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Background Information & Research Information


28 Jun 10

Kristal Giesebrecht, Andrew Miller, R.I.P.:  On Their Way Home


"Defending Kandahar City a mix of military strategy, diplomacy"


"NATO: Afghan ops not slowed despite command change" - CIA Boss: "Afghan war has 'serious problems,' but progress being made"


IRN Media:  Uruzgan Beheaded were Hazara Shi'ites


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "UK army chief says he thinks talks with Taliban should begin 'pretty soon' " - "C.I.A. Chief Sees Taliban Power-Sharing as Unlikely"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban claims "prov governor of Uruzgan" assassinated, threatens anyone investing in minerals via Kabul


UK Army Boss: "No timeframe for Afghan withdrawal"


27 Jun 10

Kristal Giesebrecht, Andrew Miller, R.I.P.:     Medics Killed in Panjwai IED Blast (CF Statement) - More - more - more - Governor General's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Minister of National Defence's Statement


CAN Detainee Fracas:  More on Semrau Trial Returning to Canada


"Lineup to exit leaves little time in Afghanistan"


ISAF Pissed at Most Recent Beheadings in Uruzgan


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "The drive by President Hamid Karzai to strike a deal with Taliban leaders and their Pakistani backers is causing deep unease in Afghanistan’s minority communities, who fought the Taliban the longest and suffered the most during their rule."


26 Jun 10

Kristal Giesebrecht, Andrew Miller, R.I.P.:  Two Medics Killed in IED Blast (


James Patrick MacNeil, R.I.P.:  He's Home - More - more

CAN Detainee Fracas:  "UK troops can continue to transfer Taliban suspects to Afghan detention but not to a Kabul site subject to an existing ban, the High Court has ruled." - PDF (73 pg, 788 Kb) of Decision - What This Could Mean for Canada - Semrau Trial Returns to Canada  fly boys - no, tell me what you really think


"Coalition and Afghan forces kill Taliban commander in Kandahar" - More - more - More on Taliban Beheadings in Uruzgan


"UK's Cameron wants Afghan pullout within five years" - Opinion: "UK To Follow Canada Out Of Afghanistan?" - Meanwhile, UK DefMin Says No "Firm Timeline" for Pulling Out


AFG Foreign Minister: "Objectives of Afghan Talibans and objectives of those Talibans who are attached with Al-Qaida or any other extremist organizations are totally reverse to each other"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  20+ claimed killed in alleged RC South attacks; 20 tanks claimed destroyed in alleged RC SW strikes


25 Jun 10

James Patrick MacNeil, R.I.P.:  Arriving Home Friday - Into Toronto Friday Afternoon - More - more - Relative of Fallen: “When Jimmy is brought home, we are asking anyone who knew him or anyone who would just like to honour him to line the highway — as a salute — from the highway outside the Sydney airport to McGillivray’s Funeral Home in Glace Bay”


CDS: One-time-vs-monthly Disability Payments Options needed; Minister: Options Not Needed


Story About Special Parliamentary Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan Dropping By


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Says PM, Gov't Has to be Convinced on Suggested Training Mission - "There wasn’t a big surprise in the halls of NDHQ when the Senate’s defence committee produced a report the other day that called on Canada to stay in Afghanistan in a military capacity."


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Negotiating with the Taliban: Issues and Prospects"


"White House: Petraeus will shed CENTCOM post" - U.S. Chair of Joint Chiefs: "Petraeus can adjust war plan, tactics" - "Kandahar may be Petraeus' first test" - "Kandahar Underscores Petraeus' Challenge" - "Kabul dismayed at general's sacking"


Beheaded Bodies Found in Uruzgan - Commentary on "The Revolt of the Good Guys" in Daykundi

"Australia may start Afghanistan pullout in 2 years"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban statements on McChrystal's firing, Petraeus' new post

24 Jun 10

James Patrick MacNeil, R.I.P.:  Recently Engaged - Cape Breton Mourns


Calls for Proposals to Build Memorial Wall near CFB Trenton


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  BIG MONEY to Leave AFG


"If Canada's mission in Afghanistan has shown anything, it is exactly how difficult it is to rebuild failed states."


