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December 2007

31 Dec 07

Quebec Gunner Killed in IED Blast: Latest from Canadian Press - Agence France Presse - Globe & Mail (permalink) - Reuters - CanWest - Wall Street Journal - Associated Press - Voice of America - NDP statement - Liberal statement - On His First Overseas Mission - On His Way Home


Soldat canadien est tué et 4 autres blessés:  Premier ministre du Québec offre ses condoléances - Militaire valdorien perd la vie en Afghanistan - 5e Groupe-Brigade Mécanisé du Canada en deuil - Déclaration du chef du NPD - Déclaration de chef de l’opposition officielle - Un jour de l'an dans le deuil en Afghanistan


CAN General in RC-South Says No Clear Evidence IRN Smuggling Wpns to Taliban - IRN Media Spin

CAN, NATO To Focus on Mentoring AFG Cops in 2008 - More - more - OTAN intensifiera ses efforts de formation de la police

Reservists Getting Ready for Next ROTO - More

CAN CDS: "Afghanistan is a beachhead in a larger fight against the kind of international terrorism represented by Al Qaeda"

How One CAN Reporter Sees Warlords as the REAL Issue (permalink)



CJTF-82 Ops on Who Killed Bhutto - NDP Leader Worries About PAK, What It Shows About Mil Msn in AFG (permalink)

Taliban in a Tizzy Following Punting of Envoys, Firing of Taliban RC-S Boss - More - more

Opinion:  Talk to the Taliban


Taliban Gitmo Guest 942 from K'Har Dies of Colon Cancer (permalink) - CNN - Reuters - AFP - Abdul Razzak background

AFG Cops Killed by Taliban at RC-S Checkpoint - More - Ghurka Sappers Help Rebuild M-Q - Deux policiers tués et quatre blessés dans l'explosion d'une mine


Outgoing UN Envoy in AFG:  PAK Problems "Jeopardizing Future" of AFG - News conference transcript - Bye Bye UNAMA Boss - Expresses Hope, Concern as he Goes - More - more


ESP King Visits Troops for New Year's -Visite du roi Juan Carlos aux soldats espagnols


Tripartite Commission discuss PAK-AFG border security situation

Some PAK Tribesmen Have to Detour Through AFG Because of Roadblocks



30 Dec 07

Soldat canadien est tué et 4 autres blessés:  FC Communiqué - Presse Canadienne - Radio Canada Agence France Presse - Message de gouverneure générale - Déclaration du premiere ministre - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale

Quebec Gunner Killed in IED Blast: CF news release - ISAF statement - Canadian Press - - CanWest - - Message from the Governor General - PM Statement - Def Min Statement



CF Navy Divers Using Skills on IEDs


USA Envoy to CAN Encourages CAN to Stay in AFG Beyond 2009


Opinion:  How Can You Compare AFG Today to DEU Just After WW2? - More - Macleans Piece


ONU craint des répercussions en Afghanistan de la crise au Pakistan



Some Calling for Moving USA Tps from IRQ to PAK, AFG - Député américaine propose de déplacer les troupes américaines d'IRQ à l'AFG et au PAK - Brits Say They Need 3K More Troops


Drapeau de Victoriaville flotte sur Kandahar



Mullah Omar Fires One of His Southern Taliban Bosses - More - more - more - more - Rebelle taliban Mansoor Dadullah dément être limogé - plus - plus - plus - GoogEng from German - Boss Doesn't Believe Omar Signed Off on His Firing, Though - More

Taliban Facing Recruiting, Retention Issues



Two Would-Be Homicide Bombers Held in Helmand - permalink - Hard for Some to See Hope - Lotsa Refugees in Oruzgan - Battle for M-Q as War in Microcosm


US Complaints Led to Turfing of Two Envoys? - NATO Sec Gen Says Expulsions over Taliban Talks "Unfortunate" - They Were Trying What Seemed to Work with IRA - Fmr Diplomat:  Big Mistake Punting These Guys

Brit Marine Officer Gets MBE



29 Dec 07

2008 "Critical Year" for CF Mission in AFG


Reporters Reminisce About How They Spent Their Holidays Embeded with CF - One Reporter's Book on His Embed - More



NATO Could End Up Doing Border Duty, Too? - PAK "Key Rear Base" for Taliban - US SF Headed to PAK to Train Troops?Fmr Envoy:  PAK Likely to Focus on Internal Stuff, Not Taliban Crossing Border into AFG - More - permalink - Analyst: "If the government is focused on opposition and it is spending most of its resources on stabilizing its volatile politics, it will have negative implications for Canadian forces" - More

Civilian Ready to Go Plan Leave Travel for CF Troops in K'Har


UK 3 Para Sgt, Paralyzed in Sangin Firefight, Returns to Work @ Depot


Plaidoyer pour un long engagement en AFG



Bad Guys Nailed, Nabbed in Zabul - More - Lotsa Taliban Defections Reported - More Than Just Security from USA-AFG Patrol in Zabul


UK Reservist in Helmand Gets Xmas Tree by Mail



ITA Extends AFG Mission - POL to Send 400 More Troops - More - POL renforce son contingent en AFG - Portugal renforcera sa présence militaire en AFG - Portugal (PRT) Sending Mo' Troops


Helmand Governor Says Turfed Envoys Met with Taliban Fighters - permalink - DEU Holding Back on Taliban Contacts Because of Expulsions


Opinion:  Like IRA, Taliban Can Talk Peace

Schools the Taliban WON'T Torch


28 Dec 07

Bhutto Assassination:  CAN Weighing Impact of Events in PAK on Troops in AFG - Could Disrupt Supply Lines - permalink - AFG Officials Say Killing "a setback in fight against extremists" - More Commentator: "The great danger is that these people will be able to prevent us from being able to succeed in what we are trying to accomplish in Afghanistan." -  Experts Worry Domestic Concerns May Take Precedence for Musharraf - May Threaten PAK-AFG Relationship - Politiciens CDN devront évaluer l'impact de l'assassinat sur les 2500 soldats en AFG - Assassinat de Benazir Bhutto: effet domino redouté - Président afghan condamne l'assassinat - L'assassinat frappe une région stratégique


CF Troops Learn About Death Before Deployment - permalink - Reservist Struggles with PTSD - permalink



Whaddya Do When a CAN Commando is Charged, and the Charge Sheet is Classified SECRET Because of Where He was Working? - Court document - permalink to document


NATO Def Ministers in RC-S Meet in CAN Next Month to Sign Off on New Strategy; AUS Signals Msn Change Once NLD GTFO Oruzgan


Lefties Alternative Media Don't Like US Troops Shifting from IRQ to AFG


Gurkhas secure Helmand compound - Taliban Kill Cops in Helmand

Helmand Governor, Possible Envoy Talk Whistleblower, Has History of Throwing Sand in Gears - US OK With Talking to Taliban (While Keeping AFG Gov't in the Loop)



Opinion:  "Huge cost of valuable lessons from fighting the Taliban" -   What Chances do Peace Talks with Taliban Have? - Britain cannot rule out talking to the Taliban - "Of Course We Must Talk" - "French timidity, long the order of the day, has been poorly understood by the Anglo-Saxons."

