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June 2007

Background Information

30 Jun 07

Mississauga Cops Prepare to Deploy

Peaceniks Complain About Billboards Supporting the Troops

Opinion: The poppy problem - Why Canada should stay

Good Spin Won't Improve Situation in Helmand?

Taliban Kills Kids as Spies

IED Factory Spotted in Oruzgan

NLD Considering Extending AFG Mission

UN Sec Gen Drops By in Kabul


29 Jun 07

CDS:  CF Can Handle Mission Beyond 2009 (if Necessary)

CAN's Support to AFG Remains Strong: Envoy

Bravery, Service Medals for CF Spec Ops Forces

Remembering the Fallen

Contracting Out More of the Support for ISAF Troops

Big, Wet Storm for CF in K'Har

CIMIC'ing Around Kanadhar: Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3

Cleric Leery About Supporting the Troops on Canada Day - Kingstonians Show Their Support

Opinion: CAN PM Softening on AFG Mission

NATO Wrestling with Future in AFG

Taliban Imposing Occupation Taxes in Helmand - Drifting Toward Kabul?

What Happens When You Say \"No\" to Taliban Recruiters

Helmand, Kabul Residents of Different Minds

World Bank Economist:  Legalizing Poppy Production \"a non-starter\"

Deminers Released by Taliban


28 Jun 07

Hillier:  CF Won't Be \"Out of Breath\" by 2009

NATO:  Don't Expect Fast Air Changes Against Taliban - Village Leaders Admit Taliban Using Human Shields

-Whiners- Critics Urge Wider Mandate for AFG Detainee Probe - "The hollow inquiry"

Survey Says Dropping Int'l Support for AFG Mission - The Survey

Opinion: Put a price on human life? You bet - Letter: Be proud - PM realizes unpopular mission becoming too costly politically

CF Navy Cranking Up Conduct as Prisoner Trg as Persian Gulf Deployment Looms

News Search Afghanistan 280743 Jun 07

Won't Be a Short Job

Taliban Cleared from Hive in Oruzgan

AFG Gov't Infighting

Closer Look at Helmand - Teaching Journalists There

More on Taliban-Drug Links - Gotta Get a Grip on the Drug Lords


27 Jun 07

Remembering CPL Bouzane - More - SGT Karigiannis' Funeral Saturday

Winnipeg Surgeon Heads Over to Help Out in K'Har

CAN PRT Honours Outgoing AFG Cop Generals - AFG Cops Face Uphill Fight

Opinion: Harper's J-turn on Afghanistan - Harper can't dodge the decision on the war's future - Forge consensus on Afghan role - Time to rethink Afghanistan? - Support never more important - Quebecers support our troops - Afghanistan asked and we courageously agreed

Labbatt Helps CF Troops in AFG Have a "Blue" Canada Day

War Artist Gets Day Off - About the War Artist

K'Har Motorcyclist Nailed for Not Stopping at Security Cordon

Taliban Using Soviet Leftovers

Critics urge wider mandate for Afghan detainee probe

Still More on Boy Bombers

USA General:  NATO Rules Avoid AFG Civvy Deaths - NLD Def Min:  We Hit What We Aim At, and Nothing More

AFG MP: Massacres in Helmand "Conspiracy"

AQ Coaching Taliban in Media Relations? - How They're Winning Hearts & Minds - Another Way

Mo' on AFG Producing Mo' Opium - Drug Fight'll Take Years - Meanwhile, AFG Junkies Can't Get Help

ISAF Spots IED Factory in Tarin Kowt

ISAF Looks Into Media Reports of Alleged Abuse


26 Jun 07

Fallen Given Highway Salute - Going Home

Bond Between CAN, AFG Troops Grow through Training, Mentoring

Still Deciding on Khadr Boy's Fate

Opinion: What our lack of stomach means - Support never more important - Living a lie over Afghanistan

Labatt's Remembers the Troops

More on Taliban Using (Little) Boy Bombers - Sign Taliban is Losing? - Bit o' Taliban Propaganda Disinformation Spin

Good Guys Back in Ghorak - More - Kickin' Ass in Shah Wali Kot Region, Too

Brit W & S Forester Killed in Helmand

Brits Building Schools in Helmand

Afghans Starting to Get Pissed Over Civvy Deaths - I Guess This Ain't Helping

ISAF Spokesperson: "regrets the loss of innocent life" in PAK Raid - Wazir Tribesmen Pissed

Helmand Becoming Drug Supply Hub - More - more - Value Added Work Happening in AFG - UN Report: "The Helmand province, severely threatened by insurgency, is becoming the world's biggest drug supplier, with illicit cultivation larger than in the rest of the country put together and even than entire nations such as Myanmar or even Colombia" - Full Report (7.28 MB .pdf)

Senlis Now Pressing UK to Rethink Drug Policy

Radio Free Europe News Summary:  Arabs Fighting Again in AFG - More


25 Jun 07

Latest Fallen are Home - More - more - more - more

CF Detainee Probe Will Investigate CF Handling of Prisoners

Mountie Says Taliban Supported by Heroin Trade - With Kabul as Landlord in Some Cases?

