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January 2008

Background Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

31 Jan 08

Étienne Gonthier, R.I.P:  Funérailles ont lieu samedi


CF Looking into Shooting Incident During Suicide Attack - More - Militaires pourraient avoir fait feu sur des civils afghans


Canada sounds out allies, suppliers for choppers and aerial drones: sources


Major CAN Donation=Soccer Balls to Kids in K'Har



CAN PM Briefs Dubya on Manley Report - More - more - more - more - Lobbying Allies for Help - Harper présente ses conditions à Bush - CAN Conservative Pty:  Time for Liberals to Decide - Conservateurs: "le chef du Parti libéral et ses collègues sont confrontés à une importante décision" - Dion Says He's Not Budging



AFG Mil Taking Prisoners; CF Following the Rules - CAN Def Min (Still) says troops not dodging capture of Afghan prisoners - MacKay défend les troupes canadiennes - Meanwhile, CAN Helping Int'l Efforts to Set Detainee Standards


Brits Shortening Inf Trg to Keep Up with Demand for Tps in AFG? - Former PAK Int Boss Says AUS Deployment Doomed to Fail



Deputy Governor Killed by Homicide Bomber in Helmand - More - More on Taliban Using Kids as Shields, Homicide  Bombers - MQ Boss Says Taliban Trained Outside AFG (.pdf)



Opinion:  Why Has Everyone Ignored UN Sec-Gen's Appeal to CAN? - Original web-only posting (.pdf) -  "The Manley Report has provided an elegantly simple, tightly reasoned and ultimately persuasive analysis of the state of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan and the Report makes useful and sensible recommendations for the future of that mission." - What the PM should tell us about Afghanistan - Why is Documentary Film Maker Not Being Encouraged to Shoot CF in AFG? - Compassion for Afghanistan could cost millions of lives - "Did You Forget? Canada's Real Role in Afghanistan"



Studies Say AFG Becoming Failed State (Again?) - More - Afghan Study Group report (.pdf) - More - AUS Think Tank:  Fifteen Years More Work - "Charting a course for Afghanistan" report

PAK Pledges to Close More AFG Refugee Camps This Year

OXFAM Warns of Humanitarian Disaster in AFG - More




30 Jan 08

Dernier contingent de Valcartier part pour K'har - More Vandoos Get Ready to Go - More


Caporal-chef Marc Bolduc se porte mieux


Gov't Report:  +$7B For the Fight


Quebec Legions Fight Over Half-Staffing Rules - Pissing Match Over Issue in Parliament Again, Too



PM Says Aircraft, UAV's "On Order" for AFG - Scrambling for Choppers - More - Coulda Had 'Em Sooner, But... - Leasing UAVs


CAN Reserve Arty Officer Writes from K'Har - Photo Gallery



CAN PM Says CF Can, Indeed, Say What's Happening to Detainees (.pdf permalink) - Hillier furieux? - What Nasty Call from the CDS? - CAN DefMin Says CF Not Changing Policy to Avoid Political Heat - PM puts onus on CF to explain prisoner policy - More - Mutisme au gouvernement Harper quant au sort des prisonniers talibans



NATO Spokesperson:  CAN Could Be First to "Abandon" AFG if They GTFO (.pdf permalink) - NATO Hears CAN's Frustration... - ...But Disagrees That NATO Jeopardized if CAN Leaves - Says They'll Address CAN's Concerns - NATO defence ministers set to discuss Kandahar mission ultimatum


PM Seeking CAN Liberal Pty Support for Mission - Liberals Say Time to Assess Goals & Gear Exit Strategy to Them


DFAIT Lead on Task Force Not Working? - CIDA Not Working Well, Either


QC Clubs Rotary envoient des fauteuils roulants en AFG - Plus


UN General Assembly Report:  Taliban Still Using Kids as Human Shields (.pdf) - Taliban Denies Bad Boy Boss Nailed - Bad Boys Nailed in Oruzgan - Peace Hard to Come By in Helmand



USA:  No More Troops From Us, Thanks - Washington n'enverra pas plus de troupes - Still, USA To Ask Other NATO Countries for More Help - More - NATO Asks DEU for Combat Troops - DEU:  Nein, Danke - Karzai:  How About Training Up AFG Cops, Army Here? - More




Opinion:  One word forward, two words back - Canadian Government Panel Gets It Wrong On Afghanistan - Time for the government to dispel the information fog - "NATO Genocide in Afghanistan"


UK REME Likes ATPV in AFG - YouTube Video


NOR Diplomat Says He Wants to be the Uber-Envoy for AFG - More


The 'Stans Band Together to Create "Anti-Drug Belt" Around AFG - Wikipedia:  Collective Security Treaty Organization


"Afghanistan: Post-War Governance, Security, and U.S. Policy" (.pdf, updated 14 Jan 08)



29 Jan 08

CAN May Pull Troops if NATO Doesn't Boost Support - More - more - more - PM Statement - Déclaration du Premier ministre - Harper accepte les grandes lignes du rapport Manley - CAN menace de se retirer d'AFG faute de renforts - Plus - plus - plus - Survey Says: "Canadians Receive Manley Plan Cautiously" - CAN Development Group STILL Not Happy


Une centaine de 12 RBC iront rejoindre les militaires de l'ouest - Plus



CAN PM Says Detainee Transfers to Resume - Detainee fallout: take few, free quickly - CDS Reportedly QUITE Pissed at CF Being Blamed for Not Saying Anything About Transfers - Conservateurs accusés de mensonge et de camouflage - CAN Opposition Grills PM on Detainees - More - Not a Peep from PM - Liberal Party statement - Suspension des transferts des détenus afghans: Harper reste silencieux - Parti libéral du Canada: les conservateurs doivent cesser d’induire les Canadiens en erreur


Top NATO Cdr:  We Need More Int, Surveillance



DEU Def Min Dropping By This Week - Ministre allemand de la Défense attendu à Kaboul - Brits Rebuilding Around Sangin - Lull in M-Q Temporary Only?



Opinion:  Harper doit convaincre l'OTAN (et les libéraux) - Set Deadline for CAN's AFG Commitment - L'Afghanistan en tête - Harper needs to come clean on Canada's war effort in Afghanistan - Senlis Council Says NATO Forces Should be Allowed to Enter PAK to Nail Taliban Alongside PAK Army


Kabul Diplomats Worry About Ashdown Being Snubbed - US Presses for Quick Selection of UN-NATO Uber-Envoy - More - USA appellent à la nomination d'un nouvel envoyé de l'ONU


USAID Famine Early Warning System Report Says High Wheat Prices Restrict Food Access




28 Jan 08

Étienne Gonthier, R.I.P:  He's Home - More - more - Dépouille est arrivée - Plus


CAN PM to Push for Mission Extension; "Broadly Accepts" Manley Commission Recommendations:  Canadian Press - Globe & Mail (.pdf permalink) - Associated Press - - Reuters - Harper accepte ls grandes lignes du rapport Manley


Head of AFG Human Rights Commission:  CAN Shouldn't Go


New Boss in Arghandab Takes Fire From All Sides


L'opposition attaque les conservateurs au sujet des prisonniers afghans - Liberals, NDP Crank Up Debate on Detainees - More - Liberals Say It's Up to PM To Ensure AFG Debate Not Divisive - More - Liberal 2 i/c:  Real Problem PM, Not SpokespersonPrisonniers afghans : le silence est roi - MacKay laisse le soin à l'armée d'analyser les prisons afghanes


Manley:  CAN Ended Up in K'Har (Instead of Brits) Because We Asked


Opinion:  One 12-year-old Gets It - Manley Report Predetermined? - Manley Report Ignored Opium Issue - Super-Envoy May Not Be Magic Bullet - Manley report jolts war politics - "To send Afghans into battle alongside our soldiers with a drastically reduced standard of training, weaponry and protective equipment is racist."


