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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

22 Dec 09

CAN-mentored AFG Troops Plan and Execute First Sweep Op in Arghandab]


"Boy’s wounds, Canadian kindness, small parts of Afghanistan’s tragic tapestry"


CAN Officer Charged in Shooting Death of Injured Enemy Fighter Faces Court Martial Next Month - More - more


Blog Watch:  The Torch on NATO's SecGen Not Calling it a War - Der Spiegel Interview


"Troops, Taliban race to build up local governments" in Southern AFG


Beechcraft Surveillance Planes Arriving On, Around Xmas - Huron ISTAR Aircraft (Wikipedia)


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  CF Probes 12 Allegations of Detain Abuse since 2006, NO Abuse Claims Founded - More







Bad guys killed, nabbed in Shah Wali Kot, Zhari ops


NATO Sec-Gen Drops By


RUS Envoy:  RUS Chopper Airlifts NLD Chopper Damaged by Ground Fire - More - Official NLD Statement on Removal of Damaged Chopper (Dutch & Google English) - NLD Statement Says 10 Dec 09 Emergency Landing Required because of Ground Fire Between Tarin Kowt & Kandahar (Google English) - Original in Dutch


US Stryker Troops Complain about Work-up Training Not Preparing Them for Afghanistan - Michael Yon Disagrees


Brit Military Policeman Killed by Gunfire in Sangin - Taliban Tried Selling Prodigal AUS Bomb Poochie Back to Aussies - Belgian PM Drops By


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claims British & other foreign cas in alleged Helmand, Uruzgan attacks - Taliban Freshens Up Arabic News Page - Taliban Senator Claims Bosses Want to Set Up Gov't in Exile in Saudi Arabia - Haqqani Taliban Commander Alleges No Need for Aghan Taliban Bases in PAK


Opinion:  Who's Next After Eide as UN Uber-Envoy for AFG? - RUS Denies Help in AFG Because They're Jealous of How Well U.S. is Doing?


21 Dec 09

One Canadian Soldier's Thoughts Going into Xmas


AFG Battalion Working with Canadian Mentors Makes Progress - Meanwhile, with AFG Cops "Progress is slow as Canadian officers in Kandahar work to change culture of corruption and brutality"


"Widening air bridge to Afghanistan no easy feat"


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  Canadian Press Says "Tory ministers met with Red Cross about Afghan detainees in 2006" - Head of Canada's Correctional Services Following Visit:  "This visit reaffirmed my confidence that the NDS and the Central Prison Directorate within the Ministry of Justice are committed to strengthening human rights and the rule of law in Afghanistan." - "Orders from former Canadian Forces chief of defence staff Rick Hillier and the federal Cabinet hindered Canadian troops as they were attempting to process Afghanistan detainees in compliance with international war law and likely contributed to severe detention conditions at the military police compound in Kandahar"


ISAF-AFG forces nab group of insurgents (including "weapons facilitator") in Garmsir, Helmand

Brit Commander in AFG Quoted Saying “We do realise that we have lost the initiative” - "Karzai urges Dutch troops to stay" - More


Taliban on Latest Helmand Push: “Like previous US forces ventures, this so-called operation will also fizzle out”


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claim 5 tanks destroyed, 2 Brits killed in alleged attacks in Helmand - "Why are the Taliban not Sharing the Wealth?"


Opinion:  "McChrystal can wage the military counterinsurgency campaign of all time, but without concurrent diplomatic resolution all efforts of the NATO forces will be for naught."


20 Dec 09

Mainstream Media Commenters' Read of This Report on Taliban (and Canadian) Campaign in Kandahar


Point vs. Counterpoint on Rules of Engagement in AFG


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  Lawyer Quoted Saying "If the ICC opens a file on how we have conducted our military overseas, that would be (a) black eye for Canada"


Explosives Cache Impounded in Panjwai, Kandahar - Ten Bad Guys Nailed in Helmand


Some Concerns about Proposed New Brit Unit for Wounded Warriors with "Life-changing" Wounds


2 Bn Duke of Lancaster's Regiment Soldier Killed by Blast during Nad-i-Ali Foot Patrol - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban statements claim 6 vehicles, +20 killed in alleged attacks in Kandahar, Helmand, Nimroz


"Karzai says new Afghan Cabinet will be accountable" - CAN Envoy to AFG:  "We are pleased to see that the list of candidates includes competent individuals, some of whom we have worked with in the past." - More


19 Dec 09

"An Afghan National Army-led operation this week secured an area of Taliban activity in central Panjwaii where two soldiers — including a young Canadian officer — earlier lost their lives." - Justin Boyes, 1983-2009, R.I.P.


