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Background Information & Research Information

CAN in Kandahar News Archive (Apr-Dec 2006)

27 Feb 09

More on CAN Cost of Mission - More

Leaked Report: "Afghanistan has asked NATO to avoid using artillery and airstrikes against the Taliban, and wants more control over the conduct of the war" - More


More on New CAN COIN Manual


USMC Ospreys to AFG?


Latest Four (Three + One) Brit Fallen Identified


UK Def Min on Detainees: "These operations are conducted by our forces with courage, integrity and professionalism and in undertaking these operations we take fully into account our obligations under international law."


Amnesty Int'l Points to Death of Two K'Har Brothers as Proof More Needs Doing About Civvy Cas


K'Har Governor: "Unemployment Has Forced Young People to Join the Insurgents"


"Taliban Say Want Peace With Afghans, NATO Troops Out"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "In 2 explosions 1 tank 1 vehicle of Canadian invade in Kandahar" - "2 tanks of British invaders army blew up in Helmand" - "In a ambushed 1 tank of British invaders in Helmand" - "A vehicle of puppet army blew up in Helmand"


Paper:  Suicide Bombings Growingly Associated with Saladi-jihadi Cells (.pdf)


"Afghanistan Operations Not Vulnerable to Supply Line Dangers, General Says"



26 Feb 09

Latest Cost Estimate for CAN Mission up to 2011:  ~$11.3B in "Incremental Costs" (.pdf permalink)



CAN Foreign Minister on Visit to USA: "The Minister reinforced the need for additional civilians in the field as key to Afghanistan achieving its goals of good governance and self-reliance. Minister Cannon also offered to share the lessons Canada has learned in Kandahar in areas such as training the Afghan National Police, border management and overall reconstruction and development work." (.pdf permalink)


CAN General:  "We have to be careful about the mathematics of death"


One CAN Corrections Officer's Experience in K'Har


Karzai Could Pull Snap Election


AFG Forces Continue to Get 5.56mm Weapon Systems


ISAF Sappers Help AFG Forces Blow Up Captured Munitions - More - K'Har PRT Blows Up More Captured Munitions


Four Brits Die in One Day from Fighting in AFG:  Three Killed in IED Blast - ISAF Statement - One Dies in UK of Injuries - ISAF Statement - More


ISAF-AFG Investigation of Civvy Cas Incident in Sangin - Original Statement


IED Planter Nailed in Helmand - Bad Guys Hit in Uruzgan


More on Brits Fighting Brits in Helmand


Helmand Governor Says Reconciliation with Taliban Possible


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "A tank of British invaders army blew up, 6 killed in Helmand 25-02-2009" - "2 vehicles of puppet army blew up in Kandahar (C)ity 25/2/09" (Arabic into GoogEng) - "NATO Emergency Meeting Ends With no Achievement"


Opinion:  "Surge In Afghanistan Can Work, With Right Resources, Enough Time" - "Afghanistan Surge Is Not Worth the Cost in Blood and Treasure" - "John McCain: Winning the War in Afghanistan" - Henry Kissinger's "A Strategy for Afghanistan"


AFG Minister of Rural Development Says USA Could Do More




25 Feb 09 

New CF COIN Manual Says AFG Unlikely to be "suddenly ended with a major military victory" (.pdf permalink)


Third Child Dies in UXO Incident - More - more - more - Investigation Continues - More - CIDA Dropped By the Area This Past November (.pdf permalink) - Video of visit (2:11 long)


CAN Military:  Convoy Laser Protection Safer than Warning Shots (.pdf permalink)


CAN Foreign Minister Thanks USA Sec of State for Surge - Says AFG Mission Beyond 2011 Not Discussed - Lew-Mac: "The painful truth is that Canada will not be capable of remaining in Afghanistan in a combat role beyond 2011." (.pdf permalink)


"Afghans brave poor security to register vote"


18 Bad Boys Nailed in Helmand Fight Between Taliban, Anti-Drug Police - More - Four Troops, One Interpreter Killed in Helmand IED Blast - Reportedly USA SF and Interpreter


ISAF: "Three civilian Afghans were injured following an exchange of fire in and around Sareager Village, Sangin District Feb. 15 when an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) patrol came under enemy fire and was forced to act in self-defence." - More


Brit Troops Fighting Brit Taliban - UK MoD Denies There's Not Enough Troops


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar 24/2/09" (English+Persian) Alternate link (English version only) - "British invaders killed 7 and wounded 15 civilians in Sangin, Helmend 24/2/09" (Arabic into GoogEng) - "(T)ank of invaders destroy in Shah Wali Kot, Kandahar 24/2/09" (GoogEng) - "Killed 6 puppet polic(e)man in Kandahar (C)ity 24/2/09" (English+Arabic) - Alternate link (English only) - "Mortar Shells fired at American invaders in Helmand 24-02-2009" - "Rocket attack on invaders in Helmend 24/2/09" (English+Arabic+Persian)


UZB Allowing "Non-Military Transit" to AFG




24 Feb 09

Next ROTO Good to Go (video)


CF Looking into Reported Death of Kids Playing with Unexploded Ordnance - ISAF Statement - Locals Unimpressed - More - more - more - more - Childrens' Bodies Used in Protest (.pdf permalink) - A Range of Stories Out There - Discussion - Blog Update


Civvies Hurt When Taliban Ambushes ISAF Troops in Sangin


How CAN Co-ord Centres in K'Har Work (video)


"NATO Confident Of Afghan Election Reinforcements" - "Militants register names in Helmand"


USA SF Troops Killed in Uruzgan Patrol - AFG Troops Disabled via IEDs


"First police substation opens in Uruzgan" - "Medicines provided to Kandahar hospital"


Brit Chinooks May Not Head Out to AFG?


