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August 2008

31 Aug 08

Stephan Stock, R.I.P.:  "Hundreds gather in Medicine Hat to bid farewell" - Funérailles d'un soldat tué en Afghanistan se déroule samedi


CAN Trainer Learns New View of Death - "Silver lining shines through in work with Afghan leaders" - "Afghanistan 'our place to be,' says young soldier" - Civil Servants Also Helping in the Fight - "Reservist dad joins son in the war zone" - "Rewards outweigh frustrations in reconstruction effort"


"Skeptical Afghan says Canadians must change tactics"


More on CAN Plans to Rebuild Schools in K'Har - K'Har Governor On Hand to Hand Out Certificates at AFG-CAN School Project - Elsewhere, Some Complaints About School Books?



More on USA Troops Headed to K'Har - More - more - more - États-Unis envoient 800 soldats pour aider les Canadiens plus



Oxfam UK:  "Assessment in one of the worst affected provinces, Daikundi, shows that people may be facing the worst conditions in over 20 years" - More


21 Bad Boys, One AFG Cop Killed in Helmand - Three Bad Boys Nailed in Zabul


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "6 British invaders soldiers Killed in Helmand" - "2 military vehicles of puppet army destroyed in Kandahar" - "8 puppet police killed in Helmand" - "Last week (17th-Augu 24) was the most acrimonious and admonitory moments to the occupation forces. Courageous and martyrdoms Mujahideen of Islam have threaten the whole U-S lead coalition" - Bin Laden "Never an American Agent"


AUS Troops Exonerated of Abusing Prisoners in Oruzgan - More - Blogger's View of Coverage - AUS Enquiry report (.pdf) - UK PM in Taliban's Sights During Visit in Helmand? - UK Tory MP Kicked Off Committee for Dissing Troops' Kit in AFG - UK Military "told to switch its Afghan tactics" - Military Poochies Fight for Tennis Balls - Video:  EST Company Fired On During Patrol


More on Bridges Built Along K'Har-Kabul Road


Opium Cultivation Hurting Women


"Afghan child mortality linked to uneducated mothers" - Journal study summary - Draft study (.pdf)


More on Khyber Pass Attacks Hurting Logistics of AFG Coalition Mission - "The Afghan War after Musharraf"



30 Aug 08

Dustin Wasden, R.I.P.: "'We've felt we've had enough', local pastor says of tragic events"


USA Troops Moving in to Help "Wild West" of Kandahar Province - "As (USA) officials consider sending more troops to Afghanistan, some worry about the lack of a larger plan"


New CAN Medal for Wounded, Killed in Action:  GG Statement - Background - What it Looks Like - More - more - more - more


What the War Looked Like to Members of ROTO 5



More Reservists Ready to Head Out


CF Chaplain "oversees 'spiritual wrestling'" - Deployments Not Easy on Families - More


Blogger Posts (Unconfirmed) Report of Worker Injuries at CAN Development Project in K'Har


UK Funeral Set for Fallen CAN Aid Worker - More


"Afghan Insurgency Diversifies As Taliban Forges Alliances With Other Factions"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "6 Canadian invadiers soldiers Killed in Kandahar" - "2 tanks of Canadian invaders destroyed in Kandahar" - "6 military vehicles of puppet army destroyed in Kandahar" - "American invaders martyrs 22 civilians in Helmand" - "5 American terrorists killed 7 wounded in Helmand" - "4 checkpoints of puppet army captured in Helmand" - "1 checkpoint of puppet army demolished in Helmand" - "1 checkpoint of puppet police demolished in Nemroz" - "More Then 20,000 Coward American Troops Suffer Stress" - "Martyrdom not Suicide - An Islamic Perspective" - "Footage of Saudi Army In (Uruzgan)"


"The Tale of Mullah Omar’s Eye"


Opinion:  "Beat Back Taliban" - "U.S. must learn from its mistakes in Afghanistan"


Development Projects in Helmand (.pdf permalink)


"British Media Grudgingly Admit That The 24 Marine Expeditionary Unit Conquered Taliban In Garmsir" - "Welcome to M*A*S*H, Afghanistan-style" @ Camp Bastion - More - UK Counter-Terr Team Targetting BBC, Ogthers to "taint the al-Qaida brand"?


Analysis:  "The reconstitution of al-Qaeda:  Losing Afghanistan and western Pakistan" - "Afghanistan: on the cliff-edge"

"Loans needed to stop poppy crops" - "Time to Target the Taliban Drug Cartel"



29 Aug 08

Shawn Eades, R.I.P.:  Laid to Rest Yesterday - More - "' 'Extraordinarily proud of his service,' sibling says"


Stephan Stock, R.I.P.:  Funeral Tomorrow


More on Injured Troops Needing Better Care when Returning to CAN


More of Next ROTO Headed Downrange  - One More Reservist Good to Go



"L'armée canadienne paie 2 millions $ par an pour des mercenaires" - GoogEng:  CF Spending Big Bucks on Private Security


Embed Discusses Sleeping Arrangements At Sharp End - Worries About Reporting Kit Blown Up by IED


New School, Mosque in Helmand


Lotsa Bad Boys Nailed Lately in Helmand - More - more - more - Update on How One of the Injured is Doing


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "33 puppet soldiers killed in different attak in Kandahar" (GoogleEng) - Arabic - "Americans killed 36 and wounded more than thirty people, including women and children, in Helmend" (GoogleEng) - Arabic - "Destroying a british tank, killing seven soldiers in Helmend" (GoogleEng) - Arabic - "Killing five officers of intelligence in Kandahar city" (GoogleEng) - Arabic


USA Soldier Killed by Rocket, SA Fire in Zabul - AUS Troops Busy Building Bridges and Nailing Taliban - More - DNK Troops Witness AFG Troops Shooting Prisoners - Prince Harry Wants to Head Back to AFG


Opinion: "Treading on Afghan toes with foreign boots" - "Bombing villages feeds Taliban war" - "Surging in Afghanistan: Too Much, Too Late?" - "Reconsider Afghan mission"



28 Aug 08


CAN General in AFG:  More Troops Needed - Especially to Protect Key Districts - More - Recent Hard Fighting Not Enough