Talibanization common threat to Pakistan, Afghanistan


Quick BBC "Who's Who?" in AFG

Trading Aid for Int in Remote AFG Regions - Getting Ready for Winter in Salang




United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime:  Lotsa Coloured Studies Should Help AFG Opium Problem - The Papers - "Opium Poppy Free Road Map and Provincial Profiles" - "Targeting Precursors used in Heroin Manufacture" - "Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan: Border Management Cooperation in Drug Control" - "Securing Central Asia’s Borders with Afghanistan"

"Afghanistan: Narcotics and U.S. Policy", updated 6 Dec 07 (.pdf)



27 Dec 07

Book:  UK's 3 Para Liked CF LAVs - "3 Para" @


PM Wonders if Cdns Really Get AFG - permalink - Afghanistan: Harper ne sait pas si les Canadiens comprennent les enjeux


RC-South Medals Parade Without Canada Listed? - permalink


CF Docs Treating More Injured Kids


ISAF COS Says 2008 Will See More Improvements


From CF Tanker in AFG to Carpenter


AFG Envoy to CAN:  No Proof IRN Flowing Arms to Bad  Boys - Expect Long Haul Effort - permalink - L'Afghanistan avertit le Canada que la mission sera longue


AFG Senator Pushes Nice-Nice with IRN -Ministre de la Défense canadien : les insurgés afghans reçoivent des armes de l'Iran - plus

IED Makers Nabbed in K'Har, Paktya Provinces - Wpn Cache Spotted in Oruzgan - Bad Boy Gets Medical Treatment from Bad Guys in Oruzgan



Vandoos Get Hockey Equipment - 82 Abn Xmas Carol:  "So bring us a C-130, so bring us a C-130, so bring us a C-130 and bring it right here. Cause, we won’t jump until we get one, no we won’t jump until we get one, we won’t jump until we get one, so bring it right here."


Turfed UN, EU Envoys Leave - More - more - Deux diplomates de haut rang expulsés - This in Spite of Rash of Frantic Talks - More - Unveiling (A Bit) the Murky World of Talking to the Taliban - More - UN Radio version of events (.pdf) - UN Calls it "Misunderstanding" (4:45, RealAudio) - mp3 version - AFG media version - permalink - Différend entre l'Afghanistan, l'Union européenne et l'ONU


Opinion:  Fmr DEU For Min:  NATO Consensus on AFG Needed - L’Afghanistan et l’avenir de l’OTAN: Joschka Fischer - "NATO's convulsions over Afghanistan don't amount to much -- U.S. reinforcements from Iraq will be the difference-maker"


More on POL Incident - permalink



Karzai, Musharraf to Co-operate - Increasing Int Co-operation, Too - Karzaï et Musharraf se jurent de lutter ensemble contre les "terroristes" - Militancy, talibanisation are not future of PAK, AFG - PAK PM Says Peaceful AFG Good for Both Countries


European Parliament:  We Back AFG (But Let's Look @ How EU Aid was Spent) - permalink - EP AFG Team Page - francais



26 Dec 07

CAN Def Min, CDS Serve Xmas Meal to Troops in K'Har - permalink - Remembering the Fallen in a Bloody Year - permalink - Timmy's Co-Founder Visits K'Har, Too - Still, Generally Low Key Xmas for Troops - Noël sur la base de Kandahar - Canadiens ont pu célébrer pendant quelques heures  - Holiday Message from CJTF-82 Boss



CAN Def Min:  We Have to Stay the Course - permalink - Says IRN Supplying Wpns to Bad Guys - More - more - more - permalink - more - MacKay affirme des armes iraniennes pour le Taliban - plus - plus


Expect Hot Debate of AFG Mission in CAN - permalink


Arms Seized in Zhari - permalink


No peace for Royal Marines on Christmas Ptl in Helmand - 500 Poppy Growers Released in Helmand - 150 Bad Boys Claimed Nailed in Oruzgan

Taliban Tries Using 50 Year Old Woman as Homicide Bomber


Opinion:  Pays en guerre, peuple en marche


Mari coupe nez et oreille de sa femme - GoogEng:  Hubby Cuts of Wife's Nose, Ear in S.AFG

Media:  Brit Int Talked to Talban in Summer - More

Afghanistan expels top officials - More - more - Un Britannique, un Irlandais déclarés persona non grata



25 Dec 07

Her Majesty's Christmas Message to the Troops (.mp3) - CAN PM Msg for the Troops - Vœux du Premier ministre Stephen Harper à nos troupes à l'occasion de Noël - CF Def Min's Msg - Message du ministre de la defense nationale à l’occasion du temps des Fêtes - Troupes de l'ISAF loin de leurs familles pour Noël - CENTCOM Cdr Xmas Message - USA Pres Msg to Troops



How the Troops are Celebrating Christmas - More - Padre's Second K'Har Tour - Noël dans la nuit de l’Afghanistan - Du hockey pour Noël à la base - De Kandahar, un saint Noël - Brit Xmas in Theatre


Next ROTO Thinking About Coming Deployment - More


Troops and Poochies


Afghan tué par un soldat chicoutimien: l'enquête progresse - GoogEng:  CFNIS Still Investigating Shooting of Civvy in October


Taliban Planting IEDs in Bodies - permalink - ISAF statement - more - more - IEDs Still Big Threat to CF Troops

AFG Human Rights Group Calls on Taliban to Stop Executing Civvies

Opinion:  Why the United States and NATO Aren't on the Same Page - La vérité sur l’Afghanistan

ISAF Video Magazine



24 Dec 07

CF Troops Injured by IED on Road to Arghandab:  Canadian Press - CanWest - Globe & Mail - - Agence France Presse - Press TV (IRN)

Trois soldats blessés dans explosion:  Presse Canadienne - Corus Nouvelles - Radio Canada


CF Donates Old C-7 Rifles to AFG Military


Mountie Mentor to K'Har Kops


Pour Ottawa, l'Afghanistan est dans une situation très difficile - GoogEng:  Ottawa in a Tough Spot Re:  AFG


