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Background Information & Research Information

25 Sept 10

Previous Battle Groups in AFG Receive Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation


" 'Trapped in a uniform': Home from war, disabled veterans fight for fair compensation" (Permalink at - Opinion: "Doing right by our troops isn’t cheap. This week’s changes alone will cost $2 billion over the life of current veterans. But Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn promises “something soon” on the unresolved lump sum issue. Let’s hope so. We shouldn’t begrudge help to those who risk everything for their country."


Did the Taliban Have an "Election Strategy"?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites): Attacks alleged in Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul


24 Sept 10

Canadian PM Points to Sacrifice in AFG as Proof of Merit for UN Security Council Seat - More


"Canadians broadcast Voice of Panjwaii radio"


Nichola Goddard, 1980-2006, R.I.P.:  "Mother of slain soldier asks, what are we fighting for in Afghanistan?"


Canada to Publish Detainee Stats Annually


Canada's Quarterly Report:  Security Situation Worsening


Blog Watch:  Will Canada Be Able to Say No to NATO (and Afghanistan)?


NATO Releases Journalist Nabbed in Kandahar


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Attacks alleged in K'Har, Zabul; ANOTHER Taliban post-elxn statement - "Taleban Challenge UN on Casualty Figures; Insurgents reject report blaming them for three-quarters of civilian victims, and demand new investigation" - More on the 12 Aug 10 Taliban Statement


23 Sept 10

Government of Canada Publishes Ninth Quarterly Report on Canada’s Engagement in Afghanistan - Report to Parliament 


"Canadian soldiers get close-up of Afghan life, learn the culture"


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Gov't does about-face in release of Afghan detainee transfers; number of transfers dropping" - More - Government Statement (Screen capture at


Zabul Chopper Crash:  All Killed were Americans - More - more - List of US Navy Fallen - List of US Army Fallen


Taliban "Night Letters" Driving Elders out of Kandahar - "Afghan insurgents jamming more objects in bombs"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Heavy fighting alleged in Kandahar province


AFG Mining Minister: "Afghanistan will secure a planned international gas pipeline through the Taliban heartland by burying sections underground and paying local communities to guard it"

22 Sept 10

CAN TF Commander: "Election a chance for progress" - Opinion: "Dissecting the Afghanistan Parliamentary Election" - "Observers want Investigation of Afghan Election" - Karzai cancels UN trip, stays home to monitor Afghan vote


Canada's Post-2011 Mission:  "Defence analyst urges Canada to commit military training force to Afghanistan" - "One consequence of getting out (but Danes noticed)"


"In a unique ceremony .... one of Canada's only two serving female generals presented an Afghan campaign star with bar to Canada's only other female general"


Khadr Trial:  Trial Resumes in Four Weeks - Opinion:  "An Unfair Trial"


Helicopter Crash in S.AFG Kills Nine:  Associated Press - AFP - LA Times - CNN


UN Sec-Gen Report:  Insurgents Increasing IED Attacks, Assassinations (



"Afghan, Coalition Force Destroy IEDs in Kandahar"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Heavy Uruzgan fighting alleged; Taliban calls for non-recognition of election results


20 Sept 10

"Tories announce more money to help war vets" - More - more - more - more - News Release - Backgrounder: Improving Support for Canada's Veterans - "Veteran aid boost falls short — veteran's advocate" - More


"The Department of Defense will spend 700 million dollars over three years to repair damaged military equipment used during the mission of Canadian troops in Afghanistan" (Google English translation) - Original Article in French


"Future of Afghan mission front and centre as Parliament resumes"  to lose a comrade


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "CSIS interrogated as many as 50 Afghan detainees"


Canada's Foreign Minister's Statement on Election - Vote Counting Begins - "Fraud and turnout weigh on "miracle" Afghan poll" - More - "Karzai cancels Kandahar meeting after vote" - Karzai spokesperson:  "Too early to call Afghan vote a success"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Taliban claims 100+ attacks in RC South on election day


19 Sept 10

Afghan Voting Complete, Vote Counting Begins - Violence, Fraud Reported - More - At Least Ten Killed - ISAF: "Afghan Elections Show Courage and Vision" - UN: "The Secretary-General commends women and men of Afghanistan for their courage and determination in exercising their democratic right to vote during the parliamentary elections..." - Convoy of K'Har Governor from Canada Bombed


"The Harper government will offer an olive branch of expanded benefits to angry war veterans, whose escalating criticism of "penny-pinching" bureaucrats threatens to derail their fall political agenda."


