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July 2007

Background Information

31 Jul 07

Outgoing CAN Cdr:  Food, Roads a Legacy - AFG Cops About Three Years Away from Ready - Reflects on Close Call Last Week

AFG Army Ranks Thin on the Ground - Still, Willing to Make a Difference

CAN Troops Patrolling PAK-AFG Border: PAK Media -

Clunky Internet Translation of "Vandoos in PRT" Piece - Original

Some Vandoos Coming Home Now

Company Hired to Help Bring Fallen CF Troops Home - Mackinnon & Bowes

Blog:  After Panjwai in 2006, Kajaki Defining 2007 Battle in AFG

Former CAN Btl Gp Cdr Receiving MSC - GG Statement - News Search Lavoie

Support from Soo Cadet Corps Funds Picnic for Deaf Kids in K'Har

News Search Afghanistan 31 Jul 07: English - français

Opinion: CDS "Booster, Stalking Horse" for CF Policy? - Def Min, CDS Drifting Apart? - News Search Hillier

Second KOR Hostage Killed - Body Recovered - Muslim Countries Call on Taliban to Release KOR Hostages - UNAMA:  Don't Give In - DEU May End Ransom Payment Policy - AFG Medic Team Missing, Too?

How Taliban is Adapting


30 Jul 07

Vandoos Will Not be Shielded to Prevent Casualties from Quebec

CAN General:  Doesn't Have to be CAN Troops Helping After 2009

CDS Hopes AFG Troops Can Take the Baton Soon - Not As Optimistic as Minister, Though - Gonna Take a While to Train ANA Up

Setting Timeline for CAN GTFO Could Hurt Mission Success

CAN Helping Fix Some of the Boo-Boos Caused by Others

Throwing a Power Meal Replacement Drink into CAN Rations

More on Humanitarian & Development Successes in AFG

Opinion: NDP Says CDS \"Undermining Democracy\"? - Matthew Good Not Fighting the Good Fight

News Search Afghanistan, 30 Jul 07: English - français

Confirmation of Taliban Bad Boy Big Boss Nailed in Helmand - More

Good Guys Still Learning

Taliban Using Mosques for Cover

Smaller NATO Bombs=Fewer Civvy Deaths?!?!?


29 Jul 07

CDS: GTFO'ing Quite the Challenge

How One of the Injured is Faring - Photo Gallery

NATO Work Saving 40K Kids' Lives

Worries About Taliban's First Use of SAMs (Even if it Missed) - More

Paying More Attention to Traumatic Brain Injury

Opinion: CAN PM's Resolve Tested with Cas

Taliban Nailed, Precisely - Big Boss Nailed - One of the Top Eight

Three Brits Dead in Latest Fight for Kakaji Dam - More on OP Hammer - Not Enough Brit Medics?

Provincial Police Chiefs Canned

Oruzgan Market Shuts Down to Protest NATO Troops' Conduct

Aussie Trooper Miscarries in AFG


28 Jul 07

Vandoo Boss in K'Har:  Hard to Avoid Troops Dying in Latest ROTO - Time for AFG Army to do More - Returning CAN General Promises to Tell It Like it Is

Reports of Taliban Using Heat Seeking SAMs - Did PAK Help Taliban Get Parts? - Even World Socialists Say PAK Gave Taliban Battery Packs - But Are These Reports Reliable, or in Context? - WAY Old Reports of Up to 100 Stingers in Taliban Hands

Tory Senator Suggests Less Green, More Blues in AFG Post-Feb 2009 - Not All Convinced This is Best Option

CAN Getting Tired of Cost of AFG Mission? - The Troops Certainly Don't Seem to Be

Mounties Say They're Busy Training AFG Cops, Can't GTFO Quickly

K'Har PRT Making Progress - There's Still Some Work to Do, Though

More on Widows Coping - Monument to One of the Fallen in NFLD (.pdf)

Opinion: CAN PM Softening on AFG Weakens His Position - CAN Liberals Diss CAN Tories on AFG - Liberal Def Critic \"Blockhead\" on Chopper Idea - CDS's "New Strategy" on AFG? (.pdf)

News search Afghanistan 280833 Jul 07 - Les nouvelles Afghanistan 28 juillet 2007

NGO Promoting Legalizing Opium in AFG Says They Have Nothing to Hide

Pickering, Ontario Supports the Troops - Soo, Too

Anti-War Protester Has Lawn Sign Stolen

Analysis:  More Violence in PAK=Less in AFG???