"Canadian Voices in Afghanistan: Mike Clegg, Legal Advisor, IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems)"


McChrystal Out, Petraeus In White House Statement - McChrystal’s Last Words - Canadian Minister of National Defence's Statement - Canadian Chief of Defence Staff's Statement


Taliban Propaganda Watch:   Taliban alleges civilian casualties by US in Kandahar; ANOTHER chopper alleged downed in Helmand


23 Jun 10

James Patrick MacNeil, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  Canadian Senate Committee Recommends Stay & Train Mission - Senate Report (PDF) - Senators: "Our Afghan mission isn’t finished " - The Canada-Afghanistan Blog:  "It's a good read, and I recommend it to everyone." - "Arming Canada's drones under consideration"


CIDA:  We Have a Grip on Canada's Dahla Dam Project


On MSM Coverage of AfPak: "I pitched an editor a piece about what women stood to lose in the face of Taliban reconciliation and the backing off of internationals. He asked me to “explain why anyone should care.” Apparently human decency isn’t enough reason."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban claims responsibility for K'har chopper shoot-down, assassination of K'Har militia leader


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Insurgent was ’98 per cent dead,’ Afghan officer tells Semrau court martial"


U.S. President Set to Decide Fate of General McChrystal - "Afghans warn against sacking McChrystal" - Who Could Replace McChrystal?


22 Jun 10

James Patrick MacNeil, R.I.P.:  How Troops Elsewhere in AFG Heard the News - Governor General's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Defence Minister's Statement - More from Canadian Press - Glace Bay, Nova Scotia Mourns


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  Defence Minister Peter MacKay Reportedly "open to a Liberal pitch to keep troops in Afghanistan post-2011" - "Another Droplet of Teasing, But No Clarity or Courage" - Canada-Afghanistan Blog:  "Enough Already" - Unambiguously Ambidextrous: "So staying in Afstan’s about “the Canadian brand”, eh?"


Canadian Academic:  Understanding Culture Key to Winning Wants Canada's PM to Stop Kandahar Operation?!?!?


ISAF Commander Steps in It with Rolling Stone Interview - Called Back to Whitehouse to Explain


"A high-ranking delegation .... (continues) to lay the groundwork .... for support for an upcoming military endeavour in Kandahar."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Claim Downing "Chinook" in Kandahar, Killing 4 x AUS Troops


21 Jun 10

James Patrick MacNeil, R.I.P:  2 CER engineer killed in Panjwaii IED blast


Andrew Eykelenboom, 1982-2006  Remembering via Boomer's Ride


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  Opinion:  "Extending Afghan mission just isn’t credible" 


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  Warriorbanker's Blog: "On The Complex Case Of Captain Semrau"


CanWest Sends Artist, Former U.S. Marine as Embed


ISAF:  Four Troops Killed in Southern AFG Helicopter Crash - AUS:  Three of the Fallen from Australia - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban allege 60 killed in RC-South attacks, 80+ in RC-SW


UK Mourns 300th Casualty - More UK Deaths from Direct Fire = More Taliban Snipers? - Bad Boy Bosses Nabbed in Helmand


20 Jun 10

"Dads home from Afghanistan to celebrate Father’s Day"


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Officer shot wounded Afghan, interpreter tells court martial"


"Canadian Ambassador Meets Recipients of CARE Projects to Support Widows" - "For the children of Afghanistan"


Bad Boys Nabbed in Zabul


"In the hub of southern Afghanistan, birthplace and stronghold for the Taliban, US-led NATO forces are using a gentle approach, training police and attempting to restore the authority of a government accused of absenteeism."


Latest UN Quarterly Report on AFG: "While the overall security situation has not improved in recent months, Afghanistan has witnessed a number of positive developments" - Links to Report in Different Languages - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Attack claims in Kandahar, Helmand and Uruzgan


Holbrooke: Osama, Mullah Omar in Pak-Afghan Belt


19 Jun 10

"Nearly 450 Canadian soldiers will make a return to their home base of CFB Shilo on Sunday afternoon."