Military Construction Team from CFB Esquimalt Heads Downrange


Busy Hospital=Bad Day for Taliban - Troops Pressing Taliban Bomb Makers


More on Private Sector US Company Training CAN Troops on How Taliban Does Things


Outgoing CAN Envoy to AFG:  Don't Expect a Switch to Flick on Progress by 2011


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Fighting Around Kajaki Dam? - Original Arabic


Globe & Mail Embed:  "Rare moments of joy"


"Helmand governor cracks down on crime" - Impresses the Brits - Note to Self:  Poochie Will NOT Necessarily Get Along with My New Pet from Helmand - One Southern Bad Boy's Assessment:  "If the foreigners did not have their planes, then within five days I guarantee we would be in the avenues of Kabul"


"Only a Two-Page 'Note' Governs U.S. Military in Afghanistan"


Opinion:  "Outgunned, outmanned, poorly trained and underpaid, Afghan police are a weak link in the U.S.-led effort to stabilize the country"


AFG Counter-Drug Boss Likes Aerial Spraying Against Poppies - "Ministry dishes out $10m as part of pledge to prop up drug-free provinces"


AFG Opposition Parties Want "International Crisis Meet"




27 Aug 08

Shawn Eades, R.I.P.:  His Brother Remembers


CAN DefMin, FinMin Drop By, Announce Funding for "Staff and Language Training Centre" in K'Har - CF Statement - ISAF Statement - More - more


CAN DefMin Says Troops Know How to Avoid Civvy Casualties - More - "I can assure you we take all precautions and all rules of engagement are followed" - Says Season's Been Tough for the Coalition


Any Ideas for a Proposed PsyOp Plan for Kandahar? - Alternate Download (MS Word) - CAN Hiring USA Company to Help Learn How Taliban Think, Work - More - USA Company Gets Big Contract to Build Cop Shops in Helmand - Company Statement


CAN AFG Task Force Senior Bureaucrat:  "Afghanistan aid projects a Taliban target; Enemy will strike in regions previously considered safe" (.pdf permalink)


ISAF Soldier Killed by IED in South


ANOTHER Vehicle Fails to Stop in Helmand - More Bad Boys Nailed in Sangin


Associated Press Reporter Says Security Worse Lately in K'Har

How USA Rescue Pilots Helping Get the Wounded Outta Harm's Way - FRA May Send SF Troops Back to AFG - Some Brits Back from Tour


Opinion:  "Who should govern: Communists, Mujaheddin or Westerners?" - "I don't understand why so many people feel compelled to get on (news web pages) and make ridiculous, ill-informed, or outright stupid comments about the situation in Afghanistan." - "Will the Afghanistan Surge Doom Pakistan?" - More - "Vikings or Talibans… Can You Spot the Difference?"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian destroyed near Kandahar city" - "In explosion 6 Canadian Killed in Kandahar" - "Taliban Plan Massive Attack On Kabul; Nine Canadian Soldiers Killed" - "2 vehicles of puppet police destroyed in Helmand" - "1 tank of British occupation blew up in Helmand" - "1 vehicle of puppet police blew up in Helmand" - "2 military vehicles of puppet army destroyed in Kandahar" - "Why did I take arms against the United States? - Former Northern Alliance Commander" - "These are pictures of the Islaamic youth in Afghanistan .... these Mujaahideen are from Uzbekistan"


UN: AFG Opium Cultivation Down 20% Overall... - ...But Tripled in Helmand - More - more - more - UN Office on Drugs and Crime Report, August 2008 (.pdf) - UNODC Statement - Senlis:  "UNODC Report gives false hope in fight against Afghan drug trade"


Now, RUS Says "You Can Come Through, But At Your Own Risk"


Close Call for USA Diplomat in PAK



26 Aug 08

Shawn Eades, Stephan Stock, Dustin Wasden, R.I.P.:  Hometown Burials for All Three


"Canadians 'clear out' bomb-making Taliban strongholds after fatal blast" - More - CF Says They're Winning - More - CF Busy Juggling Three Block War in AFG - Coalition Ready to Push Harder


One Embed's View of IED Blast He Was In - Another's View - More - more


Most Escapees from Big K'Har Jail Break High Tailed it to PAK


CAN Army Commander:  "I need a heavy-infantry assault vehicle, not in large numbers, in limited numbers with a better ability to protect the young folk when they’re rumbling around in a scenario where there are all sorts of IEDs, mines and other unpleasantries ....  After that, we need an armoured patrol vehicle, which is more heavily protected then the G-Wagon, but is not as large as the Coyote."


On Decapitation of the Taliban/AQ:  "While the terrorists can replace leaders and technical specialists, they cannot replace them with people of equal experience. And as they move into the shallow end of the talent pool, more mistakes are made."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian destroyed near Kandahar city"


USA Media: "Canadians honor war dead on 'Highway of Heroes' "


Honkin' Huge Drug Bust in South - More


Why One Woman Studying Online With CAN's Help Wants to be a Project Manager - Bad Guys Host Good Ol' Fashioned Book Burning in K'Har School


DNK Soldier Killed in Helmand IED Blast - Google Translation of DNK Statement - DNK Statement in DanishBBC Scotland Embeds News Team to Do the News from Helmand POL Troops Tell POL PM They Need Better Equipment - FRA General: NATO underestimated Taliban - More - more


Opinion/Commentary:  "There are multiple ways in which Canada's limited resources may be used, including helping the Afghans .... Which of those is most appropriate is a policy question which does not fall within the sphere of expertise of military personnel. They should no more lecture the public on these issues than civilians should lecture them on tactics." - Tabbernor Article - Petrolekas Article - "Rather than downplaying the threat by prioritizing moral outrage over sound policy, (CAN DefMin Peter) MacKay would do well to realize that the Taliban is easily capable of targeting aid workers again" - "In Afghanistan money is not a solution for many problems. Mismanagement, corruption, abuse of power are the main problems and can be solved without it."


