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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

15 Oct 09


"Afghan's model village will work as long as Canadian forces stay put"


Canada's Post-2011 "Mission Messaging Mambo" ©:  Prime Minister Tells Global TV "We are very much planning to have the military mission end in 2011 .... The plan is to move to a civilian, development, humanitarian mission." - More - more - Here's a Question Nobody Seems to be Asking - Another Blogger Underwhelmed With Latest


CAN TF Boss Speaks to CBC Television (.mp3) - French Wire Service Focuses on Most Dire Adjectives from 20 Minute Interview


CAN Development Agency Wants to Expand Swap-Poppies-for-Wheat Program


"Ottawa was warned of possible Afghan torture" - More - more - more - more - "A University of Ottawa law professor is taking the federal government to court over its refusal to release photographs of detainees held by Canadian Forces in Afghanistan."


Why is USA Putting Minimal Resources into Successful Counter-IED Program? - More


It's Official:  UK Sending Mo' Troops - UK Parliament Hears Stats on Number of Firefights in Helmand - UK Government Report on "Support to High Intensity Operations" - Brits Help Open New Helmand Jail - AUS Special Forces Help Press in Oruzgan

Zabul Bad Boy Boss Nailed at Checkpoint


Video:  RAF Pilot Avoids Civvy Cas by Steering Bomb Away into Desert - Meanwhile, Here's What the Taliban is Doing to Win Hearts & Minds


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Getting Harder to Talk to Taliban?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  American Helicopter Allegedly Shot Down in Kandahar - BBC's Version of Events - Taliban Anti-air Threat Bibliography


Opinion:  "The root cause of the NATO mission is not development: It is to eliminate al-Qaeda and neutralize the Taliban .... If small development projects do not soon deliver improved security, then Canada has neglected the reason for being there in the first place." - "By continuing to carry out (Quick Impact Projects) across the country, the militaries are keeping Afghan institutions from learning how to make plans, manage funds and projects, and be accountable to their people."



14 Oct 09

Next JTF Afghanistan HQ Heading Downrange - Meanwhile, Some National Support Element Folks Returning CAN Hands Over Command of Role 3 Hospital to USA - More


Fundraising Continues for Sudbury War Wounded Soldier


UK Reportedly Sending 500 More Troops Downrange BBC - The Telegraph - Agence France-Presse - Wall Street Journal


Post-Election Fracas:  Pashtun Tribal Leaders Say They Won't Risk Lives to Vote in Run-off


Blog Watch:  Another Possible Reason for "Mission Messaging Mambo" © - Too Much Faith in International Organizations & Non-governmental Organizations to Get Things Done? - Anti-War Blogger Doesn't Believe Soldier's Description of How Afghans Treat Him Because the Afghans are Just Humouring Him?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  19 Canadian Troops Alleged Killed, Wounded in Dand District Bombing - Five Canadians Allegedly Killed in Spin Boldak Blast - Taliban Not Happy at UN Security Council Resolution Extending NATO/ISAF Mandate


Opinion:  "If the U.S. President truly commits to the war in Afghanistan, a majority government in Canada will stand beside him." - "Our soldiers deserve the thanks of every Canadian. What we owe them now, is clarity about the future of their mission." - "Start putting together an alliance of non-Pashtun warlords who can make a deal with the Taliban on the division of power in Afghanistan" - The Socialist Worker Pipes Up - "Surely at some point, we have to recognize that negotiating peace instead of making war is what's truly heroic."


13 Oct 09 

CAN Chief of Land Staff Quoted Saying "his force would be ready to continue with the mission if ordered to do so by the government in Ottawa"


"Improvements to Afghan police measured in baby steps"


Some Troops Coming Home


PM Statement:  "While you relax and celebrate this Thanksgiving weekend, I would ask that you remember and be thankful for the bravery and sacrifices of our men and women serving in Afghanistan." - « En ces temps de repos et de célébration de l’Action de grâces, je fais appel à vous pour avoir une pensée pour les hommes et les femmes qui servent en Afghanistan et pour les remercier de leur bravoure et de leurs sacrifices. »


Blog Watch:  "Canadian politicians are feverishly avoiding as many details as they can. Vagueness means votes--or so their demented thinking goes."


