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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

3 July 09

"Canadian commanders in Afghanistan received new fighting orders on Thursday which will prevent their troops from shooting at the Taliban if there is any risk of civilian casualties, even if it means allowing the enemy to escape."


CAN Former OMLT-eer: "The current approach to operational mentoring has some inherent flaws, and poses limitations on all our other military operations, that we're having difficulty recognizing for what they are. Partly this may be due to a lack of well-defined historical models."


CAN Combat Badge Royally Approved Before Being Canned


"Le ministre des Affaires étrangères, Lawrence Cannon, ferme la porte à double tour à une prolongation de la mission des quelque 2500 soldats canadiens en Afghanistan après 2011."


Big USA Push in Helmand:  Former CAN Diplomat Asks Where's Canada?" - How the Brits are Helping - US Forces Facing Tougher-than-planned Public Response? - Reports of First USA Cas - More - more - more - Q&A About Offensive


CO of 1st Bn Welsh Guards Killed in IED Explosion


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Claim 50+ Killed in Latest US Push - Other Alleged Attacks in Zhari, Nad Ali


Support for Changes in US Counterdrug Approach


Opinion:  "If the Harper government believes that the mission can be successful, then the additional cost of extending the $11.1 billion mission and the effective cancellation of all UN missions may be a worthwhile endeavour in the pursuit of peace and stability in Afghanistan. But if there is any doubt, then a new strategy for Afghanistan must be adopted to quickly bring an end to the conflict."



2 July 09 

"Canada Day marked in Afghanistan with tank decor, soldiers' festivities" - "Serving in Afghanistan gives soldiers appreciation for Canada" - "Brig.-Gen. Jonathan Vance spent most of Canada Day visiting Canadian bases in southern Afghanistan, wishing soldiers the best — and helping stop a Taliban ambush in the process."


More on CAN Buying Reconnaissance Blimps


USA Soldier Reported Captured by Insurgents - AFG Media Says Taliban May Be Seeking Prisoner Exchange - More


ISAF:  Two Killed, Six Wounded in IED Blast in South - More - UK MoD Statement


Reaper Helps Out Over Qalat, F-18 Gives a Hand in Gereshk, and Tornado Shows Force Over Lashkar Gah


Big USA Push in Helmand:  CENTCOM Statement - A Few Military Photos - New York Times - BBC - AFP - Associated Press - FOX News - Washington Post - CNN - Comments on WP, CNN Versions


Brits Hit with Compensation Claims for Killed Civilians - Ghurkas Mentor AFG Cops in Sangin

"7 new development projects started in Urozgan Province"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Publishes (Alleged) Stats from Their OP Victory - 40+ Troops Allegedly Killed in Zabul - 29 "British invaders and puppet soldiers" Allegedly Killed, Injured in Helmand


US Army/USMC COIN Centre on How to Grow Trust in AFG


PAK Adding Border Guards on Frontier Next to Helmand


1 July 09


Ways to Celebrate Canada Day in K'Har - More


Returning RCMP Officer Happy to be Home


More on CAN's "Key Village" Approach:  "The idea is to secure and stabilize the villages near Kandahar City to make them better places to live, and much less accessible to the insurgents who use them as staging areas for operations in Kandahar City." - "The result will be to deny the insurgents the use of their traditional staging, resting and transiting areas, thus ensuring a more secure environment in Kandahar City." (.pdf permalink to both articles here) - Blog:  "Defending Kandahar to the Last Resident of Dand?" - More


CAN Foreign Affairs Minister on Extension Rumours:  "Let me be perfectly clear: Canada is abiding by the motion that was adopted in our Parliament .... Our position is perfectly clear - we are not going beyond 2011." (.pdf permalink here) - AFG Envoy to CAN Not Seeking Extension - Text of 13 Mar 08 Commons Motion (.pdf permalink here)


Meanwhile, Minister Also Expected to Tell UN to Get Out of Kabul Into the Boonies - UN Sec-Gen 23 Jun 09 Report:  "In May, UNAMA opened two new offices, in Tirin Kot and Sari Pul. Additional offices will be opened over the coming months." - More - 30 Jun 09 Debate at Security Council (.pdf permalink here) - CAN Foreign Mininster Calls for UN to do More Regionally (.pdf of UN summary of his speech here)


Shootout @ K'Har:  "Police slayings by rogue forces highlight Afghan struggle to adopt rule of law" - "Afghan interior minister seeks end to private ‘militias’"


"Three years after its residents fled, the once bustling town of Now Zad (Helmand Province) is the scene of a stalemate between a company of newly arrived Marines and a band of Taliban fighters."


UK Politician:  "We're on our way to losing and our young men are dying out there because politicians won't get their act together" - AUS Opposition Leader Drops By Uruzgan


Talkin' to the Taliban:  New Survey Shows Support for AFG Gov't "Making Amends" with Taliban - IRI Releases Survey of Afghanistan Public Opinion


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):   22 Allegedly Killed Foot Patrol Blast in Zhari


Washington Post:  "National security adviser James L. Jones told U.S. military commanders here last week that the Obama administration wants to hold troop levels here flat for now, and focus instead on carrying out the previously approved strategy of increased economic development, improved governance and participation by the Afghan military and civilians in the conflict." - Reuters Q&A on New USA Approach to AFG


30 June 09 

Shootout in K'Har, Killing Police Chief, Between "Friendlies" - More - more - No Foreign Troops Involved - ISAF:  None of Our Troops Involved - Karzai Blames Guards Working for USA - Wants Detained Given to AFG Authorities - More - "A Taliban spokesman, Yousuf Ahmadi, claimed men from his militia had deliberately sparked the clash between the Afghan forces but this was not confirmed."