USA Boss in AFG Calls for More Tps from DEU, Other Countries


27 Jul 07

More on General Grant's Close Call: Canadian Press - Toronto Star - Globe & Mail - All Headline News - Can West - - Second Guessers Talk About CF Needing More Helicopters

All Sorts of Good News to Share About AFG

One of the Troops Speak During Leave

Embed War Artist Heading Home - More

Opinion: CAN Becoming "Back Seat Driver?"

Anti-War Activist, Analyst Doesn't Like DND Analyzing His Publis Statements

Questions About How Long It's Taking to Name A Fallen Soldier

News Search Afghanistan 27 Jul 07 - Novelles en français 26 juillet 2007

Brit Herc Hits Land Mine on Landing in May 2006 Crash - Link to Board of Inquiry report table of contents - More

CENTCOM Kicks Ass in Oruzgan, Helmand - More - Fast Air Kicks Ass; More Civvy Deaths Claimed - More

Brit CDS Hints Mo' Troops Might be Needed in AFG - Brit Marine Reservists Prepare to Head Over

US Military Start Ag Research Station to Help

UNICEF Begging for $ for AFG Kids, Women


26 Jul 07

Suicide Bombing Close Call for Top CAN Boss in AFG: Can West/Global News - Globe & Mail - Canadian Press - CBC

Hiccup in CF Plan to Upgrade NLD Leopards

Widows of the Fallen Soldier On

NLD GTFO=More Chance of CAN Caving???

Opinion: Military's Hill to Climb is CDS - Flogging the Anglo-Franco Friction Dead Horse - More Flogging - The Other SideWhy We Fight - UK Foreign Minister Explains Why UK is There

How CAN is Helping Fight Polio in Spin Boldak - CAN NGO Staff in AFG Prefer Lower Profile - One CAN Civvy Doc's Story into K'Har

Quebec City Restaurant Owner Feels Heat of AFG Sentiment

News Search AFG 26 Jul 07 - Novelles en français 26 juillet, 2007(.pdf)

Fewer Foreign Fighters Coming in from PAK - PAK Int \"Playing with Fire\" Maintaining Links to Taliban

Embedding with the Bad Guys in Helmand - Film Maker Talk About the Taliban, the Mission

They're STILL Not Stopping When Ordered in Helmand

AUS Shooting Incident in Tarin Kowt

Brit Reserve Medics Head Over


25 Jul 07

CF Medal Ceremony Rocketed

Winning in AFG

Bracing for the Return Home

Remembering the Fallen

Costall Family Still Awaiting Final CF Report on Friendly Fire Death - Permalink - Costall Fratricide US Reports (.pdf)

Small Victories Help One of the Wounded

CF Wounded Face Benefits Gap on Leaving Military?

Survey Says More Canadians Concerned About Environment than AFG - More

Taliban Plantin' Lotsa Mines in Helmand

OP Hammer Under Way in Helmand - CENTCOM:  Lotsa Bad Guys Nailed - Good Guys Deke Through Ambush - Bad Guys Nailed by Fast Air in Meeting in S.AFG

Opinion: Building AFG Army - Our troops' role - Canadians are reluctant to carry on - Support the troops but not the war? Sheer hypocrisy - A long and uncertain war - On leaving Afghanistan - Winning in Afghanistan - Quebec goes to war - Marking our victories in Afghanistan - No Mission Shift in AFG

Trenton store stands behind troops

Yellow Ribbon Politics: Calgary Businessman Pissed over Response to Proposed Donation - Debate=More Thinking About AFG - More - Unions Trying to Compensate