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Head of Intelligence killed in Kandahar Sity 23/2/09" (GoogEng from Arabic) - "Martyrdom Operation kills 8 British invaders and destroys 2 tanks in Helmand" - "3 explosions destroyed 3 tanks of invaders in Sangin, Helmend 22/2/09" (GoogEng) - "(S)upply truck of puppet army detroyed in Nad Ali, Helmend 22/2/09" (GoogEng) - "Double Martyrdom Operation kills puppet chip and 28 puppet terrorists in Nemroz"


Opinion:  "The Taliban are winning" - Comments on That Piece - "Signs of hope on the Afghanistan front"


USA Gov't Watchdog Report: "The United States lacked a comprehensive plan to meet .... its national security goals to destroy terrorist threats and close the safe haven in Pakistan’s FATA.... that included all elements of national power—diplomatic, military, intelligence, development assistance, economic, and law enforcement support—called for by various national security strategies and Congress" (.pdf)


"Waziristan Taliban alliance declares support for Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar" - More


PAK Taliban Announce "Indefinite Truce" In Swat - More - more - "Prospects For Stability In Pakistan Uncertain Despite Peace Deal"



23 Feb 09

CAN Choppers Start Hunting IED Planters at Night (.pdf permalink)


US Army to Get CAN Chinooks After AFG Mission?


CAN Def Min: "More U.S. troops in Afghanistan will help "share the burden" with Canadian soldiers, but repeated criticism that other NATO countries are failing to pull their weight"


Incoming CAN Commander: "I see no threat at all to Canada's pride of accomplishments and pride of place in the future as long as we're here" (.pdf permalink)


Joshua Brian Roberts, 1978, 2008, R.I.P.:  Family to Meet with Investigators in Search of More Answers (.pdf permalink) - More


Some Recent Flickr Pix from AFG


More on RC-South "Joint Partnering Agreement" between ISAF, AFG Police


Homicide Bombers Kill AFG Anti-Drug Cop in Nimroz - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "(O)fficer of Intelligence killed in Arghandab, Kandahar 22/2/09" (GoogEng) - "9 puppet army soldiers killed in Kandahar 22/2/09" (English and Arabic) - "The vehicle of puppet army commander blew up in Kandahar city 22/2/09" (English, Arabic and Persian) - "5 enemy terrorists soldiers killed in Helmand 22/2/09"(English and Arabic)


Opinion:  "Canada can’t just blindly follow U.S. lead in Afghanistan"


"Taliban form new alliance in Waziristan" - More


Analysis: "The United States' strategic predicament in Afghanistan and Pakistan is deepening. What will Barack Obama do?"


US SF Helping PAK Fight Taliban



22 Feb 09

CAN CDS:  USA Surge=More Security in More of AFG (.pdf permalink)


Outgoing CAN Commander:  “Afghans are frustrated with the slow progress of reconstruction and nation-building, but they are also horrified by the atrocities committed on a daily basis by the insurgents (.pdf permalink) - More on New CAN Commander in Theatre - More


More on New CAN "Visual Warning Devices" - Backgrounder - A Bit of Back Story from 2007


AFG Army Air Corps Update


CAN Embed: "Life at Kandahar Airfield has a certain Groundhog Day quality to it."


CAN PM, Minister Headed to USA to Discuss Development in AFG


AFG, ISAF Sign "Joint Partnering Directive" in K'har


Bad Boy Boss Nailed in Kandahar - Other Bad Guys Nailed, Too


Three USA Soldiers Killed in Uruzgan - CENTCOM Statement


"Uruzgan's first health training centre launched" - US Medic Helps Burned Child in Zabul


UK to Boost Troops to ~10K in AFG - IED's Taking Toll in Brit Limbs - Meanwhile, Brit Muslims Buying Electronic Bits for Taliban IEDs - AUS Green Party Want Troops Out


Opinion: "Obama gives Canada opening to redefine role in Afghanistan" - "Central Asia key to Afghan mission"- "A Three-Pronged Bet on 'AFPAK' "


Another NATO Oil Tanker Bombed in PAK



21 Feb 09

Incoming CAN Commander:  Mission at "Crossroads"


CAN Choppers Used to Give USA Troops a Lift


One of the Injured "Finding His Bearings" (.pdf permalink) - How K'Har Hospital Deals with the Wounded


CAN Buys 750 "Visual Warning" Systems to Keep Vehicles, People Away in AFG


"Afghan civilian injured in convoy incident in southern Afghanistan"


NATO Def Mins Agree to Protect Election as Priority - NATO Statement - Taliban Registering to Vote - US SecDef Says NATO Countries Offering to Help More - Brit Def Min: "Some European countries ought to be contributing more to efforts in Afghanistan"


Helmand Hospital Gets Boost


DNK Def Min Says AFG Getting Worse? - Brit Gunners in the Fight - Brit Poochie Handlers Prepare for Helmand


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "5 Canadian invaders soldier killed in Kandahar 16-02-200(9)" - Alternate link - "1 tank of Canadian ,1 vehicle of Puppet army destroyed in Kandahar 19/2/09"


