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Background Information & Research Information


CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

15 Mar 10

Toronto Maple Leafs GM in Next Group of Canadian Celebs Headed to AFG


Taliban Statement on Kandahar City Civilian Killings (  "Operation in the heart of Kandahar city was a message to Stanley McChrystal and a reaction to the U.S coming operation in Kandahar" - More


OP Moshtarak:  "I’d be .... curious why a few hundred impoverished farmers with machine guns were made the target of a 10,000 man military campaign just because they supported the wrong side of the conflict—did they really pose that much of a strategic threat to the overall war?" - "Poppies Escape Marjah Offensive"

Bad Boy Boss Nailed in Helmand - Bad Boy Boss Also Nabbed in Zhari - AUS SF, AFG Troops Nab Taliban Bad Boy Boss in Uruzgan


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Taliban Willing to Talk to NGOs, Aid Agencies


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  More Claims of Marjah Casualties, Including Donkey Bombing - Taliban (Tries) Driving Wedges Between NATO Allies


14 Mar 10

Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  Statement:  Taliban Calls Canadian Decision to Leave Afghanistan "Rational(e)" (PDF link to non-terrorist site) -  Canadian Withdrawal Endorsed by the Taliban!


More on Upcoming ROTO Training in US


Michelle Lang, R.I.P.:  "Military unveils plaque for Calgary Herald reporter slain in Afghanistan" - More


"Suicide attackers strike in southern Afghanistan city; at least 30 reported killed" - More - more - more - AFG President Pissed - K'Har Governor Calls for More Troops to Protect Area - Taliban Spox:  Attacks Response to Word of Coming Push in K'Har


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Afghan detainee review guidelines released" - More - Department of Justice (DOJ) news release - DOJ Terms of Reference - "Critics say guidelines set for Afghan document review a "stalling exercise" " - More "Liberals are calling for the immediate halt to the transfer of Canadian detainees to Afghan prisons in light of a U.S. report raising concerns about torture and human rights abuses."


"Afghanistan agrees to open its electoral commission to foreigners"

New UN Uber-Envoy Takes Up Post

Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Claim 3 Americans Killed in Marjah Bombing


13 Mar 10

"Injured vets carry the Paralympic flame as relay's final day honours military"

"The building boom that is Canada's Afghan base"


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  Opinion: "Reconstruction seizes up amid Afghan paralysis in Ottawa" - "Canada has been silent although NATO has declared mentoring is fast becoming its top priority and the best way for the alliance to achieve an orderly, rather than a premature exit strategy from Afghanistan."


More on Blogger's Take on "Who's Covering the Bridge?" Fracas:  THIS is an apology???  "In apology to BG Menard, I should not have demanded that he be fired so early in the process, despite that my assertion that he was responsible has proven true .... Brigadier General Menard clearly was not the only responsible party for this strategic bridge that his soldiers depend upon. To single out BG Menard was a mistake, despite that he was ultimately responsible for the ANP." - BruceR on This - More - "Canadians repair key Kandahar bridge blown up in suicide bomber attack"


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "NATO allies lobbied Afghan's president for a separate legal framework to handle prisoners captured around Kandahar in late 2006 but those efforts "went nowhere," say internal memos." - More - The Torch on This - "Liberals stuck in Afghan rut; Fixated on detainee issue at expense of the economy"


OP Moshtarak:  "Governance in Marjah" - "UK forces to hand over Musa Qal'ah to other ISAF troops" - "Marjah push: Ups and downs are lessons for future"


"British Forces Restructured In Helmand" - "British commanders in Afghanistan are watching to see if the Taliban are changing tactics after troops in a militant hotspot reported that insurgents' shooting is becoming more accurate." - "An Australian-run Trade Training School (TTS), soon set to expand, is teaching young Afghan men valuable carpentry skills in Tarin Kowt, southern Afghanistan."


Taliban IED Kills Six Civilians in Uruzgan - More


Taliban 2i/c Nabbed:  "Sources: Captured Taliban leader 'singing like a male canary' "


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Claims 4 US "Tanks" Destroyed in Marjah - Another Rash o' Marjah Claims


"Rift Growing Between Al Qaeda And The Taliban?"