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  "Canada's correctional service commissioner said Friday he sees no evidence of abuse at a Kandahar prison" - Terry Glavin On the Allegations and the Bottom Line - "Tories to return to committee: O'Connor" - Looking Into Other Detainee Issues? - More


ISAF Cmd Sgt-Maj: COIN=Building relationships+killing insurgents



More on More Shacks Being Built at Kandahar Air Field


"Lack of Basics Slows Afghan Force Buildup"


Two AUS Probes (Here and Here) Clears Troops of Alleged Civvy Kills in April 2009 - More - "Food Fest" for AUS Troops in AFG - Brit Medics Bring Lessons from AFG Back to UK


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Loadsa Brit, US cas claimed in Taliban statements on alleged Helmand attacks


18 Dec 09


One Afghan Interpreter's Story (and Why He Wants to Come to Canada) - More - blog:  Canada Should Help


101st Brigade Joining CAN-led Force in RC-South


ISAF Boss Praises CAN Troops' Work in AFG


"Afghanistan's ambassador to Canada says it is "very realistic" to expect a military victory over the Taliban by the time U.S. troops pull out of Afghanistan." - More


More AFG Officers Graduate from CAN-run Junior Officer Staff Crse in Kabul  "HLTA (home leave)"


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  MP Says Detainee Was Kept in Hot Cell in Spring 2007


ISAF Investigating Alleged Civvy Cas in Strike on IED Planters - Strike Alleged to Have Hit Minibus - Seven Civilians (5 Women) Killed in Kharkiz, Kandahar IED Strike - NLD Push in Uruzgan (Dutch - GoogleEnglish) - Suicide Bombers Attack Elders' Shura in Uruzgan - "Security concerns are thwarting efforts to rebuild in the Afghan province of Uruzgan." 


US Airman Killed in Helmand IED Blast Identified - DEU Sending 2K More Troops? - Brit PO in Helmand Pretty Busy


Bad Guys Intercepting Video Feeds from UAVs Using Software Downloadble via Internet

Talkin' to the Taliban:  What Taliban "Constructive Proposal?"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban alleges 50+ killed in Uruzgan suicide bombing, Aussies alleged killed in Uruzgan IED strike and 20 alleged killed in Helmand attacks


"NATO Fails to Get Russian Commitment for Afghan War"


17 Dec 09


MERX:  Canada Buying EOD Robots for "Immediate Deployment"


ISAF Commander Drops By Ottawa:  "Top general says it will take a year to know if NATO winning Afghan war" - '2010 will bring Afghan progress" - "Afghanistan to see success by 2011" - "Afghan forces not 'junior partners' " - "War in Afghanistan imperfect, but not lost" - "The fight against the Taliban insurgency will have turned a significant corner by the time U.S. troops start to withdraw from the war-torn country in July, 2011"


Germans to Replace Canadians in RC-South? - Meanwhile, Split NLD Gov't Prepares to Debate Mission Next Month (Original in Dutch - Google English Translation)


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  Diplomat Issues Rebuttal (PDF) - ISAF Boss: "Any potential allegation of prisoners being mistreated is a concern for all of us"


Latest UK Fallen Identified - Brits Building Patrol Bases South of Sangin - NATO TV Footage - OC A Coy, 3 RIFLES in Helmand:  "Bravado, banter, humour, laughter. Grief like a stone." - Next Americans Downrange Training with Pack Animals


Blog Watch Writer/Blogger Wonders About Leaving Cam Bible in The Office of the District Chief of Arghandab


Counter-Poppy Strategy in Kandahar: "destroy some, leave some" - Meanwhile, Latest Surge Won't Target Drug Crops


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  LOADS more AFG, ISAF casualties claimed in alleged atks in KHar, Helmand, Zabul and Nimroz - Is the Taliban's Fundraising Site REALLY a Taliban Fundraising Site?