Opinion:  CAN RoCK Writes "My colleagues in Afghanistan, both civilian and military, agree wholeheartedly with those who argue for a strengthened civilian effort in the country." - Original Editorial


Supply Routes Update:  "U.S. Moves Suggest Afghan NATO Supply-Route Talks With Kyrgyzstan" - "Tajikistan To Allow Nonmilitary NATO Cargo For Afghanistan" - "New route links Afghanistan to sea, via Iran"


18 Feb 09

"U.S. President Barack Obama suggested Tuesday he will not pressure Prime Minister Stephen Harper to keep Canadian troops in Afghanistan beyond the 2011 deadline for withdrawal." - "Obama thanks Canada, says Afghan problems won't be solved by force alone" - CBC Interview with Obama - Opinion: "Whatever Harper and Obama say publicly this week, it is highly unlikely that all of Canada's combat forces will come home in 2011"


CAN Liberal Party Leader:  CAN Should Still GTFO in 2011


CAN to Grow Kabul Embassy


Joshua Brian Roberts, 1978-2008, R.I.P.:  Parents Still Seek Answers (.pdf permalink)


CAN Documentary of Preparing for AFG Begins 10 Mar 09 - Globe & Mail Reporter: "Afghanistan’s a shithole .... And it’s going to get worse."


USA Sending (Up To) ~17K More Troops to AFG - More - more


"Two Afghans died following an escalation of force incident with International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers around 10 a.m. (17 Feb 09) in Maywand district, Kandahar Province." - More


Family of Dead Social Scientist Wants Leniency for Killer of Man who Killed Scientist


Governor of K'Har Sworn In


AFG Cops Find, Disarm Explosives in Helmand Capital - "Taliban forces students out of schools into madrasas" in Helmand


Drug Use Among AFG Cops in Helmand a Worry - "Helmand:  Precision Strike or Reckless Bombing?"


"Soldier from (UK) 1 RIFLES killed in Afghanistan" - Brit Troops in Big Drug Bust - More - Brit Foreign Minister Drops By RC-South - More


Talkin' with the Taliban:  Kabul Reminds Everyone They're the Only Ones to Talk to the Taliban


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "(T)ank of Amerucan invaders destroyed in Kandahar 17/2/09" (GoogEng) - "Battle continue in Nad Ali , Helmend 17/2/09" (GoogEng)


Opinion:  "I know there are some Canadians who view the U.S. military and foreign policy with suspicion. But from my own experiences, I am wholeheartedly thankful to call them allies and brothers-in-arms." - "It looks like the United States isn’t the only NATO member getting frustrated with the way its allies are conducting themselves in Afghanistan." - "So these soldiers may “want” M16s becuase they look cool, but they won’t want them when they start jamming and not operating at all."


New US Institute of Peace Report (.pdf version of report): "A failure to grasp long-term goals and poor coordination among the U.S. and coalition partners tasked with improving security have hamstrung the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan" (.pdf permalink of article) - More - more


Update:  A Little More Coverage of Anti-PAK Taliban Protest in Toronto


NATO Worries About PAK-Taliban Truce


Scientists Narrow Down Where Bin Laden MUST Be (.pdf) - Alternate .pdf download site



17 Feb 09

CAN Army Boss Quoted by Reuters Saying "We are at the limit ... we are now sending senior noncommissioned officers and officers back for their fourth tour" - More


What CAN Pilots, Door Gunners are Doing to Prevent Civvy Cas (.pdf permalink)


CAN Unveils New Rifle Range @ K'Har Air Field - CAN Helps Develop First Human Rights and International Law Terms Glossary in Dari


CAN Def Min Says It's Time for "Frank" Discussion of NATO in AFG - More


"Kandahar's Canadian governor gaining confidence after first month"


UN's "Annual Report (2008): Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict" (.pdf):  "The armed opposition was responsible for 1,160 civilian deaths; this represents an increase of 65 percent over 2007 figures. The vast majority – 85 percent – of those killed by anti-government elements died as a result of suicide and improvised explosive devises." (.pdf news release) - More - more - more - more - more - more


UN Human Rights Report (.pdf): "Pro-Government forces and anti-Government elements should ensure greater respect for the protection of civilians, including women and children"


AFG Gov't Anti-Drug Campaign Begins in Helmand - More


Helmand Teachers on Strike


(Alleged) Brit Int Guy Pissed at Being Called "Paki" by Brit Soldier While Undercover - EST Troops Join in the Fight in Helmand - US Navy Seebees to Helmand


DNK Troops Talkin' to the Taliban - More - Original Article in Danish - GoogEng Translation


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Battle in Nad Ali, 9 enemy soldiers killed in Helmend 16/2/09" (GoogEng) - "(T)ank of invaders blew up in Zabul 16/2/09" (GoogEng)


Opinion:  "Our diplomats could help negotiate with tribal and insurgent leaders in Afghanistan, as well as with regional actors such as Iran, India and Pakistan." - "Unless there is a change in this stubborn refusal to see that it is the reality of civilian casualties, not the perception of them, which is fatally undermining Afghan support for international forces, it is hard to see how the problem will be fixed" - "In Afghanistan, concentrate on security, not Karzai" - "Afghanistan is not lost yet. Forty percent of the population still believes that the country is moving in the right direction."