CENTCOM Commander to IRN:  Stop Supplying Bomb Parts to AFG Bad Guys



Lotsa Demand for Crosses, Religious Paraphernalia Among Quebec Troops - Les deux pieds dans le sable Gilbert Delorme en soutien aux troupe - Deux ados témoignent - Brits Prepare for Xmas



No Firm Promises for Mo' Troops from Visiting ITA, AUS or FRA Leaders - More - ESP Def Min Says No Deadline for Involvement in AFG



AQ Regrouping in Border Areas with PAK



23 Dec 07


Coupla Suspects with Explosives Residue on Their Hands Nabbed by Vandoos - More


AFG Security News in the Past 24 Hours


COS en AFG: "attrition par tous les moyens de la capacité" des talibans - GoogEng:  More on FRA SF in AFG

More on FRA, AUS Visits - More on Possible FRA Troop Increase - ITA PM Visits - Chef du gouvernement italien Romano Prodi est à Kaboul

More 82 Abn Psy Ops Against AQ Types?



22 Dec 07


Impressive CAN causeway project about to open in southern AFG


Anglo Troops Getting First Aid Training in French???


"Christmas in Kandahar" Story - L'Afghanistan en cadeau


How Christmas was saved for a paralyzed CAN soldier - permalink - His Story, a Year Ago



K'har Base Shows Inequities Between AFG Army, Police


Bilan mitigé pour les forces spéciales françaises - GoogEng:  Mixed Results for FRA SF



USA Pres:  We're Making Progress Against Taliban - USA Chair of Joint Chiefs: Evaluating AFG Strategy Makes Sense - USA Sec Def Doesn't Rule Out "Small Uptick" of Troops to AFG - Economy Has to Improve for Security to Improve  -  Mo' on Mo' Help Needed in the Fight




FRA PM, AUS Pres Drop By AFG - FRA Could Send Mo' Troops? - FRA Assures AFG of Military, Political Support - More - Warns World About Taliban - Visite surprise et éclair de Nicolas Sarkozy - Plus - plus - "Nous ne pouvons pas, ne devons pas perdre" la guerre en Afghanistan


Opinion:  "Poppies vs. Power in Afghanistan"

Robin Williams, Kid Rock entertain in AFG - More





21 Dec 07


CAN PM:  "Afghanistan is in a "very, very difficult situation" .... because the international community wasted years before trying to stamp out the Taliban across the country"


CAN Envoy to AFG:  Weaker Taliban Still Dangerous - permalink


CF Having to Keep a Close Eye on Some AFG Cops - More


CF Chopper Pilot Helping Co-ordinate Air Support from K'Har



Dubya, Condi Rice Say "Way to Go, Canada" on Role in AFG - More - more - Rice Pushes Allies to Keep Going - Transcript of Rice's Comments - permalink - Bush encense le Canada pour son aide en AFG - Rice reçoit Bernier : des discussions « fructueuses » - plus - Bush craint un éventuel retrait de ses alliés en Afghanistan


Karzai:  Foreign Troops Needed for Another Ten Years

CENTCOM Boss:  USA Troops Will Continue Push Through Winter - USA Chair of Joint Chiefs Endorses Uber-Envoy for AFG

USAF "Help Bring Gift of Freedom to Afghans" in M-Q


Opinion:  NATO's AFG Trials - Some common sense on Afghanistan and malaria


Still Looking Into Doc Who Published Story Including Details of CF Trooper Dying

AUS Troops Prepare to Spend Xmas with Tailban in Oruzgan - What Brit X-Ray Readers are Up To in Helmand


Hervé Morin n'exclut pas l'envoi de renfort en Afghanistan - Morin: "La situation se dégrade" - FRA Def Min Sees AFG Deteriorating - Letter to the Editor:  France IS Supporting Troops in AFG - Still Looking into August 2007 POL Army Incident


Centre for Defense Information Summary, 1-30 Nov 07 (.pdf)

"He's 40, She's 11":  UNICEF's Photo of the Year from AFG



20 Dec 07

NDP Def Critic:  If Gov't Spoke About AFG Mission, CDS Wouldn't Have to Be So Outspoken


Latest in CAN Detainee Court Case - permalink


Brits Buying Chinooks for AFG - permalink - Converted Ones, Actually


AFG Def Min Plans "Training Surge" - permalink


CAN troops love mail bombardment - In Kandahar: Rocker Kim Bingham's Diary, Part Two


CF Lawyer in PRT


Musulmans célèbrent l'Aïd el-Kébir mais pas toujours dans la joie


UN Sec Gen Proposes Mo' Money for UNAMA - permalink

More on NATO, Allies' Review of Mission

Conference of Def Ass'n Update on AFG (.pdf)



Opinion:  CF Doesn't Torture Prisoners - permalink - Un scénario rappelant la déroute soviétique - AFG Gov't Needs to Connect with Citizens - Communists Say "U.S.-Britain gay-bashed Afghanistan"???


AUS Troops can't wait for NATO back-up - ITA PM to Visit Troops Around Xmas



"Mullah Omar Sacrifices Khost Citizens During Eid" - permalink



Karzai:  Hey, We're Not the Bad Guys, We're the Victim Here! - More - more - more - more

More Opium Production=More Addiction



19 Dec 07


CF:  Couldn't Do Job in AFG if Detainees Weren't Transferred to AFG Custody - permalink



CAN urged to take diplomatic, development offensive in AFG in 2008 - GoogFrancais:  CAN demande instamment à prendre diplomatique, le développement offensive en Afghanistan en 2008


AFG, Coalition Troops Nail Bad Guys Planting IED



Christmas packages flood Kandahar; boost morale among Canadian troops - Postiers de l'armée canadienne à Kandahar s'activent - Someone Wants to Help His Son In Law


From Hockey Mom to Civilian Support Staff in K'Har - NGO Helps CF Help Disabled in S.AFG - Brit Soon-to-be-weds in Different Parts of Helmand



Taliban chief taunts foreign foes - More - Mollah Omar raille l'OTAN après la prise de Musa Qala - "Pas de repos" pour les troupes étrangères - AFG Pres:  Allah Forgive Dead Taliban (But Keep Hunting Them Down, ISAF) - Karzaï veut que la "guerre anti-terreur" cible l'extérieur


Des chars Leclerc en Afghanistan? - GoogEng:  FRA to Send 15 Tanks to AFG? - AMX-56 Leclerc - Le «pré-Noël» de Sarkozy en Afghanistan - GoogEng:  FRA Pres Visiting AFG Before Xmas?



