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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

12 May 09  

New CEFCOM Commander:  "The Canadian army's way of doing business in Kandahar will not change, even though the Americans and their thousands of reinforcements will control most of the volatile province"


How the Troops Deal with Loss


K'Har Police Chief Happy to See CAN TF Commander


"L'insurrection rend la tâche des avocats militaires beaucoup plus difficile"


"Canadians help Afghan cops, soldiers learn the evils of graft"


USA Appoints New Commander in AFG - More - Says "Oh oh" - CAN CEFCOM Commander Has Kudos for Outgoing Commander


U.S. troop influx = infrastructure boom


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Alleges 25+ Killed, Injured in Helmand, K'Har Attacks

11 May 09  

"Un soldat canadien se plaint auprès du lieutenant-général Michel Gauthier" - Outgoing CEFCOM Boss Gets Earful from Solider @ PRT


CAN CDS Calls PAK Insurgency "Worrisome" - PAK Leaders Reportedly Unite Against AQ, Taliban


"L'obéissance n'est plus nécessairement privilégiée dans l'armée" - GoogleEnglish:  Legal Advisor to CAN Battle Group quoted saying "We focus on the 'understanding' rather than obedience as in old movies"


How CAN-run Hospital in K'Har Helping More than Just Troops


CAN's Role in AFG "creating increasingly conflicted emotions among Afghan-Canadians" - "La mission canadienne en Afghanistan crée des sentiments partagés parmi les Afghans-Canadiens"


Text of CAN PM's 7 May 09 Speech in K'Har Now Available - Discours du Premier ministre à Kandahar, 7 mai 2009 - .pdf version here/ici


Helmand, K'Har Still Focus of Drug Trade - 'Thriving Afghan drug trade has friends in high places"


Petraeus:  AQ No Longer Operating in AFG


Organization of the Islamic Conference Secretary General "condemns the targeting of civilians in Afghanistan" - USA Holds Firm on Still Using Air Strikes - More - Karzai:  No, I REALLY Mean It About Airstrikes, Guys! - Meanwhile, Lots of "Shows of Force" by USA Fast Air Over K'Har, Helmand Last Week


Two Motorbike Bombers Kill Five AFG Cops in Helmand - Taliban Takes the Credit for Killing 39 (.pdf of statement in Arabic, followed by English, downloadable from non-terrorist web page)


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Taliban Publishes (Alleged) Stats for April 2009 (.pdf of table of stats available at non-terrorist web page here) - Attacks Alleged in Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul


Karzai to Offer Power-Sharing Deal to Wanted Warlord? - Wikipedia Profile of Hekmatyar - Feb 2003 Designation as Bad Boy by USA


Opinion:  "A journalist in Afghanistan who is not embedded with the military is incapable of getting the whole story, and is far more likely to be captive of what he/she is told by the Taliban who are adept at using the media in a way our military wouldn't dare." (.pdf permalink here)


PAK Steps Up Swat Push


10 May 09 

Returning CAN Troops Get Big Red Welcome


More on Bad Guys Nailed Setting Up IED in Helmand


UK Identifies Four Latest Fallen - Rifleman from 2 RIFLES, Corporal from 3 SCOTS and MP & Ghurka - Fallen Ghurka's Widow can Stay in UK - This, the Day After the Immigration Minister Says, "I can't say "let the nice people in and the nasty people not". We have to have a law."


"A second (British) officer has been arrested over allegations that medal citations awarded for gallantry in Afghanistan were faked"


Board of Inquiry:  Fallen AUS Soldier Hit by 107mm Rocket That Didn't Go Off


EST Adding More Troops in the South - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Claimed in K'Har, Helmand and Zabul


Bloggers on Civvy Casualties and Losing the InfoWar: - Canada-Afghansistan Blog - The Torch


President's Brother Doesn't Take Kindly to Tough Questions


"Sceptics question Pakistan's anti-Taliban resolve"



9 May 09 

CAN Auroras Headed to AFG to Map - "Force aérienne du Canada produira des cartes pour les troupes canadiennes en Afghanistan"


Meanwhile, CAN Air Force Ass'n Says Lots of Things the AF Could Do Post-2011 - Position Paper (.pdf)



CDS on Pulling Out of Panjwai:  "The Taliban hate our guts, so if we're in there, the Taliban will come. You have the Taliban who can move into some areas and intimidate people, which makes it very hard on them." (.pdf of article here) 


More on CAN PM Redefining Mission in AFG


Karzai Trying to Get USA to Stop Using Fast Air (Again)


Four Brit Troops Fallen in One Day - Brits Need to Stay Until 2021? - Brit Officer Accused of Medal Jiggery-Pokery Vows to Clear Name


Contractor Charged with Killing Man who Torched Anthropologist Gets Fine & No Jail Time - More - more


"At least 16 Afghan civilians and two International Security Assistance Force soldiers were killed, and more than 30 other civilians wounded, as a result of a suicide improvised explosive device attack yesterday in Helmand province" - ISAF statement - Five Bad Guys Blown Up Planting IED - Others Nailed Before Finishing the Job


Blogger:  AUS SF Taking Out Bad Guy Boss=Targeted Assassination?


