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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

8 June 09


"Architect of Canada's new strategy slams West's failure to grasp Afghans"


"Sexual violence against children common in Afghanistan: report"


Al Jazeera:  AFG Cops Allege CAN Troops Don't Support Them? (YouTube video; 1:15 into story)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Brit Troops, Tanks Allegedly Hit in Helmand Attacks


"Media reports of Pakistan's imminent demise are overstated. The same holds true for the supposed lack of security of Islamabad's nuclear arsenal."


7 June 09


"Canada sending motion detectors to thwart Afghan bombers" - More


One of the Wounded Recovering Well


CAN Kicks Off Traveling Multi-Media Display Showing Off the Mission - "Beverley J. Oda .... lancé Afghanistan 360, une exposition sur les engagements du Canada en Afghanistan qui sera présentée dans diverses villes canadiennes jusqu’en 2011." - Afghanistan360 - Blog:   More Proof of CAN Distancing Military from AFG Mission?


More on CAN Seeing Progress in AFG (.pdf version)


ISAF Soldier Killed in South


AFG Legislators Collecting Documents Alleging "War Crimes" by Foreign Troops (.pdf version) - Follow-up to Wanting to "Regulate" Foreign Troops?


"Afghan forces continue operations in southern Afghanistan, deliver aid to villagers" - "ISAF, ANSF Destroy Narcotics and Contraband in Southern Afghanistan" - More - more


"Pre-mature explosion kills suicide bomber, wounds 2 Afghan children" - Bomber Attacks Bus in Spin Boldak


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "The Pakistani intelligence agent who (allegedly) trained Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, to fight has warned that Nato forces will never overpower their enemies in Afghanistan and should talk to them rather than sacrifice more lives."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  May 2009 Summary of Taliban References to CAN Casualties - Multiple Attacks Claimed Across RC-South; Two Border Cops @ Spin Boldak Allegedly Defect


6 June 09


Returning Troops Need Time to Adjust


ISAF Spokesperson: "Insurgent use of roadside bombs in Afghanistan has surged 80 percent this year, remaining the No. 1 killer of foreign troops" Blog:   Civilianization of Canada's Mission Continues - On Not Counting on Counting Bodies


USA Planning to Send LOTS More SF Troops In - Commander US Special Ops Command: "Success in Afghanistan and Pakistan will require an intimate local knowledge of the tribal culture and a small coalition footprint" - "Demand for the services of U.S. Special Operations Command could strain the force" - Registan:  "SOF Fail? Maybe." - Brit Harriers Good to Go in K'Har


Weapons, Drugs & Bad Guys Seized in Uruzgan - AFG, Coalition Troops Prevent Attack in Shahidi Hasas District, Oruzgan - Foreign Fighter Facilitator" Nabbed in Nad Ali District, Helmand - "Team Zabul Treats Animals, Fosters Relationships"


"A mine blast in Spin Boldak district of Kandahar left one killed and eight wounded, all reported children and women"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  "Voice of Jihad" Radio Allegedly on the Air in AFG in Pashto, Dari (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic (.pdf) - Civvy Casualties Alleged in Uruzgan - Taliban Doesn't Buy Obama's Outreach to Muslims - More


USA PAK/AFG Envoy: Let's Hunt Down the Private Donors, Donations Helping the Taliban


Opinion:  "Alas, this is now America’s war." - "There’s a recurring reconstruction phenomenon in aid-delivery to Afghanistan. One NATO insider likens it to visits from The Good Idea Fairy."



5 June 09

CAN, USA Declare Progress in AFG - Security Issues Notwithstanding, Of Course?


CAN Commander Learns & Applies COIN Lesson Firsthand in K'Har


"L’approche militaire en Afghanistan devra être de plus en plus orientée vers la compréhension de la culture locale, estime le lieutenant général, Roland Kather, président de la Conférence des chefs des Armées de terre des pays de l’OTAN."


USA:  We're Not Planning on Being There Forever - Brits Predict Tough Summer Ahead - RUS Sending Humanitarian Aid Trucks, Choppers


Motorbike Suicide Bomber Kills Five Security Guards with Convoy in Spin Boldak - "Lessons at home for children in Uruzgan"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Taliban Deny Brits Killing Helmand Muj Boss


Opinion:  "Même en période de crise, la mission en Afghanistan est justifiée" - "To win, we must separate the Afghan people from the enemy: Wanted in Afghanistan: surprise and innovation" - "Get Off The Damned FOBs"


Danger Room:  Human Terrain Specialists Looking for IRN's Hand in AFG Affairs



4 June 09

"Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan, Report to Parliament, March 2009" (.pdf version) - News Release - "Rapport au Parlement : Le rôle du Canada dans l’engagement en Afghanistan, mars 2009" (version .pdf) - Communique


"The latest Canadian government assessment of the war in Afghanistan paints a picture of costly, bloody stalemate in Kandahar – one that a senior federal cabinet minister insisted must be seen through to its conclusion." - CAN Minister: "Canada 'can't afford not to continue' Afghan mission" - "Although strides have been made to build up the Afghan Army in Kandahar, the province remained a dangerous place where terrorists continue to target the country's government"


CAN CDS: Taliban Can't Hold Ground


Canadian Press: "Afghan farmers complain 'Canadians' shooting at them while they work"


The Torch:  Sperwer UAV History?


