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Background Information & Research Information


CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

9 Apr 10

Official Announcement on Extra CAN Training Troops - More - Reading Between the Lines:  DefMin May Be Hinting at Post-2011 Training Mission? - Blogger:  "Why are these new trainers going to stick to what pretty well everyone agrees was a limited and fairly arbitrary deadline at the end of 2011?" (h/t to Mark at The Torch)


CAN DefMin Mackay "dismayed" by Karzai's Taliban remarks - "Citing Karzai outbursts, US lawmakers seek Afghan pull-out"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Detainees were ‘delighted’ to be transferred from Canadian to Afghan prisons: testimony" - "Afghan detainees were happy in Canadian custody, didn't want to leave: officer" - "Complaints commission told military police heard rumours of torture" - "Military investigators say they didn't see 'torture reports' from Afghan detainees"


"Afghan, NATO Troops Remove Taliban Leaders From Fight" in Kandahar - JIEDDO "IEDs in Afghanistan double in past year" - More - "Infographics Shed Light on IED Strategy in Afghanistan"


UK Soldier from Royal Welsh killed in Helmand Firefight - US Shifting Focus from Drugs to Taliban in Marjah?


Blog Watch:  Taliban Moves Not Always What They Seem in Some Places


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claims 20+ ISAF/AFG troops killed, 2 vehicles destroyed in Kandahar, Helmand


8 Apr 10

CAN DefMin (in Kabul) Says 90 Troops to be Sent to AFG to Train Cops, Troops (But Only Until 2011) - More -  OK, Anything ELSE to Announce? - More


Senator Hugh Segal: "Canada is too valuable a partner to leave the NATO coalition before the job there is finished" - Norway joins US in calling for Canadian extension to Afghan mission - Meanwhile, EKOS Poll for CBC Shows 6/10 Surveyed Don't Want Mission Extension - Full Poll Report (PDF) - Tables (PDF)


Scott Francis Vernelli, 1980-2009, R.I.P.:  Parents Visit AFG for Closure


CAN Officer in South:  "There's been a gradual rise of local nationals who work for ISAF who have been murdered" -  Is Anything Being Done to Speed Up Letting Such Interpreters into Canada?


Head of Canada's Army Drops By (Keeps Mum on Future Command Assignments)


CAN PM: Remarks about joining Taliban 'unacceptable' - More - more - "Harper-Karzai rift reveals PM's deep doubts about Afghanistan" - "Nato warns Karzai not to undermine its efforts" - "For the record: Karzai is not about to join the Taliban. He is an angry and frustrated politician and he is sending signals." - Taliban Spox: "It’s just a game he is playing. He is trying to show people he is not under the control of the Americans but it’s completely false."


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Detainees were ‘delighted’ to be transferred from Canadian to Afghan prisons: testimony" - "Complaints commission told military police heard rumours of torture" - More - "Shuttering of detainee inquiry appears related to concealing soldiers’ identity" - "Military police didn't follow up with Afghan prisoners" - Blogger:  "I think there needs to be a good Parliamentary debate. For that to happen, the detainee issue needs to be dealt with, preferably in the form of a public inquiry, but a swift one – it at least needs to be underway."


"A Taliban commander Mullah Burhan and two of his bodyguards were killed in the militants'former bastion Marja district in the southern Afghan province Helmand" - "Afghanistan to send 500 more troops to Sangin-UK PM" - Compensation Payments in Helmand:  Damned if you do, Damned if you don't - ISAF Medics Treat Severely Injured Afghan Man in Zabul


UK Foreign Minister: 'Just peace' possible in Afghanistan


Talkin' to the Taliban:   "Plans to reconcile Afghan fighters show progress"


"Taliban bomb NATO tanker in Pakistan" - Afghan supply flights suspended from Kyrgyz base because of unrest in country


7 Apr 10

How CAN is Working with Panjwaii's Governor


 "Support for Taliban hit 'all time high' last spring: poll" -  What a Difference a Headline Makes


US fight Taliban with heavy metal, rock music - Is This the BEST Way to Win Hearts & Minds?



"Has Karzai gone Krazy? Afghan president's erratic behaviour a cause for concern" - "U.S. suggests Karzai meeting with Obama in jeopardy"


6 Apr 10

Coming Push on Kandahar: "NATO forces prep for Kandahar battle with tested security, outreach tactics"


Two Afghans Killed in Marjah IED Blast - Three AFG Cops Killed in Helmand Ambush


Bad Boys, Ammo Nabbed in Helmand, Uruzgan Raids


Latest Fallen UK Soldier Identified


Blog Watch:  Point - Is Enough Being Done to Improve AFG Cop Training? - Counterpoint from NATO - "We will develop leadership this year as a priority"


Opinion:  "We can still contribute in Afghanistan" - "Afghanistan: Fallen Soldier's Mother Asks the Right Question" - Former OMLT-eer Points Out Hypocrisy of Academics' Anti-scholarship Stance


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Claims of 40+ ISAF/AFG Troops, 13 "Tanks" Allegedly Destroyed


"AP Analysis: Karzai remarks risk US-Afghan rift"


5 Apr 10

Coming Push on Kandahar:  "NATO offensive may not go ahead: Karzai" - Kandahar Elders Underwhelmed with Karzai on Corruption, Security - More - "The largest and most important U.S. offensive of the Afghan war is under way in this country's second largest city, but its success will depend more on politics than guns." - "Fears over US Kandahar offensive" - "Afghanistan's future, and U.S. hopes for success, probably hinge on a coming offensive in the Taliban stronghold."


