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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

6 July 09 

Charles-Philippe Michaud, R.I.P.:  Presse Canadienne - plus - Canadian Press - CanWest News - -


Nicholas Bulger, R.I.P.:  Arriving Home Today


"For cool-weather Canadians fighting a war in the south of this arid country, tackling the heat is sometimes half the battle."


"In a war fought against a shadowy enemy on what can be profoundly hostile terrain, having eyes in the sky is a huge benefit."


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs: "We have enough forces there now not just to clear an area but to hold it. So we can build after."


Big USA Push in Helmand:  "The mullah's message was blunt. We don't trust you and if you don't earn our trust, our first meeting will be our last." - "US military commanders in the southern Afghan province of Helmand have warned of the calm before the storm as thousands of Marines move with little resistance so far through the Taliban stronghold." - Engineers Put Up Fire Base Quick


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Bad Guys Claim 4 Chopper Shootdowns - Taliban's (Alleged) Stats for June 2009


5 July 09

Charles-Philippe Michaud, R.I.P.:  "Un soldat canadien qui a récemment subit des blessures sérieuses en Afghanistan est décédé dans un hôpital de Québec hier." - Soldier Wounded in June Dies of Injuries - CF Statement - Message de gouverneure générale - Governor General's Statement - Déclaration du Premier ministre du Canada - PM's Statement - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale - DefMin's Statement


Nicholas Bulger, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - More - more - more - One of the Injured Attends Send-off "Slain soldier's comrades offer condolences to grieving family members" - Local Media - "It Never Gets Easier"


"The commander of Canadian Forces in Kandahar is no stay-at-home general."


Big USA Push in Helmand:  "The major US offensive enters its fourth morning in Helmand where three districts still remain under militant control" - "New British and US strategy to break Taliban"


Two Brit Troops Killed in Separate Incidents - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Claim to Kill Registan District Deputy-Boss


AFG Lessons to be Learned from 1845 Brit Cavalry?


"Russia will allow the U.S. to ship weapons across its territory to Afghanistan"



4 July 09 

Nicholas Bulger, R.I.P.:  Governor-General Statement - Prime Minister Statement - DefMin Statement - Soldier Destined to Receive Goodies from Home Town - Tally:  121 Troops, One Diplomat Dead - - Associated Press - Agence France-Presse - Family, Friends Rush to Support Mom - More - more - CAN TF AFG Boss Missed Blast By Not So Much


"The officer in charge of the United States Central Command is warning against premature optimism as thousands of American troops surge into Afghanistan's Helmand province." - "The Taliban is in for a tough fight as the Americans increase their troops in Afghanistan but the role of the Canadian forces is not going to change, says a top U.S. military commander."


Big USA Push in Helmand:  Taliban Shoot at Marked, Unarmed Ambulance Helicopters Evacuating Wounded - More - Helmand Residents Brace - "Marines and Afghan personnel are clearing the region of Taliban and establishing bases among the people" - Taliban Shooting Back - But Not Lots Against the Brits


More on How the Dutch Are Working in Uruzgan - Poppy Cultivation Dropping in Uruzgan


Some Question About Quote Saying Chechens Are Fighting in AFG


3 July 09 

Nicholas Bulger, R.I.P.:  CF Statement - Canadian Press - National Post - - Condolences


"Canadian commanders in Afghanistan received new fighting orders on Thursday which will prevent their troops from shooting at the Taliban if there is any risk of civilian casualties, even if it means allowing the enemy to escape."


CAN Former OMLT-eer: "The current approach to operational mentoring has some inherent flaws, and poses limitations on all our other military operations, that we're having difficulty recognizing for what they are. Partly this may be due to a lack of well-defined historical models."


CAN Combat Badge Royally Approved Before Being Canned


"Le ministre des Affaires étrangères, Lawrence Cannon, ferme la porte à double tour à une prolongation de la mission des quelque 2500 soldats canadiens en Afghanistan après 2011."




Big USA Push in Helmand:  USMC Task Force Update - More - USMC Pix - Former CAN Diplomat Asks Where's Canada?" - How the Brits are Helping - Brits Launch Parallel Push - US Forces Facing Tougher-than-planned Public Response? - Reports of First USA Cas - More - more - Reuters Reports Progress - Hard Push, Still - More - More - more - more - Q&A About Offensive - Blogger Asks "What's Up with Parallel Civvy Surge?"