NATO Sec-Gen Seeks Helicopters for AFG from RUS


16 Dec 09

Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:   Blogger/journalist Michael Yon Suggests CAN Command of US Troops Not Likely to Sway CAN to Stay Longer


Embed Shares What Military Police are Up To at KAF


Former Commander RC-South:  “There is a clear link between Marjeh (Helmand) and Kandahar city” - USMC Commandant:  "There can be no place in our area of operations where we don’t go, and right now, Marjeh is one of those places.”


Surge Initial Focus to be Beefing Up AFG  Cops, Securing Roads - US Marines Want to Do More to Disrupt Taliban Supply Lines in Kandahar


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  Foreign Minister Denies Not Tracking Detainees Post-Capture - "The parliamentary committee probing allegations of Afghan detainee abuse came to a sudden halt Tuesday, when Conservative MPs didn't show up for a special meeting." - More - "(Defence) Minister admits soldiers demoralized by poor tracking of captured insurgents"


Taliban Bosses Nabbed in Zhari, Arghandab - "Several roads measuring 1,300 kilometres have been constructed in various districts of central Dai Kundi province" - "Officials in southern Zabul province say security has been upgraded on highways and inter-district roads"


Two British Troops Killed in Sangin Motorcycle Suicide Bombing - More - more - UK MoD Statement - EST Soldier Killed in Blast During Helmand Foot Patrol


"500 Royal Welsh soldiers arrive in Helmand" - RAF Forensic Scientist Helping in Counter-IED Work in Kandahar - Brit Women Take it Off to Raise Money for Wounded Warriors


Taliban Allows Red Cross to Inspect Prisoners for First Time since 2001


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban statements claim resp. for 60 cas, 6 tks destroyed in K'Har, Helmand, Uruzgan - Taliban Shura (Allegedly) Meets in Helmand - What They Say That's New and Interesting


Opinion:  "The argument that the surge will prevent a return of al-Qaeda to Afghanistan to the same level of threat as prior to 2001 is based on many dubious assumptions."


"The U.S. is stepping up pressure on Pakistan to widen the scope of an offensive against the Taliban in its tribal areas, fearful the current operation's limits could blunt the impact of the fresh American troops being dispatched to neighboring Afghanistan."


15 Dec 09

"Canada has "rushed" scores of fighting vehicles with five tonnes of additional armour plating to Afghanistan to try to counter the Taliban's lethal success with larger homemade landmines."


Blogger/Journalist Michael Yon on Canadians, Brits in AFG:  "Excellent" but Under-resourced - Says Taliban Usually (But Not Lately) Good at Recovering their Dead, Weapons


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas: Brit MP Officer Reportedly Highlighted Concerns with Info Available on Detainees Processed by Canadians in 2006


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  Blogger on CAN Getting (Kinda) Ready to Leave - Big Money to Leave


Former NLD Commander of RC-South:  “We all recognize that key to success in Afghanistan is the situation in southern Afghanistan”


Senior US Official in AFG: "Most of the 30,000 troops will be in during the first half of next year, the general said, with the rest coming in within 11 months of the president’s Dec. 1 announcement." - More on Revised Surge Timeline


Blog Watch:  Flit on How "Fixed" the Detainee System is in Afghanistan (Not So Much, Really) - "Four Scenarios for Afghanistan's 2010 Elections"


Bad Boys Detained in Kandahar, Zabul - UK Getting More Chinooks for Use in AFG - AUS Probe:  "Unlikely, but not Impossible" Afghan civilian hit by AUS Fire in November Firefight - Kajaki Dam Delayed by Lack of Security, Chinese Company that Won't Deliver Cement


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Alleges Canadian Tank Destroyed in Kandahar (Spin Boldak?) - Taliban claims of 50+ killed, 6 tks dest in Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan & Zabul


CRS Report: "War in Afghanistan: Strategy, Military Operations, and Issues for Congress" updated to 3 Dec 09 (PDF)


"Two NATO tankers torched near Quetta"


14 Dec 09

"Canadian troops to leave safety of bases to 'live' with Afghans" - CAN TF Commander: "I'm in a position to tackle more than one district at a time"


More on the Big Job Facing CAN to Leave Kandahar, Afghanistan


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  Terry Glavin on A Bit of Truth Out There - "An unknown number of Taliban insurgents captured by Canadians and turned over to Afghanistan's secret police are unaccounted for" - "Hillier, O'Connor should have been aware of beaten Afghan detainee"