AFG Forces Hunting Kidnappers of USA Aid Worker in South - More


NOR prête à entreprendre des négociations avec les talibans - NOR For Min Supports Talking to Taliban - More


So, Who's Next on the "UN Uber-Envoy for AFG" Draft Pick List? - More - more - Maybe General "McCool"? - Or Do They Mean This Chap? - BBC 2001 Bio


27 Jan 08

Richard Renaud, R.I.P.:  Mourners remember soldier passionate about mission - more - Loved His Country - Conduit à son dernier repos - Plus - Photos


Étienne Gonthier, R.I.P.:   La dépouille arrive aujourd'hui - plus



PM Comms Person Speaks Out Again - More - AFG Envoy to CAN Defends Detainee Treatment (.pdf permalink) - More - So, Now What Do We Do With Them? - DefMin:  What Change in Detainee Policy? - We'll Start Handin' 'Em to AFG When Conditions Improve - MacKay laisse le soin à l'armée d'analyser les prisons afghanes - Flunkie Minister Defends PM's Spokesperson - Other MP:  Up to PM Whether to Fire Her - More




Grande-Bretagne qui devait assurer la sécurité de la région, dit John Manley - Manley Report "designed to provide political cover for the Harper government, which has hung its hat on the failing war in Afghanistan, and provide it an escape hatch if the kabob hits the fan" - Dion Undercut by Manley





Inside Helmand with Brits - Struggling for Security - Don't Expect More AUS Troops in South - AUS SF Boss Says Taliban Will Lose - AUS Troops Told Not to Help NLD in the Fight?



AFG Pres Prefers Brit General Over Ashdown as UN Uber-Envoy - More - more - Ashdown Steps Down - More - Ashdown renonce au poste d'envoyé de l'Onu en Afghanistan


Karzai Chats Up Washington Post- Pres Happy to be Considered USA Puppet

One Woman's Struggle to Learn



26 Jan 08

Étienne Gonthier, R.I.P.Comrades Bid Their Farewell - Fallen Soldier Returns Home - Dépouille de retour dimanche - GG Cuts Trip Short to Prepare for Repatriation - Here We Go Again About What He (Allegedly) Said When He Was Alive - Point de presse de la famille pour "rectifier certains renseignements divulgués dans les médias depuis l'annonce de la perte d'Etienne" - GoogEng:  Family Holding News Conference to Rectify Certain Media Statements - «Étienne adorait l'armée, il en mangeait...» - Les parents - Plus


Soldat de La Tuque blessé


CF Looking for (More) Ways to Deal with IEDs



PM Spokesperson:  Uh, I Mis-spoke When I Said CF Officials Didn't Tell Us They'd Stopped Transferring Detainees.... - More - more - more - more - more - more - What She Said Earlier (.pdf) - More - Dion:  Just Heard of Change o' Policy On My Trip - More - NATO Kinda Surprised - More - Change Kept Quiet to Protect Troops - CAN Lawyers:  Offering Charter Protection=Violating AFG Sovereignty - Column:  No KIDDING They Knew in Ottawa! - La version du gouvernement Harper sur l'affaire des détenus afghans prend l'eau de toutes parts - Ottawa plaide l'ignorance


CAN PM: "On a matter of national and global security like this, we will never make a decision based on polls. We will make our decision based on what is right."


Survey Says Support for Wd from AFG Drops (But Divisions Remain) - Des jeunes en faveur de la mission


AFG Pres Blames Brits for Bad Guys in Helmand? - Original Times (UK) Article - More - UK:  Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout? - More - more - more

USA Female Aid Worker Kidnapped in K'Har - More - more


Former CIDA AFG Boss Disagrees with Manley Report Aid Ideas

October Trial for MCPL Charged in Death of MCPL Jeff Walsh


Opinion:  "even semi-autonomous special operations units need to understand that popping some bad guy could undermine far larger objectives" - "The U.S. can't afford to lose the support of Canada or other allies as the war in Afghanistan falters." - Canadians deserve truth about the war


AFG Pres Pushing Out Ashdown as Uber-Envoy

Brit Poochies at Work in Helmand

Even PAK Pres Says Mo' Troops Needed in AFG

Sending a Valentine to the Troops



25 Jan 08

Étienne Gonthier, R.I.P.:  Died Before Hearing of Promotion - Big Hearted - Home Town Questions Mission - Il ne lui restait que 30 jours à faire - On His Way Home - Rapatriée au pays - Valcartier Garrison Mourns (Again) - Valcartier touchée par le décès d'un ingénieur - Déclaration de la famille - GovGen Statement - Message de gouv-gén - PM Statement - Déclaration du PM - Def Min Statement - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense Nationale



CAN Gov't Takes Heat Over Detainee Transfers - More - Detainees May Now Be in Legal Limbo - Liberal Statement - Letter Saying "Hey, We Haven't Transferred Detainees in a Bit" - Sorry, Can't Say How Many Nabbed - Trust the Military - More - L'opposition accuse le gouvernement d'avoir menti sur les détenus afghans - Manley Panel Not Told of Change of Policy - Hell, CF (Apparently) Didn't Even Tell Ottawa - Allies Kinda Surprised, Too



Survey Says Those Who Responded Support Manley Report (permalink) - USA SecDef:  Uh, No, Our Marines AREN'T The Extra That Manley Guy Says are Needed - Transcript of Briefing - More on PM Needing to Communicate More About AFG


CF Budman Looking into Stress Post-K'har Deployments - L'ombudsman militaire s'intéresse au stress des soldats revenant de Kandahar


CAN Liberals Want Fighting to End in 2009 (But Willing to Talk?)


Getting Hotter in Western K'Har?


Court Martial Set for Shooting Death of MCPL Jeffrey Walsh


Returning Vandoo Welcomed in Kapuskasing



Opinion:  "Report on Canada's role in Afghanistan shows commitment tempered with unease that rings true for any Western country"


Coroner Rules UK Aug 2006 Death in Helmand Friendly Fire


24 Jan 08

Étienne Gonthier, R.I.P: Killed SE of Kandahar City 23 Jan 08 - CF Statement - CF confirms identity - More - more - more - Nouvelle victime canadienne - Treizième Québécois tombe - Militaire de Saint-Georges tué? - Plus - Communiqué FC - Identité du soldat canadien décédé


Richard Renaud, R.I.P.: Funeral Saturday - Funérailles militaires auront samedi 26 janvier


Reuters:  CF Halts Transfer of Detainees to AFG Authorities - - Globe & Mail - more (permalink) - Reuters (2)  - - - Radio Free AFG - New York Times (permalink) - Agence France Presse - News release - DFAIT Reports on Prison Conditions (.pdf) - Meanwhile, NLD Continuing Prisoner Transfers - Canada a cessé de transférer des détenus afghans aux autorités locales - plus



More on Manley Report:  Clippings collection 24 Jan 08 (.pdf) - Manley Says Combat Phase Won't Exceed a Decade - Canada's Foresters Pipe Up with a Solution - Says "Gag Order" Doesn't Help - Fresh (Re)Start of the Debate - Manley Report Will be a Popular Topic in Parliamentary Committees - Manley Speaks to National Post Editorial Board - Editorial Board with Globe & Mail, Too (permalink) - On CBC's "The National" - Column:  We're Not Alone - Column:  "The utterly pedestrian character of this report is that it never escapes from the illusion that all political and military reality grows out of the West" - Lotsa Reaction via - What Didn't Make it In? - Still No News Release from the Liberals - Few allies can help Canada: Diplomats



Plus de Rapport Manley:  Collection nouvelles 24 Jan 08 (.pdf) - Plus qu’un problème de communication - L’Institut Forestier du Canada propose un nouveau rôle pour le Canada en Afghanistan - Lucide et courageux - L'utilité du rapport Manley - Les parlementaires sont-ils sérieux ? - L'OTAN devra en faire plus - Rapport Manley propose de lancer un ultimatum à l'OTAN - Des députés craignent une mission sans fin


More US Marines in the South After Mini-surge This Year?