Opinion: NATO must set example in Kandahar - Will PM become a casualty of Afghanistan? - Canada's presence justified - Is democracy worth the cost? - Stay in Afghanistan

News Search Afghanistan 250736EDT Jun 07

One Brit Killed, Four Injured in Helmand Blast

Not Just Human Suicide Bombers Anymore - Taliban Adopting Modern Technology

\"Taliban fighters attack U.S. or NATO forces in populated areas, then retreat to civilian homes.\"

Taliban Beheads Teen Son of Helmand Police Chief

A Bit More Detail on Associated Press' Figures on Civvy Deaths

UNICEF's Sitrep, Apr-May 2007

Arming Afghans With Good Governance


24 Jun 07

Latest Fallen Coming Home Today

More on Anti-Vandoo Parade - More - more - How Some Quebecois Don't Get It

Troops in K'Har Jeer at Taliban Jack on TV

Taliban Nab 18 Deminers

The Fight for CAN Public Opinion - Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight....

Three AFG Cops Killed in K'har Assault

ISAF:  How the Taliban is Fighting Dirty

Desecration of Dead Afghan, or Taliban Info Ops in K'Har?

Slideshow:  USA Army Takin' on Taliban in Helmand

Contact in Shah Wali Kot

AUS, NLD Lead the Way in Chora Valley - AUS Double Checking with NLD, Though

News Search Afghanistan 240846EDT Jun 07 (.pdf)

BGR Troops Now Guard Inner Perimeter at KAF

Embedded with Brit Recce in Helmand - How the Brits Nail the Taliban in Helmand -

Someone's Shooting into PAK; PAK Blames Foreign Troops - US Forces? - Where the Complaints are Coming From


23 Jun 07

More Remembering of the Fallen - More - Toronto Lowers Flag for Latest Fallen - More on the Soldier & The Pin Up

CF Keeps M-Gators on Base Now - More - more - more

CF Officer:  Taliban Back in Panjwai - More

CF Cavalry Help Out AFG Cop Checkpoint

PM:  No Mission Extension without Consensus of Canadians - More - more - Reuters' Take - more - more

Opinion: Nothing Wrong with Supporting the Troops - \"Liberty and the Canadian Forces are safe again, thanks to the unholy ire of people who like car magnets.\" - \"Whether the slogan 'Support Our Troops' is pro-war or pro-soldier is in the eye of the beholder\" - Ribbons mean a lot to our soldiers - Time for PM to come clean on war -Support our soldiers, but do so 'wholemindedly'

ISAF Highlights What Taliban is REALLY Doing (Is MSM Listening?) - How About the NLD General's Account? - More - Taliban Using Child Bombers

CAN Combat Artist @ FOB with QRF - Q&A on Helmand From BBC Embed

Blog By (What Appears to Be) Logistician in K'Har

AFG Pres:  Ya Gotta Be More Careful, NATO, About Civvy Deaths - More - more - Associated Press:  More Civvies Killed by NATO Than Bad Guys?!?!?! - Meanwhile, Taliban Getting Nailed in South

NATO Boss:  Civvy Deaths Won't Undermine NATO Mission

Two EST Troops Killed in Rocket Attack in Helmand

QC Premier to Vandoos Headed Downrange:  \"You are the acting arm of Quebec pacifism\" - NATO Boss to Quebecois:  \"It is not a combat mission; it is a reconstruction mission, but to make [reconstruction possible, we have to fight."] - Peaceniks There - Vandoo Protest Comes and Goes

ISAF:  They Started It, and They Chose Where to Start It - NATO Will Look Into It

Brit Armour in the Fight Against Taliban in S. AFG - BBC Embed in Same Area

AFG Looking into IRN Infiltration


22 Jun 07

Sending the Fallen Home - More - more - more - more - Supposed to be Home in August - Missing the Fallen - More - more - Pinup Girl Did Write to One of the Fallen

More on Media "Analysis" of Use of Tractor Vehicles in AFG - More - Even Reader "Analysis"

CAN Def Min to Macleans:  \"We're Not Budging\"

Washington Times Visits CAN PRT Team

CAN General Has Good Things to Say About Cdn Nabbed for Drugs

NATO Boss:  We Need Ya' Past 2009, Canada - More - more - more

Vandoos Hit the Streets, Show the Flag Pre-Deployment

Karzai:  Taliban Not Long-Term Threat to AFG

A Few Whiners at Toronto's Decision to Keep Support the Troops Ribbons on EMS Vehicles - Editorial 1 - Editorial 2 - Letters to the Editor