Blog Watch:  The Torch on Where the #$% is Coverage of CAN's Latest Report on AFG? - Terry Glavin on Micheal Yon's Read of What CAN Troops Are Up To in Kandahar - Another Source of Civilian Casualties By the Taliban - On How Reporters Treat Material from PMO, Taliban


Latest Taliban Fundraising Tool:  PayPal


Taliban "Weapons Facilitator," Others Nabbed in Panjwai Op - Taliban Steals Cop Vehicle, AK-47 and Machine Gun in Lashkar Gah Cop Shop Raid


UK PM to Announce New Counter-IED Measures - UK Military Bishop Backtracks on "Praising Taliban" - Some of What He Originally Said - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Claims Responsibility for Killing of Senior K'Har Ssecurity Officer; Where's the News on Voice of Jihad Arabic?


13 Dec 09

Blogger/journalist in Kandahar:  "Canadians are in command of a sizable number of our combat forces here, though Canadians themselves are essentially finished fighting" - More


Visiting CAN Reporter: "It's a war of slow and deliberate movement" - BBC Reporter Recounts Incident Where Taliban May Have Ordered Children Shot to Look Like Civilian Casualties


"Women’s rights groups in Canada and the United States are butting heads over the planned withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan"


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas "Canada is not a colonial power. If Canadian Forces do not turn suspects over to the Afghan government, what then should we do with them?" - "Natynczyk's move to set the record straight was an honourable one" - "Afghan detainee lessons learned; Cdn experts keep eye on inmates, (CAN TF Commander) says" - More Wisdom (Not Mine) on Detainees - "Hillier (now) mum on abuse" - "Colvin's tale not full Afghanistan story"


Helmand IED Planters Take "Own Goal" as Device Blows Prematurely - +700 kg Explosives Seized in Helmand - Bad Boy Suspect Nabbed in Helmand - AFG "Counter-terror officer" Killed in Drive-By (Motorcycle) Shooting in Kandahar - More - Drug Boss Nabbed in Nimroz - More

NLD Chopper Reportedly Shot At, Landed Safely Near Kandahar - UK Special Forces Busy in Helmand - UK PM Drops By - US Troops Getting "Stoned" in MRAPs


Talkin' to the Taliban:  IRN Media Column "Afghanistan's way forward must include the Taliban"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Want to Donate to the Taliban?  They Take PayPal, Major Credit Cards - More


"Afghanistan: Post-Taliban Governance, Security, and U.S. Policy" (Report updated to 10 Nov 09)


12 Dec 09


"Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan, Report to Parliament, September 2009" - Summary


Zhari District Chief: "People in .... district, where eight Canadian soldiers have lost their lives in the past year, are at the mercy of bloody-minded insurgents"


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  CanWest Embed "Canadian military planners in Afghanistan are making only the most preliminary studies of what needs to be moved, sold or thrown away for a 2011 withdrawal as part of a process that could still see a change in direction over the next six to nine months."


Surge Worry: "the Taliban will melt into the north and west of the country, where NATO troops operate under caveats that limit their ability to go on the offensive"


"Turkey mulls sending more non-combat troops to Afghanistan"


Bad Guy Suspect Nabbed in Shah Wali Kot Vehicle Search


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Allege Ten Canadians Killed, Injured in Foot Patrol Blast - Claims of British, AFG soldiers killed in Helmand, civilian casualty in Zabul - Two Helmand Statements in One Day, Two Messages? - Abandoned Nuristan Base Video Funny (But Not Really?)


11 Dec 09

Post-2011 AFG Mission: Civilian Contractors Helping Hunt IEDs? - More


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  MUST READThe Torch's Damian "Babbling" Brooks on the Detainee Issue - "Detainee questions 'spear the Canadian Forces,' opposition told" - "Government, parliamentary lawyers battle over MP access to classified documents" - "3-D strategy to deal with Afghan abuse controversy" in House of Commons - "The Liberals narrowly pushed through a motion in the Commons on Thursday that forces Harper's government to release waves of unedited documents" - "Canada's military police watchdog announced Thursday three weeks of "public interest" hearings (may be?) starting March 22 for its probe into the politically hot topic of Afghan detainees."


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Canadian Council of Churches: "Canada should launch a "peace mission" to Afghanistan aimed at ending the war there through diplomatic and political means" - CCC Statement:  "We call for a Canadian diplomatic surge characterized by energetic encouragement of meaningful peace negotiations."


