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Archived News

June 2008

Background & Research Information

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30 Jun 08

Families of CF Overseas Helping Each Other Together


More on CAN Study:  Families of Injured Having Hard Time, Too (.pdf permalink) - U of Alberta "Hidden Costs/Invisible Contributions" Study Site


NATO on Taliban: "They would like to expand (but) that doesn't mean they would succeed.” - More


Taliban Pushes, Gets Shoved Back - Taliban Plan Sucks?


Warlords Share Their Answers to the Conflict


Viols d'enfants en Afghanistan?


ISAF Soldier Dies on Patrol in Helmand - UK MoD statement - Brit Aid Minister Drops By, Says He Sees Progress - Royal Marines Nail Drug Lab - More on Taliban Bad Boy Nailed in UK Strike - More - Work Begins on Helmand Dam - Aid, Medical Help Visit in Oruzgan - Bad Boys Nailed There Last Week, Too - UK Replacing Land Rovers with Ridgback Armoured Vehicles - More - AUS Cops Trying to Help Stem Drugs in AFG - No Timeline for Withdrawal of AUS Troops


Opinion:  "The best way to measure whether Afghanistan and NATO are progressing or regressing in this effort is how (Afghans) are placing their bets."


UN Relief Boss:  Food Costs, Civvy Deaths Climbing; Time to Rejig Aid - News conference transcript (.pdf permalink) - More - more - more


G8: "more needed to be done to secure Afghanistan's borders and protect the nation against Taliban-led militants"


USA Plan to Have SF Hunt AQ in PAK on Hold? - More - NATO:  No Peace in AFG with PAK Sanctuary - PAK Doing Something - All Peace Deals Off



29 Jun 08

More on New Sheriff in the South


Reporter Gets a Ride Into Kandahar - 46 minutes vers Arghandab


One of the CF Wounded Shares


Bad Boys Nailed in Uruzgan - Started with Ambush - 32 taliban tués jeudi dans le sud


Truckers Protest Police Corruption, Kidnapping along K'Har-Herat Highway


Opinion:  "Getting Back to Afghanistan, the Forgotten War Fiercely Debated!"


Another British Soldier Killed in Landmine Incident - Fallen in Brit Vehicle Accident Named - More - Taliban Boss Responsible for Other Brit Deaths Nailed - DEU Takes Over QRF


PAK, ISAF to "reactivate tripartite commission"


More on Latest PAK Push Against Miscreants Taliban - More - more - more - more - more - more



28 Jun 08

CAN Backs New Sherrif in K'Har


One CF Soldier's View of Convoy Duty - Some Photos Showing CAN Troops on Patrol in AFG


Kabul Int Official:  "We conduct very intense conversations to get information from people."


Newsweek "Special Correspondent" Says Taliban Now Working in Groups No Bigger than Eight?


War in Afghanistan Brought Home in Canada Discussion of OP "Snack Cake for the Troops"



Brit Killed in Vehicle Rollover While on Patrol - Tribal Elder Gunned Down in Helmand - USMC "Disrupt(s) Taliban's Freedom of Movement" in Helmand, Farah - More from Blogger Round Table - UK Trying New Airbridge to Rotate ROTOs Quicker - Brit Journalist Starts Embed


US Reports on AFG Show Progress - MSM Says Report Shows Taliban May Get Crankier - More - more - more - more - "Report on Progress toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan" (.pdf) - "United States Plan for Sustaining the Afghanistan National Security Forces" (.pdf)


Opinion:  "Everyone is correct in this blame game"


PAK Takes on Own Taliban with Mortars - Trying to Keep Peshawar Safe


USA Bill Introduced to Encourage "Reconstruction Opportunity Zones" in PAK, AFG - H.R. 6387 Info Page



27 Jun 08

CAN Confirms Funding to Help Fix K'Har Jail:  DFAIT News Release - "Ministre Emerson annonce une aide supplémentaire pour la reconstruction de la prison de Sarpoza" - National Post - CanWest - Globe & Mail - Agence France Presse


Meanwhile, K'Har's Top Cop, Others Now Looking for Work - More - more - more - more - more - Trois dirigeants des services de sécurité de l'Afghanistan sont limogés


Next General in Charge of CAN Troops in AFG Sees "Tremendous" Progress - More

“The slower we are at doing this – and we are pretty slow – the longer it is going to take”


Former Taliban Tells of Pay, Training from PAK Military - More - USA SecDef "Welcomes Pakistan’s Pledge to Reassert Pressure at Afghan Border" - More on PAK Taliban Threats to Nail Truckers Bringing NATO Supplies - Fears over Afghan border - PAK Taliban Slits Throats of Alleged AFG "Spies"G8 Pledges $ to Help AFG, PAK Play Nice Together -


CAN CIMIC Teams Tell Elders Rooting Out Insurgents "Like Pulling Weeds" - Columnist Asks, "Why No CF Human Terrain Teams?" - Wikipedia on HTT


UN Special Rapporteur Says CAN Not Forthcoming with Info on Civvy Deaths (No Word on How Forthcoming Taliban Were) - May 2008 News Conference in AFG - About the Special Rapporteur


OP JoeLouis:  The Hunt for Snack Cakes for the Troops - The Map - Vachon Products Page - La définition du «Jos. Louis!»


Legion Branch "Adopts" CF Medic in AFG


Calm Slowly Returing to Arghandab - How the AFG Air Force Helped in the Fight


Kabul-K'Har Highway Also Still Risky


ISAF Soldier Killed in Helmand - ID of USA Helmand Death Released - Troops Nab, Nail Bad Boys in K'Har - DNK Helping Rebuild Mosques in South - ROM Troops Building Trust in Zabul - Bad Boys Getting Nailed There, Too - Story of One of the USMC Interpreters, Returning After Post-Soviet Exile - Mothers of Fallen Brits Prepare for 100 Mile Memorial Walk - Brits to Get Viking, Jackal Armoured Vehicles for AFG - Brit Father-Son Team in Helmand Blog:  Life of RM Commando in Helmand - ITA, NATO Discuss Loosening Caveats - Medvedev: "Kaboul peut compter sur l'assistance de Moscou" -


Latest Senlis Report Says IRQ, SOM Have Lessons for AFG:  "Iraq - Angry Hearts and Angry Minds" - Full report (.pdf) - Executive Summary -  - The Guardian (UK) - Telegraph (UK) - ADIKronos (ITA)


Latest UN Drug Agency Report Says Insurgents Making Big $, Make it Harder to Fight Drugs:  UNODC News Release - Report web page - Full Report (.pdf) - Reuters - Inner City Press - Financial Times - - Washington Post



26 Jun 08

CAN Troops Poking Around in PAK? (.pdf permalink)


CAN Plan Set to Help Rebuild K'Har's Civic Infrastructure - Work Begins on Dam in Nawa District of Helmand (.pdf permalink)


Returning Gunner Spends Time with Family in NW Ontario - Family of the Fallen, Almost a Year Later


Return to Arghandab Slow


Cell Phone Call from Inside K'Har Prison Reportedly Led to Breakout


NATO to Provide High-tech Defences for AFG Airport in South


CAN General, Head of NATO Military Committee, Calls for Bureaucratic Streamlining - More

New USA Mil Cdr in AFG "determined to defeat Taliban, al Qaeda"