Post-Election Fracas:  Afghan Member of Election Watchdog Team Over Fracas - More - more - "Final results in disputed Afghan election expected within days"


AUS, AFG Troops Wounded in Uruzgan Blast - More Details on AUS Shooting of Motorcyclist Not Stopping When Ordered - Joint Coalition Op in Helmand


USA Treasury Official Says Taliban Better Funded than AQ - More - Treasury Official's Speech - Counter Terrorism Blogger:  But Does This Mean AQ Can't Do as Much?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Alleges Killing of High Ranking Security Official in Kandahar City - Taliban's (New?) YouTube Channel


More on USA Keeping Closer Eye on Taliban Base in PAK



12 Oct 09

PM Calls on Canadians to Remember the Troops this Thanksgiving - Defence Minister Says Same - Peter MacKay: « J’aimerais profiter de l’occasion pour souhaiter une joyeuse Action de grâces à toute la communauté de la Défense. »


CAN Chinook Boss Pleased with Unit's Progress


Padre on What the Troops Say: "The Afghans take all kinds of humanitarian aid, but they don't really help us find the Taliban. They never give anything back."


Canada's Post-2011 "Mission Messaging Mambo" ©:  "What is it with governments these days that they fear being direct with constituents? Holy smokes ... do these people in Ottawa actually believe that we don't get this?"


Opinion:  "As Taliban grabs new territory, Afghan outlook grows bleak" - "Given that the Afghans have a hard earned historical reputation as fierce warriors and they have a tremendous pride in their tribal heritage, why does the international community continue to emasculate the Afghan National Army by insisting they wear western-style uniforms and headgear?"


"A Dogged Taliban Chief Rebounds, Vexing U.S."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Alleged in K'Har, Helmand and Uruzgan - Taliban Media Machine Wants Media to Confirm Propaganda is Genuine


Post-Election Fracas:  "A number of Afghan MPs in a letter to the UN Secretary General ensure UN Special Envoy’s neutrality on Afghan poll"


11 Oct 09 

Canada's Post-2011 "Mission Messaging Mambo" ©:  An Alternative Read of Why the Messages are Mixed - Media Starts to Read Tea Leaves about Post-2011 Mission - More - Lack of Consistent Messaging Gives Anti-War Groups Room to Counter-message - Some Media Raise Worries about Backfilling Troops?


K'Har Residents Concerned About CAN Surveillance Balloon?


Post-Election Fracas:  A Week Away from "Final" Result - Head of UN Mission in AFG Quoted Saying "there was widespread fraud"


Fallen UK Coldstream Guard Identified - AUS Soldier Wounded in Uruzgan Firefight - Brits Nab Taliban Boss in Helmand - Joint AFG-NLD-AUS-USA Op in Uruzgan


UK to Allow Al Jazeera to Embed


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Alleged in K'Har, Helmand - Want to Read the Taliban's Constitution?  How's Your Arabic?


Mullah Omar On the Rebound? - AFG DefMin:  Loadsa Foreigners Boosting Taliban



10 Oct 09 

Canada's Post-2011 "Mission Messaging Mambo" ©:  PM's Spokesperson:  Post-2011, CAN Troops to Train, But Not Mentor, AFG Security Forces - Blog:  Will Taliban Take Advantage via Messaging? - More - PM says "Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan will end in 2011 .... And we will not be extending the military mission" after Foreign Affairs Minister Says "The military combat mission will end in 2011."


Nichola Goddard, 1980-2006, R.I.P.:  Living On through Various Memorial Projects


"The number of former Canadian soldiers receiving disability pensions for psychiatric stress injuries is now more than five times what it was when troops first arrived in Afghanistan"


Long War Journal: "al Qaeda does play a noteworthy role in the Afghan insurgency"


Post-Election Fracas:  "U.S. offers support for U.N. envoy in Afghanistan"


Coldstream Guard Killed in Helmand Blast - Brit Marines Break Up Drug Op with USA Chopper Help - New Commander of Brit Forces Takes Over in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Five Canadians Alleged Killed in Arghandab, 100 Americans Alleged Killed in Helmand - Afghan Helicopter Allegedly Shot Down by Rocket in Nimroz - Open Source Information on Taliban Anti-air Threat - (Alleged) Taliban Stats for Aug-Sept 2009 (English and Arabic PDF at