McChrystal: "Commando raids against Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters will accelerate as the U.S. adds more forces in Afghanistan" - Opinion:  If ISAF Doesn't Deal with Sanctuaries in PAK, "NATO allies will be fighting today’s Taliban, while tomorrow’s jihadists will be receiving their instruction in full tranquility"


Video:  How Busy is Kandahar Air Field's Post Office These Days?


Blog Watch:  Loadsa Dough Going into Kandahar Air Field Infrastructure - Governance in Afghanistan Is Its Own War


Médecins Sans Frontières on Why They Shouldn't Accept Gov't Money for Hospital in Helmand (And Why Weapons Should Be Kept Out of All Hospitals)


Taliban Fires at Troops Preparing to do Kandahar Medical Clinic - Two NLD Troops Wounded in Uruzgan IED Blast (Google English from Dutch) - Afghan Army, Police Shoot at Each Other in Uruzgan Capital Last Week, with Civilians Killed, Injured  in "Rivalry Riot" (Google English from Dutch) - Zabul PRT Busy


USAF Deputy ISR Boss:  "The number one cause of civilian casualties in Afghanistan is the Taliban — not air power"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Not One, But TWO Statements This Week Regarding The Latest Push in Helmand


BBC: "The United Nations envoy to Afghanistan, Kai Eide, will not continue in his role once his term expires in March" - More - more


10 Dec 09

"The Canadian Army doesn’t want to say when reserve soldiers heading to Afghanistan will receive the incentive pay they are owed"


"Terry Glavin: Troops gain ground while Ottawa dithers" - Will Canada leaving Afghanistan be portrayed as "a vivid symbol of Western war weariness"?


Selling the CF a Bit Better


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  CDS Says Afghan Injured by AFG Cops Was in Canadian Custody at One Point CDS Statement - More - more - "Military launches inquiry after conceding Afghan held by Canadians prior to beating" - Custody =/= Detention - What Changed the CDS's Story - LewMac: "It's possible the incident in question was buried in a summary report and never brought directly to the chief of defence staff or the defence minister." - "Canada has Never been Complicit in Torture: MacKay" - "Colvin readies new response to government on torture" - "Stephen Harper stands up for troops - but falls silent on Peter MacKay" - "MacKay may be indefensible, but his job is safe"


Blogger Predicts Heavy Casualties for Coming Year


AUS Soldier Wounded in Oruzgan Op - YouTube of Brits Pushing Around Kajaki Dam - What British Navy Sea Kings are Doing in AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban Allege a Dozen Brits Killed, Wounded in Actions in Helmand, Threaten South Korea if Troops Sent to AFG


9 Dec 09

Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  DefMin Peter MacKay Tells Parliament DND "has not developed any contingencies for the extension of the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan beyond 2011." - Blog:  WTF? - Chief of Defence Staff Says "Outta Kandahar" Means "Outta Afghanistan" - CDS Says Packing Up to Leave a Big Job - More


Blog Watch:  CAN ISAF General on NATO $ to Taliban to Allow Convoys Thru: "What the (ISAF-contracted)suppliers need to do to get the material (into the country) is...their responsibility. We don't dig too deep."


"Canadian soldiers file fewer sick days despite stress of Afghan war"


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  "Tories ignore criticism from ex-ambassadors over Afghan detainee controversy" - NDP Calls for DefMin to Resign - More - more


Randy Payne, 1973-2006, R.I.P. Parents Receive Sacrifice, Other Medals


Canada's War Poet Published in Canadian Academic Military Journal (PDF)


Red Cross Rep:  Civvy Cas Numbers Climbing in South - A Reminder of the Breakdown of Who's Killing Civvies


Eleven Bad Guys Reported Killed in Latest Helmand Push - Aid Groups Say Help Not Getting to Refugees Pushed Out by Fighting in Helmand - Vehicle Full of Explosives Nabbed in Uruzgan

Karzai, November 2009:  Want Foreign Troops Out of AFG in 5 Years - Karzai, December 2009:  Need 15 Years to Get AFG Security Forces Up to Snuff


UK Def Sec Drops By, Saying If We Leave Now, We'll Have to Go Back - 100th Brit Fallen in 2009 Identified


Opinion:  Process+Approvals = Operational & Informational Constipation in AFG? - "The Taliban have shown determination until now in facing a superior enemy, and they will try to wait out this period while still keeping the resistance alive, in the hope that the foreign forces will leave eventually or offer them a negotiated political deal."


