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Corporal Anthony Joseph Boneca

Lake Superior Scottish Regiment




High resolution version of this photo available on request via e-mail.



The Journey Home

18 Jan 07

Ontario Remembers Cpl. Boneca


17 Nov 06

Where Cpl. Boneca Rests, A Week After Remembrance Day


13 Nov 06

How Some of Cpl. Boneca's Section Spent Remembrance Day with Tony's Parents - Permalink


12 Nov 06

Cpl. Boneca's Mom One of Three Silver Cross Mothers at One Thunder Bay Memorial - Permalink


11 Nov 06

Cpl. Boneca's High School Remembers - Permalink


19 Sept 06

Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Honours Cpl. Boneca in the House of Commons - More (.pdf) - Hansard - Comuzzi Statement


5 Aug 06

Thanks from the Family (.pdf, 390KB)


23 Jul 06

Columnist Says Let Tony Rest


22 Jul 06

MILNEWS Media Summary Report, uploaded 2:24pm (.pdf)


Letter to the Editor, Chronicle-Journal, 22Jul06 (.pdf)


21 Jul 06

Letter to the Editor (.pdf)


20 Jul 06

Letter to the Editor (.pdf)


19 Jul 06

Letter to the Editor (.pdf)


18 Jul 06

Media Funeral Coverage Highlights


Local Media Coverage (.pdf)


Selected Photos from the Funeral (courtesy of the late Bruce Reith, Vice-President, The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment Association)


Funeral Program (.pdf, 1.47M)


Local Funeral Coverage (.pdf, 7.3M)


Columnist Says Usefulness of Bitching in Military Ignored by Media


17 Jul 06

Local Media Coverage (.pdf)


Friend's Eulogy at Funeral Shows Boneca Eager to Return to K'Har - Laid to Rest - Father Takes it Hard - More


CanWest Reporter, Seeking 'Balance', Couldn't Leave Out Political Content - Letters to Editor Bash Media - 'Spinning' Boneca's Death



Chronicle-Journal, 17 Jul 06


16 Jul 06



Observations from a Visitation


Who Speaks for the Dead?


Here's Where the Canadian Press May Have Gotten the E-Mails?


15 Jul 06

Local Media Coverage (.pdf)


Christie Blatchford says 'We have been collectively careless with Corporal Boneca's memory' - Globe & Mail logins - Permalink


Local Media on Cpl. Boneca Coming Home - Permalink


Blogger Says Now is Not the Time to Dig into Doubts


Neil Young Dedicates Part of Concert Cpl. Boneca - Lyrics to Families


14 Jul 06

Local Media Coverage (.pdf)


Cpl. Boneca Coming Home Today - He's Back Home - More


CF Media Advisory, Funeral Arrangements, issued 14 Jul 06


Opinion:  The peacekeeping myth is flourishing - Opinion: Yes, there will be sacrifices - such as the death of Boneca - but Canada has an important role to play on a global scale. This nation must continue its tradition of helping the embattled just as it did in the First and Second World Wars.


\"Is it true Lakehead University is not lowering its flags?\"


Blogger Asks Why Bring the Dead Home, When So Many War Dead are Buried in Country They Died In?


13 Jul 06

Local Media Coverage (.pdf)


He Won't Be Alone


How One of Those Injured in the Firefight are Doing


The Homecoming That Wasn't as Planned


Will we in the media, wherever we stand on Afghanistan, examine these issues in a way that respects our fallen soldiers and all who serve? I hope so. But I wouldn't count on it.


Opinion - Makes Sense to Double Check Assumptions Based on Second Hand Statements - Opinion - Troops Should be Able to Opt Out?!?! - Are We Making Too Much of the Deaths?