11 Mar 10

"Canadians, Afghans beat back Taliban in 'crazy' fighting: Soldier" - More


Jane's: "Canada is to field its upgraded Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks (MBTs) in Afghanistan later this year"


Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Liberals feared Abu Ghraib-type detainee scandal: source" - "Foreign Affairs officials have been called to testify before a probe into Canada’s transfer of Afghan detainees"

Videos:  ISAF Commander's "8 Imperatives of COIN"

OP Moshtarak UK DefSec Drops By, "sees success of Op MOSHTARAK"

Counter-IED Troops Hailed as "Heroes of Afghanistan"

BBC on US GAO Report: "Drug abuse is rife in the Afghan police force with up to four out of 10 recruits testing positive for illegal drugs in some areas" - "Afghanistan Drug Control: Strategy Evolving and Progress Reported, but Interim Performance Targets and Evaluation of Justice Reform Efforts Needed" (Summary - Full Report in PDF)

Taliban 2i/c Nabbed:  "Afghan chiefs in Pakistan disperse to cities after the detentions of top militants, hindering the insurgency"

Talkin' to the Taliban:  "(UK) Foreign Office officials believe elements of Taliban ready to talk but fears grow of long Afghan conflict, and growing casualties" - Foreign Secretary's Speech - Minister's Blog Post on Issue

Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Claims 4 US "Tanks" Destroyed in Marjah

"We don't want proxy wars in Afghanistan, Karzai says"


10 Mar 10

"Canadian hospital workers face cultural challenges in Afghanistan"

"Gates and Afghan Leader Review Plan for a Kandahar Offensive"

CAN Rep at COIN Centre: "Losing the Insurgency One Bribe at a Time"

Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "A Canadian diplomat with extensive experience in Afghanistan says she raised the possibility that detainees transferred from Canadian to Afghan custody were at risk of torture back in 2005, but her concerns were ignored (by) the Liberal government in power at the time" - "Prime Minister Stephen Harper downplayed revelations of a "contingency plan" to deal with accusations that prisoners handed over to Afghan authorities were tortured." - Opinion: "Try as he may, Prime Minister Stephen Harper can no longer stonewall the Afghan detainee controversy." - "How will Afghan detainee documents be judged?" - What "Rendition"?


US EUCOM Boss: "NATO countries are failing to live up to promises to provide hundreds of personnel to train Afghanistan's fledging security forces"

OP Moshtarak:  RFE/RL: "In Marjah, New Gains Could Offer Escape From Tragic Past" - NPR: "Fear Of Taliban Hinders U.S. Efforts In Marjah"

UK 1, 4 RIFLES Troops Killed in Helmand Identified Here and Here - AUS Troops "train Afghan troops in Oruzgan province, but can't guide their military proteges through real-life combat situations because of decisions made by political chiefs in Canberra." - Opinion: "With Dutch troops set to depart Afghanistan, the alliance forged in the Cold War is fraying"

Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Why mujahideen and Saudi lawyers hold the key to peace in Afghanistan" - "As President Obama's deadline of July 2011 .... approaches, the war and peace making in Afghanistan is likely to get more complicated."


9 Mar 10

Upcoming ROTO Getting Ready in Mojave Desert - More

"Bombs and bullets all in a day's work for head of 'CSI: Kandahar' "

Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee: "Canada needs to “grow up” and start talking seriously about its role in Afghanistan once its military mission there ends in 2011" - More

BC Embed Arrives at KAF

More on Blogger's Take on "Who's Covering the Bridge?" Fracas:  Originally Aiming for More Details, Apology to Canadian General for Last Weekend - Now, Maybe This Week

"Afghan war's 'decisive phase' looms in Kandahar: Gates" - "Afghanistan Commander Sees Slow Buildup In Kandahar" - "US general pledges to secure symbolic Kandahar" - "Kandahar operation in summer, says US commander"

Canadian Detainee Fracas:  "Prime Minister Stephen Harper has defended the role of Canada's spy service in the questioning of Afghan prisoners, saying the agency respects its "international obligations at all times." " - "Canuck spies grilling Afghan detainees prompts fresh calls for inquiry"