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Taliban bosses make (or SAY they've made) “you leave, we leave you alone” offer to West?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Statements allege 2 NATO tks, 2 "minion AFG army" veh, 1 border gd donkey destroyed in Kandahar



8 Dec 09


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:   Pentagon Official Says Discussions Still Under Way About CAN's Post-2011 Mission - The Mambo as a Strip Tease - Embedded Blogger Says CAN Troops Have More Details of U.S. Surge Plans Than Canada's Future Mission


Ronald Kevin Megeney, R.I.P.:  "N.S. soldier who killed comrade in Afghanistan released pending appeal"


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  "Uncensored documents and sworn testimony indicate one prisoner was beaten so badly, Canadians intervened to take him back and treat him"

US Announces Units in First Wave of Latest Surge - Opinion: "All things considered, NATO has done well – so far – in responding to President Obama's request for more troops."


Here's Why Troops Need Language Training - Here's How Canada's Dealing with the Problem Short-Term


Blog Watch:  "Winning the War, 30 Taliban at a Time" - Expect Surprises from AQ, Taliban - Blogger/journalist says Taliban Leaving Bodies Behind These Days? - More - more


"Operation Khareh Cobra continues in Now Zad Valley" - 15 Bad Guys Claimed Dead, Taliban Claim +12 Killed - Taliban Spokesperson Quoted Saying "the operation did not have any negative effects on the Taleban positions" - "Afghan Villagers Embrace Afghan-ISAF Forces After Months of Hiding" - "Corrupt police, lack of services block progress, frustrate locals in Afghanistan’s Maywand province" - "Jobs, not Taliban, are the worry in (Helmand) town"


Blog Watch:  AUS Spec Ops "Scapegoats" in Civvie Deaths in Uruzgan? - 13 Feb 09 Statement on Original Incident - Link to 4 Dec 09 AUS DoD Statement of Investigation No Longer Working - AUS MSM Coverage of Latest Probe - More - more


Royal Anglian Reg't Soldier 100th Brit Fallen in 2009 - UK MoD Statement - UK Media Claims 7:1 Injured:Killed Ratio among Brit Troops in Helmand - Suspected Militants Nabbed in Zabul Compound Raid - Insurgent suspects nabbed in Senjaray, Arghandab compound raids


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Expect Three Levels of "Talking" with the Taliban - "When asked if high-level negotiations with the Taliban were possible, (Secretary of State Hilary) Clinton replied: "We don't know yet." " - Talking to the Tailban a no-win proposition for Afghans???


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Claims of 9 allied tps killed, 9 wounded in attacks in Helmand, Uruzgan


7 Dec 09

"In the five months they have to establish a security zone around the insurgent snake pit known as Kandahar city, Canadian troops will be working to turn local allegiances in an effort to marginalize the Taliban."


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©: Blog on the Latest Tea Leaves to be Read


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  Straight Talk from Kandahar about Detainee Fracas - DOJ, Not DND, Responsible for Blacking Out Bits of Released E-Mails


Petraeus: Don't Expect IRQ-Like Quick Turnaround from AFG Surge - NATO Force Generation Meeting in Belgium Today


Zabul PRT Completes 40 Projects


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claim 30+ killed, 10+ injured, 15 veh destroyed in alleged Helmand attacks


Karzai Unveiling New Cabinet Tuesday


6 Dec 09

CAN Senior Officers Get Out in Harm's Way in AFG


Small Wars Journal: "the first phase of NATO plan for wresting control of (Kandahar City) from Taliban domination is sound"


Blog Watch:  Blogger/Journalist Talks Straight about Detainee Fracas - More on Mainstream Media Not Picking Up Good News of CAN Work in AFG


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  Anti-War Academic Calls for War Crimes Investigation by ICC


Obama's Plan:  Howz 7K Troops Gonna Happen? - Estonian Vet of Soviet AFG War Writes Obama - "Less than meets the eye"?