More on USA DefSec Dropping In on Troops in K'Har - "Wraps Up Afghanistan Visit With New Insights" -


New USA Approach in AFG = Need for Bigger System Changes, Too


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attack Alleged in Helmand - AQ Media Arm Bashes USA in AFG (Posted to LOTS of Jihadi Forums All Over) (.pdf versions of statement available at non-terrorist page here and here)


44 In the Running for AFG President


AFG, PAK Start New Border Security Measures


PAK Military Push Against Taliban Begins



8 May 09 

PM Drops By AFG - "Le PM se rend en Afghanistan" - The Big Six - Six priorités du Canada en Afghanistan - Pushes Aid Projects During Visit - More - more - more - more - "L'arrivée des Américains amènera des progrès, dit Harper en visite à Kandahar" - Plus


More on CAN Soldiers Making K'Har Safer


CAN Seeking Companies to Build More Quarters for Troops at K'Har Airfield (.pdf permalink)


USA SecDef Drops By Helmand FOB


Homicide Bomber Kills 12 In Helmand - "Attentat-suicide a coûté la vie à 12 civils et fait 32 blessés jeudi dans le sud de l'Afghanistan" - Investigation Shows Civvies Killed in Helmand


"UN expands presence in southern Afghanistan with new office in Uruzgan" - L'ONU étend sa présence dans le Sud


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  More Allegations of Civilian Casualties, Arrests in Helmand - How Much "News" did CNN Drag Out of Taliban Spokesperson?


Opinion:  "However Harper frames our mission, what the generals call "activity" will trump aid for now. Canada's 2011 exit is a long way off." - "Give the Afghan Army a Governance Role"


7 May 09

"Les forces de sécurité afghanes ont mené des rafles qui ont impressionné leurs mentors de la coalition internationale cette semaine, à Kandahar, ce qui ne veut pas dire toutefois qu'elles sont prêtes à voler de leurs propres ailes." - GoogEnglish:  New CAN Troops Impressing Allies (But Not Ready to Head Out on their Own?)


The Torch Shares (and Disagrees With) NDP's Concerns about Private Security at CAN FOBs - Q&A in Question Period 6 May 09 (.pdf permalink)


More Valcarter Troops Head Downrange - "Valcartier military wives count each day as their husbands fight on the war front"


CAN War Poet Starting to Feel Better


Mentoring=Better Work Hunting Down Bad Guys


UN Mission's Canadian 2 i/c: "Before Canadians condemn Afghans for their controversial women's law, they need to know their parliamentarians have made great progress rebuilding their country by passing 50 perfectly good ones"


CAN Media Rules:  One Blogger's "So What?"... - ... is Another Blogger's "When Will Their Oppression End?" - More on the Back-and-Forth


"Construction Crews in Southern Afghanistan Prepare for Troop Increase"


More on AUS SAS Nailing Uruzgan Taliban Boss - How Brit Logisticians are Helping in the Fight - Brit Gunners, Too - Brits, ANP Handing Out School Supplies in Helmand - ISAF statement - UK MoD feature


"Eight years after the Taleban were toppled from power, with hundreds of millions of pounds spent and more than 150 British lives lost in trying to defeat them, they still have a pervasive influence in the heartlands of Helmand province in Afghanistan."


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Alleged in Helmand, Zabul - Video of CNN Interview with Taliban Spokesperson


Potential for More PAK Troops on AFG Border=Tougher Time for AQ?


Three-Way AFG-PAK-USA Meeting:  "US President Barack Obama has said after meeting his Afghan and Pakistani counterparts that they are united in the goal of defeating al-Qaeda." - "President Obama said on Wednesday that the United States is deeply committed to helping Afghanistan and Pakistan defeat Al Qaeda and its extremist partners and in helping democracy endure and flourish in those countries." - "President Barack Obama said today he is encouraged by the spirit of cooperation between the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan as the two nations confront extremists." - "Le président américain Barack Obama a assuré mercredi que les Etats-Unis feraient tout leur possible pour éviter les victimes civiles dans les combats contre les extrémistes en Afghanistan, après l'annonce de dizaines de morts civiles dans des frappes et des combats" - Plus



6 May 09 

CAN R22eR Company Tasked with Keeping K'Har City Safe


"Quelle est cette bête rampante, sournoise, qui prolifère en Afghanistan, dans l'ombre? La corruption. Les Canadiens auront bientôt une nouvelle arme pour la dépister et la traquer. La chasse est ouverte."