"Afghan-Led Force Clears Enemy Safe Haven in Kandahar" - "(Uruzgan) Insurgents Detained, Cache Site Found"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Loads o' election day attack claims across Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul


18 Sept 10

"Canada's Afghan provincial governor ineffective, say critics"


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Foreign Affairs official said finding Afghan detainee abuse was 'a surprise' "


"Surviving a comedy tour at Kandahar Airfield: Reaboro comedian suffered bombs -- real and onstage -- during his stint to entertain armed forces in Afghanistan"


"Afghan-Led Force Clears Enemy Safe Haven in Kandahar" - "Development Projects Approved in Southern Afghanistan" - "Afghan, Coalition Forces Treat Livestock in Uruzgan"


"Afghanistan surge is working, Gates says" - "Gates cautiously optimistic on Afghan war"


"Statement by Minister Cannon on Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan" - "Kandahar Air Wing to Support Afghan Parlimentary Elections" - "Campaigning too dangerous for candidates in Kandahar" - "Taliban Plans Attacks to Disrupt Afghan Vote Intended to Promote Stability" (check Taliban Propaganda Watch for More) - "Taliban stage pre-poll abductions" - "Afghanistan Election Threatened by More Than the Taliban" - "Five Things You Need to Know About the Afghan Election" - "A messy vote: Fraud in Afghanistan"


Talkin' to the Taliban:   "Karzai says Pakistan to play role in talks with Taliban"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Attacks alleged in K'Har, Uruzgan, Zabul; ANA's only choice is defect or die


16 Sept 10

"Fear mounts as Afghans return to the polls" - NATO CIMIC Report:  Pre-Election Violence Increasing (PDF)


Anthony Mark Klumpenhouwer, 1981-2007, R.I.P.:  Family Says They Didn't Get Entire Story of His Death


"Special forces cleared in every inquiry; JTF2, others often report themselves over perceived lack of trust in abilities" - "Opposition politicians called on the Harper government to go public with what has been described as a secret investigation of military wrongdoing." - Opinion: "Afghan abuse a Pandora's box Harper can't shut" - CAN DefMin: "It would be totally improper for me as minister to interfere or comment on an ongoing investigation"


ISAF:  Taliban Responsible for 25 Civilian Dead, 60 Wounded So Far This Month


"Doubling of SOF Night Raids Backfired in Kandahar"?


"NATO soldier kills armed Afghan civilian during (Uruzgan) Quran-burning protest" - ISAF Statement


Good Guys Dressed as Bad Guys:  Pseudo-ops in AFG-PAK?


15 Sept 10

Marc Hani Diab, 1986-2009, R.I.P.:  Official Opening of Restaurant Honours Fallen


Anthony Mark Klumpenhouwer, 1981-2007, R.I.P.:  Soldier Electrocuted


More on JTF2 Probe:  Statement By The Director Of Staff For The Strategic Joint Staff - "Afghan deaths focus of special forces probe" - More - more - more - more - more - Opinion: "One can applaud the idea of an elite commando force, but a secret army within the army is anathema to democracy. And ultra-secrecy seems a formula for potential corruption and abuse — which is what the present investigation into JTF2 is all about."


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Forces brass push back hard against Afghan torture allegations" - "The Canadian Forces chief of air staff told a public hearing Tuesday how the military found out how disorganized it was on the Afghan detainee file when complaints of abuse first arose a few years ago."


Think Tank Report: "The Battle for Afghanistan: Militancy and Conflict in Zabul and Uruzgan" (PDF)


Countdown to AFG Parliamentary Elections


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Attacks Alleged in Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul


14 Sept 10

"Canadians battle for trust in Afghan village"


Canada's JTF AFG HQ Team Home - "Allied forces in Afghanistan are only now starting to see the effects of a real counterinsurgency campaign after years when Canadians fought in the tough south without enough troops to do the job, says the general who just left command in Kandahar"


Semrau Trial:  Sentencing Delayed Again


More on Allegations of CF, Brit Drug Smuggling:  CF Says No Investigation of Brit or CAN Troops Under Way - More - more - more - more - Opinion:  Great Sourcing on That Story, Guys - "The allegation that Canadian soldiers are involved in heroin-smuggling in Afghanistan is potentially highly damaging. The Department of National Defence should make very sure there's no truth to it."


CF Looking Into JTF-2 Incidents in AFG - More


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Afghan prisoners claimed abuse last year"


"Capture of Taliban Facilitator in Kandahar Confirmed" - "Afghan, Coalition Forces Engage Insurgents in Uruzgan" - "42 Uruzgan Election Polling Stations and Security Finalized"


UNAMA Boss:  "Although Taliban leaders have denounced Afghanistan's parliamentary election and threatened violence at the polls on Saturday, some are discreetly making overtures to candidates, apparently in hopes of building political clout in Kabul"


"COMISAF's Counterinsurgency (COIN) Contracting Guidance" - "Petraeus To Troops: Cash Rules Everything Around You"


13 Sept 10

"9/11 victims, fallen Canadian soldiers honoured at Beechwood ceremony" - "9/11 brought maturation of Forces: top general"


"Military police in Afghanistan are investigating unsubstantiated allegations that British and Canadian soldiers may have smuggled heroin out of the war-torn country" - Original Times (U.K.) Story (PDF)


Taliban Commander Reportedly Captured in Kandahar City Area - "Taliban Commander Among Detainees in Uruzgan" - "Afghan-Led Forces Seize (Zabul) Weapons Cache"


"U.S. military: Taliban turns to child soldiers in Afghan fight" - Not the First Time


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Attacks Claimed in Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul - More on Taliban's 9-11 Anniversary Message


"The NATO command has issued new guidelines for awarding billions of dollars worth of international contracts in Afghanistan, saying that without proper oversight the money could end up in the hands of insurgents and criminals, deepen corruption and undermine efforts to win the loyalty of the Afghan people at a critical juncture in the war."