ISAF Push in Helmand Continues - More - more - Moving to Isolate Taliban


Tailban commanders nabbed in Kandahar (Panjwai, Kharkiz) compound searches, raids


YouTube Video of Zabul Heliborne Op - More on AUS Prodigal Poochie Story


Taliban Working on Killing More ISAF, AFG Troops via IED


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Karzai to Name Cabinet Shortly; Spokesperson Says Talks with Taliban Under Way


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks on Foreign Troops Alleged in Helmand, Uruzgan


More Talk of Split Between AQ, Taliban


5 Dec 09

US National Security Advisor: "While we would encourage everyone to stay engaged as long as possible without summary announcements of total withdrawal, those are national decisions that have to be made"


"Kandahar Cops Won't Go On Patrol Without U.S. Mentors"


Embed Reporter:  National Support Element = "Canadian Tire of Joint Task Force"


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  "A court has confirmed that a watchdog agency can investigate only what military police knew - or should have known - about the controversy over Canada's handling of Afghan detainees."


Obama's Plan:  "NATO allies offer 7,000 extra troops for Afghan war" - More - US Sec of State: "All of NATO and ISAF are standing with us in strong support of the President’s strategy." - NATO Talks Leave NATO Supreme Commander ‘Extremely Confident’ - "Analysts say economic leverage should be used to help end corruption in the Afghan government"


Op Khareh Cobra Under Way in Helmand - More


Blog Watch:  Give Peace(keeping) a Chance in Afghanistan?


Taliban "facilitator" nabbed in Nurayo Kariz compound search - Son of Helmand's Governor Seeking Asylum in UK - UK Chief of the Defence Staff: "The greatest threat to their morale is not the Taliban, or IEDs, but declining will at home. Support for our servicemen and women is indivisible from support for this mission."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claims 18 killed in booby-trapped house in Arghandab, Kandahar - Taliban Statement (PDF) Disses Warlords Taliban Alleges Polish Helicopter Downed in Ghazni - Taliban Workout Video Out There


4 Dec 09

CAN BG Commander: "From the edge of Kandahar City to the Arghandab and out west to Zhari and Panjwaii, if required we will go anywhere to conduct operations with the Americans."


Taliban don't allow parents to Kandahar City, so "children have horrible infections and deformities"


Embed Discusses Some Recent Shortages at KAF - On KAF: "Chaotic, sprawling military base has strange allure for workers"


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  AFG Int Declining to Take CAN Detainees because of Insufficient Evidence?- More


RMC Academic Calls for More UN Involvement in AFG Mission


"USAID rejects NGO concerns over aid militarization"


Obama's Plan:  ISAF Boss Tells AFG They're Not Leaving Yet - NATO SecGen Says Allies "Offering" 7,000 Troops.... (Facebook Entry with Promise - Twitter Message with Promise) -  ....But No Troops from Turkey - Chair of Joint Chiefs Tells Congress South, East Main Threats - Danger Room on How the Surge was Sold - Opinion: "A glaring omission in President Obama’s speech Tuesday was any attempt to address the propaganda war that is currently being waged with increasing sophistication and success by the Taliban again the U.S. efforts in Afghanistan."


US Marines Start New Push in Helmand - US Medics Win Friends in Helmand - AUS, AFG troops uncover 44 wpn caches in Oruzgan, Afghanistan since end of September - AUS Mil Prosecutor Considering Feb '09 killing of AFG Civvies during Special Forces Op - 13 Feb 09 Release on Original Incident - Meanwhile, "Australian Special Forces are maintaining the pressure on insurgents in Oruzgan Province" - Brits Seize Loads o' Weapons in Kandahar


Blog Watch:  Wondering How NY Times Columnist Can Read Afghan Minds - OpEd in Question


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Karzai Says He's Willing to Talk to Taliban - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Loads of attacks alleged against British in Helmand


PAK Taliban Detainee Says Colleague Met Osama in AFG This Year - PAK PM:  Osama's Not Here, Honest!


3 Dec 09

"Canadian command in Afghanistan grows with addition of U.S. troops" - More - "Canadian troops to form ‘ring of stability' " - More


US SecDef Gates gives CAN, AUS, NLD, DNK, UK and POL "A" Grade in Southern AFG Fighting


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  CAN Foreign Minister Tells Chinese News Agency "Our position is clear .... We will respect the motion to the letter."