Bloggers' Takes on K'Har Shootout:  "If—and this is a big “if,” as we just don’t know yet—this turns out to have connections to SF-types, the General McChrystal’s much ballyhooed push for a lighter special operations footprint is certainly off to a great start." - Ongoing Updates - "There's no reason at this time to believe the McGuffin at the centre of this tragic incident was anything more than someone "appropriating" somebody's car, or jailing somebody's brother for something minor even by Afghan standards."


CP Embed (Briefly) Deconstructs Firefight - Brit Medic Discusses the Food


"Canadian diplomats were tipped weeks before Afghanistan passed its so-called rape law but did not alert their political masters, newly released documents indicate."


10K More AFG Cops for Election


Brit Sappers Helping Rebuild in Helmand - "The City of Qalat is beginning to undergo a major facelift with 12 projects, costing nearly $1 million, designed to improve the city’s economy and standard of living for its citizens."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):   Uruzgan, Zabul Attacks Alleged - "The Taliban like to believe that they’re following the will of God. But even the divinely-inspired screw up, Deputy Leader Mullah Berader Akhund confesses"


"Russia ready for more NATO cargo transits to Afghanistan"


29 June 09


USA Wants to Twist CAN's Arm to Stay in AFG - More (.pdf permalink here) - "Les démocrates de Barack Obama ont discrètement consulté des conseillers à Ottawa afin de voir de quelle façon ils pourraient convaincre le gouvernement fédéral de maintenir les Forces canadiennes en Afghanistan après 2011."


CAN Medic Offers Play-by-Play of Medical Clinic Visit to Village - CAN Reporter Worries About Security


K'Har Police Chief Killed in Firefight - More - more - more


AFG Interior Ministry Warns Cops to Remain Neutral in Election


UK Forces Could Face Own Detainee Treatment Investigation?


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):   Attacks Alleged in Zhari, Garmsir - Taliban Spokesperson "Heaping Scorn" on CAN Offensive (.pdf permalink here) - "Les talibans estiment que la récente opération canadienne dans le village de Salavat a eu un impact «minime»"


"Britain will continue to fund the destruction of opium fields in Afghanistan despite the United States condemning poppy eradication as a waste of money."



28 June 09 

Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.:  More Details Revealed in Court Martial - More - more


Cornerstone Laid for New Clinic in Daykondi


UN Sec-Gen 23 Jun 09 Report "The reporting period has seen continued progress in key areas, such as the expansion of the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police, as well as in the areas of agriculture, private sector development and capacity-building (but) The security situation has continued to deteriorate."


G8 Statement: "We, the Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the G8, affirm our commitment to working together to address the challenges that affect Afghanistan and the region. Insurgency and terrorist activities, narcotics, trafficking, corruption, human rights violation and limited economic opportunities need to be tackled with resolve wherever they appear." - UN Sec Gen Says "G-8 regional meeting on Afghanistan is chance to move beyond political affirmation to concrete projects, initiatives"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  More on Karzai Trying to Get Taliban to Vote - 29 May 09 Tailban Comment:: "The Americans have launched a ridiculous chess game about their stooges, tapping them on the back to run for the president."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):   Taliban Alleges Four Canadians Killed in Panjwai IED Blast


AFG Anti-Drug Czar Likes New USA Anti-Narcotic Approach - More on Change



27 June 09

AFG Media:  CAN "Special Forces" Dismantle Suicide-Bomber-Wannabe and Arrest Him (.pdf permalink here)


Autopsy Results of Fallen + Research on Wrecks = Lessons Learned Saving CAN Lives


K'Har Official Less than Optimistic:  "things are deteriorating .... we are despondent"


RC-South Boss:  We Could Use Still MORE Troops - More on ISAF Boss Dropping By to Visit CAN Area


"Afghan and coalition forces detained several suspected Taliban militants overnight during an operation designed to disrupt Taliban bombing and rocket attacks against Afghan and coalition forces in Afghanistan’s Helmand province."


AFG Cops Graduate to Serve in Helmand - Meanwhile, Eight More Cops Killed in Helmand

Babaji Residents Knew Heliborne Assault was Coming? - What UK's Lashkar Gah PRT is Up To - UK Harriers Finish Final Rotation in AFG - More


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Karzai Asks Taliban to Vote, Avoid Attacking Polling Stations - Earlier Taliban Statement:  "The Americans should know that they will not achieve the goal by nomination of envoys and commanders; the boasting up of stooges through fake elections; deployment of new troops and bombardment of civilians." (.pdf permalink to statement at non-terrorist site here)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):   K'Har, Helmand, Zabul Attacks Claimed - More


RUS:  Get a Grip on the Heroin Coming In Here, or We Won't Let You Ship Into AFG


New USA Anti-Drug Approach: Less Eradication, More Interdiction and Alternate Crops


26 June 09 

CAN Troops Pushing Taliban Out of Villages Pre-Election - Push On in Rest of RC-South, Too - More - more - more RC-South Commander News Conference Transcript (.pdf permalink here)


Report (.pdf version here):  "Rather than once again running the polls merely as distinct events, the enormous resources and attention focused on the elections should be channelled into strengthening political and electoral institutions, as a key part of the state-building efforts required to produce a stable country." - More


ISAF Commander Likes Idea of "Model Village" Approach - More - more


Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.:  Manslaughter Court Martial Continues - More - more


Gummie Treats Headed to CAN Troops - Kandahar's Boardwalk (According to Reuters):  "At Tim Hortons, the Canadian doughnut place, U.S. airmen are drinking coffee, surfing on the wireless internet on their laptops and listening to Beyonce on British Forces Radio."


