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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

8 Mar 09  

How CAN Infantry Help Plan Air Operations in AFG


AFG Envoy to CAN:  Uh, Yeah, the Taliban CAN be Defeated


RAF Chinook Pilot Gets DFC for Saving Coalition Ally in Ambush - More


Talkin' to the Taliban:  USA Pres Open to "Outreach"? - Original Article Quoting Pres with Idea - AFG Pres Happy to Hear It - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "In a ambush 23 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand" - "In a ambush 3 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand" - "Martyrdom Operation kills 19 puppet soldiers in Nemroz"


Some AFG Farmers Switching from Opium to Pot


Kandahar, Daikundi to Host Int'l Women's Day Marches Against the Burqua - More - UN Uber Envoy Statement - More - UN SecGen Message - CAN's Contribution to Women's Week - What CAN Women are Doing


7 Mar 09 

Denis Raymond Brown, Dany Olivier Fortin, Chad O’Quinn, R.I.P.:  They're Home - More - more - Opinion:  "There is much Canadians don't know about their fallen"


CAN Making Progress with Elders in Panjwai (.pdf permalink)


What (Some) CAN Artillery Troops are Up To in AFG


CAN PM:  Victory = Pushing Back Taliban Enough to Facilitate Development Surge (.pdf permalink) - CAN DefMin to NATO:  Can't Take Foot Off the Gas Just Because of USA Surge - USA SecState: "U.S., NATO Have ‘Unity of Purpose’ in Afghan Mission"


Flickr of CAN Supporting Int'l Women's Week in AFG - News release


AFG Pres Accepts August Election


Two Cops Killed in Nimroz Police Station Homicide Attack - Taliban's Version:  "Martyrdom Operation kills 19 puppet soldiers in Nemroz"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "British invader army helicopter shot down in Helmand" - "3 soldiers of puppet army have joined mujahideen in Helmend 6/3/09" (GoogEng) - "1 vehicle of puppet army destroyed 6 soldiers killed in Zabul"


Replacing Poppies with Saffron in K'Har?


USA Officer:  Securing AFG-PAK Border "High Priority"


AFG Supply Chain Still Weak Point - USA Sees Deal Coming on Tajik Transit Rights - "Making Nice with Russia and Iran, for A'stan's Sake"


6 Mar 09 

Denis Raymond Brown, Dany Olivier Fortin, Chad O’Quinn, R.I.P.:  Coming Home Today - More - more - more - One of the Injured Tells His Story (.pdf permalink) - Family, Friends Remember - Opinion:  "It's seven years later and Canada' s deep commitment to its neighbor to the south is still measured by the flagged-draped coffins that come home bearing the red, white and maple leaf." - World Socialists Pipe In


Gaetan Roberge, R.I.P.: Father Has Questions About Burial


CAN Air Force Boss: "Armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with air to ground weapons are a valuable capability and it's a good option to have, and it is a good option for Canadians to have"


More on CAN's Contribution to AFG Election in Chinese Media .... but Not in CAN Media? - More - AFG Politicians Support August Election


CAN, USA Defence Ministers Discuss AFG Approach - CAN DefMin Says WAY More than Military Needed to Win - Meanwhile, NATO Foreign Ministers Discuss AFG


CAN Considering Own "Special Envoy"


CAN Taxpayer Federation Underwhelmed with "Roadshow Promoting Canada's Role in Afghanistan"


Report Leaked to UK Media "damning of a US military often unwilling to share intelligence among its military allies"


UK Historian: "Afghanistan Is Better Than You Think"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Killing 6 policemen in Kandahar 05/03/09" (GoogEng) - "Losses of American invaders army in operation in Garmser, Helmend 5/3/09" (GoogEng) - "In a ambush 5 British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand" - "In 7 explosions a number of British invader killed in Helmand" - "A number of British invaders soldiers killed in Helmand" - "British invaders army base attacked in Helmand"


Opinion:  "Every armed outsider bends over backwards to accommodate religion and tradition and consultation with elders .... There is no aim to destroy Afghanistan in order to reinvent it in whatever dim echo of democracy, Islamic-style, the citizenry favours. The vast majority of Afghans understand this. Too many Canadians don't." - "It's not something you can "win," because it's not a conventional war. It's long past time Canadians, and their media, cottoned on."


