locals Turn on Taliban as Civvies Killed in Strikes

Brits, Helmand Bosses Hold Jirga - Brit Military Press Coverage

ISAF Statement on PAK-AFG Border Shooting

Former Gitmo Guests Back in the Fight in AFG - More


16 May 07

NATO Wants Mo' Access to AFG Int

How Are PRT's Doing?

Opinion:  Up to AFG to Decide Strategy, CAN to Back It

More on CAN Taking Lead on Training AFG Army - New AFG Forces Making Headway - SBut More Still Needs to be Done

Wall Street Journal-ists Discuss CAN Liberals' Approach to AFG - Transcript

ISAF:  What Air Strikes Near K'Har? - Is K'Har Police Boss Making it Up??? - More

Taliban Chief: Mullah Bakht To Replace Dadullah- NATO Bracing for Taliban Revenge? - 
Lotsa Other Taliban Bosses Nailed with Dadullah - Including Terrs Traded for ITA Journalist! - 
Better Killing Through Better Int - Dadullah Buried in Secret - Ex-Taliban Trio Pick Up Remains -
 - Taliban's Leadership Void -
Setback for Neo Taliban - Taliban Resurgence Expected

ITA Sending Mo' Troops - Choppers & IFV's, Too - But Not Changing Mission

Editorial:  NATO's Gonna Have to Face PAK Sooner or Later - 
Figuring out how to placate Afghanistan - Why is CAN Involved in Civil War? -
Fmr Liberal MP Pipes Up with Solutions -
"Harper still imitates Bush's cut-and-run, support-the-troops rhetoric" - Let's talk peace with the Taliban
Bomb Killing 25 at PAK Hotel Linked to Dadullah Nailing - PAK Officials:  No It Wasn't
NATO Not Hunting Bin Laden
Readers Respond to DEU Dissing USA on Tactics - Rift Over Tactics Continues
Hekmatyar:  I'm Not Linked to PAK Int
AFG news search, 160725EDT May 07 (.pdf)


15 May 07

CAN Takes Over Training AFG Army 

Fmr CAN PRT Cdr:  Progress is Being Made

Cdn Nursing Ass'n Honours NF Nurse in AFG

Fmr Regional Command South Cdr: We Brought the Wrong Helicopters for the Environment 

Taliban Nailed by Fast Air

Taliban Planning Attacks in USA, UK - 'We will destroy their cities as they have destroyed ours'

More on Dadullah's Nailing: Taliban Formally Confirm Killing - May Be Setback - More - Taliban Leader Says Attacks Will Continue - USA Envoy:  Good News - STRATFOR:  Examing Dadullah's Death - Taliban Names Brother as Replacement - More - Other Brother Released Recently in Prisoner Exchange - Death Linked to Closer PAK-AFG Cooperation - Taliban Boss Vows Revenge - Dadullah Buried in AFG

CAN Liberal Party:  Hates the Game, Loves the Players - More

USA, PAK Troops Killed in AFG-PAK Border Shootout - More on Shootout - Signs of AFG-PAK Friction - More - Musharraf's Troubles- PAK Rejects AFG Allegations - Investigations Already Underway - UAVs are Out Hunting Already

Opinion:  War supporters are losing their battle

'You are going forever to paradise': How to sign up a suicide bomber

National Post's Tom Blackwell in AFG

Power Struggle in Afghanistan - More

DEU Wants USA to Review Tactics Following Civvy Deaths


14 May 07

AFG Interpreter Killed in Rocket Attack at CF FOB - CF Expresses Condolences to Family

ISAF Confirms Taliban Big Boy Nailed - Luck Runs Out for Talib Boss - Who & What Next? - `Beast' Gets Final Close-up - Blogger Roundup & Analysis - More - more - Taliban Scrambling? - Maybe Not - Good Career Move for Big Boy?

CAN Deploys GPS Arty Shell To AFG

AFG Media Version of "CAN National Nabbed as Terr" Story - Had bigger Plans?

Opinion:  Afghan warlords can’t be ignored - Afghanistan under the microscope War supporters are losing their battle - Does NATO Win in the End?