~150 Turn Out to Queen's Park Anti-PAK-Taliban Demonstration


How the USSR Used Troops from the Neighbouring 'Stans to Fight in AFG


US CENTCOM Boss in UZB to Discuss Supply Routes



16 Feb 09

CAN Work Training AFG Army Troops


Ever Wonder Who Plays the Afghans During Training in CAN? (.pdf permalink)


"No one in the Harper government, including Foreign Affairs or the Department of National Defence, expects the president to ask Canada, at least publicly, to consider an extension."


East Coast Mom Awaiting Injured CAN Soldier's Return


CAN Number 2 in AFG Deaths per Capita Behind DNK


Opinion:  Why is CBC Rejecting Some Video of CAN Troops Working in AFG? (.pdf permalink) - CAN Selling Current Chinooks to Buy Future Chinooks? - "The fact that it has taken 7½ years for the international community to realize that Afghan police should be literate enough to read an ID card and write out a complaint form does make one wonder just how serious we were in our initial pledges of commitment to the rebuilding of this failed stated."


Blogger Chats with K'Har Governor (in AFG Restaurant in Surrey, BC)


"Police in Kandahar say they thwarted a plot Sunday to blow up a provincial building in the city, on the same day U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke visited the region to get a first-hand look at the war." - More - Still, Some IEDs Went Off - More


USA Special Envoy Drops By K'Har - More - more


Newest CAN Gov't Flickr Stream Photos (Repeats from 2005)


Daykundi Province in RC-S "In Severe Need of Food"


Latest Fallen UK Marine Identified - Medics Get Big Batch of Brit Wounded to Safety in Helmand - AUS May Compensate Families of Civvy Casualties in Uruzgan


Talkin' to the Taliban: "Holding formal talks with organizational Taliban -- including Mullah Muhammad Omar's Quetta-based shura, or leadership council -- would almost certainly prove counterproductive, since the shura would probably demand the departure of foreign forces as a precondition for any meaningful give and take .... Far more likely to succeed, however, would be a concerted effort to woo the generic Taliban and bring them back into the political mainstream."


Taliban Propaganda Watch: "(C)ar of security blew up in Kandahat Sity 15/2/09" (GoogEng) - "Rocket attack on airbase in Girishk, Helmend 15/2/09" (GoogEng) - "9 (B)ritish invaders killed in Sangin, Helmend 15/2/09" (GoogEng) - "4 tanks of invaders destroyed in some attack in Uruzgan 15/2/09" (GoogEng)


PAK Taliban in Swat Province Announce Ten Day Ceasefire - PAK, Taliban "Appear Near Deal"



15 Feb 09

CAN Provides Professional Development to K'Har Media (.pdf permalink)


"Afghan cop a rarity in force rife with corruption"


Two ISAF Troops Killed in South:  1st ISAF Statement -2nd ISAF Statement - One a Royal Marine


Opinion:  "Five Myths About the Afghanistan Escalation" - "....we cannot ask soldiers to do the jobs of civilians. When even the soldiers are pleading for more diplomacy and development, the governments of Canada and the United States would do well to listen." - "Nine principles the Obama administration should follow"


Brits Happy with New Sniper Rifle - More


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "4 puppet soldiers killed near Kandahar airport 14/2/09" (GoogEng) - "4 tanks of British invaders destroyed in battle in Musa Qala, Helmend 14/2/09" (GoogEng) - "5 invaders killed in explosion in Uruzgan 14/2/09" (GoogEng)


"Afghanistan's ambassador to the US, Said Jawad, has said a US-backed plan to form local tribal groups to help combat the insurgency is very risky."


Coming Online Discussion:  "Can Canada, and NATO, stop the Afghan drug trade?"


20th Anniversary of Soviet Withdrawal from AFG:  Wikipedia History - Last General Out Offers Advice - "Two decades after the Soviet withdrawal, ever more resources are being poured into a war with scant chance of success"


14 Feb 09

AFG Army "Anxious" for CAN Equipment - Meanwhile, CZE Delivers Last of Donated Choppers to AFG Army


Worries About CAN Reservist Pay, Coverage in Theatre?


CAN Spending Big Money on Fuel for TF AFG


Opinion: "Are the troops' efforts in Afghanistan worth it? A visit to the country reveals the answer: absolutely"


Winter Aid Distribution Begins in Zabul


AUS General Talks (Briefly) About Uruzgan Civvy Cas Incident


Human Terrain Team Contractors Being Nationalized by USA


A-Z Guide to AFG Development (.pdf)


"U.S. to transit non-military cargo to Afghanistan via Russia".... - ....For a Price



13 Feb 09

Paul Davis, 1977-2006, R.I.P.:  Father Tells CAN Parliamentary Committee to Finish the Job in AFG


"NATO green-lights attacking Afghan drug operations with Taliban links" (.pdf permalink)


ISAF, AFG Bosses Agree on Better Co-ordination Measures


Analysis: Alleged "Playbook" for Southern AFG Calls for Talks with Tribal Bosses, Careful Dealing with Drug Lords (.pdf permalink of article) - "How long before the Afghans can look after their own security?"


Folks Pissed with Zabul Officials March in Kabul


ISAF Describes AFG Fight in Helmand, Supported by UK, DNK Forces


AUS Looking into Spec Forces Firefight in Uruzgan Leaving Civvies Dead - ISAF statement - More - AFG Pissed


ISAF Soldier Killed in "Combat Reconnaissance Patrol" in Uruzgan - CENTCOM news release


Brits OK Sending Another 300 for Surge - UK to Become Smaller Fish in AFG Pond?


