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Background Information & Research Information


4 Aug 10

"Insurgent attack on Kandahar base 'amateurish' " - More - Meanwhile, Taliban Claim Responsibility for 160+ Casualties in Attack


"Iris scans, fingerprints and facial recognition software _ the battle against the Taliban has gone decidedly high tech in the traditionally low-tech nation of Afghanistan." - More


"New" Taliban Rule Book? - More - Last One Issued Last Year - Another PDF Version (Courtesy of PBS)


Khadr Trial:  "The U.S. military is moving ahead with the first trial under the Obama administration's new military commissions, despite U.S. officials' concerns about starting with a Guantanamo-detainee case beset by troubles."


"Several Suspected Insurgents Detained by Afghan-Led Force in Kandahar" - U.S. Takes Command of ISAF Troops in Uruzgan


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links only to non-terrorist sites):  Taliban claim +160 dead, downing of one U.S. chopper, in attack on K'Har Airfield


3 Aug 10

Embedded With 9 Pl, C Coy, 1 RCR


"Four suicide bombers launched a failed ground attack on Kandahar AirField Tuesday, an event that the British commander of this sprawling military base dismissed as "amateurish" and without apparent planning or logic" - More - more - more


Afghans Getting Into Canada:  "Afghan interpreters worry about future" - "Threatened with death by the Taliban for identifying drug dealers, a young Afghan successfully made it into Canada with with the help of an escort and a fake passport, without being questioned by Canadian authorities." - Meanwhile, Dominican Contractor Working for Canadians Has to Wait in Line to Enter Canada to Join Wife


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG: Senator Colin Kenny:  "Pumping more Canadian lives and money into face-saving exit strategies is a waste -- it's time to get out of Afghanistan" - "Parliament will need to re-engage on this issue in the fall, and before then all parties need to show a willingness to listen to sensible ideas that reflect the best within us." - Opinion:  "Two Cheers for Bob Rae" - More


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Canada’s spy agency has ordered a “comprehensive review” of its dealings with detainees in Afghanistan amid questions about its role in conducting interrogations."


Khadr Trial:  "Military defence lawyer asks US Supreme Court to halt trial for Guantanamo's youngest detainee" - More - Meanwhile, Khadr's Canadian Lawyer Not Talking to Some Media - More - more


"(Kandahar)  blast kills 6 children on their way to school" - Canada's TF Commander:  "This was a sheer act of murder of kids in a family area across from a mosque so a pretty sick thing to do as you can imagine." - "Several IEDs Destroyed, Several Insurgents Killed in Clearing Operation in Kandahar" - Uruzgan Bad Boy Killed - "Afghan and Coalition Force Detain Suspected Insurgent in Zabul"


New ISAF Boss, New Counterinsurgency Guidance Issued


Talkin' to the Taliban: "Early creation of peace council stressed" - Original Post-Jirga Statement on Council - Not Everyone Keen on The Council, Talkin' to the Taliban - UN Takes Five Off Taliban Sanctions List (Two of Them Are Dead) - UN Security Council Statement


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links only to non-terrorist sites): Taliban alleges 17 defections from ANA in Helmand


US Chair of Joint Chiefs: Taliban, AQ moved to PAK


2 Aug 10

"Canada could soon be getting congratulatory messages from the Taliban for the Harper government’s decision to bring our troops home from Afghanistan next year." - "The Taliban have provided Canada with a foretaste of the rapturous welcome that it can expect from insurgents when its troops quit Kandahar next summer, congratulating the Dutch government for its decision to have the last of its combat troops out of neighbouring Uruzgan"


Canada's Dahla Dam and Irrigation System Signature Project Toronto Star:  Rife with Internal Security Issues - Free Range International blog:  "This is what you get when government officials focus on bureaucratic procedure at the expense of mission accomplishment." - Los Angeles Times:  "Perilous security hasn't stopped the Canadian effort in southern Afghanistan, 'the kind of thing that can really make a difference' "


"Dutch become 1st NATO member to leave Afghanistan" - More - more


Wikileaks Canadian Angles:  CAN to Ask USA About Mistaken Friendly Fire Report

Kandahar Suicide Bomber Kills More Civilians - More - more - more


Blog Post:  "Calling for “schools, not soldiers” is no more realistic or helpful than arguing for a permanent troop presence as the sure way to end the oppression of Afghan women and girls. Aid won’t keep the Taliban from closing schools, poisoning schoolgirls, or assassinating teachers, aid workers, women politicians and journalists."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links only to non-terrorist sites):  Taliban claim responsibliity for missiles on Tarin Kowt airfield as NLD troops leave - Summary:  Taliban's Lies o' the Month for July