One Nailed, Nine Nabbed in M-Q - Helmand Attacks Nipped in Bud - Fallen Brit in Helmand Identified


JPN Resumes Support of AFG Mission - Norvège demande à l'OTAN une nouvelle stratégie - Research Paper Highlights NOR Violence Against Civvies - RC-East Boss:  We Share Best Practices (But Not Everything Works Everywhere)


Opinion:  Redirect CAN's AFG aid - "Not only are we carrying the can for the Americans, they don't even appreciate it." - « J’aimerais cependant que nos chefs politiques cessent de nous bassiner avec les références au Jour J, avec les promesses de « succès », de « victoire » et toute cette bullshit. » - "The narco-state in Afghanistan is essential, or all else will fail. But it will take years, and American policies today are working against their own objective" - More



23 Jan 08

Manley report/Rapport Manley:  English - francais (.pdf)




Political -- CAN PM:  "Over the coming days, our government will thoroughly review the recommendations with Cabinet and our Caucus before coming forward with our response." - NDP:  "Manley recommendation inconsistent with Canada’s role in the world" - Bloc Quebecois (GoogleEnglish):  "carte blanche to make war" - Green Party of Canada:  "the recommendation of more ISAF forces from a Christian/Crusader heritage will continue to fuel an insurgency that has been framed as a ‘Jihad’ " - Conservatives:  BAAAD Green Party/Sucking In Liberals



Politique -- CAN PM:  « Au cours des prochains jours, notre gouvernement examinera attentivement les recommandations avec les membres du Cabinet et notre caucus avant de faire connaître sa réponse. » - NPD:  « La recommandation de John Manley ne respecte pas le rôle du Canada dans le monde  » - Bloc Quebecois:  « carte blanche pour faire la guerre » - « Parti vert rejette les conclusions de Rapport de Manley » (GoogleFrancais) - Conservateurs:  « Le temps est venu pour Stéphane Dion de mettre fin à la coalition entre le Parti libéral et le Parti Vert »



NGO's -- Conference of Defence Associations:  "a sober and even-handed assessment of Canada’s role thus far in the Afghan mission, and provides a compelling vision for the future" - Senlis Council "applauds Manley Panel for no withdrawal date of Canadian troops in Kandahar"



Media -- Collection of 23 Jan 08 Clippings (.pdf, 300+ pg.) - Embassy:  Manley Wants PM to Take Charge - Canadian Press (CP): Family Reaction - CP: Liberals Keeping Options Open - More - more - CP:  (Optimistic?) Expert Says It Shouldn't Be Hard for NATO to Come Up with 1K Troops - Globe & Mail - CBC Online - National Post - CanWest/Global - Toronto Star - - more - - Scott Taylor:  Where Report Falls Short - Associated Press - Bloomberg - MSNBC - Radio Free Afghanistan - United Press International - - Reuters - BBC Online - AFP - Al Jazeera - ABC Online (AUS) - Deutsche Presse Agentur



Nouvelles -- Sommaire de 23 Jan 08 nouvelles (.pdf, 54 pg.) - Presse Canadienne (PC):  Le Canada devrait faire sa "poule mouillée" pour obtenir de l'aide de l'OTAN - PC: Recommande de prolonger la mission en Afghanistan - Radio-Canada: Les conditions d'une prolongation - PC: Points saillants - PC: Duceppe accuse Manley d'avoir donné un chèque en blanc à Harper - PC: réactions divergent - AgenceNews: réactions sont nombreuses - AFP: mission canadienne doit être prolongée sous conditions


In other news.....


ANA Head Off Attacks in Helmand



Already Talk of (Another) Taliban "Spring Offensive"



New Super Envoy to be "Leader of Int'l Community"




Opinion:  CF Officer:  "The unintended collateral damage of (Secretary of Defence) Gate's remarks only fuels the anti-Americanism already rampant among nations whose opposition parties rally against supporting what they perceive as President George W. Bush's war." - Military clinic put Afghans at risk of attack - "Afghanistan's hope of progress and security is withering. Europe must lead a new coordinated new strategy before it is too late."


NOR Joining In=Increasing Enthusiasm in Europe? - NOR To Seek New AFG Strategy - Inquiry Into AUS SF Captain Killed Self After Tour



PAK (Again) Bans Flour Shipments to AFG - UNAMA Holding News Conference Tomorrow on Rising Flour Prices



22 Jan 08

Manley Panel Recommends Shift in Focus of CAN Mission in AFG:  News release - Canada appelé à réorienter les priorités de sa mission en Afghanistan Report (.pdf) - Rapport (.pdf)


Richard Renaud, R.I.P.: Funérailles en fin de semaine prochaine


CF Helping Train Up AFG Cops in Zhari-Panjwai


ASTER porteur d'un message pour un soldat en Afghanistan


More Speculation About Manley Panel Report - Recommendation to Extend Msn Coming? - Link CAN's Role to NATOpermalink) - Shift to Training Mission=More Support? - Expect Call for Mo' NATO Troops - More - more - more - more - more - more - Liberals Ready to Wiggle a Bit on Position? - Commission recommanderait la prolongation de la mission - Plus - plus - plus - plus - plus - Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan web page - Groupe d’experts indépendant sur le futur rôle du Canada en Afghanistan


Interested in Construction Opportunities in AFG? (permalink)


More on Fallen Brit in Helmand - Seven Nabbed in Zabul - Nabbed While Coalition "Degrading Taliban Networks" - EST Pumps CDN$38,400 into Helmand Hospital Generators


300K Kids Not In School in South Thanks to Taliban - Pas d'école pour 300 000 élèves à cause des talibans


(Allegedly) Desecrated Koran Protests:  Brit Media - TUR Media - SAU Media - Bahrain Media - Qatar Media


PAK Pres, NATO Boss Discuss AFG - Karzai Seeks More Foreign Aid


Karzai:  What's This New Guy's Role, Exactly? - More - Envoyé spécial de l'ONU en Afghanistan: sa mission doit être précisée (Karzaï)



Opinion:  "It's time to get the job done or get the hell out." - NATO shows its age - Enough U.S. help for Afghanistan? - Senlis:  "Eradication will and can never be successful because it destroys the one crop that serves as the main income to millions of Afghans." - Fmr CF Member:  "It is another American war for oil."


Court Case Highlights What Goes On in K'Har Prison - More - Ottawa savait que les prisonniers afghans étaient soumis à la torture

CENTCOM Boss:  Not Enough Governance=Drug Problem

Let's Not Forget Food Prices/Insecurity in PAK - More


21 Jan 08

Afghans swarm CAN clinic @ Spin Boldak - Reporter's Blog


CIDA-funded Program Helping AFG Women


Manley Recommendations Expected This Week - Globe & Mail:  He's Going to Say, "Keep 'Em There Until 2011" - (permalink) - More - more - Political Scientist:  Story Behind Manley Report is in Analysis, Not Recommendations

Coalition Resupply Convoy Destined for AFG Hit by Terrs in PAK



Aussies Want Better Co-ordination Between NATO Countries in the Fight - More - Generals Split on Strategy? - Coalition internationale est divisée sur la stratégie à adopter face à la rébellion - US-UK Tug of War???