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "1 tank of Canadian invaders blew up in Kandahar 12/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "Martyrdom attack killed more 40 puppet soldiers in Nimroz 11/2/09" (GoogEng)


Opinion:  CAN Troops Not Leaving in 2011 (.pdf permalink)


US Analyst Testimony to House Armed Services Committee:  "We would not be where were are if we had accepted the fact that this is primarily our war, not that of our allies; and that we need to provide the leadership and resources to win it." (.pdf permalink to statement)


USA Director of National Intelligence: "The Afghan government has no coherent tribal engagement strategy, but where Pashtun tribal and government interests intersect, gains in local security, stability, and development are possible." - No Fixing AFG Without Fixing PAK - More


US Gov't Watchdog Report:  "Corrective Actions Are Needed to Address Serious Accountability Concerns about Weapons Provided to Afghan National Security Forces"


Anti-(PAK)Taliban Protest Set for Toronto This Weekend - More - How Much Media Coverage Will it Get?


UN Anti-Taliban Sanctions Boss: "Preventative sanctions against people associated with terrorist groups present tough legal issues, but have been recognized by various courts as needed" - News conference summary - One More Dude Added to "The List" - Sanctions Committee page


Security Cranked Along AFG-PAK Border


12 Feb 09

Some CAN Troops Starting to Come Home


CAN Senators Don't Answer Q about Troop Increases for AFG


Opinion:  "If Obama asks us to stay in Afghanistan, can we refuse?" - "Missing Out on Obama's Plan"


What ARE Kandaharis Telling Canadians Doing Opinion Polls? - Other Polling Not Looking Good for Karzai


CENTCOM Commander on “The Future of the Alliance and the Mission in Afghanistan” at 45th Munich Security Conference


More Debate on Whether Anthropologists Should be Helping Military in AFG


More on Militia Plans


AFG, Brit Troops Take, Hold Taliban Ground - Eight AFG Guards Killed in Helmand Double IED Blast - Nimroz Homicide Bombing Kills AFG Soldier


Canals Being Built in Zabul


Problems with Weapon Security? - More in USA Committee Hearing Today


RUS General Looks Back Almost 20 Years Later at AFG War


11 Feb 09

USA Chair of Joint Chiefs Visits Injured CAN Troops (.pdf permalink)


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs:  USA Will Adjust When CAN Leaves - More - more (.pdf permalink) - more - more - more - Hasn't Asked CAN to Extend - More - more - CAN CDS Says Focus on Leaving by 2011 (.pdf permalink)


CAN, USA Mil Bosses Say Governance the Key to Winning in AFG - More


USA Chair of Joint Chiefs Says More Troops Needed ASAP - USA Prez to Decide Soon - Policy Still Needs to be Overhauled - USA "Strategic Review" of AFG Mission Not Expected Ready Until April - USA COIN Expert Quoted by Brit Media Saying  War Could Be Lost by Summer?


AFG Prez Says AFG, USA in "Gentle Wrestling Match" (.pdf permalink)


First Day of School for AFG Cops Learning to Read, Write


NLD PM Drops By - Says Building Up AFG Forces a Priority - Highways Reopen in Uruzgan - More on Recent Brit Operation - More Brit Eyes, Ears in the Sky


USA Special Envoy Told to "Reach Out" to "Moderate Taliban"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "5 puppet policeman killed in Kandahar (City) 10/2/09" (GoogEng) - "7 puppet soldiers killed in Ghorak, Kandahar 10/2/09" (GoogEng) - "1 tank of (B)ritish invaders blew up in Sangin, Helmend 10/2/09" (GoogEng) - "1 tank of invaders destroyed, 9 enemy soldiers killed in Sangin, Helmend 10/2/09" (GoogEng)


NATO Says Attacks on Drug Trade Climbing


The Donkey as Weapon, Tool


USA Envoy in RUS Talking Supply Transit Issues - RUS Offering Planes?


ITA Hosting AFG-PAK Border Situation Talks



10 Feb 09

RCR Battle Group Troops Help in Latest Round of OP Royal Storm


Injured Soldier Recovering


CAN Def Min on Anti-Drug Ops:  "Canadian troops at this time are not directly involved in eradication exercises. That has not been identified as a priority for our country."


CAN Def Min:  "rising cost of the country's military mission in Afghanistan .... worth the expense, even though the economic crisis is starting to bite hard" - Progress, But Slow - Text of speech (.pdf permalink) - More


USA Pres Not Expected to Ask CAN for Mission Extension

"Real, perceived Taliban keeping Kandahar on edge" (.pdf permalink) - "Taliban's random IED attacks leave Canadian troops nervous" - Same Story, Different Headline


CAN Army, Air Force Practice Using New UAVs Before Heading Over (video) - How UAVs Changing the Way Wars are Fought (.pdf permalink) - Construction Engineers Train for AFG in the Tropics


Anti-Boeing Blogger on CAN Use of C-17


Former PPCLI Battle Group Commander Speaks to Military College Cadets


"NATO Commander Encouraged by Afghanistan Discussions in Munich" - Says Surge Needed for Five Years - Chair of USA Joint Chiefs:  "Surge in Afghanistan Unlikely to Surpass 30,000" - Aims to Increase Time Between Deployments