NATO Suggests Taliban Full of Crap Saying They've Taken Areas in South

Opinion: Give Afghans a Chance

VBIED Attack Headed Off in K'Har City

More Taliban Using Human Shields in South - Editorial Second Guessing USA Troops on the Ground

How Taliban Using Human Shields Undermines Their Support - Taliban to Focus More on Kabul Targets - More - Taliban in R&R Mode? - Killing Peg Leg Taliban Boss a Mistake?!? - Peg Leg Squealer's Dead - Radio Taliban Back on the Air - Trying to Talk with Taliban = More Fighting

Sheriff's Back in Town in Part of Oruzgan

POL Troops Refuse to Serve because of Under-Armoured Vehicles

UN Stops Aid to South Because of Attacks & Looting


21 Jun 07

Three PPCLI Troops Killed by IED: Third Fallen Identified - ISAF Statement - Commander in Chief's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Def Min's Statement - Is This the Same Guy Who Wrote About the Maclean's Pin Up Girl? - It Was - Family of One of the Fallen Says He Wanted to Make a Difference - More - And the Second Guessing Begins! - More - Most Troops Comfortable with Gator - More - more - Progress Being Made Where Latest Troops were Killed

Vandoo Live Fire in Wainwright Before Heading Over - More on Peacenik Direct Mail, Protests - Quebec Nat'l Assembly Supports the Vandoos (With Some Rude MNA's Sprinkled In)

NATO Sec Gen Speaking to Media in Montreal Later Today

Kandahar City:  Safer, but Emptier

Toronto City Council Removes Head from Butt, Allows Support the Troops Magnets on Muni Vehicles - More

Calgary Student in Jail in AFG Could Be Free Soon

Roundup - Who's Responsible for Civvy Deaths?

NLD Aid Group Says Military Mission Failing

Translation:  Taliban is Lying - That Said, They CLAIM They Swarm Back After NATO Forces Leave - More - More on Taliban Tactics Becoming Iraq-icized

Schools Trying to Get Started Up Again After Taliban Closures

Turning it Back Around to the Media


20 Jun 07

Three CF Soldiers Killed in S. AFG: Canadian Forces Statement - Two Identified with 3 PPCLI - Canadian Press - Can West News Svc - - Reuters

Big Punch-Up in S. Kandahar Province

Bowmanville Remembers TPR Caswell - Funeral Today - More - more

CAN Rejected Plan to Compensate AFG Workers Injured, Maimed on the Job?

UN AFG Special Envoy on Taliban Deliberately Killing Civvies: "Those responsible for these attacks do not show their faces. What is clear is that those attacking Afghanistan today – its institutions and its international partners – are arrogant, criminal and marginal. They are the enemies of Afghan life, faith and law. They will not succeed." - More - UN Child Envoy Bashes Taliban More than Coalition - Tensions Continue Over Civvy Deaths - More - Aid Umbrella Group Statement Expressing Concern (.pdf)

CAN For Min Calls Taliban Threat PR Ploy - More - more - Mil, Security Experts Agree - Still, Can't Hurt toCheck Out the Video, Right?

Mystery CAN Boy Arrested in AFG Could Be Out on Bail Soon?

Opinion: How to Lose in AFG - \"Moderate Taliban\" is an oxymoron

AFG Cops Withdraw from District in K'Har Province

More on Toronto Cops, EMS Told to Remove Yellow Ribbons from Vehicles - Maybe TO Mayor Should Explain Move to Caswell Family? - More - more - more

UK Envoy to AFG: It's a Marathon, not a Sprint

AFG Pres Says Taliban Fighting Less Conventional, More Insurgent Style - NYT Login if needed - Taliban Seen on the Move


19 Jun 07

CAN Commons Def Committee Makes Case for Deployment Past 2009 - More - Calls for Debate in Parliament - Worries About Detainees? - Report Notice - Report (174 pg. .pdf)

Pro-Troops Rally Planned for Vandoos Headed Downrange 22 Jun 07 - Letter to the Troops from Land Forces Quebec (.pdf) - Meanwhile, City of Toronto Pulls Yellow Ribbons from Cop, Fire Vehicles

CAN Company to Help Map IED Patterns for CF

Taliban Comin' to Canada?

UN Rep Bashes Taliban

CAN UN Official, Busted for Hash Possession, Gets Four Years

CF Gate Guards @ K'Har Make Cultural Connections

More Money for Fallen Funeral Expenses - More

Blow-by-Blow of 15 Jun 07 Homicide Bomber Attack on NLD Forces in Tarin Kowt

Taliban Headed North Following Ass-Kicking in South?