Women in Kandahar, Zabul Defy Taliban Learning to Read


UK Soldier from 3 Rifles killed in Kajaki-area Blast


Opinion:  "It's clear that the expertise, tenacity, and effectiveness of the Canadian Forces has had a positive impact on our NATO allies; Their request for our continuance in Afghanistan demonstrates their belief in Canada's importance to the ultimate success of the mission." - on Marjah: "No one did their homework. It’s depressing." - "Corrupt Karzai government won’t survive withdrawal"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Summary of Taliban's Lies o' the Month for March - Taliban claims responsibility for almost 30 NATO, AFG cas in alleged Helmand attacks



4 Apr 10

"Army families question if 2011 Afghan withdrawal means sacrifices were in vain" - More - more - Meanwhile, US Sec of State Shifts Message, Saying She Looks Forward to CAN Continuing to "Support"


Hamilton Reservists Heading Downrange - Vancouver Reservists, Too


NOTE:  MILNEWSca Twitter Feed Now Moved to milnews_ca


US Putting $ into ISAF Partner Militaries (as Incentive to Stay?)


Coming Push on Kandahar:  "Taliban Gag Kandahar's Clerics to Keep Grip on City" - "Karzai pays unannounced visit to Kandahar" - "Tribal leaders to be consulted before Kandahar push: Karzai" - "Karzai, US general meet with Afghan tribal leaders"


Helmand Police Chief Patted on Back for Nabbing Suspected Bomb Makers - "Since their offensive here in February, the Marines have flooded Marja with hundreds of thousands of dollars a week .... But in Marja, where the Taliban seem to know everything .... they have already found ways to thwart the strategy in many places, including killing or beating some who take the Marines’ money, or pocketing it themselves." - Special Forces Troops Dismantle Five IEDs in Helmand After One Hits Vehicle


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "U.S. sees Afghan reconciliation drive lasting years"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks Alleged in Helmand, Zabul


3 Apr 10

Survey Says:  Stop Combat Mission (But Keep Troops in AFG Training) - More - More Details of Latest Angus Reid Poll (PDF) - "Canadians Want To Help Afghanistan. And They Don’t"


Mark Wilson, 1966-2006, R.I.P.:  Brother Works as Civilian, Remembering


Coming Push on Kandahar:  "Military planners have been working to weaken the insurgents’ hold ahead of NATO’s largest-ever Afghan offensive" - "Fearful Afghan villagers flock to Kandahar ahead of operation"


"To the inhabitants of Kandahar City, Ahmed Wali Karzai is a symbol of everything wrong with their home"


UK Guardsman Michael Sweeney Killed in Helmand Blast - Photos:  AUS Troops Prepare for Uruzgan Patrol


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "U.S. sees Afghan reconciliation drive lasting years"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  14 US Tanks, +20 ISAF/AFG Troops Claimed Killed in Alleged Attacks in K'Har, Helmand



2 Apr 10

Embed Flies with CAN Chopper Crews - New Posters about Canada's Mission in Afghanistan


WHAT’S CANADA BUYING?: How Are Troops Doing After Coming Home?


Opinion:  "Kandahar is what the Canada-U.S. alliance is all about"


CAN Detainee Fracas:  "Tories table Afghan prisoner documents, opposition says it's old material" - More - more - "Feds tried to keep Afghan detainee deal secret: documents"


"Stabilization or crisis in Kandahar?"


UK Soldier from Coldstream Guards killed in Afghanistan - New Brit Units to Provide Cultural Advice in Helmand and Poochie Support - UK 1 SCOTS soldiers arrive in Afghanistan - ISAF Offers Condolences to Families of Victims of Taliban Suicide Bombing in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  40+ ISAF, AFG Troops Claimed Killed, +5 Vehicles Destroyed in Alleged Attacks Across Helmand

1 Apr 10




CAN Detainee Fracas:  CAN Justice Minister: Parliament not entitled to see all Afghan documents - He Says, She Says on AFG Int Service - More - "Minister told of detainee concerns as possible "mission killer":  diplomat" - "The government continues to zigzag" - Michael Yon Compares Apples to Oranges in Canadian Detainee Issue


AUS Troops Finding IEDs Harder to Detect


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Taliban reading the papers, offering wish list?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks alleged in Helmand, Uruzgan; "Why such a short visit, President Obama?" - Short and sharp from the Taliban on Obama's visit


31 Mar 10

"Canadian Forces completed Monday their biggest-ever operation led by the Afghan army" - Canadian Press Embed: "It was more like chasing ghosts"

Blog Watch:  How's the Taliban Rate Canadian Troops?


