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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

6 Jan 10

Garrett William Chidley, Kirk Taylor, Zachery McCormack, George Miok, Michelle Lang, R.I.P.:  Lang Fiance, Fmaily Statements - Terry Glavin Underwhelmed with American Embed Reporter Covering Fatal Attack -"Repatriation of journalist a welcome, classy decision"


"Foreign affairs officer still in critical condition after IED blast"


Former Canadian Military Journalist:  Canadian Reporters Not Covering CF Well (Or into the Long Term)


Canadian Bomb-Sniffing Poochie Update:  BIG Money Contract!


Wall Street Journal Quotes ISAF Boss Saying "Taliban have gained the upper hand in Afghanistan"


Brit Part-Timer Who Lost Civilian Job Deploying Gets Job Back - More


UN Quarterly Report:  Taliban STILL Killing Most Civilians


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Claims Attack on Canadian Vehicles in Spin Boldak Area (No MSM Confirmation) - Fatal Attacks Alleged Against Canadian Forces in Kandahar, Brit Forces in Helmand - "Taleban deputy leader warns of more attacks in Afghanistan in 2010"


Think Tank Report: War at "Crisis Stage" - More


5 Jan 10

Garrett William Chidley, Kirk Taylor, Zachery McCormack, George Miok, Michelle Lang, R.I.P.:  More on Blast that Killed Troops, Reporter - Letter of Condolence from Ehsanullah Ehsan, director of the Afghan-Canadian Community Centre in Kandahar (via Terry Glavin's Chornicles & Dissent blog) - "Tears flow as Edmonton school pays tribute to fallen soldier who was teacher"


CAN Seeks Dog Sniffing Poochies:, 29 Dec 09 - Blog, 30 Dec 09 - Globe & Mail, 4 Jan 10


Just Reading More About the CDS's Christmas Visit with CAN Troops


Think Tank Paper: "Because the United States has focused the overwhelming majority of collection efforts and analytical brainpower on insurgent groups, the intelligence apparatus still finds itself unable to answer fundamental questions about the environment in which U.S. and allied forces operate in and the people they are trying to protect and persuade." - UK Military Paper (PDF):  "Success in battle will demand as much understanding of social psychology, culture and economics as it does military art and science"


Opinion:  Remember, It's Not JUST The Canadians in the Fight


"Karzai to try again with new cabinet line-up"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Still waiting for the land and money they are owed under a reconciliation program, former insurgents say they have no choice but to go back to fighting"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Web Pages Back - Taliban claim responsiblity for fatal IED strike against Americnas in Panjwai


4 Jan 10 

Garrett William Chidley, Kirk Taylor, Zachery McCormack, George Miok, Michelle Lang, R.I.P.:  They're Home:  Canadian Press - More - CanWest - More - more - more - Global TV - - - Sun Media - More - Toronto Star - Local Media


Andrew Nuttall, R.I.P.:  Public Funeral Today


Opinion:  "Pity the walking wounded among our vets"


RCR Battle Group Goes to Ft. Irwin, California to Prepare to Head Downrange


Four American Troops Killed in Zhari IED Blast - Royal Anglian Regiment Soldier Killed in Helmand Blast - Explosives Seized in Helmand, Marijuana in Kanadhar - Brits Push Taliban in Babaji Operation - "British troops are likely to take part in operations led by Afghan commanders as part of the strategy to prepare the country's forces to take over the security of their country." - Aussie soldier wounded in southern Afghanistan blast; another shows hearing problems after 12 Dec IED attack


"Top UN envoy calls for 'demilitarized' international approach in Afghanistan" - More


Talkin' to the Taliban: Analyst on Talkin' to the Taliban (and Whether the Haqqanis'll Ever Come Into the Tent)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Web Pages Down



3 Jan 10

Garrett William Chidley, Kirk Taylor, Zachery McCormack, George Miok, Michelle Lang, R.I.P.:  Coming Home 2pm Today - Media Advisory - Troops Pack Fallen Reporter's Kit - One Embed's View of His Colleague Heading Home - Statement by Canadian Journalists for Free Expression on the death of Michelle Lang - "B.C. premier pays tribute to journalist, soldiers"


The Torch on More Media Balderdash


More on Canadian Contractors Flying Spy Planes Over Afghanistan (But Not for Long)


Latest Fallen Brit Sapper Identified - AQ Targeting Brit Sniper Team, Family Back in UK - More - "British supply convoys are a big target for the Taliban and have led to fierce battles"


"Afghan parliament rejects 17 of 24 cabinet nominees" - "UN official: Afghan Cabinet dispute a 'setback' "


Talkin' to the Taliban:  UK General Says Taliban Has to Join Security Forces (Eventually)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):   ~30 Claimed Killed, 5 "Tanks" Destroyed in Alleged Attacks in KHar, Helmand & Uruzgan


2 Jan 10

Garrett William Chidley, Kirk Taylor, Zachery McCormack, George Miok, Michelle Lang, R.I.P.:  Expected Home Sunday - AFG President Calls PM to Express Condolences - The Knock at the Door - Kirk Taylor's Statement to Media in the Event of his Death - Journalist Becomes Story - The Toll Since 2001 - Sources Say 230kg of Explosive Blew Up Vehicle - Sources Say Remote IED Wire Ran Outside Electronic Protective Bubble


Andrew Nuttall, R.I.P.:   Public Funeral Planned - More


Was One of Canada's Wounded One of the Fallen?


The Torch on What Media SHOULD Be Telling You About - Blatchford on How Media Treat Different Sources


Ottawa Citizen:  Canadian Surveillance Planes to be in AFG by Summer (But Not for Long?)


"Canada's Kandahar legacy rests on a shift in strategy, but is there enough time?"


Next AFG Parliamentary Election Coming 22 May 10 - More


6000 Kg Drugs, Chemicals Seized in Helmand - Weapons Seized in Uruzgan - Reward Program Working to Develop Tips on Weapon, Explosives Caches - "U.S. grapples with complex Afghan drug battle"


Looking Into Civvy Deaths in Helmand - Karzai Drops By, Offers Condolences to Families


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Summary of Taliban's Lies of the Year for 2009 - Multiple ISAF casualties alleged in Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul - Long War Journal's Threat Watch on Taliban's 2009 Year End Statement


1 Jan 10 


Garrett William Chidley, Kirk Taylor, Zachery McCormack, George Miok, Michelle Lang, R.I.P.:  On Their Way Home - More - more - AFG President's Statement - CAN PM's Statement - Minister of National Defence Statement - CAN TF AFG Commander's comments - Families Struggling


"Targeted strike that killed four soldiers and journalist indicates how hard it will be to secure Kandahar city and build trust with Afghans" - "Safety not deteriorating in Afghanistan: Retired major-general"


Brit Counter-IED Sapper Killed in Sangin


SF Troops Building Playgrounds in Kandahar - Taliban Behead "Moderates" in Zabul - Zabul Residents Warn Troops about IEDs



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