Ottawa-Buffalo Game, at 0330 AFG Time

One of the Non-Physical Cas Post AFG Tour

Brits Fighting a "Subtler" War

EU defense ministers set to launch Afghan police mission

Hekmatyar Says Bin Laden is Alive

Helping Students in the K'Har Area

New Taliban Office in Waziristan


13 May 07

Taliban Top Boss Nailed in Helmand: UPI (USA) - Telegraph (UK) - Reuters (UK) - Associated Press - Voice of AmericaNew York Times - Euronews - Al Jazeera - AFP - - BBC - DPA - - Radio Free AFG - Discussion - Make That FORMER Mastermind... - ...and FORMER Star

Field Promotion, Then Back Out on Patrol - What the Nurses are Doing - One Embedded Reporter's "What's it Like" Story

Canada stays out of Afghan opium poppy harvest

Journalists Covering Journalists:  More on Brother of Nabbed CAN Boy in Kabul - Detainee in Kabul spoke of jihad - AFG Official:  Taliban Pushed Outta Area Near Sangin

Long Write for "They Like Taliban Better then NATO"

IED Nails Eight AFG Cops -Dozens of Taliban killed in Afghan south-official

NLD Int Report:  Not Calming Down in Uruzgan as Quickly as Hope

Karzai Says Afghanistan Is 'Not a Narco State' - Helmand poppy fields - a magnet for jobless youths

Another AFG  Minister Dumped Over Refugee Fracas

News Search, Afghanistan, 13 May 07


12 May 07

PM:  Heroes Shortchanged by Opposition - Detainee Issue Overshadowing Heroics - PM Statement in Petawawa - Meanwhile, Liberals Accuse PM of Using CF as "Political Prop"

AFG, Fast Air Nails More Taliban in South - More

More on CAN Citizen Detained by Kabul - More - We Have a Name - CanWest Clippings (.pdf) - Alberta Imam Figures He Met Chap Held in Kabul - Brother May Have Blown Himself Up Earlier in the Year?

Tory MP Opposes GTFO Deadline for AFG

Anarchists Criminals Paint-Bomb Armory in Guelph

AFG Officials Let Reporters into Detainee Facility - Printable Article - More

Opinion:  "From the anarchy of Kabul to the martial wonderland of KAF" - What One Letter Writer Thinks About Opponents of the Fight - Caught in the crossfire - Suicide terrorism isn't 'progressive' politics - The Afghan difference - What sets Afghanistan apart - Hooked on Opium in K'Har

USA, AFG Forces Investigating Civvy Deaths - AFG's Still Pissed - Karzai Meets with Kin

Talk-Talk Replacing Bang-Bang in Dealing with Taliban - Helmand Gov Offers Taliban Olive Branch?


11 May 07

CAN Citizen Nabbed in Kabul - Alleged to Have Trained in PAK - More - more

CF Troops Face-to-Facing with Farmers, Villagers

Locals Nail Taliban in South

CF Troops Pissed at Focus on Detainees

Tories Blocking AFG Prisoner Probe? - More - Rights Group Lawyer Pissed - Survey Says:  Responders Not Happy with Handling of Detainees - MoreCF Accused of " 'abusing' national security laws"

NATO Bosses: Training Support for AFG Army Key - More - Connie Rice:  "Reconstruction Opportunity Zones" ‘Best Weapon’ Against AQ, Taliban

CF Recruiting Centre Vandalized over AFG War

Opinion:  "Do we remember why our troops are in Afghanistan?" - "Afghan furor shows we're slipping into U.S. orbit" 

AFG Minister Sacked Over IRN Refugee Fracas - Why is IRN Kickin' 'Em Out Like Crazy?Meanwhile, IRN Denies Claims of Helping Taliban

U.S. military confirms Afghan civilian casualties - More  - CENTCOM Statement

Face of the New Taliban in Waziristan

Afghanistan’s Drug Trade and How it Funds Taliban Operations - AFG's OTHER Smuggled Plant Product

UN Cranking Up Security After Killing of Staffer


10 May 07 

CAN Troops Expecting No Civvy Backlash from Reports of AFG Cas - 'The people who bombed us are bad guys' - Locals Pissed - ISAF Says No Air Strikes Killing Civvies Lately - More

More on Calls for NATO Not to Shoot First - More

CAN Troops Making a Difference in K'Har 

Timetables 'don't help': CAN Urged to Stick It Out

Fmr Taliban Ambassador:  CAN One of the Bad Guys

CF Nurses Getting Goodies During National Nursing Week

Opinion:  At the breaking point in Afghanistan - Canada's military theatrics are appalling - The human cost of war in Afghanistan - Why no outcry from NGOs against IEDs? - On war, a little diplomacy couldn't hurt

Liberals:  Conservatives Continue to Mismanage AFG Msn - Say Precedent Set for Troop GTFO

Taliban Targetting Cell Towers to Keep SIGINT Secret - These Guys Better Be Careful, Then