Journalist/blogger:  Will Ospreys be Up to Task in AFG?


"Afghan and coalition forces detained several suspected Taliban militants during an operation overnight to disrupt Taliban improvised explosive device and rocket attacks against Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces in Helmand."


Speech (.pdf permalink here):  "Doing deals with the Taliban is inconsistent with building credible and accountable institutions. Numerous peace agreements with jihadi groups and networks, in Pakistan and in Afghanistan, have broken down within months."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Int Officer Allegedly Killed in Zabul


International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, June 26: "Afghan officials .... vowed to eradicate the country's drug trade and drug-funded terrorism as they thanked the international community, including the United Nations, for helping out in the country's counter-narcotics campaign." - Book Review:  "It isn’t just the Taliban that benefits from Afghanistan’s drug trade"


Opinion:  "Why generals may be playing down the exhaustion of the Canadian army"


25 June 09

CAN Troops Celebrate "Fete Nationale"


Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.:  "Delay in hearing evidence at court martial of soldier charged in Afghan death"


Government Admits Mistake in Denying Release of Projected Costs of CAN's Mission in AFG - Blog:  Well Done on Admitting Mistake Up Front


IED Facilitators Nailed in Kandahar  It's About Winning in RURAL, not URBAN Areas - "The new commander of US and Nato-led troops in Afghanistan has said troops must shift from conventional warfare to protecting Afghan civilians."


Report: "Ineffective, Unprofessional, and Corrupt: The Afghan National Police Challenge"


UN Office on Drugs & Crime Report "Opium poppy cultivation fell 19 per cent in Afghanistan last year" - Meanwhile, USA Cranking Back Counternarcotics Efforts?


"The UK's top commander in Afghanistan has denied that the battle against the Taliban is "a losing campaign"." - Black Watch's Split Existence in AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  "Israeli" Troops Reportedly Killed in Helmand?


Report: "Afghanistan’s forthcoming elections, with presidential and provincial council polls on 20 August 2009, and National Assembly and district elections scheduled for 2010, present a formidable challenge if they are to produce widely accepted and credible results."


PAK:  Bad Guy's Weapons Coming from AFG


Revised US Strategy in AFG + PAK Offensive Against Taliban = AQ Moving Around Border States? - More



24 June 09


Martin Dubé, R.I.P.: Laid to rest


Parent of One of the Fallen Continues to Cope - One of the Wounded on the Mend - CAN TF Boss's Wife Waits, Too


"Canada debuts Afghan 'model village' amid raised expectations" - Want to Listen to the News Conference?


"Human-rights groups alarmed Ottawa has no policy to govern hired guns"


"The Treasury Board says that the cost of Canada's military mission in Afghanistan for the next two years will be $1.35 billion higher than projected a year ago by the Defence Department."


More on New CAN AFG Team in Ottawa (.pdf permalink here)


"Why Afghanistan Matters" Video Contest - More


Man Who Didn't Stop for Patrol Killed in Helmand


Bad Boys Nailed in Uruzgan


"A shipment of upgraded quad bikes are bound for the front line in Afghanistan to boost (British) troops' ability to deliver vital combat supplies to Service personnel on the ground."


"Some Taliban fighters have been able to ward off attacks by U.S. aircraft by wearing special infrared patches on their shirts that signal that they are friends rather than foes." (.pdf version here) - GAO Report:  "Military and Dual-Use Technology: Covert Testing Shows Continuing Vulnerabilities of Domestic Sales for Illegal Export"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  K'Har, Helmand Attacks Claimed


"More than eight thousand Afghans will be trained as observers for the forthcoming presidential and provincial council elections on 20 August."


23 June 09

NATO  Sec-Gen's Letter to UN (.pdf): "ISAF intends to maintain a high operational tempo throughout the winter months."


New US Boss in AFG: "the use of airstrikes during firefights would in most cases be allowed only to prevent American and other coalition troops from being overrun" - More - more - more - more


AFG Commandos Hand Out School Supplies @ K'Har


Latest Brit Fallen Identified


Black Watch in Heliborne Assault into Babaji - More - more - Critics See Helmand Op as Less than Successful?


Mullah Omar Allegedly Getting a Grip on the Troops With US Surge on His Doorstep - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  26 Allies Allegedly Killed in Sangin Area


Opinion:  "In general, we can think of only political reasons for refusing to let Canadians in on the projected overall costs of Canada's war in Afghanistan for the next three years."