Change of Command as TF 1-09 Takes Over


CAN Embeds to Provide Fingerprints, Retinal Scans for Accreditation - Globe & Mail Embed Talks to the Cooks - BBC Visits UAE Troops In AFG


Flat Stanley Follows CAN Medic to AFG - CAN War Artist Shares Story - CAN War Poet Hit by Gut Flu Preparing to Deploy (Get Well Soon, SMS!)


Federation of American Scientists:  Open Source GEOINT Analysis of AFG Terrorism Hot Spots - Alternate .pdf Download Site (19 MB) - Long War Journal Map of Where the Taliban's Busiest


Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies' First Quarter Report for 2009


CAN Getting New AFG Envoy


Corrupt Judge in Daykondi Province Mobbed, Beaten (But Nobody Notices?)


"Attentat à la bombe à Helmand; 4 morts et 7 blessés"


More on High Level Taliban Boss Nailed in Helmand - Another One Nailed in Uruzgan - AUS Statement - ISAF Statement


UK's Socialist Worker "Nothing illustrates the problems of the occupation more than the hapless misadventure of British troops in the Helmand province in southern Afghanistan." - Blogger:  "a wider geopolitical reason why the tactic of pinning troops down in Helmand is proving effective .... is the disintegration of the Euro-American alliance"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Claimed in Helmand, Uruzgan and Zabul - Spokesperson Tells CNN "We believe by both ... negotiation and also by war ... we ask them to leave the country we are ready to talk ... so they are not ready to leave so they want to talk by the mouth of the gun we will talk by the mouth of the gun." (.pdf permalink)


Opinion:  "Now, it's the Van Doos' turn to carry the load; But sending Quebec-based troops to Afghanistan carries extra political risk" - "The latest downward spiral for the occupation cannot be solved by sending in more troops or spreading the war to Pakistan"


USA Preps for AFG-PAK Meeting - "Failure to destroy bases in Pakistan allows insurgents to thrive, says Afghan President" - "Washington's special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan has said the US must put more pressure on Islamabad to counter the Taleban." - "Pakistani President Tries to Assure U.S. on Taliban" - "Sommet tripartite à Washington consacré à la lutte contre les Taliban"


PAK Taliban Say UAVs Doing a Good Job - Leaky PAK-AFG Border Could Cause USA Problems


5 May 09

CAN Troops Injured in pre-AFG Training Road Accident (Thanks, muzz47) - Others Still Preparing to Head Downrange


CAN Army Boss:  AFG Mission Leaving Army Short o' Officers, Senior NCOs


"Le célèbre haschisch afghan enivre certains militaires et civils canadiens déployés en Afghanistan au point que les trafiquants n'hésitent pas à le faire entrer par camion au coeur même de la base de Kandahar, comme le révèlent des documents de la Police militaire." - GoogEng:  Drug Dealers Getting into CAN Base?

Blogger:  What the Latest CAN Pullback from Panjwai Could Mean - More from


CAN Names First Top CAN Cop in AFG - "Ministre Cannon et le commissaire de la GRC Elliott annoncent la nomination du premier commandant de police canadien en Afghanistan"


Tension Continues Between CAN Foreign Affairs and Defence over AFG Roles? (.pdf permalink)


"Of all the occupational hazards facing Canadian fighter pilots, you'd think getting blown up by an improvised explosive device (IED) would rank pretty far down on the list."


CAN Embed Visits the Tougher Part of Kandahar City - Another CAN Embed Ponders Walls


PAK Terrorists Nabbed in Helmand (.pdf permalink)


"Afghan, Coalition Troops Successfully Target Senior Insurgent in Helmand" - Beware the Helmandi with a Shovel in His Hand... - How UK High Tech Prevents Civvy Casualties in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Panjwai Talib Shares "New Strategy" for Summer Campaign (.pdf permalink) - Longer Globe & Mail Version (.pdf permalink) - Attacks Claimed in K'Har, Zabul - Also in K'Har, Nimruz and Helmand


Karzai Brings In Former Warlord as Running Mate - Mohammed Qasim Fahim Bio


AFG Reportedly Soon to be Self-Sufficient in Wheat


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs:  PAK Nukes OK, but Taliban's Latest Worrying - Says "U.S. military strategic focus is shifting from Iraq to Afghanistan"


4 May 09 

Karine Blais, R.I.P.:  Which Flag Should Have Been on Coffin?


