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March-April 2008

Current News

30 Apr 08

CAN General:  "There is nothing we do that is worth the life of an individual, but do I think it is important for me to be in Afghanistan and do I think my actions and the actions of other Canadians have made a difference here" - .pdf permalink


Mission in Zharei District Shows Where AFG Army's At


Opinion:  "Canadians enlisted in new American-style Afghan war"


AUS DefMin Drops By - AUS'd Need 2500 Troops to Replace NLD in Oruzgan - Prince Billy Drops By AFG - Prince William a rendu visite aux troupes britanniques


New UN Uber-Envoy Worries About Weak Central Gov't - Seeks new AFG aid strategy


Bush "content" des progrès accomplis en AFG


U.N.:  AFG in Baaaaaaaaad Shape When it Comes to Food - More (.pdf permalink) - Prix du blé n'est pas prêt de redescendre en AFG



29 Apr 08

UN Uber-Envoy Visiting CAN 30 Apr - 1 May; Meeting DefMin, ForMin - Uber-Envoy Gets Strong USA Support


USMC, Coalition Push into Helmand Taliban Country - More - more - Les "Marines" se Lancent - Plus - plus


New USA Troops in South=More Pressure on CAN, UK to Use USA Tactics? (.pdf permalink)


Mortar Attack Disrupts Toby Keith Concert @ K'Har Airfield


PAK Taliban Peace Talks Choke Over PAK Troop Deployments - More - more - more


Taliban Parade Attack Propaganda Win? - CAN Will Press On with Mission - More - Round Up the Usual Suspects? - Shows Holes in the Net?


Commenwealth Air Crew Preparing for AFG While Gunning for Some Prizes - Des équipes du Commonwealth mettent leur compétence à l'épreuve tout en contribuant à l'entraînement des troupes qui se rendront en AFG


UK PM:  AFG Mission Short o' Troops - USA Short Of Diplomats For AFG Reconstruction - AUS PM Warns of More Cas to Come


Taliban Evolving into Network of Groups? - How AFG Heroin Fuels Taliban's Fight - War on drugs loses out to anti-Taliban fight for hearts, minds in Helmand


More on Food Crisis in AFG - More



28 Apr 08

CAN Ambassador in Area During Attack on AFG Parade - AP Reporter's Account - Envoy Says AFG Pres OK - CAN Condemns Attack on AFG Pres - More - UN SecGen Pissed, Too - CAN condamne l'attentat terroriste commis lors d'une cérémonie AFG - Enquête sur l'attaque très audacieuse des talibans à Kaboul - Communauté internationale condamne l'attentat de Kaboul


PAK Media:  Possibility of Free Sat Links for CAN Troops? (.pdf permalink)- Freedom Calls Foundation page


Poochie Boosts Morale Among CF Troops


AUS SF Trooper Killed, Four Injured in Oruzgan - More - AUS News release - List of Recent AUS Incidents - News Conference Video - Collecting Candy in Honour of Oldest Brit Fallen - ITA to Keep Troops in AFG - More - New Water Bottling Plant at Helmand Base


Opinion:  Brain, Not Brawn Required?



27 Apr 08

CF Troops "Walkin' the Beat" in K'Har City - What CIMIC is Doing These Days


Next ROTO Taking Business Courses to Help AFG Women Run Their Own


FC cherchent les blessures cachées chez les soldats


Don Cherry Backs Wounded Warriors


Attack on AFG President's Parade - More - more - more - more - Attaque contre un défilé militaire - Plus - Taliban Claims Responsibility


AFG President Says the Fight Should Be Taken to PAK - NY Times Article (.pdf permalink)


US Marines Patrolling in Helmand - From IRQ to AFG - Female EOD Officer Protects UK Troops in Helmand - Taliban Claim US Chopper Shoot Down - Taliban Lightens Up on Threats Against Cell Phone Towers (For the Summer)


Opinion:  Why the Taliban Feel Confident

More About Food Price Worries in AFG

AFG Riders Saddle Up for Buzkashi Season



26 Apr 08

CF Looking at Screening for Minor Head Trauma


CF:  Suicide Rates Dropping


Local Press Covers Troops Headed Over


Karzai Criticizes US-British Conduct of War - More - Wants Arrest of Taliban to be Suspended?


Taliban "Spring Offensive" Slow Coming Because of Recruiting/Retention Issues


Opinion:  Bernier’s gaffe a damaging blow - Deals with tribal leaders mean trouble for Canadians


Bad Boy Nabbed in Panjwayi - Coalition Medics Offer Clinic in K'Har City


Brits to Hand Some Work Over to Afghans in Helmand - More - Meanwhile, Kajaki Dam Still Needs Work - UKR Doubles Military Commitment! - FRA Pres Says PAK Will Fall if FRA Leaves AFG - CZE Senate Sends Troops


Food Security Update:  "Below-average wet season, high prices increase food insecurity" (.pdf)



25 Apr 08

Trainers of AFG Cops Hope New Cops Will Gain Public Trust - Une nouvelle promotion de policiers afghans - Nouveaux policiers AFG supervisés par la GRC


More Minor Brain Injuries Among Troops that First Thought? - More


USA Confirms (Possible) Sale of Six Chinooks to CAN (.pdf) - HTML version - Permalink (.pdf) - More


USAF Pressed to Get More UAVs to AFG


USA General:  Taliban Afraid to Attack Coalition Military (So Could Attack Softer Tgts) - Losta Bad Guys Still Sneaking in from PAK


PAK Taliban Boss Calls Ceasefire - More - more - PAK Says Good for AFG - AFG Leery of Idea - CAN Envoy to AFG Worries, Too - USA A Bit Pissed, TooEditorial:  It Won't Last - Taliban Bitten by Snake in Grass?