ReportBuy Off Moderate Taliban



More on Civvies Killed when Taxi Hits IED in Panjwai - Six Afghans travaillant pour les troupes étrangères tués par les taliban - l'OTAN dans le piège taliban - Accusing K'Har Kops of Kidnapping? (permalink) - Protests Against Alleged Desecration of Koran in Gehreshk



Brit Killed in M-Q IED Strike - More - US Troops Look Back @ Battle for M-Q - National Reconciliation Commission Rep Killed by Taliban in Zabul



Opinion:  The key battlefield: PAK-AFG - "Before Nato can hope to defeat the Taleban, it must resolve its internal conflict. The decisive battleground will likely be the Nato summit in Bucharest in April..." - Afghan Talks Seem Only Road to Peace



More Gates (Alleged) Comments Fallout:  CAN DefMin's "terrible day" - Canadians know troops fighting well - "To say now that the alliance isn't prepared to counter an insurgency is to raise questions about the entire mission." - "Our troops fight as well as anyone else -- if not better" - "Opening the Gates of criticism" - "Gates' slur of NATO troops shows ignorance" - "Gates Is Right About NATO's Counterinsurgency Deficiencies; Though A Matter of Will, Not Skill"


JPN:  You Sure None of This Fuel's Being Used for the Fight in IRQ?


20 Jan 08

Pumping Up the Next ROTO as they Head Out - More - more - Une fête avant le départ - Centaines de soldats s'apprêtent à quitter le Manitoba


Serving Female Infanteer Can't Wait to Head Over - CAN's First Female Reg Infanteer Wants Tps Outta AFG


Panjwai IED Kills Five Civvies - More - Cinq civils tués et deux blessés dans Panjwai explosion


National Post Reporter Blog:  Not Much's Changed - Fun with Guns - OPSEC Grates a Bit


Aid Worker in K'Har Blog


Here's One Reason You Need (At Least Some) Military to Help Rebuild AFG



ISAF Signs Contract for Fixed, Rotary Wing Cargo Lift (permalink)

"When Iggy met the Taliban"


"The Musa Qala Purchase: An Anglo-Afghan endeavor" - USA Promises to Help Rebuild M-Q (permalink) - More on Brit Approach in Helmand - IED Hunters in Helmand (permalink) - Bad Boys, Boss Nabbed in Zabul

GoogleEnglish:  NLD SF In the Fight in Oruzgan - Original Article in Dutch



Opinion:  "The objective .... is to not concede Kandahar and environs to the Taliban." - Pendant ce temps, à KandaharCAN is Part of the War - Blogger - Dion Wants To Neuter Them! -  Will Dion denounce Manley and his report? - "Painful displays of ignorance and arrogance" (permalink) - Does Stephane Dion have a case of Obama envy? - Dion "Painfully Flawed" on AFG - "To do what can be done in the way of peaceful reconstruction is one thing. To perpetuate foreign war on the pretext that Afghanistan in Taliban hands threatens the NATO powers is grotesque." - Talking to the wrong people - Sticks & Stones & Allies


Hunting the Poppy Hunt - One Blogger's Letter Exchange on Issue with UN Office of Drugs and Crime

AFG's Girl Gap - No More Soap Operas from IND in AFG




19 Jan 08

Richard Renaud, R.I.P.: He's Home - More - more - more - Il est arrivée - Plus


LewMac:  JUST Protecting Civilians (Without Engaging Enemy) Puts Troops At More Risk


Don't Expect Much Change Recommended by Manley Panel? - More


Little protest from Quebecers after soldier deaths in AFG - More


Les réservistes prennent du galon


Dispatches from a CAN Civvy Worker


CAN ForMin:  "Honest, He's Not Talking For Us, Pakistan!"

Blair implore le Canada


New USA Boss of ISAF Senate Confirmation Away from Taking ther Conn - USA Statement

Taliban Hang Alleged Spy from Electicity Pole in South - More - Making M-Q Work

NGO Security Group:  2007 Was Year Taliban "Rejoined the Fight" - Only Just Beginning?

More Calls to Play Nice with "Moderate" Bad Guys - More



Opinion:  "Canada’s colonial-style, “embedded” Afghan advisors subject of bureaucratic squabble in Ottawa"  - Column - U.S. defence minister insulting - Les chiffres en disent trop, mais cachent l'essentiel - "Afghanistan today is not a puzzle in search of a solution. It is, rather, a problem of conflicted problems all of which must be managed day-by-day as the country struggles towards rebuilding its society and government" - USA AFG drug policy "shameless, absurd and arrogant"



CAN Conservatives Accuse Liberal Ldr of Being "Out-of-his League on World Stage" - "Fallout of Dion’s Risky Pakistan Chatter" - Conservateurs: Dion "dépassé sur la scène internationale" - Conséquences des paroles de Dion - More - Commentary "These infantile exchanges are par for the course in our increasingly dumbed-down public debate." - "Pakistan invasion idea shows he is incapable of leading a national government"


More Gates Fence Mending - More - more - more - more - more

Brits Short o' Kit, Leading to More Risk to Troops?


18 Jan 08

Richard Renaud, R.I.P.:  Dépouille arrivera vendredi - Renaud returns Friday

Hani Massouh, R.I.P.:  Conduit à son dernier repos - Plus - Dernier hommage - Laid to Rest - Hailed for Charisma


Seven Injured in IED Strike - More - more - more - more - Sept soldats blessés - Plus - plus


Next ROTO Told "NATO's spine 'made in Canada,' " - More - more - more - more


Trouble Brewing in K'Har for CF Troops? - More



Fmr UK PM Tells CAN Not to Flinch at Troops' Deaths in AFG - Calls on CAN to Stand Firm - Blair implore le Canada


More on Marine Mini-Surge Troops Reporting to CAN Boss - USA Politico Threatens Sanctions if NATO Doesn't Cough Up More Troops??? (permalink) - more


World Bank on CAN's Role in AFG Development



USA SecDef Still Trying to Clarify - Transcript of 17 Jan 08 Roundtable - More - more - more - more - more - more - moremore - more - more - More Making Nice with CAN - More - more - Apologizes to NLD - Reaching Out to CAN to Smooth Waters - Al Jazeera Pipes In - More - Taliban Jack's Take on Gates Alleged Comments - More - Propos de Gates pourraient encourager le Canada à quitter -Gates tente de se rattraper en louant les qualités des alliés - Harper tente de calmer le jeu - Gates a présenté des excuses aux Pays-Bas



Opinion:  "Mr. Gates is smart and serious, and he's in charge of a smart and serious military. If he has things to say that he wants us to hear, we should listen." - Afghanistan was never Canada's war - Getting NATO to Commit - USMC Mini-Surge Good News for CAN - A mini surge in Afghanistan - "No wonder they're so eager to hand the mess back to the Afghans -- and call it victory." - UK Paper:  "We need to reduce forces in Afghanistan"



CAN Liberal Leader:  No, No, No, I Didn't Mean NATO Should DO SOMETHING in PAK - More - Dion rajuste son tir - PAK Not Impressed - More - more - Dion: Les conservateurs déforment grossièrement les récents propos sur le Pakistan - And It's the Conservatives' Fault, Too - See What I Mean? - Conservatuers: "Dion a encore une fois prouvé qu’il représenterait un risque s’il devenait premier ministre lorsqu’il a sollicité une intervention militaire de l’OTAN au Pakistan." - Letter:  "Afghanistan is no place for Liberal politics"