Local Media Coverage of Repatriation


12 Jul 06

Cpl. Boneca Back in Canada - More - more - more - G-G, Def Min, CDS There


Commentary - Def Min Coulda Been a Bit Less Harsh


Follow-up to Attacks


Christine Blatchford - Grief is its own barometer


More on Latest Statement from Father - More - Media Focus on Alleged Family Squabble Over Conflicting Information


Reservists Take Same Risks, Do Same Job, in Combat as Regs - More


Editorial - CF Needs to Ensure Reservists are as Ready for Battle as Possible - Lewis MacKenzie - Letting Off Steam Doesn't Mean Morale is Low - Opinion - the blessed and beautiful tranquillity of our Canadian summer is, in no small part, guaranteed by what our soldiers do over there, so far away. - A time of anguish


11 Jul 06


MILNEWS Media Summary Report, uploaded 5:17pm


Father Issues Statement Contradicting Son's Misunderstanding of Mission, Lack of Preparation - More - more - more - Land Forces Western Area statement (.pdf)


So, Will Media Be Allowed, or Not? - This Says 'Not' - Final Verdict - Media Gets Some Access


MILNEWS Media Summary Report, updated 11:31am EDT (.pdf)


CF Photos of Pashmul Battle, courtesy of CF Combat Camera


Raw media text, 11 Jul 06


CTV News video interview with girlfriend's family (Thanks to my best bud for this one!) - Audio, CanWest reporter Matt Fisher, saying troops are pissed about media coverage


OP Zahar, Three Day Punch-up, Wraps Up - More - Cpl. Boneca's Comrades Still Recovering


Opinion - As a nation, we owe a great debt to Cpl. Boneca and all his fellow soldiers, who willingly put their lives on the line to defend the bedrock values of this country.


Embedded Reporter Online at 1100EDT Today to Answer Questions


Edmonton Journal Publishes E-mails from Tony in AFG


Def Min Says Soldier Not Misled


10 Jul 06

MILNEWS Media Summary Report, uploaded 10 Jul 06, 3:50pm EDT (.pdf)


American Blogger Reminds USA Canadians are Dying, Too


Troopies Working Through Loss, Keep Fighting - Editorial - We find it unacceptable that some would suggest that Cpl Boneca did not understand what he had volunteered to do when there is every indication that he knew exactly what he was doing by volunteering. - More on Media Vulturing


Federal Liberals Send Condolences to Family - NDP Condolences - Ontario Lieutenant-Governor's Message


Newest Media Angle

Toronto Star - Soldier Felt Misled? - Reportedly Wanted Out, Bad - More of the Same


Cpl. Boneca On His Way Home - More - An Only Child - Globe & Mail - Always Had Smile on Face


Christie Blatchford Account of Firefight - Went Down Fighting


A Buddy Remembers Him



9 Jul 06

CF Statement: A Canadian soldier was killed today during an engagement with Taliban insurgents approximately 25 kilometres west of Kandahar. The incident occurred at approximately 8:30 a.m. Kandahar time (12:00 a.m. EDT). Killed was Corporal Anthony Joseph Boneca who was serving with Task Force Afghanistan as part of the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (1 PPCLI) Battle Group. Cpl. Boneca was a member of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment, which is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario; his next-of-kin have been notified. Cpl. Boneca was evacuated by helicopter to the coalition medical facility at Kandahar Airfield where he was pronounced dead. Cpl. Boneca's unit was operating in Zjarey district as part of Operation Zahar, which means "Sword" in Pashto...


Pashmol, Zhari District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

(Showing only approximate location of village, not to be considered detailed enough to pinpoint site of firefight)


MILNEWS Media Summary Report, uploaded 092055EDT Jul 06 (.pdf)


Boneca Due to Return from ROTO End of this month


More, From Family, Neighbours


Reuters (UK) news wire - Associated Press (US) news wire - BBC (UK) News - (AUS) news - Agence France Presse (France) news wire


Canadian Press initial coverage, in Toronto Star - Updated Canadian Press - CTV News


The Rest of the Dead from AFG


Update - We really do have to admire his professionalism and his heroic efforts to help out people less fortunate than ours. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


Governor General's Statement - PM's Statement - Def Min's Statement


COMBINED FORCES COMMAND – AFGHANISTAN News Release #060709-02 , July 9, 2006


Zhari District Hot for Canadians in End of May - More - Bit of Friendly Fire among Coalition Troops Here, Too



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