PAK Pissed at (Alleged) Shelling from AFG - More - more

ISAF Medics Save AFG Kid's Life in Gereshk

Keeping the Warlords on NATO's Side (.pdf permalink)


Opinion:  "Soldiers Canada's best ambassadors" - How Does CAN Get Out Now? - L'Afghanistan devient le point de mire - Mirage of a Good War?

Toronto Woman Supports the Taliban - Facebook Profile

Poppy Cultivation Expected to Fall This Year

How Good Governance Won Out (For Now) in Wardak



24 Apr 08

K'Har Guv Praises CAN Buddies


CAN Paid AFG Families for Friendly Fire Deaths (.pdf permalink) - More


Author:  CAN Should Call it the War That it Is (.pdf permalink)


Anti-Malaria Bug Nets to Uruzgan - Still Workin' on the Kajaki Dam


Petraeus Next CENTCOM Boss - USA SecDef Re-Looking at US Command Structure in AFG


AUS Troops Name Patrol Bases After Fallen - DEU Troops Union Wants More Troops Quicker to Help Those Already in AFG


Opinion:  "Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan providing peace and stability" - Senator Says Education Best Weapon to Arm AFGs With


PAK, AFG agree to strengthen bilateral ties - USA Worried About New Pact - USA Envoy Says Tribal Leaders on Both Sides Willing to Play Nice


UN Uber-Envoy:  All Kids in AFG Need Education - Report:  Kids Still at Risk - Report (.pdf)

Senlis Compares AFG to SOM - Report (.pdf) - Summary - Recommendations

AFG to Allow IND Wheat In, Shipped Thru PAK - Taking to the Streets Over Food Prices



23 Apr 08

Dans K'har, Soldats Canadiens Déconcertés par un Ennemi Invisible - Les Forces sondent les Québécois


CAN Minister Tries Patching Things Up with K'Har Guv - Ministre Oda termine sa visite en AFG - Even Says Nice Things About Him - Joins Him at Literacy Event, Too - More - Part of CAN "Cabinet Blitz" - Bernier aux Affaires étrangères: un mauvais calcul politique, selon Dion - Commentaires de Bernier Auraient Annulé le Départ du Gouverneur - Editorial:  "Canada has every right to speak out about corruption and incompetence in Afghanistan. There's a good way to do it and a bad way, though. Maxime Bernier chose the bad way."


AFG Cops Nail Taliban in K'har After Losing Six to Bad Boys


DEU Refuses to Send Mo' Troops - DEU Troops "Union":  Good Call, Considering War There Unwinnable - NOR Troops Fighting Without Enough Night Vision Goggles, Other Eqpt - More - KOR to Send Cop Trainers

DNK Evacuates AFG Embassy Over Cartoon Threats - Danemark évacue ses ambassades en Algérie et en Afghanistan

PAK Cops Shake Down AFG Refugees



22 Apr 08 Video:  CF Doing More Patrols in K'Har City on Foot


Ammo, Wpns Seized in Zheri District of K"Har


ISAF, AFG & PAK Meet in K'Har to Discuss Better Comms, Liaison


AFG Politico:  K'Har Guv WAS On His Way Out, Until CAN ForMin Spoke Up - Guv Accuses CF of Feeding Minister Bad Info - Gouverneur Khalid réplique


CAN Doctor: "Humanitarian aid and relief in Afghanistan are being held hostage to unclear and unfocused political objectives"


AFG Cops Killed in Border Post Raid - Bad Guys Nailed, Too - More

USA Press for 7-8K Mo' Troops Coming Up Short

Brit Killed in IED Blast in Helmand - More - Soldat Britannique Tué dans le Sud


USA Officer:  No Way Outta AFG? - American Interest article (.pdf) - Counterpoint (.pdf) - Zbig:  "I'd Do It Again"

USA SecDef Calls on USAF to do More in AFG


Opinion:  "Forget Iraq, Afghanistan's turning into a disaster too" - "the United States has to strategically accustom itself to the reality that there are no easy exist from Afghanistan" - Security, Governance Biggest Problems


AFG Buying Loadsa Food to Offset Climbing Food Prices - More

PAK Starts to Force AFG Refugees Out

PAK Rice Smugglers Nabbed Before Heading Into AFG - Still Lotsa Drug Smuggling Routes in AFG



21 Apr 08

CAN Spending on AFG to Top $1-billion in 2008


K'Har Gov Pissed at CAN ForMin Talking About Ousting (.pdf permalink) - Column:  Get Rid of Him If He's Bad - Gov Says Foreign Troops Undermining Anti-Opium Efforts (.pdf permalink)


Soo Reserve Officer Heading Back After Leave


Latest on Missing Care Packages


Four Taliban Nailed on K'har Province


More on CAN Troops Helping Train AFG Cops

CAN Int'l Aid Minister in Kabul (.pdf permalink) - CIDA Statement - Ministre Oda prononce un discours en Afghanistan dans le cadre d'une conférence de donateurs internationaux