DEU Sending Mo' Troops to "Hunt Terrorists"? - UK Helmand Boss Upbeat about Progress - UK CDS Agrees - Following a Brit EOD Team - Brit Para Amputee Prepares to Return to Duty



PAK Still Running Short of Flour

Plans to Discuss Refugee Issues in Spring


17 Jan 08

Eric Labbe, R.I.P.:  Remembered for Passion for CF, Mission - More - more - more - Caporal Labbé peut reposer en paix Plus - Alma pleure le décès du soldat Renaud, les obsèques d'Éric Labbé ont lieu à Rimouski


Richard Renaud, R.I.P.:  "Communal Sense of Loss"


CAN Def Min:  Deaths Not in Vain


NATO Education Afghans to Stay Back from Mil Vehicles


Calgary Reservists Prepare to Move



Survey Says, 2/3 Canadians Polled Oppose Sending Troops in AFG (but Split on GTFO vs. Non-Combat Role) - (permalink) - both .pdf - More



More on USA SecDef Alleged Statements:  Robert Gates critique l'Otan dans le sud afghan et provoque de vives réactions - Plus - Spokesperson Makes it Clear Effort IS Appreciated (permalink) - More (permalink) - more - more - more - CAN DefMin - He Didn't Mean Us - More - more - NATO Boss:  Never Mentioned It To Us Before - Other Allies Still Pissed - More - more - more - Some REALLY Pissed - More - more - Really, Really Pissed - Did I Mention Some Were Pissed? - More - Propos attribués au secrétaire US à la Défense irritent les pays alliés - Les É.-U. jugent les Canadiens incompétents - Gates provoque une polémique autour de l'insécurité en Afghanistan


Vandoo Officer Collecting $ to Buy Shoes for AFG Kids


More on US Envoy Visiting M-Q Governor/Taliban Defector - Sex, Drugs and Suicide Bombs in the South



Opinion:  Lettres: L'autre combat à Kandahar - SAT Isn't Teaching Governance - Maybe SAT Could Help Ottawa? - "Canadians Too Thick to Support Afghanistan Mission" - "It's becoming clear that the war must be won by U.S. troops, and not by NATO." - "Paddy Ashdown is a glutton for punishment" - "The push for pomegranate and other produce, then, is a strategy worth pursuing in all counter-terrorism efforts, not just in Afghanistan." - PAK, AFG "Monsters of our own making"



Liberals (Who Don't Want CAN Fighting in AFG) Now Say NATO Should Go Into PAK? (permalink) - More - Liberal Leader Pissed at Statements by Tories - More - more - more - Dion laisse entendre qu'il est favorable à une intervention de l'OTAN au Pakistan - Dion exige la tête d'Helena Guergis - Dion et Ignatieff se font sermonner par Karzaï


EST Sends Medic/Doc to Helmand

Struggling with Reconstruction

US Says They Have "Broad Support" for Anti-Poppy Push Next Month

IRN Stops Sending Back AFG Refugees (For Now) - More - more - IRN AFG's Top Investment Priority - AFG Re-Opens PAK Border Crossing Point



16 Jan 08

Richard Renaud, R.I.P.:  Déclaration de la famille du cavalier Richard Renaud - Message from Governor General - Message de gouverneure générale - Message from Prime Minister - Déclaration du Premier ministre du Canada - Message from Defence Minister - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale - Premier Ministre Charest Offre Ses Condoléances - Valcartier Garrison grieves - Valcartier éprouvée par le décès d'un "blindé" - ISAF Statement - Statement by Leader of the Opposition - Déclaration de chef de l’opposition - NDP Leader Jack Layton’s statement - Déclaration du chef du NPD Jack Layton - Alexandre Cloutier offre ses condoléances - News/nouvelles:  Ramp Ceremony Starts Trip HomeMore -Clippings Search Results (.pdf) - Presse Canadienne - Canadian Press - Globe & Mail (permalink) - First Overseas Mission, Expecting First Child - Radio Canada - plus - Bloomberg - Globe & Mail (permalink) - - - Xinhua - Deutsche Presse-Agentur



Éric Labbé & Hani Massouh, R.I.P.:  Funérailles civiles du caporal Eric Labbé auront lieu le mercredi 16 janvier 2008 - Funerals This Week 


Prochain groupe déployé en Afghanistan aura un record de réservistes - GoogEng:  Lotsa Reservists Next ROTO - Soo Reserve Arty Unit Set to Send 8-16 - Next ROTO Headed to Ft. Bliss


More on CF Strategic Advisory Team's Uncertain Future (permalink) - Comment: "Our rivalries conspire to make a great nation small" (permalink)



A Look into How Diplomacy is Done via CAN PRT (.pdf)


IEDs Still Big Killers


Dubya OK's "Marine Surge" - More - more - US DoD Statement on Who's Going - Pentagon Says They'll be Under Canadian Command in RC-South - More - Washington Post: USMC Push Could  Help CAN Sell Mission at Home? (permalink) - More on NATO Countries Sending No More Troops - More - USA:  When the Leathernecks Leave, You'd Better Backfill, NATO - More - Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan page


Meanwhile, USA Sec Def Disses Allies on COIN Capability?(permalink) - Reuters:  He Meant NATO's Not Structured for COINAssociated Press: Allies a Bit Pissed - Discussion


CAN's Work to Cut TB Rates Showing Results


AFG Cop Work More Survival than Sleuthing - GRC apprend aux policiers afghans à survivre dans les rues - AFG Cops Workin' Harder in Oruzgan


Expect Manley Panel to Suggest Partial CAN GTFO, Change in Mission?


Ottawa a un plan pour «vendre» la mission en Afghanistan - GoogEng:  CAN's Plan to Sell AFG Mission


Opinion:  "Dion and Ignatieff aren't just spineless -- they're misleading Canadians"Dion's misleading call to abandon AFG - Liberals get a boost from Kandahar trip - Duceppe n’ira pas en AFG - Al-Qaeda could still undo six years' work in AFG


Man Touted for AFG Uber-Envoy Post Reportedly Accepts - Wiki Bio

Reports the Taliban Falling Apart?

Kidnapping Gang Nabbed in Helmand




UK Mil Boss in Helmand:  "We're succeeding, I think the term winning is probably too absolute in these conditions" - Fallen NLD Troops Remembered in K'Har - AFG Pissed About UK Assessment of Needing to Be There for At Least 10 Years? - NOR To Stick Around AFG - Sending More Aid, In Fact

Karzai Supports Peace Caravan (permalink)



More on AFG-PAK Border Closed to Stop Wheat Smuggling into AFG (permalink) - More


15 Jan 08

Richard Renaud, #78, R.I.P.:  Canadian Soldier Killed, One Other Wounded - Canadien perd la vie et un autre est blessé - Canadian PressPresse CanadienneCBC.caReuters -


AFG Pres:  Thanks for Dropping By, Mr. Dion, but Momentum in South's Gotta Continue - More - Afghan ambassador says call for less violent mission could undo gains made by Canadians in the south



AFG Envoy to CAN:  We Still Need the CF Strategic Advisory Team (permalink) - SAT Backgrounder - Editorial:  Put Civvies Doing The Job (permalink)


More on Commissionaires Heading to K'Har



Opinion:  "Let's support troops who are fighting so well" - "More Allied, Not U.S., Forces Key to Success in Afghanistan" To talk, or not talk, with the Taliban? - "It's time for Canadian politicians to insist on a visit to the UN Security Council."


More Reviews of "Outside the Wire"


3.2K Leathernecks Prepare to Move - More

US Army Boss in Europe Next NATO Boss in AFG?