Four Americans Killed in IED Blast 21 Jun 08 Identified - Pentagon Bars Journalists from Ramp Ceremonies - Slide Show of USA Marines in Helmand - 4 Para Killed in IED Blast in Sangin - Brit Mom Collects Dead Son's Military Cross - “When times get tough, the tough get going — and 2 Para are very tough.” - Brit General Says Life Getting Safer for Afghans in Helmand - Another Brit General Says 15 Years Needed for AFG to Reach Bangladesh's Level of Development - VERY Close Call for CO of Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - "Farewell bully beef, now a Tracker bar will help troops hunting the Taleban" - More - more - More on DEU Sending More Troops


USA Contractor Selling (Crappy) 40-year-old Ammunition to AFG Security Forces - More - more - Older Coverage - USA Congressional Report on Issue (.pdf)


G8 Ministers to Prod AFG to Help Itself

RUS Envoy to AFG Says Taliban Influence Growing


USA NATO Diplomat:  “NATO recognises Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity (but) NATO soldiers do have the right to defend themselves.” - USA General Says Taliban Trying to Provoke USA to Fire on PAK Forces - Analyst:  "I think the military in Pakistan has had a strategic policy since 2001, to give sanctuary to the Afghan Taliban leadership." -  On PAK Paramilitary Forces:  “Although the Frontier Corps, NWFP, and the law enforcement agencies would be the instruments of the governor and the chief minister in their respective jurisdictions for law and order, they would fall under (the Army's) command for military operations” - Hekmatyar Calls on PAK Taliban to Attack Americans in PAK, Not AFG - PAK Taliban Nails Peace Committee Members - Analysis of PAK-Taliban Conflict

Worries About Peshawar Being Overrun by Taliban? - More - more

Opinion:  "Pakistan cannot afford to lose control of its gateway to Afghanistan"


Bad Boys Stocking Up on Opium



25 Jun 08

"Arghandab’s Two-Day War" - AFG Forces Coming Home from Latest Fight


Ex Maple Ready Prepares CAN HQ for Deployment (video)


NATO Soldier Killed in Blast in Helmand - Probably Another Brit Para


Rocket Hits K'Har Air Field; No Injuries Reported


USA General Sees Progress in AFG - Transcript



2 Para Brit Killed in Sangin Firefight - More - USA Marines "trying to win the confidence of the locals" in Garmsir - Civil-Military Operations Center Opens in Helmand - Assessment:  Helmand Residents Happy to See Americans, Taliban Splintering? - Brit Mil Boss Says Can't Fight Two Wars Indefinitely - Latvian Troops Get Their Beer



Opinion:  "Canada in Afghanistan: Peacekeeper or warmonger?" - "History’s Muse Prepares to Ring the Closing Bell on the West’s War in Afghanistan" - "Europe needs to do much more to pull its weight in Afghanistan" - "U.S., Britain and others need an exit strategy"


NATO Cranking Up Attacks in Area of PAK Border



24 Jun 08

Refugees Get UN Help After Latest Punch-Up with Taliban - Latest Push Back Not Affecting Coalition Medical Ops


Gotta Be Brave to Teach in K'Har


2 RCR Troops Get Ready for Future ROTO - IED Training in Western CAN


Urban Legend of Van Doos Being Naughty in Camp Mirage?


CAN Def Min Calls Corruption in AFG "Cancer"


CAN Parliamentary Library Report: "Afghanistan: Canada and the intra-NATO Dialogue" - .pdf version


USA Officer:  CAN has to “play not to lose” in AFG (audio)


USA Sec of Joint Chiefs "hopes that if Iraq continues to improve, he will be able to free some U.S. forces by the fall to send to Afghanistan" - Says Three More Brigades Needed in AFG - DEU Sending 1K More Troops (But Not to South) - More

AFG, Coalition Forces Kill Bad Boys in Helmand



CAN High Commissioner Leaving PAK (.pdf permalink) - PAK Thanks Outgoing HC for Help with Border Fence (.pdf permalink) - Call for Gulf Nations to Help Keep Peace in PAK Tribal Areas - Some PAK Taliban Undecided About Fate of Peace Deal


Opinion:  PAK Wars in PAK Tribal Areas - Understanding AFG Rage


More on GAO Reports on AFG Army, Cop Training

Rehash of Allegations of Sexual Impropriety Among AFG Security Forces

Taliban Rakes in Big Bucks from Drug Trade



23 Jun 08

Three Canadians Injured in RG-31 Roll Over - More - Trois Canadiens blessés à Kandahar


The Big Push (Back):  "Anxious Calm" in K'Har Following Battle - AFG Commanders Say Folks Can ReturnLandmines Block Return of Civvies to  Arghandab


Manley:  K'Har Prison Break "Speaks To .... a Breakdown in our Intelligence" (.pdf permalink)


Lucky Driver Stopped by Bullet in K'Har City


Opinion:  "Something good is gestating. While it may not look like much from the comfort of a Canadian suburb, it is hope to a courageous people."


Journalist/Blogger on AFG Cop, Army Training Not Going So Well? - Reports:  "Further Congressional Action May Be Needed to Ensure Completion of a Detailed Plan to Develop and Sustain Capable Afghan National Security Forces" - "U.S. Efforts to Develop Capable Afghan Police Forces Face Challenges and Need a Coordinated, Detailed Plan to Help Ensure Accountability"


Latest Brit Fallen Going Home - Brit EOD Specialist Uses Finger to Keep Mine from Going Off - Ramp Ceremony @ Bastion


AFG Commission Chair Says AFG Could Fail Without More Troops - DEU General Says Up to 6K More Troops Needed All Over AFG - UK Editorial:  "Our allies must fight"


PAK Columnist Says Taliban Wouldn't Be Successful without AQ Help


AUS Considering Anti-Terr Help for PAK

NATO Arty Fires Back at Insurgents in PAK - PAK Politician Says This is Happening with PAK Consent - AFG Traders, PAK Opposition Trying to Improve AFG-PAK Relations

Still MORE on the Proposed Gas Pipeline (.pdf permalink)



22 Jun 08

The Big Push (Back):  RC South Boss: "ANA response to Arghandab is an excellent example of its increasing capability"Lotsa Bad Guys Nailed - Journalist/Blogger's Eye View of (A Tiny) Part of the Show - More on People Returning to the Aftermath - Une victoire «qui ne sert à rien» - CAN DefMin Confident Dam Work Can Still Go Ahead


CAN to Help Rebuild K'Har Prison - Ottawa Contribue à Réparer Prison de Kandahar

More CF Reservists Prepare to Head Over


"The obstacles facing NATO in Afghanistan"



Arty from PAK Hits ISAF Forces - More - more - more - PAK Media Version - Kills AFG Civvies - More - more - PAK Frontier Corps Riddled with Taliban? - Overview of PAK's Paramilitary Forces


USA Officials "Despair" at NATO Problems in AFG



UK SF Reportedly Find Proof IRN Supplying Taliban - Four Troops Killed in K'Har Blast - USMC Progressing in Helmand - More - UK Land Rovers 'unsafe in danger zone'? - A Bit About One of the Bad Guy Facing the Brits - Meanwhile, A Bit About some Brit Nastiness for the Bad Guys - Hellfire AGM-114N


Opinion:  UK's General Sir Mike Says "We must maintain our will in Afghanistan""Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Denying the Durand Line" - "Stop killing the Taliban – they offer the best hope of beating Al-Qaeda" - "NATO has to win in Afghanistan, the Taliban only needs not to lose"


More on the Proposed Gas Pipeline - Foil Hat Commentary - Fueling "War for Oil" Commentary



