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"Apache Medals"

Navy News (UK), September 2007, p. 26.

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With regard to the Apache mission in Afghanistan, would somebody please explain why the four Army Air Corps aircrew and the Royal Engineer captain involved were awarded DFCs and MCs but that the three Royal Marines who clung to the side of the Apache received nothing?


Those Royal Marines, one of whom had been in the RM for only 14 months, had earlier taken part in a major assault on that Taliban stronghold and had to retreat under withering fire, yet they volunteered to fly back into that compound by strapping themselves onto the outside of two Apaches, such was their determination to rescue their fellow Royal Marine and friend.


Why have those gallant Royal Marines been left out of the awards?


(Signed,) Dr. Lou Armour (former RM)



The MOD told Navy News:


"Nominations for operational honours are initiated by local commanders in the theatre of operations.


They are then considered up through the operational chain of command. The process ensures that full account is taken of the perspectives of both those on the ground and others with a wider, impartial view.


Because of this requirement to maintain the confidentiality of the Honours and Awards process, the Ministry of Defence will not discuss specific instances.


The actinos of all those who took part in the dramatic reovery of L/Cpl Ford were, however, carefully considered.


Operational awards were granted to four personnel involved in the incident, together with a number of commendations awarded by the Commander of Joint Operations."

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