Think Tank Report:  "Iincreased civilian displacement is a natural by-product of any armed conflict, yet the protection of battle-affected IDPs seems to have fallen largely outside the security equation in (southern) Afghanistan"




22 June 09

"The Canadian government now believes that telling the country’s taxpayers the future cost of the war in Afghanistan would be a threat to national security" - Access to Information Act Section 15 - Fuel for Conspiracy Fires?  "The standard narrative about Afghanistan is really tired now. We know this story, it no longer warrants 4,000-word Sunday features." - Bad Example of Writing - Better Example


More on Foreigners Among the Bad Guys - More on Operation Tora Arwa in K'Har


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Bad Guys Claim Brits Killed Civvies in Helmand



21 June 09

Alexandre Péloquin, R.I.P.: "Des centaines de personnes se sont réunies, samedi, pour dire un dernier adieu" - Laid to Rest - More


Michelle Mendes, R.I.P.:  Letter from the Family (.pdf permalink here) - Discussion


"Soldiers raise almost US$6,000 in Father's Day charity run in Kandahar"


"A New Afghanistan Commander Rethinks How to Measure Success"


NLD Soldiers Injured in Uruzgan IED Blast - "Scottish soldiers have found a large quantity of Taliban weapons and drugs in an arduous six-day operation which saw them coming under sustained enemy attack for several hours." - "International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops discovered a large quantity of weapons and drugs during Operation Tora Arwa which began in Kandahar province on June 10."


More Cops Mentored in Garmsir


"Over 1,000 families in a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Kandahar Province .... have opted to return to their home areas in the north and northwest of the country because of worsening insecurity and lack of aid at the camp."


Taliban in South Spotted with Kevlar Body Armour (Thanks to David Pugliese's Defence Watch for this one)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Helmand, Uruzgan, Zabul Attacks Alleged - When is a Suicide Bomber Not a Suicide Bomber?  When He Comes Back


"A US journalist kidnapped by the Afghan Taliban last year has managed to escape from the compound where he was being held" - More




20 June 09


Martin Dubé, R.I.P.: "The military funeral for Corporal Martin Dubé will be held on Tuesday, June 23, 2009, at 11:30 a.m." - More


Michelle Mendes, R.I.P.:  "Did we push her too much?" (.pdf permalink here)


CAN CDS Drops By, Quoted Saying "Canadian military coping well with risky Afghan deployment" - Nice Things to Say About PAK, Too - More


NATO SecGen Drops By Uruzgan


Convoy IED Blast in South Kills Two


AFG Med Student Beheaded by Taliban in K'Har Mosque - Zabul IED "Facilitator" Nailed - Bad Boys Nailed in Uruzgan - How USA Fast Air Helped Out in Helmand, Kandahar and Uruzgan

What NATO's Baltic Members Are Going Through in AFG


Growing Number of Talibs are Arab Foreigners


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Alleged in K'Har, Helmand - English-language Talib Propaganda Harder to Come By


UN Uber-Envoy: AFG Peace Process "must be a process which includes all parts of the Afghan society”

19 June 09 

"Private security called a boon to Canadian bases in Afghanistan"


High-End Fundraiser for CF Families - More


USA's Supporting Military Surge with Civvy Surge


More on AQ Recruiting Foreigners for Taliban in AFG (.pdf permalink here)


"Afghan national army commandos, assisted by coalition forces, uncovered a drug cache and captured two known militants during a search of an enemy fighter safe haven in Ghorak district, Kandahar province"


UK's Prince William Wants to Fight in AFG - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Claimed in K'Har, Helmand and Uruzgan


"China mulls Afghan border request" - More - "Key facts about the Wakhan Corridor"


18 June 09

Martin Dubé, R.I.P.:  "Dépouille du caporal Dubé arrive à Trenton" - Plus - He's Home - More - more - more


"(CF) secretly armed security guards at Afghan base with rifles and uniforms" (.pdf peramlink)


News Release:  What's CAN Doing for the AFG Election?


NATO SecGen Drops By


Three DNK Soldiers Killed in Helmand IED Blast - More - more - DNK DefMin Promises Schools in Helmand During Visit - UK Setting Up "Combined Arms Training School" for AFG Army


"At least two civilians were killed and another four were injured in a roadside bomb blast in Kandahar on Thursday"


Brits Find Dead Taliban with UK Football Team Tattoo - More - Aston Villa FC Page


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Alleged "Moderate" Taliban Allege Progress in Alleged Talks


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Alleged in K'Har, Zabul



17 June 09

Martin Dubé, R.I.P.:  "La dépouille du Caporal Martin Dubé, du 5e Régiment de génie de combat établi à la Base des Forces canadiennes Valcartier près de la ville de Québec, sera rapatriée au Canada" au jour d'hui - Arriving Home Today


CAN Awards Contract for Anti-IED Int Analysis Technology - CAN Navy NCO who Dismantled IED with Bayonet Awarded Star of Courage - More - "Gun" vs. "Bayonet"


"Secret" Canadian Mission in Afghanistan Not Really So Secret - More


CAN Reportedly Signs Agreement Keeping Tighter Grips on Private Security Contractors


Early Reviews via The Torch of Book by Former CAN TF Commander


"Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition forces destroyed a weapons and narcotics cache in Shahidi Hasas district, Uruzgan province" - Wanted:  Soccer Team for Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  K'Har Int Officials Allegedly Killed - Taliban Spokesperson Denies Using Human Shields (Again)


Opinion:  "The U.S. has been bringing soldiers home as soon as they get any experience."