PAK Promises Action Against Taliban in Frontier Provinces - Seeks Patience from USA - PAK Provincial Gov't Trying to Save Peace Deal with Taliban - Can Deal Hold? - Survey Says PAK Residents Want to Talk to Taliban, AQ - Results of 2003 Online Poll Show Split in NATO Hot Pursuit into PAK (.pdf permalink) - BTW, Osama's Not in PAK



21 Jun 08

The Big Push (Back):  Aftermath of the Battle - More - more (.pdf permalink) - more - Counting the Dead - CAN to Repair Any Damage Caused in Offensive - "Easily Staged, Quickly Quelled"


USA, RUS Agree to Deal to Supply RUS Wpns to AFG Forces (.pdf permalink) - More



NATO SecGen:  "No single measure can resolve the burden-sharing problem. But the range of initiatives now underway within NATO should help..." (.pdf permalink)



Five Coalition Troops Killed in Roadside Blast in K'Har Province - More - more - Brit Morale "Never Higher" - More - Taliban hand suspected in latest Helmand suicide attack - More - more


PAK Taliban Warn Truckers to Stop NATO Oil Runs


Opinion:  "We can win in Afghanistan, but to do so we will have to find the courage and resourcefulness shown by the enemy – not to mention a few of those long-prayed-for Chinooks.""An unstable Afghanistan in which extremists and narco-traffickers have a safe haven may well be another Bush legacy. His would-be successors need to explain how they would deal with it."


Patterns of Conflict in IRQ, AFG and North Africa creating "new phase in the global 'war on terror' "


Insecurity, Uncertainty Stop Return of AFG Refugees



20 Jun 08

The Big Push (Back):  AFG, NATO Troops Kick Butt - RC South Boss:  "Operations in Kandahar city and Arghandab district continue to progress well" - TF Kandahar D/Cdr Briefing - ISAF Says Folks Can Return to Arghandab - NATO Video of AFG Troops Good to Go - Taliban Breaking International Law Laying Mines? - Gouverneur rapporte des centaines de morts et de blessés à Kandahar - Offensive près de Kandahar : entre triomphalisme et prudenceInt'l Herald Tribune - Gulf Daily News - CanWest/National Post - Associated Press - BBC - Washington Post - Globe & Mail - More - (AFG) - Dawn (PAK) - Pak Tribune - CAN General:  We're Winning, But They'll Be Back - CAN PM:  Setback, Yes, But Everyone Responded Quickly - AFG Governor: 'This will give them a good lesson'  - AFG-CAN Centre Still Running Classes During Fracas - What the Area was Like BEFORE the Big Push Back (.pdf permalink) - Quick Push Back Still a Problem - Concerns about Comms Gaps between AFG, Western Allies? -

USA Envoy:  Taliban Weakening, Therefore Turning to Terror


Homicide Bomber in Helmand Kills American Soldier, Afghans - More - more



UK IDs Latest Fallen - "It's time for a proper cost-benefit analysis of Britain's military presence in Afghanistan" - ISAF Medical Team Helps Car Accident Victim in Oruzgan


USA Gov't Watchdog Report:  "U.S. Efforts to Develop Capable Afghan Police Forces Face Challenges and Need a Coordinated, Detailed Plan to Help Ensure Accountability" - US House Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs Looking at AFG Cop Trg, Too - USA Mil Academic Study:  "Twelve Urgent Steps for the Advisor Mission in AFG" (.pdf)


AFG Media Poll Shows Worries About Aid Effectiveness, Accountability

No Quick Fix to Opium Woes (.pdf permalink)

Petraeus Tries Helping Sort Out PAK-AFG Fracas - US Official on Air Strike:  "I can certainly say that there was no targeting of Pakistani military"

Threat to (Proposed) Pipeline? - More - "A Pipeline Through A Troubled Land: Afghanistan, Canada, and the New Great Energy Game"



19 Jun 08

The Big Push (Back):  AFG Pouring More Troops Into the Fray - CAN, AFG Troops Nail Bad Guys - City of K'har as "Key that Unlocks" AFG - Why the Arghandab Valley's Important - More - Pentagon: Claims of Taliban Gains ‘Way Overblown’ - USA Envoy Says Arghandab Won't Fall to Taliban - "Residents of Kandahar and people who fled when the Taleban occupied their villages spoke to the BBC about their concerns" - Canadian Press - Canadian Press Video - Globe & Mail - CBC.caNational Public Radio - Financial Times - Reuters - Voice of America - Agence France Presse - International Herald Tribune - Quqnoos (AFG) - Times Online (UK) - Xinhua (CHN) - Daily Times (PAK) - Press Association (UK) - ABC News (USA) Photos - Where the Fighting Is


Update on the Natural Gas Pipeline & How CF May Be Helping Protect It


How Extra Gadgets Help CF Troops (And The Cost of Carrying Them)


Taliban IED's Getting More Sophisticated - New Networks Giving Insurgents Broader Pool of Recruits? - Taliban Tell Red Cross "We Don't Get Our Dead Back?  Then Neither do the Afghans...." - Meanwhile, Domestic Vs. Imported Taliban Fight Breaks Out in Farah


More on CAN CDS Saying CAN Troops "Not Going to Stand By" if They See AFGs Abused


UK Conservative MP Calls for Talks with Taliban - Latest Brit Fallen Members of Reserve SAS - Welsh Nurse Tells Story of Working @ Camp Bastion - "After Battle, US Marines Open Complaint Shop"


Agricultural Story Cluster:  Teaching in Zabul - Helmand Chicken Farmers Get Boost with Arrival of 5K Chicks - Corn, Peanut Seed Distributed, Too


Opinion:  USA, NATO "will soon have to choose between massively reinforcing their Afghan garrison .... or withdraw ignominiously" - FRA seeking "a more coherent course for a six-and-a-half year conflict that has no end in sight" - "The Taliban flex their muscles in Afghanistan"


USA Watchdog Report:  "Without a detailed plan, it is difficult to assess progress and conduct oversight of the cost of developing the (AFG security forces)" - More


PAK Military Refuses to Fight Taliban on Border (Defying Orders of Elected Gov't?) - PAK Keeping an Eye on NATO Activities in AFG - Taliban Warns PAK about Welching on Peace Deal - AFG Backs Off Threat to Head into PAK - PAK May Put US Training Program on Hold Over Missile Strike - Meanwhile, US Mil Chopper Engines Go Missing in Border Zones - More - more



18 Jun 08

Push on Kandahar?:  CF, AFG Army Pushing Back - Statement from CF Battle Group Commaner (.pdf permalink) - ISAF "Bolstering" AFG Security Forces in K'Har (.pdf permalink) - Patrols Also Under Way to Clear Out Bad Guys (.pdf permalink) Reuters - More - UK Sky News - US Fox News - Voice of America - BBC - Agence France Presse - More - One of the Characteristics of the COIN Fight - Opinion - "The Taliban would be wise to melt into the countryside once they have made their propaganda point in southern Afghanistan"


CF Warned in 2006 of Bad Prison Walls @ K'Har - CDS "regrets" Int Missing Prison Break - Ottawa aurait été averti - L'opposition accuse - Aurait-elle été montée de l'intérieur?


CAN CDS on Reports of Sex Abuse by AFG Security Forces:  'If somebody is being seriously abused, we are not going to stand by and see that continue." - Title Says it All - Discussion


AUS Journalist on CAN in AFG


CAN Member of Parliament Collects Books for the Troops


Opinion:  "Canadians should continue to give the Afghan mission a lot of sober second thought - and never be afraid to bring it up for debate or ask questions, if and when the opportunity presents itself."