USA General:  AFGs Should Be Able to Secure Most of AFG by 2011


AFG Golf Course Struggling - Rugs as History


Lotsa Work for UK Harrier Pilots=Not Much Time for Carrier Landings - 2 Para Easing into Theatre Routine - Meanwhile, UK Scots Told to Focus on Hearts, Minds - FRA Sending 700 to East End o' Summer - FRA Renforts Partiront Cet Été - Taliban Say NLD Troops Killed Over Movie - USA Still Scrounging Up Mo' Troops - EU Foreign Policy Boss Visits AFG - Reinforces Long-term Commitment - Diplomate en chef de l'UE en AFG


IRN Denies Helping AFG Bad Guys


Opinion: "Lack of contracting oversight hurts Afghan mission" - "Talking to the Taliban"

More Kids Returning to School (But Proportion of Girls Stay the Same)

AFG Public Health Ministry Denies DU Contamination in Tora Bora - More - more



20 Apr 08

CAN Troops Training AFG SWAT Cops


How the Families Are Getting Help - Blatchford on How Hillier Helped


HMCS Iroquois Heads Out to Help in OEF - More - HMCS Iroquois Page


AFG Looking into DU Use in 2001 Invasion


Brit Fallen Now Get Police Escort Back in UK - Survey Says 1/2 NLD Respondents Oppose AFG Fight - ESP DefMin (Seven Months Pregnant) Visits AFG - More


USA Cdrs in AFG Pressing for More Attacks on PAK - Meanwhile, UK ForMin Meets with PAK's NW Frontier Province BossMore


Taliban Who Nabbed PAK Envoy Wants Their Bosses Released from PAK, AFG Jails


Think Tank Speech: "When it comes to tackling the pervasive insecurity in Afghanistan, the Karzai government and the international community need to hold their nerve and focus on institution building rather than quick fixes" - .pdf permalink


Taliban Trying to Block AFG Executions



19 Apr 08

Two ISAF Troops Killed in South


Civvy Nurses Headed to K'Har


Manitoba Municipality Supports the Troops, Calls on Others to Do Same


CAN Def Min Blames Previous Liberal Gov't for AFG Spending Juggle - MacKay blâme les libéraux pour les problèmes budgétaires de la Défense


CF Land Boss:  "The Army is now stretched almost to the breaking point and something is going to have to give if we are to be sustainable over the short and mid-term"


Spike in CF Suicides? - More - more - Suicide dans FC aurait atteint un sommet inégalé en 2007 - Plus

New Book:  Supporting the Troops=Supporting the War


Opinion:  No Quick Fix


PAK Envoy to AFG Being Held by Taliban - More


AQ Replacing Taliban? - Taliban Changing Tactics?Taliban Bad Boy Nailed in PAK - More

AFG Cops in Helmand Doing (A Bit) Better


USA SF Tells "60 Minutes" About 2006 Taliban Ambush

Dostum, the "Embattled Warlord"




18 Apr 08

CAN Soldier Injured in Blast near Spin Boldak - CanWest - more - - Canadian Press -


Where'd All the Care Packages Go? - More


CAN Liberals Want ForMin to Resign Over K'Har Guv Comments - More - Réputation canadienne en jeu, selon Bob Rae - World Socialists' Take - Meanwhile, PRT Commander Defends K'Har's Guv


Canadian Press:  CF Navy, Air Force Budgets Victims of AFG Mission - NDP Pissed's Take on CAN's Debate on AFG


Results of Latest USMC Surge Could Lead to Mo' Marines Later?

Son of NLD CDS Killed in Oruzgan - More - Radio NLD (.pdf permalink 1 - .pdf permalink 2) - Two USA Marines Killed in K'Har - More

At Least 15 Killed in Nimroz Bazaar Homicide Bomb Attack - Maybe More, Near Mosque - Taliban Bad Boy Nabbed in Zabul - More


Not Many A-Q Among Taliban, But They're All Workin' Hard (.pdf permalink)


New UN Uber-Envoy:  Training Cops Job 1 - Next AUS Reconstruction Team Heads to AFG - More - Photos - DEU Promises More Trainers - EU Rep Says FRA Sending Troops to Eastern AFG Improves Odds of Catching Bin Laden


Think Tank Report:  More Help Needed in AFG - ..pdf version - Alternate .pdf site


US Watchdog Report:  USA Lacks Plan to Destroy Terrs and Close PAK Tribal Areas - Summary - Full Report (1.3 MB .pdf) - Alternate Report Download (.pdf)


PAK Urged to Rethink Repat of AFG Refugees


UN Official:  "Afghanistan would have great potential to ensure food security for its estimated 26.6 million people if donors invested in agricultural infrastructure and/or if the country's over 190,000 hectares of poppy were converted to wheat production"



17 Apr 08

Associated Press: One CAN Soldier Injured in Blast near Spin Boldak - CanWest -


Families of CF Fallen Visit AFG - More - more


Troops in K'Har Sad to See Hillier Go as CDS - More


Brit Media:  CAN Facing Long Wait for Help in AFG - Column:  CAN Twisting UKR Arms for Reinforcements?