UN Deminers Still At It in South, Even If Under Attack

IED Takes Out Three Coalition Troops, AFG Interpreter in K'Har

One NATO Soldier, Two AFG Cops Killed in Oruzgan Province - NLD Sgt-Maj Fallen - Lotsa Fighting in Oruzgan - Taliban Taking Some Ground

Were Taliban Hiding in School? - Survivors Say They Were Forced to Stay in the School - More - Hey, Taliban are Using Mosques for Cover, Why Not Schools?

Women Still Don't Get Enough Respect in AFG

Opinion: There's grounds for hope in Afghanistan - The Taliban's true colours

Pentagon Issues \"What Not to Take Home\" Cards to Troops

EU Police Training Mission Under Way

News Search Afghanistan 190746EDT Jun 07


18 Jun 07

Hillier:  Bombs Aimed at Influencing Foreign Public Opinion - More on Big CF Meeting in K'Har

CAN Condemns Homicide Bombing of AFG Cop Bus

CAN PM Says Politicking Drowns Out Accomplishments of the Troops

CAN Combat Sketch Artist Outside the Wire

More Complaints about CAN Support by AFG Cops

PCO Report: Tough to Get Rid of Poppies

Looking Into CAN Aid Worker's Death

"Somebody's about to get some bombs for Fathers' Day"

Survey Says Most Germans Want DEU Troops to GTFO

UK Tabloid: Brits Got Involved in AFG Because USA Wanted to Nuke


17 Jun 07

Vandoos Would Have Preferred Combat Jobs Right from the Start, Not Happy with Media Coverage (in French) - Rough English Translation

CDS: Training AFG Army the Priority

Column:  There are Never Enough Flags

UN Asks Taliban for Ceasefire to Distribute Polio Vaccine

Reports of Chechens in AFG Really RUS Disinfo?

Opinion: Minister Should Read His Briefing Notes - The War is Winnable - Peacenik Letters to Vandoos \"Poisonous\" - - -

CBC Reporter Gets Ride on Test Drive of NLD Tanks

Retired Warlords Chomping at the Bit to Hit Taliban

List o' Major Homicide Bomb Attacks since 2002

NATO Catches Flak for Civvy Deaths Instead of Tailban

Worries About Slow Brit MedEvac in AFG - More - Kit Shortages, Too?

Taliban Bag Man Caught in North


16 Jun 07

TPR Caswell's Home

One NLD Soldier Dead, Three Injured in Homicide Bombing Attack - More - Five Kids Nailed, Too

One Bomber Kills Only Himself

Who ISN'T Short of Choppers? - More

NATO:  We ARE Reducing Civvy Cas

FRA Sending More Trainers - More on Mo' Trainers

More on IRN-Taliban Links - Are They, or Aren't They Helping Taliban? - The Help REALLY Coming from CHN?

Taliban Winning Hearts, Minds, Part 3 - More on Taliban Child Soldiers - Maybe Sending Baby Taliban to UK?

Embed:  Brits Like to Talk About the Weather

PAK Army Hunkered Down, Hiding from Taliban?


15 Jun 07

TPR Caswell Arriving Home Today - Grieving for a Future That Will No Longer Be

Close Call for CAN Convoy in K'Har: CBC Online - Canadian Press - CTV News Online

CAN Might Help Rebuild Irrigation Dam North of K'Har City

Associated Press:  CAN Offering More AFG Army Embed Training Units

CAN, Asian Dev Bank Fund Kandahar-Spin Boldak Road Project - Project Summary - CIDA's Piece - CIDA Summary of Project - Apparently, CAN Found More Money Than Originally Announced

More on Vandoos as Vulnerable as Opinion Changing Targets for Taliban - The Peacenik Letters, in English & French - News Release - Vandoos Are Already Fighting Some of the Fight in AFG

Homicide Bomber Attacks in K'Har, Uruzgan - Taliban Disinfo?

NDP Whinging About Detainee Treatment, Paperwork - The Paperwork (.pdf) - More - more

Trying to Get Maclean's Cover Girl to K'Har - Kinga's Photos

Brit Sappers Help Dig Irrigation Ditches in Helmand

NATO Def Mins to Talk AFG Today - USA Def Sec:  AFG Mission Still Working (Even If Not Perfect)

Bad Boys Getting Nailed

Red Cross:  Delivering Aid Getting Harder

How TV Embed Deals with Helmand Sand, Dust

Brit General:  Taliban Spring Offensive, NOT - Is Taliban Really Setting Agenda? - Kiddie Snatching Recruits from PAK

POL Troops Fall in to Ghazni, Paktika - ROM May Send Mo' Troops

Ethnic Tension Among Taliban in PAK

Gays Doing Better in Post-Taliban AFG


14 Jun 07

TPR Caswell On His Way Home - Remembered by Colleagues - Recce Sqn Pushes On

MCPL Priede Funeral: 'You got to carry your friends'

CAN Eying Gunship Buy? - Meanwhile, Transport Choppers Still Needed on the Ground

Ottawa Thinks Taliban will Target Vandoos to Sway CAN Public Opinion - Calling Peacenik Direct Mail Spade a Spade

News Search Afghanistan 140715EDT Jun 07

AFG to Ban PAK Private Vehicles from Crossing into Spin Boldak

Another Taliban Boss Nailed

Foreigners Helping Taliban in Northern K'Har Province - Bad Guys Massing in N. K'Har - How Taliban is Spreading from South to North

Former CAN Battle Group Commander Pumps Up AFV Makers in London, Ontario

Opinion: Rebuilding the Answer in Helmand

CAN Combat Sketch Blogger - As Opposed to, Say, Predictable War?