16 June 09


Martin Dubé, R.I.P.:  "Déclaration de la famille du caporal Martin Dubé" - Plus - On His Way Home - More - more - more


Alexandre Péloquin, R.I.P.:  "Funérailles militaires pour le soldat Péloquin"


"Interpreters helping Canadian forces in Afghanistan face lethal danger" - "Interprètes qui accompagnent les soldats courent de grands risques"


"The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today announced the appointment of William Crosbie as Canada’s next ambassador to Afghanistan." - "Nomination du prochain ambassadeur du Canada en Afghanistan" - More


New USA Boss Takes Over ISAF - More - Promises to Protect Civvies


"Afghan, coalition forces seize drugs, weapons in Helmand" - "Afghan army destroys IED, detains two militants in Uruzgan" - More


Latest Fallen UK Officer Identified - EST Warrant Officer Killed in Helmand Ambush - EST Def Min Statement - EST Book of Condolences AUS, AFG Forces Wrap Up Cordon-and-Search Op in Uruzgan - Brit Body Armour Stops Bullet - USA Troops in AFG Getting New Cam Uniforms


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Attacks Claimed in K'Har, Helmand and Uruzgan


Opinion:  "Scoring political points is more important than an open, honest and courageous debate on what Canadians are doing in Afghanistan and why."



15 June 09

Martin Dubé, R.I.P.:  "Un soldat des forces canadiennes a été tué suite à l'explosion d'un engin explosive improvise (EEI). L'incident s'est produit dans les environs du district de Panjwayi, à environ 20 km au sud-ouest de Kandahar City, vers 12 h 30, heure de Kandahar, le 14 juin 2009." - Message de gouverneure générale et commandante en chef du Canada - Déclaration du Premier ministre - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale - Presse Canadienne - Le Soleil - Radio Chine Internationale - - CF News Release - ISAF Statement - Gov-General Statement - PM Statement - DefMin Statement - Canadian Press - - CanWest News Service - More - Globe & Mail - More - Condolences Thread


CAN's Expert on AFG IED Detection and Avoidance Advertising


ISAF Push Continues in the South


NLD Officer Awarded For Bravery Helping Out AUS SF - Graphic - GoogleEnglish Account of July 2006 Battle from NLD Def Ministry - Original in Dutch - Download .zip file containing video animation of operation - GoogEng Bio of NLD Officer


AFG Interior Minister Predicts Taliban Trying to Disrupt Election - Helmand Governor Promises "Guerilla Tactics" to Beat Taliban - More - Admits Not All Districts Under His Control


IED Kills Panjwai Police Chief, Two Civilians


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Taliban Takes Credit for Killing K'Har Police Chief - Taliban Says They Have No Choice but to Use Human Shields - More


UK PM's Office Gets Petition Calling for Weekly AFG News Conferences


Opinion:  Small Wars Journal Paper on How to Deal with Opium in AFG - Counterpoint -'s "Chicken vs Egg" Comparison - (Canada) "is quite happy to do the bare minimum: as long as they’re getting voter support that is. That’s no reason to go to war." - "As history shows, to build an Afghan economy dependant on foreign troops would, like those television ads say, be a "bad decision." "



14 June 09

CAN Troops Helping Ensure a More Secure Election Blog:  Two Announcements + One Highlighted = Less Focus on CF in AFG


UN Envoy Calls for "Afghanization" of ISAF Special Operations Raids - Part of Requested "Review" of SpecOps


Two Kandahar Warlords Take Two Different Paths


'It has been nearly 10-months since the Taliban closed Suri village’s (in Zabul Province) only school, kidnapped a teacher, cut off his ears and threatened his life. Assisted by the Afghan National Army (ANA), International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) U.S. Embedded Transition Team (ETT) and Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) personnel, Suri village re-opened the doors to the school on June 11 ...."


"Counter-IED training lane opens in Uruzgan"


Homicide Bomber Hits Supply Convoy in Helmand, Killing Eight AFG Drivers - "Attentat suicide contre un convoi de l'OTAN en Afghanistan : le bilan s'alourdit à 8 morts et 21 blessés"


EST Sending 130 Troops to Helmand - DEU Sending AWACS Planes


Taliban in North Squeezing New Supply Routes into AFG?


Some AQ Bosses High-tailing It to Somalia, Yemen


13 June 09 

CAN DefMin Spends Time Talking Training AFG Cops, Army with Other NATO DefMins - NATO DefMins Agree to Deploy AWACS to Help Air Traffic Control in AFG


CAN Foreign Affairs Mininster Announces $ for AFG Cop Salaries - Backgrounder - "Le ministre des Affaires étrangères, l’honorable Lawrence Cannon, a annoncé aujourd’hui que le Canada contribuera à renforcer la primauté du droit en Afghanistan — l’une des six priorités du Canada dans ce pays — en versant une aide supplémentaire de 12 millions de dollars pour payer les salaires de la police afghane." - Document d'information


Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.:  "The military lawyers for a Glace Bay soldier charged with manslaughter called into question the impartiality of three members of the panel that will decide the court martial’s outcome."


UK IDs Fallen Black Watch Soldier - Another Brit Killed in Sangin


USAF A-10's, F-15's Rack Up Combat Hours in AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Taliban Alleges Rockets on KAF, 40 Killed in Homicide Bombing in Helmand


USA SecDef:  Civilian Casualties “one of our greatest strategic vulnerabilities”


12 June 09

Alexandre Péloquin, R.I.P.:  Péloquin rapatrillée - Plus - plus - He's Home - More - more


Toronto Star Series:  "Home is new Afghan war front"


CAN Awards Surveillance Blimp Contracts


CAN's AFG Minister on Karzai Choosing Warlord Running Mate: "We have made a commitment that we're not going to interject ourselves into the election process." - Wikipedia Bio of Running Mate - Bio - "Canada ne peut pas critiquer le choix de Karzaï pour la vice-présidence"


Reuters:  AQ Short of Food, Weapons in AFG?