London-area MP Joining Special CAN Commons Committee on AFG


No AFG Mission in New CF Ads (.pdf) - More (.pdf permalink) - Reports:  Retention Tougher with AFG Mission


NATO Knew Mo' Troops Needed in 2006

OXFAM Pushing for More CAN Lead in Aid

NATO Explains Air Drop "Mistake"

NATO Backs New UN Co-ordination Position

Brits Take Reserve Employers to AFG - Brit Gov't Land Agent Busy in Helmand


16 Apr 08

CF Ramping Up Training for Chinook Pilots (Maybe Sending Some Griffons, Too)


CAN For Min Gaffe Ignites Diplomatic Fire - More - CAN PM Takes For Min To Task Over K'Har Guv Remarks - AFG Tribal Leaders Like CAN Not Meddling - More - Bernier Rabroué - Opinion:  For Min Doing AFG No Favours (.pdf)


Two NATO Troops Killed in Explosion in South


Pluses, Minuses of CAN Teaming Up with USA on Ops (.pdf permalink) - Red Tape Slowing Deployment of US Marines to South


Eleven AFG Cops Nailed in Attack - More - more - ISAF Pissed


AFG Army Moving from AK-47s to M-16s

Breaking Ground on Panjwayi Road Project - Bad Boys Target Medical Help in Sangin - "Weapon Facilitators" Nabbed in Helmand

Opinion:  CAN's Fight in AFG Against Poverty, Ignorance


RAF Regiment Members Killed in Blast Identified - RAF Reservist Oldest Brit to Die in AFG - NLD Provides Aid to Uruzgan Farmers - TUR:  NATO Using Too Much Force in AFG

AFG Political Opposition Talking to Taliban - More


Attacks on NGO's Up in 2008 - Report (.pdf)

AFG Politico Says ISAF Supporting Taliban, USA Diplomat Says "WTF?"

UNHCR Suspends Return of Refugees from PAK - More - UN Providing Aid to Offset Rising Food Prices



15 Apr 08

Ooopsie (1):  CAN For Min Under Fire for Comments on K'Har Governor - More (.pdf permalink)


Two AFG Cops Killed in Spin Boldak Bombing


What the Mounties are Up To in AFG


CF MP Complaints Body May Press Ahead with Public Hearings into Prisoner Handling - More - more - Opinion:  Inquiry "Derailed"


NATO:  No Spring Offensive Coming - USA Diplomat Says Taliban Now Squeezed Between PAK, AFG


IED Kills RAF Regiment Troops near Kandahar - more


Oopsie (2):  Coalition Drops AFG Cop Weapons to Zabul Taliban


Red Cross to All Sides:  Be Careful About the Civvies


14 Apr 08

CAN For Min Drops By PRT - Hey, hey, ho, ho, Kandahar's Governor's Gotta Go - Let's Set Some Benchmarks, Here (.pdf) - More - more - Still Figuring Out How To Tell AFG Army, Cop Training is Complete



CF Info Ops O Working on First AM Radio Station in Zabul


CAN Blocking Mil Police Probe into Detainees?  Canadian Press - Toronto Star -


Opinion:  Fmr CF Advisor says "The front lines of Kandahar are where Canadian blood is being shed, but we must also do more to support the fragile Afghan government" - Time for CAN Point Man to Communicate Successes in AFG


Brit Media Pissed at Lack o' Escorts for Fallen Returning Home


FRA Thanks CAN for Troops - DEU Mil Boss Seeks Mo' Troops for North


4 Apr 08

Terry John Street, R.I.P.:  Clippings search results (.pdf) - CF Statement - FC Communiqué


(No updates between 24 Mar - 12 Apr 08)


23 Mar 08

CAN Liberal Def Critic:  More FRA Troops in East=More USA Troops in South - Fmr CAN MP:  Toughest Decision Ever was Sending Troops to K'Har


RCDs Receive Valour Awards


Donairs for the Troops


Two Coalition Troops Killed by Bomb in South - More - Deux soldats tués dans explosion dans le sud


AFG Cops, Backed by USA, Nails Taliban in Zabul - Nailin' 'Em in Uruzgan, Too - More - more - Former Talib Supporting Gov't Killed in Helmand - Plus de 40 talibans tués dans une opération dans le sud de l'AFG


Taliban Leader Thought to Be Dead Promises More Attacks



22 Mar 08

More on Lengthening (Maybe) ROTO Lengths -Extending tours won't be easy sell


CAN hésite à appuyer la construction d'écoles islamiques en AFG


Service national des enquêtes tarde toujours à déposer rapport sur l'accident qui a fait un mort et un blessé grave au sein de la population civile afghane dans Kandahar en octobre dernier - GoogEng:  Still Waiting for CFNIS Report on Civilian Shooting in K'Har Last October


Returning Troops Feel They Made Some Difference


Lord Stanley's Cup Returning from K'Har


Opinion:  Mission canadienne en Afghanistan est-elle justifiée? - World Socialists:  CAN's "Liberals support war and social" reaction