Four Brits Killed in IED Strike - UK MoD Statement - May Be UK's First Female Cas in AFG - Brit Parliamentarian/Author:  Equipment Shortages Killing Brit Troops - Report (.pdf) -  JPN:  No Plans to Send Troops



17 Jun 08

Jonathan Sutherland Snyder, R.I.P.:  Buried in National Military Cemetery - More - more

(CORRECTION:  Previous version stated funeral set for 23 Jun 08, but funeral actually held 16 Jun 08.)


Fallen RSM's Widow Passes Recruit Training - One of the CF Wounded in Physio (video)


Taliban Zeroing in on K'Har - Bridges Being Blown - More - Residents GTFO - This, After NATO Leaflet Drop - More - more - Worries Taliban to Target City of K'Har Next - More - more - more - Al Jazz Says They're Coming - More - more


Worries About Impact of Jail Break on Mission - Prison Break Graphic - Évasion à K'har : une affaire «grave» pour Ottawa - Chasse aux évadés en AFG - Looking for Answers (.pdf permalink) - Second Guesser Shares Opinion - More Opinion:  "Mr. Karzai's government, which once seemed to represent such promise for the war-ravaged country, has increasingly seemed unworthy. What must be remembered is that the alternative is much worse." - "Jailbreak shows need for Afghan solution"

In Other News, PAK Releases 170 Prisoners to K'Har Authorities


CAN ForMin on Alleged AFG Army Sex Abuse:  "Anybody who says this is about cultural differences should have their head examined" (.pdf version) - NDP Wants CF to Look Into Possible Abuse (.pdf permalink)


B Sqn, 12 RBC Getting Ready to Go - Part-Timers from the Soo Heading Over


UK MoD Officially Announces More Troops Headed to AFG - More - "Britain must be prepared to match the 'strategic endurance' of the Taliban in Afghanistan"

Bad Boys Nailed in Zabul, Sangin


Think Tank Report: "The situation is not hopeless, but Afghanistan needs more attention from national and international actors to reverse current trends." - .pdf version of report


Growing Support for Taliban Talks

UN Security Council Applauds Latest Aid Offers to AFG - Statement



16 Jun 08

CF, NATO Beefing Up Presence in K'Har Post-Jail Break - Not Many Escapees Nabbed Yet - More - Escapees Disappearing into Rural Areas (.pdf version) - CAN DefMin Rejects Idea of Building CAN Prison in AFG - CAN Knew About Problems @ Prison? (.pdf version)


CF Troops Told to Ignore Sexual Assault by AFG Troops?!? - Part of Dealing with PTSD  - Human Rights Groups Hearing Similar Accusations Elsewhere in AFG


Former Reporter Running Co-Op in K'Har"I was very happy to see NATO come (to Kandahar) but disappointed that NATO hasn’t altered their policy of using corrupt Afghan officials"


Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand on Hunt for Boss


(What Appears to Be) Successful Op in Uruzgan - Taliban Says They're Running Four Districts in Helmand


Not ALL Brit Dead Officially Listed? - Brits Secure Gains after Taliban Supply Route Seized - More on Brits Sending More Troops to South - More - CO of Royal Irish Regiment Writes About Working with AFG Army


Opinion:  "If Canada has to have a realistic chance of exiting Afghanistan in 2011  ....  security in Kandahar province will be a key factor."  - "US plan to widen the war in Afghanistan" - "Are the Taliban really in trouble, as a British commander now asserts? Don't look to journalism for an answer because, for all our gizmos, we have no way of telling" - "A government's pleasant predictions may offer short-term benefits, but they do nothing to boost the government's credibility when they are not based on evidence."


CAN Def Min Calls on PAK, AFG to Play Nice - Karzai Talking Tougher (But Some Worry Taliban's Winning)- More - CAN Envoy to AFG: "Canadian army's battlefield performance and this country's self-evident lack of conflicting interests means it is now perceived as an honourable and acceptable mediator between Afghanistan and Pakistan"



15 Jun 08

Etched Granite Reminders of the Fallen (.pdf permalink) - Québec honore ses morts en AFG - «Vous êtes des héros» - Plus - plus


CAN Troops Helping Hunt Down Escapees in K'Har Jail Break - Some Bad Boys Nailed in Manhunt - CAN CDS Hopes Escapees Don't Come Back to Haunt Troops - General on the Ground Says They Might - More - more - Was It an Inside Job? - More on How it Went Down - Latest Count:  ~870 Out & About - More - A Bit o' Global TV Video


Flickr Gallery of Photos from K'Har, PRT


AFG Threatens to Send Tps into PAK - More


Taliban Tactics:  "bottle up hundreds of the newly arrived American troops trying to secure Garmser, while they concentrate on attacking occupation forces further north." (.pdf version)


Recent Huge Drug Bust Opens Eyes - "High Times" Mourns


Warlord Denies Peace Talks with AFG Gov't - Taliban Bad Boy:  "If Islamic troops were brought in, the war in Afghanistan might finish soon."

More on Less-Than-Fully-Optimistic Assessment of AFG by Outgoing USA Mil Boss There

Bayollais Bernard Houle revient d'AFG


District Police Chief Killed, Governor Injured in Helmand - More - more - Squadron Commander of King's Royal Hussars Shares His Day - A Look @ UK's Camp Bastion - Fighting "Shoot & Scoot" Taliban - Latest Brit Fallen Killed During Face-to-Face Time with Locals - How Brit Aid Staff are Living (It Up?) on AFG Rotations


Opinion:  "Widening the Afghan War into Pakistan is military stupidity on a grand scale, and political madness" (.pdf version) - Socialist Workers Seek End to CAN Mission in AFG



14 Jun 08

Jonathan Sutherland Snyder, R.I.P.:  Cousin Remembers


Taliban attack K'Har jail, hundreds escape - More - more - more - more - more - more - more - CF, Other Troops Hunting Down Escapees - More - Proof Taliban Still a Force to be Reckoned With?


Revenus d'Afghanistan, ils entrent dans l'histoire


CF Medic Spending Father's Day in FOB While Dad Runs Hamilton Tattoo - Soo Reservists Prepare to Deploy


More on Taliban Telling CAN to GTFO AFG - Un porte-parole taliban appelle le Canada à se retirer d'Afghanistan - Discussion - AFG Politician Predicts CAN Won't GTFO After 2011




NATO Meeting:  CAN DefMin Shows Off New Approach to NATO Colleagues - USA SecDef " Calls on NATO Allies to Live up to Pledges" - Does It With Heart! - "Specifically, Who Can Take the Place of Those Marines We Have in There?  Anyone?  Anyone?" - USA Gets "Modest NATO Accessions" on AFG


USA General Says Mo' Troops May NOT be Better - AFG Cop Training Continues Despite Obstacles

Globe & Mail Reporter Highlights Problems Facing Pregnant Women


Brits to Send (A Few) More Troops Soon? - More - Latest Brit Fallen ID'ed - Brit Battalion Commander Injured, Flying Home - Brit Paras Nab Bomb Maker in Zabul Mosque - More USA Fallen in AFG than IRQ in May - Video:  Ambush on Dutch in Uruzgan - Coalition/AFG Patrol Attacked in Uruzgan - More - Fox News Reporter/Blogger Fights "Sleeping Bag War" in Helmand - NLD Threatens to Cut Aid if AFG Courts Don't Shape Up


Outgoing NATO Boss in AFG Says Still Work to be Done


Opinion:  "It's important to honour our troops""Canada Should Leave Afghanistan" - "Our troops ....  are serving in harms way, and we do them a disservice if we don't comprehend the price that must be paid if we are to successfully complete these vitally important missions."