AFG Def Min:  Give Me Six Months, and 10K Troops, and We'll Roll 'Em All Up

Coalition Death Toll, as of 10 May 07

Revived Taliban Restrict AFG Aid - NLD Aid Used by Taliban 

Spring Offensive Timeline:  19 Apr - 8 MayAFG Truckers Want Taliban Back?Fmr NLD Def Min:  AFG could be ’endless mission’

News Search, Afghanistan, 10 May 07 


9 May 07

Leopards 'n LAVs Kicking Butt - More - more - more 

More on CAN Troops Eyeing AFG-PAK Border

Scarborough Students Inspired by One of the Injured

USA Think Tank Reps Say GTFO Date Won't Help Things

AFG Senate Backs Direct Talks with Taleban - More - more - Wants NATO to Stop Shooting First?!?

Liberal MP Pushing to Have Mail To, From Troops in AFG Free of Charge

Opinion:  "Afghanistan is no place for Canada" - "PM faces challenges with new prisoner deal"

More on Taliban Enlisting the Handicapped for Suicide Attacks

Taliban Getting Nailed in Helmand - NATO Fast Air Nails 21 in South

UN Panel Proposes Harsher Sanctions on Taliban, AQ  - Report (.pdf)

PAK PM says Reconstruction Key to Peace - PAK, NATO Pledge New Anti-Taleban Push - NATO Boss:  Force 'cannot solve Afghanistan' - Mo' PAK Troops to Border

More on "One Step at a Time" Approach

Bad Guys Processing Opium to Boost Drug Profits

Local Driver Nicked in Explosion in S.AFG - More of the Same, East of K'Har City

UN Statement on UN Driver Killed Tuesday - More

What the USAF's Been Up To, As of 7 May 07

US Mil Apologizes for AFG Civvy Deaths "Apology, payment part of winning"


8 May 07

More on Buffalos, Cougars Headed to AFG - CF Statement (About a Week After the Company's Statement)

CF Sappers Blow IED; No Cas

Weapons being smuggled from north to south: Official

Living with an Eerie Silence An Enemy That Bites 

More on CF Settling In at Spin Boldak - NATO Paces Self in AFG Offensive

Educated Class Being Driven Out of AFG

Opposition Accuses Tories of "Covering Up" AFG Abuse - AFG Prisoner Rules Still Untested - CAN Liberals Never Satisfied

US Envoy Expresses Optimism about Afghanistan's Future 

NATO Boss Discusses Taliban With PAK - More - more

UN Driver Shot Dead in S.AFG


7 May 07

CAN Patrol Attacked in Panjwaii, No Cas

You Read it Here First:  CEFCOM Gets Vehicles - More

Scott Taylor: Nyala Story a Success

Still No Word on Pte. Robert Costall's Death - Media Summary of Firefight (.pdf, updated 7 May 07)

Remembering Another of the Fallen

CF Gunners Arrive in Spin Boldak - Keeping an Eye Open for IEDs

When Does an Afghan Become a Detainee? - CAN "need not apologize for treatment of detainees"

Counsel for CF Soldier Charged with Manslaughter Says No Need for Charges

Opinion:  Why CAN Should Stay - It's Winnable... - It's a Just War... - ...and a World War, To Boot

World Bank Official Sees 'Staggering' Changes - PRTs Accused of Spending Unequal Amounts on Development - AFG Gov't Questions Effect of Foreign Aid $

Afghan insurgency could continue for a long time: Hekmatyar - Taliban's New Weapon: Human Bombs - Taliban Recruiting the Disabled for Suicide Attacks

DEU Sending Troops South (Six, to be Precise) - TUR Donating Howitzers to ANA - Kuwait Helping Too (Morally, Anyway)

Taliban Smashing Cassette Players in Cars

Disfiguring skin disease plagues Afghanistan - "Visceral leishmaniasis in Afghanistan" - "Social Impact of Leishmaniasis, Afghanistan" | CDC EID


6 May 07

CF Clarifies Detainee Story - More - More - More

Latest Toronto Sun Poll:  If Deaths Spike, We Should GTFOSurvey "A Loud Warning Shot" - AFG Mission Increasing Chances for Terror at Home - Canadians growing weary of war

Poppies and the Troops - More

Opinion:  Why NATO misreads the Afghan rulebook

CF Statements:  Australia, Canada Helping Build Peace and Stability in Afghanistan - Canada's New Government Applauds Increase in Bulgaria's Presence in Afghanistan

US admiral: Afghans to be given security responsibilities

De Niro Hangin' with the Taliban? 