1 Aug 10

"Amid backdrop of uncertainty, crucial battle begins in southern Afghanistan" - "U.S.-led coalition finds 'success' elusive in Kandahar" - "Six Afghan civilians have died after their minibus struck a roadside bomb in the southern province of Kandahar" - More


NLD Troops Leaving Uruzgan - More - more - more - more - Opinion:  "With all due respect to the Dutch soldiers who have fought hard in Uruzgan, perhaps someone should tell the politicians in The Hague that a good guiding principle in wartime is do nothing that causes your enemy to offer their public congratulations."


The Time Magazine Cover Photo "It's the "progressive" bloggers who are the problem here. They're the ones deploying the euphemism of "poor treatment" to describe the physical deformation of women by the Taliban." - "One Picture Is Worth 90,000 "Secret Documents" Published By WikiLeaks" - "But To Some People, We’re The Bad Guys In Afghanistan" - More - Time Magazine's Managing Editor on Why the Cover Shot -'s Take


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "To fight insurgents, US turns to targeted killings; Shift could force Taliban leaders to negotiate"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links only to non-terrorist sites):  Summary:  Taliban's Lies o' the Month for July - Taliban Claims 50 Killed in Helmand, Nimroz Attacks, +40 Killed in K'Har, Uruzgan and Zabul


31 Jul 10

"A nationwide campaign of terror against Afghan civilians this summer will backfire on the Taliban according to a senior Canadian military official"


"Anti-IED gear saves Canadian, Afghan lives"


Study: CF Snipers “coping as well or better than regular soldiers”


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  "Canada can expect Taliban 'thanks' at end of Afghan mission" (like NLD) - More on Canadian Training for AFG Mission Winding Down


Wikileaks Canadian Angles:  Christie Blatchford: "Assertions, insults and innuendos: These soldiers deserve better" - "Taliban hunt Wikileaks outed Afghan informers" (h/t to Joshua Foust for spotting/sharing this)


"AWOL Afghans get Canadian status after fleeing Texas" - More - more


Blog Watch:  More on Taliban's Boss Telling Troops to Kill Civvies - Why A Graphic Cover Photo Was Necessary


"Taliban Allegedly Threatens Tribal Elders In Southern Afghanistan" - More


YouTube Video Animating Number of IED Attacks Over Time


30 Jul 10

Brian Collier, R.I.P.:    "Hundreds of flag-waving mourners lined the streets of (Bradford, Ontario) to remember the latest Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan"


CF Seeking Company to Help Improve Collecting Int at Sensitive Sites - More on Tender Call, Statement of Work


"A motorcycle bomb targeting a candidate in Afghanistan's upcoming parliamentary election killed a woman and a child Friday in the city of Kandahar" - "Poor security, lack of government challenge Kandahar operation" - "Taliban stymie NATO push to bolster government"


Wikileaks Canadian Angles:  "AfPak WikiLeak: Biased, er, exposure?" - Opinion: "U.S. documents on Afghanistan help fill 'blanks' drawn by Harper government" - "How Wikileaks Will Get Afghans Killed" - Eyewitness: "You can read them almost like interoffice memos .... And we all know interoffice memos don't necessarily tell us what happens a the office." - "For the U.S. and allied soldiers, diplomats and aid workers who have worked alongside Afghans, they matter. They are our peers. For Mr. Assange and others, they're little more than local color. Certainly not lives worth protecting."


"Taliban (spokesperson) ‘greet’ Dutch on Afghan pullout" from Uruzgan - More - "ISAF Joins President Karzai, Condemns (Nimroz) Roadside Bomb Attack"


"Three U.S. service members were killed in blasts in Afghanistan, bringing the toll for July to at least 63 and making it the deadliest month for American forces in the nearly 9-year-war."


Talkin' to the Taliban:  AFG Media Commentary:  "Only Talks With the Taliban Can end an Unwinnable War"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links only to non-terrorist sites):  Taliban “Critique” of Petraeus’ New Approach


"Karzai Says U.S., NATO Must Strike Taliban Havens" - "Vice President Joe Biden (acknowledges) that some people in Pakistan’s intelligence community had supported the Taliban, but he said that situation is changing"



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