Bad Guys Give Back RUS Remains of 2006 Chopper Crash in Shah-Wali-Kot


Two Million At Risk from High Food Prices in AFG - PAK Army Guards Grain Next Door - AFG-PAK Border Closed to Goods Trucks


"Convoy of Peace" Tries Coaxing Taliban Outta Fighting

NLD Starts Probe of Friendly Fire Deaths - SWE Troops in North Get Shot At, Don't Shoot Back???

US Envoy Asks AFG to Stop the Poppies

Women Making a Difference (Even in Conservative K'Har)



14 Jan 08 

Éric Labbé & Hani Massouh, R.I.P.:  Les corps de deux soldats tués en Afghanistan rapatriés à Valcartier


Four CF Troops Injured in IED Explosion in Panjwai - More - more - Quatre soldats canadiens légèrement blessés - plus


2007, année la plus meurtrière en Afghanistan


CF Naval IED Experts Appreciated Out of the Water


'Bureaucratic jealousy' Threatens CF Strategic Advisory Team in AFG? (permalink)


Taliban Info Ops:  "Taliban Strike Puppet Afghan Forces Across Afghanistan"

Feeding the Hungry Part of Winning Hearts, Minds - More


US Envoy to AFG Meets With New Gov'ner of M-Q, Tells Him to Stop Growing Opium - Eradicating Opium plantations - Letter:  Poppies for Biodiesel? - Trying To Turn Around Narco-Industry


US Underwhelmed By UK Plan to Arm Militias

Not Easy Work for AFG Cops in South, East (permalink) - Staying Alive is Job One (permalink)



CAN Liberals Not Swayed to Change Mind on AFG Mission - More - more - Visiting During Incident - Meeting the Troops Conservateurs ridiculisent Dion - Libéraux souhaitent que la mission en Afghanistan prenne fin en 2009 - plus - More - Political Pissing Matches Over Liberal Visit (permalink)

NDP Leader Says There's No Point Making Presentation to Manley Panel - Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan


Opinion:  "We owe it to our soldiers to ensure their sacrifice is justifiable" - "Entre ignorance et arrogance" - "Afghans, Report for Duty"



Soldats néerlandais tuent par erreur deux des leurs et deux militaires afghans - Latest NLD Deaths Friendly Fire? - More - more - more - more - Not Just NLD Troops... - More on DEU "Kids as Mine Detectors" Allegations



13 Jan 08

Jonathan Dion, R.I.P.Dead soldier found his calling in Afghanistan, say mourners - More - Collègues et amis du soldat Jonathan Dion ont salué sa mémoire - Plus


Too Late for CAN to GTFO by 2009?


Bad Boys Kill Cops in Maywand - Meanwhile, Bad Boys Nailed in K'Har


Commissionaires Headed to AFG to Work Gate Security @ KAF



CAN Liberal Leader Tells AFG Pres CAN Needs to Do Less Shooting, More Building - More - more - Says Karzai is "amenable" to CAN Non-Combat Role? - Stéphane Dion et Michael Ignatieff rencontrent Hamid Karzaï en Afghanistan - plus - Coderre y voit un signe d'unité - Conservative Pty of Canada:  Welcome to AFG, Mr. Dion (permalink) - Conservateur:  BIENVENUE EN AFGHANISTAN STÉPHANE DION


BBC Defends Coverage of Civvy Cas

Opinion:  Are we losing Afghanistan?


Two NLD Troops Killed in Oruzgan - More - Deux soldats néerlandais tués - plus - GBR Def Min:  AFG is Long Term - Brits Get Sat Nav - Brit Coulda Been Saved with Better Chopper, Maps?




12 Jan 08

Jonathan Dion, R.I.P.Les funérailles auront lieu aujourd'hui - Funeral Today - Loved his job, wanted to make a difference

Éric Labbé, R.I.P.Funérailles auront lieu mercredi


Reserve Arty Officer's Account

One of the Injured Glad to be Almost Healed Up

CIDA:  Projects Bearing Fruit


Letter to Editor by Lew-Mac:  "Given the Liberals' latest proposals for Canada's role in Afghanistan, you have to wonder if they know what we've been doing there all this time" - Granatstein:  "Opposition should be reminded Afghanistan war is UN-approved"



CAN Liberal Leader, Deputy Leader Meet with Pres. Karzai - Looking for Non-Combat Role for CAN - More -more - moreNews Release - Dion, chef adjoint Liberal Ignatieff rencontrent le président de l’Afghanistan - Discussion -


CAN Happy to See JPN Helping Out Again - Canada se réjouit de la reprise des opérations japonaises de ravitaillement - More on CAN's Debate


AFG Def Min Bashes BBC for Exaggerated Civvy Cas Stories (permalink) - Meanwhile, Taliban Quick on the Media Speed Dial (permalink)

UK in Helmand:  1 Year, 4,000,000 Rounds Downrange - Closer Look at the New Governor in M-Q - More - Taliban Hiding Ammo in Oruzgan School - More - Troops Drop By Near Khorma


Strain on US Forces is Reason Behind "Leatherneck Surge" - Chair of Joint Chiefs:  Mo' Troops'll Make a Difference - A Big One - CBC Guy Assesses the Politics

DEU Looking into Book Accusation of Kids Being Used as Mine Detectors

K'Har Exports Growing (permalink)

More Calls for Better Strategy, Need for Uber-Envoy



11 Jan 08

Jonathan Dion, R.I.P.:  Avis aux médias - Funérailles de l'artilleur Jonathan Dion - Media Advisory - Funeral of Gunner Jonathan Dion

Éric Labbé & Hani Massouh, R.I.P.:  Caporal Labbé rapatrié - plus



More US Marines in South Doesn't Necessarily Mean Break for CF Troops - Still, CAN CDS Pleased - Hillier se réjouit - NATO Likes It, Too - Not to Mention AFG - Kaboul ravi des renforts américains - plus - Mo' Worries=Mo' Troops


CDS To Stop Using Phrase "Non-life threatening injuries"


CAN Still Looking to Replace Top Civvy Presence in K'Har (permalink) - More


Demand Growing for CAN Female Troops, Cops


CAN Jail Guards (Only Slowly) Making Progress with AFG Colleages - Afghans ne souhaitent pas cesser de se servir des menottes


"Expert":  “By the time [the Canadians] chose to deploy tanks and heavy artillery, they had to know they were going to lose [the war]. So they chose systems to lose the fewest people.”


Opinion:  UN Sec Gen:  AFG Not Lost or Forgotten (permalink) - PAK, AFG in Tandem (permalink) - PAK's Hand in AFG - The curse of Afghanistan


(Ousted?) Taliban Boss Says He's Indispensibile


NATO Boss Asks for Patience re:  AFG Mission - Denies Some Team Members are Inactive - More on CAN Debate of AFG Mission



JPN Back in the Refuelling Game for AFG Mission - More - Mission japonaise de ravitaillement en océan Indien sera reprise en janvier - plus - More from DEU Book:  ISAF Using Kids to Help Spot Mines?


Is IND Pushing AFG to Push USA to Attack PAK? (permalink) - PAK:  Don't Send Any USA Troops THIS Way...


AFG Asks World Food Program for Help

AFG Mullahs Want to Ban Soaps from TV?


10 Jan 08

Hani Massouh & Eric Labbe, R.I.P.:  They're Home - More - more - more - Dépouilles arrivent au pays - plus


National Post:  CAN GTFO'ing AFG by 2009 Too Soon - Une mission d'aide plutôt que de combat


Latest on Arghandab Causeway & ISAF (CAN) Help Building It


Mine Strike Kills One ISAF Soldier, Injures Two


USA Considering 3K More Troops for AFG - Marine Corps Times Says They're Headed for the South! ( permalink )-  Pentagon Cites NATO's Failure to Provide Additional Troops - Marines en renfort en Afghanistan - AFG:  Happy to Hear It!