5 May 07

RCD's Dropping By Spin Boldak near PAK Border

More of the Same on Detainees - Journalists Covering Journalists on Detainees - Detainee Prison Must be Run by Afghans: Ambassador - The New Deal (.pdf) - What it Means - Are the Brit, NLD Deals Working At All?

FOB Cook's Story

What the Officer at the Receiving End of the Fallen Goes Through - Ancaster Ontario Reservist Returns

New COIN Training Centre Opens in AFG

Opinion:  Scott Taylor - Is it really worth it? - Vendetta Journalism - Canada can't succeed

DEU Rejects Request to Send Instructors to S.AFG - ESP Says No Mo' Tps to AFG - JPN Considering Helping Out

Fmr AFG Fin Min Says AFG Needs Own Solutions

Civvy Killings Threaten AFG Future: Analysts


4 May 07

New CAN-AFG Prisoner Pact Signed - More - more - more - more- more  - Court Action Grinds to a Halt? - The Old 28 Dec 05 Agreement - New Deal Quite an Improvement - Still, Amnesty Int'l Not HappyKabul Helped Close a New Deal - Some Abuse Already Being Reported Under Old SystemLiberals (Who Signed Original Deal) Say Tories Should've Improved The Deal Earlier?!?!

Opinion:  Responsibility doesn't end with the torturer And torture doesn't end with monitoring  - "The (new) pact on detainees"

Good News About Child, Maternal Death Rates in AFG

Gee, ANOTHER Story About Ball Hockey in K'Har (This Time, With NHL'ers)

AFG Army:  "Thirsty to fight, hard to wake up"

Brit Shot Dead - ISAF Statement

Aussie Injured in Oruzgan - ADF Statement - ISAF Statement

NLD Tps Get CIBs from USA Tps in K'Har

AFG news search, 040745EDT May 07


3 May 07

Previous Liberal Gov't OK'ed Detainee Deal

CDS:  Troops Pissed at Detainee Coverage - CDS Admits Detainee Deal Not Perfect - Still, Reportedly No Regrets - More

Report:  CF Handles Different Detainees Differently

Does Message in House Match Court Documents? - Court Hearing Today (Thursday) - More"When Context No Longer Matters" - "Beating: An Afghan Pastime" - AFG Gov't Looking Into It

Lord Stanley's Cup Boosts Morale

Classic Tension:  Living Conditions for Teeth vs. Tail

Injured Reservist Wishes He Could be Back At 'Er - More - Remembering One of the Fallen by Helping Those Who Need It

Opinion:  "Conservatives taking a bad rap over Afghan prisoner issue" - "Torture Scandal's Message" - "Another story that no one is talking about"

AFG Forces Getting Better (And Worse)

Karzai Says No Mo' Civvy Deaths in Ops, Please - More - NATO Working at Cutting Collateral Damage

Fmr AFG PM Nailed in Kabul

Report: Most Refugees in Surveyed PAK Don't Want to Go Back to AFG

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2 May 07

Mo' Buffaloes, Cougars on the Way for CEFCOM

CAN Tps Walk Fine Line in AFG Poppy Fields

CDS in K'har with Lord Stanley's Cup - More

OP Achillies Update from ISAF

K'Har Governor:  Torture Doesn't Happen (But We Must Check)- CDS Pushed Plan? - Def Min Finally Talks? - MPs Politick Some More - More - "Over tea, Afghan prisoners describe torture"

Folks Starting to Return to Sangin After Taliban Nailed - Outgoing NATO Sector South Boss Says Taliban Influence Dropping - New Guy Takes the Conn - More

Push Continues in Helmand

Opinion:  Why Are We There? - Liberal hypocrisy on torture


AFG Miners Dream of Emeralds


1 May 07 

Commons Motion to GTFO Defeated 225-28

SIGINT Boys Listening to Taliban

More on CF Gunners in Theatre

Reporters Chafe at Embed Rules

Medical Clinics Possible (Again) in Sangin - More - K'har Still Faces Daily Terror - Five Taliban, Cops Nailed in South

DoD Briefing, Maj. Gen. Van Loon, 30 Apr 07 - Brit to Take Over Sector South from Van Loon

More on OP Silicon - More - CNN: Lotsa Taliban Nailed in Helmand

CAN For Min Warned of AFG Abuse - Human Rights Watch Letter to NATO Secretary General, 28 Nov 06 - And How Many Media Outlets Wrote About the Letter at the Time????? - CAN Gov't Concedes CAN Corrections Officials Reported AFG Torture

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