Here's How Taliban Got At Least ONE NLD-Pattern M-16

November 2006 CAN Briefing Note Highlights Taliban Resurgence

Now, USA Says IRN GOV'T Helping Taliban - Maybe? - "Likely" - Transcript - Message Reinforcement - AFG Def Min: IRN Isn't Arming Taliban

More Remote = More Danger

UN Condemns Taliban Shooting of Female Teacher, Students - More - Still, AFG Women Soldier On - More

USA Congress Pushing for Opium Eradication - And It Looks Like It'll Be A Bigger Crop - More - Wrestling with Addiction, Too

Taste of Taliban World in Parts of PAK


13 Jun 07

TPR Caswell was Pallbearer for TPR Patrick Pentland - Supposed to Call to Wish Brother Happy Birthday - More - Proud to Wear Uniform - More - 'He couldn't wait to come home' - Fatal Route Risky (Are Many Routes REALLY Safe?) - Debate on MCPL's Route Assessment in National Post

MCPL Priede Remembered at Gagetown Funeral

IEDs Deadly to CF Troops

Taliban Plant IEDs at K'Har Hospital - Bike Bomber Nails AGF Cop

NATO Reviewing Procedures (Again) After Latest Friendly Fire Cas

Calgary Highlanders, Other Reservists Prep for Next Year's ROTO

News search "Afghanistan" 130736EDT Jun 07

USA Pressing for More NATO Trainers in AFG

Fmr Brit Squaddie's View of Friendly Fire on CivviesUSA Para Killed in HelmandNLD PM Calls on World to Do More in AFGTalking to the FamiliesDoesn't EVERYONE Want it Safer, Faster? - More of What UN Envoy Had to Say

IRN Playing Both Sides of Fence in AFG?

Opinion: Ditch the South, Focus on Kabul? - Afghan tragedy and farceWanna E-Mail the Taliban?Red Cross Disses Both Sides on Civvy Killings - ICRC Says Violence Spreading Across AFG - ICRC Statement

Lack of Training, Equipment Crank Up AFG Cop Casualties


12 Jun 07

RCD Trooper Killed in IED: CF Statement - Governor General's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Defence Minister's Statement - CanWest News - More - Canadian Press

QC Peaceniks Use Direct Mail to Discourage Vandoos from Going - More - more - more - Vandoos Pissed! - Is This Sedition? - Criminal Code of Canada Section 59- Discussion - More

CAN Envoy Says He's Keeping Track of Detainees

CAN PM Hopes NLD Will Extend Mission - NLD Deciding in August - DEU Chancellor Wrestling with Mission, Too

Kajaki-area Elders Warned: Workers Won't Fix Dam Until Locals Stop Supporting Taliban

Hopes Pinned on Single Road

Women Wanting to Learn in S. AFG Need to be Brave

More "Survey Says":  Most who Responded Want CAN to GTFO in 2009

Opinion: More Than Just Afghan Hearts & Minds Need to be Won - Adjusting to New Way of War

AQ Releases Video of Alleged Attack on Police Station in K'Har - ANP Still Weakest Link? - This Won't Help

Illegal Arms Driving Conflict in Helmand

Brit Lance Eyed for VC from Helmand Action

Taliban Surrendering in Herat?

UN Calls for End to Lawlessness in AFG

AFG Clerics Support Anti-polio Push

Business Booming for Cell Phone Company


11 Jun 07

CF On the Hunt - Getting Used to a Range of Answers to \"Where's the Taliban?\"

Racing to Develop Area Against Taliban Trying to Stop It

National Post Embed (Indirectly) Disses the Rear Echelon

Families Still Remembering the Fallen

Opinion: Liberal Option for AFG Mission Useful?

News Search Afghanistan 110646EDT Jun 07

Brit Guardsman Identified as Latest Killed in Helmand - Brit Embed Discusses What It's Like to Hear of the Fallen

AUS Help Build Police Checkpoint in Oruzgan

Finns Considering Taking Over RC-North??