Pays-Bas prolongent la mission de leurs troupes en Afghanistan - NLD GTFO AFG By July 2010 - More - more - NLD Conservatives Support AFG Mission Extension, BUT.... - permalink - Original NLD Announcement from November - 18 Dec 07 NLD Def Min Ann't - permalink in Dutch - GoogleEnglish


Bad Boys Nailed in Oruzgan - Helmand, Too

Downloadable ISAF Video of Post-MQ Battle News Conference - Aid Getting Through

Opinion:  Time short for Afghan answers - Jusqu'en février 2009...



DNK Troops Killed in September in Helmand by Brit Fire:  BBC Online - Reuters - Bloomberg - Times Online - Associated Press - Original Story



Worries About Losing if NATO Strategy Isn't Changed - Experts:  Tactical victory less important than political, economic stability

NLD Announces Development $ - Paper on NLD PRT Experiences (.pdf)


Child Soldiers Still a Problem - 15 Afghan guards working for U.S. PMC killed in W.AFG

Holiday Greetings from UN in AFG - Eid al-Adha



18 Dec 07

Taliban Caught Sleeping (But Holding Taken Ground Key) - More - more - Talibans chassés d'un secteur de Kandahar - plus - plus


CDS:  Taliban Now Focusing on Easier Tgts (Like AFG Army and Aid Workers)


CF OP Causeway over Arghandab River - Opération Causeway:  ingénieurs de combat canadiens réduisent l’écart entre Zharey et Panjwayii


As Future ROTO Trains, Talk of CAN GTFO'ing - permalink


AFG Forces Back in the Centre of Town @ M-Q - Brit Brigadier Walks to Work During Battle?


ISAF, PAK & AFG Discuss How to Get a Grip on IEDs - More - more - Pakistan, Afghanistan et ISAF discutent des moyens de contrer la menace des explosifs

Brit Medics Make a Difference in Helmand

Toys for the Kids in Oruzgan - Five People (Including Three Kids) Killed inn Motorcycle Bombing

 "In (AFG), It's About Air Power, Too" - "US Airpower in Iraq and Afghanistan: 2004-2007" (.pdf) - permalink

Rocker Kim Bingham's Afghanistan Diary, Part One - Guerre, drogue, corruption... les Afghans perdent espoir



DEU Facing "Taliban Pincer"? - permalink - No Big Increases Planned in NZL Troop Numbers - Maybe... - Sorta, Kinda - Could Crank Up Cbt Ops, Though - Nouvelle Zélande pourrait envoyer des troupes supplémentaires


USA DoD Looking Into Marine SF Shooting Incident


Afghanistan's north-south divide permalink - "As foreign troops become more efficient, government is still the problem" - permalink



UNAMA 17 Dec 07 News Conference:  "We have not been able to carry out what we would like to do in the area, which is a comprehensive assessment of the humanitarian situation and the needs resulting from the fighting there .... due to security restrictions." - permalink


One Program That Seems to be Working - permalink - National Solidarity Program (NSP) Description (CIDA) - permalink - NSP Results Map - permalink



Opinion:  "There are lessons from Bosnia that can be adapted for Afghanistan" - Socialist Worker Sees AFG Mission Heading into Trouble - Duplicity and evasion over Afghanistan - Dubya to be (Uncomfortably) Reminded About AFG


This is NOT the "Private Sector Mentoring" We Really Need.... - Not Enough Lawyers? - permalink


17 Dec 07


AFG, CAN Troops Clear Panjwaii of Bad Guys


CAN CDS:  Taliban Getting Smarter - permalink


How the Troops Remember Home in K'Har


Dernier hommage émouvant au soldat Lévesque


More on Hit on CF Leopard

Toys to Kids in Oruzgan Province


PAK Bad Guys Huddling @ Border Bad News for CF? - permalink - US General Says Border Violence Better - More


Opinion:  UK's AFG "Mission Impossible"? Yes vs. No - permalink


Washington Post Says Pentagon Pushing for Mo' Troops in AFG, Fewer in IRQ - permalink


US Pumping Up Governor in Khost - permalink

AUS:  NATO'll Lose Without More Resources - More




16 Dec 07


New CF FOB Going Up in Arghandab - More - more


CF Troops Still Working with AFG Cops - Working with the Disabled, Too - Canadiennes distribuent des vivres à l'approche de l'aïd


CAN Parliamentary Library Paper on the Taliban - Afghanistan : Les Talibans - permalink (English) - permalink (francais)


CF Troops Leaving Because of AFG? - permalink


New Brit Approach:  Isolate & Eradicate Taliban - Sending 500 More Scots Soon - Will Need to Recruit More Troops


Reporter Says Taliban Still Better at Public Relations than NATO?

LOTSA Reviews of the AFG Mission Under Way in NATO, USA - permalink

8/10 Students Stay Away from School in Helmand


Quatre taliban tués près de Musa Qala - Big Promises in M-Q Now That Taliban in Gone - Taliban Justice Before Coalition Arrived - L'armée va reconstruire une ville - Safe House Found, Raided - Big Batch o' Heroin Burned, Too - Residents Returning - Fortifications Going Up


Opinion:  "Manley panel deserves better than this public attack" - Afghanistan: Who's to Blame? - Muscle Alone Won't Finish the Job - Plenty of Blame for Afghanistan


DEU Expecting More Attacks in AFG - permalink - Brits Get Ready for Xmas Dinner in Helmand

PAK Media Says USA Still Pushing Aerial Spraying of Poppies


15 Dec 07


CIDA (Finally) Talks Up Its Successes


Reporter Finds K'Har Better (and Worse) Than His Last Visit



CAN DefMin:  Can't Send Troops?  Send Other Help - More - USA to Pull Together Big New Plan for Southern AFG - Uh, We Mean the Allies - More - Mo' Reconstruction, Development to Come - (Maybe Not So Much Pushing for Mo' Troops?) More - more - more - permalink - Alliés vont élaborer un plan détaillant leur stratégie - Plus - plus - Alliés soulignent la nécessité de « partager le fardeau » en Afghanistan - Etats-Unis isolés au sein de l'OTAN?


Follow-up to Clearing Out M-Q - Blogger Compares BBC vs. ABC Coverage


AUS Says They'll Stay the Course - But Not With Mo' Troops

Opinion:  Brits "hiding behind US airpower and taking towns from weak forces"?