US Sec of State Would Love Canada to Stay and Fight Longer - More - UK Foreign Minister, Too - How Many Ways to Say No? Globe & Mail - - Azerbaijan media - Bloomberg - The Examiner - The Message Dance - PM in House of Commons: "We have been very clear that Canada's military mission in Afghanistan will end in 2011, but we will continue with a mission on governance, on development and on humanitarian assistance." - Conservative Senator:  "It’s wrong for us to only have a civilian presence, because who’s going to provide security for them" - More - Editorial: "We have an ongoing stake in Afghanistan's future - and accepting a low-risk training role after 2011 would help us assert as much" - "Finish the Afghan mission"


Wounded Canadian Warrior Helping in Haiti - Transcript


Canadian Officer Murder Court Martial:  "Afghan who launched murder probe against Canadian captain 'erratic,' court martial hears" - Statements from Drugged AFG Troops?


Pentagon Spox: "Kandahar 'Shaping' Operations Under Way" - "Kandahar Offensive to Focus on Good Governance" - "Displacement fears ahead of Kandahar operation" - "U.S. efforts to sideline Afghan President Hamid Karzai's half-brother met resistance on Tuesday from (Kandahar) officials who warned of chaos in the Taliban's birthplace if he is pushed out."


Bomb Blast Kills Helmand Villagers Getting Seeds from ISAF Troops


"US ex-general apologizes for Dutch gay comments"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Afghan president wraps up talks with (Hizb-i-Islami) insurgents"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  "Does America Want Peace in Afghanistan?" - Taliban Ask Why President Obama's Visit was So Short (


G8 Foreign Ministers’ Statement on Afghanistan


"Russia: U.S. Aiding Afghan Drug Trade" - "Russia wants better NATO anti-drug war"



30 Mar 10

"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday the U.S. would like Canada to remain in Afghanistan past 2011 and suggested the military could switch to a training role." - More - more - more - more - more - more - CAN Foreigm Minister:  We're Outta There in 2011 - More


Tell HER Tuition for Kids of the Fallen Glorify War! - More - "Odious protest makes orphans the pawns"


CAN Foreign Minister Announces AFG-PAK Border Project - News Release - Backgrounder - More - Minister's Talking Points


"Taliban ejected from Kandahar villages ahead of latest NATO sweep" - "Afghan offensive in Kandahar due in June, officials say" - More - Long Push Expected? - "Nato commanders to put Afghan troops in front line for new southern push" - "Kandahar Ops Reflect Complexity, Subtlety"


"The United Nations-supported mine action centre in Afghanistan destroyed nearly 112,000 different types of explosives in the first two months of this year"


AUS Army Chinooks Start Summer Ops - AUS Soldier, AFG Interpreter Wounded in Mirabad IED Attack  - "Three IEDS disarmed by MTF-1 protecting Mirabad villagers"


Weapons, Bad Guys Nabbed in Kandahar City, Zabul Raids - U.S. Special Forces Help Move Uruzgan Patients


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Warlord and Taliban muddy the mix"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Claims Attacks in Kandahar, Helmand and Chopper Shoot-down in Zabul


"European Nato governments should emphasise the suffering of women under Taliban rule to counter domestic calls for troop withdrawal a leaked CIA analysis suggests."



29 Mar 10

"Tim Hortons staff eligible for Afghan war medals"


National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman Pierre Daigle will conduct a follow-up review of a 2008 investigation into military mental health services that found that too many soldiers with operational stress injuries (OSI) were slipping through cracks in the system.”


"Nato commanders to put Afghan troops in front line for new southern push"


President Obama Drops ByMoremore - Official Remarks


Chopper Crash in Zabul; “no indications that it was caused by insurgent action”


Latest UK 3 RIFLES Cas Identified - UK MPs:  "MoD planning for surge in casualties 'falls short' "


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist sites):  More Casualties Alleged in Marjah, Helmand


Opinion:  “How serious is the Peace Jirga?”


28 Mar 10

Darren James Fitzpatrick, R.I.P.:  Remembered at Public Funeral in Edmonton - More


CAN + NLD Leaving = Brits Moving to Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul? - Former UK CDS's Take on Move


CAN Rep in Kandahar: “What we need to do is to connect the government to the population, and that requires working development projects to address some of the economic and social issues”


"Afghans in Kandahar don't trust Americans, other foreign military forces"


"ANSF-ISAF Target Taliban Compound in Kajaki" - Bad Boys Nabbed in Helmand Raids


Latest UK Household Cav Fallen Identified - UK 3 RIFLES Soldier Killed in Sangin Blast - More


"Prince Charles' frustration over Afghanistan trip revealed in leaked Whitehall memo"


DNK Chief of Defence Staff Faces IED Close Call in Helmand (Original in Danish - Google English)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  +60 ISAF, AFG troops alleged killed in attacks in Helmand, Uruzgan and Zabul - Latest Statement Haiku:  Karzai, the puppet,/talks jirga, lets U.S.A./be colonial



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