"Visiting Kandahar doctors hope to return with medical gear"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Canadian "tank" allegedly attacked in Arghandab, and a few spell check problems with Taliban headlines claiming attacks across RC-S, RC-SW


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial: "An Afghan interpreter has told a court martial in Kandahar that he commended a Canadian soldier for allegedly shooting an injured Taliban insurgent to death in 2008."


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken approved .... a three-party deal giving MPs access to some secret documents about Afghan-detainee transfers by the Canadian Forces."


"Afghan informers play dangerous game in Taliban heartland" - "Marines Make Progress in One (Helmand) Valley; Taliban Retaliates With Assassinations and Threats"


18 Jun 10

"Forces swamped with deployment requests as Afghan mission winds down" - Debate


"Awaiting court martial, ex-Kandahar commander relegated to desk job"


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  LewMac: "Canadian troops should stay to train the fledgling Afghan army beyond the official pullout next year" - More - Editorial:  "Michael Ignatieff’s call for Canadian soldiers to stay in Afghanistan as trainers after their combat mission ends is a welcome contrast to the wobbly position of Stephen Harper"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken has approved an agreement between the Conservative government and two opposition parties on giving MPs access to documents related to Afghan detainee transfers"


"Insurgents Plant Bomb Disguised As Candy in (Kandahar) Neighborhood" - Afghan Civilians Help Police Repel Taliban Attack in Daykondi


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "UN representative says Taliban 'weary of war'" - "Taliban can keep weapons under new peace initiative"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Attacks alleged in Kandahar, Helmand and Nimroz


17 Jun 10

Canada Appoints New Head Cop in AFG - "Inauguration of the new Border Police Faculty in Kabul" (Background)


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG: "For what it's worth, a larger Canadian military presence in the ANA training facilities in the Kabul area .... would seem consistent with prior House of Commons resolutions" - "Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is finally taking the brave lead of Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae .... calling for a “frank national conversation” about Canada in Afghanistan post-2011."


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Tories release final version of agreement, which has provisions to protect ‘cabinet confidentiality’ " - Text of the Deal via


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  Proceedings Resume in AFG - More - more - "Comrades attend court martial" - "Case of soldier charged in fatal shooting of militant adjourns to Saturday"


"Canada strongly condemns the cowardly attack that claimed the life of Arghandab District Governor Haji Abdul Jabar and two others, including his son Abdul Qadous." - Meanwhile, Taliban Say AMERICANS Did It!?!?! ( - Worries About More Assassinations to Come in, around Kandahar - Widowed AFG police recruit: "I don't want to die until I kill a Taliban"


Blog Watch:  Questioning the Assumptions behind Work in Afghanistan - Follow-up Blogging on the Issue


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Attacks Alleged in Zabul, Helmand and Nimroz


16 Jun 10

Martin Goudreault, R.I.P.:  Funeral in New Liskeard


CEFCOM Boss: "Holding Kandahar will be legacy left by Canadian Forces" - "Taliban attacks on Canadians increasing"


A Canadian Soldier Tries Communicating


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  "Semrau court martial moves to Kandahar"


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  "Ignatieff calls for Canadians to stay in Afghanistan as police and army trainers" - More - "Iggy Grows a Pair" - Meanwhile, Canadians Already Helping Train Police


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "NDP walks away as Liberals, Bloc reach deal with government on Afghan documents" - More


"Canadians help create tomorrow’s Afghan National Army" - Security Boss Leaves Canada's Dahla Dam Signature Project - Training AFG Veterinarians in Zabul


AUS Special Forces Help Nail Bad Guy Network around Shah Wali Kot - Bad Boys Nabbed in Kandahar, Helmand - Car Bomb Kills Prominent Leader in Arghandab - ISAF Statement - Another Attack on Kandahar Police Compound - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  TPW RC-South/SW: Attacks claimed across RC S, SW; Taliban denies hanging 7 year old boy


15 Jun 10

CEFCOM Boss Warns of "Tough Summer" - "Brig.-Gen. Jon Vance likes to finish what he started. He feels good to be back in the fight."