AFG Pleased with Aid Pledges from Paris Meeting - Aid Offered, Accountability Sought - Unfulfilled promises haunt AFG


CAN DefMin:  PAK Deal a Real Threat - USA SecDef: PAK "needs time to deal with situation along Afghan border" - PAK For Min: USA "attacks to make cooperation on war against terror difficult" - PAK OK With Joint Inquiry of Incident


How CHN's Helping AFG



13 Jun 08

CAN Aid Commitment @ NATO Paris Meeting Appears to Pacify AFG - CAN ForMin Reminds Folks We're Not Putting Up with AFG Corruption - USA Presses NATO Allies for Mo' Troops  - More - AFG Was Looking for $50B... - ...and Got $20B - In Pledges, Anyway (PAK gov't statement) - More - more - Rethinking Aid in AFG


Taliban Spokesperson Tells CBC "I ask the Canadian people to ask their government to stop their destructive and inhumane mission and withdraw your troops" (.pdf permalink)


CAN Purchasing Drug, Explosive Detection Papers from USA Firm (.pdf version)


Commons Committee Hears About 1 out of 4 CAN Troops Deployed is a Reservist (.pdf permalink)


More Legal Wrangling over CAN Treatment of Detainees

USA Troops Mentoring AFG Cops in K'Har - ISAF Medical Team Helps Baby with Reconstructive Surgery in Zabul

Globe & Mail Finally Does a Poochie Story

Book Review:  "Maritimers At War"


Two More Brit Paras Killed - Initial UK MoD Statement - ISAF Stateement - More - Photo of Dead Would-Be Homicide Bomber - USA National Public Radio Visits USMC in Helmand - The shifting battle against the Taliban - Brit Pilot with Handlebar 'Stache in AFG Wins Hair Fight with USAF


"Rotation of Coalition Forces Brings New Hope to Helmand Province"


Opinion:  "A new Afghan Agenda?" - "The Dream Of Afghan Democracy Is Dead"


More on USA Video of Taliban Hitting from PAK Before PAK Caught a Missile - Just Who Are These PAK "Frontier Corps" Guys, Anyway? - USA-PAK Relations Tense - PAK ForMin Files Official Complaint with NATO SecGen (.pdf version) -  Meanwhile, NATO in Paris Says They Want to Strengthen Mil Dialogue with PAK - PAK Border Zone Governor Says USA Should Spend in PAK, not on Military Fight in AFG


Shaky PAK Politics Fuels Instability in AFG - Military Operations in Border Areas: Eliminating Terrorism or Preventing the Balkanization of PAK? - Pro-Taliban Boss Baitullah Mehsud Ready to Fight Americans - Looks Like He'll Have some Help, Too



12 Jun 08

Jonathan Sutherland Snyder, R.I.P.:  He's Home - More - more - more - more - more

Richard Steve Leary, R.I.P.:  Streets Lined for Funeral Procession - More - more


CAN Ambassador to AFG:  Military Stalemate=Opportunity? - More

CF Air Force Members Heading Over

UK DefMin:  Attacks on K'Har Air Field Up - Hansard (UK) 10 Jun 08 (.pdf permalink)


CAN Senate Report:  Communicate the Mission Better, Talk to Taliban (If It'll Help) and Send More Resources(.pdf version) - "Qu’en est-il pour nous en Afghanistan?: Les Canadiens ont besoin de savoir" (version .pdf) - Senators CF Won't Be Able to Leave by 2011 - More - more - Canadian Press - - - Toronto Star - More - Associated Press - Reuters - Agence France Presse


Mixed Reviews for CAN Commons Committee on AFG (.pdf permalink) - Here's What the Committee Is Willing to Share After Their "Secret" Visit to AFG (.pdf permalink)


AFG-Based CAN Civil Servants Ordered to Take Vacations After Few Able to Get Away (.pdf permalink)


World's Biggest Drug Bust in Spin Boldak - More - more - UK SBS, RAF Helped, Too


More on CF Developing K'Har Dam Site - Pomegranates Coming As a Result of the Proposed Work - And Here's Where They Could be Headed Eventually (.pdf version)


Pentagon Official Says Missile Strike on PAK Legit - Says Bad Boys Shot First @ USA Troops (video) - More - Still, USA "Saddened" - Looking Into It - USA Says Strike Co-ordinated with PAK Army - Here's Why PAK is Pissed - More - more - more - more - PAK PM Pissed - PAK Upper House Officially Pissed - USA Envoy to PAK Gets Talked To - More - "Martyred" PAK Troops Laid to Rest - PAK ForMin Asked to File Official Complaint - Taliban Promises Revenge



PAK Rejects Rand Report Saying They're Helping Taliban - PAK Says If They Spot Osama, They'll Act


CAN think tank articles:  "Rethinking Afghanistan: echoes of Ulster and the IRA?" - "Ineffective aid hobbles Afghan transition" (both .pdf)


Would Be Burqa Bomber Nailed in Helmand - Fourteen Year Old Describes How He was Prepared to be Homicide Bomber - Brit Part-Timers Take Up Base Def Force @ Camp Bastion - Dad Thinks Any UK Para Killed is His Son, or a Buddy


Donors Not Likely to Ante Up Aid $ Needed - Amnesty Int'l Pissed - OXFAM Canada Wants Mo' Aid, Too - Still, Some Progress Expected - "As Karzai asks for another $20 billion, you have to look hard for traces of the fortunes already spent" - "Remember who we're supposed to be helping" - 'Afghanistan Needs More Than Money'


What USA's First Lady Saw During Visit to AFG

More on UN Targeting Heroin Production in AFG - More



11 Jun 08

New Focus for CAN in AFG:  News Release - CAN définit le cap de son engagement en AFG - "Report to Parliament: Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan - Setting a course to 2011" - "Rapport au Parlement : Le rôle du Canada dans l’engagement en Afghanistan - Tracer la voie vers 2011" - Signature Project: Dahla Dam and Irrigation System - Project de premier plan : Le barrage et son ststème d'irrigation - Signature Project: Education in Kandahar - Project de premier plan : l'éducation à Kandahar - Signature Project: Polio Eradication - Projet de premier plan : Éradication de la poliomyélite


Media Coverage of New Approach:  Canadian Press - CanWest/National Post - Globe & Mail - Toronto Star - - Bloomberg - Reuters - Agence France Presse - Remember This When CAN Dev Aid Min Said Signature Projects Not Needed? (.pdf permalink)



Jonathan Sutherland Snyder, R.I.P.:  Arriving Home Today - Retour d'un militaire tombé au champ d'honneur - CAN CDS Defends Father of Fallen's Right to Criticize War - "Mother soldiers on" - Penticton Remembers


Richard Steve Leary, R.I.P.:  Funeral in Brantford Today - Local Paper Urges Lining of Procession Route - More


PsyOp Operators Train to Make Their Mark in AFG - CF on Police Mentoring in AFG


Security improving in Kandahar province: police chief - Or Is It?