CICR en Afghanistan : visites aux détenus - GoogEng:  Red Cross Visits Detainees



14 Dec 07

Colis destinés aux soldats seront finalement envoyés - Care Packages from Montreal Will Head Out After All - more


Plus: À Kandahar au-delà de 2015? - GoogEng:  More on CAN in PRT to 2015


UK Troops Pleased with Secret Talks with Taliban Making Life Easier? - NATO SecGen:  Gotta Deal with the Taliban, but AFG Has to Take the Lead in Those Dealings


UK Commander in Helmand Sees More Public Support for Troops


Bad Guy Reported Nailed in Sangin - permalink



Public Health Team Drops By M-Q - permalink - Taliban Under New Management? - Asian Media Say Brits Still not Safe, Even with Capture of M-Q - permalink

S.AFG Women Get Out, Pray for Peace

How NLD Fast Air, Arty Helping AUS in the Fight

NATO Sec Gen:  NATO Staying (But NOT as Int'l Police Force) - Retrait de l'OTAN de l'Afghanistan n'est pas d'actualité


Meeting in Scotland to Talk AFG - More - USA (Again) Pushing For More Help for AFG - Karzai, Too - Not To Mention UK PM - More - more Gates en Ecosse pour une réunion consacrée à l'AFG - Chef de l'Otan frustré par le manque de soldats


NATO Hopes JPN Will Help More - JPN PM to NATO:  I'm Tryin', I'm Tryin' - More - Chef de l'OTAN appelle le Japon à soutenir la lutte - KOR is Done Here


Conference of Defence Associations News Highlights, 13 Dec 07 (.pdf) - Transcripts of PBS Interviews with Military, Other Experts on AFG (all .pdf):  10 Dec 07 (Pt. 1) - 10 Dec 07 (Pt. 2) - 11 Dec 07



AFG Report: "In the absence of countervailing economic activity that replaces lost income and access to assets and maintains household security and well-being, rural populations have begun to show increasing antipathy for counter narcotics efforts." - Alternative link to report - Opium, guerre : le "narco-Etat" afghan



Connie Rice:  "We are asking American law firms and law schools to help the Afghan judicial system in a variety of ways." - More

World Bank Putting US$112M into 2K km of Road - News release - Meanwhile, IND Interested in a Road of Their Own



13 Dec 07

Plans in Place to Extend CAN PRT through 2015? - permalink - L'équipe de reconstruction restera en Afghanistan jusqu'en 2015? - permalink


CAN Cranks Up AFG Cop Training


UNICEF Canada Boss:  Security Troublesome, but a Difference Can Still Be Made - UNICEF-Canada: En Afghanistan, le dialogue s'impose


Worries About Infections Brought Back from AFG Spreading in Hospitals - Cdn Med Jnl Article on acinetobacter (.pdf)


UK Orders More Protected Vehicles for AFG - permalink


Six Killed as Civvy Car Drives Over K'Har Landmine - Six civils tués par une explosion de mine terrestre

Why "One of the Usual Anti-War Suspects" Decided Not to Submit to the Manley Panel



L’armée afghane reprend le contrôle du centre du district Musa Qala - plus - Mistake over 'captured Taleban' @ Musa Qala - A Touch of Confusion - AFG Flag Flies Again in M-Q - Taliban Defectors Helped Coalition Win - Could Have Been Hundreds of Taliban Nailed - Taliban Says They Killed 17 AFG, NATO Troops, Too! - permalink - Even Taliban Says They're Gone - How They Ran Things Before Being Run Outta Town - PAK Pres:  "Hey, they may hide here, but the Taliban wouldn't win if the Afghans didn't support them" - Quelle est la portée de la perte de Moussa Qala pour les taliban ? - What's Next for M-Q?



Karzai Already Talking to "Allies of Former Taliban Leader" - Elders Acting as Go-Betweens? - UK PM:  We Won't Talk with Taliban - Elimination, Not Negotiation - UK PM Urging Taliban to Get Into the Tent (Politically)? - C'mon Now, You Know You WANT TO.... - more - more - Londres veut négocier avec les talibans

Medical Outreach in K'Har Province


Grandma, Grandson Beheaded by Taliban in Oruzgan for Spying

UK PM Updates Parliament Following Trip to AFG - Full statement - permalink


Big Meeting in Scotland of Regional Command-South Players:  AUS to Say "We Send No Mo' Troops Until You Do, Europe" - USA Slams DEU - Might Suggest Hitting PAK? - I'll Bet!


Conference Hears How NATO Not Cut Out for AFG - Three D's No Longer? - Quel rôle pour le Canada en Afghanistan? - Another View of the Same Conference

How the Fight is Going for (Some of) the Americans in AFG (.pdf)

USA Sec Def Says Congress Blocking $ Would Affect Work to Train AFG Troops, Cops

Let's Keep an Eye on PAK's Food Crisis, Shall We? - More



12 Dec 07


Two Kids Injured as Homicide Bomber Attacks CAN Convoy - More - more - Attentat-homicide contre convoi canadien blesse deux enfants afghans - plus - Les convois: une cible prisée des talibans


US Says ISAF Soldier Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Kandahar



Musa Qala Back in Friendly Hands - More - more - permalink - more - permalink - Armée afghane reprend contrôle du centre du Musa Qala - Lotsa Taliban Nailed - Plus de 50 militants talibans tués - Taliban Regrouping


Fier de rejoindre nos troupes en Afghanistan - Des bonbons et des voeux pour l'Afghanistan



Someone in Montreal Didn't Get the Memo on "Can't Send Boxes to 'Any Canadian Soldier' Addresses" - Write to the Troops, No Packages Please - « Écrivez aux militaires » : prière de ne pas envoyer de colis - Packages will get there, eventually


Solidarity with soldiers in Afghanistan - Se serrer les coudes pour les militaires en Afghanistan - Operation Overseas huge success

Shuras in Zabul Province



UK PM to Be First to Say "We'll Talk to the Taliban"? - More - more - Laying Out New Strategy - UK to Pay Opium Farmers Not to Grow?

Taliban Claims to Have Downed Chopper in North - permalink


Taliban Country Full of Sick Kids - permalink



USA Def Sec (Again) Calls for Mo' NATO Boots on the Ground - More - Gates demande à l'OTAN plus de troupes et de matériel en Afghanistan - Disses Lack of Plan for Drugs in AFG - Expresses Cautious Optimism - Hopes for Uber-Envoy Soon - Def Sec's Testimony (.pdf) - Chair of Joint Chiefs:  Attacks Up, but Taliban Getting Weaker - Chair's Opening Statement @ USA Committee Hearings - Chair:  IRQ Work Holding Back Progress in AFG - Could This Be Why He Said This?