OP Moshtarak:  Associated Press: "Karzai gets earful in town seized from Taliban" - ISAF:  "Gen. McChrystal Details Lessons of Marja Offensive" - "Operations in Helmand province will serve as a template for future operations elsewhere in Afghanistan" - UK MoD On Why So Busy in Sangin

"Soldier from 1 RIFLES killed in Afghanistan" - "3 RIFLES solider tackles live Taleban hand grenade" - Brit PM Drops By

"Australian explosive ordnance disposal specialist wounded while destroying insurgent weapons"

Talkin' to the Taliban"Karzai plans Afghan peace summit in April"

Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Karzai & Brown Allegedly Rocketed in Marjah; 20+ ISAF Troops Claimed Killed Across Helmand


8 Mar 10

"Officers of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service have played a crucial and long-standing role as interrogators of a vast swath of captured Taliban fighters" - BruceR at Flit: "idea that Canadians were "outsourcing interrogation to the Afghans" at the time is ludicrous"


"Soldier from 1 RIFLES killed in Afghanistan" - Latest UK Fallen Identified

 - "SAS in Afghanistan suffers worst losses for 60 years"


OP Moshtarak:  LA Times: "A campaign has begun to lure residents back to war-ravaged Now Zad in Helmand province" - on How to Move Forward in Marjeh


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  February’s Lies o’ the Month


7 Mar 10


One of Canada's Wounded Warriors Carries Paralympic Flame


Canadian Press embed:  Real Life =/= Movie


Opinion: "The West builds institutions. Afghans want informal justice"


"Soldier from 3 RIFLES killed near Sangin on 6 March"


OP Moshtarak:  "Karzai visits Afghan battle zone, vows to rebuild" - "British PM hails anti-Taliban push in southern Afghanistan" - on Who's In Charge in Marjah

Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Canadians Claimed Killed; More Marjah Statements; Kabul Attack=Victory - Taliban Publishes Picture Book (


6 Mar 10

"With a year left in a mission that’s cost billions and 140 Canadian soldiers’ lives, Canada takes new risks to win over villages – but is it too little, too late?"


AFG Detainee Handling Fracas:  "Retired judge asked to review documents in detainee affair" - More


"Islamic militants are being brought into the Afghan National Army through a back door recruitment scheme"


More on New ISAF Night Raid Rules


Taliban 2i/c Nabbed:  "Back to Baradar: A strategic shift, perhaps, but which way?" - "Abu Walid al Masri’s article on the capture of Mullah Baradar"


OP Moshtarak:  Red Cross: Taliban IEDs "prevent resumption of normal life in Marjah" - More - "New Afghan chief in Marjah has criminal record"


UK MoD: "Soldier from 3 RIFLES killed near Sangin on 5 March"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Canadian Vehicle Allegedly Blown Up in Boldak; Slew of Helmand, Kandahar Attacks, Including Stoning of AFG Cop


5 Mar 10


"Families of Canadian soldiers come to Afghanistan to mourn lost loved ones"


Some of What Canada's AFG Police Trainers are Up To


More on Blogger's Take on "Who's Covering the Bridge?" Fracas:  Blogger Says He'll Apologize to CAN General Now that US General Takes Responsibility - That Apology'll Take Longer than Planned Now


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  CENTCOM Commander: "I’m not going to get into national decisions.” - CAN Speech from the Throne:  "After 2011, our effort in Afghanistan will focus on development and humanitarian aid."


AFG Detainee Handling Fracas:  "Harper refuses to give up detainee documents, says lawyers dictate censorship"


CENTCOM Boss:  War'll Get Harder Before it Gets Easier - More


ISAF Boss McChrystal Gets Even More Power - More - more - New ISAF Rules on Night Raids


Taliban 2i/c Nabbed:  More Bad Guys Rounded Up - More - ISAF Boss: "The arrest of the Afghan Taliban's former number two figure may have been the result of an internal feud and purge among Taliban leaders" - "Does leadership targeting fall into an overall strategic plan or is it just something we are doing because we can? "