Al Qaeda graveyard in K'har "becomes a shrine"


JPN Set to Buy Loadsa Kandahari Pomegranates


Suspected U.S. missile fired in NW PAK - More - more - more - more - more - Hunting for OBL? - Where is He These Days? - AFG Trying to Set Up Checkpoints in PAK? - PAK Pissed - More


US Chief of Joint Chiefs Pushes PAK to Deal with AQ... - ...But Says Action Against PAK Bad Boys "Unlikely" - No Talks with PAK Bad Boys Likely, Either - More



Mortars Used to Head Off Attack in Zabul - New Governor for Uruzgan - For Brits, "life has become a lottery of roadside bombs and suicide attacks" - One Corporal's Account - BBC On Patrol with Squaddies in Helmand - Some Brit Troops Say Their Work Isn't Appreciated @ Home - BGR Sending Mo' Troops to Guard KAF - AUS Sending OMLT Training Team - USA Encourages JPN to Send Troops - USA Wants ITA to Do More, Too


Think Tank:  More Investment the Answer for AFG - Rumour and suspicion that threatens Afghan aid


UN Security Council Working on Resolution on "Heroin Precursors"



10 Jun 08

Jonathan Sutherland Snyder, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - Statement from Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry - Déclaration du commandant, 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry - CO Says He'll Be Missed - "Fearless under fire" - Penticton Mourns - More - more - more - Father Mourns Loss Disses War (.pdf version)



Les oubliés de l’Afghanistan


CEFCOM Boss Agrees Interpreters Need More Protection (.pdf version)


CF "shelves probe into detainee abuse"


US Says Progress Coming in South with AFG Army, Cops - Still, More Work Still Needed with Cops - More


Study: Foreign aid to Taliban - More - 'Counterinsurgency In Afghanistan', RAND Corporation Report, 9 June 2008


(Some) AFG Leaders Call for NATO Troops to GTFO - Karzai Estimates Ten Years Before AFG Can Go It Alone


Marines Clear Helmand Town (Again) - DNK Troops Find Things More Complicated in Helmand Compared to a Year Ago



ID of Latest Three Brit Fallen Released - Helmand Governor pays tribute to British sacrifice - Brit Section Commander's View of the Fight in Helmand - Brit Editorials on Cas #100:  "Price is high, but we should stay in Afghanistan" - "British troops are doing extraordinary work but without a plan for effective governance and development, they remain caught in a trap, fending off the Taliban, but never overcoming it or able to hand the job to others." - "Our soldiers are heroes but the truth is we are FAILING in Afghanistan" - Brit Report Says Drugs, Corruption Helping Taliban - Prince Andrew Drops By - AUS Trooper Injured in Fire in Bushmaster


RUS May Go Back to Selling Arms to AFG


Watchdog Group: AFG aid ineffective - More - 'Afghanistan: Bringing Accountability Back In - From Subjects of Aid to Citizens of the State', Integrity Watch Afghanistan, 9 June 2008 (.pdf)



9 Jun 08

Jonathan Sutherland Snyder, R.I.P.:  CF Statement - ISAF Statement - Governor General/Commander in Chief Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - DefMin's Statement - Officer Remembered as Hero - Saved Lives Before He Lost His - More - more - more - more - more


CAN Troops, ISAF Medics Help Save Life of Child Injured in Spin Boldak Homicide Bomber Attack


ISAF Says Daman District in K'Har Sees Some Progress - Prison Conditions in K'Har Improving, Too - K'Har City Police Deputy Boss a Woman


Three Brit Paras Killed in Sangin, Bringing Total Dead to 100 - More - New CIMIC Centre in Uruzgan - CZE Troops Headed to Uruzgan


Opinion:  "Marines’ ‘victory’ comes at high cost for Afghans" in Helmand - Columnist says PAK "claim that a multi-pronged strategy of political, economic and military engagement is being pursued in the tribal areas has little credibility for the simple reason that no concrete evidence of this policy’s implementation can be seen"


PAK, AFG Agree to Better Border Control Systems

West Saying "Easy, Now" on AFG's Proposed $50B Request for Development Aid



8 Jun 08

Jonathan Sutherland Snyder, R.I.P.:  Killed Falling Down a Well on Patrol - More - more - more - Un Canadien fait une chute mortelle


Richard Steve Leary, R.I.P.:  Clipping search results (.pdf)


Kandahar PRT PAffO Writes Letter to the Editor


Tracking the Coalition’s AFG spring offensive


Review of Brit Book "A Million Bullets"

Soldiers in Helmand Find Brit Rifles Lost in 1880  - AUS Actress Accused of Sex with SAS in Tarin Kowt:  "I also want to stand up for all the special forces soldiers and their wives and families - they have been unfairly defamed as much as I have throughout this"


"The West is in danger of losing the peace as millions suffer the fallout from social and economic collapse"

Flour Being Smuggled into AFG with Fake UN Trucks - More



7 Jun 08

Richard Steve Leary, R.I.P.:  He's Home - More - more - more


CAN Getting Rides in POL Mi-17's Before End of Summer - More


Tough Go for the Interpreters (.pdf version)



New CAN CDS Named; Not Expected to Change Much in AFG - More - more - Nouveau chef d'état-major devrait garder le cap en AFG - Biography - Biographie - Discussion of Appointment


USAF Doc Receives CAN MSM - Brit Paras' Battle of Qarat-e-Hazrat in Zabul Wraps Up - BBC Shows Killer AFG UAV Control Room in Nevada (video) - POL ForMin STILL Calls Hekmatyar War Criminal


Pro-AFG Tribal Leader Killed by Gunmen in K'Har Province - He Helped the Canadians, Too


Taliban Nabs PAK Engineer in K'Har


Opinion:  "Michael Byers is very wrong in his assessment of Canada's mission in Afghanistan" - "Michael Byers' opinion article on Afghanistan is riddled with distortions of fact" - "There are indeed some similarities between the conflicts in Afghanistan now and the Vietnam War years ago. There are also important differences."


More on the "West Not Heeding Soviet Lessons in AFG" Riff

Teen Describes Road from PAK Madrassa to Homicide Bomber


PAK Troops Wd from Waziristan - Is It Stable Enough? - PAK Tells AFG They Haven't Given Up Mil Option Against Taliban Yet - PAK (Still) Defending Taliban Talks - AFG (Still) Pissed - Still, PAK & AFG Agree They Have to Work Together - Dude Offers Self as Go-Between with Osama (if PAK Asks Nice) - CHN Spending Reveals Broader Game


Karzai's Lustre Fading?



6 Jun 08

Richard Steve Leary, R.I.P.:  Arriving in Canada Today - Rapatriement d’un militaire tombé au combat - Community shows support for family of fallen soldier - ISAF Statement


CAN Pushing Low-Key Diplomacy on AFG-PAK Border - Canada modèle de diplomatie discrète


PAK tells USA They're Putting Peace Talks with Border Tribes on Hold - More - PAK: No peace talks with Al-Qaeda, Taliban - PAK assure AFG qu'il ne négociera pas avec des "terroristes" - Seems the Taliban's Already Running the Show in Some Places


US backs talks with some Afghan rebels - More


AFG Vets Selling Their Medals?


Two Killed in Chopper Crash in K'Har - More - USA Statement

Bad Boys Nabbed by US-Coalition Forces Near Kajaki

"Father heeds soldier's plea to send toys for kids in wartorn region"

Parade of Messaging MPs from "Secret" AFG Visit Continues


Attacks can't slow down AFG Cop


Brit Paras Catch Taliban "On the Hop" - AUS DefMin Wants Surge - USA Pres, NLD PM Discuss Mil Co-Op in AFG  - More - more - White House Statement - POL Ready to Take Charge in Ghazni - POL ForSec Calls for Hekmatyar War Crime Trial - More - Warlord Promises More Attacks Against POL Troops - Analyst says POL comments about Hekmatyar were baseless - JPN Sending Team to See What Military Could Do in AFG


Opinion:  "The anti-war movement must step up its campaign for the immediate withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan"


AFG's Only SAFE Airline May Be Shutting Down?