"Les Forces canadiennes ont démantelé un fort de l'armée afghane" - "Forces dismantle police substation in Afghanistan ‘drawback’" - More - more


"En plein coeur de la ville de Kandahar, la présence d'enfants est un bon signe pour les militaires canadiens."


More on New Rules for CAN Media


Bad Guys Nailed in Helmand - Zabul IED Kills 12 Civvies


Worries About Fraud with Ballots (Which Are Supposed to be) Cast by Women - More - Karzai Signs Up - Potentially Nobody Running Against Karxai? - UN Asking Everyone Who Can to Vote


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Attacks Claimed in Kandahar, Zabul - Al Jazz Claims Americans Trying to Convert Afghans to Christianity - USA Military Says "We're NOT Proselytizing"


"U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan 'backfiring,' Congress told" - USA May Give Joint Control over Drone Missions Over PAK?




3 May 09

Smiling Kids=Less Danger


Narrated Videos of CAN Troops at Work


Reporter/blogger: "There are lessons both NATO and American forces can learn, from their own unique experiences. As Canadian Forces move into the last years of this mission, it is an opportunity that should not be lost."


How CAN's Helping Get Water Where it's Needed - USAID Working in Zabul - USA Chair of Joint Chiefs Finds Challenges in Zabul Visit


CAN's RoCK: "Our exit strategy from Afghanistan lies primarily in the establishment of a sustainable economic and political system"


USA Leery About Pushing Even More Troops into AFG?


Bike Bomber Kills Civvies in Helmand Market - More - more


Taliban Aching to Down Brit Chinook? (.pdf permalink) - OSINT Bibliography on Taliban/MANPADS


Black Watch Into the Breach - Brit Officer Nabbed in "Medal Fiddle" - More - more - Curry Night for UK Troops


Talkin' to the Taliban:  AFG Seeks IRN's Involvement with Taliban


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  Claims of USA Troops Causing Civvy Cas in Uruzgan


"Clinton Sees 'Intense' Afghanistan-Pakistan Talks"


"Pak General Wants Drones Grounded in Taliban Cease-Fire Deal"


2 May 09

Michelle Mendes, R.I.P.:  Laid to Rest - More - more - video - "Garde d'honneur rend un dernier hommage"


Darryl James Caswell, 1981-2007, R.I.P.:  "Motorcyclists on a mission for mom"


"Dernier contingent de Valcartier quitte pour l'Afghanistan" - Plus - plus


"Canadians playing a role in new security unit at Kandahar Airfield" - "Une nouvelle force de protection voit le jour"


"Fighting season is fast approaching, but for the time being, Kandahar is preoccupied with water, food and crops"


CAN DefMin:  PAK Most Dangerous Place on Earth These Days


"L'OTAN prévoit un été «sanglant» en Afghanistan"


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web page):  April 2009 Summary of Taliban Claims of Canadian Casualties - Attacks Claimed in Panjwai, Arghandab and Garmsir



1 May 09

Michelle Mendes, R.I.P.:  Funeral Today, Memorial Service Tomorrow - More


"Le dernier contingent de soldats canadiens s'envole pour l'Afghanistan"


"De ville fantôme qu’elle était il y a à peine trois ans, Panjwai est en train de renaître."


CAN to Make it Easier for AFGs Helping the Troops Get into CAN - "Canada s'apprête à accueillir des Afghans qui ont travaillé pour le pays"


"Père et fils sont affectés en Afghanistan et volent ensemble" - CAN Father-Son Working Hercs


CAN's First RoCK Loved Her Title


CAN Historian on Patrol in K'Har


Deputy Cdr of RC-South Expects "Bloody Summer"


Some Commenters Underwhelmed with Globe's Latest Blog Post from AFG


AFG Cops Need More Human Rights Training - "Kandahar est une bonne école pour les policiers canadiens en mission"


US Navy F-18 Pilot's View of AFG - "Been There, Done That" Advice Blog


IED Factory Dealt With in South


UK Troops Waiting for USA Surge to Help Out in South - More on UK Troops Wanting Even More UK Troops


Taliban Propaganda Watch (links to non-terrorist web pages):  Attack Claimed in Zabul


Red Cross:  Using Clinics as Polling Stations Not a Great Idea


 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007


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