OP Moshtarak:  PAK Media: "Taliban bombs still a problem for US troops in Marjah" - AFPS: "Troops in Marja Focus on Public Support for Government" - AP: "Hard part in Marjah has only just begun" - "Did the Marja offensive work?" - Voice of America: "Taliban Insurgents Mostly Cleared from Marja" - CNN: "In Marjah, it's still a competition with the Taliban" - UK MoD: "Stabilisation in Musa Qa'lah points the way forward for Op MOSHTARAK"


AUS Changes Names of Uruzgan Teams: Bye bye MRTF, hello MTF! - "A (UK) army helicopter pilot who was shot between the eyes by a Taliban bullet still managed to fly all 20 passengers to safety" - NATO Sec-Gen: "NATO chief says Dutch Afghan withdrawal will not set off stampede to the exits"


Opinion: "How ‘neo’ have the ‘Neo-Taleban’ been?" - "Creating a separate command (in southern AFG) … just doesn’t make any sense. They’re just doing it to do it."


Ougoing UN Uber-Envoy: "Hamid Karzai's government needs more resolve on reform, and that the international community's strategy is too 'militarily driven' and has unrealistic demands"


AFG Considering Banning Certain Web Sites


PAK Accuses IND, AFG Int of Killing Road Workers in Kandahar - Meanwhile "U.S. hones message machine in Afghanistan, Pakistan"


4 Mar 10

CAN Soldier Wounded in 12 Feb 10 Training Incident Recovering


"Canadians sponsor program to end illiteracy among Afghan police" - "High drop-out and low recruitment rates have hampered NATO efforts to boost security forces to control insurgents in southern Afghanistan"


More on Blogger's Take on "Who's Covering the Bridge?" Fracas:  Former CAN OMLT'eer: "Yon's little temper tantrum seems to have made the papers, I see." - "Yon's just looking for ammo to condemn the non-US elements of the mission" - More from The Torch - Meanwhile, While Blogger Bashes CAN Command, "U.S. Redraws Afghan Command" in South - More


"North America’s biggest military players, including top generals from Canada and the U.S., are in Ottawa Thursday to talk about the Canadian military and the mission in Afghanistan."


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  Op-Ed: "Canada can make a huge difference by leaving a small contingent of military trainers in Afghanistan after the 2011 withdrawal deadline"

Fayetteville Observer Observer: "The escalation of the war in Afghanistan has been bleak, bloody and deadly. That won't change soon."


Taliban 2i/c Nabbed:  "Pakistan Agrees in Principle to Hand Over Taliban Deputy to Afghans" - More - "Finding Kabir And Baradar Wasn't Rocket Science - But About Money "


OP Moshtarak:  AFG Int Says Former Gitmo Guest Now Running Taliban Battle in South - More - AP: "Taliban, not drugs, focus of US-Afghan offensive" - ISAF 4 Mar 10 Update


5 PAK Road Workers Gunned Down in Kandahar


UK MoD Identifies Latest Fallen from 3 RIFLES - "Will Others Follow Dutch and Leave Afghanistan?"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "The head of the U.N. mission in Afghanistan said Thursday that it's "high time" a political solution is found with the Taliban to resolve the more than 8-year-old conflict."


Taliban Statement Condemns Banning Live Coverage of Attacks ( - More - more - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Two Americans, 5 ISAF Troops Claimed Dead in Alleged Helmand Attacks


"U.S. military questions Karzai's steps on corruption"


3 Mar 10 

Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  Today's Throne Speech to Confirm End of Canada's Military Mission in AFG - Editorial: "Our Afghan role remains confused"


USA Military blogger Calls for CAN TF Commander to be Fired Over Bridge IED Incident? - Discussion - Former CAN OMLT'eer's Take


Upcoming CAN ROTO Trains in USA


CAN Policewoman Training AFG Women Cops


AFG Woman Living in CAN:  "Canadians will need to educate themselves, to truly learn about the enemy that Afghans, and now Canadians, face and to recognize it as the danger that it really is. Ask an Afghan woman, she can tell you."


CIDA Advisor in K'Har: “We have provided (about) 2,000 farmers in each of the six key districts (of Kandahar) with wheat seed. It’s really hard to know exactly what impact that has, but obviously the hope and intent is that it will be planted. You just don’t know what the impact directly is.”