Cost of Coal, Wood Expected to Rise for Winter


RUS Says They're Not Blocking "Civilian Cargoes" Transiting for NATO Forces in AFG


PAK Bans Taliban - PAK Gunmen Torch Hardware Destined for USA Forces in AFG - More - PAK Gunmen Shoot @ USA Vehicle



25 Aug 08

CF Troop Injured, Embed Reporters Shaken by IED - More - more - more - more - more


FC ont complété la sécurisation d'une autoroute à Kandahar - "Coalition puts on a show of force to disrupt insurgent activity in volatile Zhari district"


"The Canadian viewpoint may influence the French government's next moves" in AFG


IRQ-Style Surge Coming After USA Takes Over in January?


AFG Southern Governors Meet in K'har


BBC Reporter:  Media Shouldn't Present Taliban as Monolithic


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "9 Canadian soldiers killed, 5 oil tankers of invaders destroyed in Kandahar" - "1 tank of Canadian destroyed in Kandahar"More - "3 military vehicles of puppet army destroyed in Kandahar" - "1 vehicle of puppet police blew up in Helmand" - "4 military vehicles of puppet army destroyed in Kandahar"



Four Bad Boys Nailed When They Attacked Musa Qala ANA Base - "Helmand's fields yield a bumper opium harvest" - "Farmers in Afghanistan are to be given millions of pounds of British taxpayers' money to persuade them to stop growing poppy crops for heroin." - "Wheat price incentive for farmers"


Opinion:  "So far the Canadian government hasn't taken any steps to press Islamists to tolerate the values of a free society. Rather, Islamists are pushing Canadians to tolerate their extreme hateful ideologies." - "Taliban are getting stronger because people are joining them and once it stop, Taliban will loose the war. But people will only stop joining Taliban if the government works for their welfare and provide them justice."




24 Aug 08

Shawn Eades, Stephan Stock, Dustin Wasden, R.I.P.:  They're Home - More - more - more - more


CAN Troops Wrap Up Big Push Before Next ROTO - More - Families Happy to See Returning Troops


Security a Priority for New K'Har Boss - "Kandahar police and civilians fear odds are against them"


Veterinarians Help Out in Qalat


Problems in AFG=Problems with NATO


USA Embed "On the tip of the spear in Afghanistan's Helmand Province" - BBC Embed Setting Up Shop with Scots - "Helmand's fields yield a bumper opium harvest"


"Sergeant Met on Plane Escorting Fallen Home" E-Mail an Urban Legend - The USMC Version - The CF Version (Which Made It as a Letter to the Editor)


Judge, Son Shot to Death in K'Har - Smugglers Arrested in Helmand - Ambush on Police Patrol in Helmand Leads to Two Dead Bad Guys - Cop Shot Dead in Zabul


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 checkpoints of puppet army demolished in Helmand" - "13 landmines detonated killing many British invader terrorists in Helmand" - "A large number of British invaders soldier killed in Helmand" - "1 vehicle of puppet army demolished in Kandahar" - "A vehicles of puppet police commander blew up in Uruzgan"


Opinion:  "Trudeau, not mission, is wrong" - "The women of Kabul would tell us why British troops really are heroes"


UN's Uber-Envoy: "Partnerships with provincial and district authorities are key to improving aid effectiveness in the south" (.pdf version of statement)


FRA Taking Hard Look at Mission After Ten Killed


"Osama Wanted" Billboards, Posters Up


PAK Says AFG Sent 6K Troops into PAK - AFG Denies Claim



23 Aug 08

Shawn Eades, Stephan Stock, Dustin Wasden, R.I.P.:  On Their Way Home - More - Expected Home Tonight - Edmonton Colleagues Remember - More - more - "Are we not doing it for the kids?" - They Were Doing a Risky Job - More - Media Eyeing the Magic 100 Number Already


CIMIC Soldier Prepares to Leave - Next ROTO: "The People of Afghanistan Need Us" - More - more


CAN PRT Officer Comments on "Cries of a nation"


Mission 1000 for CAN UAV Team


Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand - More - Ten Civvies Killed in K'Har Roadside Bomb - More


Analysis:  "In the race between firepower and armour, firepower always wins. It is far easier to double the power of a bomb than it is to double the protection of a tank." - "Taliban are now maneuvering for a Vietnam-style Tet Offensive, this time against Kabul." - "Rockets, guile and the lessons of history: the Taleban besiege Kabul"


Senlis: "We need a new Afghan strategy" - Pressure Climbing for Review of NATO Strategy in AFG


Opinion:  "Alexandre Trudeau should stick to filmmaking .... (his) claims are mistaken on every level of analysis" - "I don't think anyone should assume we're out of Afghanistan until we're out of Afghanistan. And until that time the death of every soldier should make us question and reflect on why we're there." - "New Afghan crisis may be real (Canadian) election issue" - "Politicians still hope to skid through the coming election without dealing with those confounding realities. Voters owe it to the troops, and to themselves, to make that as difficult as possible." "No Time to Waver - Nato must respond more coherently and robustly to the Taleban threat" - World Bank Pres: "(A) key determinant is the Afghan government's ability to extend and deepen governance -- and development -- in areas with improved security. Afghanistan's partners need to connect forces, aid and capacity to build this national ownership." - "It is stupid to compare soldiers to athletes"



Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "A vehicles of puppet police commander blew up in Uruzgan" - "1 tanks of American, 2 vehicles of puppet army destroyed in Zabul" - "1 vehicle of puppet army demolished in Kandahar" - "3 vehicles of enemy destroyed in Helmand" - "Martyrdom Operation kills 10 police in Nemroz"



22 Aug 08

Shawn Eades, Stephan Stock, Dustin Wasden, R.I.P.:  CF Statement (1) - CF Statement (2) - ISAF Statement - CF Army News - Governor General/Commander in Chief's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Minister of Defence's Statement - Condolences - Updated List of Canada's Fallen (Wikipedia) - Vancouver Sun - Saskatoon-Star Phoenix - Canadian Press - Toronto Star - CanWest/National Post - More - Globe & Mail - - - BBC News - Bloomberg


Erin Doyle, R.I.P.: Hundreds Mourned @ Funeral - More


CF Officer Writes His OWN Letter to the Taliban - Blogger Kudos for Letter - Letters to the Editor


Lew-Mac: "Canadians soldiers are dying in Afghanistan while many NATO members are refusing to show up for the fight"


Son of Former CAN PM:  "Our aggressive military activities in Afghanistan are foolish and wrong .... it's better we leave now."