Charts Show Lots of the Action (Still) in the South

More on Brit Idea to Turn the Tribes - Getting "Moderate Taliban" On Side - So, Is This Taliban Boss Fired, or Not?

Opinion:  CAN PM Should Explain Why We're There - Blogger - Taliban (In Effect) Now Rule M-Q? - Blogger - How "Legal" is ISAF in AFG?


AFG Officials Hinting They'd LIKE USA to Hit Bad Boys in PAK - More

Medical Training for Civvies in Zabul - Meanwhile, Homicide Bomber Kills Civvy Shopkeeper in Zabul

DEU Air Force General Takes Over RC-North - Book to Show DEU Troops "Colouring Outside the Lines" in AFG?JPN Trying to Get Opposition On Side for AFG Msn - POL Closer to Taking Over Its Own 'Hood


Not JUST AFG Seeing Food, Grain Shortages



9 Jan 08

Hani Massouh & Eric Labbe, R.I.P.:  Expected Back in CAN Today - More - Media Advisory - Soldats tués rapatriés mercredi - plus - Avis aux médias - Families of killed soldiers dealing with loss -Grief hits families of soldiers - Dernière mission de l’adjudant Massouh



What the Liberals Told the Manley Panel - Parti libéral fait ses recommandations au groupe d’experts indépendant - Submission (permalink) - Mémoire (permalink) - Time to GTFO? - More - more - Or Just Change Jobs? - More - Dion veut que l'armée reste, mais soit flexible


66 % des Québécois opposés à la mission en Afghanistan - Foreign Media on CAN Debate


Opinion:  Getting Ugly in AFG - Looking for AFG's "Anbar Moment" - "Taliban Tiff Turns Toxic"


Review:  The Unexpected War - Understanding AFG via Hollywood (With a Mention of CBC)


Helmand Taliban Boss Bribes Way Outta Kabul Jail - More - More on Ex-Taliban Now Boss in M-Q

Lotsa Work for PMCs


More on POL Shooting Incident - More - Macedonia Sending ~120 Troops

AFG Gov't to rein in private security firms

AFG Begs IRN to Not Expel Refugees Yet



8 Jan 08

Hani Massouh & Eric Labbe, R.I.P.:  On Their Way Home - Des hommages pour les deux militaires qui ont péri - Fallen remembered for professionalism, dedication - Hommages pour les deux militaires qui ont péri - Triste fin pour un Rimouskois - Royal 22e en deuil



Déclaration de la famille du caporal Eric Labbé - Déclaration de la famille de l'adjudant Hani Massouh - 5 CMBG Statement - Valcartier éprouvée par le décès de deux fantassins - Statement by the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages - Déclaration de la ministre du Patrimoine canadien, de la Condition féminine et des Langues officielles - Premier ministre du Québec tient à offrir ses plus sincères condoléances - Initial CF Statement - Liberal Party Statement - Dion déclaration - NDP Statement - Layton déclaration - Message de Gilles Duceppe


Analysts:  LAV Still Safe - More - Non-combat deaths an 'inherent risk'


Whazzup With the Claims That IRN is Arming the Taliban?

More on CAN's Man in Kabul

K'Har Cops Injured in Homicide Bombing



Opinion:  Expect Anti-Americanism to be Part of Opposition Response to Manley Commission Report (.pdf) -  Afghans Need Weapons They Know How to Use - Need for a Different Medal System for CF in AFG Recognizing Number of Tours? - Senlis Still Pushing "Poppies for Medicine" Model of Opium Management - More - "While being as keen as anyone for the Taleban to be defeated .... this looks unlikely."



Royal Marines Carry Out Amphibious Assault in Kajaki Dam Area - More - RAF Seeking Killer UAVs for Helmand - Taliban-NLD Punch-Up Leads to Taliban Being Nailed - Former Taliban Boss New District Boss in M-Q - Ancien chef taliban nommé gouverneur d'un district du sud - What's Next for M-Q?


Polling Firm Says NLD Still Opposed to AFG Mission - More - NLD Peace Group Report:  Three Scenarios for ISAF (.pdf)


USMC Hold Court of Inquiry into Spec Ops Incident in March 2007 - More- Infanterie de marine américaine forme une commission pour enquêter sur la tuerie de plusieurs Afghans


DNK Think Tank Report:  "NATO in Afghanistan – What lessons are we learning, and are we willing to adjust?" (.pdf)


Putting food on AFG tables getting harder - Flour Shortage Just Across the PAK Border

More on US Lawyers Helping Straighten Out AFG Legal, Justice System


7 Jan 08


Deux soldats canadiens tués:  Presse Canadienne - Radio Canada - Agence France Presse - Xinhua - Déclarations:  GGPM - Ministre

Two Killed in LAV Roll-Over: ISAF Statement - Canadian Pressmore - CanWestmore - - CBC.camore - Xinhua (CHN) - Statements:  GovGen/Comd in Chief - PMDef Min


On How CAN Cas are Counted (permalink)


Original Plan for CF in AFG Lots Bigger (permalink) - L'armée avait prévu un déploiement plus important


Claire a perdu 17 collègues pendant son séjour en Afghanistan


Opinion:  Be proud of CAN efforts in AFG

Book Review:  "Outside the Wire" - Listing


Oruzgan Punch-Up Leaves Civvies Dead - Med Supplies Delivered to Oruzgan

More on PAK Not Wanting US Troops

Big Deal About IND Paramilitary Forces in AFG? - Deux nouvelles OMLT (operational mentoring liaison team) françaises arrivées fin décembre

PAK Refugees Fleeing Border Zone Punch Ups by Heading to AFG


6 Jan 08 

USA Envoy to CAN Predicts Close Vote on AFG Mission in Parliament


Wheat Crisis Worsening?


USA (Reportedly) Considering Harder Push into PAK - More - more - Pakistan: Vers une intervention américaine - plus - PAK:  USA Military Not Welcome - GoogFr:  Pakistan dit l'armée d'Etats-Unis pas bienvenue


Turfed Envoys Were (Reportedly) Trying to Turn Taliban Boss in Helmand - More

Opinion:  Lettre-"Encore une raison de persister en Afghanistan"


DEU Worried About Military Driving in AFG - Visite du CEMAA à Kandahar - GoogEng:  Senior FRA Air Force Rep Visits K'Har

UK Planning Diplomatic Surge in S.Asia to Deal with Extremism - More - Londres prévoit une «chirurgie diplomatique» au Moyen-Orient, Asie


5 Jan 08

How CF, Ghurkas are Working Together


K'har mayor teams up with CF to reduce pedestrian, auto congestion


More on No Evidence of IRN Supplying Wpns to Taliban


Book Review:  "Outside the Wire" (permalink)


Delivering Aid to Oruzgan - Bad Boys Nabbed in K'Har


AFG security boss: roots of terror must be destroyed in PAK (permalink)


Royal Marines Set Up "Save the AFG Poochies" Fund

Flying in AFG, Piloted in Nevada - More on UAVs

More on Turfed Diplomats

AFG Seeks Wheat to Overcome Shortage - More - more - Talking Poverty in Afghanistan


World Bank's Latest Report (.pdf):  "Despite extraordinarily difficult circumstances during 2007, Afghanistan has made remarkable achievements notably: more girls are at school than at any time in Afghanistan’s history, child mortality has been reduced substantially, and the government’s national community development program is bringing development to thousands of communities in every province in the country." (permalink)


