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Background Information & Research Information


6 Jul 10

Talkin' to the Taliban:  CAN Envoy to AFG: "Canada could be convinced to back plans for political reconciliation in order to bring peace to Afghanistan but only if a number of stiff conditions are met first"


Khadr Trial:  "Court gives feds 7 days to right Khadr wrong" - More - more - more - more - more - Federal Court Decision (PDF) - Summary (PDF)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Attacks alleged in Uruzgan, Zabul & Helmand


5 Jul 10

Andrew Miller, R.I.P.:  Weekend Funeral in Sudbury


"A Canadian soldier injured in a fatal Afghanistan blast has returned home determined to help other wounded soldiers."


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  "With Canadian troops scheduled to pull out of Afghanistan next year, our continuing role could be sending bureaucrats" - "The running gag in Ottawa lately is that the looming end of the Afghan war has left Canada with a pretty little army that's all dressed up with no place to go. Those in uniform don't consider it very funny."


"The arrival of Gen. David Petraeus and his assumption of command of NATO forces in Afghanistan barely created a ripple for U.S. troops celebrating Independence Day in Kandahar." - More - more


Four AUS Troops Wounded in Uruzgan IED Blast - More - US Stryker Cav Regiment Takes the Lead in Zabul - ISAF, AFG Forces Release Civilians from Taliban Jail in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban claims responsibility for Helmand national security boss assassination - Seeing More Claims of Uruzgan Attacks (Dutch - Google English)


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "I still believe that the general line remains what it was under McChrystal: let’s try to weaken the Taleban militarily with the ‘surge’ and then we see." - PAK Army Boss Says He Didn't Facilitate (Alleged) Talks Between AFG, Taliban - "The General must support the reconciliation process, as this is the only way leading to an honourable exit of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan."


NATO:  No Weapons, Ammo on PAK Convoys; Not Damaging PAK Roads


4 Jul 10

Nicholas Ashley Bulger, 1979-2009, R.I.P.:  Remembering, A Year Later


On Wounded Warriors: "Parliament's mandate for the combat mission in Kandahar expires in 12 months, but the fallout from the conflict will continue for years to come."


Two AUS Troops Wounded in Uruzgan IED, Firefight


Brits Figure 10 Years More Work in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban statement on projected mineral wealth:  "In order to prolong the war, the American aggressors are persuading their allies for further stay in Afghanistan through political and monitory bribe."


3 Jul 10

James Patrick MacNeil, R.I.P.:  "Family members, comrades among 600 at funeral" - More


"It's business as usual for Canadian troops in Afghanistan as U.S. Gen. David Petraeus takes command of coalition forces in the country."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Two IED Strikes Alleged Against Canadian "Tanks"; no media confirmation


"IEDs sap, strengthen Canada's Afghan efforts"


Zhari: "Troops call it the Heart of Darkness" - "NATO officials in southern Afghanistan are admitting that two civilians, including a woman, were accidentally killed in a military operation Friday night."


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  "We can leave and lose, or stay and lose. Instead, we seem inclined to declare (a partial) victory and move quietly towards the door." - "Canada's withdrawal from Afghanistan will be a lengthy, complicated process and the only thing the government will say with certainty is that all troops will be home by the end of next year" - "Our MPs shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that there's some comfy role waiting for any troops we leave in place. As Petraeus reminded us, nothing about Afghanistan is going to be easy."


2 Jul 10

"Canadian soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan marked Canada Day with beer, barbecue _ and a rocket attack."


"A ring of security was set in place on the major routes in and out of Kandahar city on Thursday - NATO's first major step to try to bring a degree of calm to Afghanistan's second largest city." - CAN Hands Off Zhari, Arghandab to US Command


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban’s Lies o’ the Month for June


"Canada pins Afghan legacy hopes on Dahla Dam"


Wounded Warrior Denied Elevator Access in Edmonton - More - Wounded Warrior Attends Royal Garden Party


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  AFG Envoy to Canada: "Afghans will die if Canada does not play a part in the Afghanistan recovery after the planned military withdrawal in July 2011" - Senator Wallin Speaking to U.S. Audience:  "Our job is not done .... I hope we can find some flexibility in the Canadian approach"


Blog Watch:  Whatever Happened to Unity of Effort


"NATO intensifies attacks on Taliban leaders" - "Children, aged 5, used to plant Taliban bombs in Afghanistan"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "The Taliban may say they have no need to enter talks, but there is little substance behind the points-scoring rhetoric" - "The Afghan Taliban has denied reports that senior officials from the group held a face-to-face meeting with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai"


"Russia is willing to provide transport helicopters to assist the NATO-led military contingent fighting Taliban militants in Afghanistan"


1 Jul 10

James Patrick MacNeil, R.I.P.:  More on Scumbags "Interrupting" Repatriation Convoy - Accident On Route


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  "The final countdown to end of Afghan mission"


ISAF:  Helmand Taliban District Boss Nabbed - More - more



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