IND Cdos Help Guard AFG Border

The Boys Prefer the Girl Next Door for Pinups - More


10 Jun 07

How AFG Has Changed Soldiers, and CF

Taliban attacks hinder development efforts

More Fracas over Detainee Complaints of Treatment

Opinion: Negotiating with Taliban No Option for CAN

News Search Afghanistan 101223 Jun 07

Sangin Changes Hands to Good Guys (Again) - Even Al Jazeera Says So

Nailed Peg Leg Taliban Boss Buried

K'Har Kops 2 i/c Assassinated

BBC Reports Ex-Taliban Media Boss Defects

Helmand Fight Continues as Brit Fallen Evaced - More than 150 Bad Guys Nailed?

More on How Good Guys Fight the Fight, Win Hearts & Minds

Reliving C Coy, 1 PPCLI 2006 Punch-up at Seyyeden (Part 1)

"Johnny Rico" Writes Book on Year in AFG with USA Forces

Media Flips Out Over Brit Troops Getting Dexedrine

Brit Paras to Show Bits of the Fight Back Home

Karzai Survives Assassination Try


9 Jun 07

NATO Soldier Killed in South: Reuters - Voice of America - Associated Press - Bad Guys Getting Nailed, Too - CBC Online - Another Brit Killed - More

Taliban Claims to be in Control of Kajaki

Gagetown Funeral for MCPL Priede Tuesday

CF Helping Keep a Grip on PAK-AFG Border

Uneasy Peace Follows (Latest) Fight in Sangin - 82nd \"All Americans\" Drop By

Bits of the Fight in K'Har, Zabul

(More) Trouble Brewing on AFG-IRN Border

What Calgary Student in Jail in AFG May Have Been Up To

Lives Rebuilt, Brick by Brick

CF Accused of Leaving K'Har Kops in Lurch?

CAN For Min:  Six (Unproven) Allegations of Abuse on the Table - More - more

"Taliban Jack" Layton makes AFG his Mission

News search "Afghanistan" 091100EDT Jun 07

Brit Fmr COS of RC-South Gets CAN Gong

Troops Get Timmy's Certificates

Another Memory of MCPL Priede

Fmr Sailor Motorcycles Around World in Memory of Fallen FOO

USMC Call Sign \"Hadji\" Returns from  Gunship Duty in AFG

Video of CAN, DNK Troops in South

Opinion:  AFG Fight will Continue (Even if USA GTFO's IRQ) - "The troops who make this crime happen can be viewed with a certain sympathy, but they should never be supported in any way."

Part 2 of How Taliban Winning Hearts, Minds - Burka Still Not History Yet

Sarkozy:  FRA to Stay in AFG - Bulgarian Troops to Guard KAF

Brit Squaddie Survives Groin Shot - Another Squaddie's Courage - In Line for Medal?

Swiss Peace Foundation Two-Page Security Update on AFG (.pdf)


8 Jun 07

More Bad Guys Nailed in South

NATO Spox:  One Bad Guy is Facing About Eight Good Guys

Pembroke Students Send Bookmarks to Show They Remember

CAN Def Min Ain't Saying How Many Nabbed - More

NATO Sec Gen:  Everyone to Be Careful About Civvy Deaths

Again With the "Tightening the ATIP Rules" Story?

CAN Politicos Always Visiting the Same School in Country

Who Should Be Nominated for Defence Reporting Award?

Opinion:  Buck Shoulda Stopped with Def Min on Funeral Expenses Issue - The Winnable War

How the Good Guys Win Hearts & Minds - More - How Taliban is Trying (Part 1) - How Taliban "Sells" Not Having Kids, Adults Immunized

Taliban Targeting Lotsa Cops

UK MoD Names Latest Fallen Squaddie

Pressure Climbing to Spray Poppy Fields - AFG Official:  Security Needed Before Drug Problem Solvable

One Reporter's Embed Experience - Another Embed with Brits in Helmand

Why Too Many Refugees, Too Quickly, Cause Problems - Dilemma of Second-generation Afghans in PAK - Full Report (.pdf), 70 pg.)

News Search "Afghanistan " 080728 Jun 07


7 Jun 07

CF Facing Non-Stop Learning Curve with Taliban - CAN Taking Taliban Down a Notch or Two

CF Chinooks Won't be in Place Until After 2009

Survey Says Cdns Not Convinced of Success ProspectsHere's the REST of the Survey Results 

No, This is NOT A Polish Joke!

Ministers:  Prisoner Transfers By the Book - Corrections Canada Reps Learn of More Abuse Claims in K'Har - More - more

One CF Soldier's View of Why We're in AFG

Brit Killed in Helmand - UK MoD Statement

Blogger on Perceptions of UK Morale in Helmand

Firmer Proof IRN Gov't Behind EFP's in AFG

Opinion:  "Afghanistan is the new Africa"

Aid Workers Say Bloodshed Spreading

AQ Says Revenge will Come for Nailing Peg Leg Taliban Boss - Meanwhile, Peg Leg's Body Returned to Family

Helmand Hospital ER Boss Linked to Taliban?