UN Boss in AFG Says More Help Needed for AFG, PAK


24 Jul 07

Lotsa Work Going on at K'Har & PRT

How the Families are Dealing with the Absences - Too Much Mainstream Media Focus on Deaths

Last King of AFG Dies: Assoicated Press - BBC - Reuters - UNAMA Statement - More - CAN PM Statement - USA Pres Statement - IRN Pres Statement - Wikipedia Bio

Opinion: The REST of the Story.... - Mission Change=Risk - Suggested Combat Medals Bad for Morale? - Tough Slog Continues - Harper's foreign policy of American convenience

Yellow Ribbons:  None on Calgary City Vehicles, but City Will Sell to Support Families

Bad Guys Getting Nailed in Helmand - More - Fast Air Strikes Again

Taliban Getting Closer to Kabul

PAK Taliban Boss Warns USA Against Mil Action in PAK

UNAMA Wants People to Remember World Peace Day on 21 Sept 07


23 Jul 07

Def Min:  Expect CAN to Take \"Back Seat\" in Fighting By Early Next Year - More - more - Lew Mac:  Prediction Maybe a Tad Optimistic?

Should Everyone in AFG Get a Medal, or Even the Same Medal? - CAN Anthropologist's Case for Recognition of Combat

Monument to First Newfoundlander Killed in AFG Service

Tension Between Anglo, Franco Troops Deploying?

Opinion: Maybe Time for Softer Sell in AFG? - It Pays to Think About What You Hear or Read - Scott Taylor: Build a real Afghan army - Harper's foreign policy of American convenience - We've given war a chance - Letter: Troops' deaths in Afghanistan - Afghan mission has changed

More on Tracking Anti-AFG Mission Messaging

News Search Afghanistan, 230826EDT Jul 07 (374KB .pdf)

AFG Delegation Visits Helmand to Check Into Civvy Casualties

WFP:  Someone's Still Stealing Food Aid in South

How Does USA Fight AQ in PAK (Without Getting Musharraf Ousted)? - Walking Razor's Edge on Use of Force - More


22 Jul 07

CAN Int O, Chief of ISAF Int Staff:  Tribal Nature of Taliban Makes it Tough to Fight

K'Har Police Boss: CAN Shouldn't Pull Out in 2009

CAN Def Min: We'll Get AFG Army Trained, Then GTFO?

Taliban Slipping Into, Outta PAK Pretty Easily

Fighting Corruption at All Levels

CAN Looking at Leasing Ships to Get Big Stuff Over More Cheaply

AFG Cops Hit by NATO Gunship Fire in K'Har

Embedded Artist Visits CF Tac Ops Ctr - Embedded Photojournalist Joins the Troops

Still Tough for Some Troops to Get Help

Brit Medics Having to Buy Dressings via Internet?

More on UAE Troops (Maybe) Headed to AFG

One 26-year-old Just-Arrrived-Blogger's Story from AFG

More on How Corruption is Undermining CAN Work in AFG (.pdf)

Opinion: Harper is slowly backing away from war in AFG - More on Quebec Cas Political Calculus - Opposing the War While Supporting the Tps? - Growing Affection for Troops

Skeptics Say Be Careful About Alleged Warlord Conversion

UK Getting Poor Return on \"Peace\" Investment with Taliban


21 Jul 07

Vandoos Headed Downrange Explain Why They Serve

CF Quiet on Taliban Cas #'s

More UAV's Coming


20 Jul 07

BOI for Sept 2006 Pte. Graham Death: FACs Need More Practice for Ratings - More - OP Medusa BOI Page - News Release

A thank-you to Canadians, from AFG

AE Considering Sending Troops to Work with CAN in AFG?