Commander of Regional Police Advisory Command South: “The (AFG) police officers that I see and deal with on a daily basis are very dedicated to their cause and to their nation”


"Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered his government to begin work on plans to control operations by foreign troops in a bid to stop rising numbers of civilian casualties"


US Fast Air Busy Over RC-South


AUS Not Taking Lead in Oruzgan - AUS Troops Want More AUS Food


More on Killing of Taliban Bad Boy Mullah Mansur in Helmand - First Civvy Airfield in 30 Years Opens in Helmand


Big Extortion Money to be Made by Taliban - Drug Dealers Convicted


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site): Lots of Claimed Kills Against Police in Helmand


Small Wars Journal review of Center for a New American Security (CNAS) report "Triage: The Next Twelve Months in Afghanistan and Pakistan"



3 June 09 

Coming CAN ROTO Training Hard


Civvy CAN Doctor Preparing for Second Tour


ISAF Sharing Stats About Medical Treatment They Offer to Afghans


Taliban IED Boss Nailed by Apache Attack in Helmand - More - more - more - Killed on His Motorbike?


11 Taliban, 1 NATO Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan - ISAF Statement - UK MoD Statement


Latest Brit Fallen Identified - Brit, AFG Troops Busy Near Musa Qala - Brits Help Protect AFG Minister During His First Visit to Sangin - Four Brits Walk Away from IED Blast in Northern Helmand


"America's new top general in Afghanistan, picked by President Barack Obama to reshape a stalemated war, warned Tuesday of tough combat, mounting casualties and a long, hard counterinsurgency campaign to defeat the Taliban." - “There is no simple answer. We must conduct a holistic counterinsurgency campaign and we must do it well.”


US Forces in AFG Sharing the Message via Facebook, Twitter - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Attacks Claimed in Helmand, K'Har and Zabul


Security Expert:  PAK Against Taliban 2009 Sorta Like Coalition Against AFG Taliban in 2001?


IRN Arrests AFG Saboteurs in Town Near Helmand Border - AFG:  "We'll Never Be a Base for Terr Attacks!"


2 June 09 

"Canadians deep in Taliban territory brace for 'fighting season' "


"Canadian artillery mentors in Afghanistan face tricky language, literacy woes"


Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P. Manslaughter Trial Begins


CAN DefMin: "The Canadian military must do more to address mental-health concerns within its ranks"


Movement on Upgrading Leopards to Send to AFG? - More on CAN Seeking Vehicles to Replace AFVs Worn-Out in AFG


"Outgoing Afghan Ambassador to Canada Omar Samad has said that there was a great contribution from Canada for the rebuilding of war-torn Afghanistan."


AFG Women Graduate from CAN Distance Ed Program


CAN VetAff Min on His Latest Trip to AFG


ISAF to Stop Using White Vehicles to Help NGO's Look Different


UN Training Up AFG Cops for Coming Election - Both Sides Pushing Pre-Election


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Canada says it supports peace talks under way between President Hamid Karzai's Afghan government and representatives of the Taliban and other insurgent groups, but cautions they will have to accept the Kabul government's authority."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Taliban Publishes May 2009 (Alleged) Scorecard - More on Scorecard - Last Attacks of the Month Allegedly Claim K'Har Higher-Up, AFG Troops & Advisors


Price on High-Price PAK Taliban Heads



1 June 09

"Expert" Claims Secret Plans to Crank Up CAN's Military Mission in AFG - Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...


CAN Hires Company to Play the Bad Guy During Training for AFG


USA Surge o' Troops Expected by Next Month


ISAF Looking Into Possible Civvy Cas in Helmand


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Clandestine talks meant to convince Afghan Taliban to lay down their arms are underway, but Kabul's outgoing ambassador to Canada says his government will not sacrifice democratic and human rights principles to achieve peace."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web site):  Taliban Claim Taking Down Kandahar Communications Tower


Opinion:  "Money, with strings, yes. Genuine technical expertise, where needed, yes. But for heaven’s sake spare Afghanistan a new surge of the self-perpetuating, self-consuming international aid bureaucracy."



 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007


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