CAN Rejecting AFG Refugee Claimants


"The Desparation Line: Hundreds overwhelm aid mission in Kandahar" - Development Projects Done & Under Way in Zabul - USA Embed Trainers in Zabul Helping Root Out Bad Boys



Brit PM Drops By - More - Shows His Support - Promises Continued (and More) Support - Compares Brit Troops to Olympic Heroes - Says Taliban Not a Strategic Threat to Kabul - "Another day, another VIP visit" - All is Not Well Among Brit Troops, Though - UK Commander in Helmand Says Mo' Troops Needed - "Growth Trajectory" - US Command Sgt Major Injured in Blast that Killed Brit - US Spec Force Survivor of Vehicle Accident in RC-South Credits Commander for Saving Him - 30 Jun 08 Announcement of SF Accident - POL Troops Seek More Control to Cut Casualties - FRA Honour Ten Fallen


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "In explosion 15 soldiers of enemy Killed in Kandahar" - "1 checkpoint,vehicle of puppet army demolished in Kandahar" - "1 miltry truck of American occupation blew up in Helmand"


Bad Boys More Aggressive, Not Stronger - Media Savvy, Too


Opinion:  "The West has a duty to complete what it began in Afghanistan"



21 Aug 08

Three CAN Troops Killed, One Injured by Zharei IED - CF Statement - More - more




Erin Doyle, R.I.P.: Funeral Today - More


Senlis: Situation Deteriorating? - Released CAN Reports:  Taliban Fighting in Larger Groups?


CAN Strategic Advisory Team-AFG Replacement:  Costs More, Fewer People (.pdf permalink)


CF Pilot Training to Fly UAVs - RCR Turret Gunner Prepares to Deploy


Editorial:  "If the Afghan people decide Canada's presence is more trouble than it is worth, they are free to say so, through their leaders or opinion surveys. We will not stay a day longer than we are wanted. But Canadians would betray the UN, the Afghan people, and our own principles, by being cowed by murderers, or seduced by their Big Lie."


"US general warns of security gap when Marines leave Afghanistan"


Karzai: Not Enough Focus on Terrorist Facilities, Sanctuaries or Financial Networks=More Violence - Meanwhile, UN Uber-Envoy Says More Should be Done About Corruption



Reuters Embed Travels K'Har by Humvee


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "7 Canadian terrorists killed in Kandahar" - "In explosion 13 soldiers of enemy killed in Zabul" - "1 vehicle of puppet police blew up in Kandahar"


FRA Deaths Possibly Friendly Fire? - Brit PM Visits Troops in Helmand - More - UK "Soldier's miracle recovery from Afghan blast" - Good Guys "Hinder" Bad Guys' IED Team - Bad Boys Nailed in Uruzgan


More on AFG-PAK-NATO Tri-Lateral Meeting


Report:  1998 Missiles into AFG Training Camps Helped Bin Laden, Taliban Get Closer



20 Aug 08

Joshua Brian Roberts, R.I.P.: Hundreds Remember Fallen 'Good Soldier' at Funeral - More


Letter Back to the Taliban in Response to Open Letter Threatening CAN Civvies - Meanwhile, Forum Posters Suggest Aid Workers Killed Working for CIA-Linked Agency - "Open letter to Canadians reveals just how desperate these bullies are" - AFG Envoy to CAN:  "I am not surprised that the Taliban would use this opportunity -- after the tragic killing of aid workers and daily attacks on civilians and non-civilians, both Afghans and non-Afghans -- to try to create fear."


Counterpoint to "CAN Strategic Advisory Team a Failure" Piece - More


More on Fallen AFG Interpreter


"Afghan-Canadian school sets up virtual desktops" (.pdf version)


"South West Asian Piper's Report" - New CAN Embed Arrives


USA Planning 12K Troop Surge?


"Cleaning" Op in Helmand's Desho District - AFG Redevelopment Minister Visits Uruzgan


Ten FRA Troops Killed in Attack Near Kabul - FRA Pres On His Way - Tells Troops to Keep Up the Fight - Reportedly a Pretty Complex Attack - Attack Seen to be Probing FRA Public Opinion Bad Boys Preparing for Seige of Kabul? - More - more - Latest Fallen Brit Identified - "Pashtu speaking Paras: the face of the British Army in Helmand" - US Marines Killed "Supporting Combat Operations" in Helmand - More


Senlis: "More troops needed to stop Taliban attacks"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "15 puppet soldiers killed in Helmand" - "Who has the right to celebrate the 89th anniversary of regaining the independence?"


PAK, AFG, NATO Reps Meet @ Tripartite Commission Meeting - PAK Military Statement (.pdf) - more


AFG Counter-Drug Ministry Sees Progress


UN Super-Envoy Calls for More Food Aid $ - News conference transcript


Opinion:  "The Taliban have embarked on what amounts to a large scale suicide strategy." - "The murder of four humanitarian aid workers in Afghanistan should temper talk about sending more troops there." - "When an occupying military power knows that it has the backing of the most powerful global information outlets, it can indulge itself in the most laughable rhetoric."



19 Aug 08

Joshua Brian Roberts, R.I.P.: Funeral Today in Saskatoon - More


Canadian Injured, AFG Interpreter Killed, in Panjwaii IED Blast - More


Former CAN Battle Group Commander Leads Team Figuring Out Ways to Hunt for IEDs


They Want Canada's Military Mission Cut Back, But They Want Development Aid Workers Protected?


