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Background Information & Research Information

10 Sept 10

New CAN TF AFG Commander Takes Over


CAN DefMin on Koran Burning:  "We are fighting extremists. We are not fighting Islam or all members of the Muslim faith. And by burning the Qur'an, this sends a horrible message of intolerance."


AFG Envoy to CAN: "Afghans would welcome non-military help"


Blog Watch:  One Canadian Mentor's Advice to Another


Semrau Trial:  Sentencing Postponed


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Hearings into Afghan detainee transfers set to resume" - "A member of Afghanistan's notorious intelligence service boasted to Canadian military officers in the spring of last year that his organization was able to “torture” or “beat” prisoners during the course of its investigations" - "Afghan detainee transfers top 400"


"NATO Drive on Kandahar Begins, With Mixed Results"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (Links Only to Non-Terrorist Sites):  Mullah Omar's End of Ramadan Message


"Britain's envoy to Afghanistan quits after 'Taliban strategy clash' "


"New Afghanistan war drawdown strategy? Move troops, don't withdraw them."


8 Sept 10

Brian Pinksen, R.I.P.: "Hundreds line streets for soldier's procession"


"Taliban calling the shots in Panjwaii; Scene of past victories is increasingly becoming enemy territory"


"The Department of National Defence paid just over $650,000 during the course of two years to compensate Afghans for damages and deaths resulting from Canadian operations."


"They risk their lives to help Canadian troops communicate with locals in embattled Afghanistan. But more than a year after the government announced a fast-track immigration program for Afghan translators, only 50 have been given the nod to come to Canada — and even they are still waiting to clear security and medical screenings."


Opinion: "Will Britain beat Canada out of Afghanistan?" - "Why the West should care about Afghan election fraud"


"Afghan, Coalition Forces Find IEDs in Kandahar" - "Resolve of Taliban grows as US pullout date looms"


"A $250 million program to lure low-level Taliban fighters away from the insurgency has stalled, with Afghans bickering over who should run it, and international donors slow to put up the money they had promised."


6 Sept 10

CAN TF Commander: "Governance, not gunshots will end Afghan war"


Mark Anthony Graham, 1973-2006, R.I.P.:  "Site renamed Mark Anthony Graham Memorial Olympic Park"


Taliban Attack Facilitator Capture Confirmed in Kandahar - "Several Detained in Zabul in Pursuit of IED Cell Leader"


"Taliban threaten to attack Afghan polling stations" - More - Head of Independent Election Commission: "in case security continues to deteriorate in the country, the IEC will choose other options in holding the poll" - "UNAMA STATEMENT: UNAMA supports IEC decision reaffirming final list of polling centres" - "Taliban target women politicians"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist sites):  Compilation, 23-31 Aug 10 Taliban Attack Reports - Taliban Asks For World Muslim's Prayers, Threatens Coming Election


Ration Packs Among ISAF Armies


5 Sept 10
4 Sept 10

Brian Pinksen, R.I.P.: Expected in Corner Brook NF Monday


Children of Fallen Get Help with Scholarships - More - more - more - more - Canada Company


"Taliban again rule territory stained with Canadian blood; Insurgents use medieval justice, child soldiers to slowly regain control of region" sniper lesson (6)


Taliban Money Troubles?


3 Sept 10

Brian Pinksen, R.I.P.:   He's Home - More - more - more - more

"Eight Children of Military Personnel Who Perished While On Duty to Receive Canada Company Scholarships"

"Commandos also come home in July 2011"


"Canada Condemns Attack on Afghan Schoolgirls in Kabul"


2 Sept 10

Brian Pinksen, R.I.P. Returning Home Today - More - Community Mourns


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