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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

12 Apr 09 

"Qu'on se le tienne pour dit: les combats se multiplieront dans le sud de l'Afghanistan prochainement, là où est concentré le corps expéditionnaire canadien." - "Combat operations will soon be ramped up in the hotly contested region of Afghanistan where Canadian troops play a major role."


"Canadian bishop celebrates Easter mass on the Kandahar airbase"


Former CAN Deputy Commander Says We're Making a Difference


K'Har Female Legislator Shot Dead - More - more - Taliban Taking Credit (.pdf at non-jihadi web page)


Outgoing UK Commander:  Troops' Morale Good - NLD Special Forces Hunting Taliban (Original article in Dutch)


Aussie COIN Expert:  "If Pakistan collapses it will dwarf anything we have seen so far in whatever we're calling the war on terror now"




12 Apr 09 

"Un militaire canadien célèbre une dernière fois la prière musulmane du vendredi" - "Il y a des rapprochements à faire entre la vie du Christ et celle des soldats"


K'Har Air Traffic Controllers Bracing for LOTS More Traffic


CAN Corrections Officer Highlights Progress He Sees (.pdf permalink) - "Un réserviste lavallois fait parler de lui à Kandahar"


ISAF, AFG Forces in Big Helmand Push 8-9 Apr 09


Would-be Homicide Bomber Nailed by AFG Cops in Helmand - +30 Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand, Oruzgan - More - Zabul, Too - "Combats dans le sud de l'Afghanistan: 22 talibans tués"


How the Heck do you Set Up and Run a Presidential Election in Five Months?


New Brit Team Takes Over in Helmand - ITA Photographer Shows the AFG Wounded of Helmand (English translation)


Nimroz Irrigation System Getting Better


Taliban Propaganda Watch:   Taliban Claiming Seven Killed in Rocket Attack on Convoy in Panjwai, Brit Tank Kill in Maiwand (link to non-jihadi web page)


Opinion:  "Europe is bailing out on us. Afghanistan is to be America’s war." - "Is the US selling out to the Taliban?"


From the "Lessons Learned" Department:  RUS Urges West to Avoid Disproportionate Use of Force


PAK Bad Boys (Again) Torch ISAF Supplies in Peshawar - "Des taliban attaquent un entrepôt de l'Isaf à Peshawar"


11 Apr 09 

CAN General Reaching Out to Afghans via Talk Radio


CAN Officer Leads Muslim Prayers @ K'Har


Ottawa Cop Learns While Mentoring AFG Cops


"Nothing says Canada like coffee, doughnuts and hockey."


"How Talibs recruit supporters"


Talkin' to the Taliban:  "Why the Pakistan intelligence agency's close ties with the Taliban should not be condemned"


Opinion:  "While the fight to help Afghans help themselves rages on under extreme circumstances, it now appears the battle for Canadian hearts and minds supporting the mission has been lost."


10 Apr 09 

CIDA Official:  "Tangible Progress" on CAN's Signature Projects


American Troops Being Recognized by CAN


More from The Torch on CAN's Auroras in AFG


Top USA General in AFG to Explain Surge to Tribes


AUS Deciding How to Help More in the Fight - Brits Helping Rebuild Garmsir


Taliban Propaganda Watch:   "6 killed and 3 injured from the Canadian forces in an explosion in Zhari in the province of Kandahar 09/04/09" (.html version at non-jihad web page) - More Taliban Claims of Attacks in Helmand, Zabul


Opinion:  "Canadians have promises to keep and one of them is to allow Afghans the time and support they need to develop their own sort of democracy." - "Are Our Soldiers in Afghanistan Adequately Equipped?" - "Afghanistan law reveals Canadian involvement for flawed and immoral mission it truly is" - "Canadians an unreliable ally to the U.S." - "Six months spent on tour in Kandahar is never enough to get to know and understand the culture and society of the place in which NATO soldiers are operating. Ignorance is no excuse for rushing to half-baked solutions."


Taliban Deal in PAK Province Reportedly Dead - More - PAK Pres:  You Disarm, We Talk


PAK Calls for $30B "Marshall Plan" to Stabilize Border Areas (.pdf permalink) - "US wants ‘serious response’ on ISI terror links" - Opinion:  "Having considered Pakistan’s armed forces and the ISI as stumbling blocks in implementing its agenda, the CIA has started a vicious propaganda war, primarily targeting the ISI by maligning it to the extremes"


9 Apr 09 

More Troops Coming Home


Survey Says AFG Family Law Sapping CAN Support for Mission - Une loi afghane menace l'appui des Canadiens à la mission militaire


"L'aérodrome de Kandahar, où sont basées les troupes canadiennes, s'attend à doubler le volume de son trafic aérien en 2009."