"Role 3 hospital completes move to new quarters at KAF"


More on Start-up of Regional Command Southwest (Helmand and Nimroze)


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "No deal on Afghan detainee documents, but Tories make 'significant' concessions" - "MPs break log-jam over Afghan docs" - "Inquiry hears of aborted plan to monitor Afghan detainees" - "Senior military officials at Canada's overseas command wanted to see diplomat-whistleblower Richard Colvin reined in and possibly removed from his job at the embassy in Kabul." - More - more - more


Blog Watch:  "Afstan and the CF: Taking on Jim Travesty" - "Boiling the frog of public support one degree at a time"


"A Tale of Three Commanders – A Reintegration Parable"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Is Afghan 'Jirgah' the Way Forward?"


Child Rights Group Calls on Taliban to End Use of Child Soldiers, Suicide Bombings and Human Shields - Full Report


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Who's the "Voice of Truth" Butting Out Taliban Web Sites (Sometimes)?


14 Jun 10

Canada's Role Shrinking in Southern AFG? - Leaving Kandahar City?


CAN TF Commander: "The insurgency in Afghanistan may remain for years to come but it will wither away into irrelevancy if NATO's counterinsurgency operations this summer are successful" - Short Turn-around to Return to Command TF


Wounded Canadian Warrior Hopes for Third Tour  eve


Karzai OK's K'Har Push - More - Seeks Support in K'Har for Push - More


UK PM to "set out a hard-headed new approach to Afghanistan that will raise hopes that British troop numbers in the country will be reduced in little more than a year"


US to Focus More on Karzai's Graft? - Warning:  Fodder for Taliban Propaganda


"Pakistan’s ISI military intelligence accused of directly funding Taleban" - Full report (PDF) - PAK Military:  "malicious propaganda" - PAK Media:  Ex-AFG Int Boss Behind "Propaganda"


13 Jun 10

"World Cup fever strikes Kandahar Airfield"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Summer standoff feared over detainee documents " - "Ignatieff says Tories must release detainee documents"


Blog Watch:  Private Contractors' Version of What Should be Done at Dahla Dam - "The more I read about (Karzai), the more I'm worried that he's going completely bonkers." - "Freeing the Prisoners Blog 1: Letting the Guilty Go Free?" - "Returning Afghanistan to the killers"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Loads o' Attacks Alleged in Helmand, Zabul Provinces - "The Taliban (says) they had planned to shoot down the British prime minister’s aircraft during his visit to Nad Ali district in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province."


"Report slams Pakistan for meddling in Afghanistan"


12 Jun 10

"The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Afghanistan ....  released the Government of Canada’s eighth quarterly report on Canada’s engagement in Afghanistan. The report covers the period from January 1 to March 31, 2010." - "Canada’s Engagement in Afghanistan - Quarterly Report to Parliament for the Period of January 1 to March 31, 2010" (report page) - "Kandahar residents don’t feel safe"


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  CF Air Force Boss: "The Canadian air force is planning to withdraw all of its helicopters from Afghanistan within a few weeks of the end of Canada's combat mission next July" - On Continuing Trainng Mission: “There has been no indication either way, it remains to be seen”


CAN Detainee Fracas:  Opinion:  "Silencing political staff tightens the screws on an administration already consumed with managing its message and adds an essential layer of secrecy to the cover-up of Afghanistan prisoner abuse."


"Talk of "turning the tide" in Afghanistan has been replaced by appeals for patience and carefully guarded declarations of progress as NATO ministers .... wrapped up a two-day meeting in Brussels."


11 Jun 10

Canadians Patrol in Areas Where Taliban Don't Allow People to Carry Cell Phones - More


40 Dead in Arghandab Wedding Suicide Bomb Attack CAN Foreign Minister on Suicide Attack on Wedding: "Canada strongly condemns the violent and cruel attack that occurred in Arghandab .... during what was to be a joyous event. These unnecessary and senseless acts of violence demonstrate the complete disregard by these insurgents for the people of Afghanistan." - More - Taliban position:  It was NATO who did it! (


"Taleban hang 7-year-old boy to punish family" - Taliban spokesperson ( "This propaganda news illustrates the desperation of the invaders and their puppets, the assertion that the Mujahideen would execute a 7-year-old boy is ridiculous. The Mujahideen have too much honor to be committing such a cowardly act."