More on How K'Har PRT is Helping Out - Meanwhile, CF Military Mentor Teams Continue Work

ISAF Medical Clinic Visits Sangin - More

USA Air Assault in Helmand, K'Har

CF NSE Rep with the Long Name

One Returning Troop Remembers the Stench of War

Opinion: Canadians ARE Making a Difference - Debating a distant, divisive war - Harper is slowly backing away from war in Afghanistan - Why is enemy death toll a military secret? - CAN Mission Due for Makeover

Warlord Trades Gunfighting for Political Fighting? - More

Latest ISAF Map with Numbers (.pdf)

USA Nat'l Int Estimate (171KB .pdf): "Al-Qa’ida .... has protected or regenerated key elements of its Homeland attack capability, including: a safe haven in the Pakistan Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), operational lieutenants, and its top leadership." - Alternate Report Site (.pdf) - USA DNI Statement (.pdf) - Media Interview - Briefing, White House Homeland Security Advisor

UK Parl Comm Rep on AFG (3.3 MB .pdf): "We remain deeply concerned that the reluctance of some NATO members to provide troops for the ISAF mission is undermining NATO’s credibility and ISAF operations." - Alternate Location for Report - UK Gov't Response to Report


14 Jul 07

Dawe funeral may draw 2,000 - Boys & Girls Club Sets Up Dawe Fund - Another Memorial - Three of the Six Latest Fallen Funerals Today

CAN, AFG Troops Killing Taliban - Yanks, AFG Killing Them in Helmand

Food, Supplies & Money Part of CF Winning Hearts & Minds

CO of CFB Kingston: Nature of AFG War Changing

More on Why CF Doesn't Have More UAV's in AFG

More on PM Shift in Position on AFG - More on Suggesting Messaging - PM clearly speeding up Afghan plan

Afghan terrorists set sights on Kabul

Lots More AFG Cops Getting Killed?

Cambridge ON City Vehicles to Carry Yellow Ribbon

Combat Artist Blogger on the Kid in the Hospital - More Drawings of the Troops

Opinion: Soft-selling AFG - Another Riff on \"It's About the Oil\"

Latest on New Push in Helmand - More

Musings About the NLD Mission in Uruzgan


13 Jul 07

SGT K Laid to Rest - Remembering CPL Anderson - Soldier's widow grateful for roadside shows of support - Trust Fund Set Up for CAPT Francis' Survivors

CAN's $8M to Help Justice in AFG

Progress IS Being Made - More

PM Gets Messaging Advice on AFG Fight - More - Trying to Sway Liberals??

CP-Decima Survey Says, \"Too Many Dying in AFG\" - More

July 7 Taliban Homicide Bombing in K'Har Market Done by Boy

Opinion: Canadians should do right by our soldiers - An Afghan lesson in the Iraq mess - Quebec and the war debate - Their citizens & our bombs, or our citizens & their bombs - CF GTFO Would Suit Taliban - Mission Is Being Accomplished - No rush for the exit yet (but an orderly queue is forming)

News search Afghanistan 130817 Jul 07 (.pdf)

NLD Trooper Injured in Homicide Bombing Dies of Wounds

Fmr Brit Interpreter Pleads Not Guilty to Passing Secrets to IRN

UK Def Min Drops By

Why They Can't Find Osama


12 Jul 07

CAPT Dawe's Family Speaks: A 'dedicated soldier' - To be added to RMC honour roll - Wasn't losing hope, father says - Never gave up on frustrating mission - Wife thanks community for support - More - More - Widow Urges Troops to Stay Focused - List of Funerals for the Latest Fallen (Courtesy of

One of the Injured in June 1 Blast Back Home

More on PM's Latest Position on AFG Mission - More - CAN Liberal Patry: PM "Continues Calculated Ambiguity" - Meanwhile, Father of Fallen Presses Dion to Stick to AFG Mission - CDS Says CF Shifting from Shooting to Training

Embed Explores Inside the Wire

Taliban -Propaganda- Online Sitrep

Opinion: Where Shall We Hide, M. Dion? - Listen to veterans, not Layton - Mission no failure; Layton misleading Canadians - Time for NATO to do its part - Neither Peace nor War in AFG - Columnist Predicts Wrong on PM's AFG Stance - Afghanistan won’t be free while troops are there

Karzai Pissed at Taliban Homicide Bombing Attack in K'Har Market - Calls Terrs Cowards - AFG Civvy Deaths 'Inflated'

Motorcyclists Still Not Stopping When Told in Helmand

Flooding=Bad Water=Diarrhoea in Helmand - Helmand Residents Don't Get Why UK Funding Nice New Park

New AFG Police Units Help Nail Taliban

WFP Happy to See Food Aid Moving Again in West


11 Jul 07

K'Har Governor to Canadian Press: "We know that when a suicide bomb hits a Canadian convoy, the Canadians aren't going to start shooting at everyone on the streets." (.pdf)

And the Latest Funerals Begin...