IND team to review security in AFG - AZE Sending In 45 More Troops - Plaque Dedicated to Fallen POL Soldier

Opinion:  AFG-PAK Abyss - "Canada has an outsized influence on world affairs is Afghanistan"

AFG Muslim Clerics to Karzai: stop foreign aid groups from converting locals to Christianity, resume public executions - Conseil des oulémas afghans dénonce le prosélytisme chrétien

Marriage Practice Victimizes Young Girls, Society




4 Jan 08

Jonathan Dion, R.I.P.:  << Il aimait être soldat >> - <<Il voulait faire une différence>> - Des funérailles à Gatineau


Training the AFG Troops on Their New C-7s


More CAN Reservists Preparing for Next ROTO (permalink)


AUS Army Boss Sees Progress in S. AFG


Afghan-Canada relations to enhance in 2008: Envoy


UN's man in Afghanistan wears the Maple Leaf on his sleeve



IEDs Spotted on Roads in Sangin - Delivering Supplies to Orphans in K'Har - Medical Visit to Oruzgan - More on "Miscreants" Blowing Selves Up (permalink)



Rising Flour Prices Could Become an Issue in Helmand (permalink) - May Be More Such Problem Spots Around AFG - Measles Killing Kids in M-Q

Aid chief says Taliban control a quarter of Afghanistan at night?

"Britain’s key weapon in Afghanistan: the bribe"



Opinion:  "Despite being ill-equipped in 1914 and 1939, Canadians were prepared to finish the job. And we trust our troops -- and our government -- will apply the same fortitude in Afghanistan." - Canada's 2008 mission: pave the wayStay the course - A chance for redemption - A strategy to help Afghanistan kick its habit


CAN Senator:  Report on future role in Afghanistan may trigger call



More on POL Wanting Own Zone for Its Troops in AFG - IND Says Aid Work Will Continue In Spite of Police Killed in AFG More - Naval Role in AFG Mission for JPN Tough Sell (permalink)


Alleged Taliban Bad Boy, Dead in Gitmo from Cancer, Flown Home


AFG Asking World for Help with Refugees - AFG appelle IRN à la clémence avec les réfugiés afghans - Afflux de réfugiés du PAK en AFG - Iran Warns Unregistered Afghan Refugees of Detention Camps (permalink)


3 Jan 08

Jonathan Dion, R.I.P.He's Home - more - more - more - more - Gatineau soldier was 'the best' - Mother's anguished cries - Dépouille rapatriée - plus - plus



CF Death Rate in K'Har Outpacing USA Death Rates in IRQ?


Laser Dazzlers Headed to AFG for CF Use in Convoys?



CF Boss in AFG:  Development in Panjwai, Zhari Districts Will Go Ahead - Predicts Fewer Battles w/Taliban (permalink)



Fmr PAK Int Rep:  'If it was jihad then, it's jihad now.' ( permalink ) - Interview in AFG Media:  AQ Regrouping in PAK (.pdf)



More on ANA Getting Surplus CAN C-7 Rifles - Armée nationale afghane a finalement reçu 42 boîtes de fusils canadiens plus - Opinion:  Is This a Good Move?


More on CF Team Vetting Access to Info Requests on AFG Mission, Detainee Treatment (permalink)



AFG Cops Nab Six Bad Guys in K'Har - Would-be K'Har Car Bombers Blow Selves Up in "Own Goal" - Plus de 200 insurgés talibans tués à Musa Qala - +200 Bad Guys Reportedly Nailed in M-Q Op - Bad Boys Bagged in Helmand

Brit Troops Asked to Change Outta Uniform in Civvy Terminal After Return fm AFG




How ISAF Mil Boss is Trying to Win Hearts, Minds - Warns Brit Plan to Arm Militias in Helmand Won't Work - More - More on His Poppy, Violence Predictions - Gen. McNeill: La production d'opium va continuer à croître


OXFAM:  Research Shows Schools Built by Military More Likely to be Destroyed by Taliban? - What the Same Guy's Said Before About Building Schools Where There's No Money to Run Them




Opinion:  Does CAN settle for a bronze medal or risk going for gold? (permalink) - A chance for redemption in Afghanistan - Frank debate needed on Afghanistan - Support the troops by bringing them home - "The key is to instill a sense of self-belief and confidence in the governmental machinery" - "the international community must not be taken by surprise if overwhelming number of Afghans are joining Taliban or becoming members of the suicide squads of al-Qaeda"


US State Dep't Says Sustained NATO Effort Needed to Help AFG - Version français:  Réussite durable en Afghanistan exige des efforts soutenus de l'OTAN

AFG Asks IRN to Hold Off on Sending Back Refugees



Book Review: "Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence"




2 Jan 08

Jonathan Dion, R.I.P.CFB Trenton Set for Dion's Return - More - more - Dépouille arrive aujourd'hui


How B Coy Has Been Doing - Learning Hard Lessons - Great Grandson of Brit Campaigner Gets Medal in Same TheatreMore


CDS:  More Tribal, Cultural Trg for Troops Headed Overseas


Former CAN Diplomat:  Diplomacy Missing


Nailin' 'Em in Helmand - Foreign Troops Being Blamed for "Massacre"? (.pdf)

More on Taliban HR Turmoil

AFG Says Turfed Diplomats Ain't Coming Back (permalink)



Opinion:  The 74th reason to fight on - PAK Editorial:  "the Kabul regime is still not willing to give up the blame game or even to give Pakistan the benefit of the doubt" - CAN DefMin Urged to "Get Off Blame IRN Bandwagon"Bhutto helped create Taliban monster


POL DefMin:  Best if All POL Troops Concentrated in Paktika Province - BIH Considers Sending Officers to AFG

Audio:  Tough to Keep a Grip on Taliban, Opium - ISAF Boss Sees Opium Climbing in 2008


1 Jan 08

Jonathan Dion, R.I.P.Comrades pay final tribute - La famille Dion désire partager une déclaration - FC Avis aux médias : Rapatriement d'un militaire tombé au combat - CF Media Advisory: Fallen Soldier Returning Home - Dépouille du soldat Jonathan Dion arrivera mercredi à Trenton - Un dur coup pour Valcartier - Fallen soldier remembered as New Year's Eve day rolls in with little fanfare - More - Jour de l'An en deuil en Afghanistan - La mort d'un autre soldat québécois en Afghanistan nous touche de plus près en Outaouais - Injured Colleagues Wanted to See Him Head Home - Wild youth tried many jobs until he 'found his calling' in armed forces (permalink)


Bombes artisanales, «le pain quotidien» des militaires déployés - GoogEng:  IED's "Daily Bread" of Deployed Tps


Reporter/Blogger on LAV Ride (permalink) - Photojournalist About to Return to Work for NGO


CF Medic Back from Second Tour


(Online) Survey Says Cdns Want CAN Mil Msn to End - Angus Reid News Release (permalink, with tables) - Blogger on One of the Numbers Reported


Opinion:  CAN Commentator Says PMC's the Big Problem (permalink) - Être soldat en Afghanistan - GoogEng:  Being a Solider in AFG - Brit AFG Service Medals Needed - More - Al Jazeera Says Nation Building Key


Brits Break Up Taliban "Hey-Hey-Benazir's-Dead" Party - More Bad Guys Dealt With in Helmand - "Dangerous Criminal" Taken Off K-Har Streets by Joint AFG-Coalition Forces - USAF Medics Forward in the Fight

Brits in Helmand Hold 24 Hour Marathon to Raise Funds for Mil Amputees Back Home

JPN To Resume AFG Mission - More

US Combat Stress Control Detachment Hard at It @ FOB Fenty

2007 a Bloody Year for AFG


 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007





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