Brit SF Operator Wins MC for Firefight During Snatch Patrol

Homicide Bomber Kills AFG Cop Near Shrine in Arghandab - More

NATO Working on "Vision Statement" in Hopes of Making Things Better Internally


Brits Planning 600 More Troops in Helmand - Brits Pushing for More UAV's Faster, Too - 2 Para Learning Pashtun Before Deploying - Bad Boys Nailed in Oruzgan - FRA Sending 1K More Troops (to Eastern AFG) - Will They Be Able to Help in South, Though? - Sarkozy va envoyer un millier de soldats supplémentaires - Plus - plus - USMC Herc Tours Countryside Moving Troops, Supplies - Feedin' the Troops in K'Har


Struggling for Opium Solutions in Oruzgan - Helmand heroin "taxes" still major source of Taliban income - Still, Brit SF Has Drug Lords in Sights - New Helmand Boss to Negotiate with "Second and Third Tier" Taliban

Gold, Flour & Fuel Prices Up in Kabul (.pdf permalink)



21 Mar 08

Jérémie Ouellet, R.I.P.:  Artilleur porté en terre - Un dernier adieu


UN Extends, Beefs Up UNAMA Mandate, Role for Uber-Envoy (.pdf permalink) - More - more - Conseil de sécurité proroge le mandat de la Mission pour un an


CDS:  Longer ROTO's On the Table (But Not Anytime Soon) - More - more - CBC Says Not in the Works - Militaires CAN pourraient faire face à de plus longs déploiements


CAN Officials Torn Over Helping Build Moderate Madrassas?


NHL Smokin' in K'Har Ball Hockey (Literally) - More - Équipe D'anciens De La LNH Joue En AFG


Helping Families of the Fallen, One Loonie @ a Time


USA VP Pushing for Mo' Troops for AFG - AFG For Min Wants More TUR Troops


Opinion:  Soldier Believes in Mission



20 Mar 08

Michael Hayakaze, R.I.P.:  Colleagues Not Told of Death Right Away


Opinion:  All Fallen Deserve Respect


Longer ROTOs on the Way for CF Troops? - Minister:  Longer ROTOs Up to CDS


Returning Troops Say Tanks Make a Difference - Meanwhile, CAN Seeking Companies to Upgrade the Ones We're Getting (.pdf permalink)


More on CAN Nixing Blackhawks (.pdf permalink)


CAN Def Min Drops By for a Few Days - More - more (.pdf permalink) - Says He Sees Progress - Peter MacKay complète une visite secrète

Hockey's Team Canada in K'Har - Stanley Cup, Too - More - more - Nilan, Probert et Napier en AFG


USA VP Drops By, Tells AFG Pres NATO'll Be Pressed for Mo' Troops - AFG


More on Injured Troops Wanting to Stay in the Fight (.pdf permalink)


ISAF Tps, AFG Cops Exchange Fire in Helmand, One AFG Cop Killed - Helmand Governor Wants to Talk to Taliban - RUS ouvre son territoire à l'acheminement de fret - GoogEng:  RUS Open for Business on Logistics Deal? - TUR Considering Mo' Troops for AFG - More


Quand les écoliers de Helmand font l’école buissonnière pour travailler dans les champs de pavot


UK Parliamentary Committee Report: "Achieving a common understanding of ISAF's mission in Afghanistan should be a key priority for NATO at the Bucharest Summit. This is essential if there is to be greater strategic coherence to the Alliance's operations." - Full report (html) - full report (.pdf) - More



19 Mar 08

CAN Turns Down Blackhawks for K'Har?


AFG Politicians Claim Civvies Killed in Helmand Airstrike - More - ISAF Calls "Bullshit!" (.pdf permalink) - More - 50 morts dans le sud suite à un raid - GoogleFrancais:  Talibans réclamations de victimes civiles mépris - Plus


What the Civvy Logistics Truck Drivers Face


UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations:  AFG Mission Needs "Sharpening"


Students play hooky to work in Helmand’s poppy fields


Opinion:  Lettre "Parlez-leur des travailleurs humanitaires qui sont attaqués par des Talibans parce que, depuis que les soldats se mêlent d'actions humanitaires pour améliorer leur image, les vrais travaileurs sont assimilés à des soldats." - GoogleEnglish:  "Talk to them humanitarian workers who are attacked by the Taliban because, since the soldiers mingle humanitarian actions to improve their image, the real workers, are treated as soldiers."


AUS PM:  NATO Needs Long Term Plan for AFG - More - AUS n'enverra pas d'autres troupes en AFG jusqu'à des réformes de l'OTAN - Retour de soldats russes n'est pas envisagé, affirme l'OTAN - RUS to Announce Soon Whether NATO Logistics Deal Is a Go



18 Mar 08

Jason Boyes, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - More (.pdf permalink) - CF Confirms ID - Latest Fallen Described as Family Man, Warrior - More (.pdf permalink) - On Third Tour - More - more - more - AFG dangers something slain soldier didn't share at homePhoto - GG Statement - PM Statement - Def Min Statement - Un Canadien perd la vie - FC identifient le dernier militaire mort - Message de Son Excellence la très honorable Michaëlle Jean - Déclaration du Premier ministre du Canada - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale


US, CAN Troops Cranking Up AFG Cop Training in K'Har


Searching for Available NATO Mil Helicopters


Happy to Have the Marines Helping Out! - More (.pdf permalink)


Retour à la maison pour 55 soldats


"Almost universal agreement" among CF troops that mission extension right decision