AUS to Confirm AFG Commitment - KOR "Vertical Construction Company" Leaving AFG - JPN Pres Visits AFG - Slovakia Sending Mo' Troops to AFG (After Pulling Them from IRQ)



EU's European Council Reaffirms Commitment to Long-term Support of AFG - Permalink - EST Supports EU Police Mission

PAK Flour Prices Climbing Because of Smuggling into AFG



11 Dec 07

CF Blocks Care Pkgs fm Montreal?


Worries About New Rules for CF Talking to Reporters - permalink



AFG, ISAF Forces Enter Musa Qala:  ISAF statement - UK MoD Statement - Bloomberg - NY Times - BBC - Reuters - AFP - Al Jazeera - Centre de Musa Qala pris par l'armée, visite de Gordon Brown - More - more - Troupes afghanes s'emparent de Musa Qala


Brit PM Visits Troops in Helmand - Gordon Brown rencontre les soldats britanniques en AFG - plus - GBR PM Says Job Could Continue for Decade



"Facilitator" Nailed in Helmand

More Taliban Info War?

Taliban Hangs 12 Year Old "Collaborator"



10 Dec 07

CAN, AFG troops capture IED factory in Panjwai-area - More - Part of Big New Push in K'Har - permalink - Canadiens assiègent une usine talibane



UK Def Min:  Time is Now to Retake Musa Qala - Looking for More Support - Prep for Final Push - More - L'étau se resserre sur Musa Qala - Now Into Day Four - Back in Friendly Hands - More - more - more - Armée afghane a pénétré dans Musa Qala - plus - Bad News for Taliban?


More on Senlis Suggesting CF Do Aid Work


Drapeau de Gatineau flotte à Kandahar - GoogEng:  Gatineau Flag Flying @ KAF


Un bébé et une demande en mariage - GoogEng:  VanDoo Gets Married on Leave


Helmand Governor Reportedly Offers Amnesty to Afghan Taliban - permalink

Bad Guys Nailed, Nabbed in Zabul

Latest UK Fallen Identified

AFG Mi-17 Crashes, Killing Four - Hélicoptère afghan s'écrase

Updated NATO-ISAF Who's Where "Placemat" (.pdf)



9 Dec 07

Lotsa Brits in the Fight for Musa Qala - Taliban Surrounded - Talibans chassés de Musa Qala - One Brit Killed, One Injured - ISAF Statement - Bad Boys Nabbed, Too - More - Afghanes arrêtent deux commandants talibans - UK Def Min Visits, Too - Arrivée du ministre britannique de la Défense en Afghanistan, combats à Musa Qala


Uphill Push Training AFG Cops



Security Making it Harder for Aid to Get Through


CBC Finally Catches Up to Senlis Recommendation that CF Take Over Aid Deliveries in K'Har



Hundreds of Mourners Attend QC Funeral of Latest Fallen - More - Québécois saluent la mémoire des deux soldats tués en Afghanistan - Dernier hommage aux deux soldats tués


Opinion:  How we put our foot in it - permalink - CAN Shouldn't Abandon AFG


Ontario Unions Oppose CF in AFG - permalink

AUS Says No Final Decision on Their Staying in AFG - More

UK Brass Divided on Special Medal for Helmand Service

(Possible) Super-Envoy Disses Lack of Co-ordination in AFG





8 Dec 07

CanWest Writer:  "The" Tank Totalled - permalink - CDS:  "The" Tank is Back in the Fight - permalink


Push on Kajaki Dam Continues - Map of Area - More - ISAF Statement - UK MoD Statement - More - more - permalink - Otan bombarde un bastion des Taliban - More - NATO Soldier Killed - more - 15 tués à Musa Qala, dont un soldat de l'Otan - plus - Coalition approche de Musa Qala


AFG, USA Forces Take Back Now Zad in Helmand - Air Strike Nails Bad Boys - More


Afghans restent optimistes, malgré tout - GoogEng:  AFGs Remain Optimistic


Funérailles de deux soldats québécois sont célébrées - GoogEng:  Latest QC Funerals Today


CAN Def Min "Helps" NB Co. Give Xmas Trees to CF Families - Ministre MacKay aide à ce que l'on fasse don d'arbres de Noël aux familles des militaires

Soldats craignent le jugement des autres - GoogEng:  Troops Worry About What Their Peers Think

Molson Canadien Headed Overseas

NATO Countries Offer Eqpt, but No Mo' Troops - OK, Maybe SOME Troops - Afghanistan remains "our top priority" -- NATO chief



Opinion:  Young soldier shows impressive grasp of mission

Brit Inquest Finds Soldier Killed When Not Wearing Body Armour, Helmet in Helmand - DEU Aid Team Working in Oruzgan

AFG Cops, Troops Start EOD Course

USA fooled into supporting military forces in PAK?

USA Backing Off from Aerial Spraying of Poppies



7 Dec 07

The OTHER Way to View the CF Tanker's "Thank You" E-mail - permalink - Is Taliban Targeting Tanks (Any More Than, Say, Any OTHER ISAF Vehicle?) - GoogFr:   Attaque conduit certains à croire Taliban cibler de nouveaux blindés


Raymond Saint-Pierre échappe à un engin explosif - plus - GoogEng: CAN  Journalist Thrown Off Vehicle in Blast on Convoy Near K'Har


RUS veut que le CAN prolonge sa mission AFG - GoogEng:  RUS Wants CAN to Stay in AFG


The Brit Push for Musa Qala is On:  BBC Online - Exeter Express & Echo - The Sun - The Times


UNICEF Canada Boss Says Development IS Happening in the South


WFP Boss Pissed Aid Worker Killed Delivering Food in South - Directrice Exécutive du PAM condamne le meurtre d'un travailleur humanitaire dans le sud de l'Afghanistan - Getting More Dangerous for Aid Workers


Outlook Report:  Expect More Fast Air Because Countries Don't Want to Put In Mo' Troops; Taliban Could Slow Down for Winter - UK Making Precision Air Strikes Even More Precise


More on Senlis' Call for Longer, but Different Mission


Opinion:  "Afghanistan's no quagmire, it's an anti-malarial swamp" - "Failed strategy connects Afghan fields, city streets"

Are PMC's An Issue in AFG?

CF Troops Enjoy Getting Cards from Home

This Week's Summary from the Canadian Defence Association


AUS "In For a Decade" - NLD Lower House Committee Holding Hearings on AFG Mission - permalink - ITA, ESP Agree on Need for Review of AFG Strategy

The Tough Time Dealing with Opium - permalink - Aussies Sending Police Team to Work on It - permalink - More - more


"A decline in Afghanistan's opium poppy cultivation is highly unlikely without viable eradication methods or alternatives for farmers."