Helmand Madrassa Seeks to Unite, Not Divide - Why a New Civilian Airport in Helmand Matters


Black Watch Soldier Killed in K'Har - Worries Taliban Planning on Piling On the Brits in Helmand? - More - more - "Coroner hails move by (UK) MoD to replace Viking armoured vehicles in Afghanistan"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Reports of Alleged Attacks in K'Har, Helmand & Zabul; Comments on Obama's Speech to Muslims


Opinion "Victory" vs. "Success" in AFG - "Canada's commanders in the field are happy to see the reinforcements. But at the same time they will now have to brace their own tired forces for a very busy and unpredictable few months ahead." - "When there is a contradiction between such lofty rhetoric and the facts, the media typically respond by ignoring the facts." - "Would focusing on eliminating the "drugs" agro-industrial sector of Helmand's (rural) economy give you calmer nights in ("urban") Lashkar Gah? We shall see."


CIA:  Osama's Still in PAK


11 June 09 

Alexandre Péloquin, R.I.P.:  "Le corps du soldat Alexandre Péloquin sera de retour au Canada jeudi" - FC Communiqué: "Rapatriement de la dépouille mortelle de notre soldat" - Arriving Home Today - CF News Release: "Our Fallen Soldier Returns Home" - More - Taliban Spokesperson:  "Canadians came to our country for the war; we didn't go there. When we kill them, it gives us much happiness. Canadians don't have to work under the command of Americans .... They don't have to see their innocent soldiers killed."


CAN and UK Troops Getting Ready to Head Downrange


Multimedia Display of CAN's Work in AFG Announced Before Outside Vendor Hired to Schlep It Across CAN? - Not Quite....


ISAF Soldier Killed in South


RC-South Boss: "New American troops pouring into southern Afghanistan will allow NATO-led forces to drive deeper into the heart of the Taliban insurgency"


"Defense ministers from eight nations discussed their troops' progress in battling the Taliban-led insurgency in southern Afghanistan before a NATO meeting Thursday."


USA DefSec "hopes to see signs that the new strategy in Afghanistan is working over the next year to 18 months as Afghan security forces improve." - "The United States urged its NATO allies on Wednesday to remain engaged in the war in Afghanistan, even as Washington takes on a more dominant role by sending tens of thousands of extra troops."


"L'armée afghane et les soldats britanniques de la force de l'Otan en Afghanistan (Isaf) ont mené plusieurs raids antidrogue dans le sud de l'Afghanistan, détruisant 5, 5 tonnes d'opium et 10 laboratoires de production d'héroïne, a annoncé aujourd'hui l'Isaf."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Bad Boys Allege Killing 17 Canadians, Injuring 31 and Destroying 5 Tanks in Fighting in K'Har


10 June 09 

Alexandre Péloquin, R.I.P.:  "Collègues d'Alexandre Péloquin lui rendent un dernier hommage" - Plus - "Déclaration de la famille du soldat Alexandre Péloquin" - Plus - Family:  "He Didn't Die in Vain" - On His Way Home - More - more - Killed in Op That Took Out a Lot of Potential IEDs - More


Board of Inquiry into April 2006 CAN Handling of Detainees: "The Board, composed of three senior Canadian Forces (CF) members, concluded that detainees were handled professionally and humanly by CF members with whom they were in contact, and that CF members acted consistently beyond reproach." - More - more - "Une enquête militaire a conclu que les soldats canadiens avaient bien traité les combattants talibans capturés à Kandahar." - Plus - DefMin Statement - Vice-CDS Statement - OK, Then - Where's the Report?


CFB Petawawa Preparing to Welcome Home Returning Troops


CF Airman Facing Court Martial for Allegedly Not Stopping Playing with Pistol when Ordered


DefMins Gathering in NLD to Discuss AFG - More - more


USA Troop Surge = "Change in Game"


AFG Foreign Minister Calls for More European Cop Trainers - Working on AFG Border Police in Spin Boldak, Other Border Areas to Fight Drug Flow - "International Security Assistance Force and Afghan national army troops have destroyed a major Taliban drug centre in a series of night raids in Helmand." - More


30 Bad Boys Killed in Uruzgan


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Claims of Brits Killing Civvies near Laskhar Gah - More Claims in Kandahar, Uruzgan


Opinion:  "(Canada) as a nation have sacrificed 119 of our soldiers killed, with another 700 wounded to date .... To accept 50 schoolhouses — without teachers — and a ramshackle Afghan army in exchange does not honour that sacrifice."


IRN Weapons Getting to Taliban -  Iranian Weapons Getting into Taliban Hands =/= Iranian GOVERNMENT Giving Taliban Weapons - Prairie Pundit:  "The weapon production is in the hands of the radicals who are responsible for Iran being the largest state sponsor of terrorism and it appears they are joined with the terrorist in Afghanistan."