High Food Prices (Alone) Won't Stop Opium Growers



5 Jun 08

Richard Steve Leary, R.I.P.:  Returning home - More - more - more - more - "A Tearful Farewell" - Widow says he was her best friend - More


Twelve AFG Vets Receiving Medal of Military Valour - Governor General's Statement/Citations - One of the Stories - Gouverneure générale et commandante en chef du Canada a annoncé l’octroi de 12 Décorations de la vaillance militaire à des membres des FC - Plus


CAN Could Lose (Last) Chance to Lead in RC-South? (.pdf permalink)


CF Tankers Take Post in AFG - Nouvelles équipes de char prennent position


Militaires latuquois qu’a compté jusqu’ici la mission canadienne ont eu droit à un vibrant hommage


New NATO Mil Boss in AFG Wants to Talk to PAK Military, Tribal Leaders - More - more

"In Afghanistan, U.S. troops practice counterinsurgency"

Latest Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report on US Troops in AFG (.pdf)


Bad Boys Nailed in Zabul Homicide Bombing - More - more - Attentat à la bombe contre un convoi militaire étranger dans Zabul - Plus


AUS DefMin Says 10K More Troops Needed in AFG - Brit Paras, Scots, ANA in OP Eagle's Eye - Brit Soldier Weeps Recalling AFG Suicide Bomber - Jock Survives Being Blown Up (Twice) - RAF Reserve Medics Help Fly the Wounded Home


Here's the Photo... (.pdf permalink) - ...and Here's the Pissed Bloggers - More


CTV Journalist-Stringer Cooling Heels in AFG Jail Sues USA for Release - More


Opinion:  "The steady stream of maimed or killed soldiers is but one of many increasingly disturbing parallels between Afghanistan and the Vietnam War"


World Bank Says AFG Has to do Better on How it Spends Aid $ - More - IMF News Release - "Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper"



4 Jun 08

Richard Steve Leary, R.I.P.:  Canadian Press - Globe & Mail - CanWest - Associated Press (USA) - Reuters (UK) - United Press Int'l (.pdf version) - Radio Canada - Message de gouverneure générale - Déclaration du Premier ministre - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale


CF Soldier Returning to AFG Shares His Story


CAN Private Contractor for K'Har Base Services Needed (A Bit of) Sorting Out


Brit Paras Take Fight to Taliban - Meanwhile, Civvies Running Away from Helmand

New USA Boss of NATO Forces in AFG - More

Blog:  Who Do the "Stats" Say 's Winning in AFG?



3 Jun 08

PPCLI Officer Killed in Panjwai Firefight:  CF Statement - - Officier canadien perd la vie en Afghanistan - Statement by Governor General/Commander in Chief - Statement by PM - Statement by DefMin


Four Canadians, Interpreter Injured in Attacks:  Canadian Press - CanWest - Toronto Star - Globe & Mail (.pdf version) - Agence France Presse - Quatre soldats canadiens sont blessés dans deux attaques - Radio Canada - Presse Canadienne - Le Figaro


USA National Public Radio: CAN Bearing the Brunt of Fighting in South (audio feature)


USMC Says Cdns Helping Them Get Up to Speed - Marines Chase Taliban Back to Sanctuaries - Les taliban fuient face aux marines, selon l'Otan


AGAIN With the CAN Members of Parliament Talking Up "Secret" Visit to AFG!


Prince Edward Praises Deployed Troops During CAN Visit


AFG Pres to DEU Media:  "I Wish I Had the Taliban as My Soldiers" - Outgoing USA General:  Fight "Under-resourced"


DNK Soldiers On In AFG After Embassy Blast in PAK - Brit Commander in AFG:  Taliban at "Tipping Point," Close to Defeat - More - AUS Def Min:  GTFO fm IRQ Doesn't Necessarily Mean Mo' Troops in AFG


Opinion:  "Over to you in Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai"


L'ONU veut créer un "partenariat renforcé" avec l'Afghanistan - UN envoy urges 'New Deal' for Afghan aid

USA Calls PAK-AFG Frontier Areas "Key Points To Win War On Terror"



2 Jun 08

New USMC Push Under Way - More - How The Push Could Keep Pressure Off CAN in K'Har - How USMC General Worries About USA Forgetting AFG (.pdf version)


More on OP Rolling Thunder (.pdf version) - Blog Media Roundup


US General Highlights Why the Fight is On; Admits LOTS More Troops Would be Needed to Guarantee Peace (.pdf version) - More on Troop Estimate


Yet ANOTHER Canadian Member of Parliament Talks Up "Secret" Visit


CBC Reporter/Blogger Meets Teachers, Endorses Campaign to Collect School Supplies - Mailing Address to Send School Supplies at Bottom of This Page


CF Economic Development Planner, Back At Civvy Job, Recognized


Help for the Families Back At Home

Cholera Kills Eight Kids in South

Bad Boys Nailed in Jalai District, K' Har Province

UK General Says Taliban "On Brink of Defeat" - Refugees in Helmand Need Help - Why Taliban Mouthpiece Says It's Important to Kill Germans



Opinion:  Time for CAN to be Go-Between to Sort Out AFG-PAK Relations Is USA Cranking Up to Send Troops into Waziristan? (.pdf version)


AFG Says They Need $4 BILLION to Help Get Outta Opium Biz

NOW, AFG Says Taliban is World's Fault for Not Rooting Out Bases? - Fmr AFG Pres Says PAK Int Has to be Reined In

UN:  Can't Bring All the Refugees Back All at Once



1 Jun 08

Reuters:  CAN Sending Chinooks, UAVs to AFG - More


More on OP Rolling Thunder - More - Taliban Mid-Level Boss Nailed in OP


Afghans Pissed Taliban Cutting off Cell Service @ Night


ANOTHER CAN Member of Parliament on "Secret" Trip to AFG Speaks Out


"Red Rally" to Remember CF Fallen - Not ALL Like the Idea, Though - Forum Discussion - Cadeau de Via Rail aux militaires ne fait pas que des heureux - Meanwhile, Some Families of Deployed Not Happy With Via Rail, Either


AFG Cops Need More Work

Opinion:  "Families of soldiers serve their country too -- it's time to help them"

Brit Commanders:  Taliban "tactically routed" in South - More on EST Troops in Helmand - Brits Waiting for Victim #100? - UK SAS Part-timers Off to Train AFG Army - New Madrassa Opens in Helmand



USA SecDef Asking Asian Allies for Help in AFG - JPN Considering Sending Troops

AFG Warlord Spokesperson Outta Jail

More About Worries About USA-Funded PAK Paramilitary Helping Taliban - Now, AFG's Pissed, Too - More



31 May 08

CF Pushing in OP Rolling Thunder in Zhari; Firefights but No Cas - OP Reportedly Wraps Up Successfully (.pdf version) Canadiens effectuent opération antitalibans en AFG


Rockets on K'Har Part of the Routine


Guy Laroche a vécu un été «chaud» en AFG - GoogEng:  Outgoing CF General Found it Hot


Reporter Blog:  Why the Troops Say They're There (.pdf version)


More Troops Taking Meds to Help Sleep - Nos soldats sont dépressifs - Plus


Zabul Governor, Bodyguards Nailed

Brit Medic Shoots Would-Be Bomber, then Saves His Life

Opinion:  Columnist - "If you want to survive you'll have to broaden the base of the regime, forget (liberalism), make a deal with the truly influential forces… You'll have to revive Islam, respect traditions and try to show the people some tangible benefits from the revolution." - Time to Talk to the Taliban - "Americans bring Afghans their new 60-year plan" (.pdf version)


More on USA Worries that PAK Safe Havens Can Help Keep AFG Insurgency Going - More - more - USA SecDef:  PAK Needs More Time to Get a Grip - Meanwhile, USA Democrat Questions Military Aid to PAK - Says Paramilitary USA is Helping Pay For Could be Helping Taliban - USA Senator Reassured PAK Will Do Its Part - AFG Pres Not So Worried?