"Afghan National Police-led force kills suspected mid-level Taliban commander in Helmand" - Civvies Injured in Taliban Ambush of ISAF Patrol, ISAF Investigating


More on Expansion of KAF Hospital


UK For Min Says Taliban Creating "Strategic Stalemate" in Some Parts of AFG - UK Rejobs Ambassador to AFG as New AFG-PAK Special Envoy - Official UK Statement - Incumbent's Blog from 2007 - AUS COIN Expert's Testimony to US Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Yet Another Brit Poochie Story


AQ Reorgs in PAK, AFG Leads to New "Shadow Army"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "3 another tanks of American invaders destroyed in Kandahar 9/2/09" (GoogEng) - "1 tank of American invaders destroyed in Kandahar 9/2/09" (GoogEng) - "3 British invaders 2 puppet soldiers killed in Helmand 8/2/09" (Official English followed by GoogEng translation from Arabic) - "11 invaders and puppet soldiers killed in Nad Ali, Helmend 8/2/09" (GoogEng) - "7 (B)ritish invaders killed in Sangin, Helmend 8/2/09" (GoogEng) - "(F)urious battle in Helmend, 7 enemy soldiers killed 8/2/09" (GoogEng) - "(P)uppet officer and 2 soldiers killed in Nimroz 9/2/09" (GoogEng)


"Poppy Crop Now Targeted in Afghan War"


Opinion:  "Karzai and his international backers need to find a common language to describe just where the country is, where it must go, and what each partner must do to move it forward." - US Should Focus Around Kabul, Not in South, East



9 Feb 09

More CAN Troops Heading to AFG - More


More on (Possibly) Longer CAN Tours During AFG Elections


Injured Soldier Expected Back in Canada This Week


Haqqani Network (more background) Moving into Kandahar Province (.pdf permalink)


AFG Gov't Asks for ISAF Help in Nailing Drug Smugglers - AFG Minister Says NATO Should be Tracking, "Eliminating" Them - More - US General Says Raids on Drug Labs "Imminent" - New USA Envoy May Try Getting IRN to Work on Drug Smuggling, Too


New USA Envoy:  AFG "Tougher" Than IRQ - More


Helmand Official Beheaded by "Guests" - More


Brit Officer Who Allegedly Leaked Civvy Cas Info Also Briefed UN Officials on Same Data


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, Canadian casualty references, January 2009 (.pdf)


Opinion: "Targeting dealers poppycock; let’s buy poppy crop" - "Everyone wants a piece of the Afghan war"



8 Feb 09

Sean Greenfield, R.I.P.:  "Brave pal remembered" (.pdf permalink)


"With fighting season fast approaching in Kandahar, Canadian soldiers have been venturing deep into Taliban territory to gather information and disrupt their activities before summer foliage and an influx of fighters make the same tasks much more difficult."


CAN Companies Want to Help Expand KAF for Surge


More on CAN Engineers Training AFG Engineers, New UAVs Hitting the Skies


Two Americans Killed (Reportedly) Trying to Disarm Helmand IED - US Forces in AFG Statement - more


"Obama has demanded that American defence chiefs review their strategy in Afghanistan before going ahead with a troop surge" - SACEUR Boss Says Surge Needed


NATO SecGen Bashes European Countries (Again) for Not Sending Mo' Troops - CENTCOM Commander Asks Europeans for Mo' Help, Too - More - DEU, France "Dodge" Issue


USA Reportedly Hoping AUS Takes More of the Fight On as NLD Withdraws - More on AUS COIN Expert Speaking to US Senate Foreign Relations Committee


AFG Pres Invites Taliban Not Linked to AQ to Come Home - More - more


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "2 puppet policeman killed in Zaranj, Nimroz 7/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic


7 Feb 09

CAN Def Min:  "We're not going specifically to eradicate poppy crops, but we would go after proven drug traffickers with operations linked to the terrorists"


Incoming CAN Commander in AFG:  “The American forces aren’t coming in superimposed on us. Their deployment is going to be complementary to us.”


CAN Police Training/Mentoring an Uphill Push


Ronald Kevin Megeney, 1982-2007, R.I.P.: Counsel for Soldier Charged in Killing says Jury Selection Process Unfair - More Legal Wrangling


One Tim Horton Worker's Story in K'Har, Part 1 - Part 2


NATO Sec-Gen: "I am frankly concerned when I hear the United States is planning a major commitment for Afghanistan, but other allies ruling out doing more"


Ulama Shura Cleric Killed in Kandahar Province


AFG Cops, ISAF Forces Kill Bad Guys in Helmand - Zabul Ops "Disrupt" Bombing Cells - More on Allegations of Civvy Deaths - AUS Troops Deal with Weapons Caches in Oruzgan


COIN Expert: "My impression is that Australia is actually doing very well amongst the Allies. What I would say though is we all need to look a bit more broadly beyond troops and look to things like civilian administrators" - More - USA General Tells Ft. Bragg Audience to Expect More AFG Deployments


"British troops to wear smart earplugs in Afghan combat"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "3 invaders killed and a some wounded in Garmser, Helmend 6/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "(B)ritish foot patrol blew up in Sangin, Helmend 4/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "Americans have taken their decision as per their own discretion"


"Humanitarian Assistance for Afghan Refugees and IDPs" 6 Feb 09 Update


RUS Offers Territory for USA-AFG (Non-Military) Shipments - More - more - Kyrgyzstan: Closure of USA Air Base "Final" - "US mulls Uzbek alternative" - Two Way Squeeze