AFG Official Talks About Taliban, Insurgency

DEU Def Min:  DEU Wd=Taliban Success - Predicts Approval to Stay a While Longer  - More on More DNK Troops Heading Over

One Blogger's Assessment of Green Berets In AFG

AFG Rights Group: Poverty+Ignorance=Child Sex Abuse

News search "Afghanistan" 070815EDT Jun 07 (.pdf)


6 Jun 07

NATO Troops Killed in South

AFG Media Says NATO Troops Injured in S. Kandahar - Heating Up in N. Kandahar

CAN Funds "Uplift Projects" in Kandahar Province - AFG Gov't Statement

CF Air Force Team Rotate Out

Opinion:  Single Fallen Soldiers Not Forgotten

CAN (and Other) Money Earmarked for Drug Fight Still in the Bank - Counter Narcotics Trust Fund Opening Day, October 2005

ISAF Boss Says More Pressure Keeping Taliban on Run Briefing Transcript - More - more - more - Gettin' Worse for Taliban - More on Fmr Cdr RC-South Saying Taliban in Poor Shape - More on Latest Nabbed Taliban Boss

New CAN Liberal Position: We Could Stay Past 2009 (But Not Fighting)

Brit Sappers Launch Mine Awareness Campaign - Brits Also Help Sangin Area Farmers

CHN Feeding Wpns (Including SAMs) to Taliban

CENTCOM Highlights AUS Contribution in SW Asia

Red Cross Asked to Take Over Hospital in Helmand

Officer Relives A Coy 1 RCR August 2005 Punch-up in Panjwai

Nat'l Post Embed:  From Fruit Grower, to Muj, to Warlord

Now, Karzai People Deny Deal to Trade Dadullah Body for Hostages - Public Health Ministry Said He Did - Really, He Did

More on New Taliban Boss in South - Reportedly Received Condolence Letter from Osama

US Report:  Grain Prices in K'Har About Same as or Lower Than Last Year (.pdf)

Afghanistan news search 060737EDT Jun 07


5 Jun 07

CF Photographers Shoot One of Their Own Returning Home - Lining the 401 for MotorcadeColumnist States Obvious: Chinooks Don't Save Lives

Maybe Time for Network of Nat'l Military Cemeteries?

Pentagon Releases Names of USA Fallen in Chinook Crash

CF Not Releasing Numbers of Prisoners CF Handed to AFG

Taliban Burn Down CF Clinic Building, Kill Regional Boss after Visit? (paragraph 5)

Now, CENTCOM Says It Wasn't Them Bombing Sangin on 31 May 07 - ISAF's Denial - Then Whose F-15's Dropped "GBU-38s on an underground complex in Sangin"? - They Appeared Busy Over Sangin 30 May As Well

Expert Says Denying Death Benefit to Single Soldiers Unconstitutional - Vet Aff Min:  Death Benefit Not Likely to Change

NATO Says "No, Thanks" to Taliban Offer to Investigate Civvy Deaths

Second Serial of "Taliban Water Ops 101" Course Fails En Masse

Opinion:  Buying the Poppies Not the Answer

CF Member in K'Har Gets to See Wife, Newborn Daughter via Teleconference Link

Link Between AFG Campaign, Increased CF Recruiting?

DEU Def Min:  Not Close to an End Yet to Int'l Support for AFG

May be Too Late for Nabbed AFG Doctor after Karzai Agrees to Release Dadullah's Body - More

Ban on Prince Harry in AFG Possible 

Karzai Calls IRN "Close Friend" (In Spite of Reports of IRN Wpns in Country)

Latest Britist Aid Group Report, May 2007 (.pdf)

Afghanistan news search 0501713EDT Jun 07


4 Jun 07

MCPL Priede Arrives Home Today - CF Advisory

Seeing AFG Through More Than Just the Gun Sight

Pushes On Against Taliban - CNN: Panjwai Bad Guy Boss Nabbed

AFG Development Min Wants CAN to Stay, Finish the Job

Shift in USA Armoured Vehicles Pushed CAN to Buy Their Own

Opinion:  Supporting Senlis' Call for More Developmenti in AFG - Time to Listen to the Critics - National Post: Time to Buy AFG's Poppies - Troops Not Getting Enough Support - Comments misleading about Afghan war

Vet Aff Min: No Death Benefit to Parents of Fallen

Taliban Threatens to Behead Doc, Nurses If Peg-Leg Mullah Body Not Returned - AFG Pres Agrees to Trade

Arms Coming from IRN - Can't Tell if Tehran Behind IRN Arms, Though - More - more

Surfin' for Porn in K'Har

Taliban Warns Civvies to Stay Away from Foreign Troops - Taliban Eyeing Foreign Interest Hits?