CF Leopard Strikes IED, Two Troops Injured

Bad Luck CF Convoy

CBC French:  City of Rimouski Flag Flying over K'har - Clunky English Translation

BC Remembers Fallen Westie

CAN PM: "Canadians have been fairly clear that if we were to be in after 2009, that they would expect our participation to evolve in some way .... Canadians have been clear they want to see a more equitable burden-sharing in Afghanistan." - More

Opinion: "It's not Canada's Harper government that's principally to blame for prisoner abuse and other Afghan scandals -- it's the den of thieves they're protecting." - NYT Op-Ed (Simplistically) Paints Problem as "NATO Good, USA Bad" - "More Taliban attacks mean more air strikes mean more dead noncombatants ("including women and children") mean more alienated, angry Afghanis in a spiral of devolution to which no end can yet be foreseen.\" - What's the real meaning behind the ribbon?

More on UN Calling on Reporters to Get a Grip When Reporting Alleged Civvy Cas

Buncha Civvies Killed, NLD Troops Injured by Homicide Bomber in Uruzgan - Students Killed, Too - ISAF Statement - UN Msn in AFG Statement

Taliban Mortaring Civvies in Helmand

UNICEF Disses Taliban Targeting Schools, Students

Think Tank Report: "Pakistan’s military is complicit in the worsening security situation in Afghanistan—including the resurgence of the Taliban, terrorism in Kashmir, and the growth of jihadi extremism and capabilities." (700KB .pdf, 60 pages) - More


10 Jul 07

Taliban Drawing CAN Forces Outta K'Har - Trying Geographic Profiling to Hunt Taliban

Embed View of On-the-ground Memorial for Latest Six Fallen

Check Who's No. 2 in # of Fallen in AFG...

Hasty P RSS Rejoins Regiment to Head Over

War Artist Embed Blog: 'I can see movement along the treeline' - More - Sketched Faces of the Deployed

Opinion: Letter: We don't need to fight this war alone - More - Media complicity in the age of terror

UN Mission in AFG briefing: UNAMA "appeals to journalists to exercise great caution in their reporting of the competing claims about civilian deaths. We have serious doubts about some of the recent initial figures and information being provided to the media. The risk we see is of the truth being lost, to be replaced by propaganda or manipulated numbers." - CAN Role in AFG Gives Leverage in World Affairs

NDP Stakes Out Clear Position on AFG - Opposition Whining About Control of Prisoner Info - More

Seventeen Civvies Killed in Oruzgan Homicide Bombing - More

Taliban Infighting Continues

Lotsa Bad Guys Nabbed, Nailed in Sha-Wali-Kot

More Foreign Fighters with the Bad Guys

~2K Displaced by Fighting in Helmand

AFG Trooper Goes Postal in Herat - Bosses in Herat Turning Anti-Karzai?

Survey Says -- NLD Repondents 50-50 on Support for AFG Mission


9 Jul 07

Fallen are Home: Canadian Press - - CBC Online - Canwest Global - More - more - Paying Respects Along the Hearses' Route - More

Senlis on CTV:  New Programming Needed; No Proof of CIDA Spending Seen - So, Did the Families Return, Or Didn't They?

CAN Tories Warn Not to Make AFG Main Issue

CDS Staff Vetting Access to Information Act Requests on Prisoner Handling

Aid Worker Blog from K'Har:  Two Realities - More on Senlis Saying It's Too Early to Say CF Winning in Panjwai

Opinion: Vandoos Put Quebec into the Spotlight - Letter: Taliban wages a cowardly war - Letter: Listen to the people on bringing troops home

VERY Good Question....