12 Sept 10

CEFCOM Boss: " 'Massive activities from Canadian troops coming in Afghanistan" - More - "The next focus for coalition forces in Afghanistan looks set to be Zhari district, the birthplace of the Taliban and a major southern nest of the insurgency."


CAN Rehabs AQ Training Camp


"Worse than the bullet; Afghan returnees find Veterans Affairs a formidable foe" - "Canadian country artists record song for dead soldiers and their families"


LewMac:  Troops "Pissed Off" At Coverage of Alleged U.S. Troop Atrocities


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Taliban Claim Attacks in RC-South; Alleged Interview with Panjwai Bomb-Meister on IEDs - "Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Anniversary of the 9/11 Event" (


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Karzai Uses End of Ramadan Speech to Call Taliban to the Table


10 Sept 10

New CAN TF AFG Commander Takes Over


CAN DefMin on Koran Burning:  "We are fighting extremists. We are not fighting Islam or all members of the Muslim faith. And by burning the Qur'an, this sends a horrible message of intolerance."


AFG Envoy to CAN: "Afghans would welcome non-military help"


Blog Watch:  One Canadian Mentor's Advice to Another


Semrau Trial:  Sentencing Postponed


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Hearings into Afghan detainee transfers set to resume" - "A member of Afghanistan's notorious intelligence service boasted to Canadian military officers in the spring of last year that his organization was able to “torture” or “beat” prisoners during the course of its investigations" - "Afghan detainee transfers top 400"


"NATO Drive on Kandahar Begins, With Mixed Results"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Mullah Omar's End of Ramadan Message


"Britain's envoy to Afghanistan quits after 'Taliban strategy clash' "


"New Afghanistan war drawdown strategy? Move troops, don't withdraw them."


8 Sept 10

Brian Pinksen, R.I.P.: "Hundreds line streets for soldier's procession"


"Taliban calling the shots in Panjwaii; Scene of past victories is increasingly becoming enemy territory"


"The Department of National Defence paid just over $650,000 during the course of two years to compensate Afghans for damages and deaths resulting from Canadian operations."


"They risk their lives to help Canadian troops communicate with locals in embattled Afghanistan. But more than a year after the government announced a fast-track immigration program for Afghan translators, only 50 have been given the nod to come to Canada — and even they are still waiting to clear security and medical screenings."


Opinion: "Will Britain beat Canada out of Afghanistan?" - "Why the West should care about Afghan election fraud"


"Afghan, Coalition Forces Find IEDs in Kandahar" - "Resolve of Taliban grows as US pullout date looms"


"A $250 million program to lure low-level Taliban fighters away from the insurgency has stalled, with Afghans bickering over who should run it, and international donors slow to put up the money they had promised."


6 Sept 10

CAN TF Commander: "Governance, not gunshots will end Afghan war"


Mark Anthony Graham, 1973-2006, R.I.P.:  "Site renamed Mark Anthony Graham Memorial Olympic Park"


Taliban Attack Facilitator Capture Confirmed in Kandahar - "Several Detained in Zabul in Pursuit of IED Cell Leader"


"Taliban threaten to attack Afghan polling stations" - More - Head of Independent Election Commission: "in case security continues to deteriorate in the country, the IEC will choose other options in holding the poll" - "UNAMA STATEMENT: UNAMA supports IEC decision reaffirming final list of polling centres" - "Taliban target women politicians"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist sites):  Compilation, 23-31 Aug 10 Taliban Attack Reports - Taliban Asks For World Muslim's Prayers, Threatens Coming Election


Ration Packs Among ISAF Armies


5 Sept 10
4 Sept 10

Brian Pinksen, R.I.P.: Expected in Corner Brook NF Monday


Children of Fallen Get Help with Scholarships - More - more - more - more - Canada Company


"Taliban again rule territory stained with Canadian blood; Insurgents use medieval justice, child soldiers to slowly regain control of region" sniper lesson (6)


Taliban Money Troubles?


3 Sept 10

Brian Pinksen, R.I.P.:   He's Home - More - more - more - more

"Eight Children of Military Personnel Who Perished While On Duty to Receive Canada Company Scholarships"

"Commandos also come home in July 2011"


"Canada Condemns Attack on Afghan Schoolgirls in Kabul"


2 Sept 10

Brian Pinksen, R.I.P. Returning Home Today - More - Community Mourns


CAN in Kandahar April 2010

CAN in Kandahar March 2010

CAN in Kandahar February 2010

CAN in Kandahar January 2010


CAN in Kandahar December 2009

CAN in Kandahar November 2009

CAN in Kandahar October 2009

CAN in Kandahar September 2009

CAN in Kandahar August 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2007


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