More on Delay in Kandahar "Surge"


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  Liberal Senator Says Time to Discuss Future Mission - More


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Military begins to collect Afghan detainee documents"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Sites Not only Down, but Hacked?


10 Jun 10

Martin Goudreault, R.I.P.:  He's Home - More


"At one of the most frequently attacked Canadian bases in Afghanistan, troops face an enemy who hopes to wear down and outfox NATO"


AFG Security Company (with Links to Karzai) Holding Canadian Dam Project Hostage? - "Canadians ignored repeated warnings about Afghan security firm" - Editorial "Afghan Dam Under a Cloud"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  Team in Kandahar Looking for More Files - More


McChrystal: Kandahar OP to Go Slower than Planned


Taliban Hang Seven-Year-Old Boy for "Spying" - More - Taliban Denies Bombing Wedding


UK PM Drops By - "Aussies Could Be in Afghanistan "Until 2040" "


Opinion:  Does Karzai Really Think ISAF was Behind Attack on Jirga?!?


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Hekmatyar Says if Foreign Troops Leave, No Foreign Fighters (AQ) Will be Allowed to Stay - "Afghan ex-spy boss opposes talking to Taliban"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):   Taliban claim responsibility for Chinook shoot-down, many other alleged attacks in Helmand


9 Jun 10

Martin Goudreault, R.I.P.:  Home Today - More


Army News Video:  Next Vandoo Combat Team Ready for AFG


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG: The Official Message Still Stands, and On Training “Inside the Wire”


Toronto Star: "A Canadian drive to transform Kandahar’s water supply is sputtering toward disaster despite Ottawa’s assurances to the contrary"


Four NATO Troops Killed in Sangin Helicopter Crash - More - more


Brit Def Minister:  We're Staying in Helmand


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Former AFG Int Boss:  "Negotiating with ... suicide bombers will disgrace this country" - More

8 Jun 10

Canadians Helping Americans Train AFG Cops in Kandahar


Canada's Post-2011 Mission in AFG:  Information Still Being Eyedroppered Out - "Preparing for last rotation in Afghanistan" - CDS:  We're Packing - More - more - "Will the Political Jaw Jaw about a Canadian Post-2011 Afghan Military Mission Continue?" - Former OMLT Trainer Reminds Us Even Training "In Town" Can be Unsafe - "Bob Rae has become one of the only mature, adult voices on this subject in the entire House of Commons." - "Bob Rae, Liberal MP and perennial challenger to lead the party (now that’s he’s apparently abandoned the NDP) and the likely successor to Michael Ignatieff, spoke for the group when he opined: “We have an obligation to see this through.” "


"An investigation by The Canadian Press shows The Conservatives systematically drafted "Message Event Proposals" as part of a quiet campaign to persuade Canadians their country was primarily engaged in development work to rebuild a shattered nation rather than hunting down and killing an emboldened insurgency." - Brian Platt: "The whole thing is a non-story"


Suicide Bombers Attack Kandahar Police Compound - Taliban claims responsibilty for killing 20+ in Kandahar City police training centre attack


Bad Guys, Weapons Nabbed in Kandahar, Uruzgan - Taliban:  We Won't Stop People from Fixing Power Lines from Kajaki Dam


Talkin' to the Taliban Canada's Statement on Jirga - CDS: "The international community, the United Nations with NATO, have to enable the Afghan government to get on with that reconciliation effort and this is difficult but if we can get it squared away, that will be the game changer." - "Afghans Debate Value of Peace 'Jirga' Resolution" - Former Senior Taliban Official Repeats Call for Foreign Troops to Leave Before Talks can Happen - US Special Envoy: "You can't have a settlement with al Qaeda, you can't talk to them, you can't negotiate with them, it's out of the question. But it is possible to talk to Taliban leaders." - More - "Hallbrooke statement aimed to divide Taliban"


