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Background Information & Research Information

4 Oct 10

CF Confirms August Chinook Downing from Enemy Action - More - Initial ISAF Statement - Taliban Verison ( - Taliban Anti-Air OSINT Page


1 October Military News Highlights


Opinion:  "Canada shafts soldiers: Wounded vets forced to fight bureaucracy for financial support"


Blog Watch:  Afghans Will be the Losers When NATO Leaves - "The Canadian military command in Afghanistan has certainly learned some lessons from the former controversy surrounding the capturing and holding of detainees." - "What if the Hazaras win in Uruzgan?"

"Sunnybrook surgeon treats trauma on two battlefields"


"Coalition Force Finds Large Cache of IED-making Material" - "An Afghan and coalition security force captured a Taliban senior leader and improvised explosive device expert Saturday who was active throughout the city of Kandahar as well as Panjwa'i and Dand Districts." - Afghan forces kill 5 militants, detain 2 in Uruzgan

AUS PM Drops By - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Taliban Claims Killing "Ebony skinned" U.S. General in Kandahar


"Afghan MOI Starts Disarmament of Private Security Firms" - "Karzai Prepares Afghan Forces for Foreign Withdrawal"


CAN in Kandahar April 2010

CAN in Kandahar March 2010

CAN in Kandahar February 2010

CAN in Kandahar January 2010


CAN in Kandahar December 2009

CAN in Kandahar November 2009

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