CO of 1st Bn Welsh Guards Killed in IED Explosion - MoD Statement



Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Claim 50+ Killed in Latest US Push - Other Alleged Attacks in Zhari, Nad Ali


Support for Changes in US Counterdrug Approach


Opinion:  "If the Harper government believes that the mission can be successful, then the additional cost of extending the $11.1 billion mission and the effective cancellation of all UN missions may be a worthwhile endeavour in the pursuit of peace and stability in Afghanistan. But if there is any doubt, then a new strategy for Afghanistan must be adopted to quickly bring an end to the conflict." - "Is it possible we may finally get it right in Afghanistan? Is it possible we can kill the Taliban -- with kindness to the Afghan people."



2 July 09 

"Canada Day marked in Afghanistan with tank decor, soldiers' festivities" - "Serving in Afghanistan gives soldiers appreciation for Canada" - "Brig.-Gen. Jonathan Vance spent most of Canada Day visiting Canadian bases in southern Afghanistan, wishing soldiers the best — and helping stop a Taliban ambush in the process."


More on CAN Buying Reconnaissance Blimps


USA Soldier Reported Captured by Insurgents - AFG Media Says Taliban May Be Seeking Prisoner Exchange - More


ISAF:  Two Killed, Six Wounded in IED Blast in South - More - UK MoD Statement


Reaper Helps Out Over Qalat, F-18 Gives a Hand in Gereshk, and Tornado Shows Force Over Lashkar Gah


Big USA Push in Helmand:  CENTCOM Statement - A Few Military Photos - New York Times - BBC - AFP - Associated Press - FOX News - Washington Post - CNN - Comments on WP, CNN Versions


Brits Hit with Compensation Claims for Killed Civilians - Ghurkas Mentor AFG Cops in Sangin

"7 new development projects started in Urozgan Province"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Publishes (Alleged) Stats from Their OP Victory - 40+ Troops Allegedly Killed in Zabul - 29 "British invaders and puppet soldiers" Allegedly Killed, Injured in Helmand


US Army/USMC COIN Centre on How to Grow Trust in AFG


PAK Adding Border Guards on Frontier Next to Helmand


1 July 09


Ways to Celebrate Canada Day in K'Har - More


Returning RCMP Officer Happy to be Home


More on CAN's "Key Village" Approach:  "The idea is to secure and stabilize the villages near Kandahar City to make them better places to live, and much less accessible to the insurgents who use them as staging areas for operations in Kandahar City." - "The result will be to deny the insurgents the use of their traditional staging, resting and transiting areas, thus ensuring a more secure environment in Kandahar City." (.pdf permalink to both articles here) - Blog:  "Defending Kandahar to the Last Resident of Dand?" - More


CAN Foreign Affairs Minister on Extension Rumours:  "Let me be perfectly clear: Canada is abiding by the motion that was adopted in our Parliament .... Our position is perfectly clear - we are not going beyond 2011." (.pdf permalink here) - AFG Envoy to CAN Not Seeking Extension - Text of 13 Mar 08 Commons Motion (.pdf permalink here)


Meanwhile, Minister Also Expected to Tell UN to Get Out of Kabul Into the Boonies - UN Sec-Gen 23 Jun 09 Report:  "In May, UNAMA opened two new offices, in Tirin Kot and Sari Pul. Additional offices will be opened over the coming months." - More - 30 Jun 09 Debate at Security Council (.pdf permalink here) - CAN Foreign Mininster Calls for UN to do More Regionally (.pdf of UN summary of his speech here)


Shootout @ K'Har:  "Police slayings by rogue forces highlight Afghan struggle to adopt rule of law" - "Afghan interior minister seeks end to private ‘militias’"


"Three years after its residents fled, the once bustling town of Now Zad (Helmand Province) is the scene of a stalemate between a company of newly arrived Marines and a band of Taliban fighters."


UK Politician:  "We're on our way to losing and our young men are dying out there because politicians won't get their act together" - AUS Opposition Leader Drops By Uruzgan


Talkin' to the Taliban:  New Survey Shows Support for AFG Gov't "Making Amends" with Taliban - IRI Releases Survey of Afghanistan Public Opinion


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):   22 Allegedly Killed Foot Patrol Blast in Zhari


Washington Post:  "National security adviser James L. Jones told U.S. military commanders here last week that the Obama administration wants to hold troop levels here flat for now, and focus instead on carrying out the previously approved strategy of increased economic development, improved governance and participation by the Afghan military and civilians in the conflict." - Reuters Q&A on New USA Approach to AFG


 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007


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