Bad Day:  12 NATO Troops Killed Across AFG - Two AUS Troops Killed in Uruzgan Blast - "Australian soldier who may be suffering an adverse reaction to opiates remains in a serious but stable condition" - "British forces push back Taliban in southern Nad 'Ali" - UK Chinook, "Veteran" of the Falklands, Comes Home from AFG


7 Jun 10

Martin Goudreault, R.I.P.:  Engineer Killed in Panjwai Foot Patrol Explosion (CF statement) - More - more - more - more - Commander-in-Chief's Message - Prime Minister's Message - Minister of National Defence's Message - Condolences Thread


Canada’s Mission in AFG: The Epiphany, the Tease and the Lie


"Kandahar Airfield opens bigger hospital"


AFG Interior Minister, Int Boss Ousted:  "Resigned .... over lapses that led to an insurgent attack on last week's peace conference" - "Afghan President Hamid Karzai fired two senior members of his government today, replacing officials particularly unpopular with the Taliban" - "Afghan Leader Forces Out Top 2 Security Ministers" - "The two men may have simply become tired of being always blamed and never praised, but that does not explain Karzai’s swift acceptance at a time when you would normally want to keep your experienced officials."


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Text of Resolution Passed at Latest Jirga (PDF at


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):   ~50 ISAF, AFG casualties claimed in alleged attacks in Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul


6 Jun 10

Associated Press Photos of RCR Troops in the Fray


Helping Canada's Wounded Warriors


"The Afghan government is still pushing for Canada to leave much of its equipment in the country (Kandahar) when the Canadian Forces ends it combat mission in July 2011."


"The Canadian military is capable of training Afghan security forces past 2011, but it could be a challenging task depending on the number of experienced personnel required" - "Prime Minister Stephen Harper is suddenly faced with something he probably never expected to see: a growing consensus in Parliament that some of Canada’s 2,800 troops should remain in Afghanistan to train local forces after their combat tour ends next summer."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Alleges Destroying Canadian Tank in Panjwai, Disses Israel for Activist Flotilla Boarding


"A bomb exploded on Saturday outside the provincial governor's office in the Afghan city of Kandahar, killing one policeman and wounding at least 14 civilians" - Kandahar Governor: "Saturday's explosion near his palace won't sideline efforts to bring an end to the conflict with the Taliban that has torn his country apart for nearly a decade." - IED Hits Police Van in Panjwaii - More


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Afghanistan's unlikely peace plan: Strengthen Islamic law, free Taliban" - "Taliban rejects Afghan peace offer" - Statement: "President Hamid Karzai has ordered a review of the cases of persons in detention for links with the armed opposition." - More


5 Jun 10

Larry Rudd, R.I.P.:  Funeral in Brantford


AFG Committee MPs After Visiting AFG:  Maybe We Should Stay to Train AFG Security Forces - More - more - "Prime Minister Stephen Harper may represent the biggest stumbling block to such a deal." - PM:  "Interesting", But No We're Not - More - The Torch Calls it Like it Is


CAN TF Cdr Relieved:  New Boss (Same as the Old Boss) Arrives - More - more


Senior Taliban Boss Nailed in Kandahar - ISAF Statement - More - more


Some Injuries in Rocket Attack on Kandahar Air Field - More


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Jirga Calls for Karzai to Start Negotiating with Taliban, Other Bad Guys - More - more - more - "A Déjà vu of Big Tent ‘Democracy’" - "The Afghan Peace Jirga, where peace means politics" - Some of the Ideas Tossed Around - "Taliban refuse to lay down arms, to continue struggle"


3 Jun 10

"After a seven-month deployment in Afghanistan as a combat engineer explosives technician leading Canadian forces farther south than they had ever gone, Cpl. James Dorner has a much greater appreciation for life at home."


CAN TF Cdr Relieved:  "Top soldier says Menard handled respectfully" - "Of all the countries that have deployed troops in Afghanistan, Canada's rules governing personal relationships are considered to be the strictest of the western countries."