Suicide Bomber Targeting Helmand Anti-Drug Team Kills Child, Four Cops - More - Maybe Two Other Civvies As Well? - More


UN Team Studying Use of Private Military Contractors Wraps Up Visit to AFG


POL Sending More Troops - PAK Politician Suggests Deploying Muslim Troops in AFG


Taliban Propaganda Watch:   Taliban Claims 33 AFG, Foreign Troops Killed in Fighting in Kandahar, Helmand and Zabul (link to non-jihadi web page)


Opinion:  "The reason why our brave soldiers "believe" in the mission they're on and why families of the 116 Canadian soldiers who have given their lives in that brutal country say so too, is because our soldiers have all met people like Sabria and Tahmina -- millions of them -- who have suffered so much and deserve so much more." - "I want to share Gen. Thompson's hope that NATO can bring democracy and freedom to Afghanistan. Canadians are dying for a worthy cause, but I fear it may be a futile one." - "Pakistan: “The Taliban’s Godfather”?"



8 Apr 09

CAN's Former RoCK:  "We have a lot of strengths that the Americans understand. They’re not going to completely overwhelm us from that perspective." (.pdf permalink)


Royal 22nd Regiment Historian in AFG


The Article on Tanks in AFG - The Torch with the REST of the Story


Stories of Some of the Returning Troops - More - more


American Company Gets Contract for Small UAVs for CAN - Original Tender Call


USA Happy to See AFG Family Law Reviewed - Review Could Take a Few Months


Afghans Often Happy to Be Safer (But Still Reluctant to Help USA Troops)


Civvies Injured in Kandaar IED Blast - Remembering One of the Fallen in K'Har


Uruzgan Political, Military Leaders Sign Deal Moving Closer to More Afghans Protecting Afghans


USA Special Envoy Wishes USA Knew More about Taliban - UK Troops Fighting the Info War in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Claims Ambush in K'Har, Killing of Italian Troops in Zabul (link to non-jihadi web page)


Opinion:  "Canada sets example for wartime grieving"



7 Apr 09

CAN Air Force to Map AFG - Politically Correct "Nose Art" on CAN Chinooks - A Sample of the Art


One of the Injured Happy to Be Home in CAN


Is CBC Still Showing Body Bags of the Fallen on Video?


CAN War Artist Continues Work on Book


More on CAN Fixing Up K'Har Irrigation System


Another CAN Poochie Story


CAN Foreign Affairs Minister Says AFG "Reworking" Controversial Family Law


US Commander Says Handoff Years Away - USMC Commandant Says Bad Guys May Have Heavy MGs to Shoot at Helicopters


Bad Boys Killed, Nabbed During Four Days Fighting in Helmand, Zabul - More - Some Killed in Uruzgan, Too


NLD Soldier Killed, Five Injured in Rocket Attack on Uruzgan Base - More - ISAF Statement


"Dutch Success in Afghanistan May Hold Little Promise for Obama"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Claims Foreign Convoy Attack in Zabul


6 Apr 09 

2 RCR Troops Start Arriving Home


Un jeune soldat canadien contribue à l'arrestation d'un présumé insurgé


CAN Psychiatrist Helping Hearts, Souls of Troops


CAN PM on AFG Family Law: "The involvement in the international community, and particularly Canada and our NATO allies, is based on the pursuit of very fundamental values in opposition to the kinds of values the Taliban stood for .... If we drift from that, there will be a clear diminishment in allied support for this venture." - Une conférence canadienne pourrait mobiliser les forces contre une loi afghane  - No Furor Among Afghans - "Women choose exile as Taliban laws return" - "By re-instating Shariah law, (President Karzai) may invoke the condemnation of the western powers, but he may also earn himself the necessary blessing of the mujahedeen warlords and their followers."