Opinion:  "Afghan escape hatch opens in 2009" - Warlords Rule

"NCO Experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq," US Army Sergeants Major Academy, October 2007 (3 MB .pdf, ~200 pgs) - Alternate download site


NPR Video on How Changes in Coalition, Taliban Tactics Affect Civvies


More on Ontario Forester/Reservist Suggesting Trees as an Option for AFG


Civvies Pissed @ Taliban Over Attacks on Mobile Phone Towers - Still, The Systems Now Shut Down @ Night


AUS:  No Mo' Troops Until Plan for AFG in Place - More on Fatal Homicide Bombing in Helmand - DNK Troops Killed - CZE Trooper, Too - MORE Poochie Stories from UK MoD - Protests Against (Alleged) RUS Troop Deployment  - Meanwhile, TUR Says They're NOT Sending Troops


Roadside Bomb in PAK Hits Fuel Truck Bound for AFG Forces

UN Official:  Lack of Security=Problems with Getting Aid Out



17 Mar 08

Michael Yuki Hayakaze, R.I.P.:  A life lived 'to the fullest' as a soldier


Les derniers militaires rentrent enfin - Plus


New School Firebombed in K'Har


Injured CF Soldier Completes 5 km Fun Run (.pdf permalink)


New USMC Commander on the Ground:  "Canadians have learned a lot of hard lessons here and have paid for it in blood .... They have done some awesome things and have been very gracious in teaching us what they have learned."


CAN:  Hey, We Need More Troops Here - CAN Def Min Says USA Will "Backstop" Some Troops if Needed - Here's Where He Was Talkin'Still No Consensus Yet, Though - OTAN a besoin de plus de troupes en AFG - FC Communiqué: Ministre de la Défense nationale discute de l’Afghanistan au Forum de Bruxelles 2008 - CAN et ses alliés de l'OTAN accentuent la pression sur la FRA - Plus


Il entrevoit la fin du règne des talibans


Opinion:  Let's Not Dump Too Hastily on the French, Shall We? - "The war of words between Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives and the opposition parties has come to an end, but the real winner in this dispute may be obfuscation." - Afghanistan : l'Irak des Canadiens


Helmand Homicide Bomber Kills Four Troops - Trois soldats de l'OTAN, 3 civils ont été tués dans Helmand - Plus - Brit Marine Band Broken Up as Bandsmen Head to AFG as Medics, Stretcher Bearers



16 Mar 08

Jérémie Ouellet, R.I.P.: Mystery over death continues (.pdf permalink) - Dépouille arrive à Trenton - Photo


AFG General:  Kandahar No Longer Worst Province, Thanks to CAN (.pdf permalink)


CAN Expecting NATO Offer of 1K Troops at April Summit


Lotsa Development Projects in K'Har Province


À l'hôpital de la base de l'OTAN à K'har

More Dead = More Emotional Issues to Deal With?

2,5 milliards pour prolonger la mission


Protesters Out Against CAN in AFG - More - more - Manifestants dénoncent la prolongation de la mission - Plus


Opinion:  "Canada's Parliament sent the right signal to the world this week by voting 198-77 to extend our military mission in Afghanistan until December 2011." - "Nation’s worth not defined by body counts" - World Socialists say "US/NATO occupation intensifies Afghans' misery" - Supposed to be Six Month Mission (.pdf)


Brit Medics Treating Boy with Knife in Head Receive Awards - UK MoD Shows Off Tech Helping Heroes in AFG - Getting Closer to NATO-RUS Logistical Support Deal

New Uber-Envoy's Priority:  Gettin' Things Co-ordinated

PAK Taliban:  Get Ridda Musharraf, Let's Talk Truce



13 Mar 08

Jérémie Ouellet, R.I.P. :  Coming Home Today - Retour de la dépouille du soldat Ouellet


CAN House of Commons vote extends AFG mission - More - more - more - Injured medic praises decision to stayNot all favour extension - Cost of Mission Raising Some Concerns



12 Mar 08

Jérémie Ouellet, R.I.P. : CF Statement - FC Communiqué - Message from Governor General - Message de gouverneure généralePM StatementDeclaration de PM - Statement by the Minister of National Defence - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale - Radio-Canada - On His Way Home - More - Condolences




9 Mar 08

All Eyes on Big Vote in CAN Parliament Thursday (13 Mar 08) - How One Family of the Fallen is Coping


Padre:  Ramp Ceremonies Don't Get Easier


Returning CAN Cops Impressed with Knowledge of AFG Legal Aid Types


Royal Navy Sea King Pilots Prepare in NOR for AFG

Les garçons perdus de Kandahâr

Milliers d'Afghans veulent le retrait des soldats DNK, NLD - Protesters Burn DNK, NLD Flags over Cartoons

More on UN Appointing Uber-Envoy



8 Mar 08

Globe & Mail:  "In Afghanistan, Canadian fighters have been sustaining serious injury on a scale not seen since Korea. When they return, what prospects are there for soldiers who can't soldier any more?" - .pdf permalink


CAN leads huge humanitarian delivery to Afghans - Clearing canals: In AFG simple projects change many lives


Lotsa Women Took Part in Int'l Women's Day March in K'Har - UN:  Time for More Investment on AFG Women, Girls - "Upholding a promise to Afghanistan's women" - A woman's eye on AFG