Liberal MP, Back from AFG, Says Injured Reservists Should be Treated Same as Reg Injured - "The other side of medical advances" - Opinion:  "Wounded soldiers too often forgotten"


Still More on Taliban Open Letter Threatening More Attacks on Canadians


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "11 Canadian terrorists killed in Kandahar" - "6 British terrorists killed in Helmand" - Alleged Rocket Attack on Gov't Buildings in K'Har (original Arabic) - Google English - "BM's Mortars shells fired at base of American In Kandahar" - "12 puppet police killed in Kandahar""3 puppet police killed in Zabul" - "23 puppet ANA soldiers killed in Zabul" - "13 puppet soldiers killed in Nemroz" - "Spying or Working Against Muslims is HARAAM" - More -


AFG Man Loses Son to Homicide Bomber Targeting Canadians


CF Strategic Advisory Team-Afghanistan to be Replaced by CIDA, Consultants (.pdf version) - Opinion:  "Those who loved the (Strategic Advisory Team-Afghanistan) should not forget their efforts were a dismal failure" (.pdf version)


CAN Embed: "Journalists live for details. They are our stock in trade. And, as long as we know them to be fact, we throw them into our work without giving a lot of thought about who might be reading on the other end – at least we try to." - Another Embed Discusses Risky Roads in K'Har



Opinion:  "Debate Canada's next Afghan role" - "Canada's soldiers are losing an important battle: The PR battle"


More on Taliban Using Human Shields in Brit Bombing Incident - More - Brits Apologize - Brit Killed in Helmand Firefight - UK MoD Initial Statement - New Brit UAV Takes Flight - SAS, SBS to Lead Next Decapitation Round - More - AUS SF Nail Oruzgan Bad Boy Boss - More - more


Taliban to Cut Opium Production to Jack Up Prices? - "Wheat versus poppy on Helmand frontline" - Helmand AgFair Draws "Afghan women jailed for being victims of rape" in Helmand


Musharraf Gone - Now What? - Race for Successor



18 Aug 08

More on Taliban Open Letter to Canada - Better English Language Version of Open Letter (.pdf version) - More - more more - more - more - more - more - Petition Countering Open Letter - Opinion: "Canadians may not be standing high in the Olympics, but we've demonstrated quite adequately that we are not a nation to back down to such taunting. Not now, not ever."


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "9 Canadian terrorists killed in Helmand" - "1 tank of Canadian destroyed in Kandahar" - "1 vehicle of puppet police blew up in Kandahar"


CF Looking for Help Protecting New Choppers



Embed On Patrol


Opinion:  Stay the Course


Bad Boys Killed in Attack on Coalition Convoy in Qalat


Taliban Hide Behind Civvies in Sangin; Civvies Killed, Injured - More - more - AFG Cops Killed in Blast in Sha-Wali-Kot - Governor: "Thousands of foreign rebels operate in Helmand"


Southern AFG Starting to Use AFG Money? (.pdf permalink)


AFG Has to Celebrate Independence Day in Secret Venue - Country Bracing



17 Aug 08

CAN Led Op in Maywand "Disrupts Insurgent Activity" - "In Afghanistan, the enemy can be elusive, if not invisible"


Open Letter to Canada (Arabic):  "Afghans did not go to Canada for killing Canadians" (original Arabic) - Arabic .pdf version - Google Translation


Aid Getting More Dangerous as CAN Shifting Toward More Aid Work - CAN Oppostion:  "Government must be liable in aid worker deaths" - Deteriorating Security Affecting AFG Aid Groups - More


CAN CIMIC Uses Talking and Listening as a Weapons


CAN Senate Releases Report "Bringing Our Wounded Home Safely" - Report (.pdf) - Alternate .pdf download More


Major Uruzgan Bad Boy Nailed by Airstrike - More - Bit of Analysis - Almost 40 Bad Boys Nailed, Two AFG Troops Wounded in Two-day Punch Up in Zabul - Bad Boys Killed in Helmand - Bad Boy Killed in Shah Wali Kot


"Women win at Sarpoza" - NLD Helping Re-Open School Near K'Har Air Field - Medical, Aid Support in Maywand - More


Outgoing K'Har Governor Gets Nice Send Off - New Governor Promises to Boost Security - More


UK DefMin: " UK troops doing "superb job" in Afghanistan - Results of Inquest into Fratricide Death of Royal Marine in January 2007 - More - more - more - more - Video of US, AFG Troops in Helmand - "2 PARA tough it out in Helmand's 'Green Zone' " - List of UK Medal Citations from AFG - Missed Chance:  Could Mullah Omar Have Been Nailed a While Ago?


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian destroyed in Kandahar" - "1 vehicle of puppet police blew up in Kandahar" - "BM's Mortars shells fired at intelligence office in Uruzgan" - "American forces cut up with a knife the eyes, nails and heart of a residence of Shahwali Koot"


Opinion:  "What is going on in Afghanistan today is a battle between right and wrong. This does not mean that "we" are all angels, and "they" are all monsters. But at bottom, Canada and its partners’ intentions in Afghanistan are good." - "100th casualty looming"



16 Aug 08

Family Day for Next ROTO - More


K'Har Co-Op Facilitator:  ""I strongly urge Canadians to continue supporting their country's crucial involvement in Afghanistan." (.pdf permalink) - Sarah's Wish List


NATO Medics Help AFGs Create Kandahar Tourniquet


Bad Boy Logistical Point Nailed in Maywand - Vehicle Doesn't Stop in Helmand (1) - Vehicle Doesn't Stop in Helmand (2)


More on K'Har Governor Leaving


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Says Aid Worker Killings Revenge for Killing Civilians (.pdf version) - "A intrigue of American occupation becom unproductive in Kandahar" - "District headquarter surrounded in Helmand"




Opinion:  "Afghans don't support the insurgency; they're its primary targets" - "Insurgents or terrorist groups can only win by dividing the political support of their enemies -- and they can only be defeated in the same manner" - "West's strategy failing in Afghanistan" - "I cannot stop thinking that the International Rescue Committee workers killed this week in Afghanistan lost their lives because they were working for women's rights by promoting girls education."