How Helmand is Lighting Up These Days



6 Dec 07

Injured CF Tanker Back in the Fight - Another Tanker Thanks DEU for Making One Fine Panzer - permalink (.pdf) - GoogFr:  Officier blindee dit "merci" a DEU pour le Leopard


CF EOD Killers Work in the Shadows


CF Medics Treating More than Just Military Wounded


One ISAF Soldier Dead, Two Wounded in S.AFG Blast - Identified as Brit Gunner


ISAF Shares Video of Taliban Tricks (Let's See How Much Ends Up on TV)


New Montreal Gazette Reporter in Country Starts in Kabul


Newfies Send Greetings to Troops by Mail - CF Reminds You That All Packages Must Have a Name, Not "Any Canadian Soldier" - Prière de ne pas envoyer de colis



Think Tank to CAN Panel on AFG:  Now is NOT the Time to GTFO - NATO Leaving South=Another Srebrenica, Rwanda - Full report (.pdf) - Alternate report download - Main Recommendations - More Recommendations - Meanwhile, One Paper Just Listens to the Negative Waves


Submission to CAN Panel on AFG:  "Canada’s Complicity in the Flawed US-led operation Enduring Freedom and NATO’S ISAF Mission Must End"



Opinion:  "While the view that Canada should take one more for the team may play well at NATO headquarters in Brussels, it shouldn't be the reason we stay in Kandahar" - More Voices Calling for CAN to Stay the Course


AFG, Aid Top Items on CAN Political Committee Agendas - permalink (.pdf) - Big Priority for CAN Opposition Politicians, Too

Gettin' The Bigheads Together in Ottawa to Come Up With Some Ideas - permalink (.pdf)


Opposition étudiante au recrutement militaire : l'armée annule des activités de recrutement - GoogEng:  Anti-War Protests at Quebec CEGEPs

Rome appelle à modifier la stratégie de la FIAS en Afghanistan (diplomatie italienne) - GoogEng:  ITA For Min Says Time for Change o' Strategy



USMC Commandant:  No, We're Not Moving All Our Marines to AFG (for Now?) - More - USA Senator Calls for Mo' Troops in AFG - Meanwhile, CZE Troops Moving from IRQ to AFG

Bad Guys Nailed in Garmsir - More - Musa Qala About to Fall from Taliban Hands - People GTFO'ing Before the Fight - permalink - Brits to Get Helmand Tribesmen to Help in the Fight

Les fermiers afghans auraient une solution de rechange à la culture du pavot - EC Aid Official Says Need Growing


5 Dec 07


Nouvel appel de l'AFG pour une prolongation de la présence de l'OTAN - GoogEng:  AFG Envoy Says CAN's Help Needed Past 2009 - Analyst: Time's Run Out to Find a Replacement Country, Anyway


CF Troops Get "Loose Lips Sink Ships" OPSEC Lecture


Future ROTO Headed to S.Texas to Prepare - Exercice Southern Bear à Fort Bliss, Texas préparer les soldats qui seront déployés en AFG en 2008

NATO Revamping Measures of Success in AFG


Dress Code Getting (A Bit) Less Harsh


BONNE ANNÉE KANDAHAR: Richard Petit montrera la vie des soldats québécois en Afghanistan


More on UN Willing to Start Talking to Ex-Taliban - permalink (.pdf)


Coalition Troops Nab Bad Boys, Weapons in Oruzgan - Helmand, Too - Taliban Bad Boy Nailed in Musa Qaleh Positively Identified - Démantèlement d’un réseau de passeurs talibans - GoogEng:  Tackling Taliban Smugglers

Musa Qualeh Back-and-forth Chronology - permalink (.pdf)



USA Sec Def Calls for Other Countries to Join the Fight - More - more - Praises Progress of AFG Army - AFG Pres Asks for More Trainers, Equipment - Gates reçoit les doléances des Afghans, réitère ses appels à l'Otan - Gates «inquiet» de l'activisme croissant des talibans

More on AFG Army Getting M-16s


Opinion:  Time to Move USA Troops from IRQ to AFG

Info Ops:  RUS Media Outlet Suggests NATO Mil Involved in Drug Smuggling - permalink (.pdf)



Brit Killed in AFG - Soldat britannique tué - Royal Marine Gets Conspicuous Gallantry Cross - UK Board of Inquiry published into loss of Nimrod - UK Def Min Apologizes - More on POL "War Crimes" Trial Awaiting Troops in Jail - permalink (.pdf) - GoogFr: Afghanistan cas de crimes de guerre - Essais Pologne s'est engagée à des missions à l'étranger - permalink (.pdf)

How FRA Fighter Jets are Helping in the Fight

NATO Creating Jobs, Opportunities for Afghans

Leaked Map:  Getting Aid Out Getting Harder



4 Dec 07

Newest CF Tanks Roll Into Theatre - Leopard 2A6M


CAN Announces New Funding for Mine Action Program in AFG - CAN annonce un nouveau financement pour le programme d'action contre les mines en AFG - Radio Canada


View from CF Tac Ops Ctr @ K'Har


Coûts de prolongement inconnus - GoogEng:  Don't Know How Much It'll Cost to Extend CAN Mission


Panel Looking at CAN's Future in AFG Extends Deadline Because of Slew of Submissions


Opinion:  "Some of the longer term development inadequacies .... are real. But the claim that no "visible" improvements have been made is grossly misleading." 


Daniel Villeneuve remplit sa dernière mission en AFG? - GoogEng:  LCOL Villeneuve's Last Mission? - One of His Papers on CAN Mil Int from Summer 2006 (.pdf)


Producteurs de sapins de Noël offrent leurs produits aux familles des soldats en poste en AFG - GoogEng:  NB Xmas Tree Producers Give Free Trees to Families of CF in AFG


More Stats from BBC Poll:  Afghans Support ISAF Presence - GoogFr:  Sondage - population afghane soutient ISAF -

CAN's Dev Aid Min Disagrees with Stats Showing Dropping Support for NATO in SW - More - Ministre Oda conteste les résultats d'un sondage sur l'AFG

ISAF:  Taliban Only Controls 5 out of 59 Districts - GoogFr: Contrôle des Taliban, pas plus de cinq des districts - Trouble on the Kabul-Kandahar Highway

MORE Taliban Info Ops... - US Countering with "Critique" of Hekmatyar - permalink (.pdf)


UN Envoy to Talk with Former Taliban - News conference transcript - permalink to transcript (.pdf) - GoogFr:  Mission de l'ONU pour renforcer le dialogue avec d'anciens insurgés en AFG - Mission des Nations Unies en Afghanistan a fait part de son intention de continuer à sensibiliser les groupes d’anciens insurgés qui recherchent désormais les moyens de mettre un terme à la violence - More