IED Kills Two AFG Cops, Two Kids in Sangin - Taliban Nail Gov't Officials, Their Kids in K'Har

DEU Minister Says They Should Crank Up Training Mission

Aid Groups Says Food Not Getting Through, AFG Authorities Say NATO Needs to Help

Abused AFG Women Torching Selves to Escape Misery


8 Jul 07

Fallen Returning Tonight: CF Statement - Canadian Press - CBC - Canwest Global - Expect Tributes Along the Way

More on Latest Injured - More

More on PM Softening AFG Position - More on June 2007 Commons Def Committee Report

More on USA Friendly Fire Reports on Pte. Costall/Sgt. Stone

Opinion: We're ill-prepared for war

AFG Anti-Drug Boss Resigns, May Come to CAN as Envoy

NLD Def Min Visits Oruzgan


7 Jul 07

Sombre farewell in Kandahar - Fallen On Their Way Home - CF (Again) Awaits Return of Soldiers - One of the Fallen Called \"Quiet Professional\" - Reader tributes to Capt. Matthew Dawe

Bomb That Killed Six Biggest Seen by CF Btl Gp Cdr - Bad Guys Getting Ballsier - Space running out at memorial as roster of the dead grows

Four CF Troops Injured in 7 Jul 07 Homicide Car Bombing: Canadian Press - Associated Press - - Agence France Presse - Reuters

Debate Over GTFO Can Wait, PM says

CAN Singer/songwriter Matthew Good: "My scorn and condemnation goes out to the individuals that refuse to bring our people home. (thus the distress flag)." - "We, being citizens of Canada, call on all members of the Canadian government to work together to immediately produce a definitive timetable for the cessation of Canadian combat operations in Afghanistan." - Discussion

FRA General: "If NATO applied blind force, it would defeat the Taliban quickly."

How the Research Eggheads are Helping the Troops @ Sharp End

1st Bn Royal Anglians Cleaning Up Sangin

Update on Sapper McTeague Fund

More NATO HQ Wonks Headed to AFG

Not QUITE Selling the Regimental Silverwear, But....

Taliban Hangin' 'em High in South - More Details on the Hanging

All Kinds of Trouble in Helmand - Between Rock, Hard Place - Helmand Airstrike Families Get -Compensation- Sympathy Payments - "Solatia payments are not claims payment. They are payments in money or in kind to a victim or to a victim’s family as an expression of sympathy or condolence"

AFG:  What Missile Attack on PAK?

Opinion: We win peace by winning the war - Layton's yapping gives Harper some fodder for Afghanistan mission - Time for USA to Get a Grip on Taliban in PAK - A sense of loss -- and purpose - Afghan mission complex, but vital - Why our Afghan sacrifices matter - It could boomerang - Mission takes time - I'm seeing red over yellow ribbons supporting troops - City should show its support for our troops

Brit Garrison SM Returns to Become RSM of Royal Gibraltar Reg't - RGR Site

Beating Your Wife in AFG=Loving Her?!?!?!


6 Jul 07

Sixth Fallen Identified - More - Remembering Them - Remembering the Fallen while On Patrol - Soldiering On - More - Embed Artist's View - More on Capt. Dawe - FOO Who Didn't Have to Be There Killed Too? - One of the Fallen High School Football Player - Reporter Remembers - He'll be Missed at, Too - 'The saddest of days' - Westies Remember - More - Deaths Hit Hard (USA National Public Radio) - CF Says Families of Fallen Need Everyone's Support

Panjwai Slipping Outta NATO Control?