"NATO Commander Notes ‘Warming of Relations’ Between Pakistan, Afghanistan"




5 Mar 09

Denis Raymond Brown, Dany Olivier Fortin, Chad O’Quinn, R.I.P.:  On Their Way Home - Governor General/Commander in Chief's Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Minister of National Defence Statement - Spring Offensive? - "Expected soldier-husband to die in Afghanistan but still shocked, teary widow says" - "Fallen soldier was proud to be a member of Lincs and Winks" - More - Colleagues Mourn - "Oromocto High grad killed" - "He will be missed"


CAN's Third Quarterly Report Just Out (.pdf) - .html version - Alternate .pdf site - News release - "Ottawa's latest quarterly report on the Afghanistan conflict paints a bleak picture of deteriorating security but the Harper government insists Canada's $11.3-billion mission in the strife-torn country is still making gains."


CAN's Share of Help for Elections - UN Welcomes August Election - NATO Welcomes August Election - ISAF Commander's Statement - More on August Election


"The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), supported by International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF), recently conducted the latest in the Operation GHARTSE PALANG series, targeting known facilitators of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and disrupting the flow of enemy weapons and funding in Helmand Province’s Sangin area." - "A boy injured by insurgent fire near Kajaki has been treated by International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) doctors."


More on New Cops Graduating in Helmand - "European politicians are looking in vain for policemen willing to go to Afghanistan to help train their colleagues"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  REPEAT "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar" - "(O)ther tank of invaders destroyed in Arghandab, Kandahar 4/3/09" (English, Arabic + Persian)


4 Mar 09

Denis Raymond Brown, Dany Olivier Fortin, Chad O’Quinn, R.I.P.:  CF statement - ISAF statement - Canadian Press - CanWest/National Post - Globe & Mail - - The Guardian (UK) - Bloomberg - Deutsche Press-Agentur (more in "Taliban Propaganda Watch" below)


How CF Helps Train Non-Military Gov't Workers to Deploy (video)


One CAN Corrections Officer's Story


300 More AFG Cops on Streets in Helmand - Bad Boy Boss, 16 Others Nailed in Helmand


CAN Helps Rebuild Water Point in K'Har Province - Brits Pumping in More Aid $


AFG Election Panel Rejects Early Election - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar" - "(B)attle in Girishk continue, 5 (B)ritish invaders killed, 3 wounded, 1 tank destroyed 3/3/09" (GoogEng) - English version 1 (first item) - "Mortars fired at British invaders base in Helmand" - Alternate version, mentioning Dutch in title


Opinion:  "Canada's plan to leave Afghanistan in 2011 will be a risky move: The Taliban might well be able to fight or buy their way back into control of at least a portion of the country." - "When even modest goals are ambitious" - "A homegrown Afghan militia may be more accountable to the civilian population -- more cautious about atrocious collateral damage that regularly takes place in the country."


CAN University's Fragile States Country Report No. 20, Afghanistan (.pdf): "Over the last two years, Afghanistan has seen increases in risk scores for four of its six measures of performance including Governance, the Economy, Human Development, and Crime & Security making it now the second most fragile state in the CIFP index"


NATO May Ask CHN for Support, Supply Routes


"(PAK) Taliban rivals unite to fight US troop surge" - Jihadist Web Page says "Muslims Should Still Fight PAK Troops Because they Represent a Bad Government" (.pdf permalink) - Meanwhile, the Hunt for PAK's Taliban Boss Continues (.pdf permalink)



3 Mar 09

CF Investigation:  It Wasn't CAN Munitions that Killed Kids (.pdf permalink) - ISAF Statement (.pdf permalink) - More - more - more - Maybe Taliban IED? - More


CAN Announces Consolidation of Care for Injured, Families of the Fallen - More - more (.pdf permalink to all three documents combined)


Author of Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan (.pdf - alternate download site):  "The prime minister is right that the objective should be to 'Afghanize' security, by training and equipping the Afghan National Security Forces, army and police, so that they take it over" - Critics Allege Flip Flop - More - Father of Fallen Calls Talk "Defeatist" - Opinion:  "2011 is not as far away as it seems. CNN studios may be a more comfortable environment, but it is in Parliament where the future of the mission will soon need to be addressed once more."