"Jirga’s disruption stirs questions on likelihood of peace"


"Australian commando in serious condition after suspected illicit drug overdose in Afghanistan" - More - "The Australian Defence Force is drug testing all 300 special operations soldiers in Afghanistan" - ADF News Release - Highlights of News Conference


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  TPW RC South: More attacks alleged in Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul; Taliban jirga fighting claim posted


2 Jun 10

CAN ROTO First Impressions in Kandahar


Mark McLaren, 1985-2008, R.I.P.:  Fallen soldier Awarded Medal of Valour


"MP leaves controversial message for troops on card" - MP Apologizes for Any Offence Comment Caused


Kandahar Push: "British commanders are preparing for a new offensive in Afghanistan that will target as many as 1,000 Taliban insurgents"


Reports of Attacks on Jirga Starting Today:  BBC - AFP - Reuters - AP - Taliban on Jirga:  "The holding of the so-called National Consultative Jirga under the name of peace is a part of the failed efforts of the invading Americans and their surrogates in Afghanistan." (Official statement at - More - more - Still, Karzai Trying to Prompt Dialogue via Jirga Starting Today - Dialogue =/= Having No Bad Guys There - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban’s Lies o’ the Month for May - Taliban claim 40+ killed (including dogs), 6 tanks destroyed in Kandahar, Helmand & Zabul


1 Jun 10

Governor-General Announces Latest List of Valour, Other Awards - Wounded Warrior from Sudbury, MCPL Mike Trauner, Receiving Medal of Military Valour:  How He's Doing - More - Meeting American Chair of Joint Chiefs Last Year


Canadian TF Commander Fired:  Toronto Star: "The extraordinary confession of a corporal set in motion the bombshell revelation that ended the tenure and possibly the military career of Canada’s top soldier in Afghanistan" - Returning TF Commander Different from Outgoing


ISAF/AFG Forces Nail High-level Kandahar Taliban Boss - ISAF Statement - More - more


U.K. Royal Marine Killed in Sangin - "In (Helmand), U.S. spreads the cash to fight the Taliban" - AFG Troops work with Brits, Danes around Gereshk


Prepping Peace Jirga Delegates - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):    Raft of claimed attacks across Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul and Nimroz


31 May 10

Canadian TF Commander Fired:  Troops "Reeling" At Relief of Commander - General Vance On His Way Back - The Torch on How Low Some Media Can Go


Reservist in AFG fighting for drug coverage for family at home


Robert Semrau Murder Court Martial:  Court Martial Heads to AFG


Note to Protesters:  Canada IS Leaving Next Year


"The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is predicting that it'll be clear by year's end whether a NATO-led counterinsurgency effort in the Afghan Taliban stronghold of Kandahar is successful."


NLD Troops Starting to Pull Out of Parts of Uruzgan - "Australia will not take over the leadership role in restive southern Afghanistan from departing Dutch forces because the Australian military could become overstretched" - " 'Gung-ho' Australian medics popular with Afghanistan allies"

PAK Media:  Taliban in Turmoil?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):   30+ NATO, AFG forces claimed killed in alleged attacks in Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul


"President Karzai Chairs Meeting to Discuss Preps for Peace Jirga" - "NATO Has High Hopes for Afghan Peace Council"


"The commander of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan said Sunday there is "clear evidence" that some Taliban fighters have trained in Iran."


30 May 10

Canadian TF Commander Fired:  CF Statement - Canadian Press - CanWest - Sun Media/QMI - Toronto Star - - Reuters - AFP - Discussion


"(RCR) Oscar Company in Kandahar: First impressions"


" 'Highway of Heroes' ride honours soldiers"


"Fight in Kandahar: U.S. says it won't look like war"


"Drone Crew Blamed For (Uruzgan) Civilian Deaths"


"Dissension has broken out in the top ranks of Afghanistan’s Taliban."


CAN in Kandahar April 2010

CAN in Kandahar March 2010

CAN in Kandahar February 2010

CAN in Kandahar January 2010


CAN in Kandahar December 2009

CAN in Kandahar November 2009

CAN in Kandahar October 2009

CAN in Kandahar September 2009

CAN in Kandahar August 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2007


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