Anti-Taliban vote in PAK could be a gain for CAN troops


USA ForMin:  NATO Obliged to Find Extra Troops for CAN - NATO's New Comprehensive Strategy For AFG Coming


CAN Liberal leader heckled by anti-war protesters


ANA Learning Psy-Ops


Brit Troops, Civvies in Helmand Make Honours List - More - USA DoD Insp-Gen (.pdf):  "Unless training requirements are continually updated to reflect changes in the composition of ISAF and the evolution of operations in Afghanistan, DoD may not be able to provide up-to-date training support to coalition forces to prepare them for duty in ISAF" - Alternate report download site (.pdf)


AFG welcomes NOR's Eide as new UN uber-envoy

Worries (Continue) About Returning Refugees



7 Mar 08

Michael Yuki Hayakaze, R.I.P. He's Home - More - more - more - more - "It Never Gets Easier"


Taking a While for Panjwaii to Recover, Even with CF Efforts


Caporal Alain Lacasse est de retour à la maison - Soldats de Valcartier : heureux et soulagés de rentrer - CF Hiring Lotsa Counsellors to Deal with PTSD

CAN For Min Optimistic as NATO Allies Agree (in Principle) to New AFG Plan


CAN "taking new action to reduce discrimination against women and children in Afghanistan and encourage their participation in Afghan society" - CAN "prendra des mesures pour réduire la discrimination contre les femmes et les enfants en Afghanistan et pour encourager leur participation à la société afghane"


RUS Offering Plan to Ship Non-military Goods to Help NATO in AFG - FRA "warms" to CAN Call for Help

AQ in AFG Looking for Foreign Volunteers


Opinion:  AFG women "recovering stolen time" - Harper et la mission AFG - Usual Suspects Citizen Forum "Advocates Peace"


Subdury Police Support the Troops


UK Royal Engineer Uses Heavy Equipment to Help Platoon, Wins Conspicuous Gallantry Cross - "My stomach was torn open... so I tucked my shirt in and kept shooting" - More - Brits Get to Reach Out and Touch Taliban a Bit Further Away


CAN Fed Court reserves decision on detainee transfers - Human Rights Gps Tell CAN Fed Court Detainee Transfers Must be Blocked - Deux groupes de défense des droits interpellent les tribunaux canadiens


NOR diplomat pegged as AFG Uber-envoy - More - more - Norvégien désigné émissaire en AFG - Plus



6 Mar 08

Michael Yuki Hayakaze, R.I.P.:  Blizzard causes delay; Fallen returns today - More - Dépouille du cavalier Hayakaze arrivera à Trenton aujourd'hui - Plus


AFG MPs Beg CAN to Stay the Course - Minister Oda to Make an Announcement in Support of Afghan Women and Girls - Ministre Oda annoncera un soutien additionnel aux femmes et aux filles Afghanes


Private Sector Eager to Lease Choppers to CAN for K'Har - NATO May Ask RUS for Logistical Help


More Mobile Phone Towers Being Nailed by Taliban in South - More


CAN soldiers fined, released from Cypriot jail - More - Soldats CAN plaident coupable - Plus


Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand - More - Found a Few Car Bombs, Too - Fair Bit o' Heroin Snagged


CENTCOM Cdr: No Spring Offensive Expected


USA Sec of State Optimistic About Mo' Troops for AFG - "The Canadian contribution is highly valued and so we need very much to be able to meet the circumstances that would allow Canada to continue" - Brits Confident, Too - More


Morale Down Among USA Troops in AFG?

Detainee Litigation:  "Not our job to show jails free of torture, Ottawa will argue"

Municipality of Petawawa Calls on All of Ontario to Support the Troops - Legion Care Packages Make it Over


Opinion:  "Injured soldiers are not disposable" - "Canada's Muddled Afghan Mission" - World Socialists:  "Liberals and Conservatives join forces to extend intervention in Afghan war" - "Rural Afghanistan is very self contained and used to taking care of themselves .... Anyone wanting to reach these people, must also think local"


UN Pushes AFG Gov't to Crack Down on Opium

WFP food distributions begin for Afghans hit by high food prices



5 Mar 08

Michael Yuki Hayakaze, R.I.P. Dernier voyage d’un cavalier - Weather Delay in Repatriation - Vol de rapatriement retardé


CAN DefMin:  USA May Supply Six Helicopters - More - Renfort aérien en AFG pour bientôt, selon Peter MacKay


New Bridge Opened in K'Har


Officer Headed Out for Third Deployment - CF Reservist/Forester:  Can Forestry Make a Difference in K'Har? - More(.pdf)


More on CF Members Charged in Cyprus During Decompression - More - more - Brit Victim Says He Bears No Grudge - L'homme qui aurait été battu par des soldats CAN a pardonné


Opinion:  Female AFG MP onCAN's AFG Mission -Canada's Afghanistan mission - The Second Fog of War - Mission seems impossible



Brits to Help Train Anti-Taliban PAK - More on Coldstream Guards Taking on Taliban - FRA Pushing for "Focused NATO Front" Against Taliban - USA May Get to Use UZB Bases


Prince Harry Says Rations Suck - (But the Mail Sucks Even More) - Jamie Oliver Good to Go to Help - More - UK MoD:  Honest, They're Getting Better!