Meanwhile, CAN Female Officer Keeping a Grip in Charge of Road Crews in Panjwaii - Une capitaine canadienne impose les respect aux Afghans sur un chantier


Floods in Kandahar, Avalanches in Daykundi


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs Says Troop Surge Will "certainly start to allow us to turn the tide" - "Lukewarm Afghan commitment raises credibility issues for NATO" - More - "NATO nations fail to meet Obama's hopes for boost in troops to match his 'Afghan surge' of 21,000 new soldiers"


UK CDS Blames NATO for "Failing to Resource" Mission - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Claims to have Destroyed 2 British "Tanks"



5 Apr 09

Sharp CAN Reservist Helps Nab Bad Guy


CAN PM: “Canada’s principal objective at this (NATO) Summit was to emphasize the importance of the commitment of NATO and its Allies to securing and stabilizing Afghanistan .... This was Canada’s key priority going into the summit and it remains Canada’s key priority” (.pdf permalink) - New NATO Training Mission in AFG - NATO Summit Statement: "NATO expands its role in Afghanistan"


President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Speech (.pdf):  "Our brave men and women deployed in Afghanistan are capable, willing and professional, but they are too few in number and too constrained by national caveats." - OK, Which is it:  NATO Sending 5K More Troops or NATO Sending 3K More Troops? - US Military Media Say 5K - UK Media Says 5K Too

 - Aid Groups Worry Mo' Troops=Mo' Civvy Casualties - Report Details


USA, NATO Twisting Arms on New AFG Family Law - CAN, Too - ITA Considering Wd Female Troops? - More on CAN's Doing for AFG Women & Girls (.pdf permalink) - AFG Pres Says Law Being Reviewed - Says Western Response "Inappropriate"


CAN PRT Rep Tells Her Story (Thanks again, IE!)


Clock is Ticking for CAN Web Page Developer Kidnapped by PAK Taliban - More


Anti-AFG War Protesters Now Slamming NATO, Not USA  - Blog Commentary


ISAF Soldier Killed in South


"For the British soldiers stationed in Musa Qala in southern Afghanistan's insurgent-ridden Helmand province, success is not so much about building schools and wells but gaining the trust of the people."


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Canadian invader patrol blew up, 4 soldiers killed in Maiwand, Kandahar 4/4/09" (GoogEng) - Arabic and Farsi version - Arabic and Farsi version on non-jihadi web page - More Taliban Claims in RC South - More


More on Graduating AFG Border Guards


US Army Strategic Studies Institute Paper:  ".... Civilian development agencies - USAID, NGOs, the UN, the Afghan government’s National Solidarity Program - cannot do the same job as the PRTs. Each plays a role in reconstruction, but none match the PRTs’ capacity to complete projects in contested areas ...."


PAK Taliban Profits from "Blood Emeralds"



4 Apr 09 

CAN PM Says He Worries Recession Could Mean More Unrest, More Casualties in AFG


CEFCOM Commander: News of More USA Troops "like music to my ears" - Former CAN TF Commander:  "I think our reaction to the new U.S. strategy would be thunderous applause"


CAN Helping Rebuild K'Har Gov't Office After Homicide Bomber Attack


IEDs=3/4 Coalition Casualties in AFG


UK Sending 1K More Troops - UK's 1 RIFLES Returning Home - Update on Injured AUS Troops


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Killing and wounding among the ranks of Enlgish (sic) troops in an attack and explosion in MusaQala in the province of Helmand 02/04/09" (GoogEng) - "Killing 4 and injuring 5 from the occupiers in 3 explosions in MusaQala in the province of Helmand 04/03/09 " (GoogEng) - "Destruction of a tank belonging to the Amercians (sic) in the province of Oruzgan 02/04/09" (GoogEng) - More Taliban Claims


UK's Times Shares Text of Controversial New Law (.pdf permalink) - "Afghan law throws wrench into U.S. bid for bigger NATO role in conflict" - "Don't abandon Afghanistan out of righteous indignation" - "How to give Taliban the finger" (.pdf permalink) - Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan web page


Opinion:  "Which Way in Afghanistan? Ask Colombia For Directions."


USA Signs Cargo Transit Deal with UZB - More


3 Apr 09

CEFCOM Commander:  Expect More Violence with More Troops on Ground - Says He'd Like Even More Troops


Gagetown Troops Returning


Letter Writer Calls CAN Tank Delay "Disgraceful"


CAN Troops Impressed with AFG Trainees/Mentees - Brits Train Up AFG Combat Support Troops


CAN Aid Worker:  "It is impossible to count how many lives have been saved by our country's presence there"


NATO STILL Waiting for 4K More Troops Requested for the South - USA Says Some Willing to Give - May Even Twist Arms? - More


Flickr Pix:  AFG Border Guards Graduate at Spin Boldak


More on Multi-Homicide-Bomber Attack on K'Har Gov't Building - Karzai's Brother Escapes Injury


K'Har Flour Merchants Sense Growing Hunger, Desperation - Moncton Day Care Collects Goods for K'Har School


UN Official:  New Marriage Law Like the Old Taliban Days - AFG Envoy to CAN Gets Chastised, Too - Envoy Calls for Patience, Saying Mistakes Will be Made - More Editorial: "Karzai needs to hear a strong, unified message: rescind this odious law before the world rescinds its goodwill and support." - "We have to accept that Afghanistan will never become a Sweden through its social justice policies, but the world must remain committed to improving the conditions of any country that legally allows husbands to rape wives."