15 Aug 08


Josh Roberts, R.I.P:  Probe into soldier's death hits murky legal territory - Hired guns involved in soldier’s death didn’t work for DND


Mourning Aid Group Not Pulling Out of AFG (Yet) - Email sent by Canadian aid worker killed in Afghanistan outlines her life


Embed CAN Reporter Discusses Wardrobe


Opinion:  Go big or get out - It's up to the Afghans to reject Taliban violence


Memo to staff:  We Wish the Outgoing Governor of Kandahar Success in his Future Endeavours - Moremoremore



14 Aug 08

Josh Roberts, Erin Doyle, R.I.P.:  They're Home - more


CAN Def Min Quiet on Whether He Prefers Limits on How Long Injured Troops Can Stay in CF - Opinion: "The Canadian Forces should move heaven and earth to retain and accommodate disabled personnel who still want to serve in uniform, and who can perform useful jobs. "


Former CF Strategic Advisory Team Boss: "Afghans' confidence in foreign help falling"


Fallen CAN Aid Workers Praised - MoreCAN PM Condemns KillingPM StatementAid Workers are Targets - CAN Aid Agency Pressing for More Work in K'Har, Less Liability if Workers Kidnapped, Killed


13 Aug 08

Erin Doyle, Josh Roberts, R.I.P.:  Expected Home Today - CF Media Advisory


Five CF Troops Injured in Zharei IED Blast


CAN Aid Workers Killed in Logar - More - NGO Puts Work on Hold Following Deaths



12 Aug 08

Erin Doyle, R.I.P.: CF Statement - Governor General/Commander-in-Chief Statement - Prime Minister Statement - Minister of National Defence Condolences - Canadian Press - More - CanWest/National Post - More - Globe & Mail - - - BBC - Agence France Presse -


Josh Roberts, R.I.P.:  More on Friendly Fire Probe - Army News story - Questions About AFG Private Security - Toronto Star Reads Stars & Stripes


AFG, CAN Forces on OP NOLAI in K'Har - Life @ KAF


Here's Who Else Suffers fro the Suicide Attacks


(Another) Kandahar Jailbreak Foiled - Deminers Killed in Zabul - "Music can (once) again be heard in the Garmsir district of Helmand province." - 40 Days to UN Peace Day in AFG (.pdf)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "12 foreigner invaders soldiers killed in Uruzgan" - "13 more foreigner invaders killed in Uruzgan" - "Attacked on enemy in Kandahar" - "A vehicle of puppet police blew up in Kandahar city" - "A helicopter of American occupation destroyed in Uruzgan"


AUS SF Troops Injured in Uruzgan IED Blast - AUS MoD Statement - Worries About MedEvac Delays? - More About Brits (Almost) Nabbing Kandahar Drug Lord - US Training Troops Like Idea of Consolidating Command of All US Troops Under One General - Afghans Beg for Protection at Camp Bastion



NATO's AFG Boss:  Coin Takes Time (More Than We Thought)


NATO General:  “There certainly is a level of ISI complicity in the militant areas in Pakistan and organisations such as the Taliban” - More


US SF NCO Faces Charges in Death of Afghan


AQ Eyeing Karachi, NATO Supply Lines in PAK As Targets



11 Aug 08

Josh Roberts, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - More - more - more - more - One Embed's View - More - Looking Into the Death - Death Highlights Issues with Private Security


CAN Medics Treat AFGs Injured in Zhari IED Blast - More - more - more


Taliban Ambush in Uruzgan Leads to Hostages, Deaths - More


AFG MoD:  More Foreigners Fighting with Taliban - "No educated Muslim can support Taliban: Imran"


Drug Baron GTFOs as UK Paras Push Through in Maywand - More on Brits Wanting Mo' Troops


Weekly Security, Refugee, Food Security Round-Up (.pdf permalink)


Opinion:  CAN Chopper Deal Proves NATO Can't Do it Collectively - More - "A military solution to a political problem is a prescription for long-term disaster"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "A helicopter of American occupation destroyed in Uruzgan" - "A vehicles of puppet police commander blew up in Uruzgan" - "3 tanks of foreign invaders destroyed in Uruzgan" - "1 tank of British invaders destroyed in Helmand"


Justice in AFG "Hard to Import"


AFG Pres Pushes for Mil Push in PAK - AQ 2 i/c Disses PAK in Latest (Alleged) Audio - Says It's Virtually US Run



10 Aug 08

Josh Roberts, R.I.P.:  CF Statement - ISAF Statement - Governor General/Commander-in-Chief Statement - Prime Minister Statement - Minister of National Defence Statement - CF, ISAF Looking Into Incident - More -Canadian Press - CanWest/National Post - More - - - Globe & Mail - Agence France Presse - Condolences Thread


IED in Jalai District, Kandahar Kills Five Civvies


Kabul Reportedly Likes Plan to Have One US Officer In Charge of Both ISAF and OEF Missions - AFG to Seek NATO Money to Help Pay for Mo' Troops


Oruzgan's Taliban "Shadow Governor" Nabbed by AUS SF - More - more


Brit Commanders Call for More Troops - Unnamed UK 16 Air Aslt Bde Official: 'We're beating the Taliban' - Brits Say USMC MEU Big Help in Keeping a Grip in Helmand - AFG Civvies, Troops Surround Sangin FOB After Death of Child - Four NLD Troops Wounded in Uruzgan IED Incident - More - AUS Troops Facing More Taliban Tries - More - "UK denies money to wounded Afghans"


"Scheme to pay Taliban fighters to defect to the West has descended into chaos with money missing and payouts going to shepherds instead of soldiers"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "11 American invaders soldiers killed in Kandahar" - More - "1 tank of British invaders destroyed in Helmand" - "3 tanks of foreign invaders destroyed in Uruzgan"


"Afghan police depend heavily on U.S. support"


Opinion:  "A fist, not a handshake" - "Why Pakistan is unlikely to crack down on Islamic militants, despite U.S. pressure" - "The "Cabal" That Prevents a Counterdrug Program in Afghanistan"


Mideast Media: "Taliban’s ideology not selling well in tribal belt along border, says survey"



9 Aug 08

Josh Roberts, R.I.P.:  CF Statement - Canadian Press - CanWest/National Post - - Globe & Mail - Condolences Thread


CF Troops Help Round Up Drugs, Weapons in Latest Push - More - more - Bad News for Taliban? - USA Statement


More on CAN Getting Chinooks (Eventually)


"Calgarians making split-second decisions on Afghan battlefields"


CAN Embed Loves 'Net Access - Embed Reporter Accompanies Detainees in Helmand


Pentagon Proposes Making US General in Charge of Both NATO and USA Troops in AFG - More


USA Wants LOTS More ISR Assets for AFG, IRQ - Surge O' Troops May Not Be Enough

"Large weapons cache discovered in Zabul province" - "Several insurgents killed in Helmand province"

"For all the money, technology and military might America can throw at the Taliban, conditions at the US Army's most attacked outpost in Afghanistan are reminiscent of the First World War trenches."