6 Feb 09

Sean Greenfield, R.I.P.:  Funeral Tomorrow


Two CAN Soldiers Injured in Shah Wali Kot IED Blast:  Canadian Press - National Post/CanWest -


3 RCR Battle Group Work with AFG Forces, Royal Marines and US Army on OP Operation ATAL 53


Flickr Fotos:  AFG Sappers Trained by CAN Troops Graduate Basic Engineering Course


Injured Soldiers Hit the Slopes to Help Recover


"NATO commander tones down drug lord orders" - Meanwhile, Big Drug Haul Torched


OK, So Which Comes First - Decision to Send Troops or the Strategy? - USA Pressing Europe for Help


Taliban Bad Boy, Base North of Kajaki Nailed by Brits - Yet Another Motorcyclist Shot Refusing to Stop During a Firefight in Helmand - Six (Civvies?) Killed in Zabul Night Raid - More - more


Brit Poochie Story - New Rations for UK Troops - More - Review of Said Rations


Taliban Strategy:  Screw Up Supply Lines, Election


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "The officer of puppet intelligence killed in Kandahar sity 5/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "armored vehicles of invaders destroyed on Kandahar-Uruzgan road 5/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "The son of governor Musa Qala mulla Abdul Salam and his bodyguards killed 4/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic



5 Feb 09

Joshua Brian Roberts, 1978-2008, R.I.P.:   Questions Linger, Even After Investigation?


CAN Troops Do Gas Station Recce in Zhari


New K'Har Governor: Wants to Talk to Taliban, Promote Girls' Education & Rights


Not Just Families, Friends Sending Care Packages

"Afghan detainee hearing blocked; Justice Department wants inquiry to be stayed" - More


USA Finalizing Surge Plans - More - "Afghan Defense Chief Says More Foreign Troops Will Curb Civilian Deaths"


UN Sec-Gen Drops By for Security Talks - Confirms Support for AFG - More - Drops By PAK, Too


NATO Mil Boss Taking Second Look at Rules for Fighting Drug Lords


Blast Kills Helmand Governor's Bodyguards - More


AFG Says Bad Guys Coming from IRQ - More - AFG Minister:  Six Outta Ten Taliban Foreigners - Taliban Using Fear, Persuaion in the Fight


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "tank of invaders blew up in Kandahar 3/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "In explosion many puppet soldiers killed in Kandahar 3/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "vehicle of puppet army blew up in Kandahar 3/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "tank of invaders destroyed in Girishk, Helmend 3/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "Vehicle of puppet army blew up, 6 soldiers killed in Uruzgan 3/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - Interview with "Mullah Alauddin, commander of Islami Emarate Afghanistan in Kandahar" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic


Opinion:  "A radical solution is for the US and its European allies to buy up the entire Afghan opium crop every year and turn much of it over for medical purposes around the world."


USA January 2009 Report to Congress on AFG (.pdf)


RUS:  We Want to Help USA in AFG - Meanwhile, in the Bigger Picture....



4 Feb 09

Sean Greenfield, R.I.P.:  He's Home - More - more - more - more - more


CAN Troops Waiting for NATO Guidance on Hunting, Killing Drug Lords - "Pentagon and NATO officials are weighing options to act against Afghanistan’s poppy-producing industry in light of evidence indicating that associated illegal drug sales help to fund terrorist operations"


CAN Women Flying CAN Choppers - More on CAN's Helicopters, UAVs in the Fight


Opinion:  "President Barack Obama visits Ottawa Feb. 19 to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It's entirely possible Obama will ask Harper for further commitments beyond Canada's current Afghanistan withdrawal date of 2011. Canada's answer should be no." - "Even as United States President Barack Obama prepares to deploy more military forces to Afghanistan .... a consensus on overall US strategy there remains elusive."


Flickr Photos of KAF Hospital Expansion


ISAF Forces Take Care of Compound Full of Bad Guys in Helmand Mine in K'Har Defused, Would-Be Homicide Bombers Nabbed in Uruzgan


UN Rep Says 2,100 Civvies Killed in 2008 - Taliban Responsible for More Than Half the Deaths - More - Meanwhile, Brit Officer Charged Under Official Secrets Act for Casualty Leaks to Human Rights Worker


UN Releases Afghanistan 2009 Humanitarian Action Plan


US Security Contractor Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Scientist Burning Case - More - more

Pentagon Spokesperson:  Mo' Troops Needed to Establish "Baseline of Security" - Full Transcript of Briefing



3 Feb 09

Sean Greenfield, R.I.P.:  Arrives in CAN This Afternoon - More - more


James Hayward Arnal, 1983-2008, R.I.P.:  One of the Fallen Gets His Birthday Wish


CAN Griffon Choppers Complete First Sortie at War - More


Wanted Cheerleading Team to Cheer Up USA Troops in AFG


"NATO commanders in Afghanistan want a virtual version of the country, to test out battle plans and forecast future unrest."