Bad Guys Nabbed in Oruzgan - More


AFG Sends Families of Army, Police Fallen to Mecca for Pilgrimage - permalink (.pdf)



Next USA Units Heading Into the Fight



US Sec Def Arrives in AFG to Assess Conditions - Chef du Pentagone en AFG - plus - Looking at New USA Strategy? - permalink (.pdf) - Washington craint un regroupement d'Al Qaïda en AFG - US Worries About Renewed AQ Buildup in AFG - permalink (.pdf) - AFG Tells Gates Mo' Training Resources Needed - AFG Gov't Says Larger Army Needed




3 Dec 07


CF Tango Call Signs ALWAYS Welcome! - GoogFr:  Leopard 2A6M est "grand, fort, agressif et bruyant"


Riding Shotgun on CF Supply Convoys - GoogFr:  Canadien forces de sécurité "rouler fusil de chasse" pour les convois d'approvisionnement


Only Homicide Bomber Killed in Attack in Sha-Wali Kot


CAN Reportedly Wants to Focus Aid on Kandahar (Instead of All Over the Place)



PCO (Allegedly) Tells CF "Pay for the War Outta Yer Own Coffers, Folks" - permalink (.pdf) - Guerre en Afghanistan coûtera cher à la Défense - plus - permalink (.pdf) - plus



GoogFr:  MDN a déclaré la guerre à maintenir les coûts dans le prochain exercice



Opinion:  "Holland Extends to 2010, Well Done, Something for Canada to think about!" - "Real reasons we are fighting in Afghanistan are: Power, Money, Resource Control and Integration into the Global Economic System" - permalink "The reality of the ultimatum is that it asks the chiefs to sign their own death warrants – for themselves and their families." (.pdf)


Taliban Big Boy Nabbed in K'Har?

District Int Boss:  Talian'll Take Garmser in a Couple of Hours if Brits Not Around



Wedding Blast Nails Taliban in Zabul - permalink (.pdf) - more - permalink (.pdf) - AFG Cops Killed in Oruzgan, Helmand Attacks - permalink (.pdf) - Terrs Killed in Oruzgan, Too - Fast Air Nails Taliban Boss Implicated in Kidnapping of ITA Journalist in March - More - Bit of PsyOps by US Troops Against Rebel Leader?

CAN Liberal Says NLD Extending Mission to End it Right Afterwards? - More Details of POL Attack that Drew Public Fire - Les soldats polonais doivent ils se soumettent à la loi coranique? - DEU's Growing Dilemma in AFG


AFG Soon to Get First M-16s for ANA

Another Plan for Mo' Choppers:  Upgrade Old CZE Mi-8's? - Remember These CZE Choppers for AFG?


BBC/ABC Poll:  Afghans 'still hopeful on future' - Optimism for future fading? - Support for US Slipping?

Warlord Wants Foreign Troops to Go, "Neutral" Interim Gov't in Kabul - permalink (.pdf)

Super-Duper-Envoy for AFG in the Wings? - More - Bio - OSCE Promises to Help AFG Guard Borders



2 Dec 07

Attentat suicide contre les troupes de l'OTAN dans le sud - GoogEng:  Homicide Car Bomber Hits NATO Convoy in K'Har



More on Op TASHWISH MEKAWA - Opération de sécurité réussie dans le district Zhari pour l’ANA et la FOI-Afg - Video (QuickTime) - Taliban Nailed, Nabbed in South - Quarante Talibans présumés ont été tués dans le sud


Workin' on the Arghandab Causeway


Next CF "Head of Operations" in RC-South Prepares to Head Over


Questions about who's providing CF Strategic Advisory Team's security


CF Sgt-Major Wood Carving on the Side


Opinion:  Fier soldat en Afghanistan - GetTranslation:   Trust soldiers in AFG - Don’t Give Up on AFG

AFG Forces Take Back Zampto Valley in K'Har Province

Up Forward on the "Taliban Highway to Helmand"

UK Gunners Escape Serious Injury as Howitzer Explodes - More - Discussion


AFG Gov't Spokesperson:  Army Up to Speed by March 2008? - AFG DefMin:  Bloodiest Year Ever - Armée afghane va se renforcer

Taliban Shura Says Civvy Cas at a High (Do They Take Blame for Using Human Shields?)

AFG Happy to Hear NLD is Sticking Around

Pétition en ligne pour un retrait militaire d'Afghanistan - GoogEng:  Appeasers Opponents Post Online Petition to End AFG Mission



1 Dec 07

Mullah Omar's Old 'hood Now Quiet Following OP "No Worries" - Permalink (.pdf) -


Taliban Claims Four Kills in 29 Nov 07 Attack that Injured Three CF Troops - permalink (.pdf)


Taliban Resurgance=Aid, Development Slowdown?


CEFCOM Boss:  We're Winning in AFG - GoogFr: Gen. Gauthier dit 'Nous sommes gagnante "en Afghanistan


Reservists Preparing for Next ROTO



FRA General:  NATO Force Not Enough to Secure AFG - USA General:  More Muslims Should Get Into the AFG Fray - permalink (.pdf) - GoogFr/Craddock:  "nous voulons avoir plus participation des nations musulmanes"


Another View of the AFG Counterinsurgency Academy

DEU Politician:  NATO Could Collapse if CAN Leaves, Stops Pressing Europe to Fight - Who is this guy?

Fmr CF Cdr in AFG:  Crippling Opium Biz=Beating Taliban - More

More on How the Air Force is Helping in the Fight

TVA: Reportages sur le Noël des soldats


La mort de Michel secoue son ami Kevin - GoogEng:  Friend of One of the Fallen, Still in the Field, Remembers

CAN to announce major $ to clear land mines in AFG  - Ottawa doit annoncer un grand investissement contre les mines antipersonnel


Bloomberg:  NLD Cabinet Extends Mission to 2010 - Reuters - Radio Netherlands - permalink (.pdf) - more - NLD Def Min Statement in English - permalink (.pdf) - Google Translation of NLD Statement from Dutch - AFP - BBC - Les Pays-Bas prolongent leur mission a 2010 - Le Monde - DEU Views Its Troops as Armed Aid Workers


Opinion:  CAN Troops Need More than JUST Griffons Called for by Senator - "Why doesn't my company .... make (a Canadian) Afghanistan series or war movie? The only answer is that we don't think it would sell or be watched in sufficient numbers." - "A spate of recent news reports indicates that the NATO occupation of Afghanistan is becoming a deeper disaster"

AFG Becoming More Dangerous for USA than IRQ?



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