NLD Troops Under Pressure - AUS Troops Nail Helmand Bad Boy IED Facilitator


More on Less-Than-Monolithic Taliban


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Taliban Take Credit for Multiple Blasts at K'Har Gov't Complex


'Back From The Brink? A Strategy For Stabilizing Afghanistan-Pakistan', Asia Society Task Force, 1 April 2009


2 Apr 09

Returning CAN Convoy Driver Reminds Us It's Dangerous for Them, Too


CAN Army Door Gunners "protect helicopter crews, aircraft and cargo"


Little Girl, Helped by Now-Wounded Soldier, Wants to Help - How Many CAN Wounded?


CAN Leery About RUS, IRN Getting More Involved in AFG? - IRN Underwhelmed at Mo' USA Troops in AFG

Family of One of the Fallen Finds New AFG Law for Some Wives "Insulting" - CAN PM "Deeply Troubled" by New AFG Law - More - more

UN Sec-Gen "Appalled" at Homicide Bomb Attack on K'Har Gov't Building - Attack Death Toll Climbs - Including Director of Education Working with CAN on New Schools - Multi-pronged Attack=Smarter Taliban?


Human Rights Groups Call for Uniform System of Compensation for Families of Civvies Killed in Mil Ops - Open Letter to NATO (.pdf)


Remember This Girl?  She's Been Attacked Again, and the Family Had to Run Away - Brits Helping Schools


20 Bad Guys Killed in Kajaki


USA General Wants Even MORE Troops in 2010 - UAE Keeping Its Troops in AFG For Now


Talkin' to the Taliban:  Taliban Spokesperson Calls USA Reconciliation Offer "lunatic"


Opinion:  "Canada has a duty to downtrodden nations"


USA Special Ops Command Boss Agrees with Focussing on al-Qaida


Red Cross Asia Boss:  Not Looking Good for PAK, AFG - Brit MP on Aid Work in AFG:  "Working in insecure environments results in extra costs, in particular, in providing staff and consultants with adequate security. (UK's Department for International Development) lacks adequate information, however, on these extra costs."


"Re-emerging Alliance between Pakistani Military and Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan"



1 Apr 09 

CAN Brokers Deal to Calm AFG-PAK Border - More - more - CAN Foreign Affairs Minister: "What we want is a functional border between two countries"


Think Tank Author After Visit with CAN Troops:  "the situation in Afghanistan was fairly bad, but the prospects for the future are reasonably good, at least relative to the standards and expectations of the Afghan people"


Injured Reservist Recovering in Kingston


Former CAN Commander to Families: "Your loved one's loss is not for naught, it's not a waste, it's not in vain because there's tangible progress being made on the ground"


CAN Pissed at New Marriage Law in AFG Making It Illegal for Wives to Refuse Sex with Husbands


Different National Tastes at K'Har's Tim Hortons


"NATO's Afghanistan Report 2009 now public"


NGO, Saying Aid's Not Getting Where It's Supposed To, Calls for De-linking Aid from Military - More - OXFAM Worker Blogs from Kandahar


UN Sec Gen Warns Election Has to be Done Right (Or Else It Could Be Worse than Now) - Speech


Contractor Killed in 20 Mar 09 K'Har Rocket Strike Identified as Filipino - Philippines Gov't Reminds Citizens About Ban Against Exporting Labour to AFG


Three Homicide Bombers Attack K'Har Int Centre (Only One Sets Self Off) - More - more


Bad Guys Killed in Derahwat district of Uruzgan - Some Nailed in Helmand, Too - More - AUS SF Kills IED Facilitator in Uruzgan


Flickr Pix:  ISAF Boss Visits Tarin Kowt


Talkin' to the Taliban: "Afghan President Hamid Karzai and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered an olive branch .... to Taliban fighters who reject al-Qaida"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Martyrdom attack Harvests 13, including 4 Canadian soldiers in Kandahar" (GoogEng, item 6) - Original in Arabic - "3 explosion killed 8 and wounded 5 puppet soldiers in Helmend 31/3/09" (GoogEng) - "10 terrorists killed in Helmand" - "9 American invader army terrorists killed in Helmand" - "(T)ank of American invader terrorists blew up in Garmser, Helmend 31/3/09" (GoogEng) - More Taliban Allegations


PAK Taliban Threatens Attack on USA



 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007


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