9 June 09 

Alexandre Péloquin, R.I.P.:  Message de Son Excellence la très honorable Michaëlle Jean à l'occasion du décès du soldat Alexandre Péloquin - Governor General's Statement - Déclaration du Premier ministre - PM Statement - Déclaration du ministre de la Défense nationale - DefMin's Statement - Le premier ministre Charest offre ses condoléances - ISAF Statement - Presse Canadienne - Journal de Québec - Québec Hebdo - - - L'Express (FRA) - CanWest News - More - - - Globe & Mail - Toronto Star Reuters


Blogger Points Out Globe & Mail's Errors Re:  Civilian Casualties


Fast Air Helps in Punch-Ups in Uruzgan, K'Har - "Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Nine Suspected Militants in Helmand"


US Surge Marines Get to Work - More - "Black Watch seize tons of opium in raids on Taliban drug factories" - More - more


Refugees Leave K'Har Camp to Return to Homes in North, West


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Attacks Claimed in K'Har, Uruzgan and Zabul


Opinion:  "One of the dopey issues in Afghanistan is the concern of some about Taliban or al-Qaida fighters who are captured while trying to kill Canadians." - "Supporters of a continuing Canadian mission suggest Afghanistan’s bloody past actually makes the case for continued intervention: Even if Afghanistan hasn’t gotten good, even if it never gets good, it has become less awful."


"Al Qaida plays key role on both sides of Pakistan-Afghan border"



8 June 09


Alexandre Péloquin, R.I.P.:  FC Communiqué - CF news release - Presse Canadienne - Canadian Press - Condolences Thread


One of the Wounded Continues to Recover - CF Medic Remembers Tour


"Architect of Canada's new strategy slams West's failure to grasp Afghans"


"Sexual violence against children common in Afghanistan: report"


Al Jazeera:  AFG Cops Allege CAN Troops Don't Support Them? (YouTube video; 1:15 into story)


"The Afghan Ministry of Defense says they can recapture the Taliban-controlled districts, if the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) decides to open polling centers there"


"Although the Taliban today remain widely unpopular with war-wary Afghans, the insurgent group has managed to ensconce itself through stealth and slippery tactics in big Afghan cities and remote villages, where it ruthlessly pursues its political and economic interests." (.pdf version)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Brit Troops, Tanks Allegedly Hit in Helmand Attacks - More on Taliban's Take (.pdf version on non-terrorist site) on Obama's Speech to Muslims


Opinion:  "What role should Canada play in Pakistan?"


"Media reports of Pakistan's imminent demise are overstated. The same holds true for the supposed lack of security of Islamabad's nuclear arsenal."


7 June 09

"Canada sending motion detectors to thwart Afghan bombers" - More


One of the Wounded Recovering Well


CAN Kicks Off Traveling Multi-Media Display Showing Off the Mission - "Beverley J. Oda .... lancé Afghanistan 360, une exposition sur les engagements du Canada en Afghanistan qui sera présentée dans diverses villes canadiennes jusqu’en 2011." - Afghanistan360 - Blog:   More Proof of CAN Distancing Military from AFG Mission?


More on CAN Seeing Progress in AFG (.pdf version)


ISAF Soldier Killed in South


AFG Legislators Collecting Documents Alleging "War Crimes" by Foreign Troops (.pdf version) - Follow-up to Wanting to "Regulate" Foreign Troops?


"Afghan forces continue operations in southern Afghanistan, deliver aid to villagers" - "ISAF, ANSF Destroy Narcotics and Contraband in Southern Afghanistan" - More - more


"Pre-mature explosion kills suicide bomber, wounds 2 Afghan children" - Bomber Attacks Bus in Spin Boldak


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "The Pakistani intelligence agent who (allegedly) trained Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, to fight has warned that Nato forces will never overpower their enemies in Afghanistan and should talk to them rather than sacrifice more lives."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  May 2009 Summary of Taliban References to CAN Casualties - Multiple Attacks Claimed Across RC-South; Two Border Cops @ Spin Boldak Allegedly Defect


6 June 09


Returning Troops Need Time to Adjust


ISAF Spokesperson: "Insurgent use of roadside bombs in Afghanistan has surged 80 percent this year, remaining the No. 1 killer of foreign troops" Blog:   Civilianization of Canada's Mission Continues - On Not Counting on Counting Bodies


USA Planning to Send LOTS More SF Troops In - Commander US Special Ops Command: "Success in Afghanistan and Pakistan will require an intimate local knowledge of the tribal culture and a small coalition footprint" - "Demand for the services of U.S. Special Operations Command could strain the force" - Registan:  "SOF Fail? Maybe." - Brit Harriers Good to Go in K'Har


Weapons, Drugs & Bad Guys Seized in Uruzgan - AFG, Coalition Troops Prevent Attack in Shahidi Hasas District, Oruzgan - Foreign Fighter Facilitator" Nabbed in Nad Ali District, Helmand - "Team Zabul Treats Animals, Fosters Relationships"


"A mine blast in Spin Boldak district of Kandahar left one killed and eight wounded, all reported children and women"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  "Voice of Jihad" Radio Allegedly on the Air in AFG in Pashto, Dari (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic (.pdf) - Civvy Casualties Alleged in Uruzgan - Taliban Doesn't Buy Obama's Outreach to Muslims - More


USA PAK/AFG Envoy: Let's Hunt Down the Private Donors, Donations Helping the Taliban


Opinion:  "Alas, this is now America’s war." - "There’s a recurring reconstruction phenomenon in aid-delivery to Afghanistan. One NATO insider likens it to visits from The Good Idea Fairy."



5 June 09

CAN, USA Declare Progress in AFG - Security Issues Notwithstanding, Of Course?


CAN Commander Learns & Applies COIN Lesson Firsthand in K'Har


"L’approche militaire en Afghanistan devra être de plus en plus orientée vers la compréhension de la culture locale, estime le lieutenant général, Roland Kather, président de la Conférence des chefs des Armées de terre des pays de l’OTAN."