9 Oct 09 

More Edmonton-based Troops Head Downrange


Must-Read Vignette of CAN Troops Training, Mentoring AFG Troops


CAN, US Troops Partner with AFG Forces in Operation to Secure Zhari - More on CAN Counter-IED, PsyOp Troops Helping Brit Op


U.N. Security Council Unanimously Extends AFG Mission Mandate


CAN Politicians Say Post-2011 Mission to be Debated in Parliament - More - more - more - more - Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Tells House of Commons "The military combat mission will end in 2011."


CAN Pissed at Latest Taliban Suicide Attack in Kabul


Canadian Experts Sharing Information at AFG-PAK COIN Workshop Later in October


"Federal Liberals are asking the House of Commons defence committee to open its own wide-ranging investigation into the transfer and possible torture of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan."


Latest Brit Fallen Identified


Post-Election Fracas:   More on UN Saying "We Didn't Suppress Information" - More


Blog Watch:  Will Afghans be OK with Russians Training, Equipping Them (Again)?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Alleged in Kandahar, Helmand and Uruzgan


Warlord Gulbadin Hekmatyar to USA, NATO: "You will not win this war by increasing the numbers of the Afghan army. This army and police will disintegrate following your withdrawal and their weapons will reach the hands of your opponents. You will not achieve any objective as a result of your troops reinforcement ...."


Opinion:  "From Insurgency To Insurrection"



8 Oct 09 

CAN BG Commander: "Canadian troops are getting dramatically better intelligence from villagers now than they were before the summer, and they're getting more of it"


Next CAN TF Commander All Briefed Up By Americans at Naval Postgraduate School


More About Challenges of Training Afghan Troops - NATO Sec-Gen Suggests RUS Help Train, Equip AFG Forces


"Canada's planned 2011 military pullout from the Afghan war .... will significantly influence the debate among the United States and allies"


Panel Suspends Probe into AFG Detainee Treatment


Blog Watch:  Someone's FINALLY Talking About Canada's (Possible) Post-2011 Mission - You Have to Have AFG Troops to "Hold" as Part of the "Clear-Hold-Build" Approach


AFG CDS Dropping By Ottawa


How Do Reporters Get in Touch with Bad Guy Spokespersons? -  If It's THAT Easy...


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Two Canadian "Tanks" Allegedly Destroyed in Kandahar Province - Lots of Attacks Against UK Troops Alleged, With Accusations of Destroying Shops in Helmand - Taliban Says They Don't Want to Hurt Europe in 7 Oct Anniversary Statement


U.N. Data Shows Vote Count Discrepancies - More - Canned U.N. Official Calls Election Big Taliban Victory - Some are Pissed - U.N. Defends Election Role - More - Denies Favourtism


USA Eyeing AQ More as New Target in AFG-PAK Fight


7 Oct 09


CAN TF Commander: "I am convinced that our greatest strategic asset is that smiling Canadian soldier who walks into an Afghan town and shakes hands with an elder and says, 'How can I help you?' "


Convoy Attacks a Growing Problem


One-Page Summaries of CAN's Progress in AFG (PDF):  Canada's Six Priority Projects - Kandahar Signature Projects


CAN Embed Joins US MPs on Patrol in K'Har City - Another Embed Highlights Her Read of K'Har Air Field Atmosphere


"Wall art in Taliban prison a chilling reminder of Afghanistan's cruel past "


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Alleges "2 tanks of the Canadian invading Forces blown up Kandahar"


More Worries about Losing Kandahar? - "The Afghan National Police (ANP) in a cleanup operation on Monday found narcotics and weapons in Taliban strong-hold Helmand province of southern Afghanistan"


UK Grenadier Guard Killed in Nad Ali Explosion - Royal Scots Borderers Headed Downrange - Radio Garmsir on the Air in Helmand - Success in Garmsir?