"The Moustache Has Landed" in K'Har


23 Feb 09 Sangin Firefight Probe:  "while the Enemies of Afghanistan were using civilian houses, religious facilities and other community buildings for their terrorist activities, in Sangin, on the 23 Feb, at the Gul Agha Sheli Village, they ambushed an ISAF Patrol, which defended itself as the attack continued for a few hours" - More


UN:  Early Elections in April "Nearly Impossible" - NATO Says August Better Bet - More


Advisor of AFG Pres Complaining About Situation in Kandahar


Four DNK Troops Wounded in S.AFG Blasts - USA Contractor Killed in Uruzgan Blast - UK's 19 Light Brigade Heading Downrange - Next USA Units Headed Downrange - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Puppet intelligence service official killed in Kandahar" -

(Alternative link in English & Arabic) - "5 puppet army soldiers killed 3 wounded in Kandahar" - (Alternative link in English, Arabic & Persian) - "Preparing the Mujahidin: The Taliban’s Military Field Manual" (.pdf permalink to blog posting)


Opinion:  "....the United States did not invade Afghanistan; the Canadian Forces did not first go into the country on a peacekeeping mission; and there never was any indication that any of the various Canadian missions would be over in two months...." - "Les soldats vont-ils simplement «faire du temps»?" - "The illusions, evasions and distractions of 2002 help explain the crisis of 2009"


Red Cross:  Civvies Could Bear Brunt of Cranked Up War Effort - More - more


RUS Allows Transit of Cargo Train Bound for AFG


2 Mar 09

CAN General: New Manual Will "shape the future of Afghan war"


CAN PM: "Coalition troops serving in Afghanistan will never rid the country of insurgents and won’t win the war simply by maintaining a presence in the area" - More - more - more - 8 Minute CNN Interview 


"Military investigators in Afghanistan have found that an explosion that killed three Afghan children was caused by old munitions and not explosives belonging to Canadian troops.  Kandahar governor Tooryalai Wesa and the new commander of Canadian troops in Afghanistan, Brig.-Gen. Jon Vance, announced the investigation's results to reporters in Kandahar late Monday afternoon local time. "


Analysis: "Canada Rules The Night Air"


CAN Aid Projects in AFG Funded through Earlier Cuts to Other Aid Programs


NATO Sec-Gen on Allies Not Doing More: "It's not always easy to find the money for these very costly and expensive missions abroad. From time to time it's a lack of political will. .... From time to time it is a matter of limiting the modus operandi of the forces, the so-called caveats ...." - NATO Members May Do More to Boost AFG Cop Training?


Coalition Forces Kill Militants in Afghanistan, Seize Caches in Maywand District


ISAF Treats Kid Apparently Injured in Helmand Mortar Attack


"Afghan President Accused of 'Sabotage' Over Election Date"


Pro-Gov't Cleric Gunned Down in Kandahar


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar" - Alternative Version, w/English, Google Translation from Arabic and Persian - "6 puppet army soldiers killed, check post demolished in Kandahar" - "(T)ank of (B)ritish invaders blew up in Helmend 1/3/09" (GoogEng)


Opinion: Blog Pipes In About Kids Killed by Unexploded Ordnance



1 Mar 09

AFG Prez Seeks Elections in April, Not August - More - CAN Troops Getting Ready for Possible Early Election - USA Still Backs Later Election Date


Women Doing More Closer to the Front


CAN PM Calls AFG Major Test for NATO - More - more - more


USA Int:  IRN Supplying SA14 Gremlin Anti-Air Missiles to Taliban (.pdf permalink) - Open Source Bibliography on Taliban MANPADS


Provincial Reconstruction Teams Share Ideas, Best Practices - Flickr Pix: Helping Out Widows, Children of Fallen ANA, Those Living Near Kandahar Air Field


New AFG Cops Grad near Kandahar - Flickr Pix of Grad - Long War Journal's AFG Cop Update


Bad Guys, Weapons Nabbed in Raid in Khakrez District - Mines Recovered in Uruzgan


"Privately the Americans are fiercely critical that the overstretched British are merely “treading water” until more US forces arrive this summer."


UK Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Poochie in Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "4 police surrender in Helmand" - Original in Arabic - "Four collective martyrdom operations killed 17 and wounded 10 invaders in Helmend 27/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - Azerbaijan Media Account - "Attacked a supplying convoy of American invaders in Kandahar"[/url] - "1 tank of Australian invaders army blew up in Uruzgan" - "In a ambushed a tanks of American invaders destroyed in Zabul" - "2 puppet army soldiers killed, check post demolished in Nemroz"



 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007


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