UN Says AFG Heroin Production At All-Time High - More - Héroïne: production record en Afghanistan en 2007, selon l'OICS - "Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2007" - News Release (.pdf) - Press kit (.pdf)


IRN About to Send Back 1M AFG Refugees?



4 Mar 08

Michael Hayakaze, R.I.P On his Way Home - More - more - Was Replacing Injured Driver - Condolences Pouring In More - more (.pdf permalink) - 79e soldat CAN meurt près de Kandahar


Thinking About IEDs While Prepping for Coming ROTO


Heureux et soulagés de rentrer


CAN Troops Accused of Beating Up Brit Expat in Cyprus (.pdf permalink) - La «décompression» de deux soldats canadiens revenus d'AFG s'est mal terminée ce week-end - Plus - plus


Youth Group Director in South:  "The Canadians are winning here, but you have lost the propaganda war to the Taliban"


CAN Vote on AFG Motion March 13 - More


VP of CIDA's Afghanistan Task Force to Canadian Press: "Reconstructing Afghanistan is not going exactly as everyone had hoped" (.pdf permalink) - Reconstruction de l'Afghanistan: Tout ne baignerait pas dans l'huile


Letter to Editor:  Medical Intern in Herat Seeks Help from CAN

USA Morning Show Host Steps on Dick Says Prince Harry Sent to AFG Because He's More Expendable that William (YouTube video) - More

USA Chair of Joint Chiefs to Speak to PAK - Heatin' Up on the Pashtun Border Area of PAK - More



3 Mar 08

CF Soldier Killed in IED Strike:  ISAF Statement - Initial CF Release - Name of Trooper Released - Globe & Mail (.pdf permalink) - Canadian Press - - CanWest - More - - condolence thread - Toronto Star: Sacrifice was on mind of slain soldier - Message from Governor General - Statement by PM - Statement by the Minister of National Defence


Engin explosif de fabrication artisanale tué soldat canadien:  FC Communiqué - Divulgation de l’identité du militaire canadien tombé - Xinhua - Un cavalier tué à Kandahar - Plus - Presse Canadienne - La Presse - Le Soleil - Message de gouverneure générale - Déclaration de Premier ministre - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale


Detainees Seeing Better Prisons (But Not Better Justice)


Suspended AFG MP:  CAN Should Change Policy


ISAF Mil Boss Disses Caveats - Getting Extra Help Focus of Meeting in ROM Next Month


More on AFG Replacing Helmand Governor - AFG Int Boss:  Only 5 % of Country Under Taliban Control


UK's Coldstream Guards Take Fight to Taliban - Brit Cop Finds Kabul Easier with Experience Policing in Dundee


AQ Issues Online Eulogy of Strategy Man in AFG Nailed in PAK in January - AQ diffuse un vidéo montrant la dépouille d'un de ses principaux commandant en AFG


PAK Planning Push in Tribal Areas



2 Mar 08

CF Soldier Killed in IED Strike: - condolence thread


Engin explosif de fabrication artisanale tué soldat canadien:  GoogleFrancais


CO Brings the Troops Home


Dubya to NATO: 'Contribute More' to Help CAN in South - More - Bush demandera plus de troupes à ses alliés de l'Otan


Pre-ROTO Ex in Texas Wrapped Up


Getting Girls Learning Science Again


Taliban Blow Up Second Mobile Phone Tower in South - Destruction d'une tour de téléphonie mobile


Opinion:  Making the mission work


UK Statement on Pulling Prince Harry Outta AFG - Prince Harry frustrated at early return: Charles - Les difficultés de l’armée POL en AFG - Brits Honouring the Fallen with Tattoos on the Bums


NOR Envoy to NATO Angling for Uber-Envoy Post?

AFG Approves New Counter-Drug Minister

USA Plan Widens Role in Training PAK Forces



1 Mar 08

Outgoing CAN Commander Sees Progress in K'Har


CAN Back to Transferring Detainees to AFG Custody - More - What's Changed - More - more - more (.pdf permalink) - more (.pdf permalink) - more - more - more - Canada reprend le transfert des détenus aux autorités AFG - Plus - Too early for prisoner transfers, critics say - More - more (.pdf permalink)


Taliban Invisible (Except for IEDs)


A family awaiting deployment - "A poignant arrival in war-torn Kandahar"


Where Is Everybody Trying to Improve AFG? (.pdf permalink)


NATO Sec-Gen Disagrees with USA Director of Nat'l Int Assessment, Too


New Governor for Helmand - More - Tough Place to Fight - Prince Harry Not Pleased to be Heading Home - Here's Why - Obama Disses DEU, FRA in AFG - DEU Not Fazed - McCain Says No NAFTA, No CAN Tps in AFG?


Former Soviet Generals Tell DEU They Should GTFO AFG (.pdf permalink)

Opinion:  "What a strange little war it is" - CAN in AFG: The New Conquistadores


Taliban Still Doing (Too) Well With Drugs - "International Narcotics Control Strategy Report - Southwest Asia: Afghanistan" (US Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs) - Malgré l'Otan, de plus en plus d'Afghans cultivent le pavot - Think Tank Report:  Status Quo is Best Option for Dealing with Drugs - Report (.pdf) - Alternate report download site (.pdf)

Foil Hats:  More on RUS Accusing USA of Facilitating AFG Drug Trade?





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