AFG MPs Pissed at Delayed Election - K'Har Governor: Harsh winter, not violence, delayed presidential vote


ISAF Commander Pissed at Homicide Bomber Attack at Uruzgan Cop Training Centre


"Accidental Guerillas" in Uruzgan


"Taleban Hamper Musa Qala Reconstruction Efforts"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "Martyrdom attack killed 27 puppet soldiers in Uruzgan 2/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "More 16 puppet soldiers killed in some attacks in Kandahar 2/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic - "2 vihicles of puppet police destroyed in Kandahar 2/2/09" (GoogEng) - Original in Arabic


Opinion:  "Propaganda infuses news from Afghanistan" - Discussion - "The painful truth is that Canada will not be capable of remaining in Afghanistan in a combat role beyond 2011." - The Torch:  CBC, Documentarist Discovers CAN Not "Peacekeeping" in AFG!


Pomegranates Bring in $ in K'Har


"Top UN official to Afghanistan calls for push to end opium production" - "UN drugs tsar warns of "Pyrrhic victory" against Afghan opium" - Afghanistan Opium Winter Assessment Jan 2009


Khyber Pass Bridge in PAK Blown, Blocking NATO Supply Line - More - more - more - Tricky Routes=No Doritos, Irish Spring Soap



2 Feb 09

Sean Greenfield, R.I.P.:  On His Way Home - More - more - Mother, Friends in Petawawa Mourn - More - more - ISAF Statement - ISAF Photos of Ramp Ceremony


Taliban Attack Patrol Base Bandit, Civvies Killed - More - more


FOB in Helmand Helps Locals Through Clinic - Photos of Clinic - DNK Running Radio Station, Too - Photos:  Brits Teach Locals About Mines - DNK Troops Working with AFG in Helmand After Major Op


Latest Brit Fallen Friendly Fire?


Homicide Bomber Kills Almost 20 at Uruzgan Police Training Centre - More - UN Uber-Envoy: "I am deeply saddened by the news we have received today from Uruzgan province of a bomb attack at a police centre in Tirinkot that has left many dead or wounded."


Analysis:  "Taliban and Afghan drug barons unite to create instability" - UN Uber-Envoy: "Opium cultivation in Afghanistan is set to shrink this year, which could deal a major blow to the illicit drug industry"


Taliban statement on tribal militias: "....The formation of new militias is testifying the fact that US, NATO and Afghan National Army and Police forces have completely suffered defeat against the Taliban.  They are like a drowning person trying to catch any floating object.  They are repeating the same communists’ experience...." (.pdf permalink of entire statement)


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Summary, 25-31 Jan 09 (.pdf) -  "1 tank of Canadian invaders army destroyed in Kandahar" (second item) - "Tank of british invaders destroyed in Kandahar 1/2/09" (GoogEng) (Original in Arabic) - "Attack on base of puppet army in Nimroz 1/2/09" (GoogEng) (Original in Arabic)


Opinion:  "How the Afghan War Threatens Nato" - "Can the New Administration Keep Canada as an Ally in Afghanistan?"



1 Feb 09

Sean Greenfield, R.I.P.:  CF Statement - Commander in Chief Statement - Prime Minister's Statement - Minister of National Defence's Statement - Canadian Press - CanWest/National Post - Calgary Herald - - - Pembroke Daily Observer - Reuters - Agence France-Presse


How CAN Air is Helping Get Things Done More Safely - "Surge of U.S. troops in Afghanistan will take weight off Canadians, allow more reconstruction, training"


More on K'Har Governor Visiting CAN Asking for Help - "Young Drug Addicts Population Soaring in Kandahar"


New AFG "Security Unit" funded by USA for Hot Spots?


Latest Brit Fallen Identified


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "6 puppet army soldiers killed, check post demolished in Kandahar 31/1/09" - "2 supplies trucks of American invaders were destroyed in Kandahar 31/1/09"


How USA Spec Forces Handled "Tribal Engagement", Page 1 - Page 2 (.pdf permalink of entire article)


Constitutional Question Over Pres Election Delay?



31 Jan 09

Joshua Brian Roberts, 1978-2008, R.I.P.:  Parents Want New Investigation into Death


Robert Thomas James Mitchell, 1973-2006, R.I.P.:  Parents Receive Peace Tower Flag


Injured CAN Soldier Continues to Recover - More on Injured Sniper Marrying His Medic

CAN Trainer:  “It’s like watching a child grow .... But we’ve made some progress.”


CAN Pay Clerk Helps Smooth the Paperwork - CAN Embed Gets Chopper Ride


Coming ROTO Practice in USA Desert


Four Killed, Eight Nabbed in IED Cell "Disruption" in K'Har (See Taliban version third item below in "Taliban Propaganda Watch")


Most Students @ K'Har School Back At It After Acid Attacks


Brit Soldier Killed in Helmand Firefight - More - "Danish soldiers in Afghanistan are only able to rely on necessary air support in 75 percent of operations" - "British troops in Helmand get extra helicopters at last"


Taliban Propaganda Watch:  "5 Puppet army soldiers killed in Kandahar city 30/1/09" - "Attacked on supplying convoy of American invaders in Kandahar 30/1/09" - Official English-Google English translation of Arabic portion - "American invader army terrorists martyr 5 civilians in Kandahar 30/1/09" - "American invader terrorists martyred 3 civilians in Zabul 30/1/09" - More Pictures of Taliban Fighters (.pdf screen capture)


"A U.S. government oversight agency says Afghanistan's reconstruction program has no coherent spending strategy to implement its goals." - Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) January 30, 2009 Quarterly Report to Congress (Alternate report - 11Mb .pdf - download site)


AFG Pres Picks on West During Election Campaign


RUS Media says RUS, NATO Agree to Supply Routes


 CAN in Kandahar News July 2007


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