IED Evolution in AFG

Lew-Mac: Need 15K More NATO Troops There

CAN PM: We're There 'Till 2009: Canadian Press - CBC Online - Reuters - Agence France Presse - Lew Mac Rags on NATO in AFG - Liberal Boss:  We Want Outta There in 2009 - Dion Says They'll Make it Happen - Time for a Rethink? - More

Interpreters Face Tons o' Risk

Embed Artist on Patrol with CAN Troops - More on the Fallen SGT and the Maclean's Pinup (3.6MB .pdf)

Opinion: Layton, Dion Offering "Aid and comfort to the enemy"? - "Jack Layton didn’t waste any time in handing the Taliban a propaganda victory" - Afghan mission complex, but vital - Why our Afghan sacrifices matter - Chances of graceful retreat slim - Let's Not Abandon AFG Again

News Search Afghanistan, 060743EDT Jul 07 - More (both .pdf)

NATO Not Likely to Stop Fast Air

Still No Word on Whether Vandoo Sentenced for Sexual Assault Gets to Go to AFG - More - Nat'l Post Says He Ain't Going - Globe & Mail's Take - Vandoo Will Appeal

Finns Relying on Borrowed Kit

Homicide Bomber in AFG Cop Uniform Kills Real Cops @ Spin Boldak - More

World Bank $ Helping Build Schools in K'Har, Elsewhere

DEU's AFG Dilemma - More


5 Jul 07

The Latest Fallen: Names of Four Released - More - Fifth Fallen Named - GG Statement on Fallen - PM Statement on Fallen - Def Min Statement on Fallen - \"Capt. Dawe's sad fate" - More - Remembering MCPL Bason - Canadian Press - More - CanWest News - More - more - Globe & Mail - More - Agence France Presse - Reuters - New York Times - IED's Getting Bigger - More - more - Let the Second Guessing Begin! - More - Nowhere's Safe from Taliban - Primitive, but Effective - Learning from IRQ - More IED Research Top Pri - Thread

The Latest Politics: PM faces more pressure over mission - Taliban Jack Says It's Time to Pull Back - NDP Statement on GTFO'ing - More - more - B.C. Liberal, New Democrat MPs want soldiers home - In Case You'd Like to Buy a Taliban Jack T-Shirt ;) - Liberals Jump on Band Wagon, Too - Dion:  GTFO in 2009 - Liberal Statement on Fallen - NDP Statement on Fallen

Costall Friendly Fire Death: USA CENTCOM, SOCOM Report Highlights 10MB .pdf (Special Thanks to Associated Press) - More on Costall's Aunt Expecting Apology - More - News Search Costall 050731EDT Jul 07

CAN Jr. Aid Minister:  Sorry About the Civvy Deaths, But Let's Remember it's Taliban's Fault

Even When CAN Isn't Shooting, World Socialists Pissed! - A More Subtle Dig (Note References to How Some Question if CAN Has Too Much Influence)

News Search Afghanistan 050731EDT Jul 07

Opinion: 'They’re not dying in vain' - Canada's mission costly but worthy - How Many is Too Many? - We can lead in the world - Canada never left the stage - Does anyone really "get it"? - 'Bring back our troops' - "As each blow bruises the national psyche a little less, we are in danger of falling into national battle fatigue" - Let us make sure their tragic deaths were not in vain

Homicide Bomber Kills 5, Injures 11 AFG Cops @ Spin Boldak

CAN Meds Make Their Way to AFG


4 Jul 07

Six CF Members, One Translator Killed in Panjwai Blast: CEFCOM Statement - Canadian Press - Reuters - BBC Online

Analysis: Taliban Will Press CAN Hard - Discussion

More on Costall Death: US Report Highlights (Special thanks to Associated Press) (.pdf) - Update on CFNIS, Board of Inquiry investigations - AP:  USA Recommended No Charges Against Soldier who Killed Costall, Stone - More - more - more- Costall's Aunt:   Still Waiting for USA Apology - Media Summary Report, updated 4 Jul 07 (.pdf) - News Search Costall 040724EDT  Jul 07 (.pdf)

Big Money (Pledged) for Building AFG Justice System - CAN Offers a Share Too - CAN News Release - UN Sec Gen Statement - More

CF Punch Up in Zhari District - Seven AFG Cops Killed by IED - Bad Guys Nailed in Sangin - Taliban Push Blunted (But Homicide Bombings Climb) - More on Taliban Changing Tactics - Chatting Up Mansoor Dadullah

CF CIMIC Officer Making Progress after March 2006 Axe Attack

News Search Afghanistan 040724EDT Jul 07

Does Vandoo Go to Jail, or Go to AFG?