More on the Push to Deal with Opium



30 May 08

AFG Elders Encourage CF to Focus on Terrorists, Not Taliban - More


More on CAN Being Pushed to Create Jobs in AFG


CAN PM's Office Backtracks on Report of ITA Removing Caveats - More (.pdf) - more - more - more (.pdf) - more - more


L'armée a dû rectifier le tir de Bernier - GoogEng:  CAN General Says Bernier Comments on K'Har Governor Caused Extra Work


CF Reservist Boned for Pension Time @ Civilian Job While on Tour


Liberal MP Back from "Secret" Visit Says Mission Going OK - Another MP Pipes Up, Too


New Causeway Opens in K'Har Province - Kidnapped Docs Released in K'Har - "ISAF Marines" Build Trust, Support in Helmand

Retired USMC to Look Into USA Reconstruction Spending in AFG - More - Calls for More Emphasis on Cop Training, Not Development, to Win Hearts & Minds (.pdf permalink) - UN SecGen Attending Paris Conference on Aid

Slovakia Sending Troops to Uruzgan - Brit Mil Cop Shares Good, Bad Stories from Helmand - NOR Troops Pulled Outta the Fray, Into Training AFG Troops? - AFG Official Quoted Saying They Don't Give a #$% if DEU Troops Leave


Opinion:  Why CF Needs HUMINT in AFG - "Anyone who travels through the country with Western troops soon realizes that NATO forces would have to be increased tenfold for peace to be even a remote possibility."


PAK Nat'l Secur Advisor Briefs NATO Delegation - NATO Optimistic PAK Will Get Back At 'Er in the Border Zones - USA General Not So Optimistic - Hopes So, Though - More - more


NATO Wants AFG to do More About Opium Trade - AFG Seeking to Revive Farm Sector - "Mr. Market" the Answer?

Taliban Says Osama's Not Dead Yet - Taliban Claim Shoot-down of Civvy Chopper in Khost (.pdf)



29 May 08

CAN Aiming to Get AFG Cops (At Least a Bit) Literate - Meanwhile, Europe Lagging on AFG Cop Training


CAN Troops Tell AUS Reporter Fighting Under ISAF Sucks, Diss Aussies Restricted in Night Ops? (.pdf permalink)


Study on Taliban Org (.pdf):  "the Taliban are becoming self-sustaining by producing effects that feed back into their resource base. Thus, the movement is capable of surviving and, in the absence of a U.S. and NATO presence, eventually ruling the Pashtu-dominated region of Afghanistan and spreading its sphere of influence into the FATA and other regions of Pakistan" - Alternate download site (.pdf)


Aid Convoy Headed to Part of RC-South Seized by Bad Guys - AFG Red Crescent Distributes Food in Helmand


12 May 08 Quarterly UN Progress Report on ISAF (.pdf)


Civvy Killed in Homicide Bombing Attack near Police Station in Lashkar Gah


ITA Tells CAN PM Change in Caveats Being Studied - UK DefMin Finds "Progress & Optimism" in Helmand During Visit - Latest Fallen Brit Identified - Brits to Get Mo' Armour Protection - RAF Building Schools, Bringing Power into Remote Areas - Culture Shock for Scots Training ANA - Brits Raise Money for Wounded via Helmand Half-Marathon


PAK Says Two Big Taliban Bad Boys Swapped for Nabbed Envoy, Army Officers - USA "Skeptical" of PAK-Taliban "Peace" Deal


Food Weather:  Warmer Than Usual, Expect "Extreme Heat" in SW - .pdf version w/maps




28 May 08


CAN Commons Defence Committee Kept Under Wraps during Secret AFG Visit - More - more - If You Want CF Imagery of the Visit... - Committee Chair:  AFGs Want Jobs, Not Handouts


Medals of Bravery to CAN Troops Hucking Ammo Outta Burning Vehicle Post-Suicide Attack - More - GG News Release


CF Soldier Says Progress is Being Made - More


CAN Access to Info Watchdog Defends Holding Back Info on Detainees - "Mad Max" Bernier's Prodigal Briefing Notes Left at Girlfriend's Had AFG Mission Info (.pdf permalink)


LOTSA Bombs, Death by Taliban in South - More - Elsewhere, Too - New Taliban Messaging:  Suicide Bombers Don't Die


Worries About a Support the Troops Event? - More - more - more - Discussion (including family of the fallen speaking out)


More on Rededication of Memorial Inukshuk


Opinion:  The "Israeli Approach" in AFG, PAK?Why Anti-War Movement Thinks CAN Should GTFO (.pdf permalink) - Discussion/Rebuttals



UK DefMin:  "The Taliban will never rule Afghanistan again but its influence threatens to become entrenched in the country's south" - AUS Army Journal Article:  "Coalition military forces in Afghanistan must remain responsive to the needs and directions of the fledgling national government while developing the infrastructure required for law and order." (.pdf) - USA Says AFG Cops Starting to Get Better - Worries About the Death of an Irish Soldier in Bagram?


Blogger on Why Alternate Crops Ain't Working Yet Against Opium:  "Market incentives have operated on small, very poor, former subsistence farmers, who got so much more cash for poppy than foodstuffs that it wasn't a choice." - AFG Drug Minister Expecting Opium Drop


NATO Calls on PAK to Avoid Spillover into AFG - UK Def Min Supports PAK-Taliban Talks - Meanwhile, Taliban Keeps Saying They'll Keep Attacking AFG - So, THAT's Where Osama Is These Days! - More



27 May 08

CF Considering Something Between Tank and AFV for AFG


CF Commander Says HUMINT Has Been At Work for Some Time in AFG - Still, Critics Worry? (.pdf permalink) - Public Discussion of Issue


Friendly Fire Inukshuk Re-Dedicated at KAF


CAN Rejigging PMC Contracts to Adjust Rules of Engagement


Reporter:  KAF Pretty Cushy Compared to FOBs (.pdf permalink)


More on PAK's Taliban Continuing to Fight in AFG, But Willing to Talk - More


One CAN Diplomat's Story at K'Har PRT


Opinion:  "We can't just take them out" - "The fate of our soldiers and their families should not be the fodder of stump speeches used to divide our country."


USMC Working at "Clearing Space for Optimism" in South - New Hope for Helmand with New Governor? - Brit Worries About Armour on AFVs - EST Good to Go in Helmand - AUS Officers Say Troops "Ashamed" of Low Risk Missions? - Australian Army Journal articles (.pdf) - AUS Army Boss:  No Shame in Missions


More on ITA to Be More "Flexible" About Getting Troops Into the Fight - More - Translation:  ITA DefMin Says Caveats Changing in June, with Shorter "Ready to Move By" Time (GoogleEnglish translation) - While Cutting Size of AFG Contingent? - More


EU Council:  "Security and rule of law remain key challenges to progress in Afghanistan. A lack of security in parts of the country is compounded by weak judicial and law enforcement institutions. " (.pdf) - MSWord version - More on EU Doubling Police Trg Mission


UK Says Terrorism in the Area Needs Regional Solutions - More


 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007







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