USA:  We're Not Planning on Being There Forever - Brits Predict Tough Summer Ahead - RUS Sending Humanitarian Aid Trucks, Choppers


Motorbike Suicide Bomber Kills Five Security Guards with Convoy in Spin Boldak - "Lessons at home for children in Uruzgan"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Taliban Deny Brits Killing Helmand Muj Boss


Opinion:  "Même en période de crise, la mission en Afghanistan est justifiée" - "To win, we must separate the Afghan people from the enemy: Wanted in Afghanistan: surprise and innovation" - "Get Off The Damned FOBs"


Danger Room:  Human Terrain Specialists Looking for IRN's Hand in AFG Affairs



4 June 09

"Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan, Report to Parliament, March 2009" (.pdf version) - News Release - "Rapport au Parlement : Le rôle du Canada dans l’engagement en Afghanistan, mars 2009" (version .pdf) - Communique


"The latest Canadian government assessment of the war in Afghanistan paints a picture of costly, bloody stalemate in Kandahar – one that a senior federal cabinet minister insisted must be seen through to its conclusion." - CAN Minister: "Canada 'can't afford not to continue' Afghan mission" - "Although strides have been made to build up the Afghan Army in Kandahar, the province remained a dangerous place where terrorists continue to target the country's government"


CAN CDS: Taliban Can't Hold Ground


Canadian Press: "Afghan farmers complain 'Canadians' shooting at them while they work"


The Torch:  Sperwer UAV History?


Commander of Regional Police Advisory Command South: “The (AFG) police officers that I see and deal with on a daily basis are very dedicated to their cause and to their nation”


"Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered his government to begin work on plans to control operations by foreign troops in a bid to stop rising numbers of civilian casualties"


US Fast Air Busy Over RC-South


AUS Not Taking Lead in Oruzgan - AUS Troops Want More AUS Food


More on Killing of Taliban Bad Boy Mullah Mansur in Helmand - First Civvy Airfield in 30 Years Opens in Helmand


Big Extortion Money to be Made by Taliban - Drug Dealers Convicted


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site): Lots of Claimed Kills Against Police in Helmand


Small Wars Journal review of Center for a New American Security (CNAS) report "Triage: The Next Twelve Months in Afghanistan and Pakistan"



3 June 09 

Coming CAN ROTO Training Hard


Civvy CAN Doctor Preparing for Second Tour


ISAF Sharing Stats About Medical Treatment They Offer to Afghans


Taliban IED Boss Nailed by Apache Attack in Helmand - More - more - more - Killed on His Motorbike?


11 Taliban, 1 NATO Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan - ISAF Statement - UK MoD Statement


Latest Brit Fallen Identified - Brit, AFG Troops Busy Near Musa Qala - Brits Help Protect AFG Minister During His First Visit to Sangin - Four Brits Walk Away from IED Blast in Northern Helmand


"America's new top general in Afghanistan, picked by President Barack Obama to reshape a stalemated war, warned Tuesday of tough combat, mounting casualties and a long, hard counterinsurgency campaign to defeat the Taliban." - “There is no simple answer. We must conduct a holistic counterinsurgency campaign and we must do it well.”


US Forces in AFG Sharing the Message via Facebook, Twitter - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Attacks Claimed in Helmand, K'Har and Zabul


Security Expert:  PAK Against Taliban 2009 Sorta Like Coalition Against AFG Taliban in 2001?


IRN Arrests AFG Saboteurs in Town Near Helmand Border - AFG:  "We'll Never Be a Base for Terr Attacks!"


2 June 09 

"Canadians deep in Taliban territory brace for 'fighting season' "


"Canadian artillery mentors in Afghanistan face tricky language, literacy woes"


Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P. Manslaughter Trial Begins


CAN DefMin: "The Canadian military must do more to address mental-health concerns within its ranks"


Movement on Upgrading Leopards to Send to AFG? - More on CAN Seeking Vehicles to Replace AFVs Worn-Out in AFG


"Outgoing Afghan Ambassador to Canada Omar Samad has said that there was a great contribution from Canada for the rebuilding of war-torn Afghanistan."


AFG Women Graduate from CAN Distance Ed Program


CAN VetAff Min on His Latest Trip to AFG


ISAF to Stop Using White Vehicles to Help NGO's Look Different


UN Training Up AFG Cops for Coming Election - Both Sides Pushing Pre-Election


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Canada says it supports peace talks under way between President Hamid Karzai's Afghan government and representatives of the Taliban and other insurgent groups, but cautions they will have to accept the Kabul government's authority."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Taliban Publishes May 2009 (Alleged) Scorecard - More on Scorecard - Last Attacks of the Month Allegedly Claim K'Har Higher-Up, AFG Troops & Advisors


Price on High-Price PAK Taliban Heads



1 June 09

"Expert" Claims Secret Plans to Crank Up CAN's Military Mission in AFG - Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...


CAN Hires Company to Play the Bad Guy During Training for AFG


USA Surge o' Troops Expected by Next Month


ISAF Looking Into Possible Civvy Cas in Helmand


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Clandestine talks meant to convince Afghan Taliban to lay down their arms are underway, but Kabul's outgoing ambassador to Canada says his government will not sacrifice democratic and human rights principles to achieve peace."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Taliban Claim Taking Down Kandahar Communications Tower


Opinion:  "Money, with strings, yes. Genuine technical expertise, where needed, yes. But for heaven’s sake spare Afghanistan a new surge of the self-perpetuating, self-consuming international aid bureaucracy."



 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007


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