Suggested Kit List for Journalist Who Wants to Look Pretty in the Field - One Colleague Underwhelmed

Roller Coaster as Microcosm of What Needs to Happen in AFG

New Cop Shop Opens in K'Har (Thanks, in Part, to RCMP)

Study:  More CF Deployments=More Mental Health Issues - Abstract of Study

NATO Sec-Gen Adds Context to Civvy Death Debate - USA Eyebrows Raised at Estimates - More - Sure, Just as Soon as the Guys Charged in the IED Death of Glynn Berry are in Jail...

AQ's New Boss in AFG

USA to Hunt Taliban in PAK? - More

Kiwi SAS Trooper Gets VC for 2004 Action

USAID:  June Harvest=More Food Available

Why Helmand is Attracting Taliban Attention - Locals Scared That Taliban will Kill Them if They Try to Play Nice

DEU Court Says Recce Planes Good to Go in AFG


3 Jul 07

Associated Press Report:  Pte. Costall Killed by Fratricide - More - more - Toronto Star - Can West News Svc - Globe & Mail - Longer Associated Press Version - USA Family Had Report in May 2007 - Fire from USA SF Compound - Media Summary Report (.pdf, updated 2 Jul 07) - News Search "Costall" 030701EDT Jul 07 (.pdf) - Discussion Thread

CAN Trying to Help AFG Justice System - More - UNAMA News Conference, 2 Jul 07

Opinion: Now is not the time for CAN to pull its troops out of Afghanistan -

Another Motorcyclist Who Wouldn't Stop

MORE Proof Good Guys Don't Kill Civvies Intentionally

Afghan Police Chief, USA Sqd Ldr Earn Mutual Respect

AUS For Min Says Troops to Be In Country a While

USA Says AFG Neighbours Not Helping Enough

PAK Has New Plan to Fight Taliban


2 Jul 07

Canada Day @ FOB Wilson

CF Troops See Progress

Opinion: Let’s not employ Canadian spirit in vain - Why is Harper Softening his Tone on AFG?

News search "Afghanistan", 020926EDT Jul 07

Taliban Still Human Shielding - How the Taliban Take Exploit This - Commies Pipe Up - Nonetheless,

AFG Group Asks NATO to Lighten Up on the Fast Air - Losing Hearts & Minds

Victory Against Taliban Achievable: AUS Cdr

Another UK Forester Killed in Helmand - UK Gunner, Too

NLD Cabinet Deciding on AFG Mission

Elders in Uruzgan Ask for Help

Taliban Infighting in PAK - IND: Taliban Destabilizing Region


1 Jul 07

Remembering the Latest Fallen on Canada Day Weekend - More - more - 'Happiest man in NATO' lifted spirits of those around him - Bravery in a dangerous land - 'Strength in being together' - Little time to mourn on the job

PM on Canada Day: "From championships in hockey to humanitarian and military leadership roles in Afghanistan and Haiti .... Canada is a citizen of the world and we make our contribution a positive one." - More

Greetings from K'har - Canada Day in K'har - More - more

'Canadians are the good ones'

Reservists Welcomed Back to HFX from AFG

More from Embedded CAN Sketch Artist - Out on Patrol

Brits Have to Report Every Civvy Death to AFG President - AFG Investigation into Latest Deaths in Helmand - US Checking Out Situation as Well

Opinion: Forge a consensus on role in Afghanistan - "I was ashamed at the extremely poor turnout for the Support our Troops  rally (in) Charlottetown." - Scarifying Canadians is no help to Afghanistan - Harper falters on AFG mission -

Mississauga Councillor Calls Yellow Ribbons "Jingoistic" - Decal Idea "too loaded" for Cape Breton?

Some Disagreement over Civvy Cas?


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