More on Brits Considering WAY More Troops - Two POL Helicopters Arrive - GoogEng:  Delay in NLD Sending More Chinooks (Original in Dutch) - GoogEng:  Belgian Troops to Head South??? (Original in Dutch)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Denying Jihad Won't Change Things


IND Success at Blocking Terrorists=More Free to Fight in AFG


US Considering Harder Push Into PAK? - More - Columnist:  "Violence and uprisings in these tribal areas are not caused by `terrorism,' as Washington and Musharraf claimed. They directly result from the US-led occupation of Afghanistan and Washington's forcing the hated Musharraf regime to attack its own people." - "The ISI Imbroglio"



8 Aug 08

CAN Troops Helping in Offensive NW of K'Har


Six CF Injured in Zhari AmbushCanadian Press - Globe & Mail - CanWest/National Post - More -



CAN Closing Deals on UAV's, Helicopters:  CF Statement - Backgrounder - Canadian Press - CanWest/National Post - Globe & Mail - - - Associated Press - Reuters - Agence France Presse - Jane's



Women Learning Comms Inside K'Har Prison, Thanks to CAN NCO - More Development Coming to Zhari - ISAF Statement - New Stadium Inaugurated in K'Har - "Afghans embrace Canada's soldiers and our development workers. Yet most Canadians don't see this." - New Project Coordination Office in Zabul - ISAF Statement


CAN Civilian Nurse Recognized for Svc in AFG - CAN Embed Reporter Blogs About the Heat


Lotsa Recruits Enter Cop School in South

Taliban, AFG Cops Killed in Fighting in Helmand - More

"New Taliban Tactics Have a Catch" (.pdf version)



Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "A vehicles of puppet police blew up in Helmand" - "2 tanks of British invaders blew up in Musakala" - "The squanderers of the national assists & infrastructure are well-known"



UK Def Sec Hinting at Mo' Troops? - USA Four-star General Calls AFG Conflict "Generational" - More - US Setting Aside BIG Money to Help - More - Ollie North Embeds for Fox TV



US weighs stepped-up military forays into Pakistan - PAK Consulate Staffer Accused of Aiding Taliban to Weaken AFG Gov't - "Battle lines move from Kashmir to Kabul" - PAK: A Dangerous Neighbor



7 Aug 08

CAN to Announce Helicopter, UAV Deals Today - Media advisory - Chinook Pilots Already Being Trained


Outgoing CAN Envoy: "What is hard for Canadians to understand, as it is for the public in the rest of the western countries, is just how big the development task is here"


AFG Accuses PAK Consulate of Helping Attempt Kidnappings in Kandahar - AFG Calls on PAK to Get a Grip on Int Svc - Can PAK Get a Grip on Its Int? - Maybe Not? - CAN Pushed to Press PAK on Int Activities


CAN Accountant as Fin Officer @ KPRT


Embed Reporter Says CAN Troops Treating Her Well


"Record 500 Police Recruits Enter Training in Southern Afghanistan" (.pdf) - .mp3 audio


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "7 puppet police killed in Helmand" - "2 tanks of American occupation blew up in Kandahar" - "8 British terrorists killed in Helmand" - One Bad Boy's Reading List


FRA Moves Training Troops to Oruzgan - More - IND Sending No Troops to AFG - Brits See Improvements in Security - NATO TV:  With AFG Troops in Helmand - With USMC 24 MEU in Helmand (12.6Mb .wmv video) - USMC Arty Bashes Bad Boys - Life with USMC At Strong Point Alpha - Brit OMLT Officer on Patrol with Afghans in Helmand (7.3Mb .wmv video) - More - UK Report on UAV Use in AFG, IRQ (.pdf) - USAF:  F-18's Busy Near Sangin, Kandahar This Week


Think Tank Report:  "Afghanistan Index: Tracking Variables of Reconstruction & Security in Post-9/11 Afghanistan" (.pdf) - "Mapping the Rising Violence"


Rights Group Checking Out Info Indicating "…insurgents are mounting an increasingly vigorous, systematic terror campaign of threats, abductions and executions aimed against members of the civilian population.” - Civvy Cas Mounting



6 Aug 08

CF Griffon Helicopters Closer to Heading Over?


CAN ForAffairs Seeking PAK-AFG Border Management Support Staffer for Islamabad (.pdf version)


"Tensions over drug trade bubble to the surface" - AFG Int Official Says Some Politicians Benefiting from Drug Trade - Editorial:  "The answer (to drugs) lies in a consistent, integrated and well-financed plan to establish security throughout Afghanistan, put kingpins in jail, develop a market economy and a functioning government in Kabul, and rapidly expand incentives for smaller farmers to stop growing poppies."


How an AFG Comedian is Trying to Help - AFG Expat in CAN Visits to Hand Out Money


More on US Marines Staying a Bit Longer - More - Brits Remember Their Fallen - Embed Blogger in IED'ed Convoy in Helmand - Bad Boys Nailed in Oruzgan - Smuggler with Arms Nabbed in Oruzgan - POL Troops Dinged for Posting Piz of Dead Online


Zabul Governor Gets Armoured SUV's to Get About Safely - More on Lashkar Gah Airport Work - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "1 tank of American occupation blew up and 1 checkpoints of puppet army demolished in Helmand" (.pdf version) - Uzbek Terrorist Pleased with AFG Youth


Opinion:  "Canadians need a reality check to counter Ottawa's soothing message that steady progress is being made." - "In some form or other, Afghani wars, small and large, will go on no matter outside involvement."


PAK Senate Debating Who Should Control ISI (.pdf version) - Taliban Threatens PAK with Attacks - More - more - more - AFG Bad Boy Says PAK Should Reconsider "the mistaken policies of Islamabad" Re: AFG



5 Aug 08

Problems with CF Chinook Purchase?