Initial Leaks Indicate Voting Problems from Partial Recount - Accusations of Foreign Interference


Opinion:  "The question being debated in Washington and elsewhere, but not in Canada is therefore: Okay, what next?" - Cash as "A ‘weapons system’ based on wishful thinking" - "Despite years of failure, pundits still want to bribe Pashtuns" - "It’s not that the Taliban are winning, it’s that the government is losing, says an international aid expert" - "And if the debate is stuck on the strategic merits of counterinsurgency vs. counterterrorism vs. nation building, it could be that those labels are as outdated as "peacekeeping." "


AQ Presence Shrinking in AFG? - "Fighting Reinvigorated Taliban Needs Regional Plan"


Some USA Officials Leaning Toward Surgical Strikes on Bosses Rather than COIN in AFG?


6 Oct 09


More Edmonton-Based Troops Headed Downrange - More - Engineers Preparing to Go, Too


CAN Chinooks Help Keep Troops Safer


"Afghan translators who work for the military and other federal agencies at Camp Nathan Smith are divided about the prospect of fast-track immigration to Canada."


Retired CAN General:  Of COURSE You Need More Troops in AFG!


CAN Senator Highlights Help Available to the Wounded


More Issues With CAN Probe of Treatment of Detainees - Questions in House of Commons - More


Ten AFG Troops Killed in Helmand Attack - NLD Defends Helmand Air Strike - Helmand Residents Want Closed Schools Reopened


NATO Types Drop By (and Visit North, Not South)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Claimed in K'Har, Helmand & Zabul


(Partial) Recount Underway - More - Maybe Results Next Week - New Rules Favour Karzai?


USA Def Sec: Withdrawal from Afghanistan Would Embolden Radicals - More


5 Oct 09


Families of the Fallen Remember in AFG - More


The Wounded:  Cpl. Bill Kerr Walks on Pavement with CDS for First Time Since Injury - "Up to 1500 Greater Sudbury residents put aside their personal beliefs on the war in Afghanistan, and hiked Sunday, Oct. 4, for Cpl. Bill Kerr and his family." - Injured Reservist Continues to Recover


AFG General:  AFG Army Should be Good to Go by 2013


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Alleged in Kandahar City, Helmand - Taliban Web Site Complains of NATO's Human Rights Violations


Opinion:  "Not much to cheer about in Kandahar these days"


4 Oct 09

"As the U.S. rethinks its strategy on Afghanistan, pressure is mounting on Canada to make a clear decision regarding the future of its hard-fought mission there."


UK Army Boss: "Britain was ready to send more troops to Afghanistan if called on to do so in the wake of the revised strategy which has been drawn up by Gen Stanley McChrystal"


"Efforts to Curb Helmand Opium Show Promise"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Lots of Attacks, Killings Alleged in Helmand


Bounced UN Official:  "The election was a foreseeable train wreck." - More Complaints About UN's Neutrality in Election Work


Blog Watch:  "Taxing International Aid to Help Afghan Gov’t?"


Opinion:  NY Times on "10 Steps to Victory in Afghanistan"


3 Oct 09

CAN Troops Fire on Motorcycle Trying to Break Into Shura Cordon - More - more - more - more - "Militaires canadiens ont tué par balle deux hommes qui roulaient à vive allure sur une motocyclette. Ils étaient postés dans la région de Panjwayi."


"Je ne savais pas trop comment écrire cet article sur la mission de notre détachement à Kandahar, attaché avec la Compagnie A du Groupement tactique du 2e Bataillon du Royal 22e Régiment (GT 2 R22eR) du mois avril à novembre 2009."


"Afghan war zone presents career 'highlight' for Canadian soldiers going home"


How CAN Chinooks are Making a Difference


Ronald Kevin Megeney, R.I.P.:  "Matthew Wilcox will likely be out on day parole even before an appeal is heard in his conviction in the death of a comrade in Afghanistan." - "The military has launched an investigation into the handling of firearms by a reserve unit sent to Afghanistan to handle security at the Canadian base in Kandahar."


"Two pages of logs showing that Canadian military police investigated whether Afghan prisoners risked torture are the latest point of dispute between the federal government and a public inquiry into Canada's handling of Afghan detainees."


K'Har Bad Boy Nabbed - YouTube video: "Afghan farmers find an alternative to growing poppies at a wheat distribution center in Helmand Province."