CAN Prisoner Handling Fracas:  "Liberal MP's motion could set the stage for constitutional clash over abuse documents" - More


Latest UK Fallen Identified - Brits Kill IED Planters w/Artillery


OP Moshtarak:  "At a minimum, at least two battalions should stay in Marja permanently, to undergird the new government (and) live right inside the town, providing security and guidance from within." - More - American Forces Press Service: "Marja Clearing Phase Nears Completion" - ISAF Commander Drops By - Brit Aid Work in Helmand w/Moshtarak - ISAF: "While progress is taking place in southern Afghanistan following Operation Moshtarak, insurgent attacks have continued to harm civilians and impact their freedom of movement in Kandahar and Helmand."


Mortars, IED Components Nabbed in Helmand, Uruzgan - Big Drug Cache Nabbed in Nimroz


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Karzai's invitation to Taliban creates discord and confusion"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Almost 50 American, ISAF Troops Claimed Killed in Alleged Attacks across Helmand


USA Envoy Worries Over AFG Media Restrictions - More


2 Mar 10

CAN Vet of Afghanistan Waits to Give Himself Permission to Share Stories


CAN Prisoner Handling Fracas:  Damian at The Torch Pissed at Toronto Star Columnist's Coverage - More from BruceR at Flit


Triple Blast in K'Har Claims 8 Lives (Including Civilians) - More - more


Blog Watch:  COIN = ISAF people knowing AFG people - Problems with Night Raids - "Strangers at the Door: Night Raids by International Forces Lose Hearts and Minds of Afghans" (PDF)


OP Moshtarak:  Financial Times: "Focus in Marjah turns to building government" - BBC: "First steps for stability in Marjah?" - Analyst Says Way to Win Peace is Through Taxes, Census - Other Analysts Pipe In About Marjah Campaign - Counter IED Troops Making a Difference - AFG Second VP Drops By Marjah - More - 2VP "Speaks With Warmth, but Reaps Cool" - NPR: "Marjah Effort Shows Values, Flaws Of Afghan Forces"


UK 4 RIFLES Soldier Killed in Sangin Firefight - Princess Anne Drops By


Suspected Bad Boys Nabbed in Helmand


AFG Int Service Bans Live, Videotaped Broadcast of Taliban Attacks in Progress


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  TPW RC-SOUTH: Multiple Attacks Alleged ISAF Tps, AFG Cops in Kandahar; Latest Statement on Moshtarak


"Pakistan seizes key Taliban, Al-Qaeda base"


1 Mar 10

How CAN Troops Did Their Part to Help Canada Win Hockey Gold - More


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  Opinion:  "When Parliament resumes on Wednesday, the prime minister must explain how he sees events unfolding in Afghanistan over the next few years."


" 'Gradual' campaign likely in Kandahar"


OP Moshtarak:  AP: "Marines, Afghan troops to stay months in Marjah" - AP: "Troops clear last of Marja"


Taliban 2i/c Nabbed:  PAK "Wipes Out" Half of Taliban's Quetta Shura - "What can Pakistan gain from capture of Taliban leaders?"


Two Taliban Commanders Nabbed in K'Har - "ANP Finds Two Caches in Dai Kundi Province" - "ANA Distribute Clothing, Food in Zabul Province"


Blog Watch:  What the Associated Press Missed About Complaints of Civilian Casualties - "Afghans are sick of fighting .... Afghans on the whole long for unity and reintegration might just be a way to achieving it." - "Taliban playing nicer?"


Afghan Human Rights Group Bashes Taliban for Civilian Casualties - Taliban Kill 11 Civilians with Helmand IED - Five Afghans, One POL Soldier Killed in K'Har City Blast - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Police Commander Allegedly Killed in Kandahar; Five Taliban Statements on Alleged Helmand Incidents


"ISI hand in Taliban's Kabul attack?" - "Saudi concerned over growing links between Taliban, Qaida" 


CAN in Kandahar February 2010

CAN in Kandahar January 2010


CAN in Kandahar December 2009

CAN in Kandahar November 2009

CAN in Kandahar October 2009

CAN in Kandahar September 2009

CAN in Kandahar August 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2007


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