Workin' on Small Biz in AFG (.pdf)

AFG Army Needs More Help from PAK


3 Jun 07

Wounded Honoured as they Ache to Get Back into the Fight

Cpl. Christopher Deliva, Killed in Wainwright, Laid to Rest

Reporter Talks "Then and Now" Walking Tour of Kabul

Opinion - Ottawa Must Be Flex on Funeral

Lotsa Clashin' in South - More - Still Worries About Being Out at Night in K'Har - Taliban Spreading Rumours of Coming Push

Who's the "Bad Guy" in Perception War? - Author Explores Memorial Cross Mothers Through History

Blog Entry:  AFG Campaign Haiku

Here We Go Again with the "Civvy Cas" Reports - ISAF:  No NATO Airstrikes in Sangin 31 May-1 Jun - Must Be CENTCOM's, Then

Three Kids Die in Helmand from Explosive Device

AFG Not Safe Enough for Prince Harry - Still, Reports of Harry in Suffield Preparing for Coming AFG ROTO - Confirmed? - Calls to Play on Medicine Hat Rugby Team

Taliban Learning from IRA???

Powerful Iraq-style Bombs Alarm AFG Military - More - EFP's:  High Tech Explanation - Wikipedia -

Taliban Not Invited to Tribal Elders' Meeting

Pentagon Sees PAK Military as "chief bulwark" for Stability

News search "Afghanistan" 030915EDT Jun 07


2 Jun 07

MCPL Priede On His Way Home - More - Priede Died with "Friendly rival" in Crash - 'Everyone was crying in our shop today'- US CENTCOM Statement - Atlantic Canada Feeling the Loss - More on Fallen Brit Colleague - News search "Priede", 020805EDT Jun 07 (.pdf, 56 pg.) - Associated Press Quotes USA Officials Saying RPG Hit Chinook

CAN For Min Says Broader Int’l Effort Needed

More on Dinnings' Family Reimbursement

Opinion:  Families of soldiers deserve better - Support the troops - The Torch: UK vs CAN Media Coverage of AFG Fight - Toronto Star Columnist Tries Peeling the Onion that is the AFG Mission

Brit Embed Shares Scenes of the Fight in Helmand

K'Har Cops Making Progress

Sangin Catches Some CENTCOM Fast Air Attention This Week - More

CAN Cousins Meet in AFG after 14 Years Apart

New Taliban Boss Promises "Liberation"  - "Taliban Water Safety Training Needs Work", or "Taliban Marines Suck"More

Pentagon Boss Seeks Asian Help in AFG

"Everyone’s a Winner at Helmand’s Opium Bazaars" - AFG Cranks Up Poppy Eradication

Story from FOB Near Zabul


1 Jun 07

More on MCPL Priede:  Chopper Had Just Dropped Off 40 Troops in Air Aslt Before Crashing - In Hot Zone, Indeed - National Post - More - Toronto Star:  He Was Born in Burlington - Ham'n Spectator

Some of His Last Still Shots on Duty - Mom:  Wanted to Show the Good in AFG Through Pictures - Considered Best in Field - Globe & Mail Reporter Remembers Help from Priede - More

Brit Red Cap Killed in Crash Identified

ISAF: The Job Continues in Spite of the Crash - And We're Succeeding, Too - UK MoD Video

Whose Job is REALLY Safe in AFG? - CAN NATO Boss:  Shootdown of Chinook Not New Tactic - Taliban Takes the Credit - More  - Crash Site Secured - More - News Search "Priede" 010702EDT Jun 07 (100pg .pdf)

Statement From Commander in Chief - Statement from Def Min - Statement From NDP Leader

PAK Int Accused of Providing SAM Parts to Taliban? - Taliban Claim "New Weapons"

More on CPL McCully:  Started in Military in High School Reserve Co-op Program

Toronto Star Map of Where All the Fallen Came From

Doing the Right Thing for Fallen Becomes Partisan Political Theatre - Liberals:  "O’Connor Must Resign" - Dinning Family to be Reimbursed - More - more

Letter:  Why is Timmy's Not Letting Drones Wear Red on Fridays (But Letting Them Wear Team Jerseys)?

CAN NATO Boss: NATO Planning to Replace CAN Troops in South After 2009 - NATO Job Will Continue Past 2009, With or Without CAN Troops

Opinion:  Serious Taliban Needs to be Kicked Before Considering Negotiating with Them - How NOT to Win the War

NATO Says Taliban Unable To Mount Spring Offensive - More - Campaign Update, 10-31 May 07

Afghan Police Detain Taliban Commander

NATO Becoming Victim of High Expectations?

IRN Arming AFG Rebels to Piss Off USA?

Land in Afghanistan donated to mine victims, UN reports

Foreign Entrepreneurs Stick Around K'Har in Spite of Conditions

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