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Klukie honoured by Hillcrest

Jim Kelly, Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal, 16 Dec 06

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A portrait of Josh Klukie is displayed near the memorial stairwell before installation on the wall. (SANDI KRASOWSKI)

Private Joshua James (Josh) Klukie was given his rightful place among the “honourable souls” on the Hillcrest Stairway of Honour.


The 23-year-old Shuniah resident and former Hillcrest High School graduate was with the First Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment when he was killed Sept. 29 in Kandahar, Afghanistan.


In a moving ceremony Friday, Klukie’s photo joined the 84 other Port Arthur Technical School (later Hillcrest High School) soldiers, sailors and airmen who died during the Second World War.


These pictures of young men, many of them like Klukie “destined for greater things” hang on both sides of the stairway leading to the school’s main foyer.


A heart-wrenching speech by Klukie’s mother Carol spoke of his courage, compassion and love for his family.


“Josh knew the danger and he knew he might not come back but he believed in the cause and the mission,” she said choking back tears.


Josh was “lost in his sorrow” when his father died but he continued his school work and played basketball “but his heart was aching inside,” his mother told the gathering of students and teachers, Lakehead Public School officials, former Hillcrest basketball teammates and others.


Hillcrest principal Steve Daniar said Klukie was one of those students with great potential and his platoon mates described him as being “destined for military greatness” but he never got to realize his promising future.


“I know he wanted to do so much more but God had other plans,” Carol Klukie said.


“He was truly a gift.”


She was also a student at Hillcrest when a classmate pointed out an uncle whose picture was on the Stairway of Honour.


“I remember these honourable souls,” she said. “We should never forget what they did, not only those who died but those who survived.”


There will be young students just as Carol Klukie was many years ago who will pause to admire the young brave men who died in the service of their country.


“With the addition of Josh’s picture on the Stairway of Honour, a new generation of Hillcrest High School students will understand the true meaning of sacrifice,” Daniar said.


“The Hillcrest community will always remember Josh for who he was and what he gave to our country.”


As a tribute to Klukie, Hillcrest staff and students and local businesses and organizations have donated $1,350 to purchase Emergency Essential Packages for injured Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.


To assist in this effort call Hillcrest at 345-1461.


Earlier this week, Shuniah Council opened a memorial trust fund to honour Klukie and made an initial deposit of $5,000, chief administrative officer Eric Collingwood said.


A large photo of Klukie was presented to his mother and it will hang in the council chambers.


So far, close to $6,000 is in the trust fund, which Collingwood said, is expected to yield sufficient funds for the Klukie family to make an annual donation to the charity of their choice.


Donations to the trust fund should be made payable to the Municipality of Shuniah, regarding the Josh Klukie memorial fund.


One of the presentations to Carol Klukie was an essay Josh wrote in Grade 9 about a dragon.


“You gave us a special gift when he was a student here,” Daniar told Carol Klukie.


“You gave Canada a special gift.”

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