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Afghan fund set up

Edmonton Garrison leads way to help war's neediest

Max Maudie, Edmonton Sun, 26 Nov 06

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The Edmonton Garrison has set up a fund to fast-track money to the neediest people in war-torn Afghanistan.


Garrison spokesman Capt. Louis Marselje said scores of people have been asking openly what the delay is on aid for the nation.


"The people said, 'where do we get the funding from? What's (the Canadian International Development Agency) doing? What's the UN doing? What's NATO doing?' The Canadian PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) said it's nice to talk, but let's get on with it.


"We set this fund up so we can get funding now, rather than to wait for the big players in the world to make up their minds what we're going to get."


The donated money goes straight to the Kandahar-based PRT, to fund things like security and justice, social services, health, education, telecommunications, and irrigation, said Marselje.


Marselje said the Garrison maintains control of the money and the PRT will request it as it's needed.


"They consult with their Afghan counterparts (who) will let them know what the priorities are," said Marselje.


Marselje wouldn't say how much money he hoped would be raised, but did say he was optimistic it would be enough to make a "substantial" difference over the next two years.


Canada's mission in the country is set to run until 2009.


To donate money, send a cheque or money order (no cash) payable to Garrison Fund (Material Assistance to Afghanistan), Trust Fund # 25100,124.


Marselje said that information must be written on the cheque or money order.


Send the donation to:


Public Affairs Officer

ATTN: PRT NPF Accounts

Edmonton Garrison

PO BOX 10500, Stn. Forces

Edmonton, AB T5J 4J5



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