Next TF AFG Commander Good to Go


Brit Royalty Meets with Parents of CF Troops Overseas


More on How Opium Trade is Costing CAN Lives


USMC Troops in AFG Going Home a Month Later - More - Blogger on Ground with Marines


AFG Army Doing More of the Work in Nailing Southern Bad Guys - More - US Company Snags Contract for AFG Cop Training

Qalat PRT Bringing Clean Water to Area


Two Bad Boys Nailed Planting an IED in Spin Boldak - AUS Troops Help Teach Trades in Uruzgan - Work on Helping Move from Dope to Fruit Cultivation in Helmand - One Man's Fight to Help Move from Dope to Pomegranates - Fox News Embed Helps Rescue Marine in Helmand - "Child soldiers trained by the Taliban to kill British soldiers"


New Protocol Between Mil, Aid Groups - "Garmsir Returnees Angered at Devastation" - Concerns About Number Inflation of Afghans Needing Aid?

Taliban Boss in PAK? - Taliban's New Goal: Outlast USA Forces - Counterpoint


Opinion:  "NATO Cowards Called To Account" - "The Afghan cauldron" - "Afghan civilian casualties jeopardize Canada's reputation and role"


AFG-PAK Talks Back On - More - more - PAK Promises to Root Out Pro-Taliban Agents


"Child rapes have risen sharply in recent years, according to Afghanistan’s Human Rights Organisation (AHRO), which claims most of the sexual assaults are carried out by government officials and other powerful men."



4 Aug 08

DND Says One in Seven Troops Returning from AFG Have PTSD, Stress Issues (.pdf permalink)


CAN Foreign Minister:  Burning Poppies in AFG Not the Way to Go - US Official:  Poppy Profits Hurting Canadians in AFG


Outgoing CAN Ambassador:  Keep Expectations on AFG Realistic - More on CAN's Senior Official's Broken Ankle


AFG Bar Association=Progress on Justice Issues - Drive-By Shooters Nail AFG Judge in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Taleban Report Attacks on British Forces in Afghan Helmand Province" - "1 tank of American occupation blew up in Helmand"


Brit Int Looking for Taliban in UK - More


IND Not Taking On New Dev Projects in AFG - PAK Pissed @ AFG For Seeking Closer Ties to IND


AQ WMD Guy Nailed in Missile Strike in PAK:  Bad Guys' Statement - More - more - Long War Journal - BBC - Bloomberg



3 Aug 08

CAN's Senior Civil Servant in AFG Recovering from Non-Combat Injury


CAN PRT Captain Shares Experiences - Embed Reporter Leaves the Wire with Fort Garry Horse


Suicide Bombing Against Brit Platoon, Up Close - RAF Sending Sea King to AFG


FRA Aid Workers Nabbed in Daykondi Released - More - more


Lotsa Bad Boys Nailed in Oruzgan - More


Roadside IED Kills Bus Full of Wedding Party Folks - More - more

Musa Qala as AFG Situation in Miniature


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 tanks of American occupation destroyed in Zabul" (.pdf version)- "A commander among 8 puppet police killed in Kandahar" (.pdf version) - "Ulema ask US to accept failure in Afghanistan" - More


Refugee Camp Growing as Fighting Continues in South


Senlis:  How Poppy Eradication is Helping the Taliban - More


"Bush administration vents against Pakistan's military intelligence for doing its duty -- defending Pakistan"



2 Aug 08

CAN Disbanding Strategic Advisory Team - "Jealousies" Blamed (.pdf version)- CEFCOM Page on SAT-A (.pdf version) - More (.pdf version) - 11 Jul 08 Article on SAT-A (.pdf version) - Google Search Results for "Governance Support Office+CIDA" - Early Warning from The Torch


AFG Min of Ed Using CAN Agency to Seek Senior Policy Advisor

Life at a CF Rebroadcast Station in Panjwaii

CAN Envoy to AFG:  Civvy Deaths Dropping

Winnipeg Free Press Joins the Troops


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 vehicles of enemy blew up in Kandahar" (.pdf version) - "Martyrdom Operation kills few intelligences offices in Nemroz" (.pdf version)


Brit Muslims 'fighting with Taliban" in AFG - Profile of Brit Boss in AFG - No Special Print Run Girlie Mags for DNK Troops in Helmand - AUS Troops Attacked Working on Bridge in Uruzgan


Web Log Analysis:  "History has proven that terrorism in the form of talibism, tribalism, or ethno-centric fascism in the form of the Afghan Mellat will just destroy Pashtuns themselves because none of them are serving the greater interest of the Pashtun population."


Opinion:  "The only thing the Americans and Brits say the Afghan (Army is) missing is more western mentors and the drive to train instead of nap."


Osama Still Around? - "U.S. drove Taliban and bin Laden into Pakistan"



1 Aug 08

CAN General:  More Choppers Soon=More CAN Troops Staying Off Roads


Father of Children Accidentally Killed by Canadian Soldiers Seeks Revenge (As Well as Money, Maybe) (.pdf permalink) - More - more - More Discussion


CF Medics Training AFG Medics


More Reservists Get Ready to Head Out


CBC Podcast:  One of Canada's Injured Speaks (and Plays His Pipes a Bit) (.mp3)


Good News on AFG Army from Arghandab (But More NATO Mentors Would Still Be Nice)


AFG Fight Shows the Tank is Still Useful

More on USA Rounding Up More Troops to Send to AFG


Bad Boy Web Page Says AQ Boss in AFG Nailed - More - English Bad Boy Web Posting (.pdf version) - Arabic Version (.pdf version)


ISAF Moving Combat Outpost in K'Har as Part of Routine Ops - "On duty in Helmand Province, dreams of R&R are interrupted by a deadly blast" - More on Brits Maybe Having to Rent Choppers - UK Sends Ministry of Def Police to Train Security Forces in Helmand - What Are "Ministry of Defence Police?" - NLD Mission in Oruzgan Moves into Phase 2 (.pdf version) - New NLD Colonel Takes Over TF Oruzgan


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "14 British invader and 24 puppet army terrorists killed, 5 tanks of British invaders and 11 pickups of puppet army destroyed in a 7 hours firefight in Helmand" - Spying on Muslims is Bad - Bit More on What "Haraam" Means


Opinion:  "(Canadian) Media ignores national defense" - "Defence Minister supports the troops , er, kind of"


AFG NGO's Worry About Civvy Deaths, Aid Delivery - More


PAK Blames AFG, IND for Problems - Taliban: We’re Too Busy in AFG to Work with PAK






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