AUS Soldier Injured in Uruzgan - More - NLD Troops "Almost Certainly" GTFO'ing - US Marines Find MRAPS Not As Handy as Thought for COIN Fight?


USA National Defence University paper:  Special Ops Forces Causing Most Civvy Casualties, So Time to Retask Spec Ops as COIN Fighters, not Terrorist Boss Killers? (PDF)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Alleged in Helmand, Uruzgan & Zabul


"Several analysts and opposition figures in Afghanistan say the UN's decision to fire Peter Galbraith for urging a harder line on election fraud affirms popular fears that it is the international community calling the shots on who wins."


"Task force created to combat al Qaida in Afghan prisons"


Opinion:  "There's a political price to be paid for altering course on the long road home from Afghanistan" - " 'Afghanisers' pin their hopes on a bolstered national security force. First you need soldiers with patriotic, not ethnic loyalties"


2 Oct 09 

Jonathan Couturier, R.I.P.:  Laid to Rest


CAN TF Commander Joins AFG-CAN-USA Patrol


The Torch:  CAN Troops Support UK's Black Watch in Zhari District - More


"Canadian bomb experts mentor Afghan soldiers on safely dealing with IEDs"


"The Canadian Forces is investigating allegations of misuse of firearms that first surfaced in videos entered as evidence during the recent court martial of a young Nova Scotia soldier" - Cape Breton Post article - PDF  permalink to Cape Breton Post article


"A public hearing into what the Canadian army may have known about the alleged torture of Taliban prisoners in Kandahar, has been postponed" - More


CAN PM During Question Period:  "The military mission in Afghanistan will end in 2011." - CAN Foreign Affairs Mininster During Question Period:  "We are putting an end to our military combat mission by 2011"


"The U.S., Britain and other NATO countries are waiting for Canada to decide precisely what kind of role it can play in Afghanistan once the current mission ends in 2011, says a high-level diplomatic source." - Author/Blogger on What Canada Needs to Say to Afghanistan - and Blog on Deciding Next Steps - Blog:   Any Training Mission Can Only be a "Combat" Mission


US Looking Into Possible Civilian Deaths in Nad Ali Bombing Run - More - more - NLD Says One of their Planes Did It


Brit RAF Soldier Killed in Helmand


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Author/Blogger Tells NDP Taliban Wants to Kill Them, Not Talk


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Claimed Across K'Har, Helmand


McChrystal: "The war in Afghanistan can be won if forces there change the way they fight"


1 Oct 09


AFG Troops Leaving K'Har over Pay Dispute?


CAN Chief of Defence Staff:  "The influx of American troops into the Kandahar region over the past few months has enabled Canada to concentrate its efforts, both military and civilian, on a smaller area of responsibility. It has allowed Canadians and Afghans to stabilize a region of the province and establish the conditions necessary for development and governance, and it is yielding small, but important results."


DND Seeking Electronic Solution to CF Troops Talking to Afghans Without Interpreters


One of Canada's War Wounded "Overwhelmed" By Community Support - PDF version of story -


Ronald Kevin Megeney, R.I.P.:  Sentenced to Four Years - CF Statement - More - more - more - more - "Caporal Wilcox est condamné au terme de son procès devant la cour martiale"


Former-OMLT'eer Blogger on Dealing with Afghan Child Exploitation and the Possibility of a "Manley 2" Commission - Toronto Star Likes Idea of Manley 2, Too


Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Asks About Mission in Question Period - More - 18 Mar 08 Motion in House of Commons - Canada-Afghanistan Blog:  "Combat vs. Non-Combat" Mission Blog:  Who REALLY Needs Anger Management in AFG - Covering Development and Infrastructure Not Good Enough for Embed Reporter?


Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General for Afghanistan Pissed at Taliban Bombing Buses in South


UK Looking Into Leaflet Drop that Killed Helmand Girl


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  September 2009 Summary of Attacks on Canadian Troops Claimed by Taliban - Multiple Attacks Alleged Against UK Troops in Helmand


USA Says Taliban Bosses in PAK - Taliban Bad Boy Says Taliban Bosses are in AFG, Not PAK - Someone ELSE Saying Taliban Bosses Not in PAK


CAN in Kandahar September 2009

CAN in Kandahar August 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2009

CAN in Kandahar July 2007


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