Obama's Plan = 30K More Troops + Start Pulling Them Out (Speed Depends on Progress) in 2011:  "Canada Welcomes Additional U.S. Military and Civilian Resources in Afghanistan" - "NATO Secretary General calls on Allies to step up efforts" - More - 1K More ITA Troops? - Taliban Response - More Troops?  More Targets for Us! - More - more - Worries About the Timeline - More - Pullout Date Not Definite? - "The US should withdraw its current troops, not increase them, say some residents of the southern zone of Afghanistan." (PDF permalink) - Aid Groups Worry About Aid Delivered by Military - US Lawmakers Debate New AFG Strategy - US Sec of State: Civilian Effort Vital in AFG


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  "NDS detention - not just a Canadian problem" - "The International Red Cross met twice with senior Canadian officials in Kandahar to deliver veiled but insistent warnings about torture in Afghan jails a year before Canada acted to protect detainees." - "No physical evidence detainees tortured: official"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  McChrystal Quoted saying "the Afghan government and its international partners should use the coming 18 months to convince the Taliban they can't win and offer militants a way to quit the insurgency "with dignity." "


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Taliban claim responsibility for bombing death of govt worker in Lashkar Gah



2 Dec 09

CAN Troops Get Responsibility of Arghandab Suburb North of Kandahar City - More - more - more - more


Canada's Post-2011 Mission Messaging Mambo ©:  DefMin Confirms redeployment to Arghandab "will not change the July 2011 end date of the mission for all Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan"


Obama's Plan = 30K More Troops + Start Pulling Them Out (Speed Depends on Progress) in 2011:  Full Transcript of Speech (RFE/RL) - Full Transcript (White House) - Excerpts from Obama's Speech - U.S. AFG/PAK Policy Page - More Troops Likely Headed to South, East - ISAF Boss "Encourged" by New Plan - US Envoy to AFG Supports Moves NATO Sec Gen "Warmly Welcomes" Plan - EU Welcomes Next Steps - NLD Calls Move "Wise Decision" - Taliban:  We'll Recruit More Bad Guys - Other Reactions - Danger Room on Getting Troops There in a Hurry - Next Step:  Asking Other Countries for Mo' Troops - POL Sending Some - AFG, PAK Comments - Mullah Omar's Message Upstaged Obama's?!?! - CanWest - Sun Media - Reuters - BBC - Agence France-Presse - Associated Press - Deutsche Welle - Voice of America - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty


CAN Detainee Handling Fracas:  "House of Commons has voted in favour of holding a judicial inquiry into the treatment of Afghan detainees" - More - Transcript of 1 Dec 09 Debate (43 pg PDF) - Part 1, Public Inquiries Act - Foreign Affairs Minister Says Documents will be Handed Over


Bad Boy Suspects Nabbed SW of K'Har City


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Summary of Taliban's Lies of the Month on Canadian Casualties - Attack Alleged on Uruzgan Governor; Attacks Alleged in K'Har, Helmand & Nimroz


1 Dec 09

CAN BG Cdr:  "Insurgents targeted the governor of Kandahar province last week to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of the government" - CAN Pushing Taliban Out of Panjwai Villages - CAN Op Highlights


CanWest: "Personality conflict triggers Canadian general's recall from Afghanistan" - General's Last Interview


Think Tank Report:  More Troops + COIN Strategy + Understanding of Bad Guy Strategy Needed to Beat Taliban in Kandahar Province - "Kandahar: Taliban’s birthplace, Afghanistan’s crucible"


Obama's Speech:  The Leaks Begin - Expect Way Mo' Troops - More - more - Expected to Outline Costs, Limits - Generals Are Reportedly Briefed - And the Asking for More Troops Begins - UK Sending 500 Troops - US Asking FRA for 1500 Tps - US Veep, Not President, Asks CAN for Mo' Troops? - More - AFG Officials Worry About Exit Strategy


Blog Watch:  Warlord Wants All Foreigners Out of AFG, Calls for Loya Jirga - "Not everything the Taliban does has al Qaeda’s hands behind it."


Taliban Using Donkey Bombs - Paper:  Mistakes the Bad Guys Make (PDF)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (all links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attacks Alleged in Kandahar, Helmand and Nimroz - Omar vs. Obama in Info Campaign?



CAN in Kandahar November 2009

CAN in Kandahar October 2009

CAN in